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Chapter 1746

At that time, the Principality of the Sun failed to launch a war, and then the five principalities exerted pressure to surrender Darryl from the Principality of the Sun, otherwise they would jointly attack the Principality of the Sun.

Under pressure, the Duchy of Days asked Zhan Chao to count on Darryl, and then handed over Darryl.

Darryl would never forget this matter.

At this time, seeing Zhan Chao as a messenger coming to meet the Queen of the Golden Lion Principality, Darryl had difficulty calming down.


At this time, Zhan Chao walked to the center of the hall. Bow to the queen ninety degrees: “Zhan Chao, Duchy of Sun, see Your Majesty the Queen!”

While talking, Zhan Chao’s gaze couldn’t help but look at the queen.

Beautiful, so beautiful.

I have always heard that the queen of the Golden Lion Principality is a peerless beauty, like a goddess descending to the earth.


Seeing Zhan Chao’s gaze so rude, everyone present was very angry.

This Zhan Chao dared to stare at the queen so presumptuously, it was so rude!

Soon, Xibo came out. At Zhan Chao coldly scolded: “You are so bold, dare to look directly at Her Majesty the Queen, are you people in the Principality of the Day so rude?”


When he said this, a strong breath broke out from Xibo, and his eyes locked Zhan Chao tightly.

For a while, the atmosphere in the entire hall was depressed, almost breathless.


Feeling the powerful aura on Xibo’s body, Zhan Chao’s expression changed. Then he smiled slightly: “This is the guard commander-in-chief Xibo, don’t get me wrong, how dare I be rude to Her Majesty? The first time I saw Her Majesty, I was shocked by her face and temperament, and there was only awe in my heart. , Without any blasphemy.”

After that, Zhan Chao looked at the queen and continued: “Moreover, Her Majesty the Queen is generous and kind, and will forgive me for being impolite.”

When he said this, Zhan Chao looked calm.

After failing to launch the war, the Principality of the Day tried its best to repair the relationship with the other five principalities. As a messenger, Zhan Chao, of course, had to be neither humble nor arrogant.

“All right!”

At this time, the queen’s red lips lightly opened, and she said: “Xibo, you should withdraw first, this Zhan Chao said well, the behavior just now was not rude!”

Seeing the queen speak, Xibo took a deep breath and stepped aside.

At this moment, Zhan Chao showed a slight smile. Speaking to the queen, he said: “Your Majesty, it is really inappropriate for us to start a war rashly before the Principality of the Day. This time I was sent here to apologize.”

After speaking, Zhan Chao continued: “Moreover, this time, I also brought a gift specially.”


Hearing this, no matter it was the queen or the people in the hall, all of them were excited.

Afterwards, Xibo frowned, and said in a bad mood: “Where is the gift?”

Zhan Chao smiled slightly: “Speaking a little bit abruptly, I brought three powerful golden lions, now in the square outside.”

Golden Lion?

For a moment, everyone in the hall was stunned, and then they couldn’t help laughing.


This Zhan Chao is really interesting. He brought the Golden Lion as a gift. Don’t you know that the Golden Lion is the most indispensable in the Principality of Golden Lion? It can be said that all the golden lion populations of Roland mainland live in the golden lion duchy.

In the face of everyone’s laughter, Zhan Chao didn’t feel angry at all, and said slowly: “Speaking of which, the three golden lions I brought, no matter the species. or the pedigree, are the best of the best. Please, your Majesty, please move forward. View.”

When the voice fell, he took the lead out of the hall.

The queen pondered. After stepping off the throne to the outside of the hall, Darryl and Xibo everyone followed closely!


When they arrived outside the hall, everyone was stunned when they saw the scene in front of them!

Just see. There are three huge iron cages on the square, inside which are three powerful golden lions. The golden hair is very pure and majestic, and it is no worse than the domestication of the golden lion king’s palace.

“This… these three golden lions are really the best!”

“Unexpectedly, the Principality of the Day could also tame such a powerful Golden Lion.”

“It seems that the Duchy of the Day is really sincere!”

Listening to everyone’s discussion, Darryl frowned secretly. Ma De, this Zhan Chao is very sinister. He came to visit the Golden Lion Principality this time and deliberately brought three Golden Lions, which must have another purpose.


Just when Darryl was muttering secretly, he saw Zhan Chao saluting the queen. Smiled and said: “Your Majesty, as everyone knows, your Golden Lion Principality is best at tame golden lions. I don’t know if you are interested in it. Compare your tamed golden lions with these three golden lions.”

With that, Zhan Chao looked casual, but his eyes flashed with cunning.

This time, Zhan Chao, on behalf of the Principality of the Day, not only eased the relationship with the five principalities, but also wanted to demonstrate his strength. Isn’t the Principality of Golden Lion good at taming the golden lion? If you can use these three golden lions to defeat the Golden Lion of the Principality of Golden Lion, it would be too much face.


At this moment, Xibo and everyone around him looked solemn. There was a lot of discussion.

“What did he say? Compare these three golden lions with our golden lions?”

“Hehe, this Zhan Chao seems a little confident!”

“But having said that, these three golden lions are really strong, and each of them has a holy state.”

Listening to everyone’s discussion. The queen also frowned slightly.

At this time, Zhan Chao showed a smile and slowly said: “These three golden lions are the strengths of the upper sage, the middle sage, and the lower sage. As long as you also select three golden lions of equal strength. , Play a friendly game.”

“I just suggest it, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, I just want to have fun. If Her Majesty the Queen is unwilling, then forget it! Haha…”

The words seemed to be painless or itchy, but after listening to them, everyone in the room felt like being provoked invisibly.

This Zhan Chao said nicely. It’s just a friendly match, but if the Golden Lion Principality loses, it would be too shameful.


At this moment, the queen reacted and looked around: “What do you think?”

Seeing the queen’s question, everyone looked at each other and didn’t know how to respond.

This friendly match is about the face of the Golden Lion Principality, and no one dared to express opinions rashly.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Xibo walked out of the crowd and shouted: “Since Zhan Chao has said it, let’s compare it, but I have a suggestion.”

Said, Xi Bo pointed to Darryl: “Mr. Darryl Tao, don’t you know how to speak beastly? This time, leave it to him.”

The last sentence fell, Xibo’s expression was calm, but his eyes flashed with gloomy cold.

Yes, Xibo was deliberate.

This time the golden lion contest is about the face of the golden lion principality. Once defeated, Darryl, as the person in charge, could not shirk the blame, and more importantly, Darryl took the brain-eating worm last night. There will definitely be a problem, and the queen will definitely not spare him.

At this time Xibo didn’t know that Darryl didn’t take the brain worm last night.


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the audience. At once gathered on Darryl, many people nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Lord Darryl Tao is proficient in aD*mnl language. Under his command, our golden lion will definitely be able to show its power.”

“Yes, yes… I agree too!”

“Your Excellency Darryl, it’s the best fit.”

Everyone’s comments kept coming, Darryl frowned, and couldn’t help cursing secretly.

Madder, this Xibo is really sinister, and wants to make a fool of himself anytime and anywhere.

Chapter 1747


At the same time, Zhan Chao also discovered Darryl, and he was stunned.

Zhan Chao’s eyes had been on the queen before, and he hadn’t noticed Darryl at all. At this time, seeing Darryl, he only felt his brain humming.

This Darryl, as a prisoner, was sent to the Golden Lion Principality. Shouldn’t it be kept in a jail? How did you become a guard of the palace? and. The status is still very high?

Seeing Zhan Chao’s look of astonishment, Darryl sneered.


At this moment, the queen said softly: “Everyone recommends you, what do you mean?”

Darryl took a deep breath and smiled slightly: “Since you all trust me so much, let me leave this game to me.”

“Okay!” The queen nodded, and then instructed the knight behind him to choose the golden lion.

Soon, three golden lions were picked up, the strengths were the same as those brought by Zhan Chao, namely the strength of the upper sage, the middle sage, and the lower sage.


At this moment, everyone around suddenly calmed down. At the same time, his eyes are extremely complicated.

Although the strength of the Golden Lion on both sides is the same, once they lose, the Principality of the Golden Lion will be ashamed.

Seeing this scene, Zhan Chao showed a slight smile.


These people in the Golden Lion Principality seem to be nervous.

This time the golden lion competition, even if you lose here, it is no harm. After all, the Principality of the Sun is not good at tame the golden lion at all. If it wins, it will be even better. After returning, the king knew that he would definitely reward himself.

Thinking about it, Zhan Chao looked at Darryl triumphantly: “Your Excellency Darryl Tao, are you ready?”

Darryl chuckled lightly, and said lightly: “It’s just a golden lion competition, why prepare? You can tell me the rules.”


Zhan Chao was stunned, and then smiled: “Whatever you want, three golden lions go on together, or you can compete separately.”

Stupid one!

Hearing this, Darryl smiled secretly. This Zhan Chao only wanted to show the limelight. He didn’t even think about the rules beforehand. It was so stupid.

Thinking about it, Darryl said word by word: “Well, how about three golden lions in three competitions and two wins in three rounds?” When he said this, Darryl looked serious. There was a trace of teasing in his eyes.

“Good!” Zhan Chao nodded without thinking.

At this time, at the order of the queen, many guards used iron fences to enclose the square out of the arena.

Full of confidence, Zhan Chao walked directly over and released the golden lion, whose strength was the superior of the upper stage.


Seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes gathered on Darryl.

The opponent released the strongest Golden Lion in the first game. Depending on the situation, the opening was a fierce battle.

However, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and released one of the golden lions here. However, the strength of the golden lion released was the strength of the lower sage.


Seeing this scene, whether it was the queen or the others, they were all stunned.

What is this wind wave doing?

Use the golden lion of the lower saint to deal with the golden lion of the upper saint of the opponent. Isn’t this a defeat?

In astonishment, Xibo couldn’t help but yelled: “Darryl Tao, what are you doing? For fear that we can’t lose?” Said that, but Xibo was excited.


This wind wave must be caused by the brain-eating worm in the body, otherwise, how could it be so stupid?

At the same time, the queen frowned.

An Qi standing on the side. I couldn’t help but walk over and pulled Darryl said, “Darryl Tao, did you choose the wrong one?”

There is no possibility of winning with the golden lion of the lower saint to deal with the golden lion of the upper saint.

Darryl showed a slight smile. Comforted: “Don’t panic, we can’t lose!”

At this time, Darryl had a confident expression on his face.

When asked about Zhan Chao’s rules just now, Darryl thought of the “Tian Ji horse racing” allusion in the mainland of Kyushu.

This allusion refers to a famous adviser in the Warring States Period. The story of Sun Bin. At that time, Sun Bin worked as a counselor under General Tian Ji, and Tian Ji liked to race horses with the son of Qi Guo. Sun Bin found that the race horses were divided into upper, middle, and lower grades, so he said to Tian Ji: Use your inferior horse to deal with it. With their superior horses, use them against their medium horses, and then use the medium horses against their inferior horses, and you can win unfamiliarly.

At that time, Tian Ji adopted Sun Bin’s strategy and really won the horse race.

Darryl was familiar with the ancient books of Kyushu, and could no longer be familiar with this allusion. At that time, he had an idea. I used the competition in front of me.


At this time, the opposite Zhan Chao couldn’t help laughing, and shouted at Darryl: “Your Excellency Darryl Tao, are you so unconfident about your golden lion? Let’s say it. Once selected, it’s OK. Don’t change it.”

At this time, Zhan Chao hadn’t realized Darryl’s true intentions, thinking that Darryl had made a low-level mistake.


Darryl chuckled lightly, glanced at Zhan Chao, and said lightly: “Don’t worry, I won’t change it after I choose it.” As he said, he walked towards the golden lion of the lower sage.

When he arrived, Darryl secretly urged the Yu Beast Ring, and said to the golden lion: “Golden lion, golden lion. In this first match, you must not be able to beat the opponent. You don’t have to go all out and wait until it is suitable At that time, just take it softly.”

In Darryl’s heart. Although the golden lion is a beast, it is also considered a creature. If you can’t bear to watch it die tragically, you just warn it in advance.


Golden Lion heard Darryl’s instructions clearly, and responded with a low growl.

“Tsk tut…”

Seeing this scene, Zhan Chao sneered: “Your Excellency Darryl, did I read it wrong? You just talked to the Golden Lion? Haha… it’s just a beast. Does it understand you?”

Darryl didn’t bother to pay attention and waved his hand. Signal the start of the fight.

In an instant, two golden lions were driven into the arena.


At this moment, I saw Zhan Chao’s golden lion roaring like a rainbow. Pounced directly.

Darryl’s golden lion was not to be outdone, and roared to meet them, biting each other in an instant.

The two golden lions, one of the upper stage and the lower stage, are very different in strength.

After fighting for a few minutes, Darryl’s Golden Lion gave up the counterattack and lay on the ground with his belly upturned. This was an expression of showing weakness to his opponent. The golden lion is quite spiritual and obeyed Darryl’s previous instructions.

Sure enough, Zhan Chao’s Golden Lion stopped attacking when he saw that the opponent was soft.


Seeing this scene, Zhan Chao couldn’t say how proud, and couldn’t help but mock at Darryl: “Your Excellency Darryl Tao, you lost in the first game, I don’t think there is any need for the next…”


Halfway through the conversation, Zhan Chao saw the two golden lions behind Darryl, and suddenly understood what he was stunned.

The opponent now has the golden lions in the upper and middle stages. On his side, the remaining Golden Lions in the middle and lower stages continued to compete, as if he had no chance of winning.


At the same time, the queen and the people around. At this time, he finally understood Darryl’s strategy and cheered one by one.

“I seem to understand…”

“Haha, I can see it too. Use your own strengths to deal with your opponent’s shortcomings, Darryl Tao’s strategy. It’s really wonderful.”

“Yes, Lord Darryl Tao is quick-minded, really admirable.”

Everyone’s admiration came, and the queen also showed a smile, looking at Darryl’s gaze, full of admiration.

At this moment, Darryl looked at Zhan Chao with a smile: “Zhan Chao, do you still use comparisons in the second game?”


Zhan Chao flushed and opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word.

Chapter 1748


After more than ten seconds, Zhan Chao reacted and nodded at Darryl: “Your wit is so witty, which is really admirable. The next two games are no match, I lost!”

To be honest, if Xiang Darryl surrendered, Zhan Chao felt 10,000 reluctance in his heart.

But there is no way, the next two games, there is no possibility of winning at all.


Seeing Zhan Chao admit defeat, the audience cheered.


At the same time, An Qi was also happy, her eyes full of worship when she looked at Darryl.

Excited, An Qi suddenly forgot her identity, hugging Darryl’s arm affectionately, and smiled and said: “How did you come up with this method? It’s so smart.”

Darryl looked dangerous: “It’s nothing, just an idea!”

There are countless allusions from the mainland of Kyushu. Just say one, it’s all classics in the classics.


Seeing this scene, everyone around them looked complicated.

Her Royal Highness An Qi seemed to be over-excited. As the Queen’s sister, it was really inappropriate for her to be so close to Darryl Tao at this time.

At the same time, the queen’s delicate face also showed a bit of subtlety, and couldn’t help but softly said: “Angie…”

Hearing the call, An Qi was stunned. Seeing the gazes of the people around, she immediately understood something, her face blushed, and she quickly let go of her hand.

What’s wrong with me? So many people are actually holding Darryl Tao’s arm.

But having said that, Darryl Tao is so witty that it has to be admired.


At this time, the queen’s eyes fell on Darryl, her beautiful face couldn’t conceal her inner appreciation, and she slowly said: “Yes, such a wonderful match is really rare, it didn’t disappoint me!”

When she said this, the queen’s eyes were full of smiles.

Darryl smiled slightly, very humble: “Your Majesty praised it!”

At this moment, the other people around also gathered around, and they all flattered and complimented Darryl.

“Your Excellency Darryl Tao, really a rare talent.”

“Yes, why don’t you worry about people like Darryl Tao in the Golden Lion Principality not getting stronger?”

“I really admire the competition just now.”

In the face of everyone’s praise, Darryl smiled and responded one by one, very relaxed and comfortable.


Seeing this scene, Xi Bo, who was not far away, looked very ugly. I thought that Darryl might lose this time in the Golden Lion competition, but he never expected that Darryl would win so easily.

The next second, Xibo thought of something, and a cold smile appeared on his face again.

Let this Darryl feel proud for a while, he will definitely be embarrassed in public when he took the brainworm last night.

“Zhan Chao’s messenger!”

At this time, the queen looked at Zhan Chao and smiled: “Although the golden lions that you tamed in the Duchy of Day are very strong, you have no experience after all. It is normal to lose this competition.”

When she said this, the queen glanced at Darryl approvingly, thinking about unspeakable joy. After all, he earned enough face for the Golden Lion Principality. The credit is not small.

Although she was very happy in her heart, the queen still did not show it. After all, the envoy of the Duchy of the Day was watching. As a queen, she couldn’t be too overjoyed.


Hearing these words, Zhan Chao was very embarrassed, but he squeezed out a smile: “Your Majesty said it was right. I can lose the fight this time. It is reasonable…”

With that said, Zhan Chao looked at Darryl and continued: “Your Excellency Darryl Tao’s strategy is very impressive!”

With that said, Zhan Chao felt very depressed.

I thought that the Golden Lion Principality would lose the Golden Lion Principality this time, but he never expected that the wind and waves were so witty that he was invincible in the first competition.

“All right!”

Hearing Zhan Chao’s words, the queen felt unspeakably happy, and said slowly: “The messenger is not easy to come. This will not be mentioned for the time being. I have ordered someone to prepare a banquet in the hall. Take a seat.”

When the voice fell, the queen returned to the hall first.

Everyone followed closely behind.

After entering the main hall, I saw that the banquet was ready.


At this moment, after seeing everyone sitting down, the queen smiled, raised her wine glass, and looked around and said: “The messenger Zhan Chao is here for the first time in our Golden Lion Principality. , Everyone toasts him together.”

As the voice fell, everyone picked up their wine glasses.

Zhan Chao was sincere and frightened. He quickly stood up, accompanied by a smile and said: “Your Majesty is serious, how can I, let Your Majesty and your Excellencies, toast me together?”

With that said, Zhan Chao drank all of the cup.

At this time, Zhan Chao seemed to be calm, but his heart was too panic, his eyes were always paying attention to Darryl.

This Darryl had calculated against him before, and then sent him to the Golden Lion Principality as a criminal. He thought he would die for a lifetime, but he did not expect that he became a celebrity next to the Queen.

And just now, the Golden Lion Competition lost to him again. The wind at this time can be said to be full of spirits. If you find a way to deal with yourself, it will be troublesome.

Zhan Chaoyue felt more flustered, almost unable to sit still.

Darryl saw Zhan Chao’s expression in his eyes.


Especially seeing Zhan Chao’s face covered in cold sweat, Darryl couldn’t help being funny in secret, this guy was afraid that he would avenge him.

To be honest, if it had been a few years ago, Darryl would never let go of this opportunity, but after experiencing so many things, he would have looked away long ago and was too lazy to care about Zhan Chao.


Just when Darryl was secretly funny, he saw Xibo stand up and said with a false face: “The Golden Lion competition just now was really exciting. Although the game was small, it also earned back for our Golden Lion Principality. For the sake of face, come, I will toast you a glass!”

With that, Xibo came over and poured a glass of wine for Darryl himself.

When pouring the wine, Xibo smiled, but his eyes were a little bit cold.

Yes, Xibo wants to make Darryl embarrassed in public. You should know that people who take brainworms usually look normal, but once they drink alcohol, brainworms will become active in the human body, which will lead to people. Out of control.

At this time, Xi Bo took the initiative to pour wine to Darryl, just to have a brainworm attack.

However, Xibo didn’t know at this time. Last night, Darryl didn’t take the brain worm at all.


Seeing Xi Bo suddenly showed his favor, Darryl couldn’t help frowning in secret.

No matter what you do, you will steal if you are not raped. What bad idea is this Xibo going to make?

Thinking about it, Darryl’s brain quickly turned, and he understood something at once.

By the way, when experimenting with brain worms last night, the brain worms became extremely active as soon as they encountered alcohol. It seems that this Xibo thought I had taken brain worms and wanted to drink my wine. ….

Mad, this guy is really sinister.

Understanding this, Darryl remained silent, then picked up the wine glass and took a sip.


Seeing Darryl drank it, Xi Bo was indescribably excited.

In the next second, Xibo smiled and said: “Your Excellency Darryl, you can make the Golden Lion obedient. It’s really admirable. I really want to know how you tame the Golden Lion.”

Said, Xibo looked around: “I think everyone is also very curious, right?”

At this time, Xi Bo deliberately brought up the topic, just to separate Darryl’s attention, so as to take the opportunity to drink him.

When the voice fell, many people around were booing.

“Yes, Lord Darryl Tao’s aD*mnl language is absolutely extraordinary.”

“Seriously, I have always been curious.”

“Your Excellency Darryl, is there any trick to that aD*mnl language?”

Everyone’s words came from you to me, Darryl smiled without saying a word, and looked at Xi Bo quietly.

Chapter 1749

Xi Bo’s careful thinking naturally couldn’t escape Darryl’s eyes.

Mad, this Xibo still wants to pour me wine?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl smiled slightly, and responded: “Speaking of which, I actually discovered this beast language by accident. Since I was a child, I can communicate with the beast…” Controlling the beast through the beast ring, of course Can’t tell.

Since this Xibo is going to act, let him have fun with him.

While talking nonsense, Darryl picked up the hip flask and smiled at Xibo: “Your Excellency Xibo, as the commander of the guards, how can you pour wine for me? I can’t afford it.”

“To say credit, you are responsible for guarding the safety of the entire royal city. Credit is the greatest, and it is an example for me to follow.”

Having said this, Darryl gave Xibo a glass of wine.

At the moment of pouring the wine, Darryl used his ghost hand secretly, and quietly threw something into the wine glass, and saw that the thing was transparent. After it was poured into the wine glass, it immediately merged with the wine, which was really peculiar.

It was the brain-eating worm that Darryl put away last night.

Darryl thought it over, isn’t this Xibo intending to make a fool of himself? Then’take the way of the other, give back to the body’, so that he will also taste the taste of this brain-eating worm.

Not only that, when Darryl studied the brain-eating worm last night, he also added something to the brain-eating worm based on his superb alchemy experience.


Hearing Darryl’s compliment, Xi Hiroshi was too beautiful and a little airy: “Your Excellency Darryl Tao, you are really polite.”

With that, he raised his glass and drank it all.

At this moment, in Xibo’s heart, he thought that Darryl had taken himself softly, and wanted to reassure Darryl, but thinking that Darryl had already taken Cerebral Eater and it was irreversible, I could only blame him for bad luck.

Xibo didn’t know that the brain-eating worm had just been taken by himself.


Seeing the scene in front of her, the queen was sitting there, but her eyebrows were frowned.

What’s the matter with Darryl? I asked him to help himself last night to deal with Xibo, but now, he and Xibo have a good relationship with each other.

Perceiving the queen’s gaze and staring at herself from time to time, Darryl quietly gave her a comforting look.

Afterwards, Darryl chatted with Xibo again.

Seeing that Darryl had drunk a lot of wine, Xi Bo knew that it was almost time to return to his seat.

However, without taking two steps, Xibo suddenly trembled and suddenly felt something was wrong.

At this time, Xibo’s face suddenly changed. He clearly felt that his dizziness was heavy, not only that, but there seemed to be something in his mind that was running around.

Not only that, but thinking also became confused.

This…this is clearly a sign of taking brainworm…

“Your Excellency Xibo!”

Seeing Xi Bo’s expression, Darryl smiled and walked over slowly: “What’s the matter?”

While speaking, Darryl’s expression seemed concerned, but there was a bit of mockery in his eyes.

Xibo frowned and looked at Darryl closely, feeling very surprised. I saw that Darryl’s face was red and full of radiance, and he didn’t look like he had taken a brain worm.

This Darryl, I drank a lot of wine just now, why is there nothing?

And he, at this time, is looking like a brain-eating worm attack.

What is going on here?

Seeing that Xibo was speechless, Darryl chuckled lightly, his face revealed abusiveness: “Your Excellency Xibo, it feels very uncomfortable to take a brainworm!”


At this moment, Xibo’s face changed suddenly, and he looked at him in surprise: “You…what did you say?”


Darryl smiled and said: “Okay, Xibo, you don’t have to pretend. Last night, you tricked me and wanted me to take brainworm. Unfortunately, I saw through it in advance.”

Hearing this, Xibo was shocked and angry, and at the same time he understood something.

Mad! Madame Lanya, a b!tch, actually lied to me.

In anger, Xibo looked around the audience, but suddenly discovered that Mrs. Lanya said that she was ill and did not come to the palace at all.


At this moment, the gazes of everyone around him looked over, and they couldn’t help but talk in a low voice.

“what’s the situation?”

“Your Excellency Darryl, didn’t you have a good conversation with your Excellency Xibo just now, why have you changed your face?”

“What’s wrong with Sir Xibo? His face is so pale?”

Everyone’s discussion came, Darryl ignored him, his eyes always fixed on Xibo.

In the next second, Darryl took a deep breath, walked slowly to Xi Bo, and said word by word: “After I saw through your tricks last night, I put away the brain-eating worm.”

“And when I poured wine for you just now, I put the brain-eating worm into your glass.”

“Speaking of which, I have never heard of a brain-eating thing before, so I really want to see how people will react after taking it.”

Hearing this, Xi Bo only felt cold all over, staring at Darryl fiercely, almost fainting in anger.

Ma De, who thought he could make Darryl embarrassing in public, never expected that he shot himself in the foot by himself. However, when he poured the wine just now, he didn’t notice anything unusual.

That brain-eating worm, how did he put it in his glass?

At this time Xi Bo still didn’t know that Darryl’s’ghost hand’ stunt was so superb that no one could see through it.

“Your Excellency Xibo!”

Seeing Xibo’s face getting more and more ugly, Darryl showed a slight smile, mocking: “Is there anything else to say?”


Xibo’s face was grim. Under the outbreak of the brain-eating worm, he trembled and couldn’t help but yelled: “Well, you are the wind, you dare to poison me in public.”

Said, Xibo looked around, and finally looked at the queen and shouted: “Your Majesty, the wind and waves have harmed me, you have to be the master for me.”


Upon hearing this, the queen took a deep breath and looked at Darryl, not knowing what to do for a while.

Regarding the brain worm, the queen didn’t know at all, she didn’t know how to make a choice because of the sudden situation.

At this time, Darryl sneered and said to Xibo: “Xibo, don’t play this set. It’s useless. You used to deal with this brain-eating worm. As a result, today, you have eaten bad results, and you have done it yourself.”

“You nonsense!” Xibo was completely crazy, shouting: “What brain-eating worm, I don’t know what you are talking about? On the contrary, it is a fact that you poisoned me in public in the hall today.”

“I am the commander-in-chief of the guards. If something goes wrong today, you will not escape the blame.”

In the last sentence, Xibo almost roared out.

Anyway, no one in the room knew about Darryl Tao’s secret plot, and Darryl Tao’s one-sided words could not be called evidence.


Seeing this, everyone in the entire hall was in an uproar.

“This…is it really the Lord Darryl who poisoned the commander-in-chief of Xibo?”

“It depends on the situation!”


Everyone’s discussion kept coming, and the queen frowned. At the same time, looking at Darryl’s gaze was a bit complicated.

What is this Darryl Tao doing? Even if you have to deal with Xibo, you can’t use this method. If you speak to him, how will you convince the public in the future?

However, Darryl had a calm expression on his face.


At this time, Darryl looked at Xibo with a smile, and said word by word: “It seems that you really can’t cry without seeing the coffin.”

Chapter 1750

At this time, Xibo, under the outbreak of the brainworm, kept sweating, his robes were soaked, his face was pale, indescribably miserable.

Ha ha…

Hearing Darryl’s words, Xi Bo sneered, and then took out a few white pills from his body. Tucked into the mouth.

These white pills can suppress the brain worm, and Xibo can get the brain worm. Naturally, there is an antidote to suppress the brain worm.


Seeing this scene, Darryl smiled slightly: “It’s useless!”

When saying this, Darryl looked at ease.

When putting brainworms in the Xibo wine glass just now, Darryl also put a truth pill, truth pill, as the name suggests, after eating, people will answer every question and will never tell lies.

This kind of truth Dan. In the Promise Pill, it was originally a gadget to tease people, and the effective time was not more than ten minutes, which was not a top-quality pill, but it was the most suitable for the Xibo in front of you.


Hearing this, Xibo’s heart was shocked. Then he sneered and retorted: “Darryl Tao, don’t pretend to be fools with me, I…”

Halfway through, Xibo felt that his mind was completely confused and almost blank.

Seeing this, Darryl knew that the truth pill had begun to break out, and immediately asked loudly: “Xibo, did you trick me last night and plan to give me a brainworm-eating thing?”

“Yes.. Yes!” Xibo responded with cold sweat, subconsciously.

When I said this, the expression on Xibo’s face was wonderful.

what happened?

Why did you admit it?

At this time, Xibo suddenly fell into panic, and he wanted to deny the will in his heart. I don’t know why, but my mouth seems to keep calling.


Hearing the answer, Darryl showed a faint smile, unspeakable excitement.

Unexpectedly, this truth Dan is quite useful.


Seeing this scene, both the queen and the people around were stunned.

Last night, Xibo was going to plot the wind and tide, and also admitted it personally?

At this time, Darryl continued to ask Xibo: “I will ask you again, when the Mengyi rebelled ten days ago, did you also participate in it?”

The sound is not loud, but it is full of majesty.


At this moment, everyone in the audience was staring at Xibo.

Follow Mengyi to rebel? This is the sin of beheading.

Especially the queen, sitting there seemed peaceful, but she was unspeakably excited.

If Xibo admits, that would be great. To be honest, the queen has been worrying these days. How did he find evidence of Xibo’s rebellion, but how did he never expect that Darryl would publicly interrogate in the hall in this way.


Xibo at this time. In a moment of cold sweat, he fumbled and wanted to deny it.

I definitely can’t admit this, otherwise, I’m completely finished.

However, he not only took the brain worm. I also ate the truth pill, my mouth was completely out of my control, and he nodded and said, “Yes, on the night of the Mengyi rebellion, I also participated!”


When the voice fell, the whole hall exploded in an instant.

“What? Xibo… actually rebelled with Meng Yi?”

“I didn’t expect Xibo to be so ambitious.”

“It’s no wonder that Mengyi was so arrogant and domineering at the time. It turns out that Xibo is his accomplice…”

Everyone’s discussion, you and I heard one sentence, Xibo’s noodles are like ashes. Suddenly sat on the ground, trembling.

It’s over.

This time is completely over.

But what is going on here? Why did you tell all the truth?

At this time, Darryl smiled and said respectfully to the queen: “Your Majesty. This Xibo admits that he and Meng Yi have rebelled together. The crime is extremely heinous. Please tell me how to deal with it.”

When saying this, Darryl was relaxed.

I promised to help the queen deal with Xibo before, but now I can finally do it.


The queen nodded and looked at Darryl’s gaze, full of appreciation and approval: “Darryl Tao. This time you have done a great job, and I will definitely reward you heavily!”

As she said, the queen’s delicate face fell cold, and she said coldly at Xibo: “Xibo. What else do you have to say?”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, I was wrong…” Xibo was so frightened, he knelt there and kept kowtow.

The effective time of the truth pill can only last for ten minutes. At this time, Xibo is already awake, but everything is too late.

In horror, Xibo couldn’t help yelling: “Your Majesty! I’m not to blame for this, it’s all Mengyi! He forced me to betray your Majesty.”

Heard this. The queen chuckled and did not move at all: “Meng Yi is dead, you can say whatever you want, but it is true that you cooperated with Meng Yi in rebellion and betrayed me.”

With that, the queen was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said to Darryl: “Darryl Tao, if you have done anything to break through Xibo today, Xibo will leave it to you. In addition, if you check Xibo’s family property and accomplices, it will also be handed over to you. Up!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Darryl quickly responded.

When the voice fell, Darryl called the guard and dragged Xi Bo out.


For a while, the whole hall was silent.

Except for the queen, everyone looked at Darryl with deep awe.

This wind wave is really powerful, in a few words. Let Xibo admit the rebellion, and be very careful in front of him in the future.

Especially Zhan Chao, sitting there did not dare to move.


Even the power of the entire city of Xibo. They were all planted in Darryl Tao’s hands, and I had offended him before, so I don’t know if I can leave safely this time.

Seeing Zhan Chao’s expression, Darryl showed a slight smile.

Haha…this Zhan Chao is panicking right now. Take advantage of this opportunity, do you want to get rid of him too?

“His Majesty!”

Just as Darryl was thinking about this in secret, he saw a palace knight walk in quickly, looking panicked: “Your Majesty Qi, the honorable guest from the Temple of Light has come, saying that he wants to meet your Majesty.”

Temple of Light?

Hearing this, whether it was the queen or Darryl and others, they were all taken aback.

You know, for thousands of years, the Temple of Light is not only sacred, but also very mysterious. It has never appeared in front of the world easily. Especially the Goddess of Light, who lives in the temple, is the highest belief of the people of the entire mainland.

But at this time, the Temple of Light suddenly sent someone to come, why not be shocked?

Darryl frowned secretly.

What did the Temple of Light send people to do? Could it be… Yarina knew that she was in the Principality of the Golden Lion?

At this moment Darryl didn’t know that the position of Yalena’s Goddess of Light had been robbed by Yan Hong, and the temple at this time was also controlled by Yan Hong.


Finally, the queen reacted and quickly said: “Hurry up and invite the distinguished guests into the hall.”

When the voice fell, I saw a tall and handsome figure slowly walking into the hall.

A golden armor, majestic, unspeakable heroic and handsome, it is the Pegasus Paladin, one of the Twelve Paladins.

It’s him?

Seeing Tianma, Darryl couldn’t help showing a smile, and at the same time he was a little confused.

He came to the Principality of Golden Lion, what happened?

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