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Chapter 1501


I saw Yan Hong in midair with extremely cold eyes. Then he waved a bloody long knife, and in an instant, a dazzling bloody light and shadow, tearing through the world, shrouded the surrounding eight saints.

I saw that the blood-colored light and shadow rushed like thunder and swiftly like lightning, and a blood-colored crack was opened in the air wherever it passed. Even the originally clear sky dimmed suddenly.


Seeing this scene, the eight saints of Huanxiang trembled and panicked inexplicably. Then, they urged their internal forces to deploy a protective film in front of them.

Bang bang bang!

In the next second, bloody light and shadows blasted on the protective film, and the protective film was instantly shattered. The eight saints trembled and were directly shaken out, each of them pale and extremely weak.

For a moment, the entire palace was silent.

And everyone present had a cold back and their heads hummed!

This is horrible, the eight saints joined forces, and they are not the opponents of this beautiful red dress? !

Shocked, the many guards watching the battle around them all had their legs weakened, and they felt that they couldn’t stand still.

Ora also frowned, shocked.

The eight saints of Huanxiang and Ziyan were extremely frightened.

The teamwork of the eight saints of his own can be said to be unmatched in the entire Kyushu, but now, he was injured by this woman of unknown origin.

This…how will you find Darryl revenge in the future?

I thought to myself, the eight saints of Huanxiang and Ziyan all had complex expressions, but they were both frightened and unwilling.

“You two!”

Finally, Huan Xiang was the first to react, looking at Yan Hong and Miao Ying: “Who are you guys? Why do you want to help Darryl?”

Huan Xiang had thought about it, and he recognized the fiasco today, but no matter what, the relationship between these two women and Darryl must be figured out.

After all, Lan Xin can’t die in vain.

When the voice fell, Miaoying landed slowly, standing next to Darryl very intimately.

In the next second, Miaoying responded to Huanxiang: “Darryl is my man, he is very good, why do you call him a bad guy?”

Immediately afterwards, Yan Hong followed and said, “I am his servant. Other than that, there is nothing else to do.”

With that said, she did not forget to glance at Miaoying contemptuously.

In Yan Hong’s heart, the fairy was conceived between heaven and earth, high above, but Miaoying was with a mortal, and it was shameful.


At this moment, whether it was Huanxiang or the others around, they were all stunned.

This… these twin sisters, one is Darryl’s wife and the other is his servant?

How could this be possible, Darryl is a villain, an a55hole, how good is he?

What made everyone more puzzled was that Yan Hong and Miaoying looked exactly the same. They were obviously twin sisters, but the relationship between them was not very harmonious.

But even so, they still guarded Darryl’s side together.

It’s incredible.


Finally, Huanxiang reacted and stared at Darryl fiercely, saying word by word: “He is extremely vicious to my sister. He is the worst villain in the world. We kill him to act for the sky!”

The words fell, and the few Madeline next to them all nodded one after another.


Hearing this, Yue’s temperament was not good, and the anger in his heart rose steadily.

“I said long ago that I didn’t kill Saint Lanxin. She was trapped in the Apocalypse Palace at the time, or I rescued her. If you want to harm her, why bother to take her out of the palace?”

“A month ago, I was framed and desecrated Chang’e. I still want to be the Emperor of Beiying. I have no evidence to prove my innocence, which made the reputation of Tianmen in the Kyushu mainland plummet. I admit it!”

“But for this matter, you arrested my family and lynched my family before it came to light. Are you doing the right thing?”

“I now declare once again that Lan Xin’s death has nothing to do with me, but I swear I will find a murderer!”

Some words shook the sky and made a sound.

In an instant, all the eyes of the audience looked at Darryl blankly, unable to say a word!


Inside the huge palace, there is silence at this time! A needle fell on the ground, and I heard clearly!

The eight saints of Huanxiang and Ziyan are even more complicated.


And Ora, who was standing at the gate of the hall, bit his lips tightly, and Fang’s heart trembled faintly.

Could it be…you blamed Darryl?

“I, Darryl, I am worthy of the rivers and lakes of Jiuzhou and the people of the world.” At this moment, Darryl raised his dantian, and his cold voice spread throughout the audience!

“The Great Sage is my brother, but he was beaten like this by you!” Darryl’s eyes were blood-red, and he almost lost his reason. A cold voice came from his mouth again: “I will take them away now, who will stop him? , Is my mortal enemy of Darryl!”

When the voice fell, Darryl helped Peter and walked towards the outside of the palace step by step.

Yan Hong and Miaoying escorted Raquel and others, followed closely behind.


At this moment, whether it was Ora or the saints of Huanxiang, they were all there in a daze, unable to speak for a long time.

The guards around him even dare not show up.

The aura that Darryl showed just now shocked the audience, whoever catches up to stop him is dead.


At this moment, the other side.

On Changsheng Island, Lawrence meditated all day and night, and finally recovered his strength completely.


At this moment, Lawrence slowly opened his eyes, flashing endless coldness.

Baima, you despicable villain, dare to plot against me, I will tell you to survive and die.

Thinking about it, Lawrence lifted his dantian with air, and his figure flew high into the sky towards the mainland.


As soon as he flew a few miles away, Lawrence frowned and saw that there was a small island not far from Changsheng Island. At this time, there was smoke rising on the island, which was obviously inhabited.

Seeing this scene, Lawrence’s eyes instantly became cold.

It is so close to Changsheng Island, and those who live here must have something to do with the Changsheng Palace.

Thinking about it, Lawrence turned around and landed directly on the island.

After landing, I saw the beautiful environment of the island and several elegant thatched houses on the shore. Lawrence walked over without hesitation.

“You stop me!”

As soon as I got to the hut, I heard a humiliation, and then, a handsome young man rushed out of the thatched hut, his face was full of guard.

Behind the boy is a beautiful woman.

This boy is Lorenzo’s son, Bryant, and the beautiful woman is his mother, Evelyn.

Three months ago, the news of Lorenzo’s death came. Evelyn was so heartbroken that she was so disheartened, she took her son to a deserted island not far from Changsheng Island to live in seclusion.

And Bryant was a three-year-old baby who hadn’t been weaned when Ora had landed around the various sects of the mainland. At this time, more than ten years have passed, and he has grown into a young man.

“Who are you?” Bryant asked Lawrence, looking up and down.

Bryant clearly felt that the strength of the person in front of him was unfathomable, but he was Lorenzo’s son. He grew up in the Hall of Longevity and was very courageous, so he was not afraid at all.

Lawrence didn’t answer directly, but asked indifferently, “Who are you? What is the relationship with the Hall of Longevity?” Lawrence thought it through. If the mother and child in front of him were Baima’s family, relatives and friends, they would just kill them.

Chapter 1502

Bryant looked up and down Lawrence: “You answer my question first!”

When saying this, Bryant’s eyes were full of vigilance.

The person in front of him is unfathomable, so he must be very careful.


Lawrence frowned and looked at Bryant with interest: “The kid is quite courageous, dare to talk to me like this!”

Lawrence had a perverted temperament. If someone else said that, he would have slapped him with a palm long ago, but at this time, seeing Bryant’s fearless appearance, young but so courageous, he suddenly admired him a little.

In the next second, Lawrence smiled slightly: “I don’t change my name or surname, Lawrence!”


Hearing this, Bryant’s heart trembled, and she was stunned.

At the same time, Evelyn behind her was even more trembling, her eyes fixed on Lawrence, shocked and resentful.

“Are you Lawrence?”

A few seconds later, Evelyn reacted and shouted at Lawrence: “You… why didn’t you die?”

When she said this, Evelyn’s body trembled, and her heart was even more messy.

One day ago, Baima ordered someone to come over and spread the word, saying that he had caught Lawrence and had killed him. The body was buried on Changsheng Island. Knowing the situation at that time, Evelyn felt relieved.

My husband has been revenge, and I have nothing to worry about.

But Evelyn did not expect that Lawrence not only did not die, but also found a reclusive place for herself and her children.

At this moment, Bryant also gradually reacted, his eyes were extremely bloody, and his horns were locked tightly: “It’s you that killed my father.”

As the voice fell, Bryant clenched his fists tightly.

“Your father?”

Lawrence was puzzled and frowned, “Who is your father?”

Lawrence has never seen Bryant’s mother and son, and still doesn’t know that they are Lorenzo’s close relatives.


Bryant took a deep breath and said every word: “My father is Lorenzo, Lawrence, the lord of the Palace of Longevity. You told me that my father and the Ouyang family were imprisoned in the general altar of the Wutian organization. My father was killed on the cliff. At this time, everyone in the Kyushu Continent is known!”

“Since you brought it here, don’t think about leaving today alive.”

After the last word fell, Bryant flew up and came straight towards the open angle. At the same time, a powerful breath also burst out of his body. In a moment, the surrounding air seemed to be distorted, and the power was amazing!

As the only son of Lorenzo, Bryant is also a rare cultivating genius. He has just passed sixteen this year, but he has reached the realm of the Sandan Wuhuang emperor.

“Little feather…”

Seeing this scene, Evelynfang’s heart trembled and couldn’t help but scream.

Although his son is not weak in strength, the opponent is Lawrence who is famous in the world. He has been famous for a thousand years, and his background is not comparable to him. How can you be an opponent if you fight alone? !

Anxiously, Evelyn wanted to rush over to stop her, but she was too weak, and Bryant was too fast to have time.

Lorenzo’s son!

At this moment, watching Bryant burst out, Lawrence frowned slightly without panic.

“Are you revenge for your father? Interesting!” Lawrence said lightly, with a bit of abusive tone in his tone. Then, he slowly raised his right hand, slapped it lightly, and greeted Bessie.

“Go to hell!”

Feeling the strength of Lawrence, Bryant did not dare to be careless, and roared, directly urging all the internal forces.

I was shocked, there was no time to dodge, so I had to hold Fang Tian’s painting halberd tightly, and attacked! Darryl didn’t dare to be careless, urging all the internal forces to resist!


In an instant, when the two palms collided, Bryant only felt an overwhelming force coming from him. With a snorted sound, he was shaken back several tens of meters away. When he landed, his face was pale, and the blood inside his body was churning.

Steady his figure, Bryant looked at Lawrence in horror, Mad, the strength of this horn is simply too terrifying, just a casual palm, he needs to exert all his strength to resist.

With such a huge disparity in strength, how can I avenge my father? !

“Little feather!”

At the same time, Evelyn was even more nervous. After a sweet cry, she hurried over to help Bryant: “How are you? It’s okay!”

Bryant shook his head, staring at Lawrence all the time, unable to conceal his shock and hatred.

“Boy! You are not my opponent at all, and rushing to do it is just to die!” Lawrence said with an arrogant expression.

With that, Lawrence’s eyes flickered with a hint of complexity, and continued: “Also, I can tell you that your father’s Lorenzo was not caused by me.”


Hearing this, Bryant and Evelyn looked at each other and were both stunned.

In the next second, Bryant couldn’t help asking: “Isn’t it who you are?”

Lawrence’s face was indifferent: “It’s the current Lord of the Longevity Palace, White Horse. At this time, a full-fledged villain, sly and despicable. At the beginning, he pretended to be loyal to me in order to survive,” and assured me that he secretly monitored Lorenzo Every move. “

“Later, Gary led the Apocalypse army and surrounded the Wutian organization’s general altar. He wanted to save the Ouyang family. Lorenzo took the opportunity to let the Ouyang family go. At that time, Baima was in charge of intercepting and finally knocked your father off the cliff in the back mountain.”

“After killing your father, Bai Ma did not return to me, but instead took advantage of the chaos to leave and return to Changsheng Island to become the lord of the palace.”

When he said this, Lawrence was full of anger, and his eyes flashed with Sen Leng: “I will not tell you what happened after that. Baima confused people and said that Lorenzo was killed by me. In fact, the real culprit was him.”


After hearing this, Bryant and Evelyn were completely stunned, standing there, unable to speak for a long time.

Is the white horse the culprit who killed Lorenzo?

But… Lawrencecheng Mansion is very deep, and he is not a good person. Can you believe what he said?


Finally, Bryant reacted and questioned Lawrence: “I say nothing, who knows if you are instigating my relationship with Baima!”

Speaking of it, Bryant and Bai Ma have no friendship, and even when Lorenzo first became the lord of the palace, he still had some grudges with Bai Ma, but then, even if the relationship was not good, they belonged to the Palace of Longevity and belonged to their own people.

And Lawrence is notorious, a well-known villain in the mainland of Kyushu.


Faced with Bryant’s questioning, Lawrence was taken aback for a moment, then turned up to the sky and laughed.

“Although I Lawrence acts as I want, I am open and honest. There is no need to lie to you.” Lawrence said with a sneer, his expression full of arrogance: “I did it. It’s really not me who killed your father.”

The last sentence fell, Lawrence stood with his hand in his hand, extremely proud.

Upon hearing this, Bryant and Evelyn were silent again.

After a few minutes, Evelyn reacted, her delicate face was full of grief and indignation: “The hypocrite, Baima, used to say that he wanted to avenge her husband. It turns out that the real culprit is him.”

When the voice fell, Bryant clenched his fists and said fiercely: “Such a despicable villain, who actually became the lord of the palace, is a joke of the Palace of Longevity.”

At this time, the two mothers and sons have already wanted to understand.

Although Lawrence is not a good person, after all, he is a well-known big figure in the world, and he is full of arrogance. If he is the culprit, there is no need to explain so laboriously.

Moreover, with his strength, dealing with his mother and daughter is almost a piece of cake, and there is no need to waste his tongue at all.

Chapter 1503

Seeing the changes in the expressions of the mother and son, Lawrence showed a slight smile.

In the next second, Lawrence looked at Bryant and said, “Boy, do you want to avenge your father?”

Bryant was stunned, and asked subconsciously: “What do you mean?”

“Ha ha..”

Lawrence smiled slightly: “With your current strength, you are not the opponent of the White Horse at all. You have to know that he has controlled the entire Palace of Longevity!”

With that said, Lawrenceyu turned around. Continued: “If you worship me as a teacher, you will surely be able to kill him personally and avenge your father after your strength improves!”

When he said this, Lawrence teased his face.

To be honest, with Lawrence’s strength, finding the white horse can easily kill it.

But in Lawrence’s mind, Bai Ma conspired on himself, and even snatched his Sky Open Axe. It was extremely abhorrent. It would be too cheap for him to kill him directly. If Bryant is accepted as a disciple to help him regain the Palace of Longevity, it will be difficult for the white horse to accept it. This is also the best punishment for him.

More importantly, when Bryant killed the white horse and became the master of the palace, and he was his master, the Palace of Longevity would fall into his own control.


When the words fell, Bryant’s body was shocked, and she was stunned.

Did you hear that right, Lawrence wants to accept himself as a disciple?

At the same time, Evelyn, who was next to him, stayed there too, her delicate face full of surprise.

In the next second, Bryant reacted with a resolute expression: “Don’t worship!”

The two words are very simple, without the slightest hesitation!

Bryant knows very well that Lawrence is strong, and if he is a teacher, his strength will also increase by leaps and bounds. If he finds the white horse at that time, he can easily avenge his father.

It’s just that Lawrence messes up the world and does everything in the arena. He is a big wicked man who is punishable by everyone. If he worships him as a teacher, wouldn’t he become a raccoon dog?

Lorenzo taught Bryant since he was a child. As a cultivator, he must be righteous and must not go with the evil forces. How can he be a teacher at this time?

Ok? !

At this moment, Lawrence’s face suddenly changed. You know, I have been famous for thousands of years, almost everyone in the arena is frightened, and I don’t know how many people dream of worshiping themselves as teachers. But at this time, Bryant refused so decisively. If it were passed out, where would he put his face?

For a while, the atmosphere of the entire island was extremely solemn.

At this time, Evelyn also reacted and said to Lawrence: “We understand your kindness, but we are two people, so you don’t need to worry about revenge.”

“is it?”

At this moment, I only saw Lawrence laugh and said, “I Lawrence does things, and if I say that I can do it, I can’t agree to apprentice, but you can’t do it!”

When he said this, Lawrencepi smiled and didn’t smile, but his heart was gloomy.

Once the leader of the Yellow Turban Army and now the head of the Wutian Organization, there is nothing that can’t be done!


When the voice fell, Lawrence’s figure flashed and came straight to Evelyn.

“What do you want to do?” Bryant was furious. He didn’t expect that, Lawrence said that he would do it without any warning.

After yelling, Bryant was about to stop, but the speed of opening the angle was too fast, and it was too late.

“Mrs. Wen, you are wronged!”

In the blink of an eye, Lawrence arrived in front of Evelyn, said something with a smile, and then clicked on her acupuncture point, and saw Evelyn’s body tremble and could not move.

Immediately afterwards, Lawrence took out a pill from his body and stuffed it into Evelyn’s mouth.


At this time, Evelyn was full of panic. Before she could react, she swallowed the pill directly into her stomach.

“You…what did you give me?” Evelyn looked at Lawrence, furious.

At the same time, Bryant also had blood red eyes, and howled at Lawrence: “If you dare to hurt my mother, I won’t be able to forgive you!”

When the voice fell, Bryant wanted to do it, but worried about Evelyn’s safety and held back.

“What is it?”

Lawrence smiled slightly, and said slowly: “Mrs. Wen can’t die for the time being, the one I’m taking for her is called Heitian Dan!”

Not bad.

What Lawrence gave to Evelyn just now was the Heitian Pill! Heitian Pill, based on the Immortal Scriptures, was researched out. It is very similar to the Tongtian Pill of Tongtian Island back then, but the effect is even more sinister.

“Black Sky Pill?”

Bryant is not locked, inexplicably panic! He was young and didn’t know what Heitian Dan was.

But Evelyn was shocked, her beautiful face turned pale in an instant.

Bryant didn’t know what Heitian Pill was, but Evelyn knew everything. After Elisa became the head of Emei, he used despicable means to make all sects take Heitian Pill and threatened him. Sit on the martial arts leader.

All the big sects are helpless against Hei Tian Dan, how could he and Bessie be able to untie it?

Thinking about it, Evelyn was desperate.


At this moment, Lawrence showed a slight smile and said to Bryant: “After taking Heitian Pill, if there is no antidote within half a year, your mother will die miserably. And I tell you, your father’s beloved brother Darryl can’t figure it out. Understand?”


Hearing this, Bryant’s face changed drastically, and he gritted his teeth with hatred: “Lawrence…what do you want?”

Lawrence looked carefree: “It’s very simple, worship me as a teacher, and everything in the future will be subject to my orders, otherwise, you just wait for your mother to collect the body!”

As he said, Lawrenceyufeng turned: “After you apprehend the teacher and learn my immortal sutra, you can refine the antidote for your mother yourself.”


Bryant trembled all over, “You use this method to force me to go to a teacher. What is the difference between Baima and Baima?”

Seeing him comparing himself with the white horse, Lawrence’s face sank and said coldly: “Even if my methods are not glorious, but I am a real villain, he is a hypocrite, and I tell you, you use this set less. Excuse me, it’s useless!”

“Whether to worship or not, it’s just between your thoughts.”

“If you are a teacher, your strength will advance by leaps and bounds. Killing the white horse and avenging your father will be easy.”

“If you think you are talented and can work out the antidote for Heitian Pill, then, before that, just pretend that I didn’t say it!”

Having said this, Lawrence walked aside and sat on a wicker chair, very leisurely and comfortable.


At this moment, Bryant stood there, his face gloomy and uncertain, and his heart was extremely tangled.

Worship or not?

If you apprehend the teacher, he would have failed his father’s teachings.

But if you don’t go to a teacher, your mother’s life will be in danger after half a year.

“it is good!”

Finally, Bryant took a deep breath and stared at Lawrence: “I will be your apprentice!” Immediately, she took two steps forward, preparing to kneel down and salute.

“Little feather.”

However, at this moment, Evelyn was full of eagerness and stopped saying: “You can’t worship him as a teacher!”

Her husband has been upright and upright, leading Changsheng Island to eliminate evils, and changed the sect of Jianghu and his views on the Palace of Longevity. If the son has worshipped Lawrence as his teacher, how can he be at ease if he knows how to do so.

“Mother!” Bryant secretly gritted her teeth, her eyes flashing with tears: “But I can’t just watch you die! Moreover, I must kill the white horse to avenge my father!”

When saying this, Bryant looked determined.

Upon hearing this, Evelyn was too anxious, but she didn’t know how to refute it.

Chapter 1504

Puff through.

Bryant didn’t say any more, two steps forward, bending her knees, knelt down towards Lawrence, and said every word: “Master is here, please be respected by the disciple!”

When saying this, Bryant resisted the unwillingness in his heart, and his tone was very sincere.

To be honest, Bryant felt 10,000 reluctance in his heart to worship Lawrence as his teacher.

But no way.

His mother’s life is in his hands, and what’s the point of living alone if he loses his mother when his father dies?


Seeing that he finally agreed to apprenticeship, Lawrence was overjoyed and couldn’t help but laugh, raising his hand and saying, “Okay, okay, good boy, get up!”

Bryant responded and stood up.

Lawrence looked happy and looked up and down Bryant: “From today, you have to follow Master with all your heart and soul, and you can’t be slack in the slightest, you know?”

Speaking of it, Lawrence forced Bryant to apprehend his teacher. Although the final goal was to control the Palace of Longevity, it must be said that Bryant was extremely talented and was also a cultivating genius.

Lawrence is very happy to receive such an apprentice.

Bryant did not dare to violate, nodded and agreed: “I see, Master.”


Lawrence applauded, and then walked over and unlocked Evelyn’s acupuncture point: “I’m frightened, Mrs. Wen! Don’t worry, I will teach Bessie well.”

Having said this, Lawrence left the island with Bryant.


On the other side, the ghost world!

In the gloomy purgatory, two ghost pawns dragged a figure and walked in slowly.

It is Lorenzo.

At this time, Lorenzo was full of scars and extremely weak.

Two days ago, after Lorenzo was caught, he was sent to the ghost world. At that time, Pluto was very angry and tortured on the spot. After that, Lorenzo was ordered to be sent to purgatory.


At this time, two ghost soldiers tied Lorenzo to a stone pillar and turned and left.

Lorenzo was hurt all over, and almost lost the strength to speak, but he still remained somewhat awake, but he was desperate in his heart.

As long as you are thrown into purgatory, you won’t even think about seeing the sun again.

At this moment, feeling the gloomy chill around him, Lorenzo closed his eyes, completely desperate.

Darryl, Peter, Big Brother really wants to say goodbye to you this time.

“Ha ha…”

However, at this moment, there was a sneer not far away, and there was a bit of mockery in the sneer: “Unexpectedly, the famous Palace Master of Kyushu will end up like this in the end.”


Lorenzo was shocked, and immediately turned his head to look, and was stunned.

I saw that in a dark corner not far away, tied up with an embarrassed figure, he was almost tortured, but his eyes still showed a ray of reluctance.

It is Mateo.


The moment he saw Mateo, Lorenzo was surprised and sighed. It was a coincidence that he was locked up with Mateo.

When Lorenzo first became the messenger of Pluto, he checked Purgatory and found Mateo by accident. At that time, Mateo asked Lorenzo to let him go, but was rejected by Lorenzo.

At this time, Lorenzo did not expect that he angered Pluto and was thrown into purgatory, and unexpectedly met Mateo again.


At this time, Mateo’s eyes were full of sneers: “Before you asked you to help me, you stood firm, and now you still end up like me?”

Lorenzo took a deep breath, too lazy to bother!

Perceiving Lorenzo’s attitude, Mateo was very popular: “Lorenzo, in this situation, don’t put on the air of stinky literati!”

Lorenzo still ignored it.

Mateo is Darryl’s major enemy of life and death. He is cunning and evil. This kind of person doesn’t want to say a word to him.


Seeing this scene, Mateo also felt boring, so he stopped mocking.

In the next second, Mateo thought of something: “Lorenzo, do you want to escape?”


Hearing this, Lorenzo’s heart moved, and he said lightly: “What do you mean?”

“no other meanings!”

Mateo smiled and said seriously: “I know that you are Darryl’s eldest brother, and you also regard me as an enemy, but since I lost my life in Death Valley in the wild and treacherous region, the grievances with you have ended. “

As he said, Mateo took a deep breath and continued: “I told you before that Pluto is ambitious, and I also know some of his secrets, but you don’t believe it! Alas!”

Hearing this, Lorenzo groaned.

A few seconds later, Lorenzo looked at Mateo: “Do you have a way to let me escape?”

Yes, Lorenzo contradicted Mateo from the bottom of his heart, but think about it carefully, after Mateo’s death, He Darryl’s grievances have ended, and he was still imprisoned in purgatory to suffer, so there is no need to deceive himself.

Mateo smiled and said slowly: “Of course there is!”

“Say it!” Lorenzo was very excited, his eyes full of urgency.

“What’s the rush?” Mateo looked around very vigilantly, making sure that no ghosts were nearby, and slowly said: “If you want me to tell you the way to leave, you have to promise me two conditions!”


Lorenzo frowned and became vigilant in an instant.

This piece of Yu took the initiative to help himself, it must be no good.


Looking at Lorenzo’s expression, Mateo seemed helpless: “Don’t worry, my conditions will not violate your principles!”

“Okay, go ahead!” Lorenzo took a deep breath and said.

If you don’t violate your principles, let alone two things, you have to agree to two hundred things. Lorenzo shudder at the thought of being trapped in purgatory forever and suffering.

More importantly, Lorenzo was reluctant to part with the mainland of Kyushu, and was reluctant to part with Darryl and Peter.

Seeing Lorenzo’s promise, Mateo was very excited, and hurriedly said: “First, you have to take me out, and second, after returning to Kyushu, you need to help me find a body. You know, I am a one now. A lone soul needs a body to be resurrected.”

This one….

Lorenzo groaned, then nodded and said, “Okay!”

These two conditions are indeed not excessive.

“You are the messenger of the Pluto, and you have a soul contract with the Pluto. Therefore, your physique is very special.” At this time, Mateo suddenly said: “You only need to bite the tip of your tongue and drop the blood on the shackles to regain it. free…”

When talking about this, Mateo was very serious. He has been imprisoned in Purgatory for more than three years and knows a lot about the ghost world.

Hearing this, Lorenzo was excited, and hurriedly followed Mateo’s method, biting the tip of his tongue and dripping blood on the shackles.


In the next second, I saw the seal on the shackles, which were directly untied.

It really can.

At this time, Lorenzo was pleasantly surprised. After removing the shackles, he quickly let go of Mateo and put him on the messenger token. Every messenger of Hades has a special messenger token.

This messenger token is not only a symbol of the identity of the messenger of Hades, but also has the ability to subdue wandering souls.

Lorenzo was thrown into purgatory, and the token on his body was not taken away. At this time, it happened to become Mateo’s boarding place. After all, Mateo did not have a physical body. It was very difficult to leave the ghost world in the form of soul.

After hiding Mateo behind the token, Lorenzo did not hesitate, avoiding the ghost soldiers, and quietly left purgatory.

Once an emissary for the Hades, Lorenzo is very familiar with the terrain of the ghost world. Although he was thrilled along the way, he encountered many patrolling ghosts, but in the end all the dangers were turned away.

Half an hour later, Lorenzo took Mateo and successfully returned to the mainland of Kyushu.

Chapter 1505


At this moment, standing on the top of the mountain, Lorenzo took a deep breath, looking at the vast world in front of him, feeling like a world away.

Although he was imprisoned in purgatory for only half a day, the torture encountered during that period was not imaginable by ordinary people.

To be honest, Lorenzo thought that he would never return to Kyushu, but he did not expect to be able to escape.

Moreover, it was Mateo who helped leave Purgatory.


At the same time, Mateo, who was hiding in the messenger token, was too excited and laughed: “Ma De, finally left that ghost place.”

“Master Wen, thank you very much!”

The last sentence, Mateo comes from the heart and soul.

Hearing this, Lorenzo smiled faintly: “Don’t thank me, if you didn’t tell me the way, I would not escape from purgatory.”

Although Mateo was in the messenger token, it did not prevent Lorenzo from communicating with him. After all, Lorenzo was the messenger of Hades and could clearly sense the situation in the token.

As he said, Lorenzo looked around and frowned slightly: “The first one will bring you back to the mainland of Kyushu. I have done it. The second one will help you find your body. I have to wait for a while. I need to regain some strength. Row.”

Before receiving various punishments, Lorenzo and his weakness.

Mateo responded with a smile: “This is natural. I can still trust the Lord Wen to keep his promise.”

Speaking of which, if it were three years ago, Mateo would never have been so polite to Lorenzo, but after this incident, the two reached a subtle tacit understanding.

Because Mateo knew that his future was all in Lorenzo’s hands. Once something happened to him, he would not have a physical rebirth, and all his previous efforts would be wasted.


At this moment, Lorenzo stopped talking, looked around and found that this was the border between the Apocalypse Continent and Dongao Continent, and hurried towards the northeast.

Lorenzo remembered that not far from here, there was a valley. The environment there is complicated, and there is no end to the whole year, only a very shady place.

Although he escaped from the ghost world, the soul contract between Lorenzo and Pluto has not been completely unraveled. The main practice is still Yin Sha Qi, so to recover from cultivation, he must be in a place with deep Yin Qi.

After arriving soon, Lorenzo saw that the valley in front of him was overgrown with weeds and was very barren.

It was noon at this time and the sun was shining brightly, but this valley was extremely cold. For Lorenzo, this is an excellent place to practice.

However, Lorenzo was not happy at all.

If you don’t cancel the soul contract with Pluto, what if your strength is stronger? Never be like a normal person.

Thinking about it, Lorenzo sighed and couldn’t help asking: “Mateo, did you say you know some secrets of Hades?”

To be honest, Lorenzo has no interest in Pluto’s secrets at all, but in order to get rid of the soul contract, he wants to know more about Pluto.

“Not bad!”

Mateo quickly responded: “Aren’t you uninterested before? Do you want to know now?”

Lorenzo did not speak, but was somewhat silent.

Seeing him not speaking, Mateo laughed and slowly said: “The greatest secret of Pluto is to rule Kyushu, but do you know what he needs to rule Kyushu?”

“What?” Lorenzo asked subconsciously.

Mateo’s tone suddenly became solemn: “Of course he needs to be stronger. You must know that as the Pluto, the master of the ghost world, he cannot come to Kyushu. This is the rule of the world. Pluto needs to have the ability to change the rules of the world. “

“I have heard that Pluto is preparing to act on the Nine Heavens Saints. It is said that the Nine Heavens Saints come from the realm of Gods and possess innate auras. As long as they integrate their innate auras and the strength of the Pluto, they can reach an uD*mnginable point. At that time, you can freely travel between Kyushu and the ghost world.”


Hearing this, Lorenzo Ugly felt shocked.

Pluto is going to act on the Saintess of Kyushu?

“Master Wen!” Feeling the strangeness of Lorenzo, Mateo couldn’t help asking: “Do you know the Nine Heavens Saint?”

“Know some!” Lorenzo responded.

When he answered, Lorenzo was very calm, but his eyes were a little complicated.

A few days ago, Lorenzo met Darryl and at the same time got acquainted with the saint Ziyan. After that, Lorenzo and Darryl said goodbye, and went to find other saints with Ziyan.

Later, when she encountered Huanxiang, she was almost beaten up by her, because Huanxiang had accused Darryl of killing the other saints. If it weren’t for other messengers from the Hades, she would have ceased to exist.

Although several days have passed, Lorenzo still feels palpitations in retrospect.

At the same time, I was also a little worried in my heart, Darryl was inexplicably framed, and I don’t know what is going on now.

Lorenzo has a calm personality, knows Darryl as a person, and believes that he will never do anything to harm the saint.


As he was talking, suddenly, he felt a strong breath in the sky not far away, and then, a man, like thunder and lightning, flew quickly.

Ok? Here is so desolate, there are still people coming?

At this moment, Lorenzo subconsciously tilted his head to look, and his face suddenly changed.

What came was a man with a strong breath.

The man looks in his thirties, with well-defined features, but between his eyebrows, there is a cold and evil spirit, and there is also a vicious atmosphere all over his body.

It is Clint.


At the same time, Clint also saw Lorenzo and was stunned.

After tarnishing the sage Lanxin, Clint also received the power of Lanxin’s Yuan Ying, but it has not been able to completely integrate, because Clint cultivated the profound Yin magic, which is extremely insidious, and Lan Xin’s Yuan Ying. The forces repel each other.

Because of this, Clint is very irritable these few days.

Just now, Clint passed through this valley and discovered that the Yin Qi here is full of yin qi, and it is an excellent place for cultivation. With the help of the environment here, he can definitely successfully suppress the strength of the Nascent Soul in his body, and then he will be able to successfully merge. Excited, Clint hurried over, planning to find a place to start meditating, but he didn’t expect to encounter Lorenzo.

“Tsk tut!”

At this moment, Clint reacted, looking at Lorenzo with a smile, and mocked: “Isn’t this the famous Palace Master Wen? You really don’t come here without any problems. I heard that you fell in the Wutian organization a few months ago. Shanya, nine dead for a lifetime, I didn’t expect to be alive. Haha, you are really dead.”

When he said this, Clint’s eyes were full of sneers.

To be honest, if it were three years ago, Clint would definitely not dare to talk to Lorenzo like this, after all, Lorenzo was the lord of the Palace of Longevity, with strong strength.

At this time, Clint clearly saw that Lorenzo’s face was pale, and his whole person was extremely weak, completely in a state of half-dead state. And his strength has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, and a few days ago he also received a powerful force of the Nascent Soul, which is not worthy of him. The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.


Lorenzo took a deep breath and retorted unceremoniously: “You are still alive as a villain, how could I die before you?”

Ma De, he was angry when he saw Clint. Darryl was misunderstood by various sects in the world, saying that he had defiled his younger brothers and sisters and was angry with his grandfather, but in fact, it was Clint’s ghost.


At the same time, Mateo, who was hidden in the messenger token, also frowned secretly, how did he meet this kid.

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