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Chapter 1756


McGrady took a deep breath and looked serious: “I know you are filial, but there are many ways to be filial. You don’t have to be filial for a year. Then, I will invest tomorrow to make a statue to commemorate the old man, OK? ?”

While talking, McGrady looked up and down Lolita, already in a hurry.

Lolita groaned and shook her head resolutely: “No, I swore at the beginning, how can I change it?”

Although McGrady has become much better than before, Lolita still hesitates to marry him.


Seeing Lolita insisting all the time, McGrady couldn’t help but smiled contemptuously: “Okay, don’t pretend to be innocent with me. You were married to that Darryl before. You are a woman who has been married once. I can see you. It’s your honor, don’t know how to praise it.”


Lolita trembled and looked at McGrady blankly. Unexpectedly, McGrady would suddenly change his face.

But McGrady continued to sneer before he finished speaking, “Am I wrong? Lolita, I have been waiting for you for so long, and the whole Pearl City knows that I want to marry you, don’t challenge my patience.”

“I won’t marry you!” Lolita flushed and responded coldly.

I thought that this McGrady had already changed his previous mistakes. It turned out that all of this was pretended by him. At this time, he finally revealed his true colors.

“Ha ha…”

At this time, McGrady was too lazy to pretend, and sneered coldly: “Don’t marry me? Do you think you still have a choice?” With that, McGrady sat beside Lolita and said with a sneer, at the same time he was about to go. Grab Lolita’s hand.

McGrady has thought about it, whether Lolita wants to get her today or not.

Lolita was furious, and hid for a while, very displeased: “Maddy, you’d better show respect.”

When she said this, Lolita looked calm, but she was actually very flustered. It was late, and there was no one at the beach except for herself and McGrady. What if McGrady forced herself to possess herself.

“Tsk tut!”

Lolita’s scolding didn’t make McGrady constrain, but it stimulated him even more: “Lolita, don’t want to resist, tonight, I will order you, haha…”

When the voice fell, McGrady grabbed Lolita again.

The carriage of the unicorn was very narrow, Lolita had nowhere to dodge, her wrists were tightly grasped.

“You…you let me go!” Lolita was embarrassed.

McGrady smiled evilly on his face, approached a few minutes, and took a deep breath in front of Lolita: “Good smell… I heard that after you married that Darryl, you haven’t had a room with each other, so today, just Let me help you become a real woman.”

After saying this, McGrady’s eyes flashed with evil light, and he grabbed Lolita’s hand and pulled it violently.

Lolita exclaimed and slammed directly into McGrady’s arms, and then she was hugged tightly by McGrady.

“Lolita, don’t be afraid, I will love you very much, haha…” McGrady laughed, and slowly moved his mouth up.

At this moment, Lolita was very desperate and helpless.

Knowing that McGrady pretended to be in front of him, he would not come out with him.

Grandpa is dead, and the family business is going from bad to worse. If he is tainted by McGrady, there is nothing left. It’s better to die than to live like this.

Thinking about it, Lolita’s eyes were red, and tears kept falling.

At this time, McGrady is getting more and more excessive.

Lolita clearly felt that the sound of McGrady’s breathing was getting closer and closer, and she was about to touch herself. At this moment, she was completely desperate.


Seeing that McGrady was about to succeed, suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from a distance.

Mad, who is going to disturb me?

Hearing the movement, McGrady was very angry. He quickly looked out of the car and saw that a few big men came over, the leading one, holding a sledgehammer in his hand, was very mighty, and his body was filled with a powerful aura.

hiss! The strength is so strong.

Feeling the breath of the other party, McGrady couldn’t help taking a breath. Recently, the Pearl City will hold the Holy Light Ceremony, and various forces have come one after another. Obviously, these big guys in front of them are also from outside, wanting to see the grace of the goddess of light.

Thinking of this, McGrady no longer panicked.

I have no grudges against these people, and I have just joined the Temple of Light. I have an extraordinary position. What are you afraid of?

At this time, McGrady didn’t know that the few big guys in front of him were bandits from Giant Bear Mountain.

And the leader is Okuyama.

A month ago, Darryl was framed by McGrady and was forced to leave Pearl City. When he passed the Giant Bear Mountain, he conquered the bandits of Okushan. At that time, Darryl told them to go to Pearl City to protect Lolita and Dumen secretly. family.

Okuyama’s words counted. Over the past month, I took my brother to lurking in Pearl City, always paying attention to the situation of the Dumen family and Lolita. Today, when I learned that Lolita and McGrady had come to the beach, Okuyama didn’t think much. Hurry up with his brother.

“A few!”

Finally, McGrady reacted and said to Okuyama: “If you are playing, go a little farther and don’t disturb this young master.”

When he said these, McGrady’s tone was beyond doubt, and his expression was extremely cold and arrogant.

These big guys in front of them, at first glance, are incompetent cultivators. They are the young masters of the Maiwei family, and they have just joined the Temple of Light, so they don’t need to look at them at all.

However, Okuyama did not intend to leave.

In the next second, Okuyama gave McGrady a cold glance: “Get out of the car immediately and get out of here!”

At that time, when he became the boss of Darryl, Oushan knew that Darryl was the Pearl City who had been framed before leaving, and the culprit was McGrady. Seeing McGrady’s arrogance at this time, he couldn’t help it.


Hearing this, McGrady felt humiliated and cursed: “Things who do not know who live or die, do you know who I am? The young master of the McWee family, the named knight of the Temple of Light, dare you to challenge me, have you thought about the consequences? ?”


Hearing this, Okuyama was stunned. This kid is from the Temple of Light?


Seeing Okuyama’s expression, he thought he was scared, so McGrady was very proud: “Be scared, I’m in a good mood, get out of here.”

The most important thing in front of me is to enjoy the tenderness of Lolita, there is no need to waste time with these people.

“Special code cares who you are!”

At this time, Okuyama reacted and roared: “I just see you not pleasing to your eyes. Brothers, give me a fight!”


In an instant, the men behind him rushed over and dragged McGrady out of the car, followed by a punch and kick.

Although McGrady’s cultivation strength is not low, but Okuyama’s opponents, you know, Okuyama and this group have been entrenched in Giant Bear Mountain for so long, and each of them is very strong.

“You guys…you dare to do something to me…wait to die…” McGrady couldn’t stand up at all, was beaten and rolled, howling incessantly. The young master of his majesty family, the named knight of the Temple of Light, was beaten by a few unknown people. How did he swallow it?

After playing for more than ten minutes, seeing that McGrady was about to be killed, several talents stopped.

Afterwards, Okuyama led his subordinates, drove the unicorn car, and drove away.

It’s over…

At this moment, Lolita sitting in the car was terrified, and her delicate face was full of horror.

It escaped from McGrady’s clutches and fell into the hands of these people.

Where are they taking me?

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Chapter 1757

Panicked in her heart, Lolita couldn’t help but look at the situation outside the car.


At this look, Lolita’s body trembled, and she was stunned.

I thought these people would take themselves away from Pearl City, but at this time Lolita saw that Okuyama and several people were driving toward the city in a unicorn cart.

What is going on here?

At this moment, Lolita couldn’t express doubts in her heart.

Don’t these people want to plot against themselves?

A few minutes later, the unicorn stopped at the gate of the Dumen family manor.

“Miss Lolita!”

At this moment, Okuyama looked respectful, and said politely to Lolita: “Be frightened, but don’t worry, it’s all right now.” When he said this, Okuyama smiled and looked fiercely like before. It’s like two people.


Lolita bit her lip and was very surprised: “Who are you? Why do you want to help me?”

At this time Lolita finally understood that these people in front of her had come to save herself deliberately, but… she didn’t even know them.

Okuyama scratched his head with a simple face: “My name is Okuyama. Actually, Miss Lolita, you don’t need to be grateful to me. It is our boss who told you to protect you secretly.”

Okuyama has a straightforward character, what to say.


Hearing this, Lolita felt even more confused. At first sight, these people were not ordinary people. Do you know their boss?

Thinking of this, Lolita couldn’t help asking: “Who is your boss?”

Ooshan’s eyes flickered, and when he thought of Darryl, he showed a trace of admiration, and he was straightforward, and said directly: “I said Miss Lolita, there are people in this world who can help you, besides your husband. Who is it?”

“To tell you the truth, my boss is Darryl, who specially confessed to me to protect you secretly.”

“Actually, the boss told me about the matter between you. He was framed by the ba5tard McGrady. It’s a pity that you don’t believe him.”

When he said this, Okuyama looked excited.

After recognizing Darryl as the boss, Aoshan was deeply impressed by Darryl’s tolerance, and at the same time, he was deeply angry with Darryl’s experience in Pearl City. At this time, when he saw Lolita, he naturally wanted to help Darryl. Clean up the crime.


Hearing this, Lolita’s body trembled, and she felt her brain hum.

Darryl…. Is he the boss of these people? Moreover, Darryl sent them to protect himself in secret.

At this moment, Lolita was very complicated, her heart was ups and downs, and she couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Had Darryl really been framed before? However, all the families were present at the beginning, and there were also witnesses, which all pointed out that Darryl was the murderer who killed Grandpa.

Seeing Lolita’s complex expression and silent, Okuyama continued to speak, but was interrupted by a call.


With a cry of joy, I saw a middle-aged woman walking out of the manor quickly, with an acrid face and freckles. It was the housekeeper Laona.

Seeing someone coming out, Okuyama was inconvenient to talk about it, and smiled at Lolita: “Miss Lolita, you should rest early. By the way, you must be careful of that McGrady in the future. He is not a good person.”

When the voice fell, Okuyama hurriedly left with his men.


As soon as the front foot walked, Launa hurried over, very worried: “Didn’t you go out with Master McGrady? Why did you come back alone? Also, who is that group? Looks fierce and evil.”

At this time, Laona clearly saw that Lolita’s delicate face was pale, and she was obviously frightened.

“Don’t mention McGrady to me.”

Lolita frowned and couldn’t hide her shame. She couldn’t stop trembling at the thought of the situation at the beach just now.

I thought McGrady was getting better, but he didn’t expect his bad habits to be changed. Taking advantage of the night, no one on the seashore wanted to treat himself…

With that, Lolita walked quickly into the manor.

Laona looked suspicious, and then followed closely.


the other side.

On the beach by the sea, McGrady got up with grinning teeth.


As soon as he stood up, the pain swept through his whole body, McGrady couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air, his eyes spit fire, and his heart was also unspeakable.

Ma De, who thought he could get Lolita smoothly tonight, did not expect that, a group of people suddenly appeared, taught himself, and then took Lolita away.

The more he thought about it, the more angry he got, and he immediately returned to Pearl City to summon the family guard. I was beaten inexplicably, and I must never forget it.

Ten minutes later, McGrady sent someone to find Lolita’s whereabouts. At the same time, McGrady personally brought more than a hundred guards to search the entire Pearl City.

After successfully joining the Temple of Light, McGrady became even more unscrupulous throughout Pearl City.

Soon, McGrady found out that Lolita was sent home, and the group of people who taught him were the bandits of Giant Bear Mountain.

When he heard the news, McGrady was taking his guards and ramming on the street. At that time, McGrady’s heart was shocked and his whole body was stunned.

Bandits of Giant Bear Mountain?

A group of Okuyama has been entrenched in the Giant Bear Mountain for several years. They are very strong. They once sent people to encircle and suppress the Pearl City, but they returned without success. Of course McGrady knew.

But, why should Okuyama help Lolita?

McGrady couldn’t figure it out, so he just didn’t want to. No matter how strong the group of Okuyama was and dare to offend himself, he would never let them go.

Okuyama and the group must seize it, and what is more important now is to force Lolita to marry herself.

Thinking of this, McGrady is ready to take someone to the Dumen family.

“Master, look at that man…”

However, at this moment, one of the guards beside him suddenly pointed to the distance and yelled.

“Ma De!” Maddie was irritated, and couldn’t help cursing: “What are you screaming at?” He said, McGrady looked over.

At this look, McGrady was stunned.

I saw a middle-aged man walking cautiously at the intersection not far away. He was about 40 years old, with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek and a treacherous look on his face.

It was Lolita’s second uncle, Du Leng.

Old man Dumen has two sons. The eldest is Lolita’s father. It’s a pity that he died young and Du Leng is the second child. However, this Du Leng was unlearned. Five years ago, Du Leng offended the city lord Seth. He escaped from Pearl City, where his whereabouts are unknown.

About this matter, there was a lot of trouble in Pearl City back then. Of course McGrady knew, but he didn’t expect that, five years later, this Du Leng was back again.

Seeing Du Leng at this time, McGrady’s eyes flickered, and he suddenly had new attention in his heart.

In the next second, McGrady took his guards and walked over mightily.

When he arrived, McGrady shouted with a smile, “Oh, isn’t this Second Uncle Du Leng?”


When he was suddenly called out, Du Leng was shocked. When he saw that it was McGrady, he immediately accompanied a smiling face: “Master McGrady, he has not seen him in a few years, he has become more handsome and handsome. Really handsome.”

When he said this, Du Leng looked flattering.

Five years ago, Du Leng hooked up with the woman of the city lord Seth, but Seth found out that Du Leng fled in a hurry and started a wandering life outside. Knowing that recently, Du Leng learned that Seth had been killed, so he came back quietly. .

Du Leng is a snob, and when he sees McGrady at this time, he is naturally pleased in every way. After all, the family behind McGrady has been in the Pearl City in recent years.

Chapter 1758

Du Leng’s attitude made McGrady very useful.

In the next second, McGrady said lightly: “Since you are back, you are not going back to the family, what are you walking on the street at so late?”


Hearing this, Du Leng sighed and smiled bitterly: “Lolita is now the heir of the family, how can I go back? You know, Lolita has always had opinions on me.”

Du Leng was right. Lolita was very resistant to this uncle since she was not educated and skillful. At this time, the Dumen family was under the control of Lolita. How could it be possible to accept Du Leng, who had a bad reputation?

McGrady chuckled, with a deep meaning: “Du Leng, do you want to be the helm of the family?”


Du Leng’s heart trembled, and he nodded without thinking: “Yes, of course.”

McGrady showed a slight smile and said lightly: “Well, as long as you follow my arrangements, I will help you to be called the new patriarch of the Dumen family.”

“Of course there is no problem. As long as Master McGrady is willing to help me, I must be grateful.” Du Leng was too excited, and his tone trembled.


Hearing this, McGrady nodded in satisfaction, and his heart was extremely cheerful.

Lolita, with your second uncle helping me, you won’t be able to escape from the palm of my hand in this life.

McGrady decided to help Du Leng sit as the head of the Dumen family. You must know that if Lolita is still in charge of the Dumen family, if McGrady forcibly possesses it, the influence will be very bad.

But once Lolita is no longer the head of the Dumen family, everything will be easier.


On the other side, the Dumen family.

In the hall, Lolita was sitting there with no expression on her delicate face, and a bit of shame in her eyes.

Laona was standing beside her with a look of anger and shock.

“Too disgusting!”

Finally, Laura couldn’t help but said: “This Master McGrady, how can this be?” Just now, Lolita told Laona about her previous experience.

Although Lorna was a little bit mean, she grew up watching Lolita when she was a child, so in Lolita’s heart, she regarded her as half of her relatives. Grandpa is no longer there, so she can only tell Lolita.

Lolita was also very irritable when she heard Lona’s words.

At this moment, Laona thought of something and continued: “By the way, the lady just said that the group who saved you was sent by Darryl?”


Lolita nodded, bit her lip and said: “Lona, do you think I misunderstood Darryl? Grandpa was not killed by him, he was really framed?”

Hearing this, Laona was stunned, and then shook her head: “Miss, what do you think? At the funeral of the old man, Darryl was the murderer. The evidence is solid.

As she said, Laona analyzed: “I think this Darryl wants to send someone to protect you secretly. It must have ulterior motives. You must know that the bandit leader of Giant Bear Mountain is called Oushan, and Darryl belongs to him. Boss, can he be a good person?”

Laona is gossip, and the various rumors of Pearl City are clear, of course she knows Okuyama.

In Laona’s heart, she has always looked down on Darryl, knowing the situation at this time, and will not help Darryl to speak.


Hearing Laona’s analysis, Lolita took a deep breath, her eyebrows furrowed, and her heart became even more upset.


At this moment, suddenly there was a noise outside, very noisy.

Laona shouted outside: “What’s the matter? What’s the noise outside? I wonder if Miss is in a bad mood today?” She said she was going out to have a look.

However, before going out, I saw a man rushing in in a panic: “Miss, the lady is not good, Master McGrady brought many people in.”


Lolita shivered, and she was very embarrassed.

This McGrady is too much. If he doesn’t marry him, he will bring people to make trouble?

Thinking about it, Lolita walked out quickly, and Lona followed closely.


When she got outside, Lolita couldn’t help taking a breath of air when she saw the scene in front of her.

I saw that in the open space outside the hall, there were more than one hundred guards gathered, each holding a big sword, aggressively, and in front of these guards, McGrady had a leisurely look.

But the members of the Dumen family stood far away one by one, not daring to approach them at all.

Since the death of Father Dumen, the influence of the Dumen family in Pearl City has not been as good as each day, so it is natural that they cannot compete with the McWee family.


Finally, Lolita reacted, took a step forward, and shouted at McGrady: “You brought so many people to my family, what do you want to do?”

McGrady smiled slightly and said word by word: “What are you doing? You colluded with the bandits of Giant Bear Mountain and attacked me by the sea, and you asked me why?”

“Lolita, I like you so much, but you followed me.”

“City Lord Seth is dead, the entire Pearl City is ruled by the Goddess of Light, and I work under the goddess, and I will never tolerate the bandits rampaging in Pearl City, Lolita, even if I like you again, I cannot condone you and the bandits. Collusion.”

When he said this, McGrady’s face was righteous, but his eyes flashed sinister.

McGrady knew that if Lolita said anything about tonight, it would definitely damage his reputation, so he decided to sue the wicked first.


At this moment, everyone in the Dumen family around them was in an uproar.

“Miss colluded with the bandits?”


“Is there such a thing?”

Listening to the surrounding discussion, Lolita’s angry body trembled.

In the next second, Lolita shouted at Maddie: “Meddie, you don’t talk nonsense. You know the truth better than anyone else.”

At this time, Lolita wanted to tell the truth about the beach, but if she said it, her innocence would be ruined.

But in any case, McGrady cannot be allowed to reverse right from wrong.

“Ha ha!”

Facing Lolita’s scolding, McGrady didn’t panic, and chuckled: “I’m talking nonsense? The bandits from the Giant Bear Mountain sent you back to the family. Many people have seen it.”

“You said you didn’t collude with them, so why did they send you back?”


At this moment, the eyes of the audience suddenly gathered on Lolita.

“I…” Lolita flushed and didn’t know how to answer.

At this time, Lolita wanted to say that the Aoshan gang were sent by Darryl, but after another thought, if Darryl was involved, it would be even more unclear. After all, Darryl was previously recognized as the real culprit who killed Grandpa.

Seeing Lolita speechless, McGrady was even more proud: “Lolita, I believe you were confused for a while and only walked with the bandits, but having said that, you can no longer continue to do this. Be the head of the Dumen family.”

When the voice fell, everyone in the Dumen family around was also talking about it.

“I didn’t expect that the young lady would collude with the bandits.”

“Oh, what a misfortune for our family…”

“Master McGrady is right. How can the young lady’s behavior be qualified to manage the family?”

None of the Dumen family present at the scene doubted McGrady’s words. After all, many people had seen Okuyama sent Lolita back before.

Facing the situation in front of her, Lolita’s body trembled, almost fainting.

This McGrady, actually forced himself to abandon the inheritance of the family? It’s too insidious and despicable.

Chapter 1759


Angrily, Lolita stared at McGrady, and shouted: “I don’t care what your purpose is. This is the Dumen family. Whether I am qualified to be the heir, it is not your turn to say.”

“Furthermore, after Grandpa’s death, I am the only heir. This is also Grandpa’s last wish. If I don’t become the heir, who else can I have?”

When she said this, Lolita’s beautiful face was full of determination.

For a while, the audience was silent.

Many members of the Dumen family nodded subconsciously.

Yes, the young lady is in charge of the family. It is the decision of the old man. If she does not inherit, who else is eligible?


Just as everyone was muttering secretly, suddenly, a low voice sounded, and immediately after that, a man was seen walking out of the crowd.

With a sinister complexion and a bit of treacherousness, it was Du Leng.


At this moment, the entire Dumen family suddenly exploded.

“Second Young Master?”

“The Second Young Master is back?”


After Du Leng escaped from Pearl City five years ago, his whereabouts have been unknown since then. Everyone thought that he died outside, but he did not expect that he would come back.

Lolita also trembled, her delicate face was full of astonishment.

But soon, Lolita calmed down.

It’s no wonder that McGrady is so confident that he wants to force himself to give up the position of heir. It turns out that he brought his second uncle.

“Du Leng!”

Finally, Lolita reacted, unable to conceal her inner disgust, and said to Du Leng: “Do you still have the face to come back?” Du Leng hooked up with the city lord’s woman, losing the face of the family, and almost tired the family. From then on, Lolita no longer tolerated this second uncle.

Du Leng smiled treacherously, took two steps forward, and retorted: “Lolita, you were ignorant and disrespectful when you were young. I don’t care about you. Now that you are so big, you are still so rude?”

After speaking, Du Leng looked around and continued: “I did make a mistake back then, but I was punished due to it. Besides, you can collude with mountain bandits, and I, because of women, cannot answer. Family?”


Hearing this, Lolita’s heart was ups and downs, she was so angry, but she had nothing to refute.


At this time, under McGrady’s secret gesture, Dumen shouted at the surroundings: “The so-called growth and order, after the death of the old man, the person who is most qualified to manage the family is me. From now on, I am the new patriarch of the Dumen family. , Does anyone have an opinion?”

While talking, Dumen pleased to look at McGrady, feeling indescribably excited.


This McGrady’s plan is really wonderful, using Lolita’s collusion with the bandits as an excuse to allow herself to return to the family smoothly. If it weren’t for McGrady, I really didn’t know what to do.


At this moment, everyone in the surrounding Dumen family looked at each other, looking at Du Leng one by one, showing complexity.

Although it was wrong for the young lady to collude with the bandits, she managed the family business recently, and this Du Leng, who is ignorant and inexperienced, can leave the family to him?

“Du Leng!”

At this moment, Laona, who was next to him, couldn’t help it, and pointed at Du Leng and shouted: “Miss took over the family. It was the father’s decision. Why do you want to take it away?”

Although Laona was mean, she was wholeheartedly towards Lolita. Seeing that Du Leng was going to be against Lolita at this time, she couldn’t help it.


Du Leng’s face sank, no nonsense, rushed over and slapped Laona’s face with a slap.

“A person who dares to yell at me with little feet, looking for death!” Du Leng said coldly, raising his hand again, slap after slap on Laona’s face.

Laura was beaten up and wanted to struggle, but was shackled by several of McGrady’s guards.

“Du Leng, don’t go too far, stop, stop.” Lolita was furious and wanted to rush over, but was stopped by McGrady’s guards.


The crisp slap in the face kept ringing, and everyone in the Dumen family around was shocked.

Not knowing how many slaps she slapped, she saw that Laona’s mouth was swollen and she was completely speechless.

At this moment, Du Leng looked around and said coldly: “Who else has any opinions?”

When the voice fell, everyone around looked at each other and responded.

“Your patriarch!”

“Meet the new patriarch!”

At this moment, everyone in the Dumen family present all acknowledged the facts of Chief Du Leng.

To be honest, many people know that Du Leng has no ability to be a patriarch, but there is no way, he is backed by McGrady, who dares to make a strong point.


Seeing this scene, Lolita was desperate.

She didn’t expect that at this critical moment, there was no one to help herself except Lona. These are all from their own people.


At this time, McGrady walked over and sneered at Du: “Congratulations, I believe that the Dumen family, under your leadership, Du Leng’s second uncle, will definitely carry forward.”

“Master McGrady is polite!” Du Leng said with a humble expression: “Without your help, how can I sit as the patriarch?”

McGrady looked useful, and then smiled and said: “Second Uncle Du Leng, our two families are originally family friends, I want to marry Lolita as my wife, I believe you will not object to it.”

When he said this, McGrady smiled wickedly.

The purpose of helping Du Leng become the patriarch is to get Lolita more easily. Now that the plan is half successful, can you be unhappy?

Du Leng is a wise man, and immediately laughed and said, “Our two families will k!ss each other. This is a great thing. How could I refuse?”

As he said, Du Leng turned his head to look at Lolita, pretending to say: “Lolita, Master McGrady doesn’t care about your collusion with the bandits, but also marries you as your wife. This is the blessing you have cultivated over the years, and it is also ours. The honor of the family, so this marriage, I agree.”

“Do not..”

At this moment, Lolita’s body trembled, and her beautiful face was full of rejection: “I will not marry him, nor will I marry him if I die.”

At this time Lolita finally understood that all that McGrady did was to get herself, this man was so sinister and despicable that he could never let him do what he wanted.

“shut up!”

Du Leng’s face sank, and he scolded in the tone of an elder: “I am your second uncle or patriarch, and I have the right to determine your life’s happiness. If you don’t agree, you have to agree!”

As he said, Dumen waved his hand: “Come here, lock up the young lady and take care of her!”

“Yes!” Several servants came over and forcibly dragged Lolita away.

At this time, Lolita was extremely desperate, and tears kept lingering.

Why is my life so miserable, my grandfather is gone, he didn’t protect the family well, and finally he was bullied by Maddie…

“Master McGrady!”

Seeing Lolita being taken down, Du Leng smiled and said to McGrady in kindness: “What to do with the wedding, you decide.”


At this time, McGrady was in a good mood, nodded and said: “When the ceremony is over, Lolita and I will have another wedding.”

“Haha, then do what Master McGrady said.”


At this moment, the other side.

Golden Lion King City, in the manor of Xibo.

In the basement, after a lot of rain, the medicine in An Qi’s body finally dissipated, and she fell aside and fell asleep.

Darryl sat beside him with a sad expression on his face.

Having just enjoyed An Qi’s gentleness, Darryl didn’t feel the slightest joy in his heart, but was extremely anxious and uneasy.

How to do?

An Qi is the queen’s younger sister, but she is possessed by herself. If she let the queen know, she will definitely not spare herself lightly.

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Chapter 1760


Just when Darryl was flustered, he saw An Qi Youyou wake up.

At this time, An Qi still had a trace of blush on her delicate face, but looking at Darryl’s gaze, there was a bit of anger, shyness, and deep complexity.

To be honest, during this time of contact, An Qi admired Darryl very much.

Darryl Tao not only knows a lot of interesting things, but also beastly speaking. A few days ago he slipped out of the palace and met a giant dragon. Darryl Tao saved his life. After that, Darryl Tao bet with the envoy of the Principality of Sun. In the Golden Lion competition, it saved the face of the Golden Lion Principality.

But An Qi didn’t expect that she would have a cloud and rain with Darryl Tao…

“His Royal Highness An Qi…”

Seeing An Qi’s expression, Darryl felt even more flustered, and couldn’t help but said: “That…what happened just now…I…” Under his anxiety, Darryl’s words trembled.

At the same time, Darryl’s gaze couldn’t help but look at An Qi in front of him.

I have to say that this An Qi is really beautiful, this figure and appearance are simply perfect, especially thinking of the situation just now, Darryl’s heart is even more ups and downs, and he can’t calm down for a long time.

Feeling Darryl’s gaze, An Qi’s face turned red all of a sudden, and then wailed: “Darryl Tao, you…you close your eyes for me.”

When she said this, An Qi was indescribably ashamed.

She is the queen’s sister, her status is respectful, and she is glamorous, but just now, she was taken by Darryl Tao. What should I do in the future?

“Okay, okay…” Darryl reacted and quickly closed his eyes.

At this time, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, this An Qi didn’t make any crazy moves.

An Qi was not talking, she put on her clothes in silence.

Listening to the sound of rustling clothes, Darryl did not open his eyes, but stood by the side and closed his eyes tightly.

For a while, the atmosphere in the basement was somewhat depressing, and at the same time it revealed some subtleties.


Finally, An Qi finished her makeup, her eyes fell on Darryl, and she bit her lip and said: “What happened today, let’s treat it as if it didn’t happen. If you let me know, if you go out and talk nonsense, I won’t be able to forgive you. .”

As the queen sister, she has an improper relationship with the guards. If this matter is spread out, not only will her innocence be impaired, but her sister’s throne will also be affected.

To be honest, An Qi wanted to kill Darryl, but she knew that she was Darryl’s opponent? Even if the guards were called outside, it was of no avail.

More importantly, he had saved his life.

Feeling An Qi’s complexity, Darryl nodded seriously: “Your Highness An Qi, don’t worry, I will never say anything about it.”


Hearing this, An Qi nodded, said nothing, and left the basement.

After An Qi left, Darryl quickly counted the precious herbs in the basement, picked some from the inside to prepare for emergencies, and let the guards outside all be transported to the palace.

Returning to the rest of the palace, Darryl took out the Thousand Change Exquisite Box once again.


However, what made Darryl depressed was that no matter how he tried, he still couldn’t open it.

Looking at the situation, this thing really only the queen can open.

Thinking about it, Darryl gave up temporarily and decided to make plans after arriving at Pearl City.

After tossing for most of the night, Darryl was very tired, and soon fell asleep.

Perhaps the next day I was going to Pearl City, I could see Yan Hong and Miao Ying, and Darryl slept very sweetly with this sleep.

Early the next morning, Darryl was summoned by the queen.

Soon, when I arrived at the queen’s palace, I saw the queen in a gorgeous robe, showing her beauty and s3xiness, her body was still filled with noble and majestic temperament, the queen seemed to be in a good mood, with a smile on her face, and she was indescribably charming.

However, Darryl at this time was up and down in his heart.

What happened yesterday, I don’t know if An Qi told the queen.


Seeing Darryl coming in, the queen smiled, her eyes could not hide her approval: “I heard that you checked Xibo’s home yesterday, and it went smoothly, not bad.”

“Thank you for the Queen’s compliment.” Darryl quickly responded: “If your majesty confessed, your subordinates should only try to do their best.”

When talking about this, Darryl exhaled secretly. Fortunately, looking at the situation, the queen did not know the relationship between himself and An Qi.

Hearing this, the queen was very happy and nodded and said: “It is a great honor for my Golden Lion Principality to have a loyal person like you, Darryl Tao, when I finish participating in the Holy Light Hall, I will give you an official title.”

The queen at this time completely regarded Darryl as a confidant.

“Thank you, Your Majesty the Queen.” Darryl saluted and looked very grateful, but his heart was extremely calm.

If nothing else, I went to Pearl City to meet Yan Hong this time, I’m afraid I won’t be back again.

But these words, Darryl would naturally not tell the queen.


At this time, the queen thought of something, and her delicate face was a little worried: “You were working in the Duchy of Sun before, and I heard that you were made earl by the king of Duchy of Sun. Now, you are a member of the Principality of the Golden Lion. , This time I go to Pearl City to participate in the Holy Light Hall, and I will inevitably encounter people from the Duchy of Sun…”

As he said, the queen pondered: “In order to avoid some trouble, you can stay in the royal city.”

When she said this, the queen looked serious.


Hearing this, Darryl’s heart trembled, and he was immediately stunned. Finally, there was news of Miaoying and Yanhong, and the second half of the sacred book was also in his hands.

When you arrive at Pearl City and get the second half of the Jade Book of the Holy Book, you can leave this different world. In this case, how can you continue to stay in the Golden Lion Principality?

Thinking of this, Darryl hurriedly said: “In fact, your Majesty doesn’t need to worry. When I dress up for a while, people from other principalities won’t recognize me.”

As he said, Darryl looked sincere: “Your Majesty leaves the King City and goes to Pearl City. There must be many crises lurking along the way. Your Majesty’s safety is important. How can I stay?”

The words are full of emotion, which makes people unable to refute.

The queen also nodded approvingly: “It’s rare that you have this kind of heart. Okay, just do what you said.”


Seeing the queen’s promise, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, so dangerous, he almost couldn’t leave.

A few minutes later, Darryl dressed himself up, his skin darkened a little, and his beard was glued on, and he was completely different from before. Not only that, but even his temperament changed.

Darryl learned these makeup skills from He Cynthia. When Cynthia joined the Thousand Faces, what she was best at was makeup.

The queen was surprised when she saw it, and at the same time she admired Darryl even more.

Ten minutes later, Darryl led thousands of elites and escorted the queen, leaving the royal city in a mighty manner, towards the direction of Pearl City.


On the other side, Pearl City, Dumen Family Manor.

In a room behind the garden, Lolita was sitting in it, sad and her eyes red.

I saw that the outside of the door was locked, not only that, but there were also a few guards.

Last night, Du Leng locked Lolita here after taking away the position of the patriarch.

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