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Chapter 1561

Darryl took a deep breath and slowly said, “Ye Zhang Sect was humiliated. I was framed. As for the defensive deployment of Black Cloud City, I have never done it, let alone send anyone out.”

With a word, Darryl said absolutely!

At this time, Darryl was very angry, Ma De, first it was Ye Zhixin’s matter. He has been slandered for no reason, and now that Black Cloud City has fallen, he can’t escape his responsibility.

It’s just…none of these things myself.

Hearing this, Bai Ma’s face was cold, and he yelled: “You still don’t admit it, Darryl, you are relying on your own strength, don’t you take everyone present in the eyes?”

As he said, Bai Ma looked around, and his voice spread throughout the audience: “Everyone, Darryl is so arrogant, I propose to take him down on the spot and put him on trial!”

Speaking of it, Bai Ma wanted to do it directly, but considering that Darryl’s strength was too strong. He decided to incite the people around him.

As long as everyone works together, even if Darryl has the backing of Ming Empress, he won’t be afraid.

When the voice fell, many people nodded in agreement.

“Yes! It’s still sophistry until now, it must not be tolerated!”

“If we continue to indulge him, we will help him to abuse him.”

Amidst the crowd shouting, Su Shengfei walked out quickly and pointed at Darryl and shouted: “Don’t talk nonsense, everyone, take him down first.”

The voice fell, many sect masters. They urged their internal forces to surround Darryl at once.


At this moment, a slender figure stood in front of Darryl in an instant.

It is Cynthia.

At this moment, Cynthia’s delicate face was anxious, and she looked around and shouted: “You must have misunderstood, my elder brother is not that kind of person.”

Big brother is open and upright, how could it be possible to tarnish Ye Zhixin? Also leaked information to Castro?

“Not bad!”

When the voice fell, Zheng Chunqiu also came out, standing firmly beside Darryl, with a firm expression: “Today’s things are very strange, I think Darryl was framed.”


Looking at Cynthia and Zheng Chunqiu, Darryl was indescribably moved.

In the next second, Darryl looked around and said seriously: “Everyone, I assure you that I will find out what happened today.”

The voice just fell. White Horse sneered and said: “You are less fake, today two things, don’t try to separate the relationship when you say that you are breaking the sky, what do you check? Just want to find a reason to get out.”

As he said, Bai Ma looked at Zheng Chunqiu and Cynthia: “And you two, as Darryl’s accomplices, can’t escape the relationship.”

“Yes, take them down together!” everyone around also shouted.

“you guys…”

Seeing this scene, Mihui stomped her feet in a hurry.


Darryl took a deep breath and sneered: “Okay, since you have to do it, then I will stay with you to the end!”

Darryl at this time has already seen that what happened today is that someone deliberately slandered himself. In this case, no matter how he explained it, there was no way.

In this case, there is no need to waste your tongue.

Thinking of this, Darryl pulled out Fang Tian’s painting halberd, and then said to Zheng Chunqiu: “Brother Zheng, I was framed for today’s affairs, but I must not hurt you. I will block them and you will take my little sister. go away.”

The voice fell. Cynthia couldn’t help shouting: “Brother, I won’t leave!”

In the present situation, how can you bear to leave Darryl alone?

Zheng Chunqiu also looked resolute, and said to Darryl: “We are brothers, you are being slandered now. If I leave, how can I stand between heaven and earth in the future?”

“Today, I will advance and retreat with you!”

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart was full of enthusiasm, and he laughed and said: “Okay!”

Talking. Darryl held Fang Tian’s painting halberd tightly, his gaze swept over Baima and Su Shengfei and others, and he said word by word: “You want to catch me, just come up.”


Feeling Darryl’s momentum, everyone looked at each other, and no one dared to take the lead.


At this moment, Su Shengfei held a long sword tightly and pointed at Darryl and cursed: “When things are up to this day, you still dare to be rampant, do you really think that no one can cure you?”

When the voice fell, Su Shengfei’s internal strength surged, his body flashed, and the long sword pierced directly at Darryl’s heart.

To be honest, if Su Shengfei normally would not dare to do anything with Darryl, after all. Darryl’s strength is too strong.

But now, with so many people around, Su Shengfei didn’t panic at all.


Seeing Su Shengfei rushing forward, Darryl clenched his fists and burst out in anger. Holding Fang Tian’s painting halberd firmly, he directly met Su Shengfei.


In the next second, Fang Tian’s painted halberd and the long sword violently collided with a loud noise, and Su Shengfei snorted, and the whole person flew up, flying a full tens of meters away, and finally broke a few trees. Falling heavily to the ground.


Su Shengfei struggled to stand up, spouting blood. His face was pale. At the same time, he stared at Darryl fiercely.

“I can’t help myself!” Darryl said coldly, his eyes full of disdain.

In the next second, Darryl looked around the audience and said lightly: “Who else? If you dare not go alone, let’s come together!”


Heard this. Everyone present was furious.

Crazy, this Darryl is too mad.

Soon, Bai Ma reacted, rushed out, pointed at Darryl and shouted angrily: “Darryl is so arrogant, what are you waiting for? Let’s go together!”

When the voice fell, the white horse held the sky-opening axe tightly, and rushed up first.

Everyone around him no longer hesitated, and urged their internal forces to rush towards Darryl.

“Good job!”

Looking at the masters of various schools. When the siege came, Darryl laughed wildly, holding Fang Tian’s painting halberd firmly, and directly confronted him.

At the same time, Cynthia and Zheng Chunqiu. Also joined the melee.

At this time, Darryl was holding the fire again and again angry. Heiyun City’s loss had already made him very irritable. At this time, he was slandered by everyone, so he didn’t show mercy anymore.

In this situation, many sect masters were injured by Darryl.


Seeing that Darryl was so mighty, Bai Ma was anxious, and then focused on Cynthia, rushing over and hitting Cynthia’s back.

Cynthia was besieged by a few people and couldn’t react at all. She was slapped in the back by a white horse, her body trembled, and she was suddenly very weak.


White Horse sneered, quickly shot, and clicked on Cynthia’s acupoint.

In the next second, the white horse clasped Cynthia’s neck and shouted at Darryl: “Darryl. Immediately catch him, otherwise, I will kill him immediately!”


Upon hearing the angry shout, Darryl and Zheng Chunqiu both looked over subconsciously.

This look. Darryl was frightened, the anger in his heart rushed upwards.

At the same time, Zheng Chunqiu was also extremely angry, and shouted at the white horse: “White horse, you are still the master of a family. Even with this despicable method, if you have the ability, let her go, and grab us with your ability. live!”


At the same time, the surrounding Ora and others also looked complicated.

Although Darryl is hateful, but Bai Ma catches Cynthia’s intimidation, this kind of behavior is not fair.

“Ha ha!”

Facing Zheng Chunqiu’s anger, Bai Ma sneered: “What do I care about when dealing with a scum like Darryl?”

As he said, Bai Ma continued towards Darryl and said, “Darryl, I’ll give you another chance and stop immediately.” While speaking, Cynthia’s fingers were slowly forced, and Cynthia suddenly had difficulty breathing, and her delicate face flushed red.

Chapter 1562


At this time, Darryl’s eyes were blood red, staring at the white horse, wishing to smash his body into pieces, but he stopped his hand and didn’t dare to act rashly anymore.

Darryl clearly saw that the white horse’s right hand was tightly pinching Cynthia’s neck. As long as she exerted force, the little girl would lose her jade.

In Darryl’s heart, Cynthia was one of his closest relatives, how could she just watch something happen to her?


Seeing this scene, Zheng Chunqiu was very angry, but stopped.

And in Zheng Chunqiu’s heart, he was also very concerned about Darryl’s injustice.

Darryl had done so many things for Kyushu. In the past two days, he had worked hard to defend Black Cloud City. But what happened? But they were maliciously slandered by these people in front of them.

Where is the law of heaven? !

“White horse!”

At this moment, Darryl glared at the white horse, his voice completely hoarse, and roared: “I will let my little sister go right away.”

“Ha ha…”

White Horse smiled treacherously, with a joking expression on his face: “It’s okay to let him go, but it depends on your sincerity!”

As he said, White Horse’s face sank and said coldly: “Immediately disarm and surrender, and kneel down to make atonement for all of us. Do you know that because you are overconfident, Black Cloud City has been breached, and how many of your fellow rivers and lakes and Black Cloud City defenders? Army, how many people died innocently? And Ye Zhangmen, you tainted your innocence!”

“If you don’t deal with you today, the law of heaven will be too much!”

Some words, generous submissions, and righteousness!

At this time, the white horse has a look of justice, but his heart is full of joy.

Haha… Darryl, you are completely finished today.


Darryl didn’t answer, but clenched his fists, his eyes were blood red.

At the same time, the entire audience was silent, and everyone around them looked at Darryl coldly.

In their hearts, White Horse was right. Darryl was very guilty. He defiled Ye Zhixin and caused Heiyun City to fall, making him kneel and confess his guilt to be considered minor.

At this moment, Cynthia was so anxious that she couldn’t help crying, “Brother, don’t care about me…”

The eldest brother has always been rebellious, when he bowed his head to others, not to mention what happened today, he was slandered.

Listening to Cynthia’s call, Darryl was full of feelings.

In the next second, Darryl took a deep breath and stared at the white horse closely: “White horse, if you turn back, I will never forgive you!” After the voice fell, Darryl put away Fang Tian’s painting halberd, and was about to kneel down.

“Brother Darryl.”

At this moment, Zheng Chunqiu suddenly became anxious and couldn’t help but shout: “You are not wrong, why do you kneel?”


Darryl shook his head at Zheng Chunqiu, then bent his knees and knelt down to the people in front of him, saying every word: “Today, the Black Cloud City was breached. I do have the responsibility. It is because my deployment is not perfect. This is wrong. I think!”

When he said this, a trace of ashamed appeared on Darryl’s face.

Although he didn’t send anyone out of the city to move and rescue him, it was his own negligence to send someone from the back mountain path of Heiyun City to make a surprise attack.


Seeing this scene, whether it was White Horse, Ora, or everyone around, they all looked indifferent.

“Of course it’s your fault!”

“Black Cloud City has been breached, it’s too late to say anything now.”

“Ha ha….”

In the eyes of everyone, Darryl knelt down to admit his mistake, it was natural, no one sympathized.


But Cynthia, who was controlled by the white horse, was trembling with her tender body, unspeakably distressed, and tears kept streaming down. First issue @@@

In order to defend the Black Cloud City, the eldest brother has done his best, but these people are not only not grateful, but they have to criticize him…

“Ha ha..”

At this moment, Bai immediately looked at Darryl and said with a smile: “The attitude is still sincere, yes, I will not mention the matter of Black Cloud City for the time being, what about Ye Zhangmen? Should you also explain it well?”

When the voice fell, Su Shengfei next to him shouted, “Yes, you must have an explanation about Ye Sect.”

When talking about this, Su Shengfei and Bai Ma looked at each other secretly, and they were both extremely excited.

The Black Cloud City was broken, Darryl admitted his mistake, and perhaps everyone could forgive him, but it was not so easy to clean up Ye Zhixin’s innocence.


Darryl took a deep breath, couldn’t conceal his inner indignation, and said loudly: “Black Cloud City was lost, I admit it, but Ye Zhangmen was innocent and humiliated. I never did it. I was slandered.”

At this time, Darryl was very suffocated.

It’s my fault, I have to bear it, but things I haven’t done will not be admitted to death.


Hearing this, everyone was extremely indignant.

“The evidence is conclusive, and still stiff mouth?”

“I think he doesn’t shed tears if he doesn’t see the coffin…”

“Just now he admitted that he was negligent, and I appreciate it, now…hehe…”

Everyone’s comments kept coming, Ora, who had been silent, couldn’t help it anymore, his delicate body rushed over in a flash, his jade hand lifted up, and directly pressed Darryl’s acupoint.


Ora made a quick move, and Darryl couldn’t react at all. He immediately shook his body and couldn’t move a single move.

At this moment, Darryl was very frightened. He thought that even if it was a surprise attack, it would be a white horse or Su Shengfei, but he never expected it to be Ora.

At the same time, Zheng Chunqiu and Cynthia were also spotted on acupuncture points and could not move.

“Darryl!” Ora’s beautiful face was full of contempt: “You are really disappointing.”

Like everyone else, Ora also believed that Darryl had tainted Ye Zhixin. If he had the courage to admit it, perhaps Ora would look at him high, but Darryl refused to admit it, which made Ora very indignant.

Disappointed you?

Hearing this, Darryl turned back and he didn’t bother to explain.


At this moment, Bai Ma glanced at Darryl coldly, and shouted at everyone around him: “Darryl has misbehavior and has done such a despicable thing. What should everyone say to deal with?”

When the voice fell, Su Shengfei and many people responded one after another.

“kill him!”

“This kind of scum is the shame of our Kyushu rivers and lakes, and it must not be tolerated.”

“Execute on the spot!”

The shouts of everyone kept coming, Darryl was furious, his eyes coldly looked at the white horse, D*mn, this white horse is too sinister, deliberately slander himself, and want his own life.

At this time, Darryl was even more certain that Ye Zhixin’s innocence and humiliation were definitely related to the white horse. It’s just that now everyone is pointing straight at them, and they have no evidence, so they can only do it in a hurry.

Zheng Chunqiu and Cynthia next to them were also too anxious, but they were spotted on acupuncture points on their bodies.


Seeing this scene, Bai Ma felt unspeakable excitement, and then said to Ora: “His Royal Highness, Darryl is very sinful, and it is not a pity to die. As for how to execute him, it is up to you to decide.”

White Horse is very cunning, and he has always been very positive about the matter of slandering Darryl today. If he kills Darryl last, he will inevitably be suspected afterwards, he will hand over the last step to deal with Darryl to Ora.

After all, Ora is the eldest princess of Nanyun Continent, with high prestige.


The voice fell, and the eyes of the audience suddenly gathered on Ora.

Ora nodded silently, without the slightest mood swing on his beautiful face.

In the next second, Ora looked around, and finally fell on Ye Zhixin: “Ye Sect, come, kill Darryl!”

what? ? !

Ye Zhixin’s body trembled, and the whole person was a little stunned.

When she first woke up in the morning, she learned that her innocence had been ruined, and Ye Zhixin’s mind was always messed up. When she followed everyone to evacuate Black Cloud City, she was also confused, as if she had lost her soul. At this moment, she heard Ora To kill Darryl himself, my heart was completely confused.

Chapter 1563


At this moment, under everyone’s gaze, Ye Zhixin couldn’t stop shaking slightly, and whispered to Ora: “I…I won’t get rid of…”

Although all the clues pointed to Darryl, Ye Zhixin still didn’t want to believe that Darryl would do such a thing to herself.

Ora’s eyebrows furrowed: “Ye Sect, do you still believe in this scum?”

“You helped him so much before, but he did such a despicable thing to you. What kind of pity do you have for this kind of person?”

Hearing this, Ye Zhixin’s flustered eyes gradually became firmer.


At the beginning, Darryl changed his name and changed his surname to join Yu Yao Pavilion. After he knew the truth, not only did he not blame him, but also defend him everywhere.

But he…

Thinking of being innocent and humiliated, Ye Zhi suddenly felt resentment deep in his heart.

At this time, everyone around also spoke.

“Ye Sect, kill this scum.”

“Yes, Darryl acted boldly, this is his own fault.”

“kill him…”

Hearing what everyone said, Ye Zhixin held the long sword tightly and walked towards Darryl step by step.

Soon, Ye Zhixin walked to a few meters away from Darryl and stopped, her face full of complexity. First issue @@@

“Ye Zhang Sect.”

Seeing the entanglement in Ye Zhi’s eyes, Darryl took a deep breath and slowly said: “I’m sorry for what happened to you, but I really didn’t do it, but don’t worry, I will find the murderer.”

After that, Darryl spoke very sincerely, and at the same time was secretly anxious.

Hearing this, Ye Zhixin frowned and her heart became confused again.

At this moment, Su Shengfei couldn’t help but yelled: “Ye Zhangmen, don’t listen to his nonsense, this Darryl is best at rhetoric, do it quickly.”

When he said this, Su Shengfei’s eyes flashed with excitement.


Last night, I enjoyed Ye Zhixin’s gentleness, and successfully framed Darryl, which was really killing two birds with one stone.

If it was this time that Ye Zhixin could kill Darryl himself, that would be even better.

When the voice fell, Bai Ma couldn’t help shouting: “Yes, Ye Zhangmen quickly do it. If you let him go this time, I’m afraid I won’t have this chance again in the future.”


Hearing these shouts, Ye Zhixin’s body trembled, and a trace of resentment flashed in his eyes: “Darryl, you insult my innocence, go to death!”

The voice fell, and the long sword in his hand pierced directly.


This sword pierced Darryl’s chest directly, almost piercing his entire body! In an instant, blood gushed out, dripping down the long sword.

To be honest, Ye Zhixin had never believed that Darryl was the one who defiled herself, but everyone around him had said so, and no longer doubted it.


Darryl trembled all over, his face was pale, staring at Ye Zhixin blankly, his heart ached.

He didn’t expect that Ye Zhixin would really take action against herself.

“Big Brother…”

“Brother Darryl!”

Seeing this scene, Cynthia and Zheng Chunqiu couldn’t help shouting.

Especially Cynthia, almost crying into tears, tears streaming down her eyes.

Darryl didn’t seem to hear the shouts of the two of them, but looked directly at Ye Zhixin, with a sad tone: “Really…it’s not me…”

Facing Darryl’s eyes, Ye Zhixin trembled and couldn’t help taking a step back: “I…”

Ye Zhixin didn’t know why, so she did it herself, but she didn’t have any desire for revenge in her heart, instead she was a little flustered.

Could it be…. I blamed him wrong? !

Is there someone else who really tarnishes oneself?

“kill him!”

“Ye Sect, quickly… kill him!”

At this time, Baima, Su Shengfei and others kept yelling from behind.

However, Ye Zhi’s heart was completely messed up, his hands trembled constantly, and the sword couldn’t be held anymore.

Puff through.

At this moment, Darryl’s body weakened, and suddenly sat on the ground, his breath was extremely weak, he could feel it.

The sword just pierced his heart, and Darryl clearly felt that his vitality was slowly passing away, but with strong willpower, he had not fainted yet.


At this time, Bai Ma looked around and said loudly: “Ye Zhangmen is kind-hearted, and can’t bear to kill him, let me do it for her!”

As he said, Bai Ma’s eyes fell on Darryl, and he grinned and said: “Go to hell, Darryl!”


The last sentence fell, and the white horse pulled out the sky-opening axe, and his figure rose into the air, coming straight towards Darryl.


“stop it….”

Seeing this scene, Cynthia and Zheng Chunqiu both ranted loudly, but it was of no avail.


Seeing the white horse rushing forward, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody, and at the same time a little desperate.

I have been upright throughout my life, but I didn’t expect to be calculated by these villains in the end.

Just like this, I’m so unwilling to die.


Seeing that Darryl was about to be smashed by the Open Sky Axe, suddenly, just at the extreme of this moment, a powerful breath came from the sky not far away. Then, two figures flew quickly like cannonballs. .

Two men, one with gloomy eyes, evil spirits all over his body, and one young and handsome.

It is Lawrence and Bryant.

Two days ago, after Lawrence and Bryant returned to Kyushu, they went around to inquire about the situation and learned that all the major sects were locked in the Pluto Ding by the Castro, and the Castro started a war after that. Black Cloud City, the master and apprentice hurried over to take a look.

“Tsk tsk…”

When he arrived, Lawrence looked around and sneered, “There are a lot of people.”


At this moment, whether it was White Horse or Ora and the others, they were shocked and pale in shock.

Especially Bai Ma, who had a proud and confident face, was suddenly shocked, thinking that he had read it wrong.

how can that be?

Lawrence obviously died in the Hall of Longevity, but he watched with his own eyes. He was buried in the back mountain by his disciples. But why, he is alive again?

Baima didn’t know yet that Lawrence’s immortal scriptures had a stunt that could break the life and forget the death. In Emei Mountain, Elisa was also buried alive by Gary. With this stunt, he escaped from the dead.

Darryl not far away was also secretly shocked.

However, Darryl was not surprised at the appearance of Lawrence, but his eyes were fixed on Bryant.

Brother Wen’s son? Why is he with Lawrence?

At this time, there was an uproar all around, and many people reacted and talked a lot.

“Lawrence? Why is he here?”

“This person is strong and cunning, but it’s not easy to deal with.”

At this moment, Lawrence’s eyes swept across everyone, and finally fell on the white horse, coldly said: “You despicable villain, I didn’t expect me to be alive, right?”

When he said this, Lawrence couldn’t conceal his inner anger.

He is a figure who has been famous for a thousand years, and it is a shame to be planted in the hands of a villain like the white horse.


Bai Ma opened his mouth, panicked, and then summoned his courage to retort: ​​”Lawrence, you are ambitious and messing up the rivers and lakes. I was on Changsheng Island and led you into a trap. Although it is not honourable, it can be regarded as a cure for the rivers and lakes. . I have no shame in my heart.”

Some words, righteous awe-inspiring.

To be honest, Bai Ma was panicked when he saw Lawrence come back to life, but when he thought of so many people around him, he suddenly had courage.

Chapter 1564

“Why not be ashamed?”

Hearing this, Lawrence laughed up to the sky, with a sarcasm on his face: “White Horse, saying that you are a scumbag is really exalting you. A person like you is simply shameless.”

As he said, Lawrence glanced at Bryant next to him: “Even if you deal with me for justice in the rivers and lakes, what about Wen ugly? How did you kill him, dare to admit it?”


At this moment, Bryant stared at the white horse fiercely, like a dormant cheetah, waiting for an opportunity.

At the same time, Darryl was also inexplicably excited, his body trembling faintly.

There was no evidence before. Sitting on the white horse framed Brother Wen, and now that Lawrence has appeared, everything will come to light.

Although he didn’t like Lawrence, at this time, Darryl wanted to see that Lawrence could punish the villain Baima in public.


Seeing the situation in front of him, the eyes of everyone around him suddenly gathered on the white horse, with complex expressions one by one.

what’s going on?

Could it be that the white horse betrayed Lorenzo, and then seized the position of the Lord of the Palace of Longevity?


Seeing everyone looking at him, the white horse’s expression changed, and then he retorted at Lawrence: “Why should I explain? The Lord Wen was killed by you, so I want to avenge him and lead you to Changsheng Island. Trap, is this wrong?”

“How the truth is, you know better than me.”

Seeing that he was still arguing at this time, Lawrence was furious: “White Horse, you don’t need to be sophistry. In short, I will calculate the ledger with you today.”

With that said, Lawrence glanced at Darryl and couldn’t help but smile and said, “Looking at the situation, even Darryl was hurt by this kid.”

Lawrence thought for a long time. Although he and Darryl had always been hostile, he also knew Darryl’s personality and the situation in front of him. It was obvious at a glance that Darryl was framed again before being besieged by everyone.


Hearing this, everyone around looked at each other, and their hearts were very complicated.

Even Lawrence said that Darryl was framed. Could it be that the destruction of Black Cloud City and Ye Zhixin’s defilement really have something else hidden?

To be honest, if others say this, everyone will never be shaken, but Lawrence is a world-renowned existence, and in his capacity, he will not say this for no reason.

At the same time, Ye Zhixin and Ora, who were not far away, also trembled.

Isn’t it… Darryl really misunderstood him?


Seeing everyone’s expressions, Bai Ma suddenly became anxious and shouted: “Lawrence is ambitious and always wants to dominate Kyushu. Don’t listen to his nonsense.”

At this moment, Lawrence was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said to Bryant: “Bessie, killing his father and enemy is right in front of him, what are you waiting for?”


Bryant nodded, urged by internal force, and saw a strong breath burst out, and the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant.

During this period of time, Bryant has been practicing with Lawrence. Because of his extraordinary talent, Lawrence has given him a lesson, and his strength has improved by leaps and bounds.

In the next second, Bryant looked at Lawrence and pleaded earnestly: “Master, I will deal with Baima, please save my Uncle Yue.”

Bryant saw that Darryl had a sword in his heart, his clothes were stained red with blood, and he was extremely weak. He was his father’s brother to be worshipped, and he could never fail to save him.

“Don’t worry, your Uncle Yue can’t die with me.” Lawrence nodded, his expression confident.

If it were three months ago, Lawrence would never agree to Darryl. After all, in his heart, he had always regarded Darryl as the number one enemy, but after Changsheng Island was resurrected, Lawrence had seen a lot.

More importantly, today’s goal is to kill the white horse.



Hearing the conversation between the master and apprentice, whether it was the white horse or the people around, they were all stunned.

Lorenzo Yi Bo Yuntian, and his son actually worshipped Lawrence as his teacher.

At the same time, Darryl was also there, staring at Bryant blankly, speechless.

In the next second, Bryant looked at Lawrence’s pleading seriously, and said coldly: “When you pretended to take refuge in me, and secretly killed Lorenzo, you fled back to the Hall of Longevity, took the opportunity to sit in the position of the lord, and then cheated My sky-opening axe,”

However, no one thought that at this moment, suddenly, there was a loud shout from behind! Immediately afterwards, a figure flashed quickly, rushing from behind Darryl, and slapped it towards Darryl!


Finally, Bai Ma took the lead and couldn’t help laughing: “I understand, it turns out that Darryl and Lawrence have colluded with each other a long time ago.”

As he said, Bai Ma looked around and shouted: “Everyone, Lawrence is talking nonsense and slandering me and killing Palace Master Wen. In fact, his purpose is to save Darryl. We must unite and not let him succeed. “

When the voice fell, everyone looked at each other.

At this moment, Su Shengfei yelled: “Yes, if Darryl didn’t collude with Lawrence? Why would Lorenzo’s son worship Lawrence as his teacher? As everyone knows, Darryl and Lorenzo are brothers, and Lorenzo died. Later, Darryl was equal to this kid’s father. Without Darryl’s permission, how could he apprentice to Lawrence?”


Some words drew many people nod their heads and applaud.

“This makes sense…”

“From this point of view, today we tried Darryl publicly, we really did a crooked fight, and we did it right.”

Hearing these words, Darryl was frightened. Mad, this white horse is really despicable. He actually fabricated the facts. The last time he and Bryant met was three years ago. How could he teach him to worship Lawrence as a teacher?

“White horse, die!”

At this moment, Bryant roared, and his figure burst out, hitting the white horse with a palm.

At Bryant’s bloody grade, seeing Bai Ma upside down the facts, she couldn’t help it.

“Good job!”

Seeing Bryant rushing, the white horse didn’t panic at all, sneered, and greeted him with a palm.


The palms of the two sides collided, a huge shock came out, and the dust was everywhere, and the white horse and Bryant’s figures were seen retreated in midair at the same time.

Obviously, no one took advantage of the two sides facing each other.


White Horse stared at Bryant closely, calm on the surface, but shocked in his heart.

After only a few days, this kid has become so strong.

To be honest, Bai Ma wanted to use the Sky Axe immediately, but Lawrence, who was afraid of him, resisted it. After all, Lawrence was the former owner of the Sky Axe, and his understanding of the Sky Axe was much deeper than himself. .

If he rushed to unfold the Sky Axe, if he didn’t succeed in killing it, and the Sky Axe was robbed by Lawrence, it would be worth the loss.


At this moment, Bryant’s internal strength exploded and rushed over again.

At the same time, Lawrence also took this opportunity, and his figure flashed and rushed towards Darryl.

Seeing this scene, Bai Ma was furious. While fiercely fighting with Bryant, he shouted at everyone around him: “Everyone, stop Lawrence, and you must not let him rescue Darryl.”


Hearing this, everyone around hesitated, but they still rushed towards Lawrence.

In a short time, the masters of the major sects urged their internal forces together, and the explosive aura distorted the sky, and the momentum was astonishing.

However, Lawrence didn’t panic at all.

“A group of mindless people, you are all used by the white horses, you are all used as gunmen, and you stupidly work for him.” Lawrence said coldly, then raised his hands, and the internal force formed a powerful breath storm. Swept out to the surroundings.

Chapter 1565

Bang bang bang…

Under the violent shaking, many sect masters were seen flying out. But shortly afterwards, more people came to Lawrence.

All the people present at this time were all bewitched by the white horse, believing that Darryl and Lawrence were secretly colluding, and Lawrence appeared with Bryant to rescue Darryl.

The loss of the Black Cloud City that Darryl harmed, and tarnished Ye Zhixin’s innocence, was unforgivable. How could he be rescued by Lawrence?


Seeing more and more people approaching, Lawrence was furious.

I thought that I found the white horse and could take revenge easily, but I didn’t expect that the white horse was so cunning, and in a few words, it incited the surrounding masters to deal with him.


Seeing the scene in front of him, Darryl was also very anxious.

There are too many people on the white horse side, even if Lawrence is strong, I am afraid it is not an opponent.

At this time, Darryl’s heart was also extremely complicated. In Darryl’s heart, he had never had a good impression of Lawrence, but at this moment, it was an unprecedented hope that Lawrence would win.


Just when Darryl was secretly anxious, suddenly, a figure rushed over quickly with a wicked smile on his face.

It is Su Shengfei.

When he arrived, Su Shengfei shouted at the white horses: “Everyone, block Lawrence, I will look at Darryl to prevent him from escaping!”

As he said, Su Shengfei turned his head and looked at Darryl with a smile.


Seeing Su Shengfei’s expression, Darryl frowned secretly, realizing that there was nothing good.


At this time, Su Shengfei walked up to Darryl with a lofty posture: “The dignified Tianmen Sect Master, the former emperor of Xi Cang, has fallen into such a situation. It is really embarrassing.”

Darryl sneered, ignoring him, and secretly adjusted his internal strength. The acupoints were sealed, and Ye Zhixin’s central vein was pierced with a sword just now. He lost too much blood and it took a long time to recuperate.

Seeing Darryl’s expression, Su Shengfei was angry.

Mad, death is approaching, and he puts on airs with me.

But after thinking about it, Su Shengfei squeezed out a smile again and leaned in front of Darryl and said in a low voice, “Darryl, do you want to survive?”

While talking, Su Shengfei paid attention to the surrounding movement, and saw that Baima and Ora were still fighting fiercely with Lawrence and Bryant, and no one cared about it.

“What do you mean?”

Hearing this, Darryl glanced at Su Shengfei, and responded coldly: “If you have any words, just say it!”

Su Shengfei raised his mouth and lowered his voice: “Darryl, we are all smart people. In your current situation, you have been cast aside by the major sects. You will be put to death when you repel Lawrence. Now the two sides are playing lively. No one pays attention here, this is your only chance to survive!”

When he said this, Su Shengfei looked treacherous.

As the Sect Master of Tianmen, Darryl is not only powerful, but also possesses the dragon spirit beasts envied by the entire Kyushu, especially the dragon spirit beast. Su Shengfei has been coveting such a good opportunity at this time, of course he will not miss it.

This villain…

Darryl was considered a veteran. Seeing Su Shengfei’s smile, he immediately guessed that this kid has ulterior motives.

In the next second, Darryl sneered and said, “What on earth do you want to say?”

Speaking of it, Darryl wanted to think of a villain like Su Shengfei who would avenge his grievances, Darryl didn’t want to pay attention to it, but now he couldn’t help himself and had to deal with him. The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.

“It’s easy!”

Su Shengfei smirked and lowered his voice: “As long as you give me the dragon spirit beast, I will let you go.”

Having said this, Su Shengfei looked at Darryl closely, his eyes gleaming with excitement and anticipation.

The dragon is the strongest aD*mnl in Kyushu, and everyone wants to own it.

However, Su Shengfei didn’t really want to let Darryl go, after all, he had tainted Ye Zhixin and deliberately framed Darryl, how could he let him go.

Su Shengfei thought it over, as long as he got the dragon spirit beast, he would immediately kill Darryl. At that time, the truth of Ye Zhixin’s tarnishing, Darryl’s death and no evidence, would never be clear.

So I wanted a dragon spirit beast!

Hearing this, Darryl frowned and sneered.

Su Shengfei, this kid, doesn’t have the skills, but he thinks pretty beautifully.


Seeing that Darryl just sneered and did not speak, Su Shengfei was a little anxious, and continued: “Think about it, this is a good chance for you to survive. The opportunity is not to be missed, and the loss will never come again. Moreover, you have to be your righteous sister. And you, Sect Master Zheng, think about it, if you die, they will not end well!”

“Could it be that you bear with the heart to watch them get hurt by you?”

“A dragon spirit beast, in exchange for your three lives, you won’t lose!”

While saying this, Su Shengfei looked at Cynthia and Zheng Chunqiu.

Especially Cynthia, watching Su Shengfei secretly swallowed saliva.

I have to say that this righteous sister of Darryl is also a rare beauty. Even if she is tied up by five flowers, she is very embarrassed, but her slim and charming figure is still so attractive.

“Su Shengfei!”

Just when Su Shengfei was fascinated by it, Darryl said coldly: “If I guess right, Ye Zhangmen’s innocence is destroyed, you and Baima deliberately slandered me, right?”


Su Shengfei was stunned, very embarrassed, and could not speak for a while.

Darryl took a deep breath, couldn’t conceal his inner contempt, and continued: “The dragon is the strongest spirit beast in Kyushu. It is the incarnation of justice and represents the righteous way of heaven and earth. Just like you who can only play small tricks behind your back, also Worthy to own?”


Hearing this, Su Shengfei’s face turned into pig liver, and he was extremely embarrassed and angry.

“D*mn’s.” In the next second, Su Shengfei pointed at Darryl’s nose and yelled, “Darryl, don’t shame on your face. If you die, you dare to teach me?”


At this time, Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said coldly: “Shameless villain, you don’t deserve to negotiate terms with me!”

Darryl was not stupid, he could only pin his hopes on Bryant and Lawrence in the situation in front of him. As for the villain like Su Shengfei, even if the dragon spirit beast was given to him, he would not let him go.

Because this kind of villain has no credit at all.


Feeling the contempt in Darryl’s eyes, Su Shengfei was completely angry. He drew his long sword and pierced it directly on Darryl’s shoulder. Within a short time, blood spurted out, and the splashed ground was scarlet.


Darryl’s body trembled, and he gritted his teeth without shouting, his eyes were instantly red with blood.

Mad, if it weren’t for the acupuncture points, how could a villain like Su Shengfei show off in front of him?

At this time, Darryl wanted to summon the Dragon Spirit Beast or Irma very much, but Irma had consumed too much power before, and was still recovering from retreat at this time, and Xiaolong was still under adulthood, even if he was released, it would be very It is difficult to reverse the situation.

Stabbing Darryl with a sword, Su Shengfei’s face is full of grimace: “Darryl, don’t know how to promote it! Quickly hand over the dragon spirit beast.”

When he said this, Su Shengfei held the long sword tightly and placed it on Darryl’s neck, with killing intent in his eyes.


Seeing the situation here, everyone who was fighting fiercely was stunned.

Immediately, Ora couldn’t help yelling: “Head of Su, you look at Darryl, how do you use lynching?”

Lawrence and Bryant are not weak in strength, and they can now be restrained by everyone because of Darryl’s consideration. If Darryl is dead, if the two of them have no scruples, everyone will definitely be unable to stop them.

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