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Chapter 1291


As soon as he arrived on the ground and saw the scene in front of him, Darryl shook his body and couldn’t help taking a cold breath.

I only saw this magnificent room. All the tables and chairs were inlaid with gold and jade. Not only that, there was an intoxicating fragrance in the air.

Yes, it was the room where Lu Lingshan was resting.

Darryl saw that a candle was lit on the edge of the innermost gum.

On the gum, Lu Lingshan was sitting there, holding a glass of wine in her hand, talking to a spiritual position.


It’s so late, Lu Lingshan doesn’t sleep, so she drinks by herself?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl turned his gaze to Lu Lingshan, and he couldn’t move away immediately.

At this time, Lu Lingshan was only wearing a pajama, and the yarn-woven fabrics couldn’t hide the charming curves. It was simply an inconceivable beauty.

At the same time, Darryl also noticed that Lu Lingshan seemed very unhappy. He only drank, and didn’t move a bite of the fruit and delicacies. There was a little sadness between her beautiful eyebrows.

Yes, Lu Lingshan is missing her younger brother Lu Jiechen. The siblings have depended on each other since they were young, and they have a deep affection. At that time, Darryl killed Lu Jiechen, and Lu Lingshan was heartbroken and vowed to avenge her younger brother.

Now that he has caught Darryl, and the revenge is about to be paid, Lu Lingshan thinks of her younger brother again, heartbroken.

“Brother, do you know? My sister avenged you.” Lu Lingshan muttered to herself as she looked at the spirit position. >In her heart, Darryl was imprisoned in the secret path of purgatory, and there was absolutely no possibility of surviving.

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.


Lu Lingshan’s body was shocked, she turned her head suddenly, and she was shocked when she saw Darryl.

“Are you not dead?” Lu Lingshan was stunned.

“Are you disappointed?” Darryl showed a smile and walked over slowly.

“Darryl, go to death!” An icy sweet drink came from Lu Lingshan’s mouth. Then, she walked lightly, pulled out the long sword beside her, and stab Darryl directly!


This sword contains Lu Lingshan’s ten successful powers! >It can be clearly seen that where the long sword passes, the surrounding air seems to be distorted!

Darryl smiled coldly, standing there as steady as Mount Tai!

“Lu Lingshan, since you have to settle the accounts, let’s settle the accounts clearly.” Darryl said coldly, Dantian’s internal strength rushing upward.

Immediately afterwards, Darryl summoned Fang Tian to paint a halberd to meet Lu Lingshan!

“Clang clang!”

Lu Lingshan’s long sword collided with Fang Tian’s painted halberd, and there was a loud noise. After a few rounds, Lu Lingshan was sweating, and she was shocked.

This Darryl hasn’t seen him in a few years, his strength has become even more terrifying?

Although Lu Lingshan’s strength has reached the stage of crossing the catastrophe, she can’t get the slightest advantage against Darryl!

At this moment, Darryl flipped his wrist and raised his hand to hit him!

This palm was so fast that Lu Lingshan couldn’t avoid it. At that time, she could only use her internal force to greet her with a palm.


The two palms touched, and there was a dull vibration. At this moment, Lu Lingshan’s body retreated several steps, and his face was instantly ugly!

Darryl had cultivated Guiguzi’s technique, and his internal strength was vigorous. Of course, Lu Lingshan was not his opponent in the palm of his hand just now!


Lu Lingshan only felt that her chest was stuffy, so she steadied her figure, looked at Darryl in shock and anger, with incredible writing on her face!

This… how is this possible!

At this time, Lu Lingshan didn’t know that the reason why the Six Tribulations King was able to catch Darryl before was an unexpected advantage, and Darryl’s internal strength had not completely recovered at that time.

Really one-on-one, Lu Lingshan was not Darryl’s opponent at all.

Darryl sneered, too lazy to talk nonsense, quickly raised his hand and tapped Lu Lingshan’s acupuncture point twice.

Suddenly, Lu Lingshan’s body became stiff and couldn’t move a single movement.

“Darryl, you scum!” Lu Lingshan bit her lips tightly: “Quickly relieve me of my acupuncture points!”

“Relieve acupoints?”

Darryl showed a smile, his eyes were bloodshot, and he walked to Lu Lingshan step by step, slapped her face fiercely!

“Pop!” The fastest update

After this slap, I heard Lu Lingshan scream, and a slap print suddenly appeared on her white face.

“Are you embarrassed to let me relieve my acupuncture point? This slap, slap your self-righteousness.” Darryl looked at Lu Lingshan coldly, almost squeezing these words out of his teeth!

Lu Jiechen was doing evil, and he almost killed Lily at the beginning, and he was more than guilty, but Lu Lingshan could not think of his brother’s fault and wanted revenge, which is really hateful.

Lu Lingshan was slapped by the slap, and reacted, looking at Darryl and said: “Darryl, I think I am? You killed my brother, what’s wrong with my revenge?”


When the voice fell, Darryl slapped it over again!

“This slap was for my Qiongqi.” Darryl’s eyes were red, and he almost lost his reason: “Do you know how many years my Qiongqi spirit beast has been with me? But you were brutally killed.”


The voice fell, and another slap fell!

Lu Lingshan’s body trembled, almost exploding with anger. >Darryl was so humiliated and scolded for the existence of his own dignified goddess of rivers and lakes.

“You, you better kill me, give me another chance, I will cut you a thousand times.” Lu Lingshan’s eyes flashed with hatred, and she couldn’t help shouting.

Hearing this, Darryl calmed down and looked at Lu Lingshan up and down. >Squeeze a sneer: “Do you want me to kill you? I wouldn’t kill you.”

When the voice fell, Darryl stretched out his hand and grabbed Lu Lingshan’s pajamas.

“You, what are you doing!” Lu Lingshan was shocked and angry!

“What are you talking about?” Darryl sneered. While speaking, his eyes were still on Lu Lingshan’s body.

I have to say that Lu Lingshan is worthy of the level of the best goddess, especially the figure, is simply perfect, no matter from which angle, it is so s3xy.

Darryl thought about it, this Lu Lingshan is not a self-proclaimed goddess, is she aloof? Today, her dignity will be completely destroyed.


Just when Darryl made up his mind and was about to do it, he suddenly sensed the ground under his feet, and there was a burst of violent vibrations! >As if the world has collapsed!

D*mn it.

what’s the situation?

Darryl was taken aback, and hurriedly walked out of the window sill and looked outside. At the same time, all the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace also came out, looking up one by one in shock.

I saw dark clouds and thunder in the night sky.

And in the direction of the wild and treacherous realm, a strange light rose, illuminating the world.

At this moment, Lu Lingshan also slowed down, looking at the scene in front of her in surprise, her delicate body trembled faintly.

“The artifact was born?” Darryl couldn’t help muttering to himself, suddenly wanting something: “Could it be the missing Sky Open Axe?”

At the beginning, Darryl chased Mateo and entered the wild and treacherous territory. When he arrived in Death Valley, Mateo was attacked by a giant python and fell into a deep valley to his death. Later, when Darryl found his body, Kaitian axe disappeared.

“It’s not the birth of a divine soldier.” Lu Lingshan shook her head: “Such a vision, it seems that there is a beast, and it is about to evolve into a divine beast.” The vision of heaven and earth in front of him was shocking. At this time, Lu Lingshan temporarily forgot about herself and Yue. Darryl’s hatred, almost subconsciously expressing opinions.


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned. There is a beast, and he wants to evolve into a beast?

Chapter 1292

the other side!

Zhongyuan Mainland, Taiyin Mountain.

Taiyin Mountain is located in the central area of ​​the Zhongyuan Mainland. This mountain range stretches for thousands of miles and has beautiful scenery. It is a famous scenic spot in the Zhongyuan Mainland for a long time.

At the top of the mountain, there is a magnificent building, here is the general altar of the heavenly organization.

The Wutian organization has been in existence for three years, and its disciples have spread all over Kyushu. Because it has been pursuing the principle of mystery, it has not been determined where the real general altar is.

However, Lawrence used despicable means to drug Yu Wenyan and completely controlled the Wutian organization, and then set the general altar in Taiyin Mountain.

At this moment, inside the main altar hall.

Lawrence sat on the throne, his body was filled with a powerful aura, and his gloomy face showed a smug smile. A day ago, all the members of the Ouyang family who were arrested were all detained by him in the cell of the General Altar.

The next thing to do is to pass the news to Darryl and wait for him to come to the net.

Below the throne, stood side by side dozens of elite disciples of the Wutian organization, as well as the hall masters of each hall. >All of them are respectful.

And at this moment, a strong vibration of heaven and earth came, and after that, the sacredness cannot be desecrated!

Feeling the extremely strong vibration, everyone who was a little bigger, their complexion changed, inexplicably panic.

Lawrence frowned: “What is it? Go and see what’s going on?”

When the voice fell, a few elite disciples immediately went outside to check the situation, and soon returned to report: “Master, this vibration seems to be coming from the direction of the wild and treacherous territory.”

Hearing this, Lawrence quickly stood up, walked to the entrance of the main hall, and looked at the sky in the distance.

Seeing the strange situation on that day, Lawrence trembled and started to think.

“Lord, with such a vision, I’m afraid that the artifact has appeared.”

“Yeah, three years ago, Mateo fled to the wild and treacherous realm, opening the sky axe and not knowing where to end, could it be…”

“Most likely…”

Everyone talked a lot, all with inexplicable excitement.


At this moment, Lawrence reacted, took a deep breath, shook his head and said: “Such a vision is not a magic weapon, I am afraid that a magic aD*mnl has appeared.”

Lawrence has been famous for thousands of years and he has a wide range of knowledge and knowledge. At a glance, this vision of heaven and earth is very different from the birth of a magical soldier. You must know that the birth of a magical aD*mnl can also cause a shaking of the world.

Mythical beast?

Hearing this, everyone in the hall looked at each other.

Lawrence didn’t hesitate at all: “Call all the disciples immediately and go to the wild and treacherous territory without any mistake. Remember, you must be in front of the various schools of Kyushu.”

He has already controlled the largest cultivation organization in Kyushu, and if he can surrender a divine beast, he will be completely invincible in the world. >Therefore, in this matter, we must take the lead and never give others the slightest chance.

“Yes, Lord!”

After half an hour, tens of thousands of elite disciples assembled, and under the leadership of Lawrence, they marched toward the wild and treacherous realm.

After several hours of fast marching, Lawrence and his tens of thousands of disciples finally arrived in Death Valley in the wild and treacherous region.

Yes, those waves of heaven and earth shaking came from the depths of Death Valley.


At this moment, Lawrence looked around the environment at the entrance of Death Valley, took a deep breath, and decisively issued an order: “Immediately cut wood and move rocks, and follow my instructions to deploy the entrance of the valley.”

Lawrence is scheming, knowing that all mainland forces will come soon. It is not an easy task to stop these forces. The best way is to deploy a large formation at the entrance to intercept these forces. Come, I will have enough time to surrender the beast.

“Yes, Lord!”

When the voice fell, tens of thousands of disciples responded in unison, and then, under Lawrence’s signal, began to cut down trees, move big rocks, and begin to deploy formations.


The tremors of the wild and savage territory shocked the Nine State Continent. For a time, many sects and various mercenary groups flocked to the savage savage territory.

At this moment, the Holy Fire Palace.


Looking at the distant vision of heaven and earth, Darryl took a deep breath and eased his mind.

At this time, Lu Lingshan also reacted, biting her lip and said: “Darryl, you shameless villain, don’t you just want me? I will give you a chance today.”

With that, Lu Lingshan stepped back and stretched out her hand, ready to unbutton her pajamas.

D*mn it.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was stunned. What is this woman going to do? >Give up resistance and give up on yourself?


Just when Darryl was stunned, Lu Lingshan stepped back a safe distance, and suddenly turned on a button on the table, and saw a big iron cage descend, directly covering Darryl inside.

Yes, this trap was prepared by Lu Lingshan a long time ago, just in case she was controlled by Darryl, Lu Lingshan was always looking for opportunities.

Taking advantage of Darryl being enveloped by iron, Lu Lingshan turned around and rushed out without hesitation. >Speaking of it, Lu Lingshan was tapped on acupuncture points, but in her practice, there is a formula that can be solved instantly, but it consumes a lot of internal energy. >The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.

Lu Lingshan knew that Darryl had the coldness of Bailian and was not afraid of the cage at all, but he had enough time to escape before he melted the cage.

“Darryl, wait for me, our account is not over.” The moment he rushed out of the door, Lu Lingshan gave Darryl a fierce look.

To be honest, Lu Lingshan wanted to kill Darryl immediately, but forcibly releasing the acupoint, it consumed too much internal energy, and it was almost harder to kill Darryl than to reach the sky.


Darryl was very annoyed. This Lu Lingshan was so cunning, it seemed that he had compromised, but he didn’t expect to have a second hand.

Thinking about it, Darryl urged Bai Lian to cold fire, melted a hole in the iron cage, and rushed out, but at this time, Lu Lingshan had run out of nowhere.


At this moment, in the direction of the savage and treacherous region, there was another tremor of heaven and earth.

Since it is a mythical beast, let’s go and see it.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl was no longer hesitating, urging his figure to rush towards the wild and treacherous region.


Wilderness, Death Valley.

The savage territories themselves have a bad environment, and today, the weather is even more gloomy and scary, with dark clouds rolling in the sky, thunder and lightning, as if the world is the end of the world.

At the entrance of Death Valley, a lot of people gathered, which can be said to be a sea of ​​people.

This time, there was a heaven and earth vision in the wild territories. The various sects of the nine continents, as well as various cultivation organizations, and mercenary groups rushed over in the first time. There are dozens of sects, adding up to hundreds of thousands of people, the scene is extremely grand!

However, so many sects did not enter Death Valley, but wandered there.

I saw that in the entrance, there were tens of thousands of wooden piles, and a lot of boulders were scattered between the wooden piles. Obviously, this was a formation.

Facing this huge formation, all the forces present had complex expressions.

This formation seems simple, but as long as you go in, you will be stuck in it, and you will never be able to get out. Just before, several sects entered, and soon they heard their cry of collapse.

Under this circumstance, other sects and all parties dare not take risks easily.

At this moment, a figure came from a distance.

It is Darryl.

After several hours of rushing, Darryl finally arrived in Death Valley. He could not help but frown when he saw that many sects were blocked at the entrance.

At this moment, Darryl walked to the front, looked at the wooden stake, and suddenly frowned secretly.

Aoki fan formation?

There is a record in “Bai Qi Shen Zhen” that the Aoki maze is a clever formation. It seems simple, but very mysterious. If you don’t know the way to crack it, you will be trapped alive if you break in easily.

Chapter 1293

Who is so insidious to get an Aoki maze to block the entrance?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl slowly walked in.

The Aoki Fan Array is an insurmountable danger to others, but to Darryl, there is no threat at all.


Seeing this scene, many people present were stunned, in an uproar.

“Who is this kid? Don’t die?”

“Look at his dress, what mercenary team should be…”

“A kid who knows nothing about life and death, what the hell does…”

Darryl ignored those remarks, and at the moment when he was about to enter the formation, a slim figure rushed over quickly. >It is Krista.

“Brother Tao!” Krista shouted in surprise.

Krista is very smart, knowing that Darryl didn’t want to reveal his identity, so she didn’t call it a shame. >

Darryl was surprised and happy: “Why are you here? Didn’t you let you wait for me in Tian Fei’s company?”

Krista curled her lips and said aggrieved: “You have been gone for two days and there is no news. Later, there was a vision here. Tian Fei sent someone from the company to check, and I followed.”

Hearing this, Darryl nodded, and then walked in with Krista.


As soon as I got inside, I heard a lot of people shouting in the maze, one by one in panic and despair.

“Made, why can’t you get out?”

“It’s over, is it going to be trapped here.”

It was those martial masters who broke in before.

Listening to the yelling from the surroundings, Krista was very nervous and couldn’t help but ask Darryl: “Brother Tao, these people seem to be trapped.”


Darryl took a deep breath, his eyes flickered, and slowly said: “This is an Aoki fan formation, Krista, wait for you to follow me, don’t go away, if you are also trapped, then you will be in trouble. “


Krista nodded her head heavily, followed Darryl closely, and stayed at her fingertips.


At this moment, deep in Death Valley.

Lawrence led tens of thousands of disciples through the area covered by poisonous mist, and finally arrived in front of a huge cave.

I saw that at the entrance of the cave, there was a huge figure entrenched. It was a giant python with bright black scales, nearly a hundred meters long. >On the huge head, there are two faint bulges. >There was a breath of terror all over his body.

Seeing this scene, whether it was Lawrence or the tens of thousands of disciples behind him, they were all stunned, and their eyes were full of shock!

This seems to be the black sand python, but… the strength is so strong, it is much larger than the black sand pythons I have seen before, the breath is also very scary, and there are bulging horns on the top of the head, what is going on?

Is it the vision of heaven and earth that it triggered?

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded, with an incredible face.

“Master, this python…” In shock, a hall master squatted.

It just didn’t say a few words and was interrupted by Lawrence.

Lawrence let out a long sigh of relief. The whole person couldn’t conceal the inner shock, and slowly said, “Snake into a python, python into a dragon, and dragon into a dragon, this black sand python, I don’t know how long it has been in cultivation, it has become a dragon. .”

“The previous vision of heaven and earth was caused by it, because it will soon become a dragon. Once it becomes a dragon, it will be the strongest beast in the world.”

When he said this, Lawrence’s eyes flashed with excitement.

what? >Turn the dragon into a dragon?

At this moment, the eyes of everyone around him suddenly gathered on the body of the giant python, shocked.

At this moment, the surrounding hall masters arched their hands at Lawrence and congratulated them: “Lord, from this point of view, this Jiao is the critical period for transcending the catastrophe and transforming the dragon. Before it can successfully transform the dragon, he will surrender. The world must be invincible.”


Hearing this, Lawrence raised his head and laughed, and then stared at the giant scorpion closely. He raised his hand and waved: “Quick, take it down for me immediately.”

Whoosh whoosh…

When the voice fell, nearly a thousand elite disciples jumped into the air and rushed towards the giant flood!

These elite disciples were also Wuhou with the lowest strength. Most of them were in the martial arts realm. In an instant, more than a thousand disciples exploded at the same time, and the aura that gathered distorted the sky with an astonishing momentum.

Feeling the danger, the giant dragon was instantly aroused to be fierce.


Only heard a roar that was close to a dragon’s yin, coming from the mouth of the giant dragon, the next moment, the huge tail was violently shaken, and swept away towards more than a thousand disciples!


In the blink of an eye, the more than 1,000 elite disciples screamed continuously, one by one fell from the air and fell into a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, Lawrence’s face was extremely ugly.

I thought that a dragon could be easily taken down, but I didn’t expect this giant dragon to have terrifying strength. In the blink of an eye, it severely inflicted more than a thousand of his own disciples.

“Let’s deal with him.” The dozen or so hall masters behind him looked at each other and roared, urging their figures to fight fiercely with the giant dragon.

In a blink of an eye, the two sides fought fiercely for nearly half an hour, and Lawrence’s men were dead, wounded, and casualties were very heavy.

And this giant dragon is more courageous than ever!

In the end, Lawrence had to do it himself.

However, what shocked Lawrence was that this giant flood was very strong in defense, and very sensitive. He had performed his own stunts, but he couldn’t even suppress it!

At this time Lawrence didn’t know that the black sand python that turned into a dragonfly was the one that attacked Mateo back then. Later, after swallowing the dragon ball and absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, it became a dragonfly in just three years.

During those three years, this black sand python had been lurking in the depths of the cave, so Darryl had searched for so long at that time, but he could not find its whereabouts.

But now, this dragon is about to break through the bottleneck again, ready to turn the dragon into a dragon. >Although he hasn’t completely become a dragon, the defensive power of this dragon has already reached a metamorphic level, which is not something that ordinary cultivators can break through.


Under the fierce battle, Lawrence’s face became more and more ugly, very annoyed.

What about becoming a dragon? >I don’t believe that so many people can’t control you!


Thinking about it, Lawrence took a deep breath, looked at the crazy giant floodgate, and shouted, “Give me all of it. You must subdue this giant floodgate!”

Whoosh whoosh…

When the words fell, all the surrounding disciples exploded internally and rushed towards the giant water dragon.


The giant dragon was completely angered, and he burst out with a loud roar, opened his blood basin and opened his mouth, and the long tail fiercely threw it out!


He heard a hurricane version of howling, and poisonous fog spurted from the giant floodgate’s mouth. At the same time, there was still fire in the poisonous fog.


In the blink of an eye, many masters were shrouded in the poisonous mist, screaming constantly, one by one fell down and fell in a pool of blood. >Either it was corroded by poisonous fog, or it was burned by fire.


This giant flood’s attack actually carries the fire poison attribute?

Seeing this scene, no matter if it was the opening angle or the other people around, they couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

Is this the strength to become a dragon?

so horrible.

Yes, this giant flood is originally the evolution of the black sand python, and the black sand python occupies a poisonous place like Death Valley, and it has a highly toxic characteristic.

“Roar!” At this moment, the giant water dragon was completely enraged, let out a roar, and rushed to the crowd again!


Amid the screams, many people died on the spot! >In an instant, many people were afraid, and they had no desire to fight again, they just wanted to turn around and escape.

Chapter 1294

“Everyone is scattered!”

Seeing this scene, Lawrence was too anxious and yelled.


When the voice fell, the rest of the crowd quickly dispersed, and then under the command of Lawrence, formed a trapped formation to surround the giant flood.

Lawrence uses soldiers like a god, especially the formation technique, which has deep attainments.

For a moment, the giant water dragon was trapped in it, and couldn’t rush out for a while. >Under the siege of everyone, the wounds on his body were full, and the blood kept flowing out, almost completely staining the ground red.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Lawrence sneered and slapped it, hitting the giant Jiao’s head.


With this palm, Lawrence urged five levels of skill. He wanted to catch it alive, but didn’t want to kill this giant flood for the time being. You must know that the Jiuzhou Continent hadn’t seen a dragon for thousands of years. It would be a pity to kill it directly.

Roar! >”

After being slapped, the giant flood’s anger was completely aroused. His eyes were as big as a copper bell, his eyes were instantly bloodshot, his tail was raised, and he slammed towards Lawrence.

Lawrence didn’t dare to meet him, so he stepped back. >Some of the closest disciples also hurriedly avoided. >Suddenly, there was a gap in the formation that was inexorably inexhaustible.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the giant dragon rushed out of the gap without hesitation and rushed towards the dense forest deep in Death Valley. >In the blink of an eye, it disappeared from everyone’s sight.


Seeing this scene, Lawrence’s face was extremely ugly. He slapped the boulder next to him with a palm, and shouted, “Chasing, chase me.”

After finally encountering a divine beast about to transform into a dragon, he had to grab his hand anyway.


the other side.

Darryl took Krista quickly across the poisonous fog area.

When he reached a place of intricate karst caves, Darryl stopped.

At this moment, Darryl clearly sensed that a dangerous aura came in front of him.


Just when Darryl was about to slow down and go to investigate, suddenly a piece of poisonous mist came in, and the poisonous mist was still shining with hot fire.

Seeing this scene, Krista was shocked, and subconsciously hid behind Darryl.

Darryl couldn’t think too much, his internal force urged him to deploy a protective film in front of him, and at the same time he called out Bailian Lenghuo to absorb the flame.

“Huh? It turned out to be Bailian coldly.”

At this moment, a low voice suddenly came from the side.

Who? >Who is speaking? >!

Both Darryl and Krista were shocked, and hurriedly walked a few steps forward, and in the next second, they were stunned when they saw the scene in front of them.

I saw that under a huge boulder in front, there was a giant python wrapped in blood, with a weak breath, but a pair of eyes still flashed fiercely, the top of the head bulged, and the whole body was filled with a royal aura.

It was the giant flood that was chased by Lawrence before.

I go! >This… is this Jiao? >And can you speak?

Darryl reacted, shocked in his heart.

He knew that when the beast reached a certain level of cultivation, he could speak. Before that, his Qiongqi, as long as he reached a certain level, he could communicate with himself, but it was a pity that he was killed by Lu Lingshan.

As for the giant floodgate in front of him, it was obvious that his strength had reached the ability to speak.

It’s just… this giant dragon looks a bit familiar.

Thinking about it, Darryl took a deep breath, looked at the giant water dragon, pondered, and said: “Have we seen it before?”

“Have you seen?”

The giant dragon seemed to be stunned, and then he looked at Darryl up and down, his eyes flickering constantly, as if thinking of something: “I remember, you are the hapless guy who fell off the cliff three years ago.”


Hearing this name, Darryl frowned, very unhappy, but did not show it.

In the next second, Darryl reacted and asked, “I ask you, where is the Dragon Ball?”

Three years ago, Mateo was attacked by this giant python and fell to his death from a cliff. Darryl accidentally fell down at that time. In the following three years, Darryl kept pursuing the whereabouts of this giant python, but found nothing.

However, I never expected that when I met again three years later, the giant python had already turned into a dragon, and recently caused a shaking of the heavens and the earth, and immediately became a dragon.

“Dragon Ball?”

Hearing this, the giant dragon’s blood basin opened his mouth, and suddenly laughed: “Boy, it’s been three years, do you think I might give you the Dragon Ball?”

As he said, there was a hint of complexity in the giant Jiao’s eyes, and he continued: “We are also predestined, I will tell you the truth. After I swallowed the Dragon Ball back then, I said that my inner alchemy was incorporated. With the help of the power of the Dragon Ball, I I became a dragon, and today, I will turn a dragon into a dragon. In other words, the dragon ball is my inner alchemy, and if I give you the inner alchemy, I will die.”


Darryl was stunned, and soon understood.

It turned out to be the good fortune of Dragon Ball, no wonder this giant python cultivates so quickly.


While Darryl was thinking secretly, the giant Jiao’s tone eased: “Originally, I was going to be a dragon, but a wicked person, with tens of thousands of men, hurt me hard, as long as you are willing to heal me and help me through If the robbery is successful, I promised to be your spirit beast, how?”

To be honest, acknowledging Darryl as the master, Ju Jiao felt 10,000 reluctance in his heart. He was about to be transformed into a dragon’s existence. From now on, he would soar into the clouds and rise above the nine heavens, without any existence that could overcome it.

But if you don’t recognize the Lord, your injury will be difficult to heal in a short time. When the time comes, you will be overtaken by Lawrence’s group, I am afraid that your life will not be saved.


Hearing this, Darryl was shocked.

Taking a dragon as a spirit beast will not be invincible in the future? >This is a dream that many cultivators can meet.

It’s just that this giant flood is too traumatized, and the success rate of treatment is too small. Even if Darryl knows medical skills, he can still use Promise Pill, but the giant flood in front of him is too special and he will transform into a dragon soon. Speaking of Darryl, even Shennong had come, and he couldn’t pay attention.

After all, no one has encountered this situation for thousands of years.

“Help it, son, you see how pitiful it is.” At this moment, Krista next to him couldn’t help it, and asked, there is no one else here, Krista also used the previous name.

Darryl smiled bitterly: “I don’t have a clue at all to rescue a dragon about to become a dragon.”


As he was talking, he heard a sound of footsteps around him, and immediately afterwards, he saw thousands of cultivators crowding around. The headed man was full of gloomy faces, and it was Lawrence.

Just now, Lawrence led his subordinates, following the clues all the way, and finally found the hiding place of the giant water dragon.


Seeing Darryl, Lawrence’s eyes flashed with cold light: “It’s really a narrow road to the enemy.” I thought, using the Ouyang family to draw Darryl out, but he did not expect to encounter it here.


Darryl’s expression changed, and he was frightened and angry.

“I’ll deal with Darryl, you will catch this giant flood for me alive.” A cold voice came from Lawrence’s mouth, and immediately afterwards, the internal force exploded and rushed straight towards Darryl.

In Lawrence’s heart, killing Darryl and catching Giant Floodwaters alive are equally important, and neither can be delayed.


At the same time, nearly 10,000 subordinates swarmed towards the giant flood.

Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned secretly, but still kept calm, shouting at Krista: “Krista, you help the giant floodgate to block this group of people. When I deal with Lawrence, I will help you.”

When the voice fell, Darryl’s internal force urged him to meet the opening angle.

Darryl was not afraid that Krista was in danger. Although this giant flood was injured, his strength was still terrifying. With it, Krista would not be in danger for the time being.

Krista nodded and stood beside the giant Jiao.

Looking at the people who rushed up, the giant dragon was extremely furious: “You hateful human beings, you deserve to die.” It originally planned to recognize Darryl as the master and save its life, but it did not expect to be found by Lawrence so quickly. Lawrence’s aggressiveness finally couldn’t help it.

Chapter 1295


A roar came out, and the air around the giant Jiao suddenly condensed! >A powerful breath burst out of its huge body madly.

“I’ll help you.”

At this moment, Krista Jiao yelled, holding a long sword, and unable to bear his fighting will, stood beside the giant flood, helping him fight the enemies together.

On the other side, Darryl also fought fiercely with Lawrence.

At the beginning, Darryl had full self-confidence, but gradually his heart was extremely shocked, because he felt that Lawrence’s strength was much stronger than three years ago.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that since Lawrence created Huangtian Trading, he had to absorb a lot of the best inner pill every once in a while, and at the same time, he also took a lot of elixir. You must know that Lawrence is making a pill Technique has also reached the realm of peaking, as long as there are materials, it is not a problem to refine the best spirit pills.

In a blink of an eye, half an hour passed. >Darryl still couldn’t suppress the opening angle.

At the same time, the situation on the side of Giant Jiao and Krista was also dangerous.

To be honest, if the giant floodwater hadn’t been severely injured by Lawrence before, she wouldn’t be afraid of the people in front of her at all, but under the injury, faced with the siege of so many people, the giant floodwater gradually couldn’t support it.

Chi Chi Chi Chi…

After the fierce battle for half an hour, the giant flood’s power quickly lost. Several elite disciples, looking for the right opportunity, pierced the giant flood’s body with a long sword. Within a short time, blood sprayed and the giant flooded wailed.

“Even if I die today, I will not surrender to you.”

Under the roar, determination flashed in the giant floodgate’s eyes, and then opened her mouth to spit out a radiant orb, which was the dragon ball that the giant floodgate swallowed three years ago.

“Little girl, thank you for helping me when I am dying. This dragon ball is given to you.” The giant dragon said angrily. Nagao curled up Krista, opened her mouth, and then stuffed the dragon ball. Go in.


Krista hadn’t reacted yet, that Dragon Ball had already slipped into her mouth!


Seeing this scene, everyone in the Wutian organization changed their faces and was indescribably upset!

Especially the few hall masters closest to him were unspeakably annoyed. For this giant flood, the Heavenless Organization damaged too many disciples, and they could catch it at first sight, but unexpectedly, this giant flooded the inner alchemy. I gave it to this woman.


Looking at their expressions, the giant dragon laughed up to the sky, unspeakably relieved: “You despicable humans, want to force me to surrender and tell you that your wishful thinking is wrong, hahaha…”

When the voice fell, the giant Jiao made his last effort and rushed to the crowd again. >Just how far he rushed, the huge body collapsed to the ground suddenly, and died out of breath.

Without the inner alchemy, the giant water dragon completely lost its vitality, and there was no possibility of survival at all.


Seeing this scene, Lawrence screamed inwardly, his face extremely ugly.

Seeing that he could surrender a divine beast that was about to become a dragon, he did not expect that in the end, this giant dragon would rather die than succumb.

Darryl also frowned, with a bad premonition, the so-called’everyone is not guilty and guilty’, Krista is not strong enough and has no threat to this group of people, so he is not taken seriously, but now, after swallowing the Dragon Ball It’s dangerous.

Just when Darryl felt bad, everyone around him reacted and besieged Krista.


However, before rushing to the front, Krista’s delicate body trembled, her delicate face was extremely red and painful, and immediately afterwards, her skin turned red and blue, indescribably weird.

Obviously, the power of Dragon Ball began to spread in Krista’s body.

At this time, Krista only felt as if she had entered hell, feeling uncomfortable all over her body. At the same time, a violent force rushed in the meridians wantonly.

Darryl frowned, and the secret path was not good. He wanted to rush over, but was stopped by Lawrence.


Seeing this scene, everyone around the Wutian organization was shocked, but they were all secretly excited.

“This… a powerful force…”

“Such a powerful, it seems that it is the inner alchemy of the giant scorpion, which broke out in her body, but her strength is too weak to be completely integrated and absorbed at all.”

“This is a good opportunity. Let’s go together and take her down.”

Krista bit her lip and looked at so many people. She rushed over to grab herself. She was in a panic. At this time, Krista wanted to fuse the dragon ball. However, the dragon ball contained the mighty power of the beast, according to her. Power can’t be integrated in a short time.

In a blink of an eye, Krista couldn’t hold it anymore, her body trembling constantly, her red lips slightly opened, and weakly shouted at Darryl: “My son, I’m so uncomfortable…”


Seeing this scene, Darryl was very anxious, and shouted at Krista: “Krista is not afraid, you will be fine with me.”

“Darryl, go to death.”

Taking advantage of Darryl’s attention, being attracted by Krista, Lawrence sneered, without hesitation, the internal force surged, and a palm hit Darryl.

With this palm, the open angle urged the internal force of the nine layers, and the air suddenly twisted wherever it passed.

“Be careful… my son!”

Seeing this scene, Krista’s pretty face changed and she exclaimed. At the same time she shouted, Krista wanted to rush forward, but her situation at this time was more severe than Darryl’s, and it was too late!


The palm strength caused a storm of energy, which instantly arrived in front of Darryl!

At this time, Darryl was still worried about Krista, too late to react, let alone time to dodge.


In the blink of an eye, Lawrence patted Darryl with a palm! >Darryl trembled, vomiting a mouthful of blood, and flew out directly.

In mid-air, Darryl’s blood spurted wildly, and he felt that his internal organs were all shattered. He flew more than 100 meters and smashed a few huge rocks before falling heavily on the ground.


At this moment, Darryl’s face was pale, his eyes fixed on Lawrence, unspeakable resentment and annoyance in his heart.

To be honest, I really have to face it hard, Darryl is not afraid of Lawrence at all, but it is a pity that he was disturbed by Krista’s situation, and Lawrence had the opportunity to take advantage of it.


Seeing this scene, more than 10,000 unorganized people around cheered.

Haha…. As expected of the lord, he actually defeated Darryl, who was famous for Jiuzhou. It was too strong.

Listening to the cheering around, Lawrence showed a smile, and then waved his hand: “Take them both, and take them back to the main altar together.”

When saying this, Lawrence looked at Darryl with a look of grief and indignation, and his heart was extremely excited. >What if you are a hero of Kyushu, didn’t it fall into my hands in the end?

“Yes, Lord!”

When the voice fell, everyone responded one after another, and then rushed over quickly, binding Darryl and Krista together.


Darryl cursed secretly, staring closely at Krista, worried, he saw that Krista’s face flushed, as if he was on fire, so pitiful and pitiful.

A few hours later, Darryl and Krista were taken to the General Altar of the Wutian Organization, Taiyin Mountain.

In the hall.

Lawrence ordered people to tie Darryl to the pillar, and then began to investigate Krista’s situation.

At this time, Krista, because he couldn’t stand the powerful force in his body, was extremely weak, and could faint at any time.


At this moment, Lawrence ordered his disciples: “Hurry up and take out the treasure chest.” As long as you can take out the dragon ball from Krista, you can open the treasure chest, and then you can get the treasure left by Emperor Xuanyuan.

When the voice fell, several disciples walked out quickly, and after a while, they came back with the stone box.

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