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Chapter 1701

“Break through, all break through…” A roar came from Ren Guang’s mouth, revealing a deep unwillingness!

I thought that this time I trapped the opponent on the hillside and could easily take Amaterasu City, but I didn’t expect that a hole in the embankment not far away suddenly broke, and hundreds of thousands of troops were flooded.

At this time, Ren Guang wanted to face a decisive battle with Hong Shang, but the coalition soldiers had lost their morale, and even the formation was dispersed. Forced battles would cost even more.


When the voice fell, many coalition soldiers turned around and ran away. All of a sudden, he escaped cleanly, very embarrassed.


At this moment, both the people in Hongshang and the people in Amaterasu not far away suddenly cheered.

Hundreds of thousands of coalition forces were defeated like this!

If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who can believe it?

This is God helping Amaterasu, otherwise, the river bank is so good, how could a hole be broken?

While everyone cheered, no one cared about Darryl. After all, the Darryl Shui that Darryl said was a fantasy in their eyes, and it was impossible for them to exist.

But Mindy looked at Darryl tightly, his eyes pierced with deep shock and admiration.

Others didn’t understand, but Hong Shang knew that he was able to defeat the enemy this time.

“Mr. Darryl Tao!”

Excited, Hong Shang smiled lightly, and said to Darryl: “This time I can hold Amaterasu City, my husband is indispensable. When Abel returns, I will let him tell the king and give you some rewards.”

Upon hearing this, Darryl smiled.

This time helping Hongshang guard Tianzhao City, I didn’t want to see the people suffer, and I never thought of any rewards.

“Red dress!”

However, at this time, Zhan Chao was a little unhappy, frowning and said: “This time I can defeat the enemy. It is God who helps us. What does it have to do with him? Do you really believe what Darryl Shui he said?”

Zhan Chao couldn’t tell the disgust in his heart when he saw Mindy admiring Darryl so much.

Just a nameless man, how could He De get such an honor?


Mindy stomped straight, but didn’t know how to refute it.

Although Hong Shang believed in the Darryl Shui that Darryl said, he didn’t understand it very well, so naturally he couldn’t argue with Zhan Chao.

“All right!”

At this time, Darryl smiled at Hong Shang and said: “Don’t argue with him. Since this City Master Zhan Chao doesn’t believe it, I won’t force it. Anyway, Amaterasu City is temporarily saved!”

With that, Darryl slowly descended the mountain and walked towards the city.

Mindy gave a hum, and quickly followed.


On the other side, Storm City.

In the command camp in the city, Miaoying was sitting there, her delicate face was a little sad.

For so long, there has been no news of Darryl, didn’t he come to this world?

“The enemy is coming!”


Just when Miaoying was sad, suddenly, she heard a chaos coming from outside the city, and the soldiers guarding the city gate exclaimed.


Miaoying frowned when she heard the movement outside, and quickly walked out.

Upon arriving at the city gate, Miaoying was shocked when she saw the scene outside, and she was stunned!

I saw that hundreds of thousands of coalition forces, like a tide, surrounded the entire Storm City group. The headed one, dressed in black armor, is majestic and majestic.

It was Tian Yi, the coalition commander in this route.

There are so many people!

Miaoying bit her lip lightly, shocked.

Half a day ago, Miaoying received a secret letter from Abel saying that the five principalities had formed a coalition and might help the Crescent Principality to regain Amaterasu. At that time, Miaoying didn’t care, but she didn’t expect to come so soon.


As soon as Miaoying appeared, the defenders of Storm City suddenly cheered.

“The goddess is out!”

“With the goddess, no matter how strong the enemy army has, don’t even want to recapture Storm City.”

“Not bad!”

In the eyes of the defenders of Storm City, when Miaoying appeared, it was like taking a reassurance.


At the same time, the hundreds of thousands of coalition forces outside the city were stunned when they saw Miaoying.

Beautiful, so beautiful.

And the strength is unfathomable, too strong.

While shocking, the hundreds of thousands of coalition forces, one by one, lost their previous morale. With the goddess of light stationed here, can this storm city be able to conquer it?

“His Royal Highness the Goddess of Light!”

Finally, the coalition commander Tian Yi reacted, took a deep breath, and said politely to Miaoying: “You are admired by the people, why do you want to help the Principality of the Day and start the war?”

When he said this, Tian Yi looked serious, and his tone was unspeakable respectful.

To be honest, as the commander-in-chief of the coalition forces, Tian Yi holds his own identity and does not want to be so humble, but there is no way, the goddess of light in front of him, dare to be disrespectful?

At this time, Tian Yi didn’t know that the goddess of light in front of him was fake.


At this moment, whether it was the hundreds of thousands of coalition forces or the defenders in Storm City, all eyes were on Miaoying, to see how she answered.

“There is no why!” Miaoying’s red lips lightly opened, and she uttered a few words, without the slightest mood swing.

She only wanted to find Darryl. As for the impersonation of the goddess of light, it was just an agreement with the king of the Principality of the Sun, so she didn’t bother to think about why a war should be launched, and she didn’t want to think about it.


The voice fell, and the hundreds of thousands of coalition forces were suddenly in an uproar.

This answer is too casual. As a goddess, you should treat the six principalities with fairness and justice, but she answered like this, which is obviously partial to the Principality of the Day.

Tian Yi also flushed, unspeakably embarrassed.

In the next second, Tian Yi smiled bitterly: “In this way, His Royal Highness must help the Principality of the Sun, even if he is criticized by the world, he insists on doing so?”

“Not bad!”

Miaoying was too lazy to talk nonsense, looked around the outside of the city, and said lightly: “With me, if you can’t break Storm City, you should withdraw as soon as possible.”


At this moment, Tian Yi’s face was blue and white, and he was unable to tell.

The commander-in-chief of his dignified coalition forces of hundreds of thousands, shoulders the trust of the five principalities, and has already surrounded Storm City with a large army, if it is withdrawn in this way, his fame would be ruined.

In the next second, Tian Yi looked resolutely: “Since His Royal Highness insists on doing this, don’t blame us for our sins.”

When the voice fell, Tian Yi waved his hand: “The whole army listens to the order, and you can attack the city!” The goddess of light in front of him is so partial to the Principality of the Day, and there is no need to respect it.


Upon hearing the order, hundreds of thousands of coalition forces broke out with a howling and launched a siege war.

At the same time, Tian Yi drew out his big sword and charged with Miaoying.

Seeing Tian Yi rushing forward, Miaoying didn’t panic at all, and said lightly: “You are not my opponent, don’t be brave!”


When the voice fell, a powerful breath burst out from Miaoying’s body. In a moment, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant!

Unfathomable and powerful, the suppressed people panic!

In the next second, Miao Ying slowly raised her jade hand and called Tian Yi with a palm!

What a fast speed!

Feeling the strong pressure, Tian Yi was shocked.

At this moment, Tian Yi clearly felt that the palm sent by Miaoying seemed to flutter slowly, but it arrived in the blink of an eye.

Chapter 1702

At this moment, Tian Yi didn’t have time to dodge, and quickly put the big sword in front of him.


In the next second, his palm slammed on Fang Tian’s painting of the halberd. Tian Yi only felt an overwhelming force coming, and the whole person was shaken out of the sky. After landing, he stepped back several tens of meters to stabilize. Live in the shadows.

too strong!

Worthy of being the goddess of light, just an understatement, he can’t catch it.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of coalition forces were also shocked.

“I said, you are not my opponent!” Miaoying floated in the air, floating in the air, looking at Tian Yi and gently said, “Give up!”

Miaoying was kind-hearted and didn’t want to kill anyone, so she didn’t give her full strength in the palm just now, otherwise Tian Yi would be dead.


Hearing this, Tian Yi gritted his teeth secretly, his face extremely ugly.

How to do? Do you really want to withdraw?


When Tian Yi was in a dilemma, suddenly, there was a wave of powerful aura fluctuations in the sky not far away. Everyone hurriedly looked at it, all of them were stupid.

I saw the twelve figures, like thunder and lightning, coming quickly.

The twelve men, wearing uniform golden armor, glowed with golden light in the sun, as if the gods descended to the earth.

It is the twelve holy knights of the Temple of Light.


At this moment, feeling the strength of the Twelve Paladins, everyone couldn’t help but breathe in cold air.

It turned out to be…. It turned out to be the strength of the Holy Spirit.

“This… is this the twelve holy knights of the Temple of Light?”

Finally, I don’t know who exclaimed, and for a short while, everyone on the scene was shocked, their eyes gathered on the twelve paladins, and they couldn’t speak for a long time!

In the entire Roland Continent, no one does not know that the Goddess of Light lives in the Temple of Light, and there are twelve Paladins under him. These twelve Paladins are very terrifying in strength, but for thousands of years, there are very few people in the world. Appeared before.

At this time, the twelve paladins appeared together, which was really shocking.

However, the goddesses of light are here, and it is normal for the twelve paladins to appear.

At this time everyone thought that the Twelve Paladins were summoned by Miaoying.


For a time, the defenders in Storm City were unspeakably excited.

“Haha, the twelve holy knights are here, and now there are more than a hundred thousand people coming from the five principalities, so I’m not afraid.”


“Long live the goddess, long live the twelve paladins.”

Excited, many defenders couldn’t help cheering loudly.

The hundreds of thousands of coalition forces outside the city were inexplicably panicked, and their hearts sank to the bottom.

The twelve holy knights are here, how are you going to fight this battle?


And Miaoying, who was suspended in mid-air, had her eyebrows frowned, she was a little nervous in her heart as she watched the Twelve Paladins coming quickly.

Are the twelve holy knights of the Temple of Light coming? It seems that I can’t hide my false identity.

At this time, the twelve holy knights arrived, and the golden lion headed by them stared at Miaoying, and said coldly, “You are brave enough to pretend to be a goddess!”

When he said this, Golden Lion couldn’t hide his inner anger.

The goddess of Guangming is noble and can not be profaned, and the woman in front of her dared to fake it, which is a crime worthy of death.

But at the same time of anger, seeing Miaoying’s face like a fairy, the golden lion was also a little stunned for a while.

What a nice view!

Moreover, this temperament is comparable to the goddess.


Is this goddess of light fake?

Hearing this, whether it was Tian Yi or the soldiers on both sides, their expressions changed drastically.

She thought that the twelve paladins were specifically called by her to guard Storm City, but she never expected that the situation would change so that people were caught off guard. This goddess of light turned out to be a fake.

In this way, the Twelve Paladins were enemies with her, which was too advantageous for him.

Thinking about it, Tian Yi was inexplicably excited.

“Say!” At this moment, the golden lion glared at Miaoying, no doubt: “Who are you on earth? Why do you pretend to be the goddess?”

“I pretend to be whoever I like.” Miaoying said lightly: “You can’t control it!”

Now that her identity was revealed, Miaoying didn’t bother to hide it.


Upon hearing this, the golden lion was furious, and said coldly: “Okay, very good, in this case, you will be obedient and catch it!” The voice fell, and the golden lion exploded with sacred power, and within a short time, the whole body instantly formed a horrible breath. storm.

In the next second, the golden lion clenched his fists like a cannonball and came directly towards Miaoying.

The golden lion was so fast that Miaoying couldn’t avoid it, but she didn’t panic at all, patted it lightly and greeted her.


The fist and palm force touched, and there was a dull vibration, and the surrounding air was stagnant. At this moment, the golden lion’s body trembled, and the volley was shaken back more than 100 meters.

And Miaoying just shook her delicate body slightly.

Obviously, Miaoying had the upper hand in the fight just now.

Although the golden lion is the strength of the holy god, Miaoying is the body of the celestial spirit, gathering the spiritual energy between the heaven and the earth, and the golden lion is certainly not her opponent.

So strong!

At this moment, the golden lion only felt bored. After steadying his figure, he looked at Miaoying in shock and anger, with incredible writing on his face!

This… This woman is so powerful.


Seeing this scene, everyone below was also stunned.

This fake goddess of light is so powerful, even the Paladin is not her opponent?

At the same time, the remaining eleven Paladins also frowned secretly and looked solemn.

“The strength of the goddess of Guangming is not very good.” Miaoying hovered in the air, smiled lightly, and spoke softly.

To be honest, Miaoying’s heart is kind, she wouldn’t be ridiculing, but she was affected a bit by being with Darryl for so long.


Golden Lion’s face flushed, and it was indescribably ugly. With so many people present and being so despised by this woman, where would you put your face?

In the next second, Golden Lion was too lazy to talk nonsense, flew up and rushed towards Miaoying again!

“Golden Lion, let’s deal with her together.”

The other eleven holy knights spoke one after another, and then rushed forward quickly, and saw a golden figure flickering, quickly surrounding Miaoying.

Seeing the twelve Paladins taking action together, Miaoying did not dare to despise her, bit her lips tightly and said, “Are you going together? Very good!”

As the voice fell, a terrifying breath burst out of Miaoying’s body. In a moment, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant. Immediately he fought fiercely with the twelve paladins.


Seeing the fierce battle in front of me, everyone below was stunned.

I saw that Miaoying and the Twelve Paladins continued to shuttle in the air, causing the sky to be surging, like the end of the world, which shocked people.

And many men are feasting their eyes!

Miaoying’s face is exquisite, and her figure is even more perfect. At this time, she is fighting in midair with the twelve holy knights. The charming curves appear from time to time. Many of the men below have straightened eyes.

Chapter 1703

In a blink of an eye, half an hour passed, the Twelve Paladins still failed to defeat Miaoying, and Miaoying still couldn’t break out of their siege.

In the beginning, Miaoying was able to deal with it calmly with her light and quick posture, but gradually she couldn’t stop her, her delicate face was pale.

To be honest, if you fight alone, none of the Twelve Paladins is Miaoying’s opponent, but the combined power is amazing.


Finally, taking advantage of Miaoying’s inattention, the golden lion rushed over from the back and slapped her on the shoulder. She saw Miaoying’s delicate body trembled and fell from the air.

After landing, Miaoying hadn’t stabilized her figure, the remaining eleven holy knights had gathered around and tied Miaoying’s five flowers.


Seeing this scene, the defenders in Storm City were all taken aback.

After that, Miaoying was arrested. How could the tens of thousands of troops in the city stop the hundreds of thousands of coalition forces?

The hundreds of thousands of coalition forces outside the city were extremely excited.

Especially Tian Yi, unspeakable excitement and excitement.

At this moment, the golden lion slowly walked over and said to Tian Yi: “You are the commander of the coalition army, this woman is posing as the goddess of light, she is very sinful, now let you deal with it!”

When she came out of the Temple of Light, Yalina specifically confessed that if she finds a woman who impersonates herself, she will deal with it on the spot and she does not need to bring it back to the Temple of Light.

Now that Miaoying was caught, the Golden Lion wanted to kill on the spot, but so many people around watched. Considering his identity and the prestige of the Temple of Light, the Golden Lion held it back and decided to hand it over to Tian Yi.

“Understood, Your Excellency Paladin!” Tian Yi was taken aback and nodded quickly.

The Golden Lion stopped talking nonsense, and gave a few more words, then took the other Paladins and left quickly.

“Come on!”

As soon as the front foot walked away, Tian Yi ordered to his men next to him: “Immediately lock up this woman, and the others, follow me to attack the city!”

When the voice fell, a few soldiers walked over and took Miaoying, who was tied up with five flowers.


At the same time, hundreds of thousands of coalition forces, under the leadership of Tian Yi, launched an offensive towards Storm City.

“Withdraw… let’s withdraw quickly, withdraw quickly…”

Seeing this scene, the defenders in Storm City were terrified one by one, and then, I didn’t know who shouted, and then, many soldiers abandoned the city and fled with fear!

No one is stupid. Everyone has seen it. Miaoying was caught, and this battle could not be fought. Even if Miaoying is a fake goddess of light, her strength is unfathomable, and even she was caught. What happened to this battle? hit? !


the other side!

Knowing that Darryl was strategizing, repelling hundreds of thousands of coalition forces, and once again defended Amaterasu City, Abel was very happy, and took Darryl to Wangcheng to meet the king.

Hong Shang and Zhan Chao also accompanied them.

At this time, the luxurious and elegant palace hall was filled with a joyous atmosphere.

The king sat there with a smile on his face.

Abel, Zhan Chao, Hong Shang, and the other City Lords sat down one by one, looking happy.

Since the start of the war, the Principality has won successive battles. Is it possible to be unhappy?

At this time, everyone did not know that Storm City, which was occupied a few days ago, had been breached by another coalition of the five principalities. Not only that, Miaoying’s false identity was exposed and arrested.

Facing the pleasant atmosphere in front of him, Darryl sat there, but his expression was indifferent.

“His Majesty!”

At this time, Abel stood up and said politely to the king: “It’s up to this Mr. Darryl to hold Amaterasu City these two times.” He said, he pointed to Darryl next to him.


When the voice fell, the eyes of both the king and the other city masters focused on Darryl.

This person is dressed ordinary, what ability does he have to defend the city of Amaterasu twice in a row?

However, at this moment, Zhan Chao stood up and said disapprovingly: “Abel, I think you have a little praise for this wind wave. Amaterasu City avoided the war twice. This wind wave did participate, but you said it was all him. The credit for this is a bit exaggerated.”

After speaking, Zhan Chao explained the situation in detail.

At the same time, the gaze that looked at Darryl was full of disdain and contempt.

This guy is just lucky, what can be the credit?


Knowing the details, whether it was the king or others, it was an uproar.

With the strength of the Holy King, this person killed the gentleness of the Holy Lord’s strength?

Moreover, he also advocated stationing troops on the hillside and defeating hundreds of thousands of coalition forces with ease…


Feeling the eyes of everyone, Darryl smiled slightly, and said to the king: “Your Majesty, this City Master Zhan Chao is right. Amaterasu City can avoid the war twice, thanks to the efforts of the soldiers of Amaterasu City, and I , It’s just good luck.”

Darryl hadn’t thought of any rewards, so he didn’t bother to explain.

After all, Darryl Shui is very difficult to explain clearly to these people.


At this moment, Abel was a little anxious, very much for Darryl’s injustice. But as soon as he said two words, he was interrupted by Darryl’s eyes.

“Ha ha!”

Finally, the king reacted, looked at Darryl with a smile, nodded and said, “No matter what the truth is, Amaterasu City can keep it. You have no credit, but hard work!”

To be honest, the king couldn’t see anything special about Darryl, but he trusted Abel very much. Since he was a talent recommended by Abel, he would definitely not be wrong.

As he said, the king said to the maid next to him: “Give Mr. Darryl a glass of wine!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

When the voice fell, the maid hurried over and poured a glass of wine for Darryl.

“Today, our daily Principality, to complete the great cause of reunification, is precisely when we employ people.” The king looked at Darryl with a smile, and said slowly: “And Abel also respects you very much. I declare that from now on, you will be sealed. Duke.”


Suddenly, there was an uproar in the hall.

Abel and Mindy both smiled, very happy for Darryl!

However, Zhan Chao and the other City Lords were shocked, and the eyes that looked at Darryl were full of hostility.

A commoner, being able to drink with the king in the hall is already a great grace.

And now, the king has given him the title of duke.

This kid, how can He De?

If you were someone else, you would be overjoyed to get such a reward.

However, Darryl had a calm face and smiled at the king: “Thank you, Your Majesty!” To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to be a duke, but the king had already spoken. If he refused, it would be too shameful.


Hearing Darryl’s response, Zhan Chao and several City Lords all had their expressions startled, and they were suddenly frightened in their hearts.

This wind wave is really rude.

Your Majesty named the Duke, but he didn’t even know that he knelt down to thank you, and just sat there and didn’t move. It was so unruly!

At this time, the king also frowned secretly, but he was in a good mood today, so he didn’t bother with Darryl.

Chapter 1704


At this time, the king looked around and smiled slightly and said: “During this period, we have made great successes in the Principality day by day. Today, let’s celebrate.”

As he said, the king raised his glass.

For a time, all the city masters also toasted.

“His Majesty!”

At this time, Zhan Chao was riding on the Jiuxing, stood up and smiled at the king: “I am so happy today, why not let Tomita paint a song to increase Jiuxing, how about it?”

After speaking, he smiled and looked at Tomita next to him.

Tomita is the city lord of Lingyun City and a famous painter in the Principality of the Day, and he has a good relationship with Zhan Chao.


When the voice fell, the eyes of other city owners also gathered on Futian, one by one echoed and applauded.

“Yes, Tomita will do the painting.”

“It’s been a long time since I saw Tomita painting…”

“A rare opportunity today!”

With everyone’s pursuit, Tomita slowly stood up and smiled at the king: “Since everyone is so interested, let me make a painting on the spot!”

“it is good!”

The king gave a slight smile, nodded, and then ordered people to prepare a drawing plan, as well as pen, ink and paper. I saw that the pen is a beautiful quill, and there is no brush in this Roland mainland.


At this moment, Darryl’s heart moved, and he was also intrigued.

When he was a young master at the Yue family, Darryl had learned Eastern and Western painting, which was quite accomplished. At this time, he wanted to see the painting art of Roland Mainland.

Soon, everything was ready, Tomita picked up the quill and began to paint seriously.

For a time, whether it was the king or the city masters like Zhan Chao, they all looked at it seriously, and their faces were full of expectation.

You know, Tomita’s painting art is not only famous in the Principality of the Sun, but also has a certain influence in the entire Roland mainland. As long as the paintings he paints, they must be classics.

In contrast, Darryl had a leisurely look.

A few minutes later, under the gaze of everyone, Tomita finally drew a landscape map, smiling at the king and said: “Your Majesty, this is the landscape map I drew. It means that we can pass day by day to unify the mainland, mountains and rivers. Everlasting!”

With that said, Tomita lifted the scroll for everyone around him to appreciate.

I saw the landscape on the scroll, the majestic mountains, the gurgling water, and the ingenious outline of the distant and close scenes, which is a rare masterpiece.


Suddenly, Zhan Chao and the other city owners stared at the scroll closely, and couldn’t help but admire them.

“Good painting!”

“Mountains and rivers will last forever, this has a great meaning.”

“It’s really worthy of being the first painter in our Principality of the Day, amazing…”

Under the admiration of the people around, the king also nodded his head, with appreciation in his eyes, and laughed and said: “Haha, good, Tomita’s painting is very good, meaning that the mountains and rivers are forever, very appropriate, not bad.”


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help but laugh.

Fcuk, just this kind of painter can also be called a masterpiece? In mainland Kyushu, this is at best the level of a middle school art class!


People around didn’t pay much attention to Darryl’s expression, but Zhan Chao saw him. For a moment, Zhan Chao’s face was gloomy, unable to suppress the anger in his heart.


In the next second, Zhan Chao couldn’t help but yelled at Darryl angrily: “What are you laughing at? Do people like you know how to paint?”

When the king made him duke just now, Zhan Chao was very upset, and at this moment, seeing Darryl laughing at his friend again, he couldn’t help it.


In the face of Zhan Chao’s anger, Darryl cursed secretly, then smiled and said: “If you can laugh, I can’t laugh?”

When he said these, Darryl didn’t care.


Zhan Chao’s face flushed, and he didn’t know how to refute for a while.

At this time, the king looked at Darryl and couldn’t help but said, “What? Mr. Darryl Tao, do you know how to paint?”

“Understand a little!” Darryl nodded.

The king smiled slightly: “Then what do you think of Tomita’s painting?” As he said, his eyes were full of expectation.

Darryl stood up slowly, looked at Tomita’s landscape map, and said lightly: “The painter is fine, but the artistic conception is not enough. In general, it’s just average!”



Hearing this, no matter it was the king, everyone present was stunned.

This wind wave, with a big tone, dare to comment on Tomita’s paintings in this way.

“really interesting!”

Finally, Zhan Chao reacted, glaring at Darryl and said, “You seem to know what you are talking about. Do you know who he is? The Duchy of Sun, and even the entire Roland continent, is the most influential painter.”

At the same time, the other City Lords around couldn’t help but criticize one after another.

“Yes, don’t pretend to understand!”

“I think this guy is really sensational.”

The most influential painter?

Hearing these words, Darryl smiled lightly, too lazy to argue.

At this time, Hong Shang next to him was also a little anxious, and gently pulled Darryl: “Darryl Tao, don’t talk nonsense.”

Although this wind and turbulence does have a lot of excellence, it is not possible to comment on Tomita’s paintings in this way.

Darryl smiled and motioned to Mindy not to be nervous.


At this moment, Tomita also reacted, looking at Darryl, and slowly said: “You said my paintings are so-so. It seems that you are very accomplished in painting!”

Darryl scratched his head and said modestly: “I don’t dare to be accomplished, that’s just a little understanding.”


Upon hearing this, Zhan Chao and many people around couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

This guy, so soon?

At this time, Zhan Chao couldn’t hide his contempt, and sneered at Darryl: “I think you don’t understand anything. If you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense, lest you be ashamed!”

At the same time, several people around also nodded one after another.

“Just… don’t talk nonsense from now on!”

“I thought it was amazing.”

“I think this man has just become a duke, and he is a bit forgetful…”

Tomita smiled as he listened to everyone’s words.

In the next second, Tomita looked at Darryl with a generous gesture: “Okay, since you said that, I won’t care about you anymore. If you are interested and want to learn painting in the future, I can teach and teach you. !”

You teach me?

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help laughing: “Tomita, to be honest, your paintings are really average, so don’t put on airs!”

To be honest, if Tomita didn’t say these words, Darryl would not be true to him, but his superior posture made Darryl very unhappy.


Hearing this, Tomita froze there, his face extremely ugly.

Mad, this guy really doesn’t know how to praise.

At the same time, the entire hall also exploded.

“Too crazy…”

“This Darryl, I really don’t know how to promote…”

Even Abel and Mindy’s complexion changed, and they were suddenly anxious.

Soon, Tomita reacted, almost furious, and said coldly at Darryl: “Very good, very good, listen to your meaning, your realm in painting is higher than mine, in this case, Just ask you to draw a picture on the spot, and let me ask for advice!”

Chapter 1705

When the voice fell, Zhan Chao beside him couldn’t help but yelled: “Yes, you are really capable, and draw a picture too!”

At the same time, other people around were also booing!

“Yes, what’s the use of being beautiful? Show your true skills.”

“Yes, draw a picture on the spot!”

“Hehe, I don’t think he has the guts.”

Everyone’s words came from you to me. The king also took a deep breath and said to Darryl: “Darryl Tao, since everyone has said so, you should also paint a picture. Let’s take a look at your painting skills. “

At this time, the king was also very curious about whether this wind wave could really paint or was boasting.

When the voice fell, the king raised his hand, and someone immediately prepared a new drawing paper on the drawing table.

Seeing this scene, Abel and Hong Shang were a little bit dumbfounded.

They also felt that Darryl was a bit too public today. Although he is very strong and has a good command of fighting, but…is he good at painting?

At this moment, Zhan Chao slowly walked over and smiled at Darryl faintly: “Darryl Tao, since you have studied painting so well, you should have a good foundation. Let us see it.” Remember to read a book for a second.

Tomita next to him, looking at Darryl’s gaze, also flashed with anger.

I don’t know how high the world is, I will teach you how to be a good person later.


At the same time, many City Lords around him stared at Darryl closely, their eyes were full of joking and mockery.

Dare to compare paintings with Tomita, I don’t know how high the sky is!

At this time, everyone expected that Darryl would not dare to paint on the spot, and even if he agreed, he would not be able to paint well.


Under the gaze of everyone, Darryl smiled and nodded, then walked to the drawing table and moved his wrists: “Since everyone wants to see it, I will draw a picture. I haven’t painted it for a long time, and neither Take advantage of it, I will do it!”

Darryl was right. Before in the mainland of Kyushu, painting was either a brush or a professional brush. This is the first time I used this quill pen!


Hearing this, everyone laughed!

This kid can really blow, if he doesn’t, he won’t, he said that the pen is not good at hand!

The ridicule of everyone, Darryl ignored, his expression was indifferent, picked up the feather pen, began to color the paint, and then began to paint on the paper.

Darryl’s painting is also a landscape map.

At first, everyone around was ridiculed and contemptuous, but gradually, after seeing Darryl’s paintings, many people closed their mouths after seeing the embryonic form.


The same is true for Tomita. At the beginning, there was always a contemptuous smile on his face. After Darryl finished painting, his expression suddenly became solemn, and deep inside, he was also a little surprised.

You can see the mountain peaks painted by Darryl. Although there are only a few brushstrokes, they are full of artistic conception.


For a while, Zhan Chao’s heart was shaken, staring at the painting blankly, unable to speak for a long time.

This person really knows how to paint, and he has such a deep foundation.

At the same time, everyone around was dumbfounded.

The landscape picture in front of me, whether it is artistic conception, charm or foundation, is more than one level higher than Tomita’s painting.

How could this be?

This seemingly inconspicuous guy has such a skill in painting?


Seeing everyone’s expressions, Darryl smiled, but secretly heaved a sigh of relief!

I haven’t written for so many years, but I’m not ashamed of it!

Thinking about it, Darryl looked around, finally set his eyes on Futian, smiled and said, “City Lord Futian, this is my landscape map, how do you think it is different from yours?”


Hearing this, Tomita’s face flushed, and he was embarrassed that he couldn’t tell. He said ashamed: “Mr. Darryl’s painting art is really superior to me. I am really convinced!”

To be honest, Xiang Darryl bowed his head to surrender, Futian felt 10,000 reluctant in his heart.

But it is an indisputable fact that the landscape maps that others drew in public are indeed better than their own.


At this moment, Zhan Chao was too anxious, but he couldn’t continue speaking only two words.

I thought that taking this opportunity today would allow Tomita to suppress Darryl Tao, but I didn’t expect that Tomita, as the number one painter, would be defeated by Darryl Tao.


At this moment, the whole hall was silent.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Darryl, including the king!


At this time, the king was relieved from the exclamation, unable to conceal his excitement, and laughed at Darryl: “Yes, yes, this painting by Darryl Tao can be called the best of the finest works. Hang the painting in the inner hall and keep it as a Chinese painting.”

“Yes!” A maid hurriedly responded, then carefully put the painting away and brought it into the inner hall.

Seeing this scene, everyone looked at Darryl’s eyes with deep envy.

Especially Tomita, with mixed feelings in his heart.

You know, as the first painter of the Principality of the Sun, Tomita has painted so many, and he has never had a painting that was regarded as a Chinese painting by the king.


At this moment, Abel patted Darryl’s shoulder with unspeakable excitement and excitement, and said: “I really didn’t expect that Mr. Darryl Tao has such a high level of attainments in painting. I admire and admire him.”

The Hong Shang next to her was even more trembling, watching Darryl closely, her indescribable worship.

This man is really amazing, he is omnipotent.


At this time, the king smiled and raised the cup: “We have another great painter in the Duchy of Days. It is gratifying and congratulations. Today, we will not be drunk or return.”

Hearing this, everyone in the hall raised their wine glasses.

“His Majesty!”

However, at this moment, a messenger ran in in a panic: “Your Majesty, it’s not good, Storm City was taken back by the coalition forces, and the Goddess of Light was also arrested!”


Upon hearing this, no matter it was the king or the people around him, there was an uproar.


Abel was the first to react and frowned, “The Goddess of Light is unfathomable. Who can catch her?”

The messenger was sweating profusely, and said in a panic: “Originally, there was a goddess sitting in Storm City, it was not dangerous, but the twelve Paladins suddenly appeared…”

Twelve Paladins?

Hearing this, Abel’s heart was shaken, and he immediately understood something.

Broken, Miaoying’s impersonation of the Goddess of Light was exposed.

At this time, the king was also shocked and looked at Abel: “Oops, Miss Miaoying’s identity has been exposed.”


Originally Darryl was very calm, but when she heard Miaoying’s name, she was taken aback.


On the other side, Storm City.

The weather today is not very good, with dark clouds, and the whole sky is gloomy and gloomy.

At this time, outside of Storm City, a wooden high platform was built.

And around the high platform, hundreds of thousands of coalition forces lined up neatly, and not far away, there were many people standing on their feet and watching.

The twelve holy knights joined forces to grab Miaoying and hand her over to Tian Yi for disposal. After Tian Yi led the army to occupy Storm City, he immediately ordered people to build a high platform and publicly executed Miaoying.

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