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Chapter 1296


Seeing this scene, Darryl was furious.

When did Lawrence get the stone box? Three years ago, wasn’t this stone box in Kyushu Daying and was taken care of by everyone?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that after the war, the stone chest had been under the care of the Ouyang family, and just a few days ago, Lawrence tricked it by using despicable means.

The stone box was lifted up, Lawrence was very excited, and started to use his internal force, trying to extract the dragon ball from Krista.

However, after a few minutes passed, Lawrence was frightened and found that although Krista was delicate, she had already absorbed a lot of Dragon Ball power in her dantian. >If you have to Dragon Ball, you can only throw her into the alchemy furnace.

“Wasting this seat time.”

At this moment, Lawrence was very annoyed, and he said coldly, then violently raised his hand and slapped Krista with a palm.


Krista was so weak that he could stand it there, and suddenly a mouthful of blood spurted out, and he saw that the blood was blackened. It was obvious that this palm contained the poison of Yin and evil.

Two seconds later, I saw Krista’s skin all over, also turning black.

“Krista!” Darryl yelled hoarsely, and his heart was broken in an instant. Krista was so gentle and kind, but suffered such painful torture…


Seeing Darryl’s grief, Lawrence was full of complacency: “Darryl, heartache, right? When you forced me to take Tongtian Pill, did you think about today?”

“Let me tell you, this palm of mine is called the’Nine Nether Poison Palm’. The body in the middle will be corroded by poisonous poison and will die very miserably.

Having said this, Lawrence coldly said: “Tie her to the stone box, and throw it into the river in the back mountain.”

Of course Lawrence didn’t want to throw away the stone box and Krista. To the north of Taiyin Mountain, there was a shady river. The water temperature was extremely cold. Krista was hit by a poisonous palm and was about to die soon. He immersed her in the cold river water. Alchemy after it is convenient.

As for that palm, it was entirely to make Darryl feel heartbroken!

When the voice fell, Krista, who was unconscious, and the stone box were carried out.


At this moment, Darryl let out a howl, tears instantly blurred his vision!

Heartache, sorrow, and endless anger are coming! >Darryl at this moment collapsed directly!

Ten years ago, Darryl met Krista who was wandering around in Dongao Continent. Krista was still a teenage girl, sensible, considerate, and distressed. In Darryl’s heart, it was like her Like my sister, I thought that when the situation stabilized, I would take Krista to enjoy life.

Unexpectedly, before that day arrived, Krista would be attacked by Lawrence.


Darryl’s eyes were red, and his horns were locked tightly.

Seeing Darryl’s heartache, Lawrence sneered, “Darryl, isn’t it heartache? Tell you, one day ago, everyone in the Ouyang family was arrested by me, and they are now in the back mountain. In the cell.”

“Haha, are you more angry? But no wonder I, who made you a stumbling block to my dominance of Kyushu? Don’t worry, after killing you, relatives and friends of the Ouyang family, I will send to Huangquan to reunite with you. .”

“I can’t do you! I have a special code for your life!” Darryl roared frantically, a violent force burst out in his body, and all the ropes and chains on his body broke.

Yes, in extreme anger, Darryl forcibly rushed through the acupuncture points.

“I want you to die!”

The roar came out, Darryl raised his hands and the surrounding air quickly twisted, and then he slapped Lawrence with a palm.

“All thoughts are ashamed!”

All thoughts are ashamed. It is exactly what Darryl had understood at the bottom of the volcanic magma. This trick is usually difficult to use. Only when it reaches the point of extreme grief can it erupt.


Seeing this scene, many of the disciples of the chaos in the room couldn’t help but breathe in air.

Lawrence sneered.

“A bit capable, in this case, I can rush through the acupuncture points. I am worthy of being a famous figure in the mainland of Kyushu.” Lawrence said coldly, his eyes flashing coldly: “However, you want to kill me, it’s not that easy.”

When the voice fell, Lawrence suddenly raised his hand and waved, and a golden glow burst out, tearing the world and fighting up!

At this moment, Lawrence was holding a golden giant axe tightly in his hand, and the light circulated like a scorching sun, it was the sky-opening axe.


Seeing the Open Sky Axe, Darryl’s heart was shocked, and he was immediately stunned.

It turns out that he has a sky axe, no wonder he is so confident. >This corner city mansion is too deep. It has always possessed a sky-opening axe, but it doesn’t show it. It was not used until the last critical moment. It was really vicious.


Perceiving Darryl’s expression, Lawrence laughed up to the sky: “It’s very surprising, tell you, I got the sky-opening axe a year ago, but it’s been hidden by me all the time.”

“Darryl, I have been hiding the Sky Open Axe all the time, just wait for this day and use it to take your life.”

A year ago, a cultivating family in the Southern Cloud Continent explored the wild and treacherous territory, and inadvertently obtained the Sky-Opening Axe. After being known by Lawrence, he secretly sent someone to destroy that family’s full family, and then seized the Sky-Opening Axe.

For more than a year, Lawrence has been hiding the Open Sky Axe, just to deal with Darryl. >Speaking of it, when he was in Death Valley before, Lawrence wanted to summon the sky-opening axe, but at that time Krista had an accident and attracted Darryl’s attention. Lawrence caught Yue before he could use the sky-opening axe. wind.

But at this moment, feeling the endless anger of Darryl, Lawrence couldn’t think about it, and directly summoned it out.

boom! >boom! >boom….

The golden light emitted by Lawrence collided with Darryl’s palm, and a violent aura vibrated. In a short time, the entire hall was violently shattered, and the dust was filled with smoke.

In the dust and smoke, Lawrence staggered back dozens of steps, his face was pale, and a trace of blood oozes from the corners of his mouth.

Yes, Darryl’s all thoughts were disgraced, and his might was terrifying. Even if Lawrence blocked most of his power with the Sky Open Axe, he was still traumatized.

At the same time, outside the ruins of the main hall, Darryl looked miserable, covered in blood, and was rushing down the mountain quickly.

At that moment, Darryl wanted to die with Lawrence, but thinking of Krista, Darryl still had a glimmer of hope in his heart. >If Krista didn’t die and both herself and Lawrence’s jade were burned, wouldn’t it be too bad?

Darryl thought it over, and escaped here for the first time, and then figured out a way to enter the river water of Houshan, looking for Krista.


Seeing this scene, everyone around was stunned. A few seconds later, dozens of disciples quickly gathered around and supported Lawrence.

“Lord, Darryl ran away.”

Lawrence’s face was extremely ugly, but he still showed a treacherous smile: “Don’t worry, he can’t run far, this person is the most important, and he will definitely come back to save that woman.”

As he said, Lawrence coldly ordered: “Strengthen your guard immediately. If you have any situation, report it as soon as possible.” The voice fell, and Lawrence turned and entered the back room for practice. The palm of Darryl just now severely injured him, and he must recover as soon as possible. Just work.

“Yes, Lord!” Everyone in the hall responded in unison.

the other side!

Krista and Shi Xiang were tied together and soaked in the icy river water.

Chapter 1297

As time passed, Krista only felt that she had had countless nightmares. When she finally woke up, she felt a burning pain on her skin and face.

Is he dead?

Opening her eyes, Krista was panicked and sad again when she saw that she was in the icy river. Then, seeing her reflection on the surface of the water, Krista was even more shocked.

I saw that I was originally a delicate and beautiful face, dark as ink, becoming ugly.

For a time, Krista was completely desperate.

Anyway, he couldn’t live for long, so instead of keeping his horns for alchemy, he might as well just die.

Thinking of this, Krista would commit suicide by hitting her head against a stone box.


However, at this moment, before Krista ran into it, she sensed an invisible force and enveloped herself. Then, a beautiful figure appeared in front of her eyes.

A long lavender dress, beautiful features, graceful figure, almost out of the painting, the whole body is filled with a blasphemous temperament.

It was Diao Chan who hadn’t seen for a long time. >

“Diao Chan…” Krista bit her lips tightly, looking at Diao Chan almost stupidly: “Diao Chan? Why do you want to save me?”

Diao Chan had lived in the Ouyang family for a while, and Krista certainly knew him.

“Are you Miss Krista?” Diao Chan was surprised.

Krista was almost disfigured at this time, but Diao Chan still recognized her voice when she heard her voice.

Seeing Krista nodding, Diao Chan couldn’t help asking: “Krista, what happened?”

Ten years ago, the opening of the Lv Bu tomb caused a shock in Kyushu. Later, countless sects poured into the tomb in an attempt to obtain Lv Bu’s treasure. At that time, Diao Chan was resurrected by chance, and later went to the Ouyang family.

Later, the situation in the Kyushu mainland changed and wars broke out. Diao Chan left the Ouyang family to find a place to stay. Over the years, she has been living a wandering life. Today, passing by near Taiyin Mountain, she found that someone was thrown into the river and there were guards around him. I was curious to come over and take a look, but I didn’t expect it was Krista.

Krista’s eyes blushed, and she couldn’t help sobbing: “I…I won’t live long, and I have become so ugly…” She said, tears flowed down, looking heartache .

Hearing this, Diao Chan looked up and down Krista: “Have you swallowed the powerful inner alchemy and hit someone else’s poison again?”

Diao Chan used to be Lv Bu’s woman. She was very knowledgeable and could see Krista’s situation at a glance.

Krista nodded, feeling sad, and told what had happened.

At the end of the talk, Krista’s eyes were filled with reluctance and entanglement: “I don’t want to die like this, I don’t want to leave the son, but I can’t live anymore. Even if I can leave a life, I can’t meet the son in this way. .”


Hearing this, Diao Chan breathed a sigh of relief, this girl, worthy of Darryl’s confidante, her delicate and kind-hearted appearance at this time made people feel distressed.

Muttering in her heart, Diao Chan looked at Krista seriously: “Are you really reluctant to bear Darryl?”

Krista nodded earnestly, her eyes filled with determination: “If I can, I want to protect him for the rest of my life, even if I sacrifice my life for him.”

Diao Chan was deeply touched, and she was so affectionate and righteous.

Thinking about it, Diao Chan said earnestly: “Your current situation is bound to die, but I have a way to let you protect Darryl for the rest of your life, but you have to sacrifice a lot.”

As he said, Diao Chan raised his jade hand and pointed to the stone box: “In this stone box, there is a dragon egg left by Emperor Xuanyuan, and it is also the offspring of his dragon spirit beast back then. You are very poisonous and you will live soon. , But I have a way to integrate your soul and dragon ball into the dragon egg together, but the price is to give up the physical body.”

“In other words, you have to replace the Dragon Fright in the dragon egg and make yourself a dragon… When you break out of the shell, you can choose to become Darryl’s dragon spirit beast, so that you can always be with you. It’s him.”

“But you have to think about it. After doing this, you won’t be able to communicate with Darryl before you have the peak power. In other words, Darryl will not know who you are.”

After speaking the last sentence, Diao Chan looked at Krista quietly, with pity in her eyes.

It’s true that Lv Bu was in the world and got an ancient book. It was written about the dragon egg left by Emperor Xuanyuan Huangdi. Diao Chan was also present at the time, so he knew about it.

As for the matter of integrating Krista’s soul into the dragon egg, Diao Chan was not talking nonsense, but had helped others to do so.


At this moment, Krista bit her lip and started to think.

A few seconds later, Krista made up her mind and nodded and said: “Okay, I am willing.”

In these four words, Krista was extremely determined. Although she became a dragon and couldn’t communicate with Darryl for a long time, she could stay with him all the time. That was enough.

Seeing her promise, Diao Chan nodded, raised her jade hand, and with a light wave, she took Krista into the air, avoiding the eyes and ears of the disciples of the Heavenless Organization, and flew away quickly, before disappearing into the night in a blink of an eye.


At this moment, the general altar of Wutian organization.

In the back mountain cell, Peter and Raquel all sat there one by one, their heads downcast and depressed.


At this moment, the prison door was pushed open, and then a few disciples guarding the door fell to the ground before they could react, and then a figure walked in quickly.

An elegant temperament, strong aura, it is ugly and ugly.

“Brother Wen?”

“Master of Wendian.”

Seeing Lorenzo, Raquel and others were surprised and delighted.

When he arrived, Lorenzo made a silent gesture: “Everyone, keep your voice down, don’t disturb the people outside, I will take you out of here as soon as possible.”

One day ago, Lorenzo returned to the Ouyang family and found that Tracy was the only one. Then he learned that everyone was caught by Lawrence. Lorenzo was very angry. Then he followed the clues and found here.

Hearing this, everyone endured the excitement and made no sound.

Soon, Lorenzo opened the cell, unfastened the chains of everyone’s hands and feet, and then quietly left the cell.

When going down the mountain, Lorenzo and everyone were extremely nervous, but in the end they avoided the patrol disciples of the Wutian organization.

A few minutes later, Lorenzo led everyone to the fork at the foot of the mountain, seeing that he was about to escape completely.


As a result, at this moment, a flame was lit up!


Lorenzo looked up, and his whole mind went blank when he saw it! >At the same time, the people behind Raquel and Peter were also shocked.

I saw that at the fork in front, countless torches were suddenly lit up, and there were at least nearly a thousand people holding torches, all of whom were elite disciples of the lawless organization. The headed one had a gloomy face and a sneer on his mouth. It is the opening angle.

“It turns out to be the Master of Wendian!”

Finally, Lawrence showed a slight smile, with deep teasing and mockery in his smile: “I thought it was someone who was so bold and dared to get involved in the general altar to save others, but did you not expect it?”

Lorenzo’s eyes flickered, but he did not respond.

Lawrence smiled slightly and continued: “I had expected that someone would come to the cell to save someone tonight, so I set up an ambush. I didn’t expect that someone would fall into the trap so soon.”

Yes, Lawrence set up an ambush to catch Darryl, but he didn’t expect that it would be Lorenzo if he went to the cell to save people.

However, Lawrence was not disappointed, but was still very excited. You must know that Lorenzo is Darryl’s eldest brother, and if he catches him, Darryl will collapse even more.

Chapter 1298


This actor deserves to be a man who has been famous for thousands of years, strategizing, and foresight, no wonder he was appreciated by Yang Jian and became a military commander in the Northern Ying Continent.

This city mansion, this meticulous thought, is simply terrible!

Thinking about it, Lorenzo looked at Lawrence and said lightly: “Your resourcefulness, I admire Wen.”

When saying this, Lorenzo looked calm, but he was a little worried.

What should I do now? >I thought it would be easy to save the Great Sage and them, but I didn’t expect that they would be alone in an ambush, and the Great Sage was weak in their internal strength and had no ability to fight at all.

“Haha!” Lawrence sneered, no nonsense.


At this time, the surrounding elites of the Wutian organization had already rushed up, like a copper wall and an iron wall, enclosing the Lorenzo people in it.


Seeing this scene, Peter’s eyes were blood red, and he shouted: “Brother Wen, let’s fight with them.”
Anyway, I can’t run it today. It’s better to go all out and kill one more.

When the voice fell, Peter was about to rush up, but was stopped by Lorenzo.

“Peter, don’t be impulsive.” Lorenzo looked solemn and shook his head at Peter. After so many years, Peter’s hot temper has not changed at all, which is really worrying.

In the present situation, resistance is death.

Thinking about it, Lorenzo took a step forward and said to Lawrence: “Your Excellency Lawrence, what will you do before you are willing to let us go?” Lorenzo acted cautiously and never did nothing in vain.

Moreover, Lorenzo could guess that Lawrence would not kill everyone at this moment.

Hearing this, Lawrence showed a smile and looked up and down Lorenzo: “It is said that the Lorenzo of the Palace of Longevity has the elegant style of celebrities. Now it seems that he is truly well-known, and he can be so calm in the face of such a desperate situation. Not bad.”

As he said, Lawrence’s face became serious: “It’s absolutely impossible to let you go, but if you go around them, I might consider it, but you have to promise me one condition.”

Lorenzo was taken aback, frowned and said: “What conditions?”

“It works for me.”

A confident smile appeared at the corner of Lawrence’s mouth, and he said, “From now on, I will work for me wholeheartedly.”


Hearing this, Peter and everyone were in an uproar, both frightened.

This horn is so disgusting that he wants Lorenzo to be his subordinate. >With a loud and upright voice, how could Brother Wen yield to others like this? >Moreover, Lawrence is still a wicked person.

“I want the Master Wen to yield to you, dream…”

“Brother Wen, don’t talk nonsense with him, let’s fight it.”

“Yes… I would rather die than surrender!”

Everyone yelled, you yell, and I heard one sentence, but Lorenzo stood there, meditating.


Finally, Lorenzo reacted and looked at Lawrence closely: “Okay, I promise you.”

Having said that, surrendering to Lawrence, Lorenzo felt very reluctant, but there was no way. For everyone’s safety, he could only be softened at the moment.

Lorenzo thought that as long as Lawrence’s trust was obtained, he could not only save Peter and others’ lives temporarily, but also find a chance to let them leave safely.

As soon as this remark came out, Peter and others were all stupid.

“Brother Wen, you are crazy.” Peter looked at Lorenzo with a look of astonishment: “This person is despicable and shameless, why do you agree to him?” In Peter’s heart, Brother Wen has always been a person he respects, but he did not expect, Today, Lorenzo actually softened to Lawrence.

When the voice fell, everyone else also spoke.

“Palace Master Wen, we would rather die than accept.”

“Yes, it is a shame to bow to such a person.”

Lorenzo took a deep breath, smiled bitterly at the crowd, and finally looked at Peter and said: “Peter, people are under the eaves and have to bow their heads. If I don’t give in, we will all have to die. Moreover, Mr. Zhang He is a man of great talent and roughness. I have always admired him. Working for him is not a shame.”

Lorenzo understands Peter’s personality. If he tells him that he is pretending to surrender, it is difficult for Peter to hide it for himself, and he can’t say it in front of Lawrence.

Hearing this, Peter’s people were in grief and indignation.


At this moment, Raquel looked at Lorenzo with complicated eyes, and shouted: “Yue Darryl treats you as the eldest brother. Unexpectedly, you are a greedy person and fear of death.”

As he said, Raquel was very angry: “From today, we have nothing to do with you, and I won’t call you big brother again.”

He said that, but Raquel’s eyes were full of complexity.

Yes, Raquel and Bingxue are intelligent. At a glance, he can tell that Lorenzo is falsely surrendering to Lawrence. He deliberately said this in order to help Lorenzo and gain Lawrence’s trust.

Sure enough, Raquel was still smart.

Hearing this, Lawrence secretly nodded to Raquel, unspeakably pleased.


Seeing this scene, Lawrence was very proud, and said to Lorenzo, “Are you really willing to be loyal to me?”

Lorenzo stepped forward and said loudly: “Mr. Zhang is a world wizard. It is my honor for Lorenzo to work for Mr. Zhang. From today onwards, I will follow the left and right, and I will never die.”

“It’s a good one who will die.”

Lawrence showed a slight smile, pointed at a disciple of the Ouyang family next to him, and said slowly: “Being my subordinate is not that simple. If you kill him, I will trust your sincerity.”

Lawrence was so witty that he guessed right away that Lorenzo might be surrendering, so he tried this method on purpose.


Hearing this, Lorenzo’s heart was shocked, and he was stunned.

This horn is too cruel, so cruel testing methods can be imagined, this person is a disciple of the Ouyang family, Darryl’s family, how could he kill him?

At the same time, Peter and the others also changed their faces, and their eyes suddenly focused on Lorenzo.

He won’t really do it, will he?

The disciple of the Ouyang family was sweating coldly and panicked.

Lorenzo looked at him with no expression on his face and no mood swings at all, but he was struggling.

Can you kill it? >If he didn’t kill, Lawrence would see through his own plan.

But if you really want to do it, your hands will be stained with the blood of Darryl’s family, and you will not be able to wash it out for the rest of your life.


Seeing Lorenzo’s delay in doing so, Lawrence chuckled, “Since I have promised to serve me, do I have to think about it for so long? Is it possible…you are surrendering?”


Lorenzo opened his mouth, then gritted his teeth and said: “Mr. Zhang, don’t get me wrong, kill a young man from the Ouyang family. Wherever my sincerity appears, I broke my arm to show my sincerity.”

As the voice fell, Lorenzo drew out the long sword and swung it down like lightning, directly cutting off his left arm, and blood spurted out immediately.


Lorenzo took a breath, his face instantly pale.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Lawrence or Peter and others, they were all stupid.

He…he broke his arm?

Chapter 1299

Especially Raquel, heartache, couldn’t help but want to step forward to check Lorenzo’s injuries.

In order not to kill his own person, Brother Wen unexpectedly…

But then I thought about it, if I showed worry, everything that Brother Wen had done would be wasted.

Thinking of this, Raquel held back.

“Mr. Zhang!”

At this time, Lorenzo simply bandaged the wound and looked at Lawrence: “I have shown my sincerity, does Mr. Zhang still doubt it?” When saying this, Lorenzo didn’t even look at the broken arm on the ground.

Compared with everyone’s lives, what a broken arm is.


Lawrence took a deep breath and looked at Lorenzo quietly. After more than ten seconds, he nodded and said: “Okay, Palace Master Wen is worthy of being an indomitable man. If I doubt any more, I will neglect virtuous talents.”

With that, Lawrence directed at the left and right: “Quickly, prepare medicine for the Palace Master Wen, and all the others, take them back to the cell.”

“Mr. Zhang!” Lorenzo was stunned, and hurriedly said: “You didn’t agree…”

Before he could finish speaking, Lawrence interrupted with a smile: “I only promised you and won’t take their lives for the time being, but I didn’t promise to let them go.”


Hearing this, Lorenzo was very suffocated. This Lawrence was too cunning.

Peter and others were so weak that they could not resist at all. They were quickly tied up by the five flowers and then sent back to the cell.

Lorenzo went to the hall of the main altar at Lawrence’s invitation.

“Mr. Zhang!”

Just sitting down in the lobby, Lorenzo couldn’t help asking: “I don’t know, how are you going to deal with the Ouyang family?”

Lawrence didn’t answer immediately, but looked at him with a smile instead of a smile: “Lorenzo, you are already working under me, but you still care about those prisoners?”

“Mr. Zhang misunderstood!” Lorenzo quickly shook his head and explained: “Peter and the gang are all heroes of a generation. It is a pity to kill.”

Hearing this, Lawrence nodded silently, and then thought for a while: “Darryl fought with me before and was seriously injured and escaped. I will use the Ouyang family to bring him back.”


Lawrence’s heart was shaken, the wind came before?

At this time, Lorenzo did not know that Darryl had returned from the wild and treacherous realm and had already fought Lawrence several times.

Thinking of this, Lorenzo subconsciously said: “If this is the case, why don’t Mr. Zhang surrender to Peter’s group? Once they all take refuge in you, Darryl will know the news, and he will not be able to fight against Mr. Zhang again.”

Lorenzo has a keen mind, and can guess that Lawrence is dealing with Darryl in order to dominate Kyushu.

Ha ha!

Hearing Lorenzo’s suggestion, Lawrence sneered and shook his head: “If other people are as perceptive as you and can understand the situation, I won’t be so troublesome. Peter’s people are more stubborn than the others. Ning Even death will not surrender to me. Therefore, this group of people will be killed in the end.”

Hearing this, Lorenzo’s heart was shocked, and he quickly said: “Mr. Zhang, if you believe me, I will help you persuade them.”

As he said, Lorenzo smiled and continued: “How to say, I am also Peter’s eldest brother, he might listen to me.”

Yes, Lorenzo said that, just looking for a chance to meet Peter and the others in the cell, not really wanting to persuade him to surrender.

“it is good!”

Lawrence’s eyes flashed, and he laughed and said, “Palace Master Wen has such a mind. I didn’t see the wrong person. I’ll leave this to you.”

“Thank you Mr. Zhang for your trust.”


the other side!

In a forest a hundred miles away from Taiyin Mountain, Darryl stumbled forward. >Fastest update

Finding that there were no chasing soldiers behind, Darryl took a deep breath and was about to sit cross-legged on the spot to recover. However, Lawrence used the sky-opening axe to hurt his heart. He fled all the way just now, and finally couldn’t hold it. Ground.

“Krista, Krista…” The moment he fell to the ground, Darryl kept muttering to himself.

Recalling the scene just now, Krista’s miserable experience made Darryl feel like a knife.

At this moment, a convoy came slowly.

“Someone ahead?”

“Go and see…”

Seeing Darryl, the convoy stopped, and a few people walked over quickly. The leader was a girl of eighteen to nineteen, wearing a dress, beautiful features, charming figure, as eye-catching as a butterfly.

The girl’s name is Willie Yu, the eldest lady of the Yu family in the Xuanye Continent. The Yu family was originally a business family. In recent years, with the popularity of cultivators, the entire family has also begun to practice. In the last two years, Become a well-known cultivating family in Xuanye Mainland.

The people in black who followed Willie are her personal bodyguards.

When he arrived, Willie was startled when he saw the unconscious Darryl, and saw that this man was wounded all over, dying, leaving his last breath, still murmuring something.

Seeing this scene, Willie squatted down and yelled softly: “Hey, are you okay?”

At this time, Darryl was completely unconscious, and when he heard the call, he glanced at Willie in a daze.


In the next second, it did not mean Willie reacted, and Darryl hugged her, exulting and crying out with heartache: “Krista, you’re all right, great, you’re all right… “

Yes, Darryl was injured too badly, and he mistakenly regarded Willie as Krista, and couldn’t help himself.

The bodyguards next to him were also taken aback, and at the same time very annoyed.

This kid is looking for death, dare to take advantage of the lady.


Suddenly being hugged by Darryl, Willie was also ashamed and angry, and quickly broke free from Darryl’s embrace, and said softly, “Throw him to the mountain to feed the wolf.”

It’s really hateful, I kindly came over to ask, but this person took advantage of him and was almost dead.


When the voice fell, a few bodyguards gathered around, and they were about to carry Darryl to the barren mountain.


However, at this moment, a loud shout came, and then a handsome figure rushed over, staring at Darryl closely, unable to conceal his excitement and excitement.

It is Zhu Bajie.

Zhu Bajie had a free and easy temperament. When he met Darryl in the Yellow Sea mainland, the two sides agreed to meet at an inn in a small town. However, Darryl did not come. At that time, Zhu Bajie left Elsa and Xu Qingyi at the inn. I went to look for Darryl, but he didn’t find Darryl. After returning, Elsa and Xu Qingyi also disappeared.

After that, Zhu Bajie looked for several places, but did not find Elsa and Xu Qingyi, thinking that they had left with Darryl.

Immediately afterwards, when a war broke out between the Kyushu Continent and the Raksha tribe, Zhu Bajie wanted to help, but after hearing the news, the two sides reconciled. >Without the war, Zhu Bajie began to travel around.

A year ago, Zhu Bajie arrived in the Xuanye Continent. When he met members of the Yu family and was robbed by mountain bandits, he took action with righteousness. At that time, Willie was also present. Seeing that Zhu Bajie was not only handsome, but also powerful, he admired him very much. , I worshiped Zhu Bajie as a teacher.


At this time, seeing Zhu Bajie walking quickly, Willie was very puzzled: “Do you know this person?”

Zhu Bajie did not respond. Instead, he looked at Darryl tightly, with unspeakable excitement: “Quickly, take him back to the family.” Although Darryl put on makeup and still had scars on his face, Zhu Bajie was originally A master in disguise, he can tell at a glance that this is his brother Darryl. >0

Chapter 1300

after one day.

The Yu Family Manor, Huanglong City, Xuanye Mainland.

In the room, Darryl lay on the bed and had several nightmares in a row.

In the dream, Krista died very miserably, not only Krista, but everyone from the Ouyang family was also killed by Lawrence.


Not knowing that he had had a few nightmares, Darryl woke up suddenly, and the moment he opened his eyes, he found that he was lying in a room, dripping with cold sweat. Not only that, but the injury of the heart vein came with bursts of pain.

Where is this?

Darryl looked around and found that this room was decorated very luxuriously, with a retro layout, all with luxurious mahogany furniture, with an antique flavor everywhere.


Just when Darryl was secretly surprised, suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open, and several people walked in quickly.

It was Zhu Bajie and Willie, as well as Willie’s brother, and several cousins.

Willie’s cousins ​​are more beautiful than the other, and they are elegant and charming, and they are more temperamental than popular stars.


Zhu Bajie walked over first and laughed at Darryl: “Good brother, you finally woke up.”

With that said, Zhu Bajie said to Willie: “Good apprentice, go and order someone to prepare healing medicine. By the way, this is your uncle, you will be called Uncle in the future, you know?”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, D*mn it, when did Zhu Bajie accept his apprentice?

Willie also trembled with her delicate body, her delicate face was full of resistance: “Master, what uncle… this man is a womanizer.”

Thinking of the scene where he was held in Darryl’s arms before, Willie felt a burst of shame in his heart.

At this moment, Willie’s brother and several cousins ​​also looked at Darryl curiously.

“This is my brother, of course he is your uncle!” Zhu Bajie said with a frown, his tone firm and beyond doubt.

Willie bit her lip tightly, and said to Darryl: “Hello, uncle!”

Willie’s face blushed instantly when he shouted the two words Uncle. >Seriously, Willie was very reluctant to call the uncle in front of him, but the teacher did not dare to defy.

Darryl nodded and looked at Willie up and down, his thoughts in a trance.

I thought of this girl as Krista before?

A day ago, Darryl was in a trance, but he also remembered that before he passed out, he seemed to be hugging a girl, and that should be Willie.

But I have to say that Willie’s facial features are eight or nine points similar to Krista’s. Even if he is not in a coma, he will make a mistake if he sees it suddenly.

Thinking of Krista, Darryl felt a pain in his heart again, and at the same time, he was anxious.

“Big Brother Zhu!” Darryl struggled to get up from the bed and said to Zhu Bajie: “Quickly, follow me to save people.”

I’ve been in a coma for so long, and I don’t know what happened to Krista and the Ouyang family.

Before getting out of bed, Zhu Bajie stopped him.

“Brother, you are so injured, how can you save someone?” Zhu Bajie smiled bitterly and exhorted him: “I’d better take a rest here first. I have asked my disciple to prepare healing medicine.”

With that said, Zhu Bajie introduced to Willie: “Good apprentice, don’t look at him so embarrassed, like a beggar, in fact he is…”

Before he finished speaking, Darryl stopped him.

“Brother Zhu, don’t reveal my identity.” Darryl moved in and whispered in Zhu Bajie’s ear.

The voice was very soft, only he and Zhu Bajie could hear it.

Lawrence controlled the Wutian organization, and the Wutian organization’s eyes and ears were scattered all over Kyushu. For the sake of caution, he still prevented Willie from knowing his identity.

Zhu Bajie is a wise man, and he immediately understood what Darryl meant.

In the next second, Zhu Bajie looked around and said to Willie: “In short, he is my brother to be worshipped. You have to be respectful in the future. By the way, from today, you will take good care of this uncle. ?”

“I see, Master.” Willie was reluctant in every way, but it was difficult to refuse, as long as he gritted his teeth and nodded.

Zhu Bajie was very satisfied and waved to let Willie go out first.

“Brother Zhu!”

As soon as the front foot left, Darryl couldn’t help asking: “Where is this place?”

“Xuanye Continent, Yu family.” Zhu Bajie responded with a smile.

What? >Xuanye Mainland?

Darryl was stunned for a moment, and said anxiously: “It’s over, this is over.”

Zhu Bajie was very curious: “What’s wrong? What happened?” Zhu Bajie hadn’t seen Darryl for several years since the last goodbye. At this time, seeing him so embarrassed and very anxious. Suddenly very puzzled.

Darryl smiled bitterly and told what had happened in the past few days.


After listening, Zhu Bajie frowned and couldn’t help cursing: “Mad, is this person so mean?”

“Brother Zhu, the Ouyang family members have been arrested, Krista’s life or death is uncertain, I must go back.” Darryl said anxiously.

Zhu Bajie took a deep breath and comforted: “You are so badly injured. What’s the use of urgency? So, you are here to recover. I will help you find the news. If I have a chance, I must first help Xiaoxi and the Ouyang family. Those people were rescued.”

“Thank you Brother Zhu.” Darryl’s expression was joyful and couldn’t help thanking him.

Zhu Bajie nodded, and said no more, instructed Darryl to continue recuperating, and walked out the door quickly.


At this moment! >On the other side, the general altar of the Wutian organization.

Lorenzo’s face was solemn, and he slowly came to the cell.

At the door, Lorenzo said to the guardian disciple: “I came to persuade the people of the Ouyang family to surrender by the Lord’s order.”

Upon hearing this, the gatekeeper immediately opened the prison door.

Lorenzo took a deep breath and walked in.


Seeing Lorenzo, Peter, who was sitting in the corner of the cell, immediately stood up and was very dissatisfied: “I and Darryl have always respected you, why do you want to take refuge in Lawrence? You answer me…”

When he said this, Peter almost breathed fire in his eyes. He was upright in nature. Until now, he still hadn’t figured out why Lorenzo had to succumb to Lawrence.

When the voice fell, everyone else shouted.

“Yes, you sell humiliation and seek glory, and still have the face to see us?”

“Go away, we don’t want to see you.”

“At the beginning we were really blind. We trusted and respected you so much.”

Everyone yelled, every word from you to me, only Raquel stood there, silently watching Lorenzo.

Lorenzo looked bitter, and said to Peter: “Peter, you have misunderstood me.”


At this time, Raquel couldn’t help but said, “Brother Wen pretended to take refuge in Lawrence. Can you not tell? He did this for our safety. Otherwise, we would all be killed by Lawrence. “

As soon as this word came out, the whole cell was silent.

Everyone looked at Lorenzo, especially his broken arm, all of them suddenly realized and felt guilty.

“Brother Wen!”

Peter was the first to react and cried out: “I misunderstood you, Brother Wen, I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Lorenzo showed a slight smile and said with comfort, “As long as everyone is fine, what is wrong with me? Don’t blame yourself.”

Others also bowed their heads in ashamed, Lorenzo gave so much to everyone, but just now, everyone misunderstood him and scolded him…

“Brother Wen!”

At this moment, Raquel couldn’t help but said, “Do you have any plans?”

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