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Chapter 1736


At this moment, everyone’s eyes widened, and they looked at Darryl in a daze, their eyes full of weirdness, completely silly.

He managed to tame more than a dozen golden lions?

It’s incredible, he… how did he do it?

If it really depends on aD*mnl language, it would be amazing.

Everyone at this time didn’t know that Darryl had an imperial beast ring to communicate with the world’s spirit beasts, otherwise, he would not tame a dozen golden lions so easily.


At this moment. The entire square was silent, and a needle drop could be heard clearly.

Especially Xibo, his face rose to the color of pig liver, it was extremely ugly, and his heart was frightened.

Ma De, I thought that this time I could use the Golden Lion to teach this Darryl, but he never expected that Darryl would really tame a dozen golden lions. This kind of ability is even the top of the Golden Lion Principality. The trainer is beyond the reach of the dust.


At this moment, An Qi couldn’t conceal the excitement and excitement in her heart, and shouted at Darryl: “You are great!” As she shouted, her eyes flashed with excitement.

at the same time. The queen also showed a smile, her delicate face filled with relief.

This wind wave really didn’t let myself down.

Mrs. Lan Ya, who was standing not far away, looked at Darryl with a strange brilliance.

I thought that this wind and turbulence was just vain and not capable, but now it seems that he is really different. It is no wonder that His Highness An Qi is so appreciated.

Thinking about it, Mrs. Lanya reacted and said softly to Darryl: “I didn’t expect this Darryl Tao to be so capable that he can tame a dozen golden lions at the same time. It’s incredible.”

At this time, Mrs. Lan Ya became more and more interested in Darryl.

Upon hearing the compliment, Darryl smiled.

Seeing this, Xibo’s face became more gloomy. The mood is even worse.

It was to make Darryl embarrassed, but in the end he won the applause. Can you not be angry?

“Your Excellency Xibo!”

At this time, Darryl showed a smile and said to Xi Bo: “You have also seen that a dozen golden lions have been successfully tamed by me. I can speak aD*mnl language. I believe you won’t have any more questions, right? “

The sound was not loud, but it spread throughout the audience.


In an instant, all the eyes around him focused on Xibo.

“This…” Xibo was embarrassed. Scratching his head, never knowing what to say.

At this moment, An Qi couldn’t help but said: “Xibo, you just said that Darryl Tao deceived your Majesty, and you still want to give him an accusation. Now the fight is clear, don’t you say something?”

As he said, An Qi looked around the audience and continued: “Xibo, as the commander of the royal city guards, is caressing about a small matter with a palace guard. In my opinion, he must publicly apologize to Darryl Tao.”

As soon as this remark came out, many people around nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, this wind wave does have real materials!”

“Your Excellency Sibo, I really need to apologize.”

“His Royal Highness An Qi makes sense.”

Listening to the surrounding discussion, Xibo’s face was extremely ugly, and his heart was also unspeakable.

I thought I was going to teach this wind wave, but it was self-defeating, but how could he apologize to a guard in public? If you do, what’s the future?


While Xi Bo was secretly entangled, the queen who had been silent said softly: “What happened today, you really did not do well. You should apologize to Darryl.”

With that said, the queen looked at Darryl, her eyes could not hide her appreciation.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Xibo’s face was reluctant, but he still responded.

Next second. Xi Bo walked to Darryl and whispered: “Darryl Tao, I’m sorry, I was a little rude before, please don’t mind.”

When saying these words. Xibo was almost squeezed out between his teeth, and his heart was full of suffocation and humiliation.

Ma De, Darryl Tao, wait for me, and it will fall into my hands, and it will definitely make you better off than death.

Seeing Xibo’s unconvinced face, Darryl smiled slightly, not paying attention at all: “Your Excellency Xibo is really polite. If you hadn’t insisted just now, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to show you the aD*mnl language. So, I still Thank you.”

With Darryl’s attitude, Xi Bo almost exploded in anger, and he snorted and said nothing.

“All right!”

At this time, the queen raised her hand. Signaling everyone to be quiet, he slowly said: “Today Darryl Tao demonstrated the skill of beast taming, which is an eye-opener. Such talents are really rare. I announce that from now on, I will promote Darryl as the commander of the palace guards.”


When the words fell, the audience was in an uproar, and everyone looked at Darryl’s eyes with envy.

Immediately afterwards, many people came to congratulate.

With a smile on his face, Darryl exchanged greetings with those who came to congratulate him.

“Your Excellency Darryl!”

At this moment, a gentle and pleasant voice came, and she saw Madam Lanya slowly approaching. He smiled at Darryl and said, “The scene just now was really wonderful. How did you make it so obedient to a dozen golden lions?”

With that, Mrs. Lan Ya looked at Darryl closely. The delicate face is full of curiosity.

Darryl smiled and said, “Well… the aD*mnl language I learned is a bit mysterious, and I will not be able to explain it clearly for a while.” As he said, he admired Mrs. Lan Ya up close, sighing.

I have to say that this Madame Lanya is really s3xy, especially her unique charming temperament. Any man who sees it will fall into it and cannot extricate herself from it.


Heard this. Madame Lanya was a little bit disappointed, and then smiled slightly: “In this case, there is a chance another day, I have to ask for some advice, and I hope your Excellency Darryl will not refuse.”

After speaking, Mrs. Lan Ya smiled charmingly at Darryl and turned to leave.


With that smile, Darryl only felt that his entire soul was flying. At the same time could not help but secretly sigh.

Looking at the situation, the rumors may be true. This Mrs. Lanya really has a way of dealing with men. You have to be careful in the future.


An hour later, Furong Manor.

Furong Manor is the residence of Mrs. Lanya. It is located in the southeast corner of Wangcheng. It occupies an area the size of a football field and is full of flowers and plants.

At this moment, in the hall, Mrs. Lanya was sitting on a chair. Opposite her, a man sat there with a stab, dressed in armor, majestic, but full of anger.

It is Xibo.

“Ma De!”

At this time, Xibo looked up and drank a glass of wine. Angrily said: “Today I was really embarrassed and lost my home. If I don’t take revenge, I swear not to be a man.”

When thinking about today’s affairs, Xibo became furious. First, his son lost his face. Then he was taught publicly by the wind.

Seeing Xibo’s face full of anger, Mrs. Lanya smiled lightly and said with comfort: “Your Excellency Commander! Why do you make such a big fire? I think the wind and waves are quite interesting.”

While talking, Mrs. Lanya got up and came over. Pour a glass of wine for Xibo.

Chapter 1737

If there are outsiders present at this time, you will definitely be surprised.

In the dignified Golden Lion Principality, the only lady Lanlanya who received the privilege of knighthood was so gentle and obedient in front of Xibo.

To be honest, Mrs. Lanlanya didn’t want this either, Xibo held her very important handle in his hand, and in front of him, she could only put her body down. Competitiveness.

“Ha ha…”

Hearing Mrs. Lanlanya’s words, Xibo sneered: “It looks like you really admire him, don’t you?”

After the words fell, Xibo stretched out his hand to pinch Mrs. Lanlanya’s chin, a bit of ferocity flashed in his eyes, without the slightest pity.

“Your Excellency, Commander!”

Madam Lan Lanya gave a soft cry, pain on her delicate face: “You hurt me.”

Xi Boxie laughed and released his hand.

At this time, Mrs. Lan Lanya stabilized her emotions and said softly: “The wind and waves can speak beastly and can tame a dozen powerful golden lions at once. It’s extraordinary, you saw it with your own eyes, and this person Very respected by the queen, and just now he was named the commander of the guard. If you continue to fight him, I’m afraid it’s wrong.”

Thinking of the wind and waves, Madame Lan Lanya couldn’t help but a strange gleam in her eyes.

However, Xibo. But the more I thought about it, the more angry, and coldly said: “How about being respected by the queen? If you provoke me, you can look good to him as well.”

When the voice fell, Xibo’s fingers pressed hard, and the wine glass instantly shattered.

Mrs. Lan Lanya was startled and couldn’t help but said: “Then how are you going to deal with him?”


Xibo took a deep breath, then looked up and down at Mrs. Lanlanya, with a smirk: “When I was in the square before, I saw Darryl Tao’s eyes staring at you all the time, and I must have some thoughts about you, this way, You look for opportunities to confuse him.”


Upon hearing this, Mrs. Lan Lanya trembled: “You let me go…confused him?”

Xibo nodded, his face was unquestionable: “With your beauty and the means to deal with men. That kid is definitely not your opponent. When he is addicted to your beauty and can’t help himself, that’s when I shot. .”

When he said this, Xibo looked smug.

In the King City of the Golden Lion, there is no man who can withstand the temptation of Lady Lanlanya’s beauty.


Upon hearing this, Mrs. Lan Lanya bit her lip tightly, very tangled.

To be honest, she really appreciates Darryl in her heart, but if she wants to take the initiative to seduce, she will have some…

Seeing her hesitating, Xibo’s face turned gloomy and coldly said, “What? You don’t want to?” The voice was not loud, but it was hellish.

Madame Lan Lanya trembled in her heart and said quickly: “Okay, I will look for opportunities as soon as possible.”

While responding, Mrs. Lan Lanya couldn’t express the grievance.

If her husband were still alive, Mrs. Lanlanya would never have been so insulted by Xibo, but now. In addition to enjoying the status of a knighthood, it looks like a beautiful scenery, but in fact it is completely helpless and does not agree to Xibo. The end will be extremely miserable.


Seeing her finally agreed, Xibo smiled and said proudly: “That’s right, don’t worry. As long as you help me deal with Darryl, I will never treat you badly.”

Said the knowledgeable goods, Xibo drank a lot of wine, and his mood was unspeakable.

Darryl Tao, with the help of a peerless stunner like Madame Lanlanya, you can just wait to die.


On the other side, the palace.

Darryl returned to his residence, feeling very complicated.

Although in the square just now, a dozen golden lions were tamed at once, shocking the audience, and making the queen a leader, but Darryl was not happy at all.

It’s been three days. I haven’t found the Jade Book of the Holy Code, which is really anxious.

A sneeze.

In the irritability, Darryl sneezed a few coldly.

D*mn, who is talking about me behind my back?


Just when Darryl whispered secretly. I heard An Qi’s cry from outside the door.

In the next second, I saw An Qixing walk in hurriedly, her delicate face full of excitement.

Darryl smiled bitterly: “His Royal Highness An Qi, this is where the guards live, why are you here?”

“I’m the Queen’s sister.” An Qi tilted her head, with a savage face: “The entire palace is my home, where I want to go. Who can control me?”

With that said, Angel took Darryl’s hand and couldn’t wait to ask: “Darryl Tao, you tame so many golden lions at once. It’s really amazing. Can you call me aD*mnl language?”

D*mn it! This An Qi is really a headache.

At this moment, Darryl almost wanted to cry without tears. He didn’t find the Holy Code Jade Book, but he came across this strange An Qi again. It was really daunting.

Thinking about it, Darryl scratched his head, and said solemnly: “Beast language is not something that ordinary people can learn. It needs talent, which is congenital, understand…” Of course he can’t own the beast ring Say. Therefore, Darryl could only talk nonsense.

Hearing this, An Qi was puzzled, and finally gave up.

“Well, I won’t learn anymore.” An Qi shook her head: “It’s so esoteric. By the way, what other special skills do you have?”

Darryl smiled and said casually: “My skills are all small tricks, nothing.”

With that said, Darryl suddenly thought of something, and took the opportunity to say: “But I’m studying ancient books recently.”

Ancient books?

Hearing this, An Qi was stunned.

Darryl nodded, and said seriously: “It is a book left by the ancients. It contains the wisdom of the ancients. It is amazing. Among them is a book called “Sacred Book Jade Book”. I wonder if His Royal Highness An Qi has heard of it? “

When saying this, Darryl looked casual. There was a bit of expectation in his eyes.

Relying on oneself, I don’t know when I can find the jade book of the holy code, and An Qi in front of me. It’s the queen’s sister, maybe I can help.

“This ancient book, I seem to have seen my sister study it. It is made of exquisite white jade. It is exquisite, but it is half a volume…” An Qi thought while responding.

Darryl became excited, and couldn’t help holding An Qi’s hand: “Really? Do you know where it is?”

An Qi’s body trembled, and she glared at Darryl: “What are you doing? You want to take advantage of me.” As the queen sister, An Qi is at the age of a beautiful season. Whoever meets is polite. , No man has dared to take the initiative to pull his hand.

Uh …

Darryl looked embarrassed, and quickly let go: “I was a little excited just now, His Royal Highness An Qi calmed down.”


Seeing that he was a little nervous, An Qi couldn’t help but laugh, smiling like a flower: “Look at how nervous you are, I just frighten you.”

As he said, An Qi looked serious: “Honestly, why are you so interested in that sacred book?”

“This…” Darryl thought for a while, and said with a smile: “Didn’t I just say that, I have been interested in ancient books recently, and knowing that the palace has a collection of sacred books, I want to open my eyes.”

Hearing this, An Qi no longer doubted: “Well, that day, I found the opportunity to help you ask my sister, but you have to promise me, and listen to me in the future, you have to do what I ask you to do. Don’t refuse.”

“Good!” Darryl didn’t even want to agree.

As long as the sacred book can be found, these conditions are nothing.

Chapter 1738


Seeing Darryl’s promise, An Qi cheered and cheered, and after chatting with Darryl for a few words, she left with joy.


Watching An Qi leave, Darryl breathed a deep sigh of relief, and felt refreshed.

With An Qi’s help, I believe that I will be able to get the Jade Book of the Holy Code soon.

Thinking about it, Darryl sat on the chair and comforted himself with a glass of wine.

“Your Excellency Darryl….”

Just then, a guard walked in. Respectfully said: “Mrs. Lanya sent someone to invite your Excellency to the Furong Manor.”

When he said this, the guard was full of respect. At this time, Darryl is the commander of the palace guard, can you be welcome?


Mrs. Lanya is looking for me?

Hearing this, Darryl was so excited that he almost jumped up.

When she was in the square before, Mrs. Lanya smiled charmingly, and now Darryl still has a lot of aftertaste, but he didn’t expect that, in less than two hours, Mrs. Lanya sent someone to invite.

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help but said: “What’s the matter with Madam Lan Ya?”

The guard shook his head: “This, my subordinates are not very clear!”


Darryl stopped asking, got up and walked out of the room. When I arrived outside the palace, I saw a slender figure, waiting there quietly, it was Madame Lanya’s handmaid.

Seeing Darryl coming out, the maid hurriedly saluted and said politely: “Your Excellency Darryl, please.”

Darryl nodded and got into the unicorn car next to him.

Soon, when he arrived at the Furong Manor, Darryl couldn’t help feeling secretly.

What a beautiful and elegant place.

I saw it inside the manor. The flowers are clustered, and all kinds of exotic flowers and grasses are competing for beauty. The layout of the manor is also ingenious, and it is elegant and pleasing to the eye.


Finally, under the guidance of the maid, Darryl reached a side hall, but the moment he stepped in, seeing the scene inside, Darryl was stunned, and at the same time couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

I saw a graceful figure lying quietly on the soft couch in the side hall.

It is Mrs. Lanya.

At this time, Mrs. Lanya was wearing a white dress. The material of this dress was similar to Kyushu silk, showing a translucent state. The perfect curve was looming. Very charming.

It seems that I have just drunk wine, the delicate features are red.

More importantly, Mrs. Lanya was lying there at this time, very lazy and relaxed. Coupled with that unique charming temperament, any man who saw it would fall.


After watching for more than ten seconds, Darryl was considered to have reacted, and stepped forward respectfully: “Darryl Tao has seen Madam!” Although Darryl is the commander of the guards, Madame Lanya enjoys the treatment of a marquis, and her status cannot be compared. .

While speaking, Darryl kept looking up and down at Madame Lanya’s charming figure.

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to be so rude, but it was difficult to restrain it. After all, this Madame Lanya was really charming.

“Your Excellency Darryl!”

Mrs. Lanya smiled slightly and sat up on the soft couch, her tone soft and pleasant: “I thought you were the commander and it was difficult to invite you. I didn’t expect you to actually come. Do it, you don’t have to be polite! “

Darryl smiled slightly, and you’re welcome. Walked in and sat on the chair next to him.

Immediately afterwards, Darryl couldn’t help asking: “I wonder why Mrs. Lan Ya suddenly called me?”

Madame Lanya smiled softly: “Before in the palace square, you tame a dozen golden lions at once, shocking the audience. It is a rare talent, I am very curious, as far as I know, Roland mainland has thousands of years. Come, no one has ever been able to do this. And, this is the first time I have heard of aD*mnl language.”

It’s because of aD*mnl language again.

Hearing this, Darryl smiled, and immediately started talking nonsense: “Well, in fact, the word beast language, I came up with it myself. I have the ability to communicate with beasts since I was born, and I don’t know that it is. what….”

While talking, Darryl’s gaze couldn’t help but look at Mrs. Lan Ya.

After watching for ten seconds, Darryl came to his senses.

Oh, I’m so rude, will Mrs. Lanya be angry?

Thinking about it, Darryl paid attention to Madam Lan Ya’s expression, but was surprised to find out. She didn’t have the slightest displeasure, but adjusted her sitting posture to show her most charming curves.


Seeing this, Darryl couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva again.

This woman is really terrible.


At this time. After listening to Darryl’s nonsense, Mrs. Lanya couldn’t help but sighed: “It turns out that Your Excellency Darryl Tao is very talented. I thought that this aD*mnl language is something that everyone can learn, so I want to learn some from you. Come, there is no chance.”

“However, your Excellency is also a rare talent in our Golden Lion Principality. It is an honor for your Excellency to come to my Furong Manor today with a reward.”

Finished the last sentence. Madame Lanya got up and walked to the table, stretched out her hand and poured two glasses of fine wine.

Later, Mrs. Lanya handed one of them to Darryl and said with a smile: “I wonder if your Excellency Darryl Tao is interested in having a drink with me?”

A looming perfect curve. With slender legs, at such a close distance, Darryl only felt that his throat was dry, and his brain was a little confused.


Just when Darryl was stunned, he saw that Mrs. Lan Ya was not standing still, and with a soft cry, she was about to fall to the ground.

Darryl reacted, with sharp eyes and quick hands, and quickly hugged Madam Lan Ya in his arms.


Suddenly, the soft fragrance enters my arms. Unable to take a breath of air-conditioning, the whole person’s bones are crunching.

So soft and so fragrant.

At the same time, Madame Lanya’s beautiful face was also blushing. At the same time, Yushou hugged Darryl naturally.

In the next second, Madam Lan Ya said softly: “Suddenly I feel a little dizzy in my head, Sir Darryl Tao, can you help me to collapse?” When saying this, Madam Lan Ya deliberately stuck to Darryl’s ear.

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl only felt that his ears were itchy, and his heart beat faster.

Is this Madame Lanya suggesting herself?

Thinking about it, Darryl nodded, and then helped Mrs. Lan Ya to sit on the soft couch.

Sitting on the soft couch, Madam Lanya did not immediately release her hand, she still hugged Darryl tightly, her face flushed with unspeakable beauty: “Your Excellency Darryl Tao, it’s going to be dark soon. Why, tonight Just stay with me here.”

When she said this, Mrs. Lanya had a charming face, but her eyes shone with complicated.

Such blatantly tempting Darryl is not Madame Lanya’s true intentions. But no way, she has promised Xibo, if she can’t do it, she can’t imagine the consequences.


At this moment, Darryl froze there. The brain hummed.

D*mn, what’s the situation?

Am I wrong? This Mrs. Lanya wants to keep me here for the night?

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help but admire Mrs. Lan Ya up close, such a beautiful stunner, and took the initiative to make such a request. Changing to be any man will not refuse.

But at this time Darryl still maintained a bit of reason, and felt that the things in front of him were very strange.

She and Mrs. Lanya only met today. Even if she appreciates it, this development is too fast.

Chapter 1739

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help but said: “I’m afraid this is wrong!”


Madame Lanya smiled slightly, her delicate face was charming and unbelievably beautiful: “Aren’t I beautiful?” As she said, she stretched out her hand and hugged Darryl again.

At the same time, Madame Lanya’s other hand quietly pinched some light red powder and flicked it in the air.

Madame Lanya’s movements were very light, but Darryl was still aware of it.

D*mn it!

Perceive this. Darryl frowned and couldn’t help muttering secretly.

This Madame Lanya, calling herself to come, really had a purpose.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl didn’t see through it immediately, instead he planned to do everything he could.


Soon, after inhaling the powder in the air, Darryl only felt a sense of dizziness, but Darryl was a physique that was invincible, so he soon woke up.

However, in front of Mrs. Lan Ya, Darryl still pretended to be confused.

“It’s a little dizzy, this wine is a bit strong.” Darryl covered his forehead, pretending to say, while observing Mrs. Lan Ya’s reaction.

Madam Lan Ya smiled softly and let Darryl rest on her long legs. Yushou gently rubbed Darryl’s face: “Since you are tired, just rest here…”

When she said this, Mrs. Lan Ya looked charming, but she was secretly relieved.

Finally got this Darryl done.


Hearing Mrs. Lanya’s soft words, Darryl only felt that his bones were going to be crisp, and at the same time pretended to have a medicinal effect and closed his eyes. At this time, Darryl wanted to know what the hell this Madame Lanya was going to do when she fainted herself.


the other side. The Principality of Crescent Moon.

In a valley dozens of miles away from Pearl City, there is a beautiful valley.

At this time, on the shore of the lake in the valley, two slender figures, a red dress and a light blue dress, were sitting quietly on the banks of the lake. The curves were graceful and graceful.

It was Yan Hong and Miaoying.

Five days ago, after being rescued by Yan Hong, Miaoying had been training in this valley.


At this moment, after meditating and resting, Miaoying couldn’t help but ask Yan Hong: “You said you wanted to take me to see Darryl, where is he?”

Yan Hong smiled slightly and didn’t respond immediately, but said faintly: “Miaoying, what are you doing to see him in such a hurry? Besides, you promised my condition before, but you haven’t done it yet.”


Hearing this, Miaoying bit her lip tightly and said, “Okay. What do you want me to do for you?” I promised Yanhong before that as long as I can see Darryl, I will help her do anything.

Yan Hong’s eyes flickered: “At the time in Storm City, you were caught under siege by the twelve paladins of the Temple of Light, right?”

“Yes!” Miaoying replied without thinking, “The twelve people are very strong.”

Yan Hong nodded: “Well, you help me find the Twelve Paladins.”


Miaoying’s body trembled, and she was stunned: “What are you looking for?”

Yan Hong’s delicate face showed a bit of cold arrogance: “It is said that the strongest in this world is the Goddess of Light. He is respected by thousands of people, and I want to replace her.

When he said this, Yan Hong’s eyes flashed with determination.

Yan Hong is not only arrogant, but also very ambitious. Since he has come to another world, he must be called an existence standing on the pinnacle.

Seeing her look, Miaoying was taken aback for a moment, and then reacted: “But how do I know where the Twelve Paladins are?”

Yan Hong smiled, with a serious face: “Before you faked the Goddess of Light, these paladins appeared. The best way to attract them is to fake the Goddess of Light again.”

“No way!”

Miaoying’s body trembled. Shaking her head and rejecting: “I won’t pretend to be anyone anymore.” Before pretending to be the goddess of light, it caused a war and caused many people to be displaced. Miaoying is kind in her heart, and she thinks of this every time she thinks about it. I regret it very much, how can I continue to fake the goddess of light.

As if guessing that she would refuse, Yan Hong didn’t get angry, and chuckled lightly: “If you don’t want to, don’t even want to know where Darryl is in the future.”


Miaoying stomped her feet. I was so angry that after several internal struggles, he nodded and said: “Okay, I promise you, but this is the last time I faked the Goddess of Light.”

Yan Hong nodded, and then rushed to Pearl City with Miaoying.

Ten minutes later, Yan Hong and Miaoying arrived in the sky above Pearl City.

It was noon at this time, and I saw the streets in Pearl City, pedestrians in an endless stream. Unspeakable bustling and bustling.

Soon, the two Yanhongs suspended in mid-air were noticed.

“Look, there is someone in the sky!”

I don’t know who yelled, and in a short time, the people in Pearl City looked up at Yan Hong. All of them were dumbfounded.

Just above the air, two women dancing in long skirts, beautiful curves and beautiful facial features. It seems to have been carefully crafted, and it is simply too beautiful.

“What a beauty!”

“Is this the goddess descending to earth?”

In shock, many people exclaimed.

Soon, the chaos alarmed the city lord Seth.

“Beautiful lady!”

At this moment, Seth was stunned when he saw Yan Hong. A few seconds later, he hurriedly said respectfully: “I wonder why the lady came to Pearl City suddenly?”

At the beginning, Darryl was slandered and killed Father Dumen and became a sinner in Pearl City. When the two sides played against each other, Yan Hong suddenly appeared and injured Darryl, shocking the audience. Seth was there at the time. Seeing Yan Hong at this time, he recognized it all at once.

At this time, Seth, while talking, moved his eyes back and forth on Yan Hong and Miaoying.

These two women are more beautiful than the other. I don’t know what the relationship is between them.

At this moment, when he heard Seth’s call, Yan Hong did not respond immediately, but looked around the city with a crisp and cold voice. Resounded across the sky: “Listen, the people of Pearl City, this one next to me is the Royal Highness of the Goddess of Light. From now on, Pearl City will be directly ruled by the Highness of the Goddess! This is your honor.”

Talking. Yan Hong’s eyes fell on Seth: “You are the lord of the city, be the first to set an example.”


Hearing this, there was an uproar in Pearl City.

The extremely beautiful woman next to her, turned out to be the goddess of light? Not only that, but the goddess still rules the Pearl City?

Even Seth was shocked, and he was completely blinded.

And Miaoying, who was suspended in mid-air, had a calm expression without the slightest expression. Her appearance is to cooperate with Yan Hong, and she doesn’t need to speak at all.

A few seconds later, Seth reacted and smiled bitterly at Yan Hong: “This…Pearl City belongs to the New Moon Principality, how can it be ruled by the goddess, and…”

“So much nonsense!”

Before he finished speaking, Yan Hong’s pretty face was cold, and he uttered four words coldly, and then the jade hand was raised, and a burst of shock shot out, just wanting Seth to envelope.


That bloody color was astonishing, as fast as lightning. Seth couldn’t escape at all, and the whole person was shocked and flew out, flying out several hundred meters, hitting the gate of the city, and died tragically on the spot!


The entire Pearl City. Silence!

The city lord died like this?

Seeing this, both the defenders and the people in Pearl City couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning. Terrified!


At this moment, Miaoying also trembled, frightened, she couldn’t help but blamed Yan Hong: “How do you kill? Didn’t we say yes, just let me pretend to be the goddess of light? Don’t you want to kill the innocent? “

Yan Hong was indifferent: “Let’s show your love in front of me. What’s the big deal if you just die a city lord? I did this to attract the twelve holy knights to appear as soon as possible.”

Chapter 1740

With that, Yan Hong looked around, and the cold voice resounded over the entire Pearl City again.

“No one should have objections now. All the defenders listened, and immediately notified the other nearby city lord. Within a day, come to see Her Royal Highness.”

When the last sentence fell, Yan Hong’s delicate face showed a smile.

Miaoying enters Pearl City as the goddess of light. As long as this matter spreads out, I believe that the Twelve Paladins will come soon.


At this moment, the Pearl City defenders present were all horrified, and at the same time they responded.

Soon, the nearby towns learned that the Goddess of Light appeared in Pearl City and killed Seth, which was extremely shocking. At the same time, the Temple of Light also received news and immediately sent twelve paladins to investigate.

After half a day!

Yan Hong and Miaoying are meditating in Seth’s City Lord’s Manor.


Suddenly. I saw a dozen golden figures over the sea in the distance, coming quickly, one by one filled with a powerful aura.

It is the Twelve Paladins.

Feeling the powerful aura fluctuations, Yan Hong stood up all of a sudden, with a bit of excitement on her delicate face: “It’s coming pretty fast!”

With that, Yan Hong smiled at Miaoying and said, “Miaoying, it’s up to you next.”

Miaoying nodded, and did not forget: “Yanhong. I can help you, but you don’t hurt people anymore.” With that, Miaoying’s toe was a little bit on the ground, and her figure was light and graceful. The second paladin greeted him.


Before arriving, the eyes of the Twelve Paladins suddenly locked Miaoying.

In the next second, the headed Golden Lion couldn’t help but yelled: “It’s you again! You are so courageous, how dare you fake your Royal Highness twice and try to die?”

When he said this, Golden Lion was full of anger, but was a little surprised in his heart.

This woman, in Storm City, had been caught by herself, why did she run out again?

At the same time, the other Paladins also glared at Miaoying.

In an instant, the atmosphere over the entire Pearl City was extremely solemn. It was almost overwhelming.

However, Miaoying didn’t panic at all, looked at the golden lion and said lightly: “Don’t talk nonsense, I won’t talk about it before I win.”


The voice fell, and a powerful breath broke out from Miaoying’s body.

“I can’t help it!” The golden lion roared coldly, and rushed up first.


At the same time, other paladins also burst out their holy powers, and cooperated with the golden lion to surround Miaoying in mid-air, and then the two sides broke out fierce battle.

At this time, the Twelve Paladins didn’t take Miaoying seriously. After all, they had teamed up to capture her in Storm City before. Naturally, they won’t take it seriously.

However, the twelve holy knights didn’t know, except for Miaoying in front of them, there was a powerful Yanhong hidden in the dark below.

At this time, sensing the movement outside, the people of Pearl City walked out of the room one after another, looking up at the fierce battle in the air, one by one was extremely shocked.

Bang bang bang…

In fierce battle. I saw that the twelve holy knights cooperated tacitly to push Miaoying back again and again.


However, at this moment, a slender figure suddenly rose into the sky and attacked the golden lion. A blood-red dress, drawn a brilliant stream of light in mid-air.

It is Yan Hong.

Yes, Yan Hong’s plan was for Miaoying to attract the twelve holy knights in the light, while she was looking for opportunities in the dark.


Suddenly saw Yan Hong. Golden Lion was taken aback, and at the same time wanted to turn around and fight back, but it was too late.


Yan Hong slapped a palm and slapped the golden lion’s back fiercely, when he heard him snorting, his figure fell straight down.

“Golden Lion, be careful!”

“How come another one appears?”

“So strong.”

At this moment, the remaining Paladins were also shocked, seeing the golden lion being raided, one by one was extremely furious, and rushed towards Yan Hong one after another.

The Twelve Paladins are a whole, and the power of the joint explosion is very strong. At this time, the Golden Lion was raided, and only eleven people were left. The strength has weakened a lot.

Bang bang bang…

Soon, with the cooperation of Yan Hong and Miaoying, all the remaining eleven Paladins were severely injured by Yan Hong and fell to the ground one by one.

However, Yan Hong didn’t stop there. The figure fell to the ground and raised his jade hand to seal all the acupoints of the twelve paladins.

Gudong, Gudong…

After sealing the acupoints, Yan Hong took out some pills from his body and stuffed them into the mouths of the twelve paladins. These paladins had no time to react, so they swallowed subconsciously.

Just swallowed the pill, headed by the Golden Lion. The body trembled suddenly, and only felt a sharp pain coming from the lower abdomen.

At the same time, the other Paladins also frowned and sweated.


See this situation. Yan Hong was proud: “Don’t stare at me like this one by one, I’ll give you a potent poison that I researched out myself. If there is no antidote within three days, you will die!”

When he left the illusory realm, Yan Hong had stayed with Darryl for a while, learned some alchemy fur from Darryl, and developed a poison, which was not a problem at all.

“Ma De!”

Upon hearing this, the face of Golden Lion suddenly changed. Looking at Yan Hong with surprise: “What a vicious woman, dare to poison me, have you thought about the consequences?”

The voice fell, and the remaining eleven Paladins were also very angry. Yelled at Yan Hong.

“Dare to poison us, you are looking for death!”

“Get the antidote!”

While shouting angrily, the twelve Paladins wanted to mobilize the Holy Power, but they were astonished that their bodies were completely out of control and could not move.

At this time, the twelve holy knights didn’t know yet, Yan Hong tapped their acupuncture points, and would not be able to move them if they didn’t untie the acupuncture points.

“Why can’t I move anymore?” The golden lion’s face was grim, and his eyes were blood red.

At the same time, the other eleven Paladins also changed their complexions and panicked inexplicably!

“Ma De, I can’t move either!”

“me too…”

“how so?”

Seeing this scene, Yan Hong sneered at the golden lion: “You have all been tapped by me, so naturally you can’t move.”


Upon hearing this, Golden Lion was stunned, and his anger became more intense.

In the next second, Golden Lion tried to calm himself and took a deep breath. He said to Yan Hong, “What do you want?”

At the same time, the remaining eleven Paladins were all glaring at Yan Hong.

Yan Hong didn’t panic at all, showing a charming smile, and said slowly: “Don’t worry. I don’t want your lives, I just need you to take the two of us to see the Goddess of Light!”

“As long as I see the Goddess of Light, I will give you the antidote immediately!”


Hearing this, the expressions of the twelve paladins changed drastically. Then refused without thinking.

“Do you want to see Your Highness the Goddess?”

“How noble is the goddess identity, how can you see it?”

“Stop dreaming!”

The twelve holy knights began to criticize one after another, and every tone was cold and arrogant.

Hearing this, Yan Hong smiled and said coldly: “Well, since you don’t agree, then I won’t force it. Anyway, you were poisoned, and I had acupuncture points, and you won’t live for three days.”

“I tell you, this kind of poison, the entire Roland continent, only I can deal with it.”

After speaking, Yan Hong greeted Miaoying, and was about to turn around and leave.

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