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Chapter 1266

When she said this, Hua Ling was a little unwilling. >You know, I had been preparing for more than a month before I came, and it was a pity to leave like this.

But there is no way, the science and technology equipment in the team is almost destroyed, and everyone is exhausted. Continue to investigate, undoubtedly looking for death.


Hearing this, Darryl showed a smile: “That’s right, I want to leave too, let’s get together and take care of each other.”

This Hua Ling is quite self-aware, Darryl has decided that if she insists on continuing to explore, she will leave with her only son and will not care about it anymore.

Hua Ling said irritably, “Whatever you want.”

To be honest, at this moment, Hua Ling wanted to refuse. In her opinion, this Darryl was cunning, especially her previous experience. She was even more embarrassed and angry. She didn’t want to see him again in the future, but she thought of the harsh environment here. Darryl Tao is familiar with this area, and he can follow him just in case.

A few minutes later, Hua Ling everyone cleaned up and left Death Valley with Darryl.


At the moment when he walked out of Death Valley, Darryl looked back at the sinister valley and was full of emotion in his heart.

Two hours later, Darryl followed Hua Ling and everyone to a border town on the border between the Wilderness Territory and Kyushu. >

When he entered the town, Darryl was stunned. It was not far from the original battlefield. Darryl clearly remembered that three years ago, it was still a barren land, but he did not expect that it would be built in just three years. Out of a town out.

The town is called Heishui Town. In recent years, because many forces in the Kyushu Continent have sent people to explore the wild and sly regions, there are too many people, and a town has formed here. Of course, most of the people who come and go here are cultivators. , Seldom see ordinary people.

Darryl followed Hua Ling and others on the streets of Heishui Town, attracting a lot of people’s attention.

Darryl was dressed in aD*mnl skin clothes, a long hair cape, and three scars on his face. He looked like a savage from the mountains.

Darryl didn’t care about the gaze of passers-by, and constantly looked around, looking at the town in front of him.

Darryl saw that the town of Heishui was not big, but there were many shops and the people coming and going were very lively.

On the most prosperous street, Hua Ling asked Liu Hua and others to return to the inn to rest, and then went to the black market to sell the inner alchemy and the black sand python’s skin. The black sand python killed earlier not only took out the inner alchemy, but also had no snake skin. Stay. >You know, the snake skin of the black sand python is very special. In ordinary society, it can make luxurious leather goods, which is of high value.

Knowing that there is a black market here, Darryl came to be interested, and said with a smile: “I will also go and see.”

Hua Ling turned her head to look at him, resisting: “What are you going to do?”

Darryl smiled slightly: “I also sell inner alchemy. You only need to make money, and you are not allowed to profit from others.”

Hearing this, Hua Ling was helpless and had to let him follow.

A few minutes later, I arrived at a private trading house, the so-called black market, that is, a private trading house. Darryl saw that this trading house was large in scale. It was a six-story building with a few large characters on the plaque at the door: Yellow Day transaction.

“Huang Tian transaction? This name is very special.” Darryl couldn’t help but mutter.

Hua Ling couldn’t help but mocked: “You don’t even know Huang Tian’s trading house, do you? I really doubt whether you are really from the mainland of Kyushu.”

Darryl’s heart moved: “Why? A big background?”

Hua Ling laughed and began to explain. It turns out that in recent years, as more and more practitioners have gone to explore the wild and sly realms, the black market, that is, private trading houses, has rapidly prospered. Among them, Huangtian Trading Company The largest scale, with branches all over Kyushu, absolutely strong.

What’s more worth mentioning is that the boss behind the Huangtian transaction is very mysterious. No one knows the last name, and no one has ever seen it.

D*mn it!

After hearing this, Darryl frowned secretly and couldn’t help but said: “I didn’t expect a trading house to have such a scale, by the way, do you know Tianmen?”

I haven’t come back for three years, and I don’t know how Tianmen has developed.

“Tianmen.” Hua Ling’s eyes flashed with a kind of reverence: “That is the Nine Provinces, the strongest sect, and there are countless disciples. I tell you, my idol is Tianmen Sect Master Darryl. It’s a pity, I heard He is missing.”

Hearing this, Darryl was amused at once.

Haha… I can’t tell, this Hua Ling is still her own fan.

While talking, the two entered the trading hall.

Darryl saw that there were a lot of people gathered inside. They were all cultivators, and they were not low in strength. They were talking to the staff of the trading bank. In addition to the lobby, there were also VIP areas, cafes, lounges, and so on.

The decoration has nothing to say, in the whole Heishui Town, it can be regarded as top luxury.


As soon as Darryl and Hua Ling came in, many people looked over. Of course, many people were attracted by Darryl.

“Haha, where did the savage come from?”

“Where did this come out of the mountain? It laughs me to death.”

“At first glance, it’s a soil bun who has never seen the world before.”

Everyone’s comments kept coming, Hua Ling’s delicate face turned red all of a sudden, and she felt very shameless.

This wind wave told him not to follow him. He had to follow it with a stubborn face. It’s all right now. It’s shameful to follow him.

Darryl didn’t mind at all.

At this moment, a working lady came over and smiled at Hua Ling: “Miss, do you need help?” As she said, she couldn’t hide and glanced at Darryl contemptuously.

This working lady is about twenty-five, with a handsome appearance and a black professional attire, which looks refreshing.

Unexpectedly, there are such beautiful women in this trading house.

It’s just… some forces.

Darryl muttered secretly, chuckling quietly.

Hua Ling took out the inner alchemy from her body and handed it to the working lady: “Thank you.”

“Okay.” The working lady nodded politely.

At this time, Darryl also wanted to take out some inner alchemy from the spirit beast bag, and wanted to see how much money could be exchanged. As a result, the working lady didn’t even look at him, turned around and left, and returned the money to Hua Ling.

D*mn it?

Darryl was speechless.

“Tsk tsk.”

At this moment, a well-dressed young man slowly walked over and looked at Hua Ling with a smile: “Isn’t this Miss Hua? It’s been a long time.”

The young man looks in his twenties, with two bodyguards behind him. >When she was speaking, she kept looking up and down Hua Ling, and she looked like a dude.

The young man’s name is Tyler Liu, a young master from a cultivating family in the Yellowstone Continent. In recent years, the Liu family has also established an industry in Heishui Town because of the growing popularity of exploring wild and sly territories.

“Shao Liu!”

Seeing him, Hua Ling was obviously a little nervous, biting her lip and said: “I… I will pay you back soon. You can let me have some more days, okay?”

The sound is very small, for fear of being heard by people around.

A year ago, Hua Ling’s father was seriously ill and lacked money to save his life. Hua Ling borrowed a large sum of money from the financial company Tyler was in charge of, but the money was spent. In the end, his father still did not save him.

In order to pay back the money, Hua Ling took the bloodstab mercenary team and went to adventure in the wild and treacherous territory. He was not forced to be helpless, and Hua Ling would not easily take risks in such a dangerous place.

Tyler smiled without saying a word, still looking at Hua Ling up and down.

At this time, the working lady took the money, Hua Ling took it, and quickly handed it to Tyler: “Liu Shao, at this moment, I have earned it in the last few days. I will give it to you first, and I will give you the rest as soon as possible. .”

Chapter 1267

However, Tyler did not answer. Instead, he pushed back and said with a smile: “Miss Hua, I don’t really value money. Why don’t you pay back the money if you are my woman. Enjoy the glory and wealth.”


Hearing this, Hua Ling was a little embarrassed, but she still held back her anger and smiled: “No need.”

Tyler’s face sank and frowned: “Hua Ling, I’m serious. We have known each other for so long, don’t you still understand my intentions?”

“Look at you, you are so young and beautiful, you have to go on an adventure in such a dangerous place as the wild and treacherous region. If you continue like this, what if you encounter danger? I am doing this for your good, and I really can’t bear to see you Keep going like this.”

Some words are extremely sincere.

“Thank you for your kindness, but I don’t want to marry now, and we are not suitable either.” Hua Ling bit her lip and refused again.

After knowing Tyler for so many years, Hua Ling knows that he is a young master who can eat, drink and play, and is not worthy of a lifetime.

After being rejected twice, Tyler suddenly lost his patience and said coldly: “I don’t know how to promote it.”

Immediately, Tyler commanded the two bodyguards beside him: “Grab her, take her to the hotel and drink with Ben Shao.”

When the voice fell, the two bodyguards came over immediately.

Hua Ling’s pretty face changed, she was ashamed and angry. She never thought that Tyler was so lawless and dared to do it to herself in the trading house.

At this time Hua Ling wanted to resist, but she knew in her heart that Tyler was also a cultivator. Like herself, the second-stage Wuhuang was strong, and the two bodyguards around him were not low in strength. In a real fight, she was no opponent at all.


However, at this moment, a voice stood in front of Hua Ling, and it was Darryl.

“In broad daylight, treat a girl with respect.” Darryl looked at Tyler and said lightly. >The sound is not loud, but it is full of majesty.


Tyler looked at Darryl up and down, for a moment, and then shouted in disdain, “Where did the beggar come from? Go away.” This kid, covered in aD*mnl skins, was all dirty, and the beggars were more particular than him.

At this moment, everyone around also cast their eyes and whispered.

“This kid is crazy, dare to challenge Liu Shao?”

“A soil bun, still wanting a hero to save the United States?”

“Yeah, I can’t help myself.”

Hua Ling was also anxious, and couldn’t help but pull Darryl a bit: “Darryl Tao, this is my business, don’t worry about it.” Tyler is very powerful, and Darryl Tao is his opponent by himself?

Darryl smiled slightly and motioned Hua Ling not to panic.

Seeing Darryl standing still, Tyler was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said coldly: “Boy, don’t you go? I’ll give you another chance. After three beeps, he immediately disappears in front of me.”

Mad, a soil bun, dared to take care of his own affairs, he was almost dead.

At the same time, the two bodyguards locked Darryl with cold eyes, as if they were ready to do something at any time.

At this moment, a slender figure came out from the inside and said, “Oh, what caused Liu Shaofa to make such a big fire?”

At this moment, everyone’s eyes converged on the past.

This woman was in her thirties, wearing a white cheongsam with a low hem, showing her enchanting and s3xy curves, her face was exquisite, with heavy makeup, and she was unspeakably charming.

It is Ye Hongshang, the manager of this Huangtian trading branch.

For a while, many men’s eyes straightened.

Even Darryl couldn’t help but look at it a few more times.

Unexpectedly, in this small Heishui town, you can still meet this kind of beauty. This woman lacks Hua Ling’s innocence, but is a little more mature and charming, and any man will fall into it if she sees it.

“Manager Ye!”

Seeing Ye Hongshang, Tyler also showed a smile on his face, admiring the charming curve up and down, and said with a smile: “I haven’t seen you in a few days, Manager Ye is even more charming, and he can almost take away the soul of people.”

As he said, Tyler turned his head and glanced at Darryl, and said coldly: “Your trading company, is the review so low now? Anyone can come in?”

Hearing this, Ye Hongshang’s eyes fell on Darryl, and her eyebrows were also frowned.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not good, Hua Ling explained quickly: “Manager, this is my friend who came in with me.”

With that, Hua Ling pulled Darryl a bit, and said in a low voice, “Why don’t you go first? I will handle my affairs by myself.”

“The other party made up his mind to let you accompany the wine, how do you deal with it?” Darryl couldn’t help but smile.

In the next second, Darryl looked directly at Tyler, saying word by word: “Miss Hua owes you money? How much? I’ll help her pay it back.”

To be honest, this Hua Ling is arrogant and self-righteous. Darryl didn’t want to be nosy, but in the past few days, she knew that she was kind in her heart. In Darryl’s heart, she had already regarded her as a younger sister, so she naturally didn’t want to. Let her fall into the clutches of Tyler.

Tyler was stunned, with a mocking expression on his face: “What did you say? You help her pay it back? Can you still afford it? Just rely on your smelly aD*mnl skin?”

After speaking, Tyler couldn’t help laughing.


The people around also burst into laughter.

“Haha, where is the confidence of this bunny?”

“That’s, looking at him, I’m afraid I haven’t seen anything about the money.”

“Where is the idiot.”

Amidst the roar of laughter, Tyler slowly walked over with a jealous look: “Boy, I have limited patience. It’s not like losing my demeanor in front of Miss Hua. So, while I’m in a good mood, get out.”

Darryl smiled slightly, took out an inner pill from the spirit beast bag, and said lightly: “Is this inner pill enough?”

The moment the inner alchemy was taken out, a faint brilliance suddenly illuminated the surroundings. It was a fierce beast inner alchemy of the Martial Emperor realm. Just now when Hua Ling used the black sand python inner alchemy to pay back, Darryl saw that he was working The lady took a lot of money.

The Black Sand Python is only a Martial Saint-level inner alchemy, so the Martial Emperor realm fierce beast inner alchemy will be more advanced, at least several times higher.


At this moment, both Tyler and everyone around were stunned, staring blankly at the inner alchemy in Darryl’s hand, shocked.

The inner alchemy of Wuhuang realm? >Didn’t you read it wrong?

You should know that in the past few years, many cultivators have organized and explored the wild and treacherous regions, and most of them have been Wuhou-level inner alchemy. There are very few Wushengs, and there are almost no Wuhuang and above.

Unexpectedly, the savage-like guy in front of him, as soon as he took out his hand, he took out an inner alchemy of the Martial Emperor realm.

Hua Ling was also stunned, looking at Darryl, her body trembled indistinctly.

He actually has the inner alchemy of the Martial Emperor Realm, who is he?

“Ha ha!”

Finally, Tyler reacted and glanced at the inner alchemy in Darryl’s hand, and said coldly: “Boy, do you know how much Hualing owes me? An inner alchemy is like a balance. Five million, knowing five. What is the concept of a million?”

With that, Tyler directed at the working lady next to him: “Tell him, how much is this inner pill worth?”

The working lady hurried over and said softly: “This is the inner alchemy of the giant yellow spirit bear, Wuhuang level. According to the price of our trading house, it is worth three million.”

three million?

Darryl frowned, took out another one, and said faintly: “Is it enough now.” The color was lustrous and the light was flowing, just like the one just now, it was also the inner alchemy of Wuhuang realm.


Suddenly, the entire trading floor was silent, and everyone was stupid.

Another… Another one?

Chapter 1268

Hua Ling was also blindfolded, and looked at Darryl blankly, only feeling that her legs were soft, and she was speechless.

In Hua Ling’s heart, after being in contact with Darryl for a day, she only felt that she understood a little bit, but only then did she realize that the man in front of her was like a vast ocean, completely unpredictable.

That was the inner pill of the Martial Emperor Realm. If it was just one, it could explain his good luck, but he took out two at once, which was incredible.

Ye Hongshang, who was not far away, also looked closely at Darryl, with a strange light shining in his eyes.

This savage fellow actually possesses the inner alchemy of the Martial Emperor Realm? >Moreover, looking at the bag around his waist, it seems to be a rumored spirit beast bag.

Unexpectedly, Heishui Town unexpectedly came to such a mysterious person.

Ye Hongshang is a businessman with a keen instinct. He immediately saw the business opportunities brought by Darryl. You must know that the inner alchemy of the Martial Emperor Realm is in short supply on the market.

Darryl didn’t care about the gaze around him, and looked at Tyler with a smile but a smile: “How? It’s enough now, the extra ones will be regarded as interest. Of course, with the conditions, you will not be allowed to harass Miss Hua in the future.”

This inner alchemy of the Martial Sovereign realm is a valuable treasure in the eyes of others, but in Darryl’s place, it is nothing at all. You must know that in the three years in Death Valley, Darryl killed a lot of beasts. , More than half of them are in the realm of Emperor Wu, the two taken out at this time are just a drop in the bucket.


Hearing this, Tyler’s face flushed and was extremely ugly.

In the next second, Tyler’s eyes fell cold, and he said word by word: “Good boy, pretend to be an uncle in front of me, don’t you? I think that there are a few inner alchemy, which is great? Tell you, this is Heishui Town. Inquiry, what will be the consequences of being a hero to save the United States in front of this young man?”

Mad, his own dignified Master Liu, who is not polite to meet? >Today I was embarrassed in front of a savage guy, how could I swallow this breath?

“Oh?” Darryl didn’t panic at all, scratching his head indifferently: “What are the consequences?”


Tyler’s eyes flashed fiercely, roared, and pointed at Darryl: “Kill him to me.”

When the voice fell, the two bodyguards urged internally and rushed towards Darryl.

Seeing this scene, Hua Ling was so anxious that she hurriedly pulled Darryl: “Go, go.” This Tyler is too D*mn, Darryl Tao has already helped himself to pay back the money, and he actually wants to kill Darryl Tao.

However, Darryl didn’t panic at all, patted Hua Ling’s hand and motioned not to be nervous.


Seeing the two bodyguards, they were about to rush in front of Darryl, and suddenly there was a soft drink, and then Ye Mindy stepped on high heels and came over.

The two bodyguards stopped immediately.

Tyler frowned, and smiled unnaturally, “Manager Ye, what do you mean? Are you going to protect this bun?”

“Don’t get angry, Shao Liu.” Ye Hongshang smiled and said charmingly: “I am a trading house. Everyone is here to do business. Peace is the most important thing. Liu Shao gives me a face. Forget it.”

With that said, Ye Hongshang took a deep look at Darryl and continued: “Furthermore, this person also helped Miss Hua and paid you back. You have to be forgiving and forgiving, what do you think?”

The voice was soft and charming, but there was an unquestionable aura.


Hearing this, Tyler took a deep breath, looked at Darryl unwillingly, and said coldly: “Okay, kid, today I’m going to look at Manager Ye’s face, let you go, and it’s better not to fall in the future. in my possession.”

Having said this, Tyler took two inner alchemy and greeted the bodyguard to leave in stride.

Seeing a fierce battle disappeared invisible, the crowd of onlookers quickly dispersed.

At the same time, Hua Ling was also relieved.

Darryl didn’t pay attention to Tyler’s threat, smiled slightly, and said, “Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.” Ye Mindy smiled lightly, very generous.

After that, Ye Hongshang looked up and down Darryl, showing a keen interest: “This gentleman, I don’t know the name of the surname yet.”

“Darryl Tao.”

“Good name, it sounds very rebellious.” Ye Hongshang praised, and then smiled and invited: “I have a business and want to talk to Mr. Darryl in detail. I wonder if Mr. Darryl will appreciate it?”

With that said, Ye Hongshang made a gesture of please, the meaning was very clear, and he asked Darryl to go inside and talk in detail.

Darryl smiled, don’t need to guess, this Ye Hongshang is looking for himself for the inner alchemy of Emperor Wu realm.

Thinking of this, Darryl was about to respond, but Hua Ling pulled him slightly.

“What?” Darryl asked with his head tilted.

Hua Ling bit her lip lightly and whispered: “Don’t go, this woman is very powerful, be careful to suffer.”

As the captain of the bloodstab mercenary team, Hua Ling often travels around Heishui Town. She is very familiar with Ye Hongshang, the manager of this trading house. This woman is not only good at doing business, but also the most charming man, she doesn’t want to Darryl suffered.

Darryl was stunned: “Why?” It’s just a business talk, isn’t it that serious.

“Just listen to me, reject her.” Hua Ling was a little anxious.


Seeing Hua Ling’s expression, Darryl laughed at once, leaned over, and said in Hua Ling’s ear: “You see this manager Ye is pretty and s3xy, and I’m afraid I can’t resist the temptation. Are you jealous?”


Suddenly hearing this word, Hua Ling was a little stunned, and quickly reacted, her face flushed all of a sudden, and she stomped her feet: “Who eats your vinegar…”

Darryl laughed, no longer said anything, let her wait here, and then went inside with Ye Hongshang.

When you reach the private room, you can see that the decoration here is very luxurious, warm and elegant.

Ye Hongshang poured a glass of red wine, handed the glass to Darryl’s hand, and said with a smile: “I can’t tell, Mr. Darryl is so casually dressed, but he is a peerless expert.”

Darryl took the wine glass, but didn’t drink it. Instead, he smiled and said, “Mr. Ye has something to say, just say it quickly.”

Ye Hongshang didn’t seem to expect that Darryl would be so crisp, her gorgeous face was slightly taken aback, and then she smiled charmingly: “Mr. Darryl really doesn’t understand the mood, in this situation, besides business, you don’t want to say something to me? “

The voice is soft and charming.

At the same time, Ye Mindy leaned over, next to Darryl’s arm.

D*mn it.

Feeling the soft feeling, Darryl’s face was expressionless, but his heart was a little confused.

This woman is really amazing, and the sultry method is so easy to use, and the average man can’t stop it.

Perceiving the twinkling of Darryl’s eyes, Ye Mindy raised his head, with a charming smile on his delicate face, and said softly: “Mr. Darryl, don’t you… haven’t you been close to a woman for a long time? “

“How do you know?” Darryl spoke subconsciously. After three years in Death Valley, it hasn’t been a long time since he touched a woman?

However, as soon as these words were finished, Darryl regretted a bit.


After Ye Mindy heard it, he laughed out loud, staring at Darryl closely, and said softly: “In this world, Mr. Darryl can be so disciplined when he meets beautiful women. It’s really rare.”

Chapter 1269

Darrylang resisted the impulse and said lightly: “What on earth are you trying to say?”

To be honest, if ten years ago, seeing such a mature and s3xy beauty, and deliberately teasing herself, Darryl would have done her on the spot.

But Darryl knew that the gentleness of the woman in front of him was all pretended. >Behind her, there is another purpose.


Ye Hongshang glared at him, “Do you have to spoil your interest? Okay, then I’ll just say it.”

With that said, Ye Hongshang sat on the sofa next to him, smiling at Erlang’s legs, and slowly said, “I want to know, did you get the two inner alchemy of the Martial Emperor realm just now?”

“Not bad.”

Ye Hongshang was very curious: “But, your strength is not too strong.”

Darryl laughed: “This is my secret.”

How can I tell her if I hide my strength?

Ye Hongshang’s eyes flickered, he took a sip of wine, and smiled: “Well, I won’t ask more about things that shouldn’t be asked. I want to cooperate with you. You will get the inner alchemy of the military commander in the future. I hope I can sell it to me, rest assured, I will give you a price higher than the market.”

With that, Ye Hongshang’s beautiful face began to earnestly: “But there is a condition. You can’t tell others, let alone sell the inner alchemy to others. This is an exclusive deal between us, how about it?”

When saying this, Ye Hongshang looked at Darryl tightly, his eyes piercing eagerness.

Yes, Ye Hongshang did this in order to stock up the inner alchemy, so that the price of the same stage was good. On the other hand, he also wanted to understand Darryl, because a person who seemed to be weak could actually get the Martial Emperor’s inner alchemy. It is incredible.


Darryl showed a slight smile and nodded: “You can consider it.”

Seeing his promise, Ye Hongshang was very happy, and said with a smile: “Since we have cooperated, let’s rest here tonight. Look at your appearance, you should have just returned from the wild and treacherous territory, here I am…”

Before she finished speaking, Darryl interrupted.

“No, my friend is still waiting outside.” Darryl said lightly.

Changing to an ordinary man, facing the retention of such a s3xy beauty, he would not refuse, but Darryl knew that Ye Hongshang was definitely not an ordinary woman. The more diligent and enthusiastic, the more he must be on guard.

To be honest, with Darryl’s strength, he was not afraid of Ye Hongshang’s tricks at all, but Darryl didn’t want to waste time here.

“Okay!” Ye Hongshang was very disappointed, and then took out a special VIP card: “This is our internal VIP card traded by Huangtian. With it, you can come to me at any time and no one will stop you. .”

Darryl nodded, put the card away, and walked out.

Watching Darryl go out, Ye Mindy’s delicate face became solemn, and then he called two cronies and said: “Look at this person.”


At this moment, a low voice came: “Mindy, what makes you so serious?”

Ye Hongshang’s delicate body trembled, and quickly looked back, and saw a man in a black robe walking in slowly. He was about sixty years old, his face was gloomy, and his body was filled with a powerful aura.

Especially the strength is very amazing and unfathomable.

If Darryl was present, he would definitely be surprised, because this person was Lawrence.

Yes, the Huangtian transaction was created by Lawrence. After leaving the Jiuzhou Camp, Lawrence hid in an uninhabited valley, trying to stolen the antidote from Darryl’s camp. No, but with his extremely high comprehension, Lawrence finally refined the antidote for the Tongtian Pill after half a year.

Over the next year or so, Lawrence set up the Huangtian Transaction while devoting himself to cultivation. >Up to now, Huangtian transactions have spread all over Kyushu, almost the most powerful and mysterious organization in the Kyushu mainland.

“Lord.” Ye Mindy hurriedly saluted and spoke respectfully.

Lawrence nodded, and asked about the situation of the branch in Heishui Town. What came to mind randomly: “I just saw you sent your subordinate to monitor someone. What is the origin of the other party?”

Ye Hongshang did not neglect, and explained the situation.


Upon learning of the situation, Lawrence frowned secretly. An unremarkable person actually has two inner alchemy in the realm of Martial Emperor?

“What does it look like?” Lawrence asked coldly, alert.

“The appearance is very cold, a little handsome, but there are three scars on his face.” Ye Mindy recalled, while telling Darryl’s appearance in detail.

At this moment, Lawrence’s eyes flashed, and he was delighted and shocked.

Mad, isn’t this Darryl? >It turned out that he didn’t die, but walked out of the wild and treacherous territory.

After the armistice between the Nine Provinces and the Raksha tribe, the continents sent people to explore the whereabouts of Darryl and Mateo in the savage territories. Three years later, they still found nothing.

In this case, there are rumors in many places that Darryl is dead, or that he has died with Mateo. In short, every statement does not think that Darryl can come back alive. After all, the wild and savage territory is too dangerous. Both fell down with Raksha King, and no bones have been found until now.

At this moment, when he heard Ye Hongshang’s narration, Lawrence immediately determined that this person is Darryl. You must know that he and Darryl’s grievances could not be finished for three days and three nights. How could he have forgotten Darryl’s Look like?

Darryl, Darryl!

Lawrence looked out the door, with a gloomy look at the corner of his mouth, and said to himself: “Even if you get back from the wild and treacherous realm by luck? When you meet me, you are still a dead end.”


the other side!

When Darryl returned to the hall, he saw Hua Ling waiting impatiently there.

“Why have you been so long?” Seeing Darryl coming out, Hua Ling frowned and couldn’t help saying: “What have you talked about?”

Darryl smiled and said: “It’s nothing, just chatted a few words.”

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Hua Ling became even more angry, and muttered: “Lechers, I must see that they are beautiful, so I won’t be willing to leave.”


Hua Ling’s voice was very small, but Darryl could still hear her clearly.

This Hua Ling was so interesting, she said she was not jealous, but she still cared about it in her heart.

Thinking about it, Darryl said about Ye Hongshang’s cooperation.

“Don’t believe that woman.” Hua Ling said instinctively.

Darryl nodded: “I know, so I just made a few perfunctory sentences just now.”

While talking, the two left the trading house.


When she got outside, Hua Ling couldn’t help asking, “Who are you? Where did you get the two Martial Emperor Inner Pills?”

This question has been holding back in Hua Ling’s heart for a long time, and she doesn’t vomit.

Darryl smiled and looked at her: “I am from the mainland of Kyushu. I have no background. I’m just a nameless man. Those two inner alchemy were picked up when I first entered the wild and treacherous territory. At that time, a peerless master killed him. The spirit beast left and was picked up by me for a bargain.”

In Darryl’s heart, Hua Ling’s mind was too simple, so it’s better not to tell her these things.

Hearing this, Hua Ling nodded suddenly.

Knowing that with his strength, it is impossible to kill the beasts in the realm of Wuhuang.

Before they knew it, the two also arrived at the inn where Hualing was staying.

“I’m leaving.” Darryl said with a smile: “Without me as a guide, you’d better not go to the wild and treacherous territory, take care.”

When the voice fell, Darryl walked towards the outside of Heishui Town.

At this moment, Hua Ling felt a little unwilling to give up, and she did not hold back her burden.

Chapter 1270

At this time, it was already dark.

A few minutes later, Darryl walked out of Heishui Town, to the edge of the woods a few miles away, Darryl wondered whether to release the Qiongqi.

After three years of absence, I don’t know what happened to the Earth Round Continent, but Qiongqi had wings and distributed quickly, so he didn’t have to fly with his internal strength.

“Made, kid stop!”

However, at this moment, a loud shout came from behind, and a dozen people quickly rushed over to surround Darryl.

The headed one, in a worthy suit, has a hideous face and anger flashing in his eyes. It is Tyler!

The dozen people behind him were the men Tyler had called.

In the Huangtian trading house before, Darryl was in front of Hua Ling. Tyler was completely angry. Hua Ling is a woman she likes. How can she allow other men to show her strength in front of her?

So after Tyler left at that time, he had been sending people to guard at the door of the trading house, paying attention to Darryl’s whereabouts. Just now, when he saw Darryl walk out of the trading house, he immediately followed with someone.

At this time, Tyler, with his mouth up, looked at Darryl coldly, full of contempt: “Tubaozi, in the trading house before, he dared to be so disrespectful to me. I said I won’t let you go. You will die. “

The voice fell, and the dozens of people around him, holding long knives tightly one after another, slashed towards Darryl directly.


In the night, more than a dozen long knives were brandished, bringing a piece of cold light, and directly enveloped Darryl.

Seeing this scene, Darryl chuckled lightly and didn’t panic at all. His body flashed. In an instant, all of the dozen knives deviated from the direction, and they were all cut empty, even without touching Darryl’s clothes.


At this moment, Tyler was furious. A dozen of his subordinates didn’t even touch this person’s clothes. It was a shame.

“Tyler…I really don’t know if you are too arrogant or have no brains. At the auction before, I already let you go, and you still took the initiative to seek death.”

At this moment, Darryl stood there, looking at Tyler with a smile, and said sarcastically.

Among the subordinates Tyler brought, the strongest was no more than a Wuhuang emperor, so he couldn’t put it in his eyes.


Hearing this, Tyler’s face flushed, and he was frightened, and pointed at Darryl and said angrily: “Go together, I will destroy him for the young master.”

As soon as the voice fell, a dozen men clasped their long knives tightly and rushed up again.

Bang bang!

Darryl stood there, not running at all, but moved his lower body. With three punches and two legs, he easily knocked a dozen people to the ground. He heard these people wailing and lay on the ground and rolled.

“To bully, D*mn it.”

At this time, Darryl spoke lightly, his body flashed, and he had already arrived in front of Tyler. >Suddenly slapped the past!

How did Tyler react, the whole person was directly slapped out, and he flew out a full tens of meters before sitting on the ground.

Darryl clapped his hands, walked over step by step, and said coldly: “Your name is Tyler, right? I tell you, if you want to survive, don’t bother me, otherwise, I won’t be merciful next time!”

Yes, Darryl’s subordinates were merciful, otherwise, Tyler and his subordinates would have died.

To be honest, Darryl would not be tolerant when dealing with people like Tyler, but he thought that this was Heishui Town and Hua Ling was still active in this area. In order not to cause her trouble, he didn’t make cruel moves.


Tyler covered his face, stared at Darryl fiercely, gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, you have a kind, don’t be arrogant, let me wait, let’s wait and see…” His mouth was fierce, but he was panicked in his heart.

Mad, he was already in the realm of Emperor Wu, but he couldn’t hide from this person’s slap, it was terrible.

When the voice fell, Tyler quickly got up, and walked away griefly, covering his face.

A fool!

Darryl sneered.

Immediately, Darryl patted the dust on his body, ready to continue on the road.


At this moment, a horrible aura suddenly filled the back, and then, a dangerous aura shrouded it. In a moment, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant!

Darryl was startled, and when he looked back, he was taken aback.

I saw that a man in a black robe exploded from his internal strength and hit his back with a palm, the speed was lightning fast, and his power was amazing.

And seeing the other party’s face, Darryl was shocked and angry.

D*mn, it turned out to be Lawrence?

Feeling the speed of Lawrence’s rapid lightning, Darryl was shocked, and he had no time to dodge, so he had to urge his internal strength and wave his palm to meet him!

At this time, Darryl didn’t expect that he would meet Lawrence here. What was even more angry was that Lawrence had already been loyal to him, and now he dared to sneak attack.

At this moment Darryl didn’t know that Lawrence had rebelled three years ago.


The two palm strengths collided fiercely. Because Darryl responded in a hurry, he only felt an overwhelming force coming. He snorted and took a dozen steps back. The blood in his body was churning, but he still resisted abruptly.


After three years of absence, the strength of this horn has increased so much, and he has urged all the internal forces to barely block this palm!


Seeing Darryl’s face flushed, he was obviously hurt by himself, Lawrence raised his head and laughed triumphantly: “Darryl, it really is you.”

At the same time, I was a little shocked in my heart. This Darryl, worthy of the existence of the famous Jiuzhou, was able to block his palm, but Lawrence still clearly felt that Darryl was okay on the surface, but he was actually already shocked. .

“Darryl, I have been waiting for three years, and I am waiting for this moment.” At this moment, Lawrence looked up and down Darryl, and said coldly.


The voice fell, and a long sword flashing with cold light appeared in Lawrence’s hand.

This is a purple-ranked weapon, which seems to contain extremely cold aura, the moment when the scabbard is pulled out by the horn, the surrounding temperature seems to drop sharply!


At this moment, Darryl frowned secretly, panicking in his heart.

D*mn, just now hurriedly took Lawrence’s palm, Dan Tian has received some shock injuries, and now Lawrence has shown his weapon, I’m afraid it will be more difficult to resist.

“Darryl, go to death.”

Lawrence didn’t talk nonsense, roared, and the sword pointed directly at the sky, and he saw the heaven and earth’s spiritual energy merged wildly. Then, Lawrence swung a sword fiercely, a touch of sword light, tearing the world and bursting towards Darryl.

“The sword turns yin and yang!”

With Lawrence’s roar, Darryl only felt that the air in the surrounding kilometers was stagnant. Before he could think about it, he quickly urged his internal force to resist Fang Tian’s painting of a halberd in front of him!


Jian Mang slammed on Fang Tian’s painted halberd, and heard Darryl let out a muffled grunt. The whole person was shocked and flew out for several tens of meters before falling heavily to the ground.

Just now when he resisted Lawrence’s palm strength, Darryl had already suffered a shock. At this time, facing Lawrence’s peerless swordsmanship, he couldn’t resist at all.


At this moment, Darryl didn’t hesitate at all, and directly released Qiongqi. With a roar, Qiongqi broke through the sky, and Darryl immediately jumped onto Qiongqi’s back.

At the same time, Darryl held Fang Tian’s painting halberd tightly, and a fierce internal force exploded, forcing the opening angle to retreat.


Taking advantage of the opportunity, Darryl controlled Qiongqi and rushed towards the distance, disappearing into the night in the blink of an eye.

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