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Chapter 1801

Depressed, Darryl thought of Juan Hong.

D*mn, I seem to have been cheated.

At this time, Darryl faintly understood that Juanhong wanted to deliver the precious fruits by herself at that time, and said that this was a beautiful job, and it was all a lie. She had known for a long time that this batch of precious fruits could not meet the satisfaction of Hua Zhao’s mother and was afraid of being Punishment, so let him send it.

Knowing this, Darryl was very angry.

Unexpectedly, those fairies in Juanhong, who looked beautiful and kind, would also deceive people.


At this moment, Linglong walked over and said coldly at Darryl: “Go out with me and accept the punishment.” Her tone was cold and there was no even the slightest sympathy in her eyes.

This Guo servant named Darryl did not take good care of Zhen Guo and was punished by the empress. It was completely deserved.

How to do?

Facing the situation in front of him, Darryl looked bitter, and his heart was like an ant on a hot pot, anxious.

Do you want to resist?

But here is the realm of God, Linglong in front of her is also much stronger than herself. If you really want to resist, I’m afraid the situation will be even worse.

But if you don’t resist, you will be punished by Tianlei.

“Your Majesty is here!”

Just when Darryl was anxious, a shout suddenly came from outside, and immediately afterwards, he saw a man, surrounded by several maids, slowly walked into the Nuanxin Pavilion.

His Majesty?

At this moment, Darryl was stunned.

Is it the Nine Heavens God?

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help but look at this man, and saw that he was wearing a golden robe, facing kindness, but showing an aura of innocence and prestige, and the aura that filled his body was even more unfathomable.

It is the Nine Heavens God.

“Your Majesty!”

Seeing Nine Heavens God, Empress Hua Zhao quickly got up, showing a charming smile, and said softly: “Why did you come to me suddenly?”

Empress Hua Zhao and Jiutian God are very affectionate. Seeing Jiutian God appear at this time, she couldn’t take care of Darryl for a while, and she forgot to punish her.

“See your Majesty!” At this time, Linglong and the maids around them saluted one after another, one by one, very respectful.

Darryl also hurriedly lowered his head, facing the powerful strength of the Nine Heavens God, he almost didn’t dare to show up.

At the same time, Darryl was also secretly shocked.

Worthy of being the ruler of God’s Domain, the strength of these nine-day gods is really too strong.

“Ha ha…”

Faced with the gentleness of Empress Hua Zhao, God of Nine Heavens laughed: “I heard that the precious fruits in Lingguo Garden are mature and have been delivered to you, so I will come and taste them.”

When mentioning the precious fruit, Empress Hua Zhao frowned and said unhappily: “This time the precious fruit is not as good as the last one.”

With that, Empress Hua Zhao glanced at Darryl.


Seeing this situation, Darryl’s heart hung again.

If the God of Nine Heavens ate the precious fruits and felt unsatisfied, wouldn’t his fate be even worse?

At this time, Linglong jumped a precious fruit and presented it to Nine Heavens God.

The God of Nine Heavens took a sip, revealed a slight smile, and smiled at Empress Hua Zhao: “It’s okay, the flesh is fragrant, the spirit is abundant, it’s not as unbearable as you said.

Hearing this, Empress Hua Zhao smiled lightly: “You, you are too forgiving. Forget it, this fruit servant won’t punish you.”


At this moment, the stone hanging in Darryl’s heart fell to the ground in an instant.

Fortunately, fortunately, this nine-day god is not that harsh.

At this time, Linglong said to Darryl: “Don’t hurry up, thank you Majesty and Niang Niang?”

“Thank you, Your Majesty and Niang Niang.” Darryl didn’t hesitate, and quickly expressed gratitude.

While saying this, Darryl exhaled secretly, now he can finally leave.

The God of Nine Heavens raised his hand and motioned for the exemption.

At this time, Darryl was ready to ask for instructions and quit the Nuanxin Pavilion.

“Report to your Majesty!”

However, before Darryl could speak, he saw a maid outside the door respectfully saying: “Fu Zhen, Secretary of Supervision, is asking for a meeting in front of him.

Fu Zhen?

Upon hearing this, Empress Hua Zhao looked curious, and asked Nine Heavens God: “What is he here for?”

Nine Heavens God smiled: “I heard yesterday that one of the portals in the area under Fu Zhen’s jurisdiction was shaking, so I summoned him to ask about the situation.”

With that said, God of Nine Heavens said to the outside: “Let him come in.”

D*mn it!

Seeing this scene, Darryl’s expression changed and he became nervous in an instant.

I did the portal thing. When Fu Zhen came in, wouldn’t his identity be exposed?

At this moment, Darryl wanted to find a place to hide, but the Nine Heavens God and Empress Hua Zhao were there, and there was no way to hide.

At this time, a figure slowly walked in. A cyan gown with extraordinary temperament.

It is Fu Zhen.

Puff through.

When he arrived, Fu Zhen respectfully knelt down and said respectfully to the Nine Heavens: “Fu Zhen, see your Majesty.”

The God of Nine Heavens looked solemn and asked: “Fu Zhen, the portal under your jurisdiction was shaken yesterday. What is going on?”


Hearing the question, Fu Zhen was inexplicably horrified, and said cautiously: “The portal business is…”

As he was talking, Fu Zhen’s eyes fell on Darryl, and his entire body was stunned.

Why is this kid here?

At this time, Fu Zhen’s brain was buzzing and he was suddenly confused.

What is the identity of this kid? How could it be in Empress’s Heart-warming Pavilion?

He clearly saw that Darryl was wearing a long gown, gentle and elegant, completely changed from his embarrassed appearance yesterday. Not only that, Fu Zhen clearly felt that Yuan Ying was also condensed in Darryl’s body.

Aware of this, Fu Zhen became even more confused.

“Fu Zhen?” Seeing Fu Zhen stunned there, God of Nine Heavens frowned: “Why don’t you speak?”

Fu Zhen’s heart trembled and quickly said, “My Majesty, there were some problems with the portal yesterday, but I have already repaired it.”

When he said this, Fu Zhen glanced at Darryl subconsciously.

At this time, Fu Zhen, because he was not sure of Darryl’s identity, did not dare to tell the truth. After all, he took care of the portal, and once a problem occurred, the blame would not escape.


Darryl was nervous at first, but at this moment, seeing Fu Zhen’s answer like this, he suddenly laughed in his heart.

This Fu Zhen is really interesting. Seeing me here and not knowing the situation, I dare not tell the truth about yesterday.

But that’s okay, you don’t have to be afraid of revealing your identity.


At this time, Jiutian God nodded: “Since it’s okay, it’s the best!”

As he said, God Jiutian glanced at Darryl: “Fu Zhen, you have been watching him, do you know him?”


When the voice fell, whether it was Empress Hua Zhao or Linglong and others, all eyes focused on Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen’s body trembled, and his whole body was stunned.

This… how should I answer?

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help but said: “Dodge, Your Excellency Fu Zhen and I have had a few fate, we are friends.”

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to interrupt, but he was afraid that Fu Zhen would be nervous and could not help Fu Zhen tell a lie.

Chapter 1802


Hearing this, neither the Nine Heavens God nor the Hua Zhao Empress was stunned.

At the same time, Fu Zhen’s heart was shocked, his eyes were closely watching Darryl, revealing a bit of complexity and doubt.

What is this guy doing?

“Fu Zhen!”

Finally, Jiutian God reacted and looked at Fu Zhen and asked, “Is what he said is true?”


Fu Zhen scratched his head, pondered, and nodded, “Yes, your Majesty.” He said. Fu Zhen wanted to deny it very much, but if he denied it, it would be impossible to hide things about the portal. When your majesty knows the truth, he will definitely punish himself.

Seeing his confession, Nine Heavens God nodded silently, and then looked at Darryl with interest: “A little Lingguo Garden fruit servant turned out to be Fu Zhen’s friend.”

When I said this, Nine Heavens God’s tone revealed a bit of exclamation.

You know, in the entire God Realm, there are a total of seven supervising divisions, and among these seven supervising divisions, Fu Zhen’s talent is firmly in the first place, and Fu Zhen is the supervising division. Although his status is not high, he has an aloof personality and few people can be regarded as his friends.

At this time, Darryl, who was a fruit servant, said that he was a friend of Fu Zhen, which made Jiu Tian God very curious.

Feeling the gaze of Nine Heavens God, Darryl quickly said: “It is my honor to be regarded as a friend by Your Excellency Fu Zhen.”


At this moment, Fu Zhen also slowed down. Frowning at Darryl.

This…this guy is the fruit servant of Lingguoyuan?

I thought that if he could appear in Empress Hua Zhao’s Heart-warming Pavilion, what kind of identity he would have. After a long time, he was just a fruit servant.

Muttering in his heart, Fu Zhen was very annoyed, and he felt like being played invisibly.


At this time, God of Nine Heavens waved his hands at Darryl and Fu Zhen: “You all get back.”

When the voice fell, Darryl and Fu Zhen hurriedly responded, and then exited the Nuanxin Pavilion.


When he walked out of the Nuanxin Pavilion, Fu Zhen immediately stopped and fixed his eyes on Darryl, unable to conceal his anger and coldness: “Who are you?”

When I saw him for the first time, this guy was urging the portal. At that time, he had no primordial spirit. He was obviously a human being. When I saw him again, he not only had the primordial spirit, but also became the Lingguo Garden. The fruit servant.

some of. There must be hidden feelings.


Feeling Fu Zhen’s hostility, Darryl took a deep breath and said with a smile: “Your Excellency Fu Zhen, we are friends, why do you interrogate me like a prisoner?”

“Stop talking nonsense with me!”

Fu Zhen scolded, saying every word: “You can lie to your majesty and empress, but you can’t lie to me. You are not the fruit servant of Lingguo Garden at all, and the soul of your body is also very strange. If I guess correctly , You secretly ate the precious fruit to have the soul, right?”

“You are a bold human being who enters the realm of God without authorization and steals precious fruits. You are so bold and bold that you can’t be blamed.”

Some words, righteous words.

At this time, Fu Zhen became more annoyed the more he thought about it, and wanted to kill Darryl immediately, but when he thought that this was Yuyao Immortal Garden, the place where the Huazhao Empress was, he forcibly held back it.


Heard this. Darryl didn’t panic at all, but rather suffocated his fire, coldly retorted: “Fu Zhen, you don’t follow me in this way. If it weren’t for you to chase yesterday, I wouldn’t escape into Lingguo Garden. I don’t pretend to be a fruit servant to give her a precious fruit. Speaking of which, it’s all due to you.”

When he said this, Darryl was very excited.

Speaking of. Yesterday, I opened the portal, and I was completely able to leave. As a result, this Fu Zhen suddenly appeared and closed the portal. He stayed in God’s Domain and was unable to return to the Nine Provinces. Now, this Fu Zhen still speaks righteously. It looks like, this matter will be very hot for whoever it is.


Facing Darryl’s retort, Fu Zhen’s face flushed, and he was speechless for a while.

At this time, Darryl took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and continued: “You are the supervisor of the formation. You are responsible for the transmission of the formation. Then, you should know the Nine Heavens Saintess who is in charge of communicating with the Jiuzhou Continent, right?”

Fu Zhen was stunned, then frowned: “What do you want to say?”

Darryl took a deep breath. Slowly said: “Do you know that the Xuantian Great Formation in the Nine Provinces Continent was destroyed ten years ago, and the instigator is the Pluto of the Underworld. That Pluto is ambitious and wants to rule the Nine Provinces.”

“In order to realize his ambition, Pluto almost controlled the Nine Heavens Saintess…”

“And you, as the Superintendent, are responsible for contacting the Nine Heavens Saintess. You don’t even know about these things. You said to yourself, are you negligent? If these things, let Nine Heavens God know, will you be punished? ?”


At this moment, Fu Zhen stayed there. His mind was buzzing, and his heart was also inexplicably panic.

Is the matter in the Kyushu Continent and the Underworld so serious?

To be honest, Fu Zhen knew about the destruction of the Xuantian Array at the beginning, but he has not reported it to the God of Nine Heavens, because in the heart of God of the Nine Heavens, human beings are just like ants. The Xuantian Array was destroyed and the Divine Realm was lost. To connect with the human world. It is nothing at all.

In this case, Fu Zhen chose to conceal.

But he never expected that the destruction of the Xuantian Great Formation was actually related to the Pluto of the Underworld.

After froze for more than ten seconds, Fu Zhen looked at Darryl closely: “Then what’s the situation now?”

Darryl chuckled: “The situation is not so serious now. The Pluto has been absorbed by the power and no longer exists. At this time, the underworld is in a state of no master. As for the Jiuzhou Continent, I have been away for a few months. How is the situation now? do not know either…”


Hearing this, Fu Zhen’s expression eased a lot, and he muttered to himself: “However, there is no master in the underworld. This matter cannot be delayed. You must report it to your majesty as soon as possible.”

“Now that you know that you are in a hurry?” Darryl laughed dumbly and couldn’t help but mockingly said: “The Xuantian Great Formation has been destroyed for more than ten years, so long, are you going to report it now?”

Facing Darryl’s mockery, Fu Zhen was not angry, smiled, and began to explain.

It turns out that the time in God’s Domain is different from the time in the human world. Spend a day in God’s Domain. It is equivalent to one month in the human world, so counting down, ten years in the human world is also equivalent to a few months in God’s Domain.

D*mn it!

Understanding these moments, Darryl was stunned.

A day in God’s Domain. Is it equivalent to a month in the human world? Then I have been here for two days, isn’t it two months since the world of Kyushu?

No, you have to go back quickly.


Just as Darryl muttered secretly, Fu Zhen showed a slight smile and gently said: “I chased you yesterday. I’m sorry, thank you for telling me about the Jiuzhou Continent.”

“I need to consider these things carefully, and then report them to your majesty. We will have a period later!”

After the words fell, Fu Zhen turned around and walked away, disappearing into Darryl’s sight in the blink of an eye.

Chapter 1803

D*mn it!

Watching Fu Zhen leave, Darryl was stunned, wanting to cry without tears.

This Fu Zhen is too unreliable to do things, what should I do if you leave?

Darryl was not a Guo servant at all, it was impossible to return to Lingguo Garden.

Forget it, Fu Zhen is gone, think of a way to get out of here.

Making up his mind, Darryl walked forward.

However, after walking for a while, Darryl was depressed, he only felt that his head was big.


The Yuyao Immortal Garden of Empress Hua Zhao is too big!

Darryl was very depressed to see. There are countless Qionglou Yuyus in front of you, and there are corridors everywhere, like a huge maze, not only that, you can meet the patrolling gods and soldiers without taking a few steps.

And what made Darryl even more depressed was that in the sky above his head, a barrier was also deployed, just like the barrier of the Lingguo Garden, but with stronger power, that is to say, Darryl couldn’t fly at all.

If you want to leave Xiyuyao Xianyuan, you must go out.


Seeing this, Darryl wanted to cry without tears. This is how to do?

While depressed, Darryl walked around randomly. However, he was not familiar with the environment here, and after walking for long, Darryl only felt dizzy and completely lost.


I don’t know how long he walked, when Darryl came to a separate courtyard, he heard the laughter of women coming from inside.

Hearing the sound of laughter, Darryl’s heart was shocked. There should be a maid playing inside, who hadn’t found a way out after walking for a long time. It’s better to go in and ask.

Thinking about it, Darryl walked in without hesitation.


As a result, as soon as he walked into the small courtyard, Darryl’s expression was taken aback, and he took a breath of air-conditioning!

I saw that in the small courtyard, there was a pond with a dozen maids waiting around, and in the pond, a graceful and charming figure was bathing in it.

This woman is very beautiful, especially her perfect figure, which reminds Darryl of two verses in an instant: go for carvings naturally, and hibiscus comes out of clear water.


For a moment, Darryl was almost dumbfounded, and couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that the beauty who was bathing was the youngest daughter of Nine Heavens God, Princess Sally.

Just when Darryl watched mesmerizingly, the maids around him. They were all taken aback and exclaimed in exclamation!


“So bold, dare to break into the place where the princess rests?”

What? princess?

The tender drink of a dozen or so maids came, and Darryl reacted instantly, astonished in his heart.

Is the princess bathing in the pond? Nine Heavens Daughter of God?


Just when Darryl was stunned, Princess Sally also saw Darryl and couldn’t help but scream, her beautiful face flushed extremely.

Princess Sally was ashamed and angry. She raised her jade arm and pointed at Darryl, her tone trembling: “Bold slave, dare to watch this princess take a shower?”

The man in front of him looks handsome, but he is so nasty. Moreover, looking at his dress, he is not from Yuyao Xianyuan. Maybe he sneaked in. At this moment, he even peeked at himself while taking a shower. The presumptuousness is simply lawless.


Seeing Princess Sally’s anger, Darryl calmed down and opened his mouth to explain.

however. Princess Sally didn’t give him a chance to explain at all, and she snorted: “Come on, drag this person down for me, and wait for the death!”


The voice fell, several maids around. Immediately urged the figure to subdue Darryl directly.

At this moment, Darryl wanted to resist, but these maids were too strong to react. He was clicked.

A few minutes later, Darryl was thrown into a five-dragon formation. There was no big prison in Yuyao Xianyuan, but there was a five-dragon formation, which was dedicated to imprisoning the subordinates. The five-dragon formation was a middle-to-high-level formation.


At this time, Darryl looked around, his whole person depressed.

D*mn, I thought that the maid was just playing in the small courtyard, but I didn’t know that it was the princess who was bathing.

No, you must leave here quickly, Darryl muttered in his heart, and sat cross-legged, and began to break through the acupuncture points!

Time passed by every minute.

Unconsciously, a few hours passed.


at last. Darryl rushed open the last acupuncture point, and the whole person let out a sigh of relief, and his mood suddenly became much more relaxed.

Next, Darryl looked around the Five Dragon Array in front of him, preparing to crack it. Darryl at this time. The attainments of the formation technique and skill have reached the highest level, and a five-dragon formation can’t stop him at all.


However, at this time, Darryl’s gaze was attracted by something in the formation. I saw that there were small piles of white powder scattered on the ground within the five dragon formations.

Why do these white powders look familiar?

Darryl muttered in his heart, walked over and grabbed a handful, carefully distinguishing. Suddenly, my heart was extremely excited.

This…this seems to be easy to disperse.

At that time, Darryl was trapped in the Beiying Imperial Palace and met Zhu Bajie by chance, and was subsequently played by Zhu Bajie. At that time, Zhu Bajie used Yi Rong San and pretended to be Hou Yi.

after that. Zhu Bajie gave Darryl the only Yi Rong San he had, and Darryl used it several times, but it was gone.

Darryl originally thought that Yi Rong San’s rare treasure would be difficult to see again in the future, but he never expected that there would be so many in the five dragon formations of Yuyao Xianyuan, and they were scattered randomly like this. On the ground.

It seems. In God’s Domain, things like Yi Rong San were regarded as ordinary things.

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t think too much, and quickly put away these disguise.

correct. You can use Yi Rong San to pretend to be the Nine Heavens God, and then order someone to take yourself out of Yuyao Xianyuan!

I am so smart!

To be honest, Darryl also knew that pretending to be the Nine Heavens God was too risky, but after coming to God’s Domain, the men I met except Fu Zhen were the Nine Heavens God. Fu Zhen was the Superintendent and was not qualified to stay in Yuyao Xianyuan. Therefore, I can only fake nine days of God.

After making up his mind, Darryl did not hesitate at all, took out some Yi Rong San, added water, and slowly wiped it on his face.

Along with the cool feeling, I saw the skin on Darryl’s face changed little by little.

A few minutes later, Darryl’s face had become like a nine-day god.

Haha…you’re done!

Darryl at this time was indescribably delighted. Then he broke through the five dragon formations and walked out directly!


As soon as they got outside, the maids saw Darryl all at once!

“See Your Majesty?”

“Your Majesty…”

In a voice of respect, several maids knelt down and saluted. At this time these maids. I didn’t even notice that the nine-day God in front of me was false.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was so excited that he could not express his ventriloquist, using the tone of Nine Heavens God. Faintly said: “Get up all!”

When saying this, Darryl used his ventriloquist, and for a while, these maids were even more convinced. One by one stood up cautiously.

Chapter 1804

At this moment, a pair of patrolling soldiers came slowly.

“His Majesty!”

When they arrived, seeing Darryl, these magic soldiers knelt down quickly.

Like the maids around, these magic soldiers thought that they were the Nine Heavens God.

Darryl waved his hand. Signaled them to get up, and at the same time ordered: “You don’t need to patrol today, let’s all go down!” There are too many patrol soldiers. In order to ensure that they can leave safely, it is better to remove them all.


Hearing this, these magic soldiers were stunned. This is Yuyao Xianyuan, the forbidden area in God’s Domain, so your Majesty won’t let you patrol?

However, seeing Darryl’s serious look, none of these magic soldiers dared to disobey, and quickly responded. Just stepped back.

For a time, in front of Darryl, there were only a few maids left.


At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath and smiled at several maids: “Okay, I want to go around Yuyao Xianyuan now, you guys can accompany you together.” Remember to read a book for one second htp:/ /m.*.net

With that said, Darryl motioned for a few maids to lead the way.

“Yes. Your Majesty!”

Upon hearing this, several maids responded in unison, and immediately led Darryl to the outside of Yuyao Xianyuan.

In their hearts, it is normal for your Majesty to go out to relax.


I can finally leave here!

At this time, Darryl, with unspeakable excitement in his heart, followed several maids closely.


However, after not taking a few steps, I heard a pleasant sound coming from not far away.

When the voice fell, I saw a slim figure, accompanied by several maids, Shi Shiran came over.

A long pink dress, indescribably elegant and charming, was the Princess Sally who had previously imprisoned Darryl.

D*mn it!

Why did you meet this princess again?

Suddenly seeing Princess Sally, Darryl’s heart was stunned. Tensed instantly.

In the next second, Darryl slowed down. He is now the God of Nine Heavens, what is he afraid of?

Muttering in his heart, the corner of Darryl’s mouth turned up, smiling as she watched Princess Sally approaching!

Speaking of it, Darryl’s face was calm at this time, but there were still some turbulences in his heart. Although he used Yi Rong San, this is a God’s Domain after all.

Soon, Princess Sally arrived and smiled slightly: “Father, I just heard that you came to taste the precious fruits. I thought you were gone. I didn’t expect you to be there!”

While speaking, Princess Sally couldn’t help but glance at the five dragon formations not far away!

The Five Dragon Array is a place to punish people. Whoever made a mistake was locked into the Five Dragon Formation. How could the father appear here?


Perceiving Princess Sally’s gaze, Darryl instantly became nervous.

Fcuk, own disguise. Wouldn’t she see through it?

Thinking about it, Darryl sighed and said to Princess Sally: “There is nothing wrong with today, I will stay here for a while. By the way, I just heard that you locked a person from Lingguoyuan in In the Five Dragons Formation?”

At this time, Darryl didn’t know his identity, whether it was seen through by Princess Sally, but he knew that he could take the initiative by raising this topic on his own initiative.


Princess Sally nodded, very ashamed: “It turns out that that person is from Lingguo Garden. There is really no rules at all.”

Speaking of Darryl, Princess Sally was not angry, but. He took a peek at his bathing, Princess Sally was embarrassed to say it.

Hearing this, Darryl knew his disguise. Not seen through. Otherwise, she wouldn’t answer her own questions, and she was relieved immediately.

In the next second, Darryl cleared his throat and said seriously to Princess Sally: “As a princess, you can’t be too arrogant. That fruit servant is called Darryl, very talented. You can’t treat it as an ordinary person, you know. ?”


Upon hearing this, Princess Sally was very unconvinced: “Father, even if Darryl has talent, he is just a fruit servant, why are you helping him speak?”

When she said this, Princess Sally was very puzzled.

What happened to the emperor today? He even took the initiative to mention a fruit servant. You must know that the father and the emperor usually don’t care about these servants at all.

Darryl’s face sank, and he said coldly: “You shut up, isn’t Guo Pu a human? I tell you. This Darryl, I plan to reuse it. When you see him in the future, you must be respectful and polite, you know. ?”

When talking about this. Darryl’s face was serious, but his heart was secretly smiling.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, we must reprimand this Princess Sally. Who made her aloof? At the same time, you can indirectly improve your identity. It’s just killing two birds with one stone.


Seeing Darryl getting angry, Princess Sally suddenly became nervous, lowered her head and said softly: “I was wrong.”

Princess Sally was very nervous at this time. She thought that she was just a wretched ba5tard who was taking a peek at her bath today, but she never expected that she would be so appreciated by the emperor.

Darryl stood there with a serious face and did not respond.

Princess Sally panicked completely and quickly said: “Father, I was really wrong. I shouldn’t put him in the Five Dragon Formation. I will let him go.”

Talking. Princess Sally was going to send someone to the Five Dragon Array.

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl was shocked and quickly said: “No need!”

He had already sneaked out, if Princess Sally sent someone to see it. Isn’t it revealing stuff?

“Why?” Princess Sally looked puzzled.

The emperor father in front of me asked me to treat that Darryl politely, and he didn’t let me let him out…

At this time, Darryl’s brain turned quickly. He replied: “Just now, I have asked him to be released. At this moment, Darryl should have returned to Lingguo Garden.”

Anyway, I pretended to be Nine Heavens God, and I am not afraid of nonsense.

Upon hearing this, Princess Sally nodded suddenly.

In the next second, Princess Sally hugged Darryl’s arm with a face of coquettishness: “Father, my daughter is indeed a little arrogant today, so please forgive her!”

While talking, Princess Sally took Darryl and sat on a chair not far away.

Feeling the princess Sally’s charming and lovely appearance, Darryl was not good at accusing him, nodded and said: “Well, don’t do this again next time!”


Seeing that Darryl was no longer angry, Princess Sally smiled, and then knelt in front of Darryl, gently beaten Darryl’s leg, and said to please: “My daughter hasn’t served the emperor father for a long time, let me beat your leg!”

“Yeah!” Darryl nodded, but secretly cried out in his heart.

Haha… The high-ranking Princess Sally actually took the initiative to beat her leg. Such a good thing, I can hardly even think about it. After all, this is the daughter of Nine Heavens God.

While enjoying, Darryl admired Princess Sally.

I have to say that the figure of Princess Sally is really perfect. Especially this coquettish appearance, any man will be unable to extricate himself when he sees it.

Chapter 1805

Enjoyed it happily for a while, Darryl closed it when he was good, and said to Princess Sally: “Okay, I’m going to deal with some things, you just stay here!”

With that, Darryl motioned to the maids in front of him, preparing to leave.

“Father, let me see you off!” Princess Sally quickly stood up and wanted to see him off.

Darryl shook his head: “No, it’s getting late. You rest early!” The voice was not loud, but it was beyond doubt.

Just kidding, I’m a fake God of Nine Heavens, how can I let Princess Sally send it off?

Seeing Darryl’s serious face, Princess Sally was no longer insisting, standing there, watching Darryl leave with a respectful face.


Soon, under the guidance of several maids, Darryl walked out of Yuyao Immortal Garden, and in a short time, the whole person was indescribably relaxed and excited.

D*mn, although the process was a little frightening, it finally succeeded.


Excited, Darryl saw a group of patrolling magic soldiers not far away. Is coming slowly. I saw the one headed, wearing golden armor, holding a purple-gold spear, tall and majestic.

It is the god general who is responsible for guarding Yuyao Xianyuan, Rodolf Gongo!

Seeing Rodolf, Darryl was shocked. What a mess, why did he meet this guy?

When I first came to Yuyao Xianyuan. Darryl had seen Rodolf once, and knew that Rodolf had great powers, and he commanded the entire Yuyao Xianyuan’s sage soldiers, and he was even named a Huntian Saint General by the Nine Heavens God.

Darryl at this time was very speechless.

I thought that if I deceived Princess Sally, I would be able to breathe a sigh of relief, but I never expected that I had just walked out of Yuyao Xianyuan and met Rodolf again.

Panicked, Darryl couldn’t think much, and quickly hid behind the tree next to him.


At this moment, Rodolf led a team of magical soldiers and slowly walked to the door of Yuyao Xianyuan. At this time, it was only a dozen meters away from Darryl, but Darryl was very concealed, so Rodolf The crowd, haven’t found it yet.

Rodolf stood there at this time, seemingly calm. But a little unhappy.

“Holy General!”

At this time, a magic soldier stepped forward to please: “Why do you look unhappy?”

Rodolf took a deep breath and said slowly: “It’s nothing. Before Lingguoyuan sent the precious fruit, but the mother was not satisfied. She just tasted a bite and made people throw away the rest. Thinking about it now, I feel a little bit unfortunately.”

When talking about this, Rodolf’s tone was somewhat dissatisfied.

In Rodolf’s heart, he has been guarding Yuyao Immortal Garden and has been loyal for hundreds of years. There is no credit and hard work. Today I thought that Empress Hua Zhao was not satisfied with this precious fruit, and she could reward herself, but Empress Hua Zhao Throwing all away, this made Rodolf very uncomfortable.

Hearing what Rodolf said, the magic soldier understood his heart and nodded his head. It is a pity: “Yes, no matter how bad those precious fruits are, they are also first-class treasures for us. It’s really a pity that the mother lost it.”

Talking. The magic soldier leaned forward and said mysteriously to Rodolf: “Or, wait for the little one to go to Lingguo Garden, and say that Niang Niang will taste the precious fruit again, when the time comes. I will bring the precious fruit over to the holy general Adults taste it.”

“On the Lingguoyuan side, I definitely don’t dare to ask more, and on the side of the empress, as long as we keep it, there will be no problems.”


Hearing this, Rodolf’s expression changed. He was guilty of a heinous crime to taste the precious fruits in the name of Empress Hua Zhao.

But after thinking about it, this subordinate is also right. As long as you are careful, there will be no problems.

At the thought of tasting the precious fruit, Rodolf’s eyes flashed with a scorching light. Speaking of which, Rodolf has reached a bottleneck in his cultivation over the years. Only by taking the precious fruit can he break through. However, the precious fruit is a tribute to the Nine Heavens and the Empress. Others are not qualified to taste at all.

honestly. Rodolf didn’t intend to do this, but in order to break through the bottleneck, she had to take a risk. More importantly, before, Empress Hua Zhao would rather throw away the precious fruit. Don’t reward him, this matter makes Rodolf very uncomfortable.

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl, who was hiding behind the tree, was also stunned there.

This Rodolf and these magic soldiers are really bold. Those precious fruits are specially provided for Nine Heavens God and Hua Zhao Niang Niang. How dare they make an idea.

However, Darryl didn’t care, only looking forward to Rodolf and these magic soldiers leaving quickly.

“This matter…”

At this time, Rodolf reacted. Take a deep breath: “Be careful…”

As he was talking, a gust of wind blew, Darryl couldn’t hold back any of them, and suddenly sneezed.


Suddenly heard the sneeze, whether it was Rodolf. Those divine soldiers were all startled, and then, one by one, their eyes locked on the tree where Darryl was hiding.

In the next second, Rodolf frowned and shouted angrily: “Who is hiding there? Come out!”

When the voice fell, Rodolf waved his hand, and dozens of magic soldiers suddenly surrounded him.


Seeing this, Darryl knew that he couldn’t hide, as long as he bit his head and walked out.


See Darryl. Rodolf and all the others froze there, one by one panicked and panicked.

His Majesty?

At the same time, Rodolf couldn’t express his doubts.

No, your Majesty tasted the rare fruit before. After chatting with the empress for a while, he left, why, now hiding behind the tree outside Yuyao Xianyuan?

Feeling the shock of Rodolf and the others, Darryl’s expression was indifferent, and there was no sound.

For a while, the atmosphere seemed a bit depressing and subtle.

“His Majesty!”

Finally, Rodolf reacted, swallowing secretly, and cautiously said: “Why are you here?”

Darryl smiled, then his face sank, and used his ventriloquist to imitate the tone of the Nine Heavens God: “You are not brave, plan with your subordinates to secretly taste the precious fruits? Are you convicted!”

When he said this, Darryl looked angry, but his heart was up and down.

It is against common sense to pretend to be the Nine Heavens God and hide behind the tree. In order to avoid Rodolf’s suspicion, he can only make a noise.


At this moment, Rodolf’s body trembled. Kneeling on the ground quickly, with a panic face: “Your Majesty Atonement, my subordinates and I are just talking nonsense, how dare you really taste the precious? I beg your Majesty for mercy.

The voice fell, and dozens of magic soldiers behind him. He also knelt down quickly, sweating profusely one by one.

It’s over, the matter of planning to taste the rare fruit, was known by His Majesty, and this is completely over.


Looking at Rodolf and others, one by one cold sweat. Darryl didn’t change his expression on the surface, but he snickered in his heart.

I just talked casually and scared Rodolf and others like this. But I have to say that with Yi Rong San and ventriloquist, his fake Nine Heavens God is really alike.

Feeling proud, Darryl raised his hand at Rodolf, and said with a smile: “Okay, don’t worry about it. Speaking of it, it’s true that the mother did not think carefully about what happened today. She doesn’t care about those precious fruits. Satisfaction can be rewarded to you, after all, you are so faithful.”

“Get up all, I just assumed that I didn’t hear what you said just now, but let’s not take it as an example, you know?”

After speaking the last sentence, Darryl was warm, and his expression was very relaxed and casual.

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