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Chapter 1726

At this time, An Qi frowned lightly and said, “Okay, don’t say anything, I…”

As soon as he was speaking in general, he was interrupted by the sound of footsteps outside.

At this moment, Xi Lang frowned and motioned for a guard to go out and take a look.

The guard walked to the entrance of the cave and took a look, and his body suddenly shook, and his voice trembled: “Master, many people have come outside! It seems to be an accomplice of those people just now.


Heard this. Xi Lang’s face was aside, and he quickly took the other guards out.

Darryl frowned, and followed An Qi.


At the entrance of the cave, Xilang and others were stunned to see the scene in front of them!

I saw that there were three to four hundred people standing neatly outside, enclosing the entire cave. The head of the cave was gloomy, with a wolf head sign on his forehead.

It was Tu Li, the head of the Tu Li regiment.

Behind Tu Li, Huang Lang followed.

Huang Lang at this time, half of his face swollen, sandbags wrapped around his shoulders, indescribably ridiculous.

but. Xilang at this time couldn’t laugh at all.


At this time, Huang Lang looked resentful and pointed at Xilang and shouted: “It’s them! We found this cave first, but they snatched it away, and also injured many of our brothers.”

Tu Li looked around coldly, and finally fell on Xilang, coldly said: “Dare to provoke our blood wolves, I think you are tired of life. After all, how to solve it?”


The voice fell, and a powerful sacred power burst out from Tu Li’s body.

Hiss, what a strong strength!

At this moment, I felt the breath of Tu Li, and both Xilang and the guard behind him couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

A few seconds later, Xilang squeezed out a smile, and said to Tu Li: “Your Excellency, don’t be impulsive, there is some misunderstanding about today’s matter…”

Before he finished speaking, Tu Li coldly interrupted: “Misunderstanding? You robbed our cave and wounded my subordinates. What if one misunderstanding is over?”

Uh …

Xilang’s face flushed, and she was speechless for a while.

At the same time, An Qi was also nervous. Although it was not far from the king’s city, there were so many people on the other side. There is no chance to move rescue soldiers.

At this time, Tu Li looked at Xilang up and down, saying word by word: “I heard that you are the young master of the commander of the Royal City Guard Army?”

“Yes, yes…” Xilang nodded and squeezed out a smile: “Your Excellency knows my father, if that’s the case, that would be great, please look at the face of my father, forgive me…”

Before he finished speaking, Tu Li sipped at the ground: “Bah, who knows your father in particular?”

Two years ago, Tu Li committed a case in Wangcheng. He was rounded up by Xilang’s father and throwing soldiers. At that time, he managed to escape. It can be said that he was nine dead. At this time, he knew Xilang’s identity and naturally had no good face.

do not know?

At this moment, Xi Lang was immediately stunned, and said with a bitter expression: “Then what should you do according to your wishes?”


Tu Li took a deep breath, without a half expression on his face: “It’s very simple, you give up your life, and let this woman stay with me for one night. Let this matter!”


Hearing this, Xilang was silly, and only felt his brain buzzing.

Not only have to surrender a life, but also An Qi with him for the night?


At the same time, An Qi’s delicate face. It turned red all of a sudden, and was ashamed.

This person is so arrogant that he wants to accompany him all night by himself? I am the Queen’s sister, Jin Zhi Yu Ye, how can I accompany a man casually?

Seeing Xilang hesitated. Tu Li ran out of patience and roared loudly: “Is it okay? Don’t challenge my patience!”

“This…” Xilang’s heart beat and wiped the cold sweat from his face: “I will give you a life first, okay?” When he said this, Xilang couldn’t say anything.

To be honest, Xilang wanted to fight Tu Li very much, but the disparity between the strengths of the two sides was too great.

Said, Xi Lang looked around and pointed at Darryl: “Just him!”

This guard is not his own, and he didn’t lose if he handed it over.

Xi Lang thought it over and handed over Darryl first. Then think of ways to delay time.


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the audience gathered on Darryl.


Darryl was angry and couldn’t help cursing in secret.

This Xilang is really good at picking people. Before, it was you who had to act in front of An Qi to offend these blood wolves. Now that you can’t control the situation, just hand me over?

An Qi also trembled, frowning at Xi Lang and said: “You…”

“His Royal Highness!” Xilang hurriedly whispered: “There are too many opponents, we can’t fight, we can only hand over this guard first to stabilize the opponent’s emotions, anyway, this guy is not strong, and it will be fine if he died. pity.”

Heard this. An Qi couldn’t bear to say: “But…what he said is also the guard of the palace.” As the queen’s sister, she has to leave the guards with her to a gang of wicked men. Where will the royal family’s face be placed in the future? ?


Feeling An Qi’s intolerance, Darryl exhaled secretly. I felt better.

The queen’s sister is still a bit human.

Thinking about it, Darryl said lightly: “Okay, I’ll go!” He said, slowly walking towards Tu Li.

Seeing this scene, Xilang showed a smile: “This guy is quite self-aware. It is worth the death to use your life for the safety of so many of us.”

An Qi stomped her feet anxiously, wanting to call Darryl. You can see Tu Li’s gloomy face, and he couldn’t find the courage.


At this time, Tu Li smiled and nodded at Xilang approvingly: “You are quite witty, I will accept this man’s life. What about this woman, do you not have s3x?”

Xi Lang quickly said: “Your Excellency, don’t worry, I will persuade her.”

An Qi was anxious: “You really want to hand me over? My sister knows that she will definitely not let you go.”

“His Royal Highness!” Xilang almost cried: “I’m just a slow-down, don’t worry.”

The two voices were very small, only Xilang and An Qi could hear them.

Seeing this scene, Tu Li thought Xilang was really trying to persuade An Qi, but he didn’t urge him for the time being.

In the next second, Tu Li pointed to Darryl: “Come on, chop off this person’s head.” Ma De, dare to fight against the Snow Wolf group, that’s how it ended.


When the voice fell, several of his men drew out their big swords and quickly surrounded Darryl.

At this moment Darryl didn’t panic at all.

Seeing the big swords of several people slashed over, Darryl said at Tu Li: “You are from the blood hand organization, right?” Darryl’s voice was not loud, but Tu Li could hear him clearly.

When saying this, Darryl looked confident.

When Tu Li appeared just now, in addition to the wolf head mark on his forehead, Darryl also saw it. On the right side of his neck, there was also a mark of the blood hand. At that time, Darryl concluded that this person was not only the head of the blood wolf group, but also a person of the blood hand organization.


Hear what Darryl said. Tu Li’s heart was shocked and he hurriedly shouted, then walked over quickly and stared at Darryl: “What did you say? How do you know that I am a bloodhanded person?” Half a year ago, he secretly joined the bloodhand organization. . Few people know this. How did this guy see it?

Chapter 1727

Facing Tu Li’s doubts, Darryl smiled slightly, and took out something from his body: “Since you are from the blood hand organization, you should know this thing.”

When he said this, Darryl’s voice was very small, only he and Tu Li could hear it.

The thing in Darryl’s hand is a special blood jade with a hand holding a sword carved on it, which is the personal token of the leader of the blood hand organization, Olena, and a status symbol.

Previously in Pearl City. Before Olena left, she handed this blood jade to Darryl, saying that people who encounter the blood hand tissue in the future, as long as the blood jade is brightened, the other party will obey the dispatch.

But at this time, Darryl confirmed that Tu Li was the person of the blood hand organization, and he revealed the blood jade.


At this moment, Tu Li shocked all over his body, staring closely at the blood jade in Darryl’s hand, with a complicated tone, and a little surprised: “Where did you get this…this thing?”

When saying this, Tu Li tried his best to restrain the excitement in his heart!

People who are the blood hand organization naturally know this blood jade, which is a substitute for the big leader. A symbol of supremacy.

But how could such a thing appear to this person?

What is the relationship between him and the big boss?

Seeing Tu Li’s tone, it was obviously different from the previous one, Darryl smiled slightly: “This is given to me by your chief leader. In other words, I am a distinguished guest of your blood hand organization.”


Hearing this, Tu Li was stunned, and then asked suspiciously: “But why haven’t I heard of you? Honestly, did you stole this blood jade?”

Tu Li is not stupid. He didn’t believe in Darryl because of a piece of blood jade.

“If you don’t believe it, you can give it a try.” Darryl didn’t panic at all, and said indifferently: “You kill me now, take the blood jade back to your chief, and see if she rewards you or disposes of you. “


At this moment, Tu Li groaned, yes, if he made a mistake and offended the VIP of the big leader, it would be a dead end.

Thinking about it, Tu Li hurriedly bowed to Darryl, and said politely: “Your Excellency, it was a misunderstanding just now. I hope you have a large number of adults and don’t care about it.” Seriously, Tu Li didn’t want to be so spineless, but No way, the opponent has the blood jade of the big leader. Are you welcome?

Darryl smiled slightly and waved his hand: “You don’t need to be so polite, those who don’t know are not guilty.”


Seeing this scene, Huang Lang and others next to him were all stunned.

What kind of situation is this, why does the boss treat this kid so respectfully after looking at this kid’s blood jade?


At the same time, Xilang, An Qi and others not far away also frowned secretly.

what’s going on?

Not only did the other party not kill the guard, but he was kind to him instead.

For a time, the atmosphere was a bit subtle.

Finally, Huang Lang reacted and couldn’t help shouting: “Boss, this kid is a palace guard, what do you do to him so politely? Quickly kill, and then let them hand over the woman.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tu Li raised his hand abruptly, and slapped Huang Lang’s face. He heard a crisp sound. Huang Lang turned around, and the other half of his face was swollen, making him unspeakably embarrassed.

“Ma De, what do I want to do, do you still need you to teach me?” Tu Li was unable to do so, exclaimed, “This is my distinguished guest. You can’t be rude if you see it in the future, understand?”


Hearing this, Huang Lang covered his face, unspeakable grievance, and was shocked at the same time.

This palace guard. How can you become a VIP if you can’t get involved with the blood wolf group at all?

At the same time, Xilang, An Qi and others who were not far away stayed there one by one, too long.

“Your Mightiness!”

At this time. Tu Li looked at Darryl and pleased: “Since it’s a misunderstanding, look at this…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Darryl waved his hand and said: “It’s okay, you can leave.”

Tu Li nodded quickly, and then thought of something. He glanced at Xi Lang, who was not far away, and couldn’t help but said, “Your Excellency, that fellow just now was very rude to you. Would you like me to teach him and vent your anger? “

As he said, Tu Li glared at Xi Lang.

Ma De, it was this ba5tard who almost killed the VIP of the big boss.

Feeling the killing intent in Tu Li’s eyes, Xi Lang couldn’t help but shiver. His face was extremely pale, his legs were soft, and he could hardly stand still.


Darryl took a deep breath and shook his head: “No, you should leave here as soon as possible.”

honestly. Just now Xilang handed Darryl’s life to Tu Li, and Darryl was also very annoyed, but now it was getting late, Darryl didn’t want to care about this, he just wanted to return to the palace earlier, after all, finding the holy book of jade is the most important thing.


Seeing Darryl’s refusal, Tu Li couldn’t persevere. After responding, he left with many of his subordinates.


See this scene. Regardless of whether it was An Qi, Xilang and others, their faces were full of consternation, and at the same time they secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Especially Xilang, secretly wiped out the cold sweat.

It’s so risky. Fortunately, these people are gone, otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.

In the next second, Xi Lang reacted, strode towards Darryl, and asked coldly: “Hey, what happened just now?”

When the voice fell, An Qi also came over, looking at Darryl with a look of doubt: “Darryl Tao, what is going on? Why did those people respect you so much just now?”

Darryl smiled slightly and said faintly: “It’s nothing, the boss of this group of people just admitted the wrong person and regarded me as a benefactor of the past. I will take care of the plan, and then let them go.”


Hearing this, An Qi was taken aback first, then nodded approvingly.

This Darryl Tao is not strong, but his brain is quite exciting.

Xilang, who was next to him, had a look of disdain: “Ma De, I thought what was going on, it turned out to be the wrong person.”

As he said, Xi Lang thought of something, staring at Darryl, and questioned: “No, these people are not low in strength, and they are not fools. How can you admit the wrong person? Honestly, are you and them a group? What? It was deliberately played for us just now?”

When he said this, Xilang looked proud, as if he was an interrogator.


Darryl frowned, and suddenly became angry.

Is this Xilang brain sick? I just saved you. Even if you are not grateful, you still slander me in turn?

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled lightly, and said to Xi Lang: “If I was with them, I would have gone with them just now. What are you still doing here?”

“Anyway?” Xilang said without even thinking about it: “You were sent by them and mixed into the palace. Of course you want to stay.”


Darryl cursed secretly, not too lazy to talk nonsense, and said lightly: “Okay. Since you doubt me, then follow them and ask, I guess they haven’t gone far yet.”


Xilang’s face flushed, and she suddenly became angry, but couldn’t refute it.

Tu Li’s group of people, one by one, are powerful, and Xilang is too afraid to hide. How can they dare to catch up and interrogate?

“OK OK!”

Seeing that the two were fighting, An Qi couldn’t stand it anymore, and frowned, “I don’t have to say a few words. It’s so late now. I’m hungry when I haven’t seen the dragon. Go get me something to eat.” After eating, I am going back to the palace.”

Seeing An Qi had spoken, Xilang didn’t say anything anymore, so he greeted his subordinates and went to find food near the cave.

Chapter 1728

Darryl did not go out, but guarded at the entrance of the cave.


Xi Lang was displeased, and said coldly at Darryl: “His Royal Highness An Qi is hungry, haven’t you heard it? Why don’t you go looking for food?”

Xi Lang at this time, the more he looked at Darryl, the more unpleasant he was.

Darryl replied with a blank face: “Where is my turn to find food for you so many people? Besides, I am the palace guard. I want to protect the safety of His Royal Highness An Qi at all times. How can I leave casually?”


Hearing this, Xilang’s face was extremely ugly. And the guards around, looking at Darryl’s eyes one by one, also flashed with displeasure.

This guy dared to challenge Master Xilang, really looking for death.

In the next second, Xi Lang glared at Darryl fiercely, and then led his men to search nearby.

I have to say that Xilang and others had good luck. After a while, they caught a few rabbits, set up a bonfire in the cave, and started roasting the rabbits.

With food, An Qi is in a good mood.

Darryl was bored, because of his identity, naturally he couldn’t eat with An Qi. Can only walk outside the cave and wait.

Seeing this, Xilang’s eyes flickered with gloomy coldness, secretly greeted some of his subordinates, and quickly followed out.


When he arrived outside the cave, Xi Lang yelled coldly at Darryl.

Darryl looked back and saw that Xi Lang looked gloomy and said lightly: “What?”

Darryl could tell that Xi Lang brought a few guards out to find trouble for him, but he didn’t panic at all.

“It’s nothing.”

Xi Lang smiled coldly. In an unspeakable tone, he said word by word: “A small palace guard has a big frame. Just now in front of His Royal Highness An Qi, I didn’t care about you, but it doesn’t mean I forgot.”

Said, Xilang pointed to his feet: “I will give you a chance now, kneel down and apologize to me, and I will forgive you!”

The tone is firm and unquestionable.


Want me to kneel and apologize? Are you caught in the door?

At this moment, Darryl was stunned, and then sneered: “For no reason, why should I apologize to you? Also, just now I dismissed the group of people and helped everyone. If you really want to count it, you should tell me Thank you!”


As soon as these words came out, the guards behind Xilang were all stunned.

This guy is too crazy to talk to Master Xilang like this.

at the same time. Xilang was also furious and coldly said: “Okay, very good, it seems that I really underestimate you, but I tell you, my father is the commander of the palace guards, his status is extraordinary, and you are just a little The palace guard, you challenged me, have you thought about the consequences?”

Xilang at this time looked proud.

He was right. As the son of the guard army commander, Serang walked almost sideways in the entire royal city. A small palace guard would naturally not take it seriously.


However, Darryl didn’t have the slightest nervousness, but chuckled, turning around to enter the cave.

An Qi should have eaten almost now, and it’s time to go back to the palace.

“You have a special code to stop me!”

Seeing that Darryl didn’t take himself seriously, Xi Lang was completely angry. Especially, so many guards around him watched, but he was ignored by a palace guard. Where to put the back?

Xilang became more and more angry as he thought about it, flushed, and howled loudly: “Dare to show off in front of me? I think you are looking for death!”


When the voice fell, Xilang burst out with holy power, and then clenched his fists. He hit Darryl’s back directly.

I saw that where Xilang’s figure passed, a strong wind was raging, and the power was amazing!

With this punch, Xilang exerted all his holy power. Ready to kill Darryl on the spot.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding guards were very excited one by one.

“Dare to challenge the young master, really tired of living!”

“As expected of the young master, this punch is very powerful.”

In the discussion, no one sympathized with Darryl. In their eyes, Darryl was just a guard of the palace. His status was so different from Xilang, but he was so arrogant that he was killed by Xilang.


Seeing Xi Lang punched, Darryl sneered, and his anger surged!

This Xilang is really sick, I don’t bother to care about you, but you push your nose to your face!

I thought. Darryl lifted his dantian and prepared to greet him with a palm. Although Xi Lang’s strength is not weak, in Darryl’s eyes, he is not worthy of being an opponent.


Just when Darryl was about to make a move. Suddenly, there was a soft drink from the cave.

Immediately afterwards, I saw An Qi with a cold face and walked out quickly. She was tasting the rabbit meat inside, but when she heard the noise outside, she came out to take a look. She saw that Xilang was working with Darryl.

At this time, An Qi glanced at Xi Lang coldly, very angry.

Xilang is really too arrogant and domineering. Darryl Tao just saved everyone, but Xilang bullied him.

Seeing An Qi coming out, Xilang hurriedly stopped, and then squeezed out a smile: “His Royal Highness, are you full?” My heart is secretly holding back the fire.

I thought that while An Qi was eating, he could teach the wind and waves a good lesson, but he didn’t expect that An Qi would come out so soon.


An Qi took a deep breath, and without looking at Xi Lang, she walked past him.

In the next second, An Qi approached Darryl and said softly: “Darryl Tao, did he hurt you just now?” This Darryl Tao is just the strength of the Saint King. It’s definitely not Serang’s opponent.

At this moment An Qi didn’t know yet, Darryl hid his strength and broke through the Holy Venerable yesterday. If you really want to fight, Xilang can only be abused.

Darryl smiled slightly, shook his head and said: “It’s okay!”


See this scene. The surrounding guards were stunned, and their faces were all inconceivable.

His Royal Highness, is actually so concerned about a palace guard?

Especially for Xilang, his handsome face suddenly became sullen, jealous and annoyed.

This guy, how can He De, make An Qi be so concerned about him?

Xi Lang had originally seen Darryl not pleasing to his eyes, but now seeing An Qi caring about him so much, his heart became even more unbalanced.


At this moment, An Qi looked at Xilang coldly: “Xilang, you are getting too much. Darryl Tao is the guard of the palace. Today I can leave the palace with his help, but you do it to him? This queen’s sister, don’t you pay attention to it either?”

When she said this, An Qi was very angry.

When Tu Li’s gang were there just now, Silang couldn’t help. Now that there is no danger, he turns around to bully himself. It’s really hateful.


Faced with An Qi’s accusation, Xilang’s face flushed, and he was unspeakably depressed and embarrassed.

In the next second, Xilang reacted. Accompanying the smiling face to explain to An Qi: “His Royal Highness, where did I bully him, I just want to fight him!”

As he said, Xilang made a very innocent look: “It was all on him just now, those blood wolves. I didn’t bother with us. How could I do something with him? I was a little boring just now, so I suggested to talk to him. Let’s fight, if you don’t believe me, ask these guards!”

Chapter 1729

When the voice fell, the surrounding guards all nodded in agreement.

“Yes, the young master is fighting with him!”

“Yeah, what’s the status of Master? How can you do something with a guard?”

“His Royal Highness An Qi, you misunderstood our young master.”

Several guards testified one after another, and they all said it very seriously.

Ha ha…

Seeing this scene, Darryl sneered.

This Xilang is really a villain, one on the surface and one on the back. The commander of the dignified guard can give birth to such a son. It’s really sad.


Seeing everyone saying that, An Qi stopped pursuing it, and said lightly: “It’s so late, what’s like fighting?”

With that, An Qi said to Darryl: “It’s late, let’s go back to the palace.”

Darryl nodded, and at the same time he was relieved.

D*mn, staying with this An Qi, spent most of the day, and finally have to go back.

“His Royal Highness An Qi!” Xilang walked over and said flatteringly: “I’ll see you off, it’s so late now, if you encounter any trouble on the way back to the city, I can also protect you!”

“no need!”

The voice just fell. Darryl said indifferently: “I’ll go back with Your Highness An Qi.” He could see that Xi Lang was not at ease with An Qi, and if he kept letting him follow, there might be something wrong with him.


Xi Lang immediately became angry and shouted at Darryl: “What do you mean? A giant dragon has appeared in this place. If you encounter a giant dragon, can you protect His Highness An Qi alone?”

At this time, An Qi also said: “Let Xilang follow, there are many people to take care of it.” Although it is not far from the Wangcheng, the road is rugged. The environment is complicated, and it is safer to have people like Serang following.

Seeing An Qi speak, Darryl smiled and said nothing.

Afterwards, the group left the cave and walked down the mountain.


However, I didn’t go far, I heard a deafening roar not far away, and then, a huge figure flew in from the night sky not far away.

He was covered in black scales, and his blood-red eyes were like lanterns.

It was the dragon that Darryl had conquered before.

One day ago, the giant dragon came to this area to search for a habitat. It was discovered that the giant dragon cave left after a short stay. The dragon originally planned to find a new habitat in a further place, but it was only halfway there. A few hours ago, sensing that Darryl had come here, the giant dragon hurriedly came to investigate.

To know. With the relationship of dripping blood to recognize the master, within a hundred miles, the giant dragon could clearly sense Darryl’s whereabouts.


Suddenly seeing the dragon appear, whether it was Xilang and others, or An Qi, their hearts trembled, and they couldn’t help but breathe in cold air.

There are really dragons.

Moreover, this dragon is so big and its breath is so terrifying.

For a while, everyone froze there, all stunned.

But Darryl had a calm face, very relaxed and natural.

Bang, bang, bang!

Soon, the giant dragon landed and walked towards Darryl with steps. The huge dragon claw stepped on the ground, making a deafening noise, like an earthquake.

“the host!”

When approaching, the dragon looked at Darryl with respect, “Why are you here?”

“A word is hard to say!” Darryl’s face was bitter.

At this time, Darryl used the beast ring to communicate with the giant dragon in secret, so everyone around didn’t even know.

At this time, Xilang and the others were unspeakably panicked when they saw the giant dragon close at hand. All of them were pale, almost unable to stand still.

Seeing what Xilang looked like, Darryl chuckled lightly, and then said lightly: “Master Xilang, you said just now. To protect Your Highness An Qi, now that the dragon appears, you won’t be afraid anymore!?


Hearing this, Xilang flushed, and bit his neck to argue: “Who…who is so scared?”

Say so on the lips. Xilang’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, and his voice trembled.

At this moment, An Qi was also trembling, her delicate face was extremely pale. When I didn’t see the dragon before, I was full of expectation, but now I see it, except for the shock, it is endless panic.

In panic, An Qi couldn’t help holding Silang, her voice trembling: “Silang, what should I do?”


Xilang also panicked: “I don’t know either.”


Seeing this scene, Darryl was amused secretly, and then ridiculed at Xilang: “Master Xilang. These dragons are rumored to be evil. Since we were discovered by it, someone must be eaten. Let’s go. I will run with His Royal Highness An Qi. You and your subordinates will hold it back.”


Hearing this, Silang almost jumped up.

I took my men to hold the dragon? What a joke, this dragon is so powerful, so many people can’t escape it.

“Run! Run!”

In the next second, Xilang couldn’t help but yelled, and ran down the mountain first. A dozen of his men followed, one by one running faster than the rabbit.

In Xilang’s heart, An Qi’s safety is certainly important. But it’s not as important as one’s own life.

In a blink of an eye, Xilang and a dozen of his men ran without a trace.

“you guys…”

Seeing this scene, An Qi was so angry that she stomped her feet with anger!

She never thought of it. Silang, who had just sworn to protect her, turned into a turtle with her head shrunk when she saw the dragon.

“His Royal Highness An Qi!”

Darryl smiled slightly and said: “You see, whether some people can be trusted or not can be seen at a critical time.”

When is this wind and waves, and I still feel like saying this.

Hearing this, An Qi couldn’t laugh or cry, and at the same time was anxious: “Darryl Tao. What shall we do? Will this dragon eat us?” As he said, An Qi glanced at the dragon in horror.

Seeing An Qi almost crying, Darryl comforted softly: “Don’t panic!”

With that said, Darryl waved his hand at the giant dragon: “We just passed by and didn’t intend to offend. Let’s go!”

While saying this, Darryl secretly urged the Yu Beast Ring and gave the giant dragon the order to leave.

“the host!”

Upon receiving the order, the giant dragon responded: “Then I will go now!” Immediately, his wings vibrated and his huge body flew up to a height of one thousand meters. In a blink of an eye, he disappeared from the sight of Darryl and An Qi.


Seeing this scene, An Qi’s body trembled, and she felt her brain humming.

The dragon didn’t even attack himself and Darryl Tao?

Also…. Did Darryl Tao talk to the dragon just now?

After a full ten seconds of stunned, An Qi was considered to have reacted, full of curiosity, and said to Darryl: “Darryl Tao, did you talk to the dragon just now? Does it understand?”

Darryl nodded: “Yes, I know a little aD*mnl language.”

The matter of subduing the dragon by oneself is no small matter, so don’t let An Qi know.

Beast language?

Hearing this, An Qi’s eyes shone with brilliance, and she looked at the guard in front of her with admiration.

Immediately, the two continued on the road. Walk towards the direction of Wangcheng.

Along the way, An Qi kept inquiring about the aD*mnl language, Darryl had no choice but to make up some things and fool around. At the same time, I also said some interesting things about the Kyushu mainland. An Qi was stunned.

Soon after arriving at the palace, An Qi completely put down her shelf in front of Darryl, and took Darryl’s arm: “Darryl Tao, you know so much. You will stay in my bedroom tonight and continue to follow I tell stories, okay?”

D*mn it!

Hearing this, Darryl was startled, and shook his head quickly: “How can this work?”

Chapter 1730

At this time Darryl was almost dumbfounded.

This An Qi is too playful. I still want to listen to the story at this late hour. Besides, I am just a guard, how can I stay in her room?

Thinking about it, Darryl patiently coaxed: “Today is too late, let’s go another day. I took you out quietly today, but I took a big risk.”

Heard this. An Qi was very disappointed, but she nodded her head and agreed.

Then Darryl and An Qi parted and walked towards the room where they were resting.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw a maid waiting there. Seeing Darryl, she quickly said: “Darryl Tao, Your Majesty the Queen wants to see you, come with me!” After finishing speaking, she led the way, and did not refuse Darryl at all. Opportunity.


Darryl frowned secretly, a trace of panic rose in his heart.

Did the Queen know about the matter of bringing An Qi out of the palace in private?

Soon, under the leadership of the maid, Darryl came to the queen’s sleeping quarters.


The moment he entered the palace, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath when he saw the scene in front of him.

Just see. The queen was sitting there quietly, and a few maids were waiting there, the atmosphere was a bit subtle and dull.


Seeing Darryl, the queen didn’t have the slightest expression on her delicate face, and said softly: “The pill you gave me before is very useful, is there any? Give me another one.”

When she said this, the queen’s tone was very light, but it was beyond doubt.

Before fighting with Meng Yi’s men, the queen was severely traumatized. Although he had taken Darryl’s pill before, he still hadn’t fully recovered.

It turned out to be a pill.

Hearing this, Darryl’s nervous mood suddenly relaxed.

Immediately, Darryl scratched his head and responded: “Your Majesty, I only have one Heart Tempering Pill, but if you need it now, I can refine it immediately.”

Refining immediately?

The queen was stunned, her beautiful face was full of surprise: “Is that pill made?” There is no such thing as alchemy in the Roland Continent.

“Yes it is!”

Darryl nodded, then smiled and looked at the maid beside the queen: “Trouble you, please help me prepare some herbs. I need Dilongweed, purple sunflower…”

In the next ten seconds, Darryl quickly explained the materials for refining the Heart Tempering Pill in detail.


For a moment, the maids looked at each other, none of them moved, but looked at the queen in surprise.

The herbs that Darryl Tao said are available in the palace. But these things can make pills out?

The queen looked indifferent and waved her hand: “Go!” Although this wind wave, words and deeds are very special, but after that night, she still chooses to believe unconditionally.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Seeing the Queen speak, the maids hurried to prepare herbs.

After a while, the preparation of the herbal medicine was completed, and Darryl took a clay pot from the side as a utensil for alchemy, and immediately afterwards, the fire began to rise.

After doing this, Darryl took out the medicinal materials in an orderly manner, and put them into the fire one by one. Every step, Darryl was methodical and serious.


Seeing this scene, whether it is the queen or the maids around, they have complicated eyes.

Can you make pills like this?

Especially the queen, watching every step of Darryl closely, her eyes flashed with a strange light. As a queen, she is also well-informed, but what Darryl is doing right now. This is the first time I have seen it.

Under the gaze of everyone, Darryl methodically, after putting out the materials, he began to slowly control the heat.

As the temperature of the stove continues to rise, the entire bedroom is also warm.


unconsciously. Ten minutes later, there was a sudden vibration in the pill furnace.

The maids around were all taken aback, and all backed in exclamation, thinking that the clay pot had exploded, and waited for them to react. I saw that the clay pot did not burst.

At this time, these maids realized that this was a reaction produced by the airflow in the clay pot under high temperature.

With a smile on his face, Darryl slowly opened the clay pot.

At this moment, all the maids couldn’t help but surround themselves, and even the queen stood up and couldn’t help but look around. For a while, the whole palace was silent!


In the next second, several maids couldn’t help exclaiming, looking at Darryl’s gaze, full of admiration and admiration!

It’s really refined!

I saw the bottom of the clay pot, lying quietly with a round pill, a fragrance of pill. Permeated the entire bedroom. It is Heart Tempering Pill.

“Your Majesty!” Darryl took out the pill and quickly handed it to the Queen’s hand: “Please take it!”


The queen responded and took the pill. After a while, she felt refreshed. His face was ruddy, unspeakably charming.


The queen showed a smile on her face, looked at Darryl, and said softly: “I can’t tell, you are so knowledgeable and talented, and understand so many things. After taking this pill just now, my injury should be completely healed. Yes, Darryl Tao, you are really a talent of my Golden Lion Principality!”

When talking about this. The queen had a smile on her face, but her eyes were somewhat complicated.


Hearing this, Darryl’s heart suddenly became excited, the queen praised herself so, she could take the opportunity to ask for the sacred book.


Just when Darryl was secretly delighted. Seeing the queen’s face sank, her tone became cold: “You left the palace with An Qi in private and stayed outside for a day before coming back. Let’s talk, what’s the matter?”

D*mn it!

Darryl was stunned, and his heart was cold for a while, and it was broken. I thought that this matter could be kept from the Queen, but she didn’t expect she already knew it.

Thinking about it, Darryl’s mind turned quickly. Explained: “Your Majesty calmed down, today I just took His Highness An Qi out to relax, nothing else.”

Hearing this, the queen’s delicate face showed no expression. Faintly said: “Angie is young and ignorant, and you are ignorant? Leave the palace rashly, what if you are in danger?”

With that, the queen yelled at the outside: “Come here, put Darryl Tao in jail for half a month, as a sign of punishment!”

When the last sentence came out, the queen couldn’t hide her inner anger.

This Darryl, there is really no rules, even carrying An Qi out of the palace behind his back, you know, An Qi is his only family, something is really going to happen, how can he bear it?

In this matter, although Darryl Tao is not guilty of death, it takes a sentence or two to pass. How can the royal family still have majesty in the future?

When the voice fell, the two palace guards outside the door immediately walked in.

D*mn it!

Seeing this, Darryl wanted to cry without tears.

I haven’t gotten the sacred book yet. How can he be locked up for half a month?

Seeing the two royal guards getting closer and closer, Darryl’s mind was also spinning quickly, thinking about countermeasures.

Ma De, what should I do? Do you want to tear your face with the queen?

But if so. It will be difficult to find the sacred book in the future.

“Sister, don’t…”

Just when Darryl was in a dilemma, suddenly, an anxious shout came from outside the palace, and then immediately. A slender figure walked in quickly and stood in front of Darryl.

It is An Qi.

It turned out that An Qi had come long ago. When she saw Darryl inside and was questioned by the Queen, she didn’t come in, but looked outside the door.

Seeing that the queen was going to punish Darryl at this time, An Qi couldn’t help it immediately.

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