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Chapter 1566

At this moment, other sect masters also secretly frowned.


Seeing everyone noticed here, Su Shengfei hurriedly shouted: “This Darryl is not honest, I will teach him a lesson.”

When he said this, Su Shengfei looked calm, but felt a little uneasy in his heart.

I took the opportunity to think about Darryl’s request for the Dragon Spirit Beast, and I must not let people know it.

“Don’t hurt my Uncle Yue!”

Bryant, who was fighting fiercely with the white horse, suddenly had blood red eyes, couldn’t help howling, and then rushed over.

However, Bai Ma didn’t give him a chance at all, opening the sky axe and swinging, Jin Mang raged, and soon intercepted Bryant.

“Big Brother…”

At the same time, Cynthia next to her couldn’t help but exclaimed, “How are you?”

Cynthia clearly saw that half of Darryl’s body was stained red with blood, and his expression was extremely weak.

Under tension, Cynthia kept shouting at Su Shengfei: “Stop it, stop it…”

Until this time, Cynthia had also noticed that what happened today was deliberate slander by Baima and Su Shengfei.

Seeing Cynthia’s worry, Darryl smiled and motioned not to worry.

Immediately, Darryl faintly said to Su Shengfei in front of him: “Su Shengfei, even if I die, I won’t give you a dragon spirit beast, you die!”

Darryl knew that even if he agreed to Su Shengfei, he would not let him go.

“good very good!”

Su Shengfei was completely angry and sneered again and again: “Darryl, you are very hard-hearted, are you not afraid of death? OK, then I will play with your sister!”

With that said, Su Shengfei put away the long sword, turned around and walked to Cynthia, smilingly said: “It’s a shame to kill such a s3xy beauty, so let me appreciate it!”

“Go away, go away…”

Seeing Su Shengfei’s gaze, she kept looking at herself, Cynthia was very embarrassed and she kept drinking.


At this moment, Darryl was furious!

Su Shengfei, this villain, in order to achieve his goal, without shame, even threatened him with Cynthia.

Zheng Chunqiu, who was tied up next to him, was also very angry, with blood red eyes.

“Su Shengfei!”

In the next second, Zheng Chunqiu couldn’t help cursing: “You are still the master of a family, but you are here to bully a woman who has no resistance. Are you still a human?”

Immediately, Zheng Chunqiu stared at Su Shengfei closely, his voice almost hoarse: “If you want to be a man, just let me go, let’s one-on-one!”

In Zheng Chunqiu’s eyes, he has always had no good feelings for Su Shengfei. This person was narrow-minded and mean-spirited. At this time, seeing him preparing to insult Cynthia, he couldn’t help it.

“Su Shengfei!”

At the same time, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and then howled: “If you dare to touch her, I will crush you to ashes!”

In Darryl’s heart, although Cynthia is his own sister, she is better than her biological sister. After Oliver’s tragic death that year, Darryl secretly vowed to protect Janis and Cynthia in the future.

But at this moment, seeing Su Shengfei want to move Cynthia’s hands and feet, it instantly touched Darryl’s inverse scales.

If you touch my family, you will kill it!


Su Shengfei’s hand was about to touch Cynthia’s face, but when he met the strong killing intent in Darryl’s eyes, his heart trembled, and he couldn’t help but breathe in cold air.

Darryl’s strength was terrifying, he really wanted to kill himself, but it was easy.

However, he is now injured and acupointed. What is he afraid of?

Thinking about it, Su Shengfei looked grim, and sneered at Darryl: “Darryl, you can’t protect yourself now, so you dare to speak up?”

With that, Su Shengfei tilted his head and said to Zheng Chunqiu: “You still have you, do you want to be a hero?”


When the words fell, Su Shengfei slapped Zheng Chunqiu’s face with no warning.

This slap directly slapped Zheng Chunqiu back by two steps. He shook his body and fell directly to the ground, while a mouthful of blood spurted out.


“Su Shengfei, what are you coming at me!”

Seeing this scene, both Darryl and Cynthia couldn’t help shouting.

Listening to the yelling of the brothers and sisters, Su Shengfei became even more arrogant and walked in front of Zheng Chunqiu step by step.


At this time, Zheng Chunqiu vomited a mouthful of blood, raised his eyes and looked at Su Shengfei, and said coldly: “Su Shengfei, if the three of us lose a hair today, my Danzong will never let you go!”

“Fcuk you Mad!”

Su Shengfei’s face was full of contempt, and his eyes were a bit vicious: “Your life is in my hands now, what right do you have to yell at me?”

When the voice fell, Su Shengfei slapped Zheng Chunqiu’s heart with a palm, and immediately passed out after hearing Zheng Chunqiu’s muffled snort.

“Su Shengfei, Fcuk you!”

Seeing this scene, Darryl was completely furious, and couldn’t help howling: “If I don’t die today, I will crush you…”

Although he didn’t bow to Zheng Chunqiu, in Darryl’s heart, he always regarded him as a brother of life and death. At this time, seeing him being cruelly abused by Su Shengfei, why not be angry?


Darryl’s howling did not stop Su Shengfei, but instead aroused his madness, Yang Tian burst into laughter.

Immediately, Su Shengfei tilted his head to look at Cynthia, and then slapped him severely. First issue @@@


With a crisp sound, Cynthia Jiao yelled, half of her beautiful face was suddenly swollen, and a trace of blood flowed from the corners of her mouth!

“Darryl, I’ll give you another chance. If you don’t agree to my terms, I’ll have fun with your sister-in-law!” Su Shengfei smiled evilly.

“The Black Cloud City you killed was destroyed, and you also defiled the head of Ye. The methods are despicable, and everyone is punishable. And people close to you can’t escape the relationship. I tell you, even if I kill her on the spot, No one will come and stop, let’s try if you don’t believe me.”

When the voice fell, Su Shengfei raised his right hand and slapped Cynthia’s head with a fierce palm!

“Big Brother…”

Seeing Su Shengfei’s palm, Cynthia was furious and unwilling. Tears kept streaming down, and she cried at Darryl: “Little girl can’t be with you in the future. You must live for me. revenge….”

With that, Cynthia closed her eyes in despair, she was tapped on the acupuncture points, facing the palm of Su Shengfei, she couldn’t avoid it.

“Little girl!”

Darryl’s eyes were red, and he yelled frantically, his voice hoarse instantly.

At this time, Darryl’s heart was like a knife cut, and he wanted to rush over, hitting his body with two swords, and being hit by acupuncture points. He was extremely weak and could only watch.

“Su Shengfei!”

Darryl’s eyes were blood-red and blood-red, and he screamed at Su Shengfei frantically: “Do you dare to hurt my little sister, I Darryl will destroy you Wan Hezong, so that you will die without a place to be buried!”

“You will be cut a thousand times…”

This roar echoed endlessly in the air!

Seeing this palm, he was about to hit Cynthia, Darryl shouted hoarse, and finally closed his eyes with indescribable resentment.


At this moment, a ray of light burst out from Darryl’s waist, followed by a dragon chant, and the surrounding air was suddenly distorted.

In the next second, a dragon tens of meters long burst out of the sky.

It is Darryl’s dragon spirit beast.

Chapter 1567

Although it had been dormant in the spirit beast’s bag, the dragon spirit beast and Darryl had the same mind. At this time, sensing Darryl’s emotions, he couldn’t bear it.

More importantly, the soul of the Dragon Spirit Beast is Krista, Krista and Cynthia are like sisters, feeling that Cynthia is in danger, and in a hurry, they rushed out without waiting for Darryl to call.


Seeing the dragon spirit beast that appeared in front of him, Darryl was both delighted and worried.

Why did it come out without a call?

Also, this dragon spirit beast is still underage and has limited strength. Even if it can crush Su Shengfei, there are masters of various sects behind Su Shengfei.


At the same time, Su Shengfei was stunned, staring blankly at the dragon spirit beast in front of him, his eyes full of shock.

The people who fought fiercely not far away also subconsciously stopped, and their eyes fell on the dragon spirit beast, shocked.

As expected to be the strongest beast in Kyushu, the aura permeating this dragon is too shocking.

“Su Shengfei!”

At this moment, Darryl reacted and said coldly at Su Shengfei: “This is the dragon spirit beast you want. If you have the ability, you can subdue it!”


As soon as the voice fell, the dragon spirit beast floating in the air let out a roar that shocked the world, and then, the blood basin opened wide, and a group of purple flames spurted out! Flew straight to Su Sheng.

Su Shengfei was taken aback, and before he could think about it, he raised his hand and put a protective film in front of him.


The flame impacted on the protective film, and Su Shengfei’s body trembled, and the whole person groaned, and he was directly shocked out, a mouthful of blood spurted out, half of his clothes were burned, and he was very embarrassed.


Seeing this scene, everyone present was taken aback, and then many people reacted and rushed over.

“Darryl summoned the Dragon Spirit Beast, quickly block it…”

“Everyone works together to stop this dragon first!”

After shouting, many people exploded their internal strength, rushing towards the dragon spirit beast, surrounded by groups.

For a time, the situation became chaotic.

In the crowd at this time, the white horse has a complex face, and his figure turns and flies away quickly.

White Horse is very cunning. When Lawrence and Bryant appeared just now, they were a little flustered. At this moment, seeing Darryl’s dragon spirit beast appeared, they stopped staying and decided to leave first.


Seeing the white horse figure go away, Bryant shouted angrily, urged the figure to chase him directly.

Speaking of which, Bryant wanted to save Darryl very much, but watched Baima leave without reconciliation.


Lawrence took a deep breath, frowned, and followed Bryant closely to the white horse.

In the blink of an eye, the three figures quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.


At this time, surrounded by everyone, the ferocity of the dragon spirit beast was aroused, and the huge body hovered and flew in the air, bursting out with a loud roar.

At the same time, flames are continuously sprayed from the mouth.


This flame is called the Flame of Dragon’s Breath. Although it is not a different fire, it is very powerful. It heard a scream, and many sect masters were burned.

However, the dragon spirit beast did not grow up after all. Although mighty, there were too many sect masters around. In less than half an hour, the speed slowed down and there were many more wounds on the body.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was very anxious.

Worse, I didn’t summon the Dragon Spirit Beast at the beginning, because it was not an adult and couldn’t stop so many sect masters.


At the same time, Su Shengfei, who retreated to the side, was also extremely annoyed.

I wanted to lie to Darryl and ask him to privately give the Dragon Spirit Beast to himself, but he didn’t expect that he actually summoned the Dragon Spirit Beast.

Now so many people have seen it, I am afraid it is impossible to get the dragon spirit beast.

“Roar, roar…”

With more and more wounds on the body, the dragon spirit beast continued to roar, and the roar was unwilling.

At the same time, those blood-red eyes looked at Darryl with dismay.

“My son, I tried my best!”

Among the dragon spirit beasts, Krista’s soul shouted unwillingly.


At this moment, I saw a horrible breath coming from the sky not far away. In an instant, the world changed and the dark clouds rolled.

Everyone present was stunned by the sudden vision of heaven and earth.

“Dragon… a lot of dragons…” At this moment, I didn’t know who shouted, and his voice was terrified.

Hearing the shouting, everyone looked towards the distant horizon, and suddenly couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

I saw huge figures in the sky, rising through the clouds and fog, accompanied by thunder and lightning, there were huge dragons, dozens of them.

Each of these giant dragons is more than a hundred meters long, and their scales are shining coldly under the reflection of lightning, which makes one’s heart palpitating.

Suddenly seeing so many dragons, everyone present was stunned, even a little timid, with weak legs and almost unable to stand.

In front of these giant dragons, a slender figure walked away from the sky.

A long fiery red dress with a dragon-shaped totem embroidered on it. She has a beautiful face and a slender figure, but her whole body shows an aura of contempt for the world.


What a terrifying power.

Feeling the breath of this woman, everyone felt a sense of breathlessness.

is her!

At this moment, Darryl also stared at the figure in midair, feeling surprised and excited.

Yes, this woman in a long fiery red dress is one of the four great dragon envoys of the Shellmound clan, Long Xiang’er.

A few days ago, Castro used the Pluto Ding to trap the major gates in the Ding. Then, Castro and Jie De were ordered by the Pluto to split their troops into two groups to start a war in Kyushu. This matter soon spread. Arrived at Shellmound Island.

Xiandi, the female emperor of the dragon clan, quickly made a decision to let Long Xiang’er take the strong dragon clan to come to Kyushu to help Darryl. You know, Darryl’s dragon spirit beast is Xiandi’s younger sister.

“Excuse me!”

At this time, Ora was the first to react, stepped forward, and said to Long Xianger: “I don’t know where your sacred is!”

While talking, Ora looked at the dozens of giant dragons behind Long Xiang’er, and his heart trembled.

To be able to lead so many dragons must come from an extraordinary source.

As soon as the voice fell, a giant dragon opened its big mouth and said coldly: “This is the subordinate of the dragon envoy of our dragon clan.”

what? The Shellmound Envoy of the Shellmound Clan?

Hearing this, no matter if it was Ora or others, my heart was shocked.

For thousands of years in the Nine Provinces, the dragon clan has disappeared, but there are still some sporadic records in some ancient books. It is rumored that the dragon clan has a strict internal hierarchy, and being able to be a dragon envoy must be very terrifying.

“Your Excellency, the Dragon Envoy!”

At this moment, Su Shengfei walked out of the crowd, squeezed out a smile, and said to Long Xianger to please: “You must be here for this young dragon, don’t get me wrong, we weren’t going to kill this young dragon just now, but Is saving it.”

With that said, Su Shengfei pointed at Darryl, with a false expression on his face: “Darryl used despicable means to accept this young dragon and force it to be his own spirit beast. We can’t see it…”

Su Shengfei is despicable and cunning, knowing that Long Xiang’er and these giant dragons must have come for the young dragons, so he deliberately fabricated lies and blamed Darryl.

Chapter 1568

At this moment, many people around also nodded in agreement.

Suddenly there were so many giant dragons, who would dare to catch the attention of the young dragons. At this time, seeing Su Shengfei slandering Darryl, although they felt wrong, they still subconsciously contributed to the flames.

As long as the attention of these divine dragon clan is transferred to Darryl, people like himself are not in danger.


Long Xianger slapped Su Shengfei’s face without warning!

At this time, Long Xiang’er’s beautiful face was full of anger. She clearly saw that the young dragon beside Darryl, under the siege of the major sects, had wounds all over his body, but Su Shengfei in front of her was Hypocritically, this is to give the young dragon freedom. Such a brazen person, whoever meets it, can’t help it.

More importantly, the master-servant relationship between the young dragon and Darryl was recognized by the dragon female emperor. Moreover, Darryl was still the Dragon Lord of the Shellmound Clan, and his status was detached.

And this person blatantly slandered Darryl, and he was looking for death.

This slap was heavy, but for a moment, there was no sound in the audience, and everyone was stunned.

Especially feeling Long Xiang’er’s anger, everyone’s heart is tense.


Su Shengfei was directly beaten up, looking at Long Xiang’er in disbelief, with surprise and suffocation in his eyes.

I am also the master of a sect anyway, and I was beaten in front of so many people. How will I see people in the future?

Holding the fire, Su Shengfei wanted to explode, but thought of Long Xianger’s identity, but still held back. She is a dragon envoy. Head-to-head, you can’t take advantage of it.


At this moment, Ora couldn’t stand it anymore, and shouted at Long Xianger: “You are a dragon envoy, you can’t just hit people.”

Ora’s character is straightforward, and when he sees Long Xianger, he can’t help it without saying a word.

“Just hit someone?”

Long Xiang’er looked around with a cold face, and said coldly: “This person is talking nonsense and blatantly slandering Your Excellency Long Zun, shouldn’t you fight?”

When the voice fell, Long Xianger walked straight towards Darryl.

When he arrived, the pride of Long Xiang’er’s face disappeared, and replaced by an extremely respectful gesture, and said softly to Darryl: “Your Excellency Longzun, we are late and make you suffer.”

When talking about this, Long Xianger was extremely humble and polite. Compared with his attitude towards Su Shengfei, it was a heaven and an underground.


At the same time, dozens of giant dragons suspended in midair made a sound of dragon chants, and then bowed their heads to Darryl at the same time.


But immediately after, Su Shengfei saw a jade medallion on Long Xiang’er’s waist, and his body shook, and his whole body suddenly froze.

What? !

Seeing this scene, everyone on the scene opened their mouths, and one by one was stunned. To be honest, the scene in front of me was too shocking.

Dozens of giant dragons bowed their heads to Darryl at the same time.

In addition, Long Xiang’er, who is aloof, is also polite to Darryl and calls him Long Zun? !

How could this be?

It’s not that dragons are extremely proud beasts. Since ancient times, they have never bowed their heads to humans, but at this time, these giant dragons are so humble and respectful to Darryl.

Ora is also stupid!

At this moment, she felt her legs feel soft, and Jiao Chu couldn’t help taking two steps back.

She could see that Long Xiang’er in front of her and the giant dragon in mid-air were extremely respectful to Darryl.

He…he turned out to be the Dragon Lord of the Dragon Race!


For a moment, the audience was silent, and even a needle dropped could be heard clearly.

Su Shengfei was also completely stupid. He only felt that his legs were weak and he couldn’t stand still. How could this happen? Darryl changed his body and became the Dragon Venerable of the Dragon Clan, and he was still slandering him just now…


After a few seconds, Su Shengfei reacted and stared at Long Xianger blankly, dripping with cold sweat.

Long Xianger looked at him coldly: “Darryl’s dragon spirit beast is the sister of our dragon female emperor. The master-servant relationship between them is also approved by our female emperor, but you are talking nonsense and slandering Long Zun. What do you think you should be guilty of?”


Feeling the coldness in Long Xianger’s eyes, Su Shengfei’s heart was cold, and his body trembled, all of a sudden, he knelt on the ground!

“I…I…!” Su Shengfei was terrified, and his heart was shocked.

It’s over, it turns out that Darryl and the Dragon Clan are so close, and he just said nonsense, really hitting himself in the foot.

“Misunderstandings, all misunderstandings, it’s my nonsense…” Su Shengfei was almost crying, and kept explaining to Long Xiang’er.

However, Long Xiang’er didn’t pay any attention at all, but politely said to Darryl: “Your Excellency Long Zun, this person is despicable and shameless, what should I do?”


Darryl took a deep breath, did not speak, but looked at Cynthia and Zheng Chunqiu next to him.

At this time, Zheng Chunqiu was knocked unconscious by Su Shengfei, and he had not woken up yet.

As for Cynthia, she almost didn’t escape Su Shengfei’s clutches just now.

Thinking of this, Darryl was furious and said coldly: “Kill him.” His tone was awe-inspiring, with no room for relaxation.


When the voice fell, Su Shengfei’s heart was shocked, his face was instantly pale, and he was paralyzed on the ground with fright.

Su Shengfei at this time was panicked and depressed. He thought that he had successfully framed Darryl today, and Darryl had no chance to stand up. He knew that the situation was unpredictable and the Shellmound clan would suddenly arrive.

“Sect Master Yue…”

At this moment, Su Shengfei knelt on the ground, kowtow at Darryl not listening: “I was wrong, I am a despicable villain, you have a large number of adults, spare my life…”

The others around were extremely silent, and none of them dared to step forward to help Su Shengfei speak. After all, the momentum of Long Xiang’er and dozens of giant dragons is too strong, and everyone can’t breathe.

Ha ha!

Facing Su Shengfei’s begging for mercy, Darryl expressionlessly said coldly: “You have always wanted to kill me, how can I forgive you?”


Su Shengfei’s face flushed, his body trembled faintly, and he was so flustered that he almost peeed his pants.

Suddenly, Su Shengfei thought of something and shouted: “Sect Master Yue, I can prove that you are innocent. What really defiled Ye Master is actually the White Horse, who deliberately wanted to frame you.”

When he said this, Su Shengfei looked excited.

Su Shengfei knew that if he didn’t know the situation before him, he would definitely die. Anyway, the white horse was not here, so he would say whatever he wanted.


Hearing this, the audience was in an uproar.

“It’s the White Palace Master…”

“It’s really unexpected.”

“No, if it was made by White Horse, how would Su Shengfei know?”

At the same time, Ye Zhixin, who was standing in the crowd, trembled and his brain buzzed.

Everyone’s discussion came, Darryl frowned, Ma De, it turned out to be the ghost of the white horse.

In the next second, Darryl questioned Su Shengfei: “You know so clearly, are you an associate of Baima?”

“no no…”

Su Shengfei shook his head again and again, with cold sweat on his forehead, and quickly denied: “In the morning, I saw the white horse wandering around Sect Master Yue’s room, sneaking around. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but after careful consideration, I found it suspicious.”

When he said this, Su Shengfei looked serious, but he was panicked.

He and Bai Ma conspired to frame up Darryl, absolutely can not admit it, now as long as everything is pushed on Bai Ma, he has the chance to survive.

Chapter 1569

Hearing this, Darryl’s expression became more and more gloomy: “So when the white horse slandered me, you deliberately pushed the boat along the river, wanting me to be unable to turn over for the rest of my life? Right?”

When he said this, Darryl was so angry.

Ma De, regardless of whether this Su Shengfei conspired with Bai Ma, he must not be spared today.


Su Shengfei’s face flushed, and he didn’t know how to refute for a while.

“Kill him!” Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said to Long Xianger: “Let’s execute it on the spot.”


Long Xiang’er nodded, and the whole body burst out, thinking of Su Shengfei step by step.

Su Shengfei was frightened, shivering, and kept shrinking back, and at the same time kept begging Darryl for mercy: “Sect Master Yue, I really didn’t intend to slander you on purpose. It’s because Bai Ma is too cunning. I was also bewildered by him at the time. …”


Seeing that Long Xiang’er was approaching Su Shengfei, suddenly Ora couldn’t help but speak: “This matter, the white horse is the most suspicious. It’s better to keep this Su Shengfei alive, and then let them catch the white horse. Confrontation.”

In Ora’s heart, Darryl was about to execute the opponent just because Su Shengfei slandered him, which was a bit wrong.


Seeing Ora coming out to speak for himself, Su Shengfei was overjoyed and nodded again and again: “Catch the white horse first…”

However, Darryl didn’t pay any attention at all, but signaled Long Xiang’er to do it quickly.

To be honest, if it had been before, Darryl would never have been so arbitrary, but just now Su Shengfei tried to get involved with Cynthia and violated Darryl’s inverse scales and had to kill him.


Seeing this scene, Ora was anxious and angry, and said softly, “Darryl, don’t be foolish.” He said, he was about to rush over to stop Long Xiang’er.

In her heart, although Su Shengfei was hateful, he was not guilty of death.


At the same time, the surrounding masters of the major sects couldn’t stand it anymore, and they spoke one after another.

“Sect Master Yue, we need to discuss this matter long-term.”

“Yes, since the white horse is the most suspicious, it’s better to find him first.”

“Darryl, don’t you go too far, relying on your being Long Zun, can you act recklessly? Do you still have Jiuzhou Jianghu in your eyes?”

After drinking one after another, many sect masters also rushed over with Ora.

“Long-term plan?”

Hearing these words, Darryl’s eyes reddened instantly, and he couldn’t help but sneer: “When you were going to execute me before, did you ever think about making a long-term plan?”

“Ye Zhangmen was only found in my room, so you decided that I was worthy of the plot and did not give me a chance to explain it. Now the situation has reversed, and you think of it for a long time. Is it ridiculous?”


Upon hearing this, Ora and the masters of the major sects looked embarrassed and could not speak.

At this time, Long Xianger looked around and said coldly: “Long Zun has already ordered this person to be executed. Whoever dares to intervene is against our Shellmound clan!”


The voice fell, and a strong breath broke out from Long Xiang’er.

At the same time, dozens of giant dragons hovering in the air also landed quickly, transforming into a human form one by one, surrounding Su Shengfei to prevent the major sects from approaching.

The dragon is the strongest beast in Kyushu, and when it reaches a certain level of strength, it can transform into a human form.


Seeing this scene, everyone in Ora was jealous and stopped one by one.

Su Shengfei trembled all over and was also completely desperate.

When it was over, Darryl was determined to take his own life, and now he was really unsaved.


At this moment, I heard the sound of neat footsteps in the woods not far away, as if there were a lot of people.

In an instant, no matter it was Darryl or Ora, everyone looked at them one after another, and they were all stunned.

I saw the hundreds of thousands of Apocalypse army rushing in quickly. In front of the army, King Castro was suspended in the air in a black dragon robe, majestic and awe-inspiring.

It was late at night, and Castro originally ordered the army to rest in Black Cloud City. However, just now, seeing the changing world and dark clouds here, Castro felt that something was strange, so he immediately led the army to check it out.


Seeing this scene, Ora and the others present were secretly surprised.

Darryl also frowned secretly, only Long Xiang’er and dozens of dragon clan powerhouses who transformed into human form were extremely indifferent.

Darryl’s expression changed and he was shocked.


When he arrived, Castro looked at the scene in front of him, his face was excited, and he couldn’t help laughing and saying, “A bunch of disabled soldiers are defeated. It turns out that you are hiding here.”

As he said, King Castro stared at Darryl closely, and said mockingly: “Darryl, today you and the major sects are hard to fly.”

King Castro clearly saw that Darryl was bloodstained, his breath was weak, and the surrounding major sect masters were extremely exhausted, and he had obviously gone through a fierce battle before.

King Castro was a wise man, and he guessed right away that the Black Cloud City was breached, and there were contradictions between Darryl and the major sects. After guessing this, King Castro was very excited. Darryl and the major sects were fighting inwardly, but it was a good thing for him, taking advantage of the loss of both sides, it happened to be exhausted in one fell swoop.

While excited, King Castro also noticed Long Xiang’er and the dozens of strong dragons. But it didn’t take it to heart.

Seeing the excitement on King Castro’s face, Darryl pretended to be very calm and did not respond.

At this time, Castro waved his hand, and hundreds of thousands of troops swarmed in to surround the crowd.

“Just leave Darryl alone, don’t talk about other killings.” A few cold words came from the mouth of King Castro. King Castro thought about it, Darryl’s identity was extraordinary, and he must be captured alive and kept for future use.


When the voice fell, hundreds of thousands of troops drew out long knives one after another and attacked the people of Ora.

“Everyone, don’t disperse and meet the enemy.” Ora yelled and took the lead to meet the enemy. First issue @@@


The masters of the major sects were also very furious, and their internal forces broke out one by one, welcoming the Apocalypse army, and within a short time, a fierce battle broke out between the two sides.

Because of King Castro’s order, there was no weather for the soldiers to attack Darryl for the time being, but Long Xiang’er and dozens of dragon clan powerhouses still tightly guarded Darryl.


Under the fierce battle, many sect masters fell in a pool of blood and suffered heavy casualties. In order to punish Darryl, the sect masters consumed a lot of internal energy. At this time, facing the hundreds of thousands of apocalyptic army, they naturally could not stop them. live.


Seeing that the situation was under his control, King Castro was extremely proud, and smiled at Darryl: “Darryl, you are committed to be a great hero of Kyushu. Today, I will completely eradicate these sects in front of you, without them. Zongmen, there will be no Jiuzhou Rivers and Lakes, I see how you still maintain justice in the Rivers and Lakes.”

When talking about this, King Castro glanced at Long Xiang’er and dozens of powerful dragons, his eyes were full of contempt. In the eyes of King Castro, Long Xiang’er were just ordinary sect disciples, not to worry.

At this time, King Castro didn’t know that the guards around Darryl were not the people from the major sects, but the mighty dragons.

Listening to King Castro’s mockery, Darryl was expressionless, but he was secretly anxious.

Chapter 1570

In the next second, Darryl turned his head towards Long Xiang’er and said, “Long Xiang’er, you guys go over and help.”

Darryl saw that the people of the major sects were getting more and more casualties. According to this rhythm, they would be wiped out by King Castro in less than half an hour.

“Long Zun!”

Hearing this, Long Xianger was stunned, and then bit her lip and said, “Why are these people going to your death just now? Why are you helping them? Moreover, our dragon clan has a rule not to participate in the fight within Kyushu. . We only protect your safety, and the lives and deaths of other people have nothing to do with our dragon clan.”

When she said this, Long Xianger looked indifferent.

It is true that the dragons have inhabited Shellmound Island for thousands of years. They have never asked about things in Kyushu, and they will not participate in wars in Kyushu.

You know, the reason why the dragons inhabited the remote Shellmound Island was because the people of Kyushu wanted to capture dragons. Therefore, in the hearts of the dragons, they only hate humans. How can they help the major sects?

Uh …

Seeing Long Xiang’er’s answer so simply, Darryl was very embarrassed, but he couldn’t help but said: “Long Xiang’er, I know your dragon clan has resentment towards humans, but it’s my face, please help.”

To be honest, just now Su Shengfei and the major sects determined that they had tainted Ye Zhi’s heart, and Darryl was very annoyed, but they couldn’t just watch them being annihilated by the king of Guangping.

Long Xianger’s eyebrows furrowed, and she fell into entanglement.

“King Castro won’t let me go, it will be too late if I don’t make a move.” Darryl was completely anxious.


At this moment, the Guangping King’s internal power burst out and rushed straight to Darryl. The air was torn wherever the figure passed.

The situation has been controlled by oneself, and if you catch Darryl alive, you will be done.


Seeing the eruption of King Castro, Long Xianger frowned and yelled, “I’m going to hurt Long Zun.”

When the voice fell, Long Xiang’er tapped the ground with her toes, and flew up into the air, raising her hand to hit the Castro.


In the next second, Long Xiang’er and King Castro collided, and King Castro felt that a powerful force came, and the whole person was shaken back more than ten steps, his face flushed.

Long Xiang’er was also stunned by the volley. Obviously, neither side took advantage of this match.


At this moment, King Castro stared at Long Xiang’er closely, his eyes were full of surprise, this woman is not very old, but her strength is so strong, where did Darryl find a helper?

But soon, Castro calmed down. He has an army of hundreds of thousands, so why be afraid of a woman?

Thinking about it, Darryl sneered at Long Xiang’er: “I can’t tell, the strength is quite strong, but can you protect Darryl comprehensively by yourself?”


The contempt of Castro made Long Xianger very popular.

In the next second, Long Xianger said coldly: “Do you really think that everything is under your control?”

With that, Long Xiang’er issued an order to the dozens of powerful dragons below: “Help the sects and resist the enemy.”

When she said this, Long Xiang’er was floating in the air, her beautiful face was full of cold arrogance and self-confidence.

Speaking of it, Long Xiang’er didn’t want to help the major sects, but the arrogance of King Castro made Long Xiang’er very unhappy. You must know that the dignity of the dragon clan cannot be desecrated.


At this moment, dozens of strong dragon clan guarding around Darryl responded in unison, and then flew into the air one after another.


Seeing this scene, Castro couldn’t help but sneer and mocked: “Just these dozens of people want to block my hundreds of thousands of troops? What daydreaming…huh?”

Before he finished speaking, Castro trembled all over and was stunned.

Om, hum, hum!

I saw that dozens of dragon clan powerhouses flying in mid-air, bursting power, gathered together, and the entire sky instantly fell down, followed by dark clouds billowing, lightning and thunder.

And the figures of these dragon clan powerhouses were also hidden in the dark clouds, disappearing from everyone’s sight.

When the voice fell, the air suddenly condensed beside Darryl! A terrifying force, madly spread from his body!

what’s the situation?

Castro frowned secretly, with a bad feeling.

“This… how did these people disappear?”

“What a strong force.”

At the same time, the hundreds of thousands of apocalyptic troops below were inexplicably nervous in their hearts.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, showing a slight smile.

Long Xiang’er and these dragon clan powerhouses finally agreed to take action, and everyone was saved now.

“Ho Ho Ho Ho…”

At this moment, among the layers of dark clouds, a terrifying dragon roar came out, and then dozens of giant dragons circled out and rushed towards the apocalyptic army below.


Seeing these dozens of giant dragons, King Castro’s heart trembled, and he felt his brain buzzing, completely stupid.

what happened?

Those dozens of people just now, are they…the powerhouses of the dragon clan?

Hasn’t the dragon disappeared for thousands of years? Why do so many appear all at once?


“It’s a dragon…”

At this moment, the weather soldiers on the battlefield below were all horrified and exclaimed. At the same time, many people wanted to turn around and escape, but it was too late.


Dozens of giant dragons erupted at the same time. The power of the explosions gathered together and it was almost devastating. I heard screams and screams. Many soldiers were torn apart by the dragon, and some had not responded. Coming over, he fell in a pool of blood.


This is a massacre without suspense.


Seeing this scene, many sect masters did not feel the slightest excitement, all of them felt chills in their backs.

This is the power of the dragon, it’s terrifying, terrible.

At the same time, many people secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, he didn’t completely tear his face with Darryl just now, otherwise, it was himself who died under the claws of these giant dragons.

“You all are the same!”

At this time, Ora reacted and shouted: “It’s time to fight back, kill.”


When the voice fell, the masters of the major sects howled one after another, and began a counterattack.

With the cooperation of various sects and giant dragons, the invincible army of Apocalypse was completely messed up and defeated.


Seeing this scene, Castro’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he was extremely frightened.

He really underestimated the enemy, the people around Darryl turned out to be giant dragons.


In fright, King Castro’s face was extremely ugly, almost vomiting blood in anger. He clearly saw that his army of hundreds of thousands had suffered numerous casualties in just a few minutes, with only less than 100,000 left. .

Most of the soldiers who were still alive were also seriously injured.

In this battle, the vitality of the Apocalypse army was greatly injured.

“Withdraw…Hurry up!”

Finally, King Castro reacted, gritted his teeth and roared, and at the same time gave Darryl a fiercely unwilling look.


The voice fell, less than one hundred thousand remnants were defeated, and they followed the king of Castro to evacuate quickly, discarding their helmets and armors one by one, very embarrassed.


At this moment, the major sects cheered and excited, it is really not easy for such a disadvantage to be reversed, and at the same time, they are even more in awe of the dragons.

Darryl also showed a slight smile.


In the next second, Darryl looked around, his face suddenly changed, and he saw Su Shengfei who was kneeling not far away, but he was nowhere to be seen. Obviously, he escaped in chaos when King Castro withdrew.

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