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Chapter 1731

At this time Darryl was almost dumbfounded.

This An Qi is too playful. I still want to listen to the story at this late hour. Besides, I am just a guard, how can I stay in her room?

Thinking about it, Darryl patiently coaxed: “Today is too late, let’s go another day. I took you out quietly today, but I took a big risk.”

Heard this. An Qi was very disappointed, but she nodded her head and agreed.

Then Darryl and An Qi parted and walked towards the room where they were resting.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw a maid waiting there. Seeing Darryl, she quickly said: “Darryl Tao, Your Majesty the Queen wants to see you, come with me!” After finishing speaking, she led the way, and did not refuse Darryl at all. Opportunity.


Darryl frowned secretly, a trace of panic rose in his heart.

Did the Queen know about the matter of bringing An Qi out of the palace in private?

Soon, under the leadership of the maid, Darryl came to the queen’s sleeping quarters.


The moment he entered the palace, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath when he saw the scene in front of him.

Just see. The queen was sitting there quietly, and a few maids were waiting there, the atmosphere was a bit subtle and dull.


Seeing Darryl, the queen didn’t have the slightest expression on her delicate face, and said softly: “The pill you gave me before is very useful, is there any? Give me another one.”

When she said this, the queen’s tone was very light, but it was beyond doubt.

Before fighting with Meng Yi’s men, the queen was severely traumatized. Although he had taken Darryl’s pill before, he still hadn’t fully recovered.

It turned out to be a pill.

Hearing this, Darryl’s nervous mood suddenly relaxed.

Immediately, Darryl scratched his head and responded: “Your Majesty, I only have one Heart Tempering Pill, but if you need it now, I can refine it immediately.”

Refining immediately?

The queen was stunned, her beautiful face was full of surprise: “Is that pill made?” There is no such thing as alchemy in the Roland Continent.

“Yes it is!”

Darryl nodded, then smiled and looked at the maid beside the queen: “Trouble you, please help me prepare some herbs. I need Dilongweed, purple sunflower…”

In the next ten seconds, Darryl quickly explained the materials for refining the Heart Tempering Pill in detail.


For a moment, the maids looked at each other, none of them moved, but looked at the queen in surprise.

The herbs that Darryl Tao said are available in the palace. But these things can make pills out?

The queen looked indifferent and waved her hand: “Go!” Although this wind wave, words and deeds are very special, but after that night, she still chooses to believe unconditionally.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Seeing the Queen speak, the maids hurried to prepare herbs.

After a while, the preparation of the herbal medicine was completed, and Darryl took a clay pot from the side as a utensil for alchemy, and immediately afterwards, the fire began to rise.

After doing this, Darryl took out the medicinal materials in an orderly manner, and put them into the fire one by one. Every step, Darryl was methodical and serious.


Seeing this scene, whether it is the queen or the maids around, they have complicated eyes.

Can you make pills like this?

Especially the queen, watching every step of Darryl closely, her eyes flashed with a strange light. As a queen, she is also well-informed, but what Darryl is doing right now. This is the first time I have seen it.

Under the gaze of everyone, Darryl methodically, after putting out the materials, he began to slowly control the heat.

As the temperature of the stove continues to rise, the entire bedroom is also warm.


unconsciously. Ten minutes later, there was a sudden vibration in the pill furnace.

The maids around were all taken aback, and all backed in exclamation, thinking that the clay pot had exploded, and waited for them to react. I saw that the clay pot did not burst.

At this time, these maids realized that this was a reaction produced by the airflow in the clay pot under high temperature.

With a smile on his face, Darryl slowly opened the clay pot.

At this moment, all the maids couldn’t help but surround themselves, and even the queen stood up and couldn’t help but look around. For a while, the whole palace was silent!


In the next second, several maids couldn’t help exclaiming, looking at Darryl’s gaze, full of admiration and admiration!

It’s really refined!

I saw the bottom of the clay pot, lying quietly with a round pill, a fragrance of pill. Permeated the entire bedroom. It is Heart Tempering Pill.

“Your Majesty!” Darryl took out the pill and quickly handed it to the Queen’s hand: “Please take it!”


The queen responded and took the pill. After a while, she felt refreshed. His face was ruddy, unspeakably charming.


The queen showed a smile on her face, looked at Darryl, and said softly: “I can’t tell, you are so knowledgeable and talented, and understand so many things. After taking this pill just now, my injury should be completely healed. Yes, Darryl Tao, you are really a talent of my Golden Lion Principality!”

When talking about this. The queen had a smile on her face, but her eyes were somewhat complicated.


Hearing this, Darryl’s heart suddenly became excited, the queen praised herself so, she could take the opportunity to ask for the sacred book.


Just when Darryl was secretly delighted. Seeing the queen’s face sank, her tone became cold: “You left the palace with An Qi in private and stayed outside for a day before coming back. Let’s talk, what’s the matter?”

D*mn it!

Darryl was stunned, and his heart was cold for a while, and it was broken. I thought that this matter could be kept from the Queen, but she didn’t expect she already knew it.

Thinking about it, Darryl’s mind turned quickly. Explained: “Your Majesty calmed down, today I just took His Highness An Qi out to relax, nothing else.”

Hearing this, the queen’s delicate face showed no expression. Faintly said: “Angie is young and ignorant, and you are ignorant? Leave the palace rashly, what if you are in danger?”

With that, the queen yelled at the outside: “Come here, put Darryl Tao in jail for half a month, as a sign of punishment!”

When the last sentence came out, the queen couldn’t hide her inner anger.

This Darryl, there is really no rules, even carrying An Qi out of the palace behind his back, you know, An Qi is his only family, something is really going to happen, how can he bear it?

In this matter, although Darryl Tao is not guilty of death, it takes a sentence or two to pass. How can the royal family still have majesty in the future?

When the voice fell, the two palace guards outside the door immediately walked in.

D*mn it!

Seeing this, Darryl wanted to cry without tears.

I haven’t gotten the sacred book yet. How can he be locked up for half a month?

Seeing the two royal guards getting closer and closer, Darryl’s mind was also spinning quickly, thinking about countermeasures.

Ma De, what should I do? Do you want to tear your face with the queen?

But if so. It will be difficult to find the sacred book in the future.

“Sister, don’t…”

Just when Darryl was in a dilemma, suddenly, an anxious shout came from outside the palace, and then immediately. A slender figure walked in quickly and stood in front of Darryl.

It is An Qi.

It turned out that An Qi had come long ago. When she saw Darryl inside and was questioned by the Queen, she didn’t come in, but looked outside the door.

Seeing that the queen was going to punish Darryl at this time, An Qi couldn’t help it immediately.

Chapter 1732

Thinking about it, Darryl looked around the lower hall, and as expected, he saw Xi Lang standing there, trembling, and sweating on his forehead.

And that Xibo, seemingly calm, had anxiety in his eyes.

The atmosphere in the entire hall was also somewhat heavy and depressed.


Finally, the queen opened her red lips lightly and uttered two words!

Xibo was shocked. Come out quickly: “What’s your order!”

The queen’s delicate face, without a slight expression, said coldly: “As the commander of the royal city guards, you are highly used by the royal family. I always admire you, but I did not expect you to have such a big deal with me and the royal family. opinion.”


Hearing this, Xibo only felt like a thunderstorm sounded in his mind. He knelt down and said in horror: “I have always been loyal to our Golden Lion Principality and even the royal family. I wonder why your Majesty said this?”

do not know?

The queen breathed a sigh of relief, and said lightly: “Why did I say this? Ask your son carefully. What did he do yesterday?”

When she said this, the queen looked indifferent, but her eyes couldn’t conceal a bit of anger.

This Xilang, at a critical time, abandoned his sister and ran away, how can he not be angry?


In an instant, the eyes of the entire hall were all focused on Xilang.

Xilang’s face turned pale, and he knelt down and shouted at the queen: “Your Majesty calms down. Yesterday, I didn’t leave Her Royal Highness An Qi…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by An Qi: “Silang, in front of me, do you dare to lie? Yesterday the giant dragon appeared, and you immediately fleeed with someone, regardless of my life or death, or the wind Understand the beast language and can communicate with the dragon, but I am afraid that I have been eaten by the dragon.”

An Qi was furious when she thought of yesterday’s events.

When the voice fell, the other city owners around could not help talking.

“At the critical moment, he even left His Royal Highness An Qi, this Xilang is really outrageous.”

“Yes, it’s shameful to be the son of the guard commander…”

“I was pretty optimistic about him originally, alas…”

The surrounding discussion kept coming, Xibo’s face was extremely ugly, and his whole body was dripping with cold sweat.

It’s shameful to have such a son.

at the same time. Xi Lang was almost crying too, and said in fear: “His Royal Highness, you really misunderstood me. I didn’t want to run, but to go back to save people so that I could fight the dragon.”

Xilang at this time wanted to cry without tears.

I thought An Qi and Darryl Tao were dead last night, anyway, they sneaked out of the palace, and they were eaten by the dragon at that time, no one knew, and the queen would not find out about them.

But he never expected that An Qi and Darryl Tao would come back unharmed, and also told the queen about the situation.

Ha ha…

Hearing this, An Qi sneered and didn’t believe it at all.

Seeing An Qi refused to forgive herself, Xilang was completely anxious, and she would continue to explain!

“You beast!”

However, at this moment, Xibo suddenly roared, oh, this beast has done such a shameful thing, and has not repented yet? Immediately walked over and slapped Xilang’s face with a slap!


This slap almost used all his strength, and Serang covered his face. His face was swollen high.

“Father!” Xilang yelled, and almost didn’t cry: “Yesterday I really didn’t abandon Her Royal Highness An Qi, I ran away at that time, I was going to rescue soldiers!”


Hearing this, Sibo was so angry. He slapped it again and yelled: “a55hole thing, you still have to quibble now? You lose the face of our family. How do I usually teach you to be loyal to the royal family for life. I will defend the queen to the death. Your majesty and the safety of the royal family. What did you do?”

Xilang’s grievance was so full that he couldn’t speak for a while.

Xibo was still angry at this time, pointing to Xilang and continuing to curse: “At a critical moment, you actually left Your Highness An Qi and ran away by yourself. If you don’t punish you well today, I am not your father!”

Said, Xibo shouted at the outside: “Come on, drag him out and hit a hundred sticks.”

To be honest, Xibo felt very distressed by hitting his son with a hundred sticks, but there was no way, if he didn’t take the lead in expressing the situation in front of him. The queen will certainly not spare him lightly.


Hearing this, Xilang trembled all over, and suddenly sat on the ground with a face like dirt.

Hit a hundred sticks, who can hold it.

quickly. Several guards walked in quickly and dragged Silang out.


Immediately afterwards, Xilang’s miserable howling sounded outside the hall.

Hearing his son’s screams, Xibo looked indifferent, and then walked forward and said with horror at the Queen: “Your Majesty, my godson has no choice. From now on, I must take care of what happened yesterday. Please also ask the Queen. Can open one side of the net.”

The queen pondered, but did not respond.

In the next second, the queen turned her head to look at An Qi, and said softly: “An Qi, what do you think?”

The queen and sister Anqi are deeply affectionate. An Qi almost died yesterday, and the queen was very angry. Even if this matter is going to pass, it depends on An Qi’s meaning.

An Qi bit her lip lightly, groaned, and then smiled: “Let Darryl Tao make the decision.”


When the voice fell, whether it was the queen or Xibo, they were stunned.

Especially Xibo, looking up and down Darryl. His eyes are full of complexity and surprise.

This guy, just a small guard, made His Highness An Qi take it so seriously.


At the same time, the other city lords around were also closely looking at Darryl. Can’t hide curiosity.

His Royal Highness An Qi asked for the advice of a guard.

What is his relationship with His Royal Highness An Qi?

In the face of everyone’s gaze, Darryl’s expression was indifferent.

Afterwards, Darryl smiled slightly and nodded at Xibo: “Since your Excellency Xibo has set an example and taught his son a good lesson, I don’t think there is any need to pursue it.”

With that said, Darryl continued towards Xibo: “Your Excellency Xibo, you must take care of your son in the future and don’t be ashamed.”

Ma De, Xilang was against himself twice yesterday. If he were not to hide his identity, he would have turned his face against him. Although Xilang was punished today, he still needs to keep this lesson in mind.

“Yes…” Xibo’s face was green and white, and he nodded with a smile.

At this time, Xibo, with a smile on his face, was indescribable in his heart.

Ma De, the commander of his own dignified guard army, was guarded by a small palace. Public teaching, where to put the back? But it’s not easy to happen in front of the queen, so I had to endure it.

“All right!”

At this moment, the queen said softly: “This matter is over. By the way, An Qi met the giant dragon yesterday, and you immediately send someone to investigate.”

The appearance of a giant dragon near the king’s city is not trivial.

“Yes.” Everyone in the hall responded in unison.

Next second. Madam Lanya slowly walked out, unable to conceal her curiosity: “His Royal Highness An Qi said just now that Darryl Tao understands aD*mnl language and communicated with the dragon yesterday. Maybe he can find the whereabouts of the dragon.”

When she said this, Mrs. Lan Ya looked at Darryl with Qiu Shui-like eyes, her charming and delicate face, with a slight smile, she was unspeakably charming.

Chapter 1733

To be honest, in the eyes of Mrs. Lan Ya, although this Darryl Tao is average in strength, but is so valued by An Qi, there must be something extraordinary.


Hearing this, the eyes of many people in the hall suddenly gathered on Darryl.

This person understands aD*mnl language, and perhaps it is easier to find the dragon.

You know, the dragon is powerful and has an evil character. If you search aimlessly, it is impossible to guarantee that there will be no casualties.


At this moment, the queen smiled and looked at Darryl and said softly: “Are you sure about this matter?” If Darryl can find the whereabouts of the dragon, Wang Cheng can formulate corresponding countermeasures to prevent the dragon. Disaster the people of King City.

“This one….”

Darryl scratched his head, a little bit dumbfounded.

The dragon has been subdued by himself, how can he expose its whereabouts? But seeing the queen speaking, Darryl couldn’t refuse.

Darryl thought it over, and later secretly issued an order to the giant dragon to keep it away from the Golden Lion King City.

Thinking of this, Darryl took a step earlier and said respectfully to the Queen: “Your Majesty, in fact, I don’t think we need to spend a lot of time to find the whereabouts of the dragon.”


Upon hearing this, the queen was stunned and couldn’t help but said: “Why?”

At the same time, everyone around was also puzzled.

Darryl smiled slightly, and said slowly: “Yesterday, when His Highness An Qi and I encountered the giant dragon, I communicated with it and learned that the dragon had no plans to live nearby. At that time, it let His Highness An Qi and me go. After that, I left directly. I think, we are no longer in our Golden Lion Principality at this time.”


Knowing these circumstances, the queen pondered.

The others around also secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Since the dragon has left, there is no need to worry.

However, Xibo, who was standing there, had a sneer on his face.

“really interesting!”

In the next second, Xi Bo walked out, looked at Darryl with a smile, and mocked: “It’s like that. I think you are scared in your heart. You dare not explore the whereabouts of the dragon, so you deliberately Do you say that?”

“The dragon is powerful and evil by nature. Maybe it is now hibernating somewhere near the royal city. If you hear your words, the royal city has not taken precautions in advance until it appears to attack the people of the royal city. Who will bear this responsibility?”

When he said this, Xi Bo’s face was righteous, and the gaze looking at Darryl revealed a bit of deep cold.

Just now Darryl embarrassed Xi Bo in public, Xi Bo held a grudge, and at this time, on the issue of the dragon, he deliberately sang Darryl against him.


The voice fell, and the whole hall burst into discussion.

“Your Excellency Xibo is right.”

“Yeah, if the dragon doesn’t leave, it will be in trouble.”

“Yes, this thing can’t be so hasty!”

Everyone’s comments kept coming, and Darryl frowned, very speechless.

Seeing many people supporting his point of view, Xibo’s eyes flashed with complacency, and he said to Darryl: “Darryl Tao, do you have anything to say?”

“Since you think so, I have nothing to say.” Darryl responded with a faint smile.

Since you want to toss, go and toss.

However, Xi Bo didn’t let Darryl go. He looked around and then shouted: “You see, this person is timid, if I guess it is correct, he doesn’t understand aD*mnl language at all. Otherwise, Why not dare to explore the whereabouts of the dragon?”

As soon as this remark came out. Many people nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Sir Xibo is right.”

“Who in this world can understand aD*mnl language?”

Seeing this situation, Darryl was secretly angry.

Mad, there is a problem with this Xibo’s brain, your son behaved so cowardly yesterday. It was his own question, and was questioned by the Queen in public today. It was originally worthy of the crime, but this Xibo pointed the finger at him.

Listening to everyone’s discussion. Mrs. Lan Ya, who was standing there, looked at Darryl, faintly disappointed.

I thought that this person had something extraordinary, because it turned out to be beastly speaking, it was fake.

“Shut up, you guys!”

At this moment, An Qi couldn’t stand it anymore, and she looked around and said: “Yesterday Darryl Tao communicated with the dragon. I was there at that time. I saw it with my own eyes. Don’t slander him.”

At this time, An Qi was very angry.

If it wasn’t for Darryl Tao yesterday, he wouldn’t be able to come back alive, but this Xibo would slander Darryl, which was really annoying.

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Xibo couldn’t help laughing. He said to An Qi: “His Royal Highness An Qi, you are too innocent. Although your experience yesterday was very thrilling, but after careful consideration, there are still many doubts.”

“Dragons are evil by nature. How can it be possible to communicate with humans? Perhaps, yesterday the dragon had a full stomach, so it didn’t attack you.”

“And this Darryl, to behave in front of you at that time, just pretend to understand the beast language. When you encounter the dragon, you don’t want to do it, so you can come back safely. In other words, Darryl was just lucky yesterday. In fact He doesn’t understand aD*mnl language at all, let alone communicate with giant dragons.”

After saying the last sentence, Xibo’s face was determined, as if the situation at the time was the same as what he said.


An Qi flushed. I was so angry that I couldn’t speak.

This Xibo, said one set of sets, is really hard to refute.

At the same time, Darryl was also very angry.

D*mn, this Xibo is really rich in imagination. What happened last night was obviously his own credit, but he insisted that it was good luck.

“OK OK!”

At this moment, the queen frowned and couldn’t help but said softly: “Don’t make any noise!”

See the queen speak. Xibo stopped talking, and everyone around him shut up.

For a while, the whole hall was silent.


The queen looked at Darryl quietly and couldn’t help asking: “You know how to speak aD*mnl words, is it true or not?” The queen at this time. Curiosity was also aroused, and I wanted to know if Darryl could speak beastly.


Darryl scratched his head and smiled bitterly: “Since your Excellency Xibo said that I was pretending, then I pretended to be.” Darryl was much more lazy to explain this question. Anyway, how to communicate with the dragon, everyone present would not understand.

“Ha ha..”

When the words fell, Xi Bo couldn’t help but sneer, grabbed the handle all of a sudden, and shouted at Darryl, “You don’t know how to speak beastly? Then you are deceiving your Majesty, and your sins cannot be forgiven.”

Yes, Xi Bo had been arguing about the issue of aDmnl language before, just forcing Darryl to admit that he could not speak aDmnl language, so that he could be settled.

At this moment, seeing Darryl personally say it, Xi Bo couldn’t be proud of it.

Mad, this kid embarrassed himself in public just now and didn’t show him any color. He really thought I was the commander of the guards. It’s paper.


At this moment, the queen sitting on the throne also had her eyebrows furrowed, her eyes gleaming complicated.

To be honest, the queen is facing Darryl in her heart. But at this time, with so many people in the hall, Darryl really didn’t know how to speak beastly, and he had committed a serious crime of deception. If he was partial, he couldn’t justify it.

at the same time. The city lords of the surrounding cities looked at Darryl’s gaze with indifferent expressions, and none of them helped Darryl to speak.


Darryl was also shocked, his heart angry.

This Xibo is really insidious. I have said so much just now, but the ultimate goal is to punish me.

Chapter 1734

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t panic at all, looking at Xibo with a smile but a smile: “Your Excellency Xibo, you deserve to be the commander-in-chief of the guards, what a mighty prestige.”

Xibo smiled coldly and ignored it.

In the next second, Xibo respectfully said to the Queen: “Your Majesty, this wind is really hateful. He clearly doesn’t know how to speak aD*mnl words, but he wants to deceive Your Majesty and plead with your Majesty to give the most severe punishment.”

When he said this, Xibo looked serious, but his eyes flashed with a smug smile.

The queen pondered.

At this time, Darryl smiled, and said to Xibo, “Your Excellency Xibo, you just kept saying that I don’t know how to speak beastly. I just follow what you mean and just talk about it. You take it seriously. , And take the opportunity to convict me. This seems a bit unreasonable.”


Hearing this, Xibo was stunned, and then sneered: “Listen to what you mean, do you really understand aD*mnl language?”

“Otherwise?” Darryl looked relaxed.

Darryl’s attitude made Xi Bo feel very upset, and said coldly: “There is nothing to say, since you really know how to speak aD*mnl words, you have to prove it.”

Talking. Xibo looked around: “Everyone is right?”

When the voice fell, many of them had good relations with Xibo, and they all agreed.

“Yes, just lip service, who can’t.”

“It must be proved.”

Listening to everyone’s discussion, Darryl frowned secretly.

Mad, what bad idea is this Xibo holding back?

Seeing Darryl’s expression, Xi Bo sneered secretly.

In the next second, Xibo respectfully said to the queen: “Your Majesty, since Darryl Tao said that he can speak beastly, why don’t you let him prove it, what does your Majesty think?”

The queen breathed a sigh of relief and said lightly: “Yes, but how do you prove that Darryl Tao can speak beastly?”

As a queen, it is natural to be fair and just, Xibo’s proposal is not excessive. Naturally will not refuse.


Seeing the queen’s promise, Xibo smiled.

Immediately, Xibo said to the queen: “Recently, a group of golden lion mounts have been added to the guards of the royal city. There are more than a dozen of them with violent personalities, which are difficult to tame. Since this wind wave can speak beastly, it is better to let him talk to them. The golden lion exchanges and exchanges to see if it can be tamed.”

“If he succeeds, it proves that he can speak beastly. If he can’t, he is lying and deceiving your Majesty.”

After saying the last sentence, Xibo looked at Darryl triumphantly, a gesture of death.


When these words fell, the entire hall was in an uproar, and many people exclaimed.

“Let Darryl tame the golden lion mount?”

“Here I watched some.”

“Your Excellency Xibo, this trick is absolutely impossible.”

During the discussion, many people looked at Darryl’s gaze. All show sympathy.

You know, the reason why the Golden Lion Principality has the word “Golden Lion” is because it is within the Golden Lion Principality. There are a large number of golden lions inhabiting. These golden lions are powerful and fierce for thousands of years. The royal family of the Golden Lion must invest a lot of manpower and money every year to tame the golden lion and grow the elite golden lion army.

Just tame the golden lion, the success rate is very low, a thousand golden lions, and only a few dozen in the end can be tamed successfully.

Moreover, taming a golden lion requires dozens of people to cooperate with each other. Even so, it is difficult to guarantee that someone will not be bitten by the golden lion.

And now, Xibo actually proposed. Let Darryl tame more than a dozen golden lions. This is not a test, but a clear statement that Darryl will suffer.

Even if it can’t be done, Darryl will be bitten to death by the golden lion.


At this moment. An Qi’s body trembled, and she yelled at Xibo, “Don’t go too far.”

Even if Darryl Tao knows aD*mnl language, it is impossible to tame more than a dozen golden lions at once. This Xibo is really hateful, obviously it is deliberately looking for trouble.

“His Royal Highness An Qi!” Xibo looked innocent, and said with a wry smile: “This Darryl Tao said that he can speak aD*mnl language, I just suggested that he prove it, why is it too much?”

Talking. Xi Bo glanced at Darryl, unable to conceal his inner contempt: “If he dare not, he can refuse.”

As long as Darryl Tao dares to refuse, it proves that there is a ghost in his heart.


At this moment. The eyes of all the people in the hall suddenly gathered on Darryl.

Will he dare to tame a dozen golden lions with cruel temperaments?

At this moment, Darryl also frowned secretly, this Xibo’s fox tail finally appeared, and he actually wanted me to tame the golden lion. interesting!

“Darryl!” An Qi was very anxious and whispered: “Don’t agree!”

Darryl smiled and motioned to her not to worry.


Seeing Darryl did not respond. Xibo couldn’t help but urged: “Aren’t you good at aD*mnl language? There should be no problem with taming the golden lion, you can’t be afraid.”

As he said, Xibo became more and more proud: “Well, a dozen golden lions are indeed a lot. Just two.”

“it is good!”

Darryl nodded, smiled and said, “Tame the golden lion, right, yes!”


Hearing this, whether it was Xibo or An Qi and others, they were all stunned.

He really agreed.

At this moment, Darryl sighed and continued with a relaxed expression: “It’s just that the two ends are boring. Didn’t you say there are more than a dozen? Let them out.”

When he said this, Darryl looked calm, and he did not feel the tension of facing a beast.


At this moment, everyone in the entire hall was stunned, looking at Darryl, all of them with incredible faces.

Is this wind mad? He wanted to tame a dozen golden lions at the same time.

Even if he really knows aD*mnl language and wants to behave in front of the queen, he is a bit too confident, right?

Especially Angel. Anxiously, he stomped his feet and pulled Darryl a bit: “Are you crazy?” A dozen golden lions raged, and they didn’t dare to imagine the consequences. You know, the adult golden lion. The strength is equivalent to the realm of the middle holy.

Darryl smiled: “Don’t panic!”

And Mrs. Lan Ya, who was standing opposite, looked at Darryl quietly, and her Jiao body trembled slightly.

He really wants to tame a dozen golden lions.

Is this bravery? Still arrogant?


At this time, the queen also reacted. Looking at Darryl complicatedly: “Darryl, are you sure you want to do this? Do you want to tame a dozen golden lions at the same time?”

The queen is clever and smart. Of course, it can be seen that Xibo proposed to tame the golden lion, deliberately making things difficult for Darryl, but Darryl personally agreed. As a queen, it is not convenient to stop it.

The queen at this time was just worried about Darryl’s safety.

This wind wave, knowledgeable and talented, must not let him get into trouble.

“His Majesty.”

Feeling the queen’s worry, Darryl smiled slightly, with a cynical gesture: “Since Your Excellency Xibo has said it, I can’t refuse it, otherwise it would be too shameful!”


Seeing him say this, the queen couldn’t say anything, she waved her hand and asked the guards outside to prepare. Then, she led everyone out of the main hall and came to the outside square.

Soon, more than a dozen huge iron cages were pulled into the square. In each iron cage, this huge golden lion was trapped. Each golden lion was more than three meters high and five meters long, and was covered with gold. His hair is majestic and shocking.

D*mn it!

Seeing this scene, Darryl secretly sighed.

No wonder Xibo was proud of the golden lions just now. It turns out that these golden lions are really fierce.

However, Darryl did not panic at all.

Chapter 1735


At this time, more than a dozen golden lions roared in the iron cage, the sound shook the sky, and the breath permeated the whole square almost.


Seeing this, Xibo smiled and his eyes were a little cold.

With this wind, it is impossible to tame a dozen golden lions at the same time. There are only two possibilities for the end, either being bitten by the Golden Lion or being torn into pieces.

At this time, at the order of the queen, many guards set up a circle of iron fences in the center of the square as a venue for Darryl to tame the golden lion.

After doing this, a dozen golden lions were driven out of the iron cage and into the fence.


At this moment, Xi Bo was very proud, and laughed at Darryl: “Everything is ready, it’s up to you to act!”

Said, Xibo couldn’t help but mocked: “You won’t come to an end, are you scared?”

The voice fell, the audience looked at. Gathered on Darryl.

“A dozen golden lions are too shocking, does he dare?”

“Looking at his appearance, it must be a guilty heart!”

“Nonsense, it’s you and you are also imaginary!”

Around the discussion, you and I came, and Darryl smiled slightly: “What can’t I dare?”

When the voice fell, Darryl moved his hands and feet, and his figure jumped slightly into the iron fence.


See this scene. Everyone in the audience was stunned.

This guy is crazy, he really went in!

At this moment, An Qi looked at Darryl closely, with a bit of surprise and worry on her delicate face.

A dozen golden lions, is he really not afraid of death?

Not far away, Madam Lan Ya also looked at Darryl’s figure closely, her heart hanging up.

This wind wave really entered…

At the same time, the queen also looked at Darryl quietly, her eyes flashing with strange brilliance and deep approval.

Faced with such a dangerous situation, being able to be so relaxed, this courage is really rare.

“Roar, roar… roar!”

When everyone was secretly surprised, they saw that after Darryl entered the iron fence, a dozen golden lions roared one after another. Immediately, they surrounded him, and the blood basins opened wide, exposing sharp fangs.

For a while, whether it was An Qi or Mrs. Lan Ya, they secretly squeezed a sweat for Darryl.

In the entire square, except for the roar of the golden lion, everyone was silent, their eyes widened, and they watched closely how Darryl responded!

At this time, among the iron fences.

Seeing more than a dozen golden lions swiftly surrounding them, one by one filled with a dangerous aura, Darryl didn’t panic at all, but instead urged his internal force to quietly pour into the beast control ring on his body.


In an instant, the Yu Beast Ring burst out with a special power fluctuation, centering on Darryl, covering the surrounding golden lions.


Feeling that energy fluctuation, a dozen golden lions suddenly made a wave of restlessness, and then stopped one by one, their eyes focused on Darryl, puzzled.

The breath of this human being is so special…


While doubting, these dozen golden lions. He also kept a low growl, his eyes locked on Darryl, waiting for the opportunity.


Seeing this scene, everyone around them all held their breath. .

Especially Xibo, with a wicked smile on his face.


This wind and turbulence will tame more than a dozen golden lions without knowing it, and now these golden lions are going to be angered. See what he does.

At this time, Xi Bo decided that Darryl could not speak aD*mnl words and had already angered these golden lions, but didn’t know that Darryl urged the beast control ring, making these golden lions a little restless for the time being.

Iron fence.

“All of them are obedient…”

Looking at the dozen or so golden lions that surrounded him, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and kept sending out messages through the beast ring: “Don’t be impulsive, I’m not here to hurt you…”

“You should feel my strength. Really fight. You are not my opponents. I will kill you if you don’t. However, as long as you are obedient. You will be fine. Understand?”

When he said this, Darryl looked relaxed, but he was a little worried.

Speaking of it, Darryl is not afraid of these golden lions besieging, it’s just that. He must show his true strength, and when that happens, he will be unable to hide his true identity.

Therefore, it is better to communicate with these golden lions as much as possible and let them proactively surrender.

“Roar, roar…”

Hearing Darryl’s words, a dozen golden lions kept roaring low, but the fierceness in their eyes slowly disappeared, a few seconds later. They surrounded Darryl one by one, sticking out their tongues, licking Darryl’s face affectionately.

Yes, licking the face is a good performance by the Golden Lion.


When more than a dozen golden lions rushed to lick his face, Darryl was unsteady. It fell to the ground all of a sudden, a little bit dumbfounded, but it felt very good.


Seeing this scene, everyone outside the iron fence suddenly exclaimed. From their perspective, they saw Darryl being thrown down by a dozen golden lions, thinking that he had been attacked.

“Oh my God, a dozen golden lions have launched an attack together. I’m afraid this storm will not survive!”

“I thought he really knew aD*mnl talk, but it turned out…”

“Yes, this person is overconfident.”

The discussion kept coming, and An Qi bit her lip, feeling unspeakable sadness in her heart.

This wind wave is really arrogant. How can he tame so many golden lions at the same time?

Mrs. Lan Ya, who was not far away, couldn’t help but sighed, sorry for Darryl. Like everyone else, she also thought that Darryl was attacked by these golden lions and there was no possibility of surviving.

At the same time, the queen was also trembling.

This wind wave… is it really dead?


At this time, Xibo, who was standing at the forefront, said with a fake look of regret: “I just asked him to tame two golden lions. I didn’t expect this wind and waves to be so arrogant. He had to tame a dozen of them together. It ended up like this now. It’s really heartbreaking.”

When he said this, Xibo was full of pity, but his eyes were proud.

This wind wave, who dared to teach himself in public before, is now bitten to death by these golden lions, and deserves it.

Thinking about it, Xibo said to the queen: “Your Majesty. It seems that the wind and waves are no longer good, let people drive the golden lion back to the iron cage!”

The queen bit her lip and did not respond.


At this time, An Qi screamed at Xi Bo Jiao with grief: “It’s all you. I have to let Darryl Tao prove that he can speak aD*mnl words. Now he is dead, you are satisfied!”

At this time, An Qi hated Xibo to death. I had been in contact with Darryl for a day before, and heard a lot of interesting things from Darryl. I also wanted to let him be his personal guard, but now, he was bitten to death by the golden lion.

“His Royal Highness An Qi.” Xibo looked innocent: “How can you blame me? When I was in the hall before, I didn’t force him, but he wanted to tame a dozen golden lions at a time, but he didn’t tame them and lost them. It’s dead, I can only say that he is too confident.”


Hearing this, An Qi’s face flushed and her body trembled with anger, but she didn’t know how to refute.

Because Xibo was right, it was indeed Darryl who wanted to tame a dozen golden lions together.

“Look at it…”!

After arguing, suddenly everyone around him screamed in exclamation.

An Qi hurriedly followed everyone’s gaze. At this look, she suddenly trembled and her whole body was stupid.

I saw that Darryl’s figure stood up among the golden lions, his face was drenched with licking, his whole body was intact, and there was no trace of being bitten.

Not only that, more than a dozen golden lions nestled beside Darryl, one by one as meek as a kitten, completely devoid of their previous ferocity.

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