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Chapter 1516

I don’t know how long it took, the empress fell into a deep sleep.

At this time, it was already dark outside.

Darryl embraced the empress, wanting to cry without tears!


Entering the palace tonight, it was to investigate the secrets of Castro, but the result was spent all night with the queen.

Depressed, Darryl quietly got up and left the palace quickly!

If you don’t leave, you will be in trouble when the queen wakes up.

Soon, returning to the place where she separated from Cynthia yesterday, she saw from a distance that Cynthia was already waiting there.


Seeing Darryl, Cynthia hurriedly greeted her and said quickly: “I asked about it last night. Most of these forces wanted to see the Nine Heavens Saintess’s Fang Rong, and some wanted to take this opportunity to become famous all over the world. , It’s just these, it seems useless to us!”

Upon hearing this, Darryl nodded silently.

At this moment, Cynthia couldn’t help asking: “What about you? Did you find any news?”

Uh …

Darryl was very embarrassed, scratching his head and said: “The palace is heavily guarded, I checked it all night, and there are no special clues.”

How can you tell me about the matter of the night and rain between myself and the queen?

As he was talking, he heard the direction of the imperial palace, and there was a wave of restlessness, and many cultivators rushed over.

“Brother, listen to them. Today, the Nanyun imperial family is going to hold a meeting to discuss how to build the Xuantian Great Formation. Let’s go and see!” Cynthia said while holding Darryl’s hand, very excited.

Darryl nodded, and together with Cynthia, followed everyone to the blessing altar.

The Altar of Blessing is the place where the Nanyun imperial family worships heaven and earth. It is extremely sacred. At this time, it was set as the venue of the conference.

From a distance, I saw the entrance to the altar of prayer, guarded by guards. Every cultivator who enters needs to record his identity.

Darryl and Cynthia reported a fake sect name and mixed in easily.

I go, so many people?

When he arrived at the altar of prayer, Darryl was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him!

I saw that in the center of the square of the Altar of Blessing, a huge platform was built, extremely solemn, and all around the platform, seats were set up. At this time, these seats are already crowded with people. From a distance, the darkness is overwhelming , It is spectacular!

Darryl saw that there were many familiar figures sitting on these seats.

Danzong on the Dongao Continent, the famous Sword Villa on the Yellow Sea Continent, Wudang, Shaolin and so on on the Earth Round Continent.


At this moment, Darryl was stunned when he saw a familiar figure.

I saw that in a seat not far away, the white horse was sitting there with a leisurely expression. Behind him, there were a few elite disciples in the Hall of Longevity standing neatly.

This kid betrayed Brother Wen and now he is the Lord of the Palace of Longevity?

At this time, Darryl stared at the white horse closely, and his heart rose with anger.

Half a month ago, Darryl happened to encounter Lorenzo. At that time, Lorenzo explained in detail the process of falling into the abyss. It can be said that Lorenzo fell into such a situation, and it was all done by White Horse.

Upon learning the situation at that time, Darryl was furious, and secretly swore to kill Bai Ma, but he did not expect to encounter him here.

At this time, Darryl wanted to kill the white horse very much, but when he saw the surrounding situation, he was still steady.

At this moment, in the VIP seat of the venue, Castro was sitting there, his eyes slowly scanning the audience, his expression gloomy.

Ma De, who was able to get the Queen last night, was disturbed by a mysterious person. Not only did he not enjoy the Queen’s gentleness, but he also delayed the task of Pluto’s account.

There are so many people in the meeting place, that mysterious person must be among them.

However, the king of Castro searched for a long time, but he couldn’t find the person he met last night.

At this time, Castro didn’t know. It was Darryl who did bad things about him last night, and Darryl changed his face, but when he entered the venue just now, Cynthia gave Darryl a new make-up. Castro naturally couldn’t recognize it. .


At this moment, the entire venue suddenly broke out in agitation. Many people stood on tiptoe and looked around.

“The princess is here!”

“What a nice view!”

Amidst the exclamation, he saw Ora slowly walking to the center of the platform surrounded by several court guards.

At this time, Ora, wearing a pale yellow dress, is noble and arrogant, showing the royal aura all over his body. Today’s conference is hosted by Ora.


At this time, Ora looked around and slowly said: “I believe everyone knows, this time the empress issued an edict for the nine-day saint.”

“The journey of the Nine Heavens Saintess to Kyushu was originally a disaster, and this disaster is related to the Pluto of the ghost world. The specific details will be explained by the Nine Heavens Saintess for you.”

Ora’s voice was not loud, but it spread throughout the venue.

Afterwards, Ora talked about some more situations and asked the guards around him to invite the Nine Heavens Saint to appear.


When the eight saints of Huanxiang came out, the audience was boiling! Many men’s eyes widened, almost stunned, and many women’s eyes were full of jealousy.

“Beautiful! It’s so beautiful!”

“Is this the Nine Heavens Saint?”

I saw that the eight saints of Huanxiang and Ziyan were all in white dresses, stunningly stunning. The exquisite face is truly an immortal, indescribably beautiful.

The eight saints walked slowly to the center of the platform and nodded to everyone around them.

After that, Huanxiang took a step forward and slowly said: “This time you build the Xuantian Great Formation, everyone can come to help. We are very grateful to the Nine Heavens Saintess. Our Nine Heavens Saintess was originally stationed in the Mitian Spirit Realm, and our duty is to protect the Kyushu mainland. Balance, I don’t know that Pluto is ambitious…”

In the next ten minutes, Huanxiang explained the situation in detail.

At the end, Huanxiang looked around and continued: “Now, the power of Pluto has infiltrated Kyushu. In order to prevent him from poisoning the living beings, we must return to the realm of God as soon as possible. Therefore, the matter of the Xuantian Great Array. , No time to delay!”


Upon hearing this, all the major sect forces on the scene looked at each other and were shocked.

What Huanxiang said has far exceeded their cognition.

Pluto, God’s Domain… These things that can only be heard in ancient books and legends, actually exist.

Quiet! For a while, the whole prayer altar was silent, and a needle drop could be heard clearly. Everyone was shocked, unable to slow down for a long time.

At this moment, Darryl also secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

The magical incense saint announced the matter, which is beneficial and harmless to the Kyushu Continent. After all, Pluto did so many things secretly, and many people were kept in the dark.

Now that all continents know it, they can unite and fight against Pluto.


However, at this moment, the king of Castro, who had been sitting there, suddenly laughed and stood up and said loudly: “What Nine Heavens Saint, everyone, don’t listen to this woman’s deceptive words!”

As he said, King Castro walked out slowly, his gaze slowly swept over Huanxiang and the eight saints of Madeline, saying word by word: “You are not the nine-day saints at all, so don’t pretend!”


Hearing this, everyone in the audience was stunned. At the same time, they looked at the eight saints of Huanxiang one by one, with doubts in their eyes.

Chapter 1517


The voice fell, and the audience was in an uproar.

“A fake nine-day saint?”


At the same time, Huanxiang and Ziyan all changed their pretty faces, their eyes fixed on the Castro in anger.

What nonsense is this emperor of the Apocalypse Continent talking about? The Saintess of the Nine Heavens has no grievances and no grudges against him, so why should he slander him in public? !


At this moment, Darryl frowned and took a deep breath.

D*mn, the Castro really had a problem. First, he sneaked into the queen’s palace last night and tried to make a mistake, and now he publicly said that the Nine Heavens Saint was a fake.

It seems that he really took refuge in Pluto secretly.

“Big Brother!” Cynthia beside her, also frowning her eyebrows, couldn’t help but said, “What the hell is the Castro going to do? Why do you say that the Nine Heavens Saint is fake?”

Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and said in a low voice: “I don’t know, let’s watch the changes first.”

On stage at this time.

“Your Majesty Apocalypse!”

At this time, Huanxiang was the first to react, and directed at Castro very unhappy: “Why do you say that we are a fake Nine Heavens Saint? As the ruler of the Apocalypse Continent, you should know what the consequences of malicious slander are. .”

When she said this, Huanxiang was very angry.

At the same time, Madeline also looked at Castro.

“Your Majesty Apocalypse!”

At the same time, Ora also walked out and couldn’t help saying: “Yes, these eight saints gathered in Nanyun Imperial City three days ago, and they are very clear about the affairs of God’s Domain and the Heavenly Spirit Realm. How could it be? fake?”

When he said this, Ora’s beautiful face was also full of questions.

Speaking of it, Ora has always had a bad impression of Castro. At that time, the Apocalypse imperial family held a recruitment meeting for Raquel. On the day of the finals, Castro suddenly appeared and killed the Emperor Apocalypse to seize the throne. Later, he captured Diyuan mainland Various sects. It can be said that this is a person who does nothing to achieve an end.

And now, in front of the heroes of Kyushu, he said that the Nine Heavens Saints were fake. You know, these eight saints were approved by the empress. If they were fake, wouldn’t the Nanyun imperial family become a joke?


In the face of everyone’s gaze, Castro smiled slightly and said to Ora: “What I said is true, you and the queen have been deceived by them!”

At this time, King Castro looked serious. His task this time was to prevent the construction of the Xuantian Great Formation. Naturally, he had to do everything possible to decontaminate the Nine Heavens Saint.


At this moment, Madeline finally couldn’t help it, and said to the king of Guangping: “You keep saying that we are not the real nine-day saints, what proof do you have?”

Hearing this, many people in the audience nodded secretly.

Yes, there is no evidence, how can it prove that these eight saints are fake?


Castro sneered, and slowly said, “If you want evidence, okay, let me tell you that, half a month ago, a woman who claimed to be the Saintess of Orchid came to the Weather Palace and asked for help. After I saw it through, he shut it down. She got up, and when I was about to interrogate, she was rescued by Darryl!”

Having said this, King Castro looked around and continued: “As far as I know, the real nine-day saints were locked up by them and Darryl, and then these eight women pretended to be the nine-day saints to deceive the Nanyun royal family. .”

“As for the Xuantian Great Formation they are building, the purpose is not to return to God’s Realm at all, but to use this Great Formation to trap the various sects in Kyushu.”

“This is a conspiracy, a conspiracy to dominate Kyushu.”

At the end, King Castro looked excited and impassioned, but his eyes flashed with cunning.


Hearing this, the whole venue exploded. Everyone was whispering and talking, and they were shocked.

“The emperor of the Apocalypse Continent is not talking about it from nowhere. Half a month ago, there was indeed a saint named Lanxin who went to the Apocalypse Palace for help.”

“I heard it too!”

“Is this really a conspiracy?”

Everyone’s comments kept coming, and the eight saints of Huanxiang and Ziyan were trembling.

“You bullshit!”

Huanxiang had a pungent personality, and couldn’t help but shout at Guangping Wang Jiao: “Darryl killed Saint Lanxin. Our Nine Heavens Saints don’t share heaven with him. How could they be accomplices?”

The king of Castro was so insidious that he fabricated the facts.

What’s even more hateful is that he even pulled Darryl in. Darryl killed Lan Xin. He and other sisters wanted to cut him a thousand times, how could they be in the same group with him.


At the same time, Darryl, who was standing below, was also an unknown fire.

The king of Guangping was so despicable that he turned black and white.

At that time, it was obvious that the king of Quangping wanted to plot against the sage of Lanxin, so he took the risk to rescue her, but this time, the king of Quangping was even described as a party conspiring to Kyushu.

In anger, Darryl took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

After walking through the rivers and lakes for so many years, Darryl’s bloody temperament has been reduced a lot, not as impulsive as before.

Darryl thought it over, first look at the conspiracy of King Castro, and then act accordingly.


At this moment, King Castro on the stage sneered and retorted at Huanxiang: “You said that a saint was killed by Darryl? It’s ridiculous. What you are talking about is inherently suspicious, if it is true. She is the Nine Heavens Saint, how could she be killed easily?”

With that, King Castro’s eyes flashed with treacherousness, and continued: “Even if you and Darryl have problems, it is your internal contradiction, and the fact that you are conspiring cannot be changed.”


Huanxiang’s face flushed, and she wanted to refute, but she didn’t know how to speak.

At that time, Saint Lanxin, after being defiled, the power in the body would be transmitted to the other party. It is precisely because of this that Saint Lanxin could not bear the humiliation and commit suicide. But this matter is about the innocence of Saint Lanxin, how can she be public? speak out?


Seeing this scene, everyone in the audience stopped talking and looked at the eight saints of Huanxiang and Ziyan in a complicated manner.

Is this nothing to say?

Not only that, but Ora on the side also frowned slightly and became suspicious.

If they are true Nine Heavens Saints, why not continue to argue with Castro?


When it was almost time to see him, King Castro looked around and said loudly: “As far as I know, these eight women and Darryl have secretly sought refuge in Pluto. As long as they take refuge in Pluto, they have a special mark of Pluto. !” First posted @@@

When the voice fell, King Castro took out a bottle of powder from his body and sprayed it directly at the eight saints of Huanxiang.


The powder rose into the wind and immediately enveloped the eight saints of Huanxiang.

King Castro made a sudden move, and the eight saints of Huanxiang had no time to react. They saw that the powder was contaminated, and a strong Yin and evil aura was immediately diffused.

Under the stimulation of this evil spirit, the power of the eight saints of Huanxiang was immediately aroused. Suddenly, the Nascent Soul in an individual emits a faint light, which is faintly visible.

“This is Medela pollen…”

The eight saints of Huanxiang at this time were all frightened.

Underworld flower is a kind of flower with heavy yin, only the ghost world has it. This kind of flower and grass gathers the yin and evil spirit of the ghost world and is very evil.

Chapter 1518


Seeing this scene, the audience was in an uproar.

“What’s looming in them?”

“Is it really from Pluto?”

“Made, I was almost deceived, it’s just a pity, each one looks like a beautiful country…”

The people present had very little knowledge about the Nine Heavens Saints, and did not know the existence of Yuan Ying. At this time, they believed in the words of King Castro, thinking that the Yuan Ying that appeared on their bodies was a unique mark on the bodies of Pluto’s subordinates.

“The original shape is revealed!”

At this time, King Castro took a step forward and shouted at Huanxiang, “What else do you have to say?”

The king of Castro at this time was indescribably proud.

Yes, the pollen of Mingluo just now was given to him by the envoy of Gong Hao.

Pluto knew that the Continent of Nine Provinces knew very little about the Nine Heavens Saints, and as long as they showed their differences from ordinary people, they could successfully slander them.

Speaking of it, Castro was a little worried at first, but this time he was relieved when he saw the reaction of the audience. At the same time it was very exciting.


At this time, Huan Xiangqiao flushed, unspeakable humiliation, and shouted at Guangping Wang Jiao: “The thief shouts to catch the thief, you are the Pluto, but you use this kind of indiscriminate means to spread rumors.”

Can you take out Pluto pollen, what is it that is not Pluto’s subordinate?

“You still dare to argue, take him down!” Guangping Wang sneered, and then waved his hand.

Afterwards, Castro stepped aside, not intending to do it himself. He is a Pluto puppet, with an incomparably sinister technique, so naturally he won’t show it in front of everyone.


In an instant, the elite of the Imperial Forest Army brought by the Castro, and the surrounding Nanyun Imperial City Guards, surged up and surrounded the magic incense in eight groups.

At the same time, Ora also drew his long sword, and drank coldly at Huanxiang: “You are so bold, dare to impersonate the Nine Heavens Saint?”

Like most people, Ora believed the words of King Castro after seeing the Yuan Ying on Huanxiang Eight.

Screaming and drinking, Ora’s internal force urged, his figure was astonished, and he pierced Huanxiang with a sword.


The surrounding guards and the elite of the Yulin Army also started to move towards Madeline.

In the blink of an eye, a fierce battle broke out.


Seeing this scene, the strength of the surrounding major sects retreated one after another, watching the situation.


Darryl was secretly anxious.

Everyone believed the fallacies of King Castro and believed that Huanxiang were false nine-day saints. What should we do now? Do you want to help?

The purpose of Castro must be to capture the Nine Heavens Saints alive, and they must not fall into the hands of Castro.

However, after thinking about it, the various forces of the Nine Heavens Saints are powerful, and it is difficult to control them only with the subordinates of King Castro, and Ora and others.

Thinking of this, Darryl tried to calm down, and together with everyone around him, he paid close attention to the situation on the stage.


At this time, Huanxiang dealt with the elite of the Yulin army in front of him, and shouted at Ora: “You have to believe us, we are not fakes, this Guangping king has bad intentions…”

But before finishing speaking, he was interrupted by Ora.

“It’s true or false, it will come to light soon, you guys will catch it first.” Ora responded coldly, without the slightest fluctuation on the beautiful face.

To be honest, Ora didn’t believe it either, the Huanxiang in front of him were fakes.

But the strange marks appeared on their bodies just now, which makes people have to doubt.

At this time, Ora didn’t know that the eight saints of Huanxiang came from God’s realm, and their physique was very different from ordinary people. It was their Nascent Infant who appeared just now.

Seeing Ora didn’t believe in himself, Huanxiang was completely anxious.

“Huanxiang, let’s rush out first!” Madeline couldn’t help but shouted, biting her lip.

Huanxiang nodded, and immediately cooperated with Madeline, rushing out of the altar of prayer.

Bang bang bang…

All of a sudden, I saw the eight saints of Huanxiang, who cooperated with each other in a tacit understanding. At the same time, the figures were extremely agile and dazzling. In the blink of an eye, the elite of the besieging Imperial Forest Army and the guards were all shaken out, one by one. Died in the past.

Ora was also shaken back by a palm, and he took a few dozen steps back, his breath was disordered, and his delicate face was pale.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s mouth curled up, and he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

As expected to be the Nine Heavens Saints, this strength is really too strong, with their strength, they will be able to get out of danger soon, and there is no need to worry about them.


The king of Castro on the stage frowned secretly.

After finally bewitching everyone, these eight saints must not be allowed to escape.

Thinking about it, Castro looked around and shouted: “Everyone, they are all the minions of Pluto. If they are allowed to escape, there will be endless troubles, and I invite you to take action together.”

Hearing this, all the sects present were stunned, and then they responded.

“Yes, you can’t let them run away!”

“Langlang Qiankun, how can they let these evil spirits be rampant?”

“Let’s go together!”

Everyone, your comments and my comments continue to spread, but none of them stand up.

The various sects present are not stupid. There are a few Huanxiangs in front of them. They are powerful and will die if they are careless. Who doesn’t want to live?

“A few enchantresses, watch me take care of you!”

However, at this moment, I heard a burst of shouts, followed by a white figure, as fast as thunder, directly rushing into the battlefield, dressed in white, full of powerful aura!

It is the white horse!

This time I brought the Palace of Longevity to participate in this conference. The main purpose of the White Horse was to become famous in the world. How could I miss the opportunity when I saw a fight on the stage?


When he arrived on the stage, Bai Ma smiled slightly, and heard a crisp, golden axe, being held in his hands.

It is the opening axe.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s heart was shocked, and the whole person was blinded.

Why is the sky axe in his hand?


Seeing the Open Heaven Axe, the eight saints of Huanxiang, and the people around, they were all taken aback.

Immediately afterwards, the other sects below who were still hesitating exploded!

“The Palace of Longevity has already gone to help, shall we go up?”

“Come on, after all, it is a major matter related to the destiny of Kyushu! Besides, the new palace master of the Longevity Palace has a sky-opening axe in his hand, even if the strength of the eight women is strong, he will be able to stand it!”

“Yes, then don’t wait, let’s go together!”


Under the discussion, the sect masters of various continents no longer hesitated, and urged their internal forces to rush into the battlefield, and launched an offensive towards the Huanxiang Eight.

Before these people were shocked by the strength of the eight saints of Huanxiang, they were all fearful. Now that they saw the white horse taking the lead and holding the sky-opening axe in his hand, all of them suddenly lost their scruples.

“Big Brother!”

Seeing that the situation was completely out of control, Cynthia was very anxious: “These people are crazy, and they believe in the words of Castro!”

Cynthia Bingxue is intelligent, and it can be seen at a glance that Castro is turning black and white and fabricating facts.

Chapter 1519

“If the eight saints are caught by them, the consequences will be disastrous.” The more and more Cynthia she said, the more anxious she went, and she would go up to help. But it was held by Darryl.


At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath and shook his head at Cynthia: “Don’t worry.”

When he said this, Darryl looked indifferent, and his heart was too anxious.

To be honest, Darryl wanted to go up to help Huanxiang a few, but he also knew that once he went up, he would definitely become the target of the siege, and it would be even more troublesome if his identity was exposed.

At this time, under the siege of the masters of the sects, the eight saints of Huanxiang were gradually unable to resist.

Speaking of which, with the strength of the eight saints of Huanxiang, facing the siege of so many sects, it is not worth it, but they know in their hearts that all this is deceived by the king of Castro, so they can’t bear to be cruel to these sects. .

Coupled with the white horse’s open axe, the eight saints of Huanxiang, gradually losing their power.


At this time, the white horse was full of fighting spirit, and his eyes were locked in Huanxiang Eight: “How many demon girls, can you catch them without holding their hands?”


When the voice fell, the white horse urged the power of the sky-opening axe, and saw a golden light, tearing the heaven and the earth, and erupting straight towards the eighth magic incense.

Bang bang bang…

Feeling the strong power of the golden light, the eight Huanxiang were furious, and they urged their energy, deployed a protective film in front of them, ready to block the blow. However, they faced the siege of everyone, and their strength was exhausted. Quite a few, I saw Jin Mang easily smash the protective film and hit them on their bodies.

In an instant, all eight of Huanxiang snorted, and each of them fell from the air.


At this moment, King Castro rushed over quickly, raised his hand, and tapped the eight acupuncture points of Huanxiang.

King Ping made a quick move, but Huanxiang couldn’t respond to eight of them, and all of them trembled and couldn’t move.

“Ha ha!”

In the next second, Castro showed a smile and clasped his fists at the surroundings, saying: “You just united as one to deal with these eight witches. It is admirable.”

As he said, King Castro instructed the elite of the Imperial Forest Army next to him: “Take these eight witches away and interrogate them carefully.”

At this time, the king of Guangping looked serious, but his heart was excited.

Haha…. I caught the Nine Heavens Saint, now I can go back to the Pluto.

When the voice fell, a team of elite Yulin army came over, and it was about to suppress the eight magic incense.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s eyes flickered, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to make a move.

At this time, Darryl had already determined that King Castro was Pluto’s person. If the Nine Heavens Saint Girl fell on his hands, the consequences would be disastrous.


Just when Darryl was about to rush up, suddenly, a voice came.

Immediately afterwards, the white horse walked out slowly and said to King Castro: “Your Majesty Apocalypse, although you have identified the identities of these eight witches, when you just started it, everyone worked hard. You can just say a word. Take them away, I’m afraid it’s inappropriate, right?”

When saying this, Bai Ma kept looking at Huanxiang Eight.

In Baima’s heart, he didn’t care about the eight magic incenses, the nine-day saints, or the subordinates of Pluto. He only knew that these eight women were all overwhelmingly beautiful and unparalleled. It would be a pity to let the king of Guangping deal with it. How to get it.

If it was before, Bai Ma would not dare to interrupt in front of King Castro, but now it is different. He is the Lord of the Longevity Palace, and he also has the Heavenly Open Axe.


Upon hearing this, King Castro’s face suddenly became hard to look, and he glanced at the white horse coldly.

Mad, a small palace master of the Palace of Longevity, dared to confront him, almost looking for death.

“Not bad!”

When King Castro was secretly annoyed, Ora slowly walked out and said softly: “These eight women are related to the safety of Kyushu. Moreover, our Nanyun imperial family was confused by them and issued an edict. , If it is to be dealt with, it is also dealt with by our Nanyun Royal Family.”

There is no doubt about it.


At this moment, Castro frowned, and he groaned for a while.

Ora said the same, it would be difficult to handle, after all, this is the Southern Cloud Imperial City.


Seeing that both Baima and Ora had spoken, all the surrounding sects all started to roar in an instant.

“Yes, everyone worked hard just now, how can the Apocalypse royal family take people away?”

“That is, if you want to deal with it, everyone will host it together!”

“Not bad…”

As everyone discussed, many men, like White Horse, kept looking at Huanxiang Eight.


Finally, Castro reacted and looked at Ora with a smile but a smile: “Then, according to Princess Long, what should I do with these eight witches?”

Ora frowned slightly, and was interrupted by the white horse when he was about to speak.

“It’s very simple, let’s put on a ring.” White Horse said loudly: “From the various sects present, choose a representative. Who wins in the end? The eight witches will be dealt with by him? How?”

When he said this, Bai Ma looked around triumphantly, unable to conceal his excitement.

Haha… I have a sky-opening axe, and I will definitely get the first place. By that time, these eight beautiful stunners will be my own.


Upon hearing this, Castro’s face changed and he was about to refuse.

However, everyone around him spoke in support.

“Yes, just fight the ring!”

“That’s fair!”

At the same time, Ora also slowly nodded: “Now this is the only way possible, your Majesty Apocalypse, what do you think?”


Castro took a deep breath and nodded: “Since everyone has decided this way, let’s do it.”

When talking about this, King Castro looked indifferent, but his anger was suffocated in his heart.


At this moment, the eight Huanxiang who were tied there were all trembling with shame and anger.

It’s a shame to be treated as a prisoner by these Kyushu powers, the dignified nine-day saint.

Seeing this scene, Darryl, who was standing not far away, also frowned secretly.

D*mn! It turned out to be a ring.

But that’s okay, wait for him to play with a false identity, and save the eight saints of Huanxiang.


Just as Darryl was muttering secretly, Ora walked to the center of the stage, looked around and said, “Who will come first in this first scene?”

The voice fell, and the audience was silent.

The various sects present are more refined than one, and no one wants to take the lead first.

“Hehe, don’t you dare to go first? Then I will come first!”

After a brief silence, the white horse gave a chuckle, and then slowly walked onto the stage, holding the sky-opening axe tightly in his hand, majestic and majestic!

The powerful aura diffused from the Open Sky Axe, and everyone present was shocked with palpitations.


Seeing Bai coming immediately, the audience was in an uproar.


“Who is his opponent with the Sky Open Axe!”

At first, everyone was still in high spirits, but when they saw the axe in the hands of the white horse, their enthusiasm suddenly disappeared. You know, the Kaitian Axe is a peerless magic weapon, invincible, who dares to go up and die!


Seeing that no one dared to come up after a long time, Bai Ma was able to say with a big smile: “What? No one dared to come up? In that case, these eight witches will be handed over to me!”

Chapter 1520

White Horse’s arrogant attitude made many people dissatisfied, but still no one came up with fear of the power of the Heavenly Axe.

“Is it great to have magic soldiers? I’ll come!”

Finally, a handsome figure couldn’t help but yelled, jumped directly onto the ring, hugged his fist at the white horse and said: “Danzong Zheng Chunqiu, come up and enlighten me!”

As he said, Zheng Chunqiu slowly raised his hand, holding a purple-ranked long sword tightly.


Suddenly, there was an uproar under the ring.

“Sect Master Danzong…”

“It is said that Sect Master Dan is very powerful, so I watched this game!”

“It’s hard to say, the other party has an axe…”

At this moment, Darryl’s eyes flickered, watching Zheng Chunqiu closely, with inexplicable worry in his heart.

Although Zheng Chunqiu’s strength is not weak, but the white horse has an axe in his hand, how could he be an opponent?

Thinking about it, Darryl wanted to stop, but thinking that he changed his face, Zheng Chunqiu couldn’t recognize him at all, so he held back.

At this time in the ring!

Bai immediately looked down at Zheng Chunqiu, his tone was full of contempt: “It turns out that it is Sect Master Danzong. I have been admiring the name for a long time. No nonsense, just start.”

If he had faced Zheng Chunqiu before, the white horse would have been panicked, but at this time he had a peerless magic weapon in his hand, so he didn’t need to look at it at all.


Hearing this, the audience was in an uproar.

This white horse is really crazy! But when people have magical soldiers, they naturally have crazy capital.

“it is good!”

The arrogance of the white horse made Zheng Chunqiu feel contemptuous. His handsome face was filled with a bit of anger, and he sneered: “You have a good tone, I want to see how good you are!”


When the words fell, Zheng Chunqiu’s internal force urged, and his body burst out, and the long sword in his hand burst out with a shock, and he went to the white spur!

“Nine swords into one!” The cold voice came from Zheng Chunqiu’s mouth at the same time.

In addition to alchemy, Danzong’s swordsmanship is also well-known in the world. Among them, the “Nine Palaces of Swordsmanship” is the most famous, and this technique is the essence of the Nine Palaces of Swordsmanship, which can transform nine sword shadows, so that the enemy has nowhere to dodge.

Chi Chi Chi Chi…

I saw that where the long sword passed, the air suddenly tore, and then nine sword shadows condensed, sealing the retreat of the white horse around, with amazing power!

Ha ha…

Seeing the power of this sword, Bai Ma didn’t panic at all, sneered, raised his hand and waved, a golden light burst out, directly defeating the nine sword shadows.


Zheng Chunqiu’s heart was shocked, and the whole person was stunned. This move of nine swords was unified, but it contained his eight levels of internal strength. Very few of Kyushu could make this blow at the moment, but at this time, Bai Ma used the sky-opening axe. , Blocked it so easily.

Worthy of being a peerless magic weapon, this power is too terrifying.

“Sect Master Zheng!”

At the moment Zheng Chunqiu was stunned, White Horse sneered: “This game is over.” When the voice fell, he raised his hand and patted Zheng Chunqiu directly!


Zheng Chunqiu didn’t have time to react. He was shocked and flew out. He flew a full tens of meters away, and fell under the ring, spurting out blood, making him extremely weak. First issue @@@


Seeing this scene, everyone in the audience couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning, shocked.

This Zheng Chunqiu is also a well-known figure in the Kyushu Continent, but at this time, he can’t even catch the white horse’s trick!

I have to say that the power of the Kaitian Axe God Soldier is really too strong!


At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath and observed Zheng Chunqiu’s injuries. Fortunately, the injuries were not serious, and he would be fine after a few days of recuperation.

At the same time, Darryl also noticed that although the white horse had obtained the Sky-Opening Axe, he had not yet realized the true power of the Sky-Opening Axe. Otherwise, Zheng Chunqiu would have died with that move just now.

On the other side of the ring, Castro sat there, his expression calm, his eyes were also secretly looking at the white horse.

Like Darryl, King Castro also noticed that this white horse did not fully understand the power of the Heavenly Axe, so he was not in a hurry.


At this time, in the arena, he won the first victory, and the white horse was very proud. He looked around the audience and smiled: “Next, who else will come up to challenge?!”

Everyone looked at each other and couldn’t hide the jealousy in their hearts.

This person has magic weapons, how do you fight this?

“I’ll try!”

A few seconds later, a burly man jumped onto the stage without believing in evil, but he was defeated by the white horse in one round.

Later, several sect masters came to challenge, but none of them could catch the white horse’s move, and all of them were embarrassed and defeated.


After winning a few games in a row, White Horse was even more proud and exclaimed: “Who else doesn’t accept it, just come up.” It has won nine games in a row. If there is no one to challenge, these eight beautiful beauties of the country will belong to themselves. Disposed of.

Hearing this, everyone in the audience did not dare to take the stage hastily.


At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath and was about to challenge him.

Through the observations just now, Darryl was convinced that Bai Ma did not understand the power of the Sky-Opening Axe, and he had no worries in his heart. You must know that when Mateo realized the true power of the Sky-Opening Axe, Darryl could fight against him. When facing the white horse, naturally there will not be too much pressure.


However, before Darryl left, he saw a graceful figure slowly walking towards the stage.

Heroic, unparalleled charm, it is Ora!


“The princess is on the stage…”

As soon as Ora appeared on the stage, he immediately attracted the attention of many men.

At this time, Ora replaced the previous long skirt and wore a close-fitting soft armor, perfectly showing his charming figure.

For a while, whether it was the white horse or the other men around, the eyes were straightened!

“Tsk tut!”

At this time, Bai Ma watched Ora with a smile while admiring it: “His Royal Highness Princess has also come to challenge. It’s really an honor to be here!”

White Horse’s gaze made Ora feel uncomfortable, and said lightly: “No more nonsense, let’s just start!”

The eight Huanxiangs were gathered by the Nanyun royal family, even if they were fake, they should be dealt with by the Nanyun royal family, and they must not be allowed to fall into the hands of others.

At this time, Ora was very calm, and she could also see that the white horse in front of her had not succeeded in comprehending the power of the Heaven-Opening Axe. So I want to take a chance and give it a try.

Ha ha….

Feeling Ora’s indifference, Bai Ma smiled awkwardly: “Well, since your Royal Highness said so, then I’m not welcome!”


When the voice fell, the white horse’s internal force exploded, urging to open the sky axe, and slashed directly at Ora.

In an instant, a golden glow burst out, and the surrounding air was instantly torn apart!


Seeing this scene, many people below secretly squeezed a sweat for Ora.

However, Ora had been prepared for a long time, and saw that her toes were a little on the ground, her figure was agile, and she stepped back a few steps to avoid the blow.

To be honest, Ora would never take such a risk if someone else used the sky axe, but after watching a few battles just now, he already understood the strength of the white horse.

In a moment, everyone below cheered.

Worthy of being the goddess of the Nanyun royal family, she avoided the blow of the Heavenly Axe.


At the same time, Darryl also secretly nodded his approval.

This Ora’s talent in cultivation is really much better than ordinary people, and he can find out the law of Baima’s shots in such a short time.

It’s just…. The talent for cultivation is extremely high, but the brain is not easy to use. Before only hearing what Huanxiang and Ziyan said, he believed that he had killed Saint Lanxin, and also announced the cancellation of his marriage with him, which was really dumbfounding.

Thinking about it, Darryl secretly shook his head and smiled bitterly, while also paying attention to the situation on the stage.

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