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Chapter 1246


Hearing this, Meng Ao was full of joy and nodded: “Just listen to the deputy commander.”

As he said, Meng Ao tilted his head and said to the soldiers beside him: “Send someone immediately and see and send the letter to Lawrence.”

“Yes, my son.”

At this moment, Kyushu Daying is here.

As night fell gradually, there was silence in the camp, and many patrol teams were patrolling back and forth. Among them, there were many outposts, which can be said to be heavily guarded.

In a camp in the northwest corner, Tracy stood there, with a beautiful face full of complexity and embarrassment.

In front of her, Lawrence was full of sorrow, without the slightest pride in the world.

“Master, you are looking for me suddenly, what’s the matter?” Tracy bit his lip lightly and said.

From the Guixu sea area to the Chaos Mountains, Tracy and Gary and his group have gone through thousands of hardships and hard work. Darryl felt sorry for his daughter, so he quickly prepared the camp and let her rest. As a result, Lawrence came just after he was cleaned up. .

To be honest, facing Lawrence, Tracy’s mood is very complicated. Once, he respected this master very much. Without him, his strength would not have been improved by leaps and bounds.

However, since Lawrence followed Yang Jian to conquer the various continents, and later, despite his own opposition, he insisted on attacking the Earth Yuan continent and being an enemy of his father Darryl. At that time, Tracy was frustrated.

And now, although the various continents are united to resist the Raksha tribe, Tracy also knows that he has nothing to discuss with Lawrence, but never expected that Lawrence would take the initiative to find it.

“Tracy, you have to help as a teacher.” Lawrence’s face was bitter, and he pleaded with Tracy: “Before I followed Yang Jian to conquer all continents, now in retrospect, Master regrets it very much. He has already sworn in his heart to unite Kyushu. , Against the Raksha tribe.”

“But, Chang’e, your father, and Darryl didn’t believe me, especially your father Darryl, who forced me to take Tongtian Pill.”

“Tracy, my good disciple, I want you to take out the antidote from Darryl and help me pick up the Tongtian Pill.”

When he said this, Lawrence’s face was full of misery, how pitiful and pitiful he looked, but his eyes flashed with gloomy cold.


Hearing this, Tracy bit his lips tightly and fell into a tangled entanglement.

Master was able to end up like this, it was entirely his own responsibility, and this matter was still related to his father, so it’s better not to intervene.

Thinking about it, Tracy shook his head and said, “Master, I’m afraid I can’t help you with this.”

Hearing this, Lawrence was anxious: “My boy, you don’t know, after taking the Tongtian Pill, every night, my bones will be itchy and unbearable. If this is the state, how can I do it? Fight against the Raksha with your heart?”

Yes, Lawrence lied and took Tongtian Pill. Normally, there is no feeling at all, unless it is almost time to take the antidote, it will be unbearable.

Lawrence thought it over, and when he solved the Tongtian Pill, he left the camp and looked for Yang Jian. As long as he found Yang Jian, he would be able to regain control of the Beiying army.

Tracy was still very reluctant, shook his head and said, “Master, my father was severely injured by Mateo and is now recuperating. How can I help you get the antidote?”

“Because of this, you have to help me.”

Lawrence looked serious: “Darryl’s current state, continue to recuperate, but if the Raksha tribe calls, who else can command the army besides Master me? But I was tortured by the Tongtian Pill, and once I made a wrong decision, Who will bear the responsibility?”

“Okay, I’ll try.” Tracy didn’t know how to refute, so he nodded.


Seeing her promise, Lawrence was so excited that he nodded and said, “Good apprentice.”


On the other side, Luosha Camp and Mateoying are in the camp.

Elsa was tied there, her face haggard, Mateo was no longer, Xu Qingyi’s body was also taken out, and everything was quiet, but Elsa’s heart was like a violent wind and huge waves, it was difficult to calm down.

My good sister Xu Qingyi is dead, what will happen to her?

Mateo is cruel and will not let him go easily.

Thinking about it, Elsa’s heart was ashamed.


However, at this moment, I heard a sound of footsteps outside. >The footsteps are very light and light! >A few seconds later, with a slight noise, the tent curtain was lifted, and then, a s3xy figure quickly flashed in.


Is Mateo returning and torturing himself again?

Elsa trembled in her heart. She thought it was Mateo who was here, but when she fixed her eyes, she was immediately surprised: “Princess Mona?”

I saw this woman in front of me, with beautiful features and s3xy body. At the same time, it gave people a feeling of heroism, it was Mona!

At this moment, Elsa was very surprised when she saw Mona. She did not expect that Mona dared to quietly come to Mateo’s camp in the dark.

“Princess Mona, why are you… here?” Elsa couldn’t help asking.

Elsa and Mona have met several times, and they are not very familiar, but they also know that Mona is kind-hearted, and apart from Mengao, Elsa and Xu Qingyi are the Raksha people who have a good impression of Elsa and Xu Qingyi.

“Don’t ask so much…” Mona glanced outside very vigilantly, then walked over quickly to help Elsa loosen the tie, and at the same time said angrily: “Second brother is too much, you and Xu Qingyi The girls are all teachers of the eldest brother, but he gave you to that Mateo.”

“That Mateo, at first glance, was a sinister and cruel person. He actually killed Girl Xu Qingyi.”

Having said this, Mona looked up and down Elsa: “Miss Su, how do you feel? Can you go?”

Knowing that Elsa had been given to Mateo by Meng Ao, Mona was very angry and came to rescue Elsa while it was dark.

“Fortunately…you can go…Princess Mona, thank you…” Elsa’s pale face squeezed a smile. >But when she said this, Elsa felt sour, and she almost shed tears.

He may have a ray of life, but Xu Qingyi can’t live anymore.

Mona took a deep breath and looked at Elsa: “Miss Su, wait for me to take you out of the camp. You will walk around the chaotic ruins behind, and then go to the Kyushu Camp to find your compatriots. Remember, Qian Never go straight to the Kyushu Camp, because my second brother has deployed a lot of warriors on patrols. You are the only way out from behind.”

With that said, Mona took out a bottle of elixir from her body and handed it to Elsa: “You also take this medicine. The ruins of the Chaos Mountains are much more dangerous. This is our Raksha tribe to get rid of the beasts and poisonous insects. The medicine may help you.”

“Princess Mona…” Elsa stared at Mona blankly: “You…you want to let me go?”


Mona took a deep breath and said earnestly: “Yes, in fact, like my eldest brother, I don’t want the Raksha tribe to be enemies for generations in the Nine Provinces. Moreover, Darryl and I have a verbal covenant, but it is a pity that my second brother will go it alone.

“thank you!”

Hearing this, Elsa was moved and complicated. It turned out that besides Menglang from the Raksha clan, this Princess Mona also advocates peace, which is the blessing of Kyushu.

“Okay, time is running out.. Let’s leave and promise.” Mona didn’t say much, and walked out of the camp with Elsa.

Taking advantage of the darkness, with the help of Mona, Elsa quickly left the Raksha camp.

At that moment, Elsa looked at Mona gratefully: “Princess Mona, thank you for saving my life. If I can escape the danger this time, I will definitely repay you for this kindness.”

Chapter 1247


Mona nodded and waved her hand: “You go quickly, it’s too late if it’s too late.”

However, Elsa didn’t rush to leave, but thought of something, looking at Mona hesitatingly said: “Princess Mona, you still don’t know the death of your eldest brother?”

Elsa is beautiful and intelligent. She knows that Mona and Menglang have a good relationship, but Mengao’s relationship is normal. Seeing that she has not questioned Mengao, she knows that she has been kept in the dark.

Big brother?

Mona was stunned and replied: “He…didn’t he be badly injured by Elsa, bleeding too much and died?”

When she said this, Elsa appeared in Mona’s mind. The unspeakable complexity and resentment were all him. Otherwise, the eldest brother would not die, and the Raksha clan would not become what it is now.


Elsa breathed a sigh of relief and slowly said, “Your eldest brother, you were killed by Meng Ao.”


Hearing this, Mona trembled and she was stunned. A few seconds later, she desperately shook her head: “No…impossible, the second brother has always respected the eldest brother, how can he…”

Before she finished speaking, Elsa interrupted.

“Meng Ao wanted to seize power, and he always believed that your eldest brother had taken the influence of Xu Qingyi and me, before advocating to make peace with the mainland of Kyushu, and then assassinated your eldest brother. These are all Meng Ao personally told me and Xu. Qing Yi’s.” Elsa said seriously.

Speaking of this, Elsa’s beautiful face is full of sincerity and worry: “Princess Mona, you are a good person, be careful, especially your second brother.”

After finishing the last sentence, Elsa turned and headed towards the ruins.


At this moment, Mona froze there, and it was too slow for a long time. The second brother killed the eldest brother. The news was too shocking and unbelievable.

I don’t know how long it took, Mona reacted, her delicate face was full of anger, and then she turned and returned to the camp.

At this time, Mona was almost out of anger, so she asked Meng Ao to question her face to face.

At this moment, the other side.

Elsa didn’t stay all the way, and soon reached the ruins of the Chaos Mountains. He saw the ruins in front of him. The fog was haunting, the environment was harsh, and the range was too large. It would take half an hour to leave here.

Thinking about it, Elsa would quicken his pace.

At this moment, Elsa suddenly stopped!

She could feel a trace of strong internal force fluctuations in the air! >He looked forward subconsciously. At this look, Elsa suddenly trembled and couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air!

I saw a person standing quietly not far away, blocking the way.

In the fog, the bald head is bright and can be learned, wearing the leather robes of the Raksha tribe, standing there as steady as Mount Tai! >With a sinister sneer on his face, it was Mateo!

Just now, Mateo returned to the camp and saw that Elsa was missing, he immediately chased it out, just in time to see Mona leaving the camp with Elsa.

During the time period, Yu remained calm and waited until Mona left, Elsa entered the ruins alone, and followed him.

“Zhuzha, I really underestimated you, Senior Sister, in this case, I can still escape from the Raksha camp.” Mateo said with a smile, his eyes locked on Elsa, full of playful abuse.

It’s over…

Completely finished! >This time the wings are hard to escape.

Elsa’s body trembled, and she felt her head buzzing. She gritted her teeth and stepped forward and cursed: “Mateo, you have taken refuge in the Raksha clan, betrayed Kyushu, and killed Xu Qingyi. You cannot be blamed. Even if I can’t go today, your shameless behavior will be known to others and will not end well.”

Mateo is too hateful, Xu Qingyi is so kind, but he hurts the killer, this kind of person is not easy to die.


Mateo raised the sky and laughed: “What do I have to end up with? It is not your turn to worry about it, but I know that you will never escape from the palm of my hand.”

When the voice fell, he rushed over directly! >Raise your hand and hit Elsa!

too fast!

At this time, Mateo, after practicing Yang Jian’s “Sacred Universe Skill”, his strength was much stronger than before, and his speed was as fast as lightning. It was really too fast! >At this speed, there is no way to dodge it!

Although Elsa was also close to crossing the Tribulation Realm, compared with Mateo, he was no opponent at all.

Seeing Mateo bursting out, Elsa knew that dodge and talk, as long as he bit his lip, urge his inner strength, and greet him with a palm.


When the two palms touched, Elsa screamed, and the whole person was directly shaken back a few steps. The beautiful face was pale, and at the same time a mouthful of blood flowed out along the corner of his mouth.

“Zhuzhao, Senior Sister, you still want to resist.”

Mateo stood there, looking up and down at Elsa, his eyes full of playful abuse: “Give up, you are not my opponent, I only used four success strengths for the palm just now, otherwise, you are already dead! “

Yes, Mateo was right. He didn’t use all his strength for the palm just now, otherwise, Elsa would have been lost.

Speaking of which, Mateo wanted to kill Elsa very much, but thought that Elsa was Darryl’s woman and it was useful to keep it, so he resisted the killing intent.


Elsa did not respond, but bit her lips tightly, tapped the ground with her toes, drew her long sword, and stabbed Mateo fiercely.

Anyway, I can’t go, so instead of being caught alive and humiliated, it’s better to die.


Seeing that Elsa would rather die unyielding, Mateo frowned, then sneered and greeted him. >Suddenly, the two fought fiercely in the air.

However, Elsa was not Mateo’s opponent, the more he fought, the more anxious he got.

At this moment, the surrounding mist slowly dissipated.

Not far away, there was an abyss, and there was hot lava below the abyss. Elsa’s figure turned in midair and walked directly towards the abyss. When he reached the edge, Elsa did not hesitate and jumped for life.

You can’t fight or not, and you can’t die. Now jump down into the abyss and see what Mateo will do.


Seeing this scene, Mateo frowned, eyes flashing endless evil spirits, Mad, this Elsa has a stubborn personality, can’t beat it, it’s like jumping into the abyss and setting himself on fire?

You want to die, I lied not to let you die.

Thinking of this, Mateo took a deep breath and jumped down.


With the sound of the wind whistling in his ears, Elsa’s beautiful face was full of determination. As he landed, he sensed the temperature of the magma below, getting hotter and hotter.

At this moment, Elsa suddenly trembled.

This scene in front of me.

I seem to have experienced it before…

At this moment, Elsa’s memories of Fengchen still swarmed out like an iceberg melted!

Ten years ago, I jumped off the bottom of the volcano for my beloved man. At that time, the place was called the Tianji Mountain Range, where the Kaitianaxe was born.

And that beloved man is Darryl.

I am the Sect Master Wen of Dongao Continent, and I didn’t grow up in Wangyou Valley…

Scenes of the past, like a slide, flashed in Elsa’s mind.

I remembered.

She remembered everything.

Darryl…I remember, I am your woman…

At this moment, Elsa’s tears kept streaming out, watching the magma that was getting closer and closer, she couldn’t tell the complexity and despair in her heart, she remembered everything, but she was going to die.

Chapter 1248

At this moment, a hand suddenly grabbed Elsa’s wrist.


Elsa looked back, and saw Meng Ao staring at herself with a grin, her eyes full of madness.

“Want to die? How could it be so easy.” Meng Ao sneered, swinging the sky-opening axe, splitting on the stone wall, and soaring up the relay.

“You let me go, let me go.” Elsa was startled and angry, while struggling hard, she didn’t expect Meng Ao to jump down.

Although Elsa recovered her memory and didn’t want to die, she knew that it was better to die if it fell on Meng Ao’s hands.

It’s just that Meng Ao held her wrist tightly, her meridians were restrained, and she couldn’t get rid of it at all.

In just a few breaths, Meng Ao grabbed Elsa and rushed to the edge of the abyss. Meng Ao was very exhausted because he had brought a person, but he still had a smile on his face.

“I said, you don’t want to escape from my palm.” Meng Ao said with a sneer, and then pressed Elsa’s acupuncture point, Elsa’s body trembled, and she couldn’t move anymore.

In the next second, Meng Ao hugged Elsa in his waist and headed towards the Raksha Camp.


At this moment, Elsa closed her eyes in despair, tears streaming down, her heart was ashamed.

At this moment, Raksha Camp is here.

In the big tent, Meng Ao is summoning soldiers and discussing the battle plan. The beast army will arrive here in two days, and it needs to be deployed in advance.


At this moment, a soft drink came, and Mona broke in, her delicate face full of grief and anger.

All the generals present quickly salute and take a step back at the same time.

“Mona, what are you doing in here? And don’t tell it, it’s too unruly.” Meng Ao frowned and said displeasedly. Although he also loves this little girl, he is now the handsome president and pays great attention to majesty.

Moreover, the younger sister didn’t even shout at the second elder brother.

“Mengao, let me ask you, how did your elder brother die?” You get out of here! >”Mona clenched her teeth, her eyes red, almost crying.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding generals all took a deep breath, all of them nervous.

What happened to the princess? >You questioned the president in public?

“What are you talking about?” Meng Ao frowned, really panicking in his heart. >Did she know about the murder of his eldest brother?

Seeing that she didn’t admit it, Mona was so angry that she yelled: “You don’t need to pretend, I know it. Big brother didn’t bleed to death at all. You killed him, did you?”

“Why do you want to do this? He is the eldest brother, why are you so cruel? That Elsa told me, don’t want to quibble.”

“What are you talking nonsense? I killed the eldest brother? Don’t spit people, just stop me!” Meng Ao was anxious and shouted.

Mona looked stubborn: “I won’t stop talking, you tell me, eldest brother was not killed by you.” The mobile terminal remembers to provide you with wonderful novel reading for one second.

Meng’ao’s eyes flickered with cold light, and finally couldn’t help it, slapped it with a backhand!


With this slap, Meng Ao tried his best to hear Mona scream out, with a bright red handprint on her face.

“You…you hit me…” Mona was angry and wronged again, yelling at Meng’ao.

“Hit you? I can kill you for today’s matter. You said that Elsa told you that she was just a Kyushu woman. At first, she deceived her eldest brother, but now she is here to deceive you again.” Mengao’s eyes were blood red. Roared.

“Would you rather believe the words of a Kyushu woman than me? I tell you, if it weren’t for you to be my little sister, I would kill you today.”

Feeling Meng’ao’s anger, Mona covered her face and stayed there.

What a terrible look.

Is this the second brother you are familiar with? >Kill yourself now?

The many generals around were silent as well, and they didn’t dare to show up one by one.


At this moment, the big curtain was lifted, and Mateo strode in.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Mateo was stunned, and then smiled at Meng Ao: “Why is the world so angry? What happened?”


Meng Ao cursed secretly and pointed at Mona angrily: “My little sister, also confused by Kyushu women, said that I killed my elder brother.”

As he said, Meng Ao thought of something, and said coldly: “By the way, where are the two women?”

Mateo blinked and smiled: “One was killed by me, the other…”

Immediately afterwards, Mateo glanced at Mona and continued: “Another named Elsa was released by Princess Mona. Fortunately, I found out in time and caught him back.”


Hearing this, Mona’s delicate body trembled and furious.

Miss Su was caught by him again?


At this time, Meng Ao yelled angrily, slapped Mona again, and said coldly: “It’s a big deal for me. Today I will kill you.”

When the voice fell, the surrounding generals were all startled, and they began to intercede.

“Shizi, the princess is ignorant, please spare her.”

“Yes, please think twice.”

Everyone’s plea kept coming, Meng Ao’s face was cold, without the slightest fluctuation.

A few seconds later, Meng Ao took a deep breath and waved his hand: “Forget it, you can spare your life, but the blame is inevitable.”

With that, Meng Ao pointed at Mateo and said: “The little girl is going to be willful, and how to punish it will be handed over to the deputy commander.” When saying this, Meng Ao didn’t even look at Mona.

To be honest, when Mona knew the truth, Meng Ao had already had a murderous intention, but then, after all, she was her biological sister. If she really wanted to kill, she would be left behind.

“Thank you for your trust.” Mateo nodded, then grabbed Mona: “Princess, offended.”

With that, he took Mona out of the big tent.

“You… let me go, let me go.” Mona kept yelling, struggling at the same time, but the acupoint was blocked by Mateo, and she was powerless.

Mateo was too lazy to bother about it, and didn’t think about how to punish Mona. After all, Mona made a mistake and was also the princess of the Raksha clan.

When he was approaching the camp, seeing Mona still yelling, Mateo was so annoyed that he stunned with a palm, and then took him into the camp.


Seeing this scene, Elsa, who was tied to the camp, suddenly trembled, frightened and desperate.

Princess Mona, why was she also caught?

Seeing Elsa’s expression, Mateo smiled slightly, his eyes showing a bit of playful abuse: “Do you really want to know, why did she fall into my hand?”

“It’s all because of you. The news that she let you go privately, was discovered by Mengao, so she handed her over to me.”

“It can be said that her current situation is all thanks to you.”

While talking, he looked up and down Elsa, his face full of triumph.

“Despicable.” Elsa said coldly: “Mateo, don’t be too proud, even if you receive the blessing of the Raksha clan, you will not end well, Darryl will not let you go.”


Hearing this, Mateo was stunned. Seeing the change in Elsa’s expression, he suddenly realized something: “You…recovered your memory?”

You know, Elsa rarely mentioned Darryl on the initiative before, but now, when he talks about Darryl, his eyes flash with tenderness.

Obviously, this is to restore memory.

Chapter 1249


Hearing this, Elsa’s delicate face flashed with a hint of complexity.

In the next second, Elsa said coldly: “Mateo, I only hate that I was blind before and accepted your lie.”


Mateo laughed up to the sky, taunting: “You are still so violent after being caught, you should worry about yourself.”

As he said, Mateo turned his head and glanced at Mona who was unconscious: “But I have to say, that kid Darryl has a good idea. He even persuaded this Princess Raksha, and she actually took the risk to let you go. I went to find Mengao to make trouble again, I really don’t know how to write death.”

Hearing this, Elsa was a little flustered, and subconsciously asked, “What are you going to do with her?”

“Guess what?” Mateo’s smile gradually deepened, and he said faintly: “Meng Ao gave her to me, I can deal with it whatever I want. But this Raksha princess has a bad impression of me, and she will definitely harm me in the future It’s better to kill it.”


Elsa was anxious and said, “Don’t kill her.”

Mona ended up in the current situation and couldn’t get rid of her relationship with herself. If she really died, Elsa would feel guilty for a lifetime.

“Haha, do you think your words as a prisoner are useful to me?” Mateo mocked and said, turning his eyes and smiling evilly: “I can’t kill her, but you have to promise me one condition. “

“What conditions?” Elsa asked without hesitation.

He fell into Mateo’s hands, and there was no hope anymore. As long as he could hug Mona, he could help a little.


Mateo smiled triumphantly, and then, staring at her delicate cheeks, he said word by word: “My condition is that you marry me, and tomorrow we will hold a wedding in Raksha Camp. You must be in front of everyone. Admit it to be my woman.”

Having said this, Mateo’s smile was a little bit evil.

She had no life, and she couldn’t do anything after marrying Elsa, but in this way, Elsa’s reputation would be ruined. Didn’t she restore her memory? >I will completely destroy all her hopes.

More importantly, if Darryl knew, he would be furious and messed up. When the time comes, the Rakshasa army will attack, and the Jiuzhou Continent will definitely be unstoppable.


Hearing this, Elsa’s body trembled, and her whole body was dumbfounded and furious.

Tomorrow, are you going to have a wedding with him at Raksha Camp? >This Mateo is really sinister and despicable.

For a while, Elsa resisted with all his heart, she finally recovered her memory, she was all Darryl, how could she marry Mateo?

Moreover, Mateo is notoriously cruel, and now he has betrayed the Nine States Continent and is in collusion with the Raksha tribe. Such a person will be stinking for thousands of years. How can he be his woman?

No, absolutely not! >I can’t even die.

“Tsk tusk, I know you don’t want to.” Mateo watched her expression change and sneered: “In this case, how I deal with Princess Mona has nothing to do with you.”

With that said, Mateo walked over and was about to drag Mona out.

“Don’t!” Elsa was anxious and couldn’t help shouting.

Mateo stopped, turned his head and looked at her, jokingly: “What? You won?”

Elsa did not answer, bit her lips tightly, her mind was in confusion, and her heart was struggling.


Finally, a few seconds later, Elsa nodded and said: “Okay, I promise you.” When she said this, Elsa bit her lip, almost bleeding!

The eyes are also red. >She really can’t help it. >If you watch Mona being executed, you will be ashamed for a lifetime if you are indifferent.

As for Darryl, he can only have no chance with him.


Seeing her promise, Mateo smiled and nodded: “Okay, then I will spare her life.”

Later, Mateo walked out of the camp and told Mengao about his marriage.

Knowing that Mateo did this to stimulate Darryl and benefit the Raksha tribe, Meng Ao was very happy and strongly supported.

Soon, under Mengao’s arrangement, within the camp, the lanterns and festoons began to prepare for Mateo’s wedding.


In the middle of the night, the Raksha Camp was silent.

Although it was late at night, the Raksha Camp was already heavily guarded, and I saw that many patrol teams were patrolling around.

Whoosh! >Whoosh!

Suddenly, in the darkness, two figures came from not far away and quickly reached the back entrance of Daying.

One man and one woman, the man is handsome and stylish, powerful, and the woman is s3xy and charming.

It is Darryl and Ora.

Under the moonlight, they were both wearing black night clothes, but they still couldn’t conceal Ora’s graceful curves. The tight figure was looming, extremely beautiful!

Yes, Darryl and Ora came to visit the Raksha Camp at night.

In the previous few battles, Darryl even, the biggest threat of the Raksha tribe to the Nine States Continent was the giants, the ten giants, half of them had been killed in the previous battles, and now there are five remaining.

Speaking of which, with Darryl’s strength, he was not afraid of these giants at all, and he could kill one with a full blow, but it was too depleting internal strength, but for the Nine Provinces army, these giants were life harvesters.

Therefore, Darryl refined five huge obedient pills, and decided to take advantage of the night to sneak into the Raksha camp, give these giants to take them, and let them use them for himself.

Obedient pill is a special kind of pill in “Promise Pill”. After taking it, you can follow various commands you control, but Darryl has never used it. In order to control these giants, Darryl used it. The improvement, using ten times the material, refining five large obedient pills.

Each of these obedient pills was the size of a basketball, and was placed in the bag of the spirit beast by Darryl.

Ora was worried that Darryl was in danger alone, so he followed.


At this moment, Darryl observed the surrounding situation and then slipped in. Ora bit his lip, a little nervous, and followed closely.

Darryl had visited Raksha Camp at night before, and he was familiar with it, and in a short while, he approached the area where the giant Kui was located.

Snoring, snoring…

Before he got even closer, he heard the snoring sound of the giant Kui.

Darryl was very excited, haha, find the giants and give them obedient pill, so he is not afraid that the next battle will cause harm to the soldiers of Kyushu.

Thinking about it, Darryl would take out the obedient pill from the spirit beast bag.


However, just at this moment, I heard a low moan from a Raksha woman in the direction not far away.

Darryl walked over subconsciously, took a look, and was stunned.

I saw a pair of Raksha men and women rolling together on a haystack not far away.

D*mn it!

Darryl scratched his head.

Ora behind him followed him and took a curious look, and his body trembled, his beautiful face turned red all of a sudden.

“These Raksha tribes are really barbaric and ignorant!” Ora couldn’t help but whisper, blushing, indescribably charming.

At the same time, I couldn’t help kicking Darryl: “You still watch…”


Seeing her reaction, Darryl was immediately happy, and couldn’t help but jokingly said: “Other Rakshas don’t care. Let me take a look at what I am afraid of. Besides, didn’t you also watch it?”

“You still said…”

Chapter 1250

“Who is there?”

As Darryl and Ora were talking, they heard an angry shout, and then, they saw a pair of Raksha patrols slowly approaching.

Because of the dim light, these patrolmen only saw the two figures of Darryl and couldn’t see their faces clearly.


Darryl’s expression changed, he just looked at the excitement and forgot to be in the Raksha camp.

Ora next to her also trembled and became a little nervous.

To be honest, as the eldest princess of the Southern Cloud Continent, Ora’s status is completely under one person and above 10,000 people. No matter what he faces, he has never been afraid.

But the situation is different at this time. This is the Raksha Camp. Once his identity is revealed, he may not be able to get out.

D*mn it, I can’t manage that much.

Seeing those patrolling soldiers getting closer, Darryl’s thoughts flashed, and he hugged Ora in his arms, leaned forward, and directly kissed Ora’s red lips.


At this moment, Ora’s body trembled, and his whole body was dumbfounded, his brain buzzed, and at the same time he was ashamed and angry.

The ba5tard Darryl took the opportunity to take advantage of him. Although the two had a marriage contract, they couldn’t be so casual.

Shyly, Ora wanted to break free, but he was so tightly held by Darryl that he couldn’t move at all.


At the same time, feeling the softness, Darryl only felt that his brain was blank, and his whole body seemed to have been electrified. That feeling was indescribable.

Feeling Ora’s struggle, Darryl reacted and quickly wrote on her back with his fingers: Behave and deceive these patrolmen.

Feeling what Darryl meant, Ora calmed down suddenly, but Jumei’s face turned red.

“Ha ha…”

At this time, the patrol team finally arrived ten meters away. Seeing the two k!ss me and me, they thought it was a pair of Raksha men and women who enjoyed love. The leader of the team laughed playfully and took the people away. Up.

It is true that the Rakshas are unrestrained, and even for men and women, they are also very open. They are not hidden and tucked like the Kyushu mainland. Therefore, it is not surprising that Rakshas and men act in the wild.


Listening to the sound of footsteps, Darryl let go of Ora, and at the same time he secretly breathed a sigh of relief, D*mn, it was really dangerous just now.

Ora’s beautiful face was red and unspeakable, and immediately, he stretched out his hand and pinched Darryl’s waist.


When the pain came, Darryl almost jumped up, and couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air: “What are you…what?”

Ora’s face was full of anger: “Next time, I will stab you with a sword.”

As the eldest princess of the Southern Cloud Continent, Bing Qing Yujie, even if he had a marriage contract with him, but he hadn’t held the wedding yet, he was actually caught by him, by him…

Seeing her expression, Darryl understood something and said with a smile: “You are murdering your husband, it’s okay to k!ss…”

“You…” Ora stomped his feet in a straight tone, and stretched out his hand to pinch.

Darryl smiled, dodges and avoids: “Okay, stop making trouble, let’s hurry up.” The voice fell, and he touched the giant not far away.

Ora glared at him and followed closely.

Soon, in front of the five huge giants, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

This D*mn, such a huge beast, didn’t know how the Raksha tribe was tamed. At this time, he lay here and rested like a hill.

Thinking about the soldiers in the Jiuzhou Continent before, he didn’t know how many they had killed, Darryl was angry, and wanted to take the opportunity to learn about the lives of these giants, but in the end he held back.


In the next second, Darryl opened the mouths of these giants, and stuffed the huge obedient pills in the spirit beast’s bag one by one. >Ora was on the sidelines.

Soon, after feeding Obedient Dan, Darryl clapped his hands, a smile appeared on his face.

Haha…get it done.

“Lady, let’s go.” Darryl said to Ora with a smile.

Just now seeing Ora angry so charming, Darryl became addicted all of a sudden, and deliberately teased him.

“Get out!” Ora said coldly, humiliated.

This Darryl is really getting more and less serious, in such a place, he still feels in the mood to engage in this.

Darryl smiled, leading the way in front, preparing to leave.


At this time, I saw a huge bonfire lit in the center of the camp, and a huge wooden table was erected next to it. Around the wooden table, there were lights and festoons covered with red ribbons, which was full of joy.

what’s the situation?

Darryl frowned and looked at it, feeling very puzzled. When he came in before, he had always been close to the edge of the camp, and he hadn’t noticed at all. At this moment, he was a little confused when he saw this scene.

Ora also frowned, and couldn’t help but softly said, “This…Is it the son of Raksha, who wants to get married?”

The camp is decorated with lanterns and colorful flowers, and red ribbons are hung. Isn’t it what is marriage?

“If the elder son gets married, our opportunity in the mainland of Kyushu will come.” Darryl nodded and said.

After that, Darryl couldn’t help but said with emotion: “These Raksha tribes really do things casually. The two armies are facing each other, so are they still in the mood to get married?”

“Are you talking about people?” Ora glanced at Darryl blankly, and said with no good air: “You weren’t just now…”

Halfway through the conversation, Ora stopped, thinking of being kissed by Darryl just now, his delicate face suddenly became hot.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was immediately happy.

This Ora is really interesting, I couldn’t help but say it if I didn’t let me mention the matter just now.

Thinking about it, Darrylang resisted the urge to continue teasing, and then quickly walked outside with Ora. When he was about to leave the camp, he saw a Raksha warrior alone in front of him. Darryl did not hesitate and touched it quietly. past.


When he got to the front, Darryl made a flash of electricity, and suddenly clicked on the acupuncture point of the Raksha Warrior, and then dragged him into the woods next to the big camp.

Ora is very clever, knowing that Darryl was going to inquire about the news, he followed behind silently, guarding his surroundings.

“You…you!” The Raksha warrior was furious, staring at Darryl, his voice trembled.


Darryl made a quiet gesture, and then asked coldly: “I ask you, your Rakshasa camp has lanterns and festoons, who is going to get married? That son of Mengao?”

“Why should I tell you?” The Raksha Warrior looked hostile.


Darryl couldn’t help laughing, drew out his portable dagger, and shook it in front of his eyes: “It’s quite stiff, I heard that you Rakshas are not afraid of death, but if I goug your eyes, I don’t know if you can carry it. Got it.”

The voice fell, and the dagger slowly approached.

Seeing that the dagger was about to pierce his eyeballs, the Raksha warrior panicked, almost scared to pee, and waved his hand again and again: “I said I said, don’t blind me…”

I’m not afraid of death, but it’s too painful to be blind.

Darryl sneered and put away his dagger: “Say.”

“It is our deputy commander who wants to get married.” The Raksha warrior said in a panic: “The woman is from the mainland of Kyushu, and is also one of Da Shizi’s teachers. Her name is… Elsa…”


Hearing this, both Darryl and Ora were shocked.

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