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Chapter 1506

Speaking of it, when Mateo was the Emperor of Xicang, Clint still went to take refuge in him, but in Mateo’s heart, he had never been valued, and even someone who could betray his own family was not worthy of respect.


At this time, Clint walked over slowly, his face full of arrogance: “This place has already been taken by me, please get out of here.”

At this time, Clint wanted to kill Lorenzo immediately, after all, he was Darryl’s eldest brother, but now the most important thing is the strength of the fusion inside the body.


Hearing this, Lorenzo’s face was extremely ugly. This Clint was really a villain. Seeing that he was weak, he wanted to take advantage of others.

Thinking about it, Lorenzo said coldly: “What if I don’t leave?”

At this time, Lorenzo just wanted to recover his strength quickly, how could he leave easily?

“I don’t know how to praise!”

Clint stopped talking nonsense, his eyes flashed with killing intent, and his figure jumped up, calling directly at Lorenzo.


This palm contained the inner strength of Clint’s’Xuanyin Divine Art’, and wherever he passed, the clear sky instantly darkened, with dark clouds covering his head.


Seeing Clint rushing and the explosive power, Lorenzo was immediately frightened.

D*mn! Think I am weak and bully, right?

In fright, Lorenzo had no time to dodge, so he had to urge his internal force to attack. Lorenzo did not dare to be careless and urged all his internal forces to resist!


In the next second, the two palms collided, and a dull vibration erupted. Lorenzo felt only a fearful power, and he snorted, and the whole person flew upside down, and at the same time he landed, a mouthful of blood sprayed. come out.


Steady his figure, Lorenzo looked at Clint in shock. After three years of not seeing him, his strength has become so strong.

At the same time, I was a little worried.

I haven’t recovered my strength yet, and I am not an opponent at all. What should I do?

“what’s the situation?”

At this time, Mateo, who was hiding in the messenger token, also hurriedly asked: “Palace Master Wen, how are you? Are you okay?”

In the token, Mateo couldn’t see the situation, but he could also feel that Lorenzo and Clint fought against each other.

Speaking of it, Mateo and Lorenzo had no friendship at all, and even had hatred before, but at this time, his fate was in Lorenzo’s hands, and he had to find his body to resurrect him. If Lorenzo had something wrong, I am hopeless to be reborn.

“I’m fine!” Lorenzo took a deep breath and responded.

When he said this, Lorenzo looked indifferent, but he felt a little desperate in his heart.

The hatred between Clint and Darryl is as deep as the sea, and he is Darryl’s eldest brother, he will certainly not let him go easily.


Seeing Lorenzo’s face changed, Clint couldn’t help but laughed up to the sky, his face was full of triumph: “Lorenzo, you have today? Any last words to say quickly, otherwise there will be no chance!”

In the past few years, Clint has been pretending to be Darryl’s name, doing evil everywhere in the arena, in order to ruin Darryl. Today I met Lorenzo, and I will not let it go easily.

“Clint, you are just a villain!” Lorenzo coldly responded, “It’s not that easy to kill me.”


Hearing this, Clint’s expression was extremely ugly. Ma De, three years ago, he was not strong enough and did not dare to challenge Lorenzo. Now that he has become stronger, he is still scorned by him. How can he bear it? !

“I think you won’t cry without seeing the coffin! Since you have to die, I will fulfill you!” The cold voice came from Clint’s mouth!


After the words fell, Clint’s expression was extremely stubborn, he drew out his long knife, raised his hand, and saw a horrible shadow of the knife, tearing the world and bursting toward Lorenzo.

Seeing this sword shadow, he was about to split the Chinese ugly, and saw that he was muttering words and raised his hands.

In a short time, I saw him all over his body, and a black mist suddenly rose up, covering the entire valley in an instant.

Whoosh whoosh…

In the next second, a few erratic figures rushed out of the black fog. These figures were all wearing white robes, and their faces were extremely pale, and their eyes were hollow, but the whole body was filled with a sense of lifelessness.

It is true that Lorenzo summoned the few wandering souls near this valley. Speaking of it, it was daytime, and these wandering souls were difficult to show up, but Lorenzo was an envoy of the Pluto and could easily be summoned.


In the blink of an eye, these ghosts gathered and quickly formed a formation to surround Clint.

This formation, called Soul Locking Formation, was created by Pluto.


Seeing this scene, Clint was startled and suddenly a little confused.

what’s the situation?

These suddenly appeared to be human figures, what’s the matter?

Moreover, Lorenzo has always been upright, when did he learn such a sinister exercise?

At this time, Clint didn’t know that the Lorenzo in front of him was no longer a human being, and all the methods he used came from the ghost world.

Clint didn’t know anything about the battle method, and he didn’t know what these ghosts actually existed, and he suddenly panicked.


Seeing Clint trapped in the Soul Locking Array, Lorenzo secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but his eyes were still solemn.

You know, summoning the ghosts and forming the soul-locking array is very energy intensive.

At this time, Lorenzo had reached the state where the oil was exhausted and the lamp was dry, almost all of them could not stand firmly, and were crumbling. , But still clenched his teeth and insisted, he knew that if he couldn’t suppress Clint, he would be finished.


At this time, Mateo in the messenger token was also anxious. He could clearly perceive that the fighting outside was getting more and more intense.

Moreover, Lorenzo is already weak, and the situation at this time is even less optimistic.


At this moment, Clint was trapped in the formation, panic, annoyed, and couldn’t help but yelled: “It’s a shame that you often claim to be upright and upright, but now you are using side-by-side methods, don’t you feel ashamed? “

When he said this, Clint was very annoyed.

Ma De, his own strength, but he used to crush Lorenzo, but he was trapped by a few figures. If this matter were spread out, wouldn’t it be a joke by the people of the world?

Lorenzo ignored it, but meditated on the formula silently, controlled a few ghosts, and continued to besie Clint.

At the beginning, Clint was a little secretly annoyed, but gradually realized that the figures surrounding him seemed terrible, but in fact they were not too threatening.

However, Clint couldn’t find a suitable way, and was still surrounded by circles.

Outside the formation, Lorenzo’s face became more and more ugly. He was already weak, and he forcibly summoned the ghosts to form a soul-locking formation. It was completely over-consuming his strength and he could no longer hold it.


Finally, Clint found a chance, waved a long knife to avoid a ghost in front of him, and then rushed out.


The moment he rushed out, Clint looked at Lorenzo closely, and couldn’t hide his mocking: “You want to trap me with this little method? You are too naive.”

When the voice fell, Clint’s internal strength surged, and he patted out with a palm. Oops!

Seeing Clint rushing out of the Soul Locking Formation, Lorenzo’s expression changed, panicking.

To be honest, Lorenzo itself is weak, unable to stimulate the true power of the Soul Locking Formation, and Clint also cultivates insidious techniques, so the Soul Locking Formation cannot achieve the effect of restraint at all against him.

Chapter 1507


Clint’s speed was too fast, Lorenzo wanted to dodge, but it was too late. With this palm, he slammed into Lorenzo’s body, and he heard a dull vibration, Lorenzo’s blood spurted, and the whole person flew all at once. Got out.


Lorenzo flew more than a hundred meters away, and his whole body sprinkled a rain of blood in the air, and finally fell heavily to the ground. There was severe pain and he almost passed out.

At this time, Lorenzo clearly felt that his ribs were almost broken, and there was a burst of pain, and he almost fainted.

Madder, fortunately, he has a soul contract with Pluto, and his physique is quite special. Otherwise, he will definitely be lost in the palm of his hand.


At this moment, Clint stared at Lorenzo, full of pride, but his tone was crazy: “Just let you go, you don’t go, you have to die, then I can’t blame me!”

When the voice fell, Clint slowly walked towards Lorenzo!


Seeing Clint getting closer, Lorenzo sighed and closed his eyes in despair.

Is it over like this?

But…. To die in the hands of such a villain is too unwilling!


At this very moment, an extremely cold breath came from Lorenzo’s waist, and then, an illusory figure whizzed out and went straight to Clint.

It is Mateo.

Feeling Lorenzo’s situation, Mateo was so anxious that he couldn’t help but rushed out.

If something happens to Lorenzo, don’t even think about being reborn and resurrected. You must know that rebirth and resurrection go against the sky. No one in the Kyushu Continent can help yourself, except Lorenzo. After all, he is the messenger of Pluto.

Rushing out of the messenger token and seeing the scene in front of him, Mateo was taken aback.


Has Clint’s strength turned out to be so terrifying?

Mateo saw that Lorenzo had been severely injured, and his blood was dripping in front of him, and his anger was like a gossamer, while the opposite Clint was full of pride, and his whole body was filled with evil spirits.

At the same time, Clint also saw Mateo, but at this time Mateo was just a ray of ghost, his figure looming, and he couldn’t see clearly.

“You are…” In the next second, Clint opened his mouth, but as soon as he said two words, he saw Mateo turning into a ray of light and piercing directly into Clint’s forehead.


Clint didn’t have time to react at all, his body trembled, and he immediately felt that there was another soul in his body, and this soul was quickly devouring himself.

Yes, Mateo was going to stand still on Clint’s body, in order to be reborn. However, Clint was not dead yet, and his soul hadn’t been separated, so he had to swallow Clint’s soul.

In the arena, this behavior is called seizing the house.


Feeling that the soul was constantly being swallowed, Clint couldn’t help but yell, only feeling that his entire head was extremely painful, and this pain was a thousand times stronger than the pain he had suffered before, ten thousand times…

To be honest, with Clint’s strength, it is difficult for Mateo to take advantage of the void, but he did not successfully integrate the strength of the Yuan Ying of the Lanxin Saint Girl, leaving behind hidden dangers.

Moreover, Clint’s attention just now had always been on Lorenzo, and he did not expect that a third party would surprise him.

“Ah, it hurts, it hurts…ah”

Under the severe pain, Clint hugged his head and rolled straight on the ground, wailing constantly in his mouth. Around the body, the evil spirit of Yin was constantly escaping, causing the air in a radius of one thousand meters to be violently twisted.


Seeing this scene, Lorenzo took a deep breath, his face was calm, but his heart was shocked.

In the arena, seizing homes is a taboo, because seizing homes is too cruel, devouring the souls of others, and then occupying the body and taking it for yourself.

However, Lorenzo had no sympathy.

This Clint did so many things that hurt the heavens and reason, and let Mateo seize his body, which was considered cheap. Speaking of which, although Mateo was also hateful, he was not as cunning and contemptuous.

More importantly, Lorenzo and Mateo were on the same line at this time. Seeing him seizing Clint, they would naturally not stop them.

“Go away, get away from my body…” Clint roared constantly, completely losing his mind and falling into madness: “Who are you, why are you attacking me…”


After the words fell, Mateo’s voice resounded in Clint’s mind: “Master Yue, when you went to the Xicang Palace back to me, you were very respectful. Now that three years have passed, you are much more prestigious.”


Upon hearing this, Clint’s face was cold.

This…this is Mateo’s voice, isn’t he dead? Shouldn’t the soul be in the ghost world? How about Lorenzo.

“Master Yue!”

Just when Clint was secretly surprised, Mateo’s voice sounded again, revealing endless mockery: “I was imprisoned in the ghost world purgatory for three years. I was tortured and must find a body to be reborn.”

“Your body is barely passable, let me use it!”

After the last sentence fell, Mateo accelerated the speed of winning the house.


Clint endured the pain and couldn’t help howling. His eyes were bloody red: “It turns out that you are a thief. You killed my wife. I want you to never live beyond life. If you have the ability, get out and be one-on-one with me. ..”

Clint at this time was extremely frightened.

Mateo, the despicable villain, wanted to occupy his own body. He had just obtained the power of the Yuan Ying, and he hadn’t completely integrated, so he couldn’t just die like this.

Thinking about the death of his wife Patsy, Clint trembled even more.

In the beginning, Clint still fought fiercely, fighting with Mateo’s ghost, but gradually, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and his soul was gradually swallowed up by Mateo.


It lasted for almost ten minutes, Clint’s soul was completely swallowed, his eyes went dark, and Too passed out directly.

“Master of Wendian!”

That’s why Mateo’s voice came from within Clint’s body, very excited: “Finally, it’s a success, please help the Lord Wen again.”

Although occupying Clint’s body, because of the laws of heaven and earth, Mateo at this time has no right to use it, so he can’t open his eyes and can only ask Lorenzo for help.


Lorenzo nodded, walked over slowly, hovering his hands on top of Mateo’s head, and began to meditate silently.

Lorenzo ugly thought of “The Secret of Inverting Yin and Yang” in the ghost world, which is equivalent to the Taoist’s practice for the dead to make him feel at ease. As long as the secret of inverting Yin and Yang is displayed, Mateo can control this body and completely replace Clint.

Moreover, it was precisely because he knew the yin and yang mantra of reversing the yin and yang, Mateo would help Lorenzo at the critical moment just now, otherwise, even if he occupied Clint’s body, no one would use the mantra of reversing the yin and yang, it would be useless.


A few minutes later, after Lorenzo finished reciting the last word of the formula, he saw Clint’s eyes slowly open, revealing endless excitement and excitement.

Yes, Yu completely occupied Clint’s body during this period, completely replacing him.


At this moment, Mateo was indescribably excited, and laughed at Lorenzo, “Great, I am finally reborn, Palace Master Wen, thank you!”

Lorenzo struggled to squeeze out a smile: “Then congratulations, but I want to make it clear that since you are reborn, your previous grievances and grievances will be wiped out. I hope you can be a human being again and don’t harm the rivers and lakes again.”

When I said this, Lorenzo didn’t have any strength at all, and his voice was so small that I couldn’t hear it if I didn’t listen carefully.

He had consumed a lot of internal strength before, and was injured by Clint. He had just performed the Inverted Yin and Yang Secret Technique for Mateo, so he was extremely weak at this time. Not to mention the cultivator, even an ordinary person can defeat him.

Chapter 1508


Watching Mateo go away, Lorenzo stopped thinking, sitting cross-legged, and began to practice and recover.


On the other side, after Darryl left the imperial city with Raquel, he walked for more than two hours and came to a valley.

This valley has a quiet environment. When Darryl passed by here before, he thought it was a good place. It was hidden and suitable for Raquel and others to rest.

After arriving, Darryl led the crowd to set up a few simple tents.

Miaoying and Yanhong are both fairy spirits in the illusory realm. When they first came to the Jiuzhou Continent, they suddenly felt strange everywhere.

Yan Hong is cold and arrogant, and rarely speaks. Miaoying is gentle and kind, she has no pretensions at all, and soon became one with everyone.

“Dao Chang Lu!”

After temporarily settled down, Darryl found Lu Dongbin with a sincere expression on his face: “I also ask the Daoist Chief for help, so that my family members can regain their strength!”

Before it was too illusory, Lu Dongbin once said that there is a way to heal everyone in the Ouyang family, and Darryl has always remembered it.

call? !

Feeling the urgency on Darryl’s face, Lu Dongbin stroked his beard and smiled slightly: “There are natural ways, but a lot of medicinal materials are needed!”

With that, Lu Dongbin made a list.

Darryl quickly took a look and was stunned.

I saw that there were dozens of elixirs on the list, more than half of them were rare spiritual herbs, and I had a lot of them in my own body, but they were still a lot worse.

D*mn, what should I do if there is not enough herbs?

It’s not far from Nanyun Imperial City. The imperial city is bustling and bustling. There must be herbs in the pharmacy that you need. It’s just that the imperial palace has just been rioted. At this time, the entire Nanyun Imperial City is under martial law.

Thinking about it, Darryl frowned, secretly anxious.


At this moment, Elsa walked slowly and said softly, “I heard people say that there is a Feiyun Peak in the northeast of Nanyun Imperial City, towering into the clouds, and there are many rare spiritual grasses on it. Go there and find it.”

Hearing this, Darryl’s eyes lit up and he smiled: “Look at me, I’m just anxious. Herbs can’t be bought. Let’s go pick it.”

With that, Darryl was about to leave.

However, before leaving, Darryl did not forget to explain to Miaoying and Yanhong, let them stay here, and protect everyone. You must know that everyone has lost their internal strength. If an enemy comes, it will definitely not work with Lu Dongbin.

It is better to keep both Miaoying and Yan Hong, so that she can leave with peace of mind.

“Darryl, let me go with you!”

At this time, Raquel smiled lightly and said: “I know a lot of spirit grass, and I can help you pick some.”

When he said this, Raquel said warmly, but his eyes flickered with anticipation.

For so many years, it has been a long time since I was alone with Darryl.

“Good!” Darryl nodded.

With that said, the two said goodbye to everyone and rushed towards Feiyunfeng.


the other side. Apocalyptic Palace!

The Hall of Harmony, the emperor’s resting place, is quiet and quiet.

At this time, Castro sat on the soft couch in the Hall of Harmony, and the surrounding windows were sealed up, making it look energetic. In addition, the Castro gave a special order to delimit the Jardine Hall as a restricted area, and no one should be allowed to approach it without an order.

It can be said that after taking the medicine of Gong Hao messenger and becoming the puppet of Hades, King Castro has completely changed.


At this moment, a cloud of Yin Qi came in, and then a dark shadow slowly entered the Hall of Harmony, his pale face, without any expression, and Yin Qi filled his whole body.

It is the messenger of Gong Hao.


Seeing Gong Hao, King Castro quickly got up and said in a polite tone: “The messenger suddenly appeared, but what do you want?”

Gong Hao smiled slightly: “You are the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent, eight nine-day saints, gathering together in the Nanyun Imperial City, you must have known it!”

“Yes!” Guangping Wang nodded quickly.

Gong Hao didn’t talk nonsense, and slowly said: “Your Majesty Hades has brought you a mission. He wants you to take a mission to Nanyun Palace!”


Upon hearing this, Castro was stunned.

To go to Nanyun Palace, you have to bring the mission yourself!

Seeing the change in King Castro’s expression, Gong Hao continued: “With the support of the Nanyun imperial family, the Nine Heavens Saintess will soon deploy the Xuantian Great Formation, and then return to the realm of God!”

“His Majesty Pluto, the Nine Heavens Saintess is the most important part. So they must not be allowed to form a profound formation, understand?”

Having said that, Gong Hao said some details in detail.


After learning of the situation, Castro took a deep breath and solemnly nodded his head: “The messenger can rest assured that I will definitely not disappoint His Majesty Pluto!”

A few minutes later, Castro immediately summoned the envoy group, and at the same time led thousands of elites from the Imperial Forest Army, hurried to the Southern Cloud Continent.


On the other side, Darryl took Raquel, talking and laughing along the way.

To be honest, it was the first time Darryl got along with Raquel after he returned from the wild and treacherous realm. The two held hands together, which was very sweet.

Three hours later, he finally arrived at Feiyun Peak.

I saw that on the mountain path, there were many people who went up the mountain to gather medicine, as well as some cultivators.

However, this does not hinder the mood of Darryl and Raquel. Others pick other people’s and their own, without interfering with each other. Especially thinking that by finding all the herbs, everyone in the Ouyang family will be able to recover their strength. Happy.


The appearance of Darryl and Raquel also attracted the attention of many practitioners and people.

Many men looked straight at Raquel.

What a beauty!

With emotion, these people have not forgotten their own affairs, and are constantly looking for spiritual grass on the mountain.

Darryl saw that these people and cultivators could only reach halfway up the mountain, and further up there was a steep mountain wall, which was very sinister, and it was very difficult for ordinary cultivators to fly up, let alone the common people.

Darryl knew that those rare spirit grasses grew in the most dangerous places, so after reaching the middle of the mountain, he picked up Raquel and flew directly to the top of the mountain.

Raquel has no internal strength and can only hold her.


Being held in Darryl’s arms, Raquel’s beautiful face turned blushing, but also a little shy.

In the next second, Raquel groaned: “Many people are watching…”

Darryl smiled slightly: “I am holding my wife, what are you afraid of.”

When the voice fell, Raquel turned her head and said angrily: “Who is your wife, wherever you go, you can meet confidantes. Miaoying and Yan Hong, who came back with you this time, are stronger than me. Too many, they are your wives.”

There was a bit of hurt and sourness in his tone.

I’m going, jealous now?

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, and quickly explained: “You misunderstood, then Miaoying said that I was her man, but actually not, she is like Yan Hong, a fairy in the illusion…”

In the next few minutes, Darryl explained the situation in the too illusory realm in detail.


Understanding the situation, Raquel was stunned, and it took a long time to get over.

It turns out… that Miaoying and Yan Hong are not humans!

With the effort to say these words, Darryl held Raquel and successfully reached the top of the mountain.

Chapter 1509


At this moment, looking at the beautiful scenery in front of her, Raquel’s unspeakable joy suddenly broke free from Darryl’s arms.

I saw that there were a lot of strange flowers and weeds growing around the top of the mountain in front of me, and the scent of various elixir blended together, and it was refreshing.

In the distance, the sea of ​​clouds is faint, like a fairyland.

“Sanyang grass, seven color flowers… a lot!”

Under the surprise, Raquel was very excited, and gathered with Darryl.

After half an hour, the two had gained a lot, and then Darryl hugged Raquel and flew down the mountain.


At the bottom of the mountain, looking at the people who are still working hard to gather medicine, Raquel moved her heart to test people, and said softly: “These people who gather medicine for a living are very hard. Let’s give them a lot of spiritual grass?!”

Although she used to be the princess of the Apocalypse Continent, she was extremely delicate, but Raquel was kind-hearted, especially the suffering of the people.

“Good!” Darryl didn’t even think about it, smiled and agreed.

In the next second, Darryl would walk over and distribute the extra spirit grass to the people around him.

“The army is here, run!”

However, just at this moment, I heard a panic cry, and then, the people who gathered the medicine, one by one, ran into the distance in panic.


Darryl frowned, and subconsciously tilted his head to look, and he saw a large army not far away on the road, full of thousands of people, unified bright armor.

At the front is a guard of honor. The guard of honor guards a luxurious carriage. The carriage is magnificent and is made of gold. It is carved with auspicious clouds and dragons and phoenixes. It is drawn by eight white horses. The surrounding flags are also embroidered with five-claw golden dragons.

What a big show!

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help but muttered secretly, could it be that Empress Nanyun was on the tour?


Raquel, who was next to him, trembled, and couldn’t help but softly said, “At this time, the Dragon Driver of Emperor Apocalypse, how did King Castro come to Nanyun Continent?”

Raquel used to be a princess, and he could tell at a glance that this was the dragon driver of the Apocalypse Continent!


Hearing this, Darryl raised his brows, and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Is the king of Castro sitting in the carriage?


At the same time, King Castro in the carriage also saw Darryl and Raquel, and he was shocked, and then coldly said: “Stop!”

In the next second, King Castro walked out of the carriage slowly, his eyes locked on Darryl: “Where can I not meet in life!”

Castro visited the Nanyun imperial family in the name of an envoy, but the real purpose was to deal with the eight nine-day saints, but he did not expect that he encountered Darryl when he first came to Nanyun Continent.

Darryl frowned secretly without responding.

Raquel next to him was also inexplicably panicked.


At this time, Castro said coldly: “I won’t talk too much nonsense. My wife has been in the palace and missed you day and night, and has lost a lot of weight. Since I met you today, just follow me. When you return to the Apocalypse Continent, I will let you Reunion, how?”

When talking about this, Castro watched his surroundings.

Speaking of it, King Castro wanted to do it directly when he encountered Darryl, but he thought that this was the Southern Cloud Continent, and Darryl was cunning and cunning, who knew if there was an ambush nearby.

Made! The king of Castro became more and more hypocritical.

Muttered in his heart, Darryl said in an angry tone: “King Castro, you don’t pretend to be with me, you have always wanted to get rid of me, are you willing to reunite me with your wife?”

“Also, you were going to execute Ya’er before, and I haven’t settled this account with you yet!”

When he said this, Darryl was full of anger, and at the same time he was secretly suspicious.

what happened? How does the king of Castro feel so energetic?


Feeling Darryl’s contempt, King Castro’s expression was extremely ugly for an instant, and he said coldly: “Take these two people down for me!”

At this time, the Castro had already determined that there was no ambush nearby, only Darryl and Raquel, so there was no need to worry.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

When the voice fell, the surrounding elites of the Imperial Forest Army responded one after another, holding the long knives tightly, and rushing over quickly to surround Darryl!

Seeing this scene, Raquel became nervous.

If he didn’t lose his inner strength, he could leave with Darryl, but now, he has become a burden to Darryl.

Feeling her tension, Darryl gently comforted: “Don’t be afraid!”

With that said, Darryl protected her behind him, without looking at the elites of the Imperial Forest Army around him, and said coldly at King Castro: “King Castro, do you think that these people can catch us two?”

“As for Madam, I was able to take Ya’er away in front of you at that time, and naturally I could also go to the palace and take Madam away.”

The thought of Kendra made Darryl feel a pain in his heart.

She has been trapped in the palace for more than ten years, and she doesn’t know how much suffering she has suffered.

Darryl’s words completely drove King Castro crazy.

“Kill him for me!”

Under the roar, King Castro drew a long sword and rushed directly towards Darryl.

At the same time, the surrounding elites of the Yulin Army also howled and attacked Darryl.


Darryl took a deep breath and didn’t panic at all. Fang Tian shook hands with a halberd and greeted him directly.

Bang bang bang…

At this time, Darryl couldn’t help practicing the Guiguzi technique. There was also Nuwa Empress’s Chaos Yin-Yang Pearl in his body. The strength was not what it used to be. In a few blinks, more than one hundred Yulin Army troops were easily defeated. Ground.

However, in order to protect Raquel’s thoroughness, Darryl had dual purposes and was unable to devote himself to the battle wholeheartedly. It was difficult to rush out for a while in the face of the enemies that were constantly swarming in.

“Kill him for me, kill him!”

King Castro was howling desperately, and then found a chance to rush in from the back, piercing Darryl’s back with a sword!


When this sword went down, blood poured out immediately!


Seeing this scene, Raquel, who was hiding behind, couldn’t help but exclaimed, her heart hung up, her delicate face was full of anxiety.

Darryl gritted his teeth, endured the severe pain, and yelled at King Castro: “Fortunately, you are still Emperor Tianqi, will you only make a surprise attack?”

When the voice fell, Darryl’s internal force urged him to see a dazzling light that burst out from Fang Tian’s painting halberd, heading straight to the Castro.

So strong!

Feeling the power of this ray of light, King Castro’s expression changed, and he hurriedly placed the long sword in front of him, urging his internal resistance.


In the next second, the light slammed against the long sword, and heard a crisp sound. The long sword was broken into several sections. At the same time, the Castro also snorted and was directly shocked.

Flew a full tens of meters away, King Castro landed on both feet, and his heart was incomparably shocked. At the same time, his eyes locked on Darryl, and it became even more gloomy and cold.

This Darryl’s strength became more and more terrifying. If you let him run today, there will be endless troubles.

Today we must get rid of him anyway.

Seeing King Castro being retreated by himself, Darryl was about to pursue it, but was quickly stopped by the elites of the Yulin Army.

Seeing Castro’s wounds, the eyes of each of the imperial forest soldiers were red, and if something happened to your Majesty, he would not be able to afford it.

“Darryl… be careful!”

Seeing Darryl surrounded by Tuantuan, Raquel’s eyes turned red all of a sudden, and she couldn’t help but snorted softly.

At this time, Raquel wanted to help, but he didn’t have any internal strength and could only be anxious.

Chapter 1510

“Go to hell, Darryl!”

At this moment, he heard King Castro roar, and immediately drew out a long bow, pinched the feather arrow, and shot directly towards Darryl. Feather arrows let out a scream in the air, and the air was torn apart.

Yu Jian was as fast as lightning, and when Darryl realized the danger, it was too late.

“Be careful!”

Seeing this scene, Raquel’s pretty face changed, she couldn’t help exclaiming, and then ran over quickly, blocking behind Darryl!


At this moment, the feather arrow pierced Raquel’s body fiercely, blood spurted out in an instant, her body softened, and she fell directly to the ground.

“Raquel!” Darryl shook his body and yelled like crazy, turned around and hugged her!

At this moment, Raquel’s delicate face became extremely pale, and the blood kept flowing out, dyeing her long skirt red!


Raquel opened her mouth, and after only one word, she couldn’t speak any more, she just felt hurt.

“Raquel, don’t scare me…!” Darryl kept yelling, his eyes were extremely bloody red, and the whole person completely collapsed!

why? Why are you so stupid.

I obviously lost my internal strength, and I have to take this arrow for me now.

“Raquel, don’t scare me…” Under the heartache, Darryl gently shook Raquel’s body, his voice choked up and couldn’t help but shed tears.

I thought that this time I came out to collect medicine and could restore her strength to Da Sage and others, but how could I not expect that they would encounter King Castro. Moreover, Raquel was injured for herself.

If I knew this, I would take her out with me.

Listening to Darryl’s call, Raquel’s weak face squeezed a smile: “I’ll be fine, don’t be uncomfortable!”

“Don’t talk, don’t talk, you will take you back immediately!” Darryl’s tears rushed down and couldn’t stop it at all!

“go back!?”

this moment,

The corner of King Castro’s mouth was cruel, and he said coldly: “Today you two, neither of you can leave. Let’s be a pair of desperate mandarin ducks together!”

When the voice fell, King Castro waved his hand, and the surrounding elites of the Imperial Forest Army swarmed again.


At this moment, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and then gently put down Raquel, held Fang Tian’s painting halberd tightly, and looked around.

“All of you have to die!”


When the voice fell, Darryl urged his internal force, and in an instant, a terrifying aura burst out, and within a kilometer of a radius, the air was distorted.

“You all have to die, you all have to die!” Darryl’s voice was already hoarse, and under the roar, he suddenly raised his right hand!

“All thoughts are ashamed!”

As the voice fell, thunderclouds rolled in the sky, and then, a storm completely condensed by internal forces, like a huge tornado, enveloped the surrounding Imperial Forest Army.


Thousands of the elite of the Yulin Army screamed screaming after they had no time to dodge.

In less than ten seconds, more than half of the more than three thousand imperial forest troops fell in a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, Castro only felt his scalp tighten and his brain buzzed.

Killed so many subordinates with just one move?

“Darryl, today… you are lucky today, we will have some time later!!” King Castro screamed unwillingly, and then left with the rest of the Yulin Army in embarrassment.

To be honest, Wang Guangping wanted to live with Darryl endlessly, but thinking that he had important things to do, he finally chose to retreat.

Castro thought about it. As long as he has completed the things his Majesty the Hades confessed, when the time comes, he will be rewarded, so he can deal with Darryl.


Seeing King Castro leaving with his subordinates, Darryl wanted to pursue it, but considering Raquel’s injury, he still held back.

“Raquel, you hold on, you must hold on…”

In the next second, Darryl quickly picked up Raquel and flew into the air, his face full of anxiety and distress.

“Darryl, I feel so cold, am I going to die?” Raquel said weakly, that makes people feel distressed!

“Don’t talk nonsense, you won’t die, I don’t allow you to die!” Darryl hugged her tightly, only feeling that his heart was trembling, and at the same time he speeded up.

A few hours later, Darryl brought Raquel and joined Peter and others.


In a moment, everyone panicked when they saw that Raquel was seriously injured. Subsequently, Lu Dongbin treated Raquel for his injuries.

Speaking of it, Darryl had learned medical skills from Shennong, and he also had Promise Pill Art, but Raquel’s injuries were too serious, and Darryl was not sure at all.

But Lu Dongbin is different, he is a master of Taoism.

Two hours later, Lu Dongbin walked out of the tent, looking tired!

Darryl hurried over and asked anxiously, “Daochang Lu, how is Raquel?”

Lu Dongbin smiled slightly, and comforted: “Sect Master Yue, Miss Raquel is fine, but that arrow pierced her heart, I am afraid that she will die if she is deeper, but she is all right now, and she just needs to take a good rest afterwards. .”


Hearing this, Darryl exhaled a long breath, overjoyed, and kept bowing to Lu Dongbin: “Thank you Dao Chang, Dao Chang!”

Lu Dongbin smiled easily, waved his hand to indicate that it was nothing, and then said solemnly: “Yes, there is one more thing. When I pulled out the arrow just now, I found a kind of insidious poison remained on the arrow. Moreover, this insidious poison is very evil. , You have to be careful when you encounter this king of Castro in the future!”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned.

When I first met, I felt that the Castro was different from before, but now, Lu Dongbin found the insidious poison on the arrow….remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading on the mobile phone in one second.

Could it be… he is also related to Pluto?

“All right!”

While Darryl was thinking about this secretly, Lu Dongbin smiled slightly: “I’ll make an antidote for everyone.” Lu Dongbin walked away slowly as he said!


Seeing Lu Dongbin walking away, Darryl couldn’t wait to walk into the tent.

In the tent, Raquel was lying there, her face still pale. Her eyes were closed tightly and her eyelashes quivered slightly, which was pitiful.

Darryl walked up to her and looked at her quietly, feeling unspeakable guilt in his heart.

As a noble princess, after following herself, Raquel had suffered so much in the past few years, yet she hadn’t given her happiness, and she was seriously injured by the king of Castro and almost died.

Fortunately, she has no life worries now.


Just when Darryl secretly blamed himself, Raquel woke up and couldn’t help but call out softly.

Darryl reacted and gently pulled Raquel’s hand: “Raquel, why did you block that arrow for me before? You are not allowed to do such silly things in the future.”

Raquel smiled lightly, with a weak tone, but very serious: “You are my husband, and the situation was so dangerous at the time. Of course I had to block it for you. Otherwise, if something happens to you, what does it mean to be alive?”

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart trembled, and he was indescribably moved!

In the next second, Darryl gently held her in his arms.

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