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Chapter 1361


At this moment, many people looked at Jed closely, shocked.

This Jade was so bold, he even dared to do something at the celebration banquet.

Mona also changed her pretty face, furious, staring at Jed, and yelled: “Jed…you are so bold. Do you know what you are doing?”

“Half a month ago, at the trading house in Profound Stone City, I have given you a chance for what you did, but I didn’t expect that not only did you fail to constrain, but you became more arrogant! Now, how dare you commit the following?”

When talking about this, Mona’s delicate face was full of anger. This Jade, relying on his status in the clan, acted arrogantly and domineeringly. Before, he opened his eyes and closed his eyes, but he never thought of his own. Pampering makes Jade more and more presumptuous! >Today, I actually did something at the celebration banquet.

If this person is not removed, it will become a major disaster in the future!

“Where is the warrior in the hall?”

The more Mona thought about it, the more angry she looked outside the hall: “Get Jade down for me, and go to prison…”

At this time, Mona was full of anger, but she was a little uneasy. The twelve gods were poisoned and unable to protect her, and she couldn’t count on it. And she had just drunk two cups and her internal strength was also affected.

In this case, you can only rely on the warriors outside the hall. >

However, Mona drank and not a single warrior came in. Before the celebration banquet began, Jade transferred all the warriors in the hall to other places.

It can be said that the situation in the hall at this time is already under Jed’s grasp.

“No need to shout, no one will help you today!” Jed sneered.

The voice fell, and a dozen people stood up in the surrounding seats, all of whom had a good relationship with Jed privately, and held important positions in the clan one by one.

The moment they stood up, these people looked at Mona in a complicated way, and spoke out their words of comfort.

“Mona, there is a saying in Kyushu that people who know the current affairs are called junjie…”

“You really are not suitable to be king, give way!”

“Yes, as long as you are willing to give way, we will not embarrass you.”

These people have discussed with Jade privately, taking advantage of this celebration banquet, and forcing Mona to give way.


Seeing this scene, the faces of the rest of the people changed, and they stepped aside, and none of them dared to criticize. >Jed’s power is so powerful that he doesn’t even look at the queen. Who can compete with him!

Moreover, at this time the situation in the hall was firmly controlled by Jed, whoever came out would die.


Seeing this scene, Mona trembled, her beautiful face was extremely ugly, and she glared at Jed tightly: “Jed, you have committed the following crimes and conspired to seize the throne. The ancestors of the Raksha tribe, will not I’ll let you go, and God won’t let you go?” The update is the fastest

“Conspiracy to seize the position?”

Jed’s mouth curled up and looked at Mona with a mischievous smile: “Mona, there is a problem with what you said. For thousands of years, our Raksha tribe has only a man as king, and has never had a queen. After all, there is a woman’s vision. Narrow, supporting you to be a queen at the beginning was just because of the face of the king of the previous generation.”

“I thought it was an advanced decision to entrust the future of the Raksha tribe to you, but unfortunately, a woman is a woman. If the people of Kyushu give you a little favor, you will begin to settle for the status quo.”

“Mona, don’t talk nonsense, now the situation is very clear, quickly give way, otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude.”


Hearing this, Mona was furious and said coldly: “Jed, I should have seen your wolf ambition a long time ago.”

After speaking, Mona looked resolute: “Stop talking nonsense, today is death, and I won’t let you succeed!”

“I don’t know how to praise!”

Hearing this answer, Jed’s face was very gloomy: “If that’s the case, don’t blame me!”


The voice fell, a strong breath broke out from Jed’s body, slapped hard, and hit Mona directly.

Seeing this scene, everyone who retreated to the surroundings was shocked.

This… this Jed is crazy, forcing Her Majesty to give way is not counted, and now he has done it!

Cang Yunyue, who was sitting aside, also trembled and was shocked.

In the next second, Cang Yunyue reacted and said to the two brothers next to him: “Big brother, second brother, what should I do?”

At this time, Zang Yunyue was very anxious and a little complicated. You must know that their three siblings had their parents died when they were young. The three brothers and sisters depended on each other, which was very difficult. Later, Jed adopted them.

It can be said that Jed is the reborn father of the three siblings.

Zang Yunyue has always respected Jed. In her heart, Jed was loyal to the Raksha family, but she never expected that one day this adoptive father would be so rebellious and dare to act against the queen in public.

Faced with the little sister’s panic, the brothers Zang Shuiyue and Zang Huoyue both had their faces indifferent.

“Little girl! Leave it alone.”

Cang Shuiyue tilted her head and glanced at Cang Yunyue, and shook her head secretly to signal her not to be nervous.

Yes, Jade decided to force Mona to give way this time, and the brothers Zang Shuiyue and Zanghuoyue knew in advance. >Moreover, they are also very supportive of Jed.

“Do it with me?”

At this moment, Mona flushed with anger when she saw Jed rushing over directly, but she didn’t panic too much. She trembled and directly confronted her.

Although Mona drank poisonous wine, the exercises she practiced was a marvelous skill that only Raksha kings could practice in the past dynasties, which can temporarily suppress the toxicity.


In the blink of an eye, the two palms touched each other, and they saw Mona and Jed, both of them swayed, and then stabilized. Obviously, no one took advantage of this palm.


Jed looked at Mona closely, his face was extremely gloomy, this Mona, who had drunk her own poisoned wine, could even burst out with such a powerful force, it seems that the miraculous cultivation of this great king of the past is really mysterious. It is the strongest technique of the Raksha tribe.

Thinking about it, Jed’s eyes flashed hot, yes, just now he was so clever, he said so much about Mona, forcing her to give way, besides wanting to be a king, more importantly, he also wants Mona to practice. Wonderful work.


Mona and Jade looked at each other, their beautiful faces were full of determination, and at the same time, they were a little bit astonished.

This Jade, when did his strength become so strong?

Soon, Mona realized what Jade had been hiding his strength. As for his purpose of hiding his strength, he was waiting for this day.

Understanding this made Mona even more angry.


At this moment, Jed looked around and shouted: “If you don’t want to be ruled by this woman all the time, just help me take her down!”


When the voice fell, two people rushed up immediately.

“Jade, let’s help you!”

At the same time, other people who had a good relationship with Jed followed closely. For a time, more than a dozen figures burst out of internal force and quickly surrounded Mona.

“you guys…”

Seeing so many people rushing over, Mona’s delicate body trembled and her face was extremely ugly. She didn’t expect that Jed had swept so many party members in these three years.

Chapter 1362

However, Mona has been the queen of the Raksha tribe for three years and is no longer the impulsive princess before.

Facing the appearance in front of her, Mona quickly calmed down and sneered. There was no expression on the beautiful face: “Okay, very good, it turns out that you have secretly trusted Jed, you dare to rebel with him, it is all sin D*mn it!”


After the words fell, a terrifying breath burst out of Mona’s body. In a moment, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant.

Strong breath, suppressed people panic!


With a crisp sound, a long bone knife appeared in Mona’s hands.

The long sword is more than one foot long. It is Mona’s father, the weapon of the previous generation of Raksha. Three years ago, after the Raksha tribe and the Kyushu mainland negotiated, Mona began to send people to search for his father’s whereabouts. At the bottom of the Wanzhang volcano, the wreckage of his father and this long bone knife were found.

Since then, Mona has carried the long knife next to her body to commemorate her father.


As soon as the knife was released, the surrounding temperature seemed to drop sharply! >There was a breath of death in the air in the entire hall.

However, many people in the main hall squeezed a cold sweat for Mona.

Although Mona is strong and still has the weapons of the previous generation of Raksha King, Jade is not weak, and there are so many comrades to help, Mona is alone in dealing with so many powerful people, I am afraid it is a bit mysterious.

“Ha ha…”

Looking at the long bone knife in Mona’s hand, Jade flashed a trace of jealousy in his eyes, but he still sneered: “Mona, don’t fight fearlessly. The overall situation is settled, surrender now!”

When the voice fell, Jed waved his hand, and within a short time, the surrounding comrades moved one after another, forming an offensive and defensive formation, enclosing Mona in the middle.


Seeing this scene, Mona had no expression on her face, but she was a little bit unhappy in her heart.

Mona clearly saw that although Jade and these people did not form a formation, they cooperated with each other in a tacit understanding, both offensive and defensive, and it was difficult to break through their formation in a short time.

However, Mona was not discouraged at all, and directly confronted Jed and fought fiercely with everyone else.

Mona is powerful, with a long bone knife in her hand, and between swings, bursts of ghost-like howls erupted. It was very fierce. Everyone in Jed did not dare to get close, but Mona was also besieged by Jed and everyone for a while. I can’t rush out for a while.

The battle was deadlocked for a while!

As the time dragged on, Jade was too anxious. Seeing that his comrades were almost unable to hold on, he shouted at the two brothers, Shuiyue, Huoyue, “Shuiyue, Huoyue, what are you waiting for?”

Jed’s face was gloomy at this time, but his heart was like an ant on a hot pot.

He and Mona have been completely torn apart. If Mona can’t be controlled today, not only all efforts will be in vain, but he will also fall into a dead end.


After the words fell, the brothers Cang Shuiyue and Cang Huoyue looked at each other, without hesitation, they soared up together, rushed to Jed’s side, and fought Mona together.


Seeing this scene, everyone who retreated to the surroundings raised their hearts one by one.

They saw that after Zang Shuiyue and Zang Huoyue joined, the situation suddenly turned to Jed’s side, and Mona, facing the siege of so many masters, was surrounded by danger, and her face gradually paled.

Yes, the suppressed poison is about to begin to explode.

For a while, many people wanted to rush to help Mona, but they were afraid of Jed’s power and finally held back.


After more than ten minutes, Mona finally couldn’t hold it. At this moment, Jed found the opportunity to attack from behind and slap Mona on the shoulder.

This palm contained Jade’s seven levels of skill, and Mona couldn’t react at all, so she heard a muffled hum, and was shocked to fly out, flying a full tens of meters away before landing on the square outside the main hall.


Mona struggled to stand up, her delicate body trembled, she couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood, staring hard at Jed, very unwilling.

Could this be God’s will? >Are you destined to die in Jed’s hands?

Very unwilling.

In Mona’s heart, once determined to create a new future for the Raksha tribe, at this time, faced with Jed’s rebellion, she was very angry and somewhat powerless.


Seeing this scene, everyone watching the battle in the hall couldn’t help sucking a breath of air and froze there.

Jed actually hurt the queen? >Fortunately, I didn’t help the queen just now, otherwise, the death would be even worse.

In shock, none of the people came out to help Mona. On the contrary, they were all thinking about how to please Jed later.

After all, after Jade subdued Mona, he was the new generation of Rakshasa.


At this moment, Jed showed a smug smile and looked at Mona: “Did you see it? You have lost the popular support. No one will help you. Recognize the facts.”

Mona bit her lip without responding, her jade hands clasped her long bone knife.

Although she is a woman, Mona has a tough personality and would rather die than surrender. >Not to let insidious people like Jed bow their heads.

Really stubborn.

Seeing Mona’s face resolute, Jed lost his patience, waved his hand, and was about to greet his accomplices to continue their shots.


However, at this moment, a graceful figure flew out from the hall, gracefully and smartly, blocking Mona behind him.

It is Cang Yunyue!


Seeing this scene, Jed frowned.

At the same time, Zang Shuiyue and Zanghuoyue couldn’t help but yelled loudly.

“Sister, what are you doing?”

“There’s nothing to do with you here, get out of here!”

Cang Yunyue didn’t mean to give up at all, her beautiful face was full of complexity and excitement, and she looked around Jed’s body: “Foster father, big brother and second brother, are you crazy? Mona is our queen. Ah, are you going to kill her?”

Yes, Cang Yunyue was kind in her heart, and couldn’t bear to see Mona end in such a miserable situation, so she decided to stop it.

Speaking of which, Cang Yunyue has always respected Jed, but after what happened just now, the image of Jed in her heart has begun to shake.

Jed’s face was extremely ugly, and he couldn’t help but angrily said: “Yunyue, we are not crazy. For the future of our Raksha tribe, this woman can’t be the king forever.”

Cang Yunyue shook her head: “I think the queen is not wrong. Isn’t it good for us to live peacefully with the Kyushu mainland now? Why start a war?”

Zang Shuiyue suddenly became anxious and shouted: “Little sister, don’t interfere with this kind of major event, listen to the foster father.”

When the voice fell, Zang Huoyue also nodded in agreement: “Yes, you are still young and don’t understand at all. We did this not only for the Rakshas, ​​but also for our future.”

When they said this, the expressions of the two brothers were extremely excited.

As long as Jed becomes the king of Rakshasa, as sons, their status and status will rise with the tide. >Everyone wants to be prosperous and wealthy, can you not be in a hurry to see the younger sister blocking him at this time.


Cang Yunyue kept shaking her head, her beautiful face was full of determination: “You are all crazy.”

Seeing that she had been firmly defending herself, Mona was very moved, but she couldn’t help but said: “Yunyue, you can’t stop them, step back.”

“Don’t worry about the queen, I can protect you!” Cang Yunyue said softly, her delicate face full of determination.

“it is good!”

Jed had no patience. He glanced at Zang Yunyue coldly, gritted his teeth and said: “Very well, I didn’t expect that for so many years, I have paid so much on you, but in the end I raised a white-eyed wolf, gave it to me, and took them. !”

When the voice fell, more than a dozen figures all urged their internal forces and rushed directly towards Cang Yunyue!

The brothers Zang Shuiyue glanced at each other, and they were very entangled. Then they followed closely. They decided that the younger sister was ignorant, and when they subdued her, they pleaded hard, and the foster father would definitely forgive.

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Chapter 1363

However, the brothers forgot that Cang Yunyue had just received the inheritance of his ancestor Kuafu, and was no longer the weak little girl before.

“The sword breaks by the sun!”

Seeing the people rushing up, Cang Yunyue didn’t panic at all, her red lips lightly opened, and she spit out four words coldly, then she drew her long sword and swung it lightly.


In an instant, I saw that the air around the main hall was distorted by a powerful force. Then, a dazzling sword shadow burst out from the long sword in Cang Yunyue’s hand and swept toward the rushing crowd!



In the blink of an eye, everyone who rushed up was enveloped by the sword shadow, and then a scream came out, and everyone was cut with a wound by the sword shadow, dripping with blood.

Yes, what Cang Yunyue used was Kuafu’s technique, called the Sun Chase Sword Art! >However, Cang Yunyue was kind and kind, and the other party was a clansman, so Cang Yunyue’s men were merciful, otherwise, these people would have died.


Seeing this scene, the others around couldn’t help sucking in air-conditioning!

Is this… still the same hidden cloud moon? >It has only been a few days, has it become so powerful? >Could it be…this is the reason for the inheritance of the ancestors?

At the same time, Mona sighed lightly, and looked at Zang Yunyue very excitedly.

As expected, it was inherited from the ancestors, and it was so powerful.

At this time, Mona was very fortunate. Fortunately, Cang Yunyue was passed on. She was kind-hearted and knew right from wrong. If the brothers of Cang Shuiyue were passed on, she would really have no chance at all.


Jed stared closely at Zang Yunyue, his face changed and ugly.

The power of the ancestor’s inheritance is so terrifying?

This dead girl, with such a strong strength, wants to help Mona. How good would it be to help herself?

Thinking about it, Jed’s thoughts turned, and he looked at Cang Yunyue with a hypocritical expression: “Yunyue, don’t be stupid, Mona is not suitable to be a queen. At this time, it is obvious to all that you can help her alone. ?”

“In this way, you help me subdue Mona, and I recommend you as the queen of Rakshasa.”

“You are the most qualified to be a queen if you have the inheritance of your ancestors.”

When he said this, Jed looked expectant, but his eyes flashed treacherously. >The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.

Yes, Jed didn’t really want Cang Yunyue to be the queen, but just wanted to stabilize her temporarily.

To be the queen?

Hearing this, Cang Yunyue was stunned, and immediately responded. >She never thought of being a queen, nor would she do it, just thinking that people like Jed could let Mona go, and then reformed.

However, before speaking, Mona interrupted.

“Yunyue, don’t believe him.” Mona sneered and sneered as she saw Jade: “This person deliberately forced me to give way, just wanting to be the king of the Raksha clan. How can I give it to you?”


Hearing this, Cang Yunyue suddenly woke up, her adoptive father has been pursuing power all his life, how could she be a queen?

Thinking about it, Cang Yunyue looked at Jade and said: “Foster father, don’t lie to me, today you committed the following, it is your fault, you quickly kneel to the queen and admit your mistakes, there may be a chance to recover.”

“Little girl!”

At this moment, Zang Shuiyue was anxious and angry: “You are not helping us, but harming us.” The foster father and Mona completely turned their faces, there is no room for redemption, the little girl thought too simple.

Jed was too lazy to talk nonsense, looked at Cang Yunyue with an extremely angry smile: “Oh, you girl, do you really think that you can keep Mona safe by yourself?”

Feeling the killing intent in Jed’s eyes, Cang Yunyue bit her lip and did not respond.

Jed sneered and continued: “I know that the inheritance of the ancestors is very strong, but you have only got one day, and you have not been fully integrated. Moreover, before you are fully integrated, forcibly fighting with others will make you backfired. “

“I just gave you a chance, but if you don’t want it, then don’t blame me!”


After the words fell, a powerful breath burst out from Jed’s body, and then, the figure flew up with lightning and went straight to Cangyunyue.

In Jed’s heart, Cang Yunyue had just received the inheritance of her ancestors. She had not yet fully integrated, and she broke out with all her strength and was soon able to subdue her. After all, she has rich experience against enemies and is her adoptive father. She can compare.

“Die to me!”

The moment he flew up, Jed roared, and the long sword in his hand burst out with a shock, and he pierced directly towards Cangyunyue, and he saw that wherever the sword passed, the air was torn apart, and the aura was shocking.

Mona had guessed well before. For the past three years, Jed has been hiding his strength. At this time, in order to be the king of the Raksha clan smoothly, he did not hide the slightest.

Jed thought it over, first killed Cang Yunyue, seized the inheritance, and then slowly dealt with Mona.


Seeing this scene, many of Jed’s associates were inexplicably excited.

But the two brothers Zang Shuiyue were too anxious.

“Foster father, forgive my little sister!”

“Foster father is merciful.”

Under the shout, the brothers rushed forward to stop them. The three brothers and sisters have been dependent on each other since childhood, and they have deep feelings. They can’t bear to see the younger sister die in Jed’s hands.

However, Jed was very fast, and the brothers had no time to stop. In the blink of an eye, Jed and Zang Yunyue were already fighting fiercely together.

At this moment, the two brothers were anxious, and like everyone else around, they all believed that Cang Yunyue was defeated.


On the other side, Mona stood there, her beautiful face was also extremely solemn, her eyes were tightly looking at Cang Yunyue, with worry.

Jed is right. Although Cang Yunyue has been inherited from his ancestors, the time is too short, less than a day, and it is impossible to completely integrate. In this case, how could she be Jed’s opponent?

You know, Jed is scheming, not only hiding his strength before, but also very cunning. How can Cang Yunyue be so innocent?


At this moment, just listening to Cang Yunyue’s Jiao Jiao, the jade hand clasped the long sword, and a shadow of the sword burst out again. In a short time, the aura of heaven and earth within a hundred miles seemed to be attracted.

For a time, the situation changed, and the world shook.


In the next second, the sword shadow burst out, blasting on Jed’s long sword, and immediately saw a wave of tyrannical aura sweeping the Empress Hall!

At this moment, Jed staggered back, spouting a mouthful of blood, and his face was extremely pale.


Jed only felt that his chest was stuffy, stabilized his figure, looked at Cang Yunyue in shock and anger, his face was full of incredible!

This… how is this possible!

She has just received the inheritance of her ancestors, and it is impossible for her to merge so quickly.

At the same time, everyone around was also dumbfounded. >Especially Zang Shui Yue, Zang Huo Yue, and Jed’s accomplices only felt that their legs were weak and they could not stand firmly.

After that, Jed was defeated and Mona regained control of the situation. I am afraid that all of them are in danger.

Quiet, the whole Queen’s Hall is silent.


At this moment, many Raksha warriors rushed over when they heard the movement here. In a moment, they were stunned to see the scene in front of them.

Chapter 1364

These warriors saw a mess at the lively and festive banquet.

Queen Mona was pale and very weak, Jed was seriously injured…

What happened?


At this moment, Mona reacted, took a deep breath, looked around and said coldly: “Jed is very heinous, openly rebellious, and even commits a crime against me, come on, take them all to me.”

When she said this, Mona’s beautiful face did not have the slightest mood swing.


When the voice fell, nearly a hundred warriors rushed up and quickly tied Jed, Zang Shuiyue and others. These warriors were Mona’s personal guards and were responsible for the safety of the queen. Each of them was not low in strength. De and others had just exhausted their internal strength and had no chance to resist.


Jed let out a sigh of relief, his eyes were full of unwillingness, he looked at Mona, and shouted: “You are lucky today, but I don’t regret it, I only hate that we, the Rakshas who have passed on for thousands of years, want It’s ruined in the hands of a woman of you, it’s so sad…”

As he said, Jed turned his head to look at Cang Yunyue: “From today, we have nothing to do, you don’t call me a foster father.”

When he said this, Jed’s face was full of grief and anger.

Almost, she was almost able to drive Mona to step down and become king by herself, but she never expected that she would be destroyed by Cang Yunyue in the end.

Feeling the resentment in Jed’s eyes, Cang Yunyue was very aggrieved and somewhat helpless, biting her lips tightly, not knowing how to respond.


At this moment, a warrior roared, walked over quickly, and slapped Jed’s face with a slap.


This slap was so powerful that Jed was beaten and turned around, and finally fell to the ground with his butt, half of his face suddenly swelled.

“Openly rebelled, and rude to Her Majesty, a person like you deserves death!” The warrior said coldly, and slapped it again.

“Slap! Slap!”

Loud slaps continued to spread, and everyone around was indifferent, and no one sympathized with Jade. >After all, what Jade did before was too bold.

After a dozen slaps, the warrior said to Mona: “Your Majesty, this kind of chaos and thieves, don’t tolerate it, and his comrades, all beheaded to show the public.”

When the voice fell, the warrior drew a long knife and slashed directly at Jed’s neck!

Jed was tied up by five flowers and couldn’t dodge at all. Feeling the cold of the long sword, his face changed, and his body was cold and sweaty. Death was not terrible, but he had to be beheaded to show the public. This result was not what Jed wanted.

At the same time, Zang Shuiyue and others who were tied to the side were all pale and panicked.

“Sister, please plead with Her Majesty…” Zang Shuiyue couldn’t help shouting.

Cang Huoyue was also very anxious, and said to Cang Yunyue, “Hurry up and find a way, little girl, don’t you bear to see the eldest brother and the second brother beheaded?”

When yelling these, expectation flashed in the eyes of the brothers, but resentment surged in their hearts.

It’s not that the little girl is messing around, and she won’t end up like this.

At this time, Zang Shuiyue was two, and he didn’t want to plead with Zang Yunyue, but there was no way. The situation in front of him could only be saved by her.


Hearing this, Cang Yunyue was very entangled, and then bit her lip and said to Mona: “Your Majesty, stay under the knife!”

“Hold on.”

Mona was expressionless, raised her hand and motioned to the Warriors to stop.

In the next second, Mona looked at Cang Yunyue quietly: “Yunyue, what do you have to say?”

“I…” Cang Yunyue hesitated and said softly: “Jed and these people, although they deserve to die, but they have done so much for the Raksha tribe. I beg your Majesty to forgive me. Killed them.”

Mona groaned, and said lightly: “These people commit the crime, it’s not a pity to die, but for the sake of your desperate protection just now, I can not kill them for the time being!”

Speaking of this, Mona’s eyes flickered, thinking of something, and continued: “Come on, throw people like Jed into the endless abyss!”

The endless abyss?

Hearing this name, Jed’s body shook, his face turned pale, and he was terrified.

Cang Shuiyue and the others, even more cold sweat.

If he was thrown into the endless abyss, he might as well just die.

At the same time, Cang Yunyue also trembled, and couldn’t help but speak: “Your Majesty, throw them into the endless abyss, what is the difference between killing them?”

The endless abyss, to the west of the habitat, is unfathomable. When the Raksha tribe first migrated here, this abyss existed. No one knows how deep it is below and where it leads to. Only those who accidentally fall down. , None of them came back alive.


Mona took a deep breath and looked at Cang Yunyue earnestly: “Yunyue, I know, you can’t bear to see your adoptive father and your two brothers end up like this, but they have blatantly rebelled and are not guilty. Forgive me, for your sake, I have not beheaded them. It is already the greatest forgiveness, you know?”

The tone is firm and unquestionable.

Cang Yunyue bit her lip, not knowing how to refute it!

But when I thought that my foster father and two older brothers were thrown into the endless abyss, I still couldn’t accept them.

Seeing this scene, the brothers Zang Shuiyue and Zang Huoyue looked at each other in incomparable despair. When it was over, the little girl couldn’t intercede, and this was dead.

At this moment, Mona was too lazy to talk nonsense, waved her hand, frowned and said: “Come here, throw Jed these people into the endless abyss, whether it is life or death, it depends on their good fortune.”

“In addition, immediately investigate Jed’s comrades, and once they are verified, they will be arrested immediately. Like Jed, they will all be thrown into the endless abyss!”

“Yes! Your Majesty the Queen!”

When the voice fell, dozens of warriors walked quickly and escorted Jed everyone down.

At this moment, Jed’s face paled with fright, and he couldn’t say a word.

Soon, Jed everyone was taken to the edge of the abyss.

I saw that under the abyss, it was dark, and there was still mist shrouded in the bottom of the abyss, I don’t know how deep it was.

Both Jed, Zang Shuiyue and others could clearly feel a blast of cold air constantly blowing from the bottom of the abyss.

I just died like this, so unwilling!

Jed couldn’t help but shuddered, and his heart was full of reconciliation.

At this moment, the warriors behind him did not hesitate, and pushed Jade down one by one.


With the sound of the wind whistling in the ears, Jed and Zang Shuiyue were almost lost in their souls.

I don’t know how long it has been since the fall. Jed thought he was dead, but he didn’t expect that there was a deep pool at the bottom.


As soon as he fell into the water, a bitter chill came, Jed couldn’t help but fought a cold war, then surfaced, looked around, and was stunned.


At the same time, Zang Shuiyue and the others who surfaced around could not help taking a deep breath when seeing the scene in front of them.

Chapter 1365

I saw that the surrounding area was dim, and the mist was lingering, like a chaotic world.

And near the deep pool, there is an endless deep hole, slowly extending along the cliff to the depths, not knowing where it leads, bursts of cold air continue to blow, making the pores horrible.

It turned out that it was like this below the abyss.

Seeing this scene, Jed and everyone looked at each other, shocked one by one.

What is under this abyss?


the other side!

It is a small town one hundred miles northwest of Qingyunzong.

Standing in the middle of the street, Darryl kept looking around, his face seemed calm, but he was anxious.

D*mn, the Seven Buddhas of Fang said that they wanted to meet here, and now it has been three hours, why haven’t the figures been seen?

You won’t be fooled, will you? >

However, if the Seventh Buddha was playing tricks on himself, he would not help himself to leave at that time!


Just when Darryl was secretly anxious, suddenly, there was a commotion not far away.

Darryl looked up subconsciously, and saw that the street in front was surrounded by a lot of people, and the water couldn’t get through!

A pretty figure stood in the crowd, which was particularly eye-catching.

Sikong Yanran? >!

And behind Sikong Yanran, it was her four senior brothers!

Why are they here?

Seeing Situ Yanran, Darryl was stunned. Three years ago, after the war between Kyushu and the Raksha clan ended, he never saw her again. >I didn’t expect to bump into it here.

Thinking about it, Darryl walked over slowly.

As soon as I squeezed into the crowd, I saw a few men dressed as mercenaries, holding some aD*mnl skins for sale.

One of the leaders was showing a snow-white fur to the people around him, and said, “Have you seen it, this is the skin of a snow tiger, has Snow Tiger heard of it? In the depths of the snowy mountains in the wild and sly land , The lowest strength is the martial sage realm, it is difficult to kill…”

“Tell you, this snow tiger, we chased for a whole month before we succeeded in killing…”


Hearing this, everyone around was in an uproar, and many people were amazed.

“Snow Tiger, it’s really the first time I have seen you!”

“This fur is really good!”

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help but chuckle, then quietly watched Sikong Yanran.

There were three scars on Darryl’s face, which had changed a lot from the image three years ago, so Si Kong Yanran didn’t recognize it at all.

Not only Sikong Yanran, but the four seniors also didn’t see Darryl.

“How much do you sell for this Snow Tiger skin?” Sikong Yanran stepped forward and asked the person at this time.

Sikong Yanran is ingenious. Recently, he wanted to do a soft armor for self-defense, but he could not find good materials. After passing by here today, he saw these mercenaries selling snow tiger skins on the street, and he was immediately attracted.

The person who introduced the snow tiger skin was called Xu Hong. Seeing Sikong Yanran’s question, he smiled and stretched out five fingers: “Beauty, this snow tiger skin is the best, five hundred thousand nine hundred dollars.”

Half a million?

Hearing this number, everyone around exclaimed, it’s so expensive.

Sikong Yanran had an indifferent expression, without the slightest fluctuation.

As the eldest lady of Ice and Fire Island, 500,000 yuan is not expensive for her at all.

At this time, the four seniors behind him stepped forward to make payment.

“Wrap it up for our little junior sister.”

“No price increase is allowed.”

Soon, the snow tiger skin was wrapped and the four brothers were about to pay. At this moment, a faint voice sounded: “Just get a white bear skin, say it is snow tiger skin? It’s ridiculous!”

It is Darryl!

Yes, Darryl had spent three years in the Wilderness Territory, what kind of beast hadn’t seen him? >Especially Snow Tiger, who had killed several of them, was the most familiar. Just now I could tell that these mercenaries were not snow tiger skins at all, but counterfeit white bear skins.


In an instant, the audience was silent, and all eyes were on Darryl’s body!

Who is this kid? >Actually said this snow tiger skin is fake?

Xu Hong looked displeased, looked at Darryl up and down, and said coldly: “Who are you special? Dare to make trouble here and don’t want to live anymore? Get out of here!”

“This friend, how do you say this is a fake?” Sikong Yanran turned his head to look at Darryl and asked curiously.

When he said this, Si Kong Yanran looked at Darryl carefully, feeling strange.

This person…how does it look familiar?

Darryl didn’t answer immediately, but stretched out his hand and smiled: “Let me see!”

Hearing this, Si Kong Yanran handed the wrapped aD*mnl skin to Darryl’s hand!

Darryl stretched out his hand to take it, and took a look, revealing a smile: “This skin is not bad. It’s also rare in the mainland of Kyushu. It’s a pity that it’s not from Snow Tiger.”

While speaking, Darryl looked around and continued: “I have already said that this is a white bear skin, not a snow tiger skin at all.”


At this moment, Xu Hong couldn’t help it, his face was pale, and he looked at Darryl and said coldly: “Boy, you keep saying that this is not a snow tiger skin. You have no proof. If you can’t get it out, don’t blame me. !”

When the voice fell, many people around him echoed.

“Yes, you did show evidence.”

“This kid doesn’t have a brain disease. Looking at his appearance, I’m afraid I have never seen a snow tiger in his life!”


Listening to the ridicule, Si Kong frowned, and said to Darryl: “This friend, you said this is fake! How do you prove it?”

Like the people around, Sikong Yanran thought that the person in front of him was talking nonsense!


Darryl sighed inwardly, this Sikong Yanran was also the eldest lady of Binghuo Island anyway, don’t you know that the rivers and lakes are sinister? >The other party’s awkward deception hasn’t been seen yet!

At this time, Sikongjia’s four brothers also gathered around.

“Boy, are you looking for this reason to strike up a conversation with our junior sisters looking beautiful?”

“Tell you, our brother-in-law is called Darryl…”

“So you should get acquainted and go quickly.”

Hearing this, Sikong’s beautiful face blushed suddenly, and he stomped his feet: “Shut up all of you!”

These four seniors were really speechless, how could they talk nonsense about themselves and Darryl’s affairs.


Darryl was too happy in his heart, these four brothers were still so interesting.

To be honest, at this time Darryl wanted to reveal his identity, but when he thought of the straightforward personalities of these four brothers, even if he admitted that he was Darryl, they would be forced to go to Ice Fire Island.


At this time, Xu Hong had no patience, and pointed at Darryl and cursed: “If you can’t tell why, just get out of here!”

Darryl ignored it, smiled coldly, silently urged his internal strength, and put his hand on the aD*mnl skin.

This aD*mnl skin was originally covered with faint stripes, but now it disappeared without a trace!


At this moment, Xu Hong’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help taking a breath!

Mad, how did this kid know this secret? >Lost the stripes on the aD*mnl skin?

“Oh, the stripes disappeared? What happened?”

“what’s the situation?!”

At the same time, many people around also found out and screamed.

Sikong Yanran stared at Darryl blankly, his beautiful face was also extremely surprised.

Darryl laughed, looked around, and slowly said, “Although the snow tiger has white fur, like other tigers, it also has stripes in the shape of the king character. This kind of stripes is difficult to fake, but for some practitioners, But you can use a special elixir to make this kind of stripes.”

“This kind of fake streaks can’t be washed off with water or burned by fire, but it can still be dispersed cleanly with internal force.”

After speaking the last sentence, Darryl looked at Xu Hong with a smile, “How is it? What do you have to say now?”

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