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Chapter 1751

At this time, under the gaze of everyone, the Pegasus Paladin slowly walked to the center of the hall.

In the next second, the Paladin of Pegasus said politely to the queen: “Paladin, Pegasus, I have seen Her Majesty the Queen.” As he said, he bowed slightly without bowing down.

The Paladin of Pegasus is the right arm of the Goddess of Light, one of the twelve Paladins, and his status is transcendent. In the entire Roland Continent, it is also famous, and when you meet the rulers of the six principalities, you don’t need to kneel down.

The queen smiled and said softly: “Your Excellency Paladin!” As she said, she asked the maid beside her to bring a chair.

As the ruler of the Golden Lion Principality, the queen is aloof, but at this time she is not polite to the Paladin of Pegasus. You know, the Temple of Light has a deep influence on the entire continent, and even the queen believes in the goddess of light. At this time, when I saw the subordinates of the Goddess of Light, they naturally treated each other with courtesy.

The Paladin Pegasus responded and walked over. sit on the chair.


However, at this moment, seeing Darryl standing beside the Queen, the Paladin of Tianma was stunned.

This… isn’t this your Lord?

Why is he in the Golden Lion Principality? Apparently, he also served as a guard by the queen’s side.

I thought to myself, the Paladin of Tianma was very excited, and he was about to stand up to say hello, but before he stood up, he was stopped by Darryl’s eyes.

Oneself is the matter of the Holy Temple of Light, and cannot be exposed for the time being.

Heavenly Horse Paladin is a wise man, and instantly understood that Darryl didn’t want to reveal his identity.

at this time. After Darryl and Tianma exchanged their eyes, they suddenly frowned.

Darryl clearly noticed that the Tianma Saint Knight’s face was pale, and the whole person seemed to be in poor spirits, a little weak, obviously a sign of poisoning.

The dignified paladin was actually poisoned?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl wanted to ask, but he still held back when he thought that this was the palace hall.

Darryl felt right. The Paladins of Heavenly Horse were indeed poisoned. At that time, Yan Hong gave the Twelve Saints the poison to go to the Temple of Light. Later, when the three-day deadline came, Yan Hong gave the antidote to the Twelve Saints. The knight, however, only gave half the antidote.

In other words, the poison in the body of the twelve paladins at this time has not been completely eliminated.

“Holy Paladin!”

At this moment, the queen smiled slightly. He asked Tianma, “Suddenly, what’s the matter?”


Tianma took a deep breath, looked around, and slowly said: “Back to the queen, this time I am here, I specially invited the queen to participate in the Holy Light Ceremony. In addition to your Golden Lion Principality, the rulers of the other five principalities have also accepted it. invite.”

When he said this, Tianma looked serious, but felt helpless in his heart.

Yes, this Holy Light Ceremony is to be held by Yanhong, and the location is in Pearl City. As for the purpose of Yanhong’s ceremony, no one knows.

Speaking of which, the Twelve Paladins didn’t want to do anything for Yan Hong, but they couldn’t help but hold their life in Yan Hong’s hands, so they could only temporarily admit it.


Holy Light Ceremony?

Hearing this, both the queen and everyone around were stunned.

What kind of celebration is this, why haven’t you heard of it?

Even Darryl frowned secretly.

Is the Temple of Light going to hold a ceremony? Why haven’t I heard Yarina say it before?

At this moment Darryl didn’t know that the Temple of Light had been controlled by Yan Hong, and Yalina was also imprisoned.


At this time, Tianma continued: “The Holy Light Ceremony is held by the goddess. The location is Pearl City, I hope the queen will not miss it!” Tianma saw it, everyone was puzzled, but there was no explanation, after all. Tian Ma was not very clear about Yan Hong’s holding of this Holy Light Ceremony, he was only here to spread the word.


When the voice fell, the whole hall suddenly talked, everyone’s face. It was extremely excited and excited.

“It turned out to be hosted by the Goddess of Light, so I must go!”

“Yes, this is a flourishing age that is rare in a thousand years.”

“Finally I have a chance to meet the Goddess of Light.”

At this time, everyone in the main hall smiled and wanted to rush to Pearl City immediately. You must know that the goddess of light is the incarnation of justice in Roland mainland. The people’s supreme beliefs rarely appear in front of the world, but now, they are suddenly in Pearl City Can you be unhappy to hold a ceremony and appear in front of the world?

In the hearts of everyone, the ceremony held by the Goddess of Light must be a good thing related to the peace of the entire continent.

Even the queen. It is also full of smiles and happy mood.

In the past two years, there have been frequent wars among the six major duchy, which has caused the people to lose their livelihood. This time the Goddess of Light will appear in Pearl City to preside over fairness and justice in the world, which is the best.

Like everyone around, the queen also thinks that it is a great thing for the goddess of light to hold the ceremony.

However, Darryl, who stood quietly on the side, frowned secretly.

There is something wrong.

If Yarina held the Holy Light Ceremony, she would definitely tell me before, after all, I am the Lord of the Temple of Light. The status is equal to that of the Goddess of Light, and it is impossible to hide such an important matter from me.

Also, this Tianma was poisoned, and Yalina did not help him detox. Instead, he was sent out to run errands to spread the word…

At this moment, Darryl thought the more and more there was a problem.

“Holy Paladin!”

At this time, the queen looked at Tianma with a smile: “It’s really hard for you to come so far. Please go and rest first. I will definitely go to the Holy Light Ceremony in Pearl City!”

With that said, the queen will order the maid around her to take Tianma to rest.

At this moment, Darryl took a step forward and said: “Your Majesty. Let me take the Lord Paladin to rest.” There are too many people in this hall, and there are many questions. Darryl is not convenient to ask Tianma, so he can only take advantage of this opportunity. Up.

The queen nodded without objection.

Darryl Tao is the commander of the guards. Let him arrange the paladin to rest, which is also regarded as respect for the Temple of Light.

Soon, Darryl led Tianma out of the hall and went to the rest place at the back.

“Holy Lord!”

As soon as he entered the room, Tianma looked sad, and immediately knelt down towards Darryl: “Great changes have taken place in the Temple of Light, and the goddess has also been imprisoned. I beg your Lord to go back and preside over the overall situation immediately.”


In the hall just now, Darryl felt something strange. Hearing Tianma’s words at this time, his complexion suddenly changed and his brain buzzed.

Yarina was imprisoned?

Who has such great ability to imprison the goddess of light?

Thinking about it, Darryl looked anxious and asked quickly: “Say, what happened?”


Tianma took a deep breath and explained the situation in detail. At the end of the talk, Tianma looked sad and angry: “It’s all those two nasty women. First, he conspired against our twelve holy knights, and then raided Her Royal Highness.”

D*mn it!

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart shook, he only felt his brain buzzing, and his heart was joyful again. It was furious again.

I thought that Miaoying was rescued by Yan Hong and it was too bad, but she didn’t expect that she and Yan Hong would control the Temple of Light together.

Don’t think about it. These are Yan Hong’s attention.

Darryl felt extremely complicated when he thought of Yan Hong.

Mad, this Yanhong is really lawless, not only controlling the Temple of Light, but also imprisoning the Goddess of Light.

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Chapter 1752


Just when Darryl thought about this secretly, Tianma suddenly thought of something: “That Yanhong sent an order specially before that, to find someone named Darryl…”

Before he could finish speaking, Darryl smiled: “The Darryl she is looking for is me!”

“His Royal Highness!”

Hearing this, Tianma was taken aback at first, and then eagerly said: “Now that the temple has been messed up by that woman, only you can turn the tide.”


Heard this. Darryl took a deep breath and smiled bitterly: “Tianma, don’t expect too much from me. If you really want to fight alone with that Yanhong, I don’t have much chance of winning.”

Darryl wasn’t presumptuous. You should know that Yan Hong swallowed the power of Pluto from Mateo’s body when she was in the Nine Provinces. When she saw Yan Hong in Pearl City before, she was about to be completely integrated, but now. Another half month passed, Yan Hong must have succeeded!

Otherwise, Yan Hong would not be able to control the Temple of Light smoothly.


Seeing Darryl’s serious face, Tianma suddenly became anxious: “Speaking of this, isn’t the Temple of Light not saved?”

Even the Lord is not sure to defeat Yan Hong, let alone the others.

Darryl smiled slightly and comforted: “Don’t panic first. The most important thing now is to help you and the other Paladins to relieve the poison in your body. Otherwise, it will be difficult to reverse the situation by myself.”

With that said, Darryl began to inquire about the details of Tianma’s poisoning.

Tianma didn’t conceal it, and said it in great detail. Finally, he asked uneasy: “Your Lord, can you really help us get rid of the poison in our body?”

“Of course!” Darryl smiled slightly, very confident.

In the medicine of the mainland of Kyushu, “seeing, hearing, asking, cutting,” is emphasized. Darryl had studied medicine with Shennong, and his medical skills had reached a very high level. Just now through Tianma’s description, he immediately knew what poison Yanhong used.

Speaking of it, Yan Hong is a fairy. But the knowledge in the use of poison can only be regarded as a fur.

Knowing what kind of poison Yan Hong used, Darryl didn’t hesitate at all, and began to prepare materials to refine the antidote for Tianma. This is the royal palace of the Golden Lion Principality, and Darryl is the commander of the guards. The herbal materials needed can be easily obtained.

Soon, the materials were ready, and Darryl randomly found a clay pot and began to refine it.


Seeing this scene, Tianma was stunned.

What is the Lord Lord doing? In the Roland Continent, there is no such thing as alchemy, so what Darryl did was very strange in Tianma’s eyes.


Soon, with a shake of the clay pot, the antidote was successfully refined.

“All right!”

Darryl showed a slight smile, took out an antidote from the clay pot, and handed it to Tianma: “Take it quickly.”

Tianma looked at the antidote suspiciously. Then swallowed it.

A few minutes later, I saw Tianma’s pale face, gradually turning red, and the body was extremely poisonous. It quickly disappeared without a trace.


At this moment, Tianma was so excited that he couldn’t tell, looking at Darryl’s gaze, he also showed deep admiration.

“Your Lord’s medical skills. It’s really amazing.” Tianma was shocked, and he clearly felt that the poison in his body had been completely wiped out and his holy power had been restored.

You know, there are many solutions after Roland’s Continent is poisoned, but no matter which one is, it is very troublesome.

And the Lord Lord, in just a few minutes, refining the medicine for understanding. This is simply unheard of.

Seeing Tianma admiring his face, Darryl smiled slightly.

In the next second, Darryl took out the remaining antidote. Pass it to Tianma’s hand: “The remaining antidote, after you go back, give it to Golden Lion to take it. You must be careful. Don’t let Yan Hong know that after detoxification, don’t openly conflict with Yan Hong. Remember!”

“When I accompany the queen to Pearl City, we will contact you secretly.”

When he said these, Darryl looked serious.

To be honest, Darryl was also very anxious to learn about the Temple of Light controlled by Yan Hong. But he knew in his heart that directly confronting Yan Hong would only make the situation worse, the safest way. Just as a guard, follow the queen to attend the Holy Light Ceremony. When the time comes, Yan Hong is in the bright place and he is in the dark, so things will be easy to handle.

After exhorting Tianma a few more words, Darryl returned to his room.

“Your Excellency!”

As soon as I entered the room, I heard a guard outside politely say: “Her Majesty the Queen summoned.”

Darryl responded. Immediately walked towards the palace where the queen was resting. The queen is looking for herself now, it must be for the Holy Light Ceremony.


When he arrived at the queen’s palace, Darryl couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

I saw that the queen was wearing a white dress. Sitting there quietly, the charming curves are moving, especially the beautiful face, which will make people fall into a deep fall.

But at this time Darryl, how could he be in the mood to appreciate these.


At this time, seeing Darryl coming in, the queen smiled lightly: “You are here!”

Darryl respectfully said: “Your Majesty has summoned me, what do you want to tell me?”

At this time, the queen was in a good mood and smiled: “In two days, I will go to Pearl City to participate in the Holy Light Ceremony. I want to give the Goddess of Light a gift, but this gift is quite special. I want you to take care of it.”

While talking, the queen handed a beautiful metal box to Darryl.

D*mn it!

Darryl took the metal box. Suddenly he was stunned.

The design of this metal box is too cumbersome.

As you can see, this metal box is the size of a basketball and is square. But it is composed of hundreds of metal blocks. These metal blocks are like the building blocks of the Kyushu mainland, each of which has a different shape. But they are closely grouped together, very delicate.

Darryl looked at it and couldn’t help muttering: “What kind of gift do you need someone to take care of?”

The queen smiled, and then her delicate face showed a bit of seriousness: “Of course it is not an ordinary gift. Speaking of which, the contents of this box have a lot to do with the Temple of Light. It can be said that it originally belonged to the Temple of Light. s things.”

With that said, the queen looked at Darryl and continued: “Have you heard of the Jade Book of the Holy Code? It is rumored that it is the most precious treasure of the Temple of Light… A thousand years ago, there was civil strife in the Temple of Light. It was split into two parts, and the second volume was missing. Later, I got the second half of the volume by chance.”

What? Holy Book of Jade?

Hearing this, Darryl’s whole body was shocked, he only felt his brain buzzing, and his whole person was ecstatic!

In this peculiar metal box, is the second volume of the sacred jade book?


It’s really nowhere to be found after breaking through the iron shoes, and it takes no effort at all.

At this time, Darryl was unspeakable excitement and excitement. You must know that he has been here incognito for nearly half a month, and is always trying to find this half-volume sacred book, but unfortunately, there is no clue.

But at this time, the queen actually took out the jade book of the holy code and handed it over to Darryl for safekeeping. This is simply a surprise, can you be upset?

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Chapter 1753

Seeing Darryl’s expression, the queen frowned: “Darryl Tao, why are you so happy?”

Uh …

Darryl was very embarrassed and scratched his head: “Nothing. Her Majesty trusted me so much and asked me to keep the gifts. In addition to being honored, I was also very happy.”

When saying these, Darryl looked serious, but secretly squeezed a sweat for himself.

D*mn. I was so overwhelmed just now that I almost showed my stuff.

Upon hearing this answer, the queen nodded in satisfaction, and said: “Then don’t let me down. Before you see the Goddess of Light, take good care of it!”

After that, the queen thought of something, and continued: “There are mechanisms in this box. If you open it forcibly, it will catch fire. Remember.”


Darryl was stunned, then smiled and said, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, I will take good care of it, let alone open it privately.” He promised, but his eyes couldn’t hide the excitement.

After finally getting the second volume of the sacred book, how could it not open it for a look? Even if there are agencies. I can’t be troubled either.

The queen exhorted a few more words and made Darryl retreat.


Returning to his room, Darryl couldn’t wait to study the metal box.

At the beginning, Darryl was still full of confidence, but he tried more than a dozen times, but he couldn’t open the metal box, and he felt a little depressed.

D*mn, this metal box is too complicated!

Depressed, Darryl wanted to urge his internal force to directly destroy the metal box. But thinking of the queen’s previous instructions, if you open it forcibly, the box will catch fire, so I resisted it.

For a time, Darryl was sweating profusely.

Mad, the second volume of the Holy Book of Jade is in the box, if you can’t get it, anyone who does this will be depressed.


At this moment, I heard a call from outside, and then, a slim figure walked in, wearing a yellow long skirt, indescribably bright and moving.

It is An Qi.

D*mn it!

Seeing An Qi coming in, Darryl wanted to put away the metal box, but it was too late.

“Huh?” An Qi saw the metal box all at once, walked over quickly, and curiously said at Darryl: “Thousand-changeable and exquisite box? Isn’t this my sister’s beloved thing? Why is it here with you?”

This metal box, called Qianbian Linglong Box, is the queen’s favorite plaything. As the Queen’s sister, An Qi knows her naturally.

However, at this time, An Qi didn’t know that this exquisite and varied box contained the lower volume of the Holy Book of Jade, and was going to be given to the Goddess of Light as a gift.

Thousands of exquisite box?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and then asked: “What is the name of this thing?”

An Qi didn’t even think about it, and replied: “The Thousand Variety Exquisite Box, as the name suggests, there are a thousand changes, each of which is very cumbersome. If you don’t understand it, it’s hard to untie it.”


Darryl only felt that it was big for a while, just a metal box, there were a thousand changes, no wonder it was so difficult to open.

Thinking about it, Darryl quickly said: “His Royal Highness An Qi, will you open it?”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of expectation and excitement.

An Qi is the Queen’s sister, and she must know how to open it.

“Where would I be?” An Qi shook her head, and said with an aura: “This Thousand Variety and Exquisite Box can only be opened by my sister!”


Hearing the answer, Darryl sighed, very depressed, and happy for nothing. I thought An Qi could open it.

At this moment, An Qi reacted, frowning and looking at Darryl: “By the way, why is this thing in your hands?”


Darryl scratched his head, a little embarrassed for a while.

The queen told herself several times just now. Don’t try to open this box, but I didn’t listen to it, and I was seen by An Qi. An Qi told the queen, that would be troublesome.

how to explain. Can An Qi not doubt it?

“Your Excellency!”

Just when Darryl was secretly worried, he saw a guard walk to the door quickly and respectfully said: “The team has been assembled, please lead your instructions.”


Darryl was stunned there, a little confused for a while.

what’s going on? What does a good assembly team do?

At this time, An Qi suddenly thought of something, and reminded Darryl: “Oh, how did you become the leader? In the hall before, my sister asked you to check Xibo’s family property. Did you forget?”

It seems to be.

Darryl patted his forehead. In the hall before, the queen did say that she should be responsible for checking Xibo’s family property. Why did she forget?

At this time, An Qi was very excited, and took Darryl’s hand: “Walk around. It must be fun to copy the house, you must take me there.”

I go!

Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, what’s so fun about copying the house? But it did not refuse.

At the same time as he went out, Darryl collected the Thousand Change Exquisite Box, and he was secretly relieved.

Fortunately, the guard came in time. Diverted An Qi’s attention, otherwise, I really don’t know how to explain to An Qi.

Half an hour later, Darryl and An Qi, with a team of guards, came to Xibo’s manor.

D*mn it!

After half an hour, all the guards piled up Xibo’s family properties. After Darryl cleared the order, he couldn’t help but sigh in secret.

This Xibo has been commander of the guards for several years and has accumulated a lot of wealth.

Just see. A lot of jewels are piled together, plus a few boxes of gold coins, that one is golden. Almost all eyes flashed in the eyes of everyone present.

An Qi also looked angry: “This Xibo, it’s horrible that so much money has been searched.”

Talking. An Qi pointed at Darryl and said, “Darryl Tao, when you deal with Xibo, you must call me, I have to teach him a lesson.” When talking about this, An Qi waved a pink fist, very cute.


Seeing An Qi’s appearance, Darryl couldn’t help laughing.

At this moment, a guard walked over quickly and said politely: “Your Excellency, found a secret passage in Xibo’s bedroom.”

Secret passages?

Heard this. Darryl and An Qi glanced at each other and were stunned.

In the next second, Darryl ordered the surrounding guards: “You guard the outside, I will go in and investigate.” With that, Darryl walked quickly to the bedroom.

An Qi keeps up!

Into the bedroom. Sure enough, under the bed, there was a hidden secret passage.

Darryl and An Qi were very curious and walked down together.

I go!

When he reached the bottom, Darryl was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that there was a basement in front of me. The basement was not big, but it was full of precious herbs, rare ginseng, and Wannian Snow Lotus… there were hundreds of species, and Darryl was dazzled.

An Qi also trembled, her eyes full of shock.

There are so many precious herbs, this quantity, I’m afraid the palace doesn’t have that many.


Shocked, An Qi was attracted by a blood-red fruit in front of her, walked over and held it in her hand, and then curiously asked Darryl: “Darryl Tao, what kind of herbal medicine is this, have you seen it?”

As the Queen’s sister, An Qi is also well-informed. But there are so many kinds of precious herbs in front of her that they have exceeded her cognition.

Darryl looked at it and smiled and said: “This is called a blood spirit fruit, it’s a big tonic, it’s very rare!”

is it?

An Qi’s eyes lit up. I took a closer look at the Blood Lingguo, and immediately smelled a refreshing fragrance.

Smelling this alluring fragrance, An Qi couldn’t help it all at once, took a bite, and exclaimed: “It’s so sweet…”

D*mn it!

See this scene. Darryl was taken aback: “Why did you eat?”

An Qi was stunned: “Didn’t you mean to make up for it?”

Hearing this, Darryl wanted to cry without tears.

This blood spirit fruit is indeed very nourishing, but you can’t eat it randomly. You must know that the blood spirit fruit is very powerful. An Qi is not a cultivator and has a delicate body. How can it be able to bear it?

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Chapter 1754

Seeing Darryl’s look anxious, An Qi frowned slightly, very puzzled.

“what’s happenin?”

An Qi couldn’t help muttering: “Why look at me like this?” This Darryl was really making a fuss, eating fruit for himself, unexpectedly so nervous.

Thinking of this, An Qi lost the pit and went to see other herbs. However, at this moment, An Qi’s body suddenly trembled, and she felt her whole body suddenly hot, as if she had fallen into a volcano!

“So hot!”

An Qi trembled, her face flushed with pain.

Obviously, this is the consequence of misunderstanding the blood spirit fruit.

Darryl had guessed right just now, An Qi is not a cultivator, and her body is weak, but she ate a blood spirit fruit directly, and the energy of the blood spirit fruit burst out, but it was not something she could bear.

“Darryl Tao, it’s so hot, I’m so hot!”

An Qi’s body trembled, her red lips lightly opened, and she kept yelling at Darryl. At this time, she clearly felt that the scorching heat in her body became more and more intense.

That feeling was like a fire burning in the body.


At this moment, An Qi intuitively felt that her whole person was about to be burned, and the painful burning sensation made her body tremble, and then she fell to the ground.

“Darryl Tao, what the hell is going on, what’s wrong with me? It’s hot…so hot!” An Qi couldn’t bear it, and asked Darryl.


Darryl sighed, frowned and said: “You are so rash, the blood spirit fruit is very powerful…Although you are not a cultivator, you can take it rashly, and you can’t avoid getting into trouble.”

Going crazy?

Hearing these four words, An Qi’s body trembled, staring at Darryl blankly, inexplicably frightened. In the Roland Continent, there is no such thing as going crazy, so An Qi doesn’t understand what Darryl said, but seeing Darryl’s expression, she also knows that the situation is serious.

The next second, An Qi cried: “Darryl Tao…what should I do, it’s so uncomfortable, am I going to die?”

While talking, An Qi hugged her body with her hands and rolled on the ground nonstop, painful. She felt that her body was getting hotter and hotter, and almost her whole person was about to burn.


Darryl took a deep breath and gently comforted: “Don’t panic first, let me think of a solution.”

When he said this, Darryl was calm on the surface, and was anxious in his heart. To get rid of the blood spirit fruit’s medicinal properties, he only needs the Qingling Pill, but the Qingling Pill in his body has long been used up.

Then Darryl looked around. There were a lot of precious herbs in the basement. Refining the Qingling Pill on the spot was not a problem.

It’s just… With An Qi’s current situation, can she make a pill by herself?

D*mn, don’t care!

Soon Darryl made a decision and prepared to refine the Qingling Pill on the spot.

“It’s so hot, so hot…”

However, at this moment, I saw An Qi’s face flushed, her eyes blurred and crazy: “I’m going to die, no more…”


When the voice fell, An Qi tore off her long skirt.

Yes, under the medicinal stimulation of the blood spirit fruit, An Qi’s entire consciousness began to blur, and she was going crazy. Speaking of which, she is not a cultivator, how can she withstand the powerful medicinal power of the blood spirit fruit?

D*mn it!

Seeing this scene, Darryl was startled, and at the same time couldn’t help swallowing secretly.

I saw that at this moment, An Qi, because of her long skirt, was torn off, and that charming curve was exposed without any concealment!

More importantly, under the medicinal power of the blood spirit fruit, An Qi showed a charming crimson all over her body, and her body was covered with fragrant sweat. Her beautiful face was extremely painful, and she was indescribably s3xy!

After watching for a few seconds, Darryl reacted and walked over quickly: “His Royal Highness An Qi, you should be sober!”

Saying that, Darryl was too anxious.

It’s broken, the clear spirit pill hasn’t been refined yet, An Qi will be unable to bear it, this is in trouble.


As soon as the voice fell, An Qi suddenly stood up and hugged Darryl!

Yes, under the onset of the drug’s effects, An Qi has completely lost her mind at this time.

“An Qi.” Darryl was shocked and anxious. At the same time he shouted, he was about to reach out to point An Qi’s acupuncture points.

But then I thought about it, An Qi’s medicinal power was breaking out, and if the acupoints were sealed again, the situation would be even more dangerous.

“It’s so hot, so hot…”

Just when Darryl was secretly entangled, An Qi was completely crazy at this time, and he leaned forward directly and kissed Darryl with red lips.

At this moment, An Qi only felt that a ball of flame was burning in her body, and the whole person was about to burn. She instinctively told her that if she didn’t find a vent, she would really die.


At this moment, Darryl only felt his brain buzzing, blank.

And An Qi became more and more crazy, before Darryl could react, she threw him to the ground, and then began to tear Darryl’s clothes.

“An Qi…you calm down…” Darryl was completely stunned, and when he reacted, he would push An Qi away.

However, it was too late, at this time the clothes had been ripped off by An Qi.


In the next second, An Qi blushed, bit her lip tightly, and sat down.

In an instant, the whole basement was full of spring scenery.


On the other side, Pearl City.

Pearl City is one of the most prosperous coastal cities in the New Moon Principality, and today, it is even more lively than ever.

A few days ago, Yan Hong killed the city lord Seth, ruled Pearl City, and then controlled the Temple of Light. Then, as the Goddess of Light, held the Ceremony of Light in Pearl City and invited the rulers of the major duchy participate.

This incident caused a sensation across the entire Roland Continent.

There is still one day before the Holy Light Ceremony, and the rulers of the major duchy are still on the way. However, many people have rushed to Pearl City, wanting to see the grace of the Goddess of Light.

Because of the ceremony to be held, Yan Hong used tens of thousands of people to build a temple in Pearl Chen.

In the temple at this time, Yan Hong was wearing a golden robe, unspeakably s3xy and charming, and at the same time, a powerful aura filled his body.

Below the temple, there were dozens of people standing respectfully. These dozens of people were all the city lords of nearby cities, as well as celebrities, including the major families of Pearl City.

One day the Holy Light Ceremony is about to begin, and Yan Hong must ensure that the entire Pearl City deployment is foolproof.


At this time, Yan Hong looked around, and a cold voice resounded throughout the temple: “Did you remember what I explained just now? There can be no problems, understand?”

“Understand!” Everyone hurriedly responded, unspeakably respectful, and at the same time, they were all excited.

Being able to work for the Goddess of Light is simply a supreme glory. Can you be unhappy?

“Female… Your Highness the Goddess!”

At this moment, a young man walked out of the crowd with a bit of tension and excitement on his face. It was McGrady.

To be honest, as the young master of the McWee family, McGrady was arrogant and domineering in Pearl City. No one looked at him, but facing the Yan Hong in front of him, his nervous voice trembled.

You know, the goddess of light is in front of you.

Yan Hong’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest, and he looked at McGrady and said indifferently: “What? You have a problem?”

At this time, McGrady, with sweaty palms, cautiously said: “His Royal Highness the goddess, I don’t have any problems, I…I just want to join the Temple of Light, and I ask the goddess to allow it.”

When he said this, McGrady looked sincere, and his eyes were filled with excitement and expectation.


The first thousand seven hundred and fifty-four chapters of the son-in-law do not care

Chapter 1755

As the young master of the McWee family, although McGrady is arrogant and domineering in Pearl City, he is not stupid.

He could see that the goddess of light in front of him was going to hold a ceremony in Pearl City, and he also specially invited the rulers of the six principalities to participate. Obviously, he was about to intervene in the affairs of the entire continent.

In other words, the Goddess of Light may want to unify the mainland.

In this case, it is natural to take the initiative to move closer to the Goddess of Light. As long as you join the Temple of Light, the Maiwei family can grow stronger in the future.


He wants to join the Temple of Light?

At this moment, the entire temple was in an uproar, and many people looked at McGrady in surprise, each with complicated eyes.

The Temple of Light has the supreme sacred status in the entire continent, and it can’t be added casually. And this McGrady, just a small family young master in Pearl City, had taken the initiative to propose to the goddess that he wanted to join the Temple of Light, he was crazy.

If you anger the Goddess of Light, I’m afraid the entire Maiwei family will be wiped out.

Everyone present felt that McGrady was too bold.

At the same time, Yan Hong was also stunned, her eyebrows frowned slightly.

A few seconds later, Yan Hong looked at McGrady and said lightly: “See you are very sincere. Okay, you can be a named knight in the temple temporarily. If you perform well in the future, you will be promoted to an official knight.”

To be honest, Yan Hong didn’t want to pay attention to McGrady’s request. But in Pearl City these few days, this McGrady was very attentive, making Yan Hong feel very good.

Moreover, in order to unify the mainland in the future, people like McGrady are also in great need of subordinates.


Seeing this, everyone around suddenly exploded, looking at McGrady’s gaze, full of envy.

The goddess actually agreed?

McGrady smiled even more, too excited. He knelt there all of a sudden, and said gratefully to Yan Hong, “Thank you, Your Majesty, for your appreciation.”

Although it is only a named knight, with this title, who else can be compared with himself?

At this time, everyone around him reacted and wanted to take this opportunity to join the Temple of Light.

“All right!”

However, before everyone could speak, Yan Hong raised his jade hand: “It’s okay, you all get back.” The voice was not loud, but it was beyond doubt.

“Yes!” The crowd was unwilling, but they didn’t dare to disobey, and they replied and withdrew from the temple.


But McGrady was very excited. There are so many people today, only they have been allowed by the goddess to join the Temple of Light. Can they not be excited?

After leaving the temple, McGrady hurried to the Dumen family.

This good news must be told to Lolita.

During this period of time, McGrady went to the Dumen family to visit Lolita when he was okay. With rhetoric, the relationship between the two became closer.

At this time, it was getting late and night fell.

When he arrived at the Dumen family’s manor, McGrady walked directly towards Lolita’s room. During this time, McGrady not only often visited Lolita, but also used family relations to help the Dumen family in business, so in the eyes of the Dumen family’s subordinates , McGrady is his own person, there is no block at all.


When I was approaching the room, from a distance, I saw Lolita sitting in a chair outside, staring at the sunset in the sky.

At this time, Lolita was wearing a lavender dress, and the afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on her delicate face, unspeakably charming.

For a while, McGrady was dumbfounded.

Lolita is really getting more and more beautiful, we must make her her own woman sooner.

Thinking about it, McGrady showed a slight smile and walked over slowly: “Lolita, watch the sunset?”


Seeing McGrady, Lolita smiled lightly, very happy: “Why are you here?”

Speaking of which, Lolita originally hated McGrady, relied on being a young master. She was arrogant and domineering in Pearl City and often bullied the weak, but since her grandfather died, McGrady has been helping her. Moreover, under Lolita’s persuasion, McGrady rarely humiliated the weak.

Under this circumstance, Lolita’s view of McGrady has greatly changed.

However, Lolita didn’t know that McGrady’s transformation was only superficial and was deliberately shown to her.

Feeling Lolita’s joy, McGrady was very happy, and he smiled and said: “If I can’t see you for a day, I feel that there is something missing in my life.”

As he said, McGrady couldn’t hide his excitement: “And, I want to tell you a good news, I have joined the Temple of Light.”


Hearing this, Lolita’s body trembled and she was incomprehensibly shocked.

“Really? Congratulations!” Lolita returned to her senses and smiled slightly, very happy for McGrady.

Lolita is introverted and doesn’t like socializing the least, so today when big families and celebrities from other cities visit the Goddess of Light, Lolita doesn’t follow.

However, Lolita knew in her heart that the Goddess of Light had the supreme sacred status in the entire continent, and if Maddie could join the Temple of Light, he would surely become so happy in the future. As a friend, he would naturally be happy for him.

At this time, McGrady was very excited, and said to Lolita: “Lolita, I am so happy today, please accompany me out for a walk.”

When he said this, McGrady looked serious, but his eyes shone with cunning.

I am now a member of the Temple of Light, and my status is not what it used to be. It’s time to go further with Lolita.

Lolita didn’t pay attention to the change in McGrady’s expression, but she nodded and said cheerfully: “Okay!”

McGrady joined the Temple of Light. This is a great thing. As a friend, it is normal to accompany him out and enjoy the joy together.

A few minutes later, McGrady and Lolita, in a unicorn car, drove slowly along the beach.

I saw that the afterglow of the setting sun dyed the entire sea surface golden, with sparkling waves gleaming. This seascape was as dreamy as a fairy tale.

“What a beautiful view!”

Seeing this scene, Lolita couldn’t help but admire.

However, McGrady, who was next to him, did not appreciate the beauty in front of him, but stared at Lolita closely.

In the next second, McGrady finally couldn’t help it, and said affectionately: “Lolita, marry me, be my woman, okay?” With that, McGrady suddenly held Lolita’s jade hand.

Lolita trembled, and quickly withdrew her hand: “Meddie, don’t be kidding.”

At this time, Lolita’s face was a little flushed, and her heart was a little unhappy. She kindly accompanied him out, but he did something to herself.

McGrady looked serious: “I’m not kidding, Lolita, I am now a member of the Temple of Light, and I will be reused by the Goddess of Light in the future, and the future is boundless.”

“Think about it, if you become my woman, the Dumen family will follow suit. Isn’t that good?”

When he said this, McGrady’s eyes were full of scorching heat.

Lolita bit her lip tightly and became silent.

After a few seconds, Lolita said softly: “Meddie, I know you are for my good, but have you forgotten that I will be filial to grandpa for one year. Within this year, I will not consider Married.”

At the beginning, Darryl was framed, and after escaping from Pearl City, McGrady wanted Lolita to marry him. At that time, Lolita said that he would keep his filial piety for Old Man Dumen for one year.

Of course McGrady knew about this.

However, at this time, McGrady just wanted to get Lolita as soon as possible, how could he care so much?


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