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Chapter 1806

To be honest, Darryl only intended to scare Rodolf, and didn’t want to punish him in the past. After all, Darryl is just a fake God of Nine Heavens, how can he really punish Rodolf.

Darryl thought it over, first frightened Rodolf, then sent him away, and then took the opportunity to leave.


Rodolf was there, staring at Darryl blankly. For a long time, it will not come to God.

what’s going on? Your Majesty didn’t blame it?

I am not dreaming.

You know, your plan just now has committed a serious crime. Even if your Majesty does not care about Zhen Guo’s affairs, but he is dissatisfied with the Niang Niang, he did not take it seriously. You know, Your Majesty is an incomparable favor to the Niang.

According to common sense, if you show dissatisfaction with the empress, your majesty must be furious, and at this time, not only is your majesty not angry, but also speaks for himself…

For a time, the more Rodolf thought, the more blurred his mind.

Simultaneously. Rodolf also felt that the majesty in front of him seemed to be different from before, a little strange.

Under doubt, Rodolf suddenly had a bold assumption in his mind.

Could it be…

Is the majesty in front of you fake?

As soon as this thought flashed, Rodolf himself was shocked, but thinking about it carefully, it is very possible, you need to know. Just an hour ago, Rodolf personally escorted Nine Heavens God away from Yuyao Xianyuan.

It stands to reason that the Nine Heavens God at this time is no longer in Yuyao Xianyuan, but at this time, His Majesty appears at the door and hides behind a tree… All of this is hard not to make people think too much. .

D*mn it!

Seeing Rodolf staring at him unblinking, his eyes flickered, Darryl’s heart jumped, and suddenly there was a bad idea.

What I am disguised is that I won’t be seen through by this Rodolf, right?

Probably not, that Yi Rong San is unparalleled in the world. Even Princess Sally hadn’t seen it before. How could Rodolf see through?

But no matter what, I have to leave as soon as possible.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl cleared his throat and said lightly to Rodolf: “Okay, nothing else is going on, you can continue patrolling!”

however. Rodolf stood there, not moving at all.

Darryl frowned: “Rodolf, do you have anything else?”

“His Majesty.”

Rodolf’s eyes flickered, with a humble look: “The subordinates have nothing else to do, just want to know where your majesty is going, the subordinates are good escorts!”

While talking, Rodolf looked at Darryl’s expression.

At this time, Rodolf became more and more suspicious that the Majesty in front of him had a problem.

Escort me?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, then shook his head and said: “I want to go around Yuyao Xianyuan, I don’t need your escort!”

After saying this, Darryl turned and left.

At this time, Darryl also realized that Rodolf was suspicious of himself and wanted to slip away quickly.

“Your Majesty, wait a minute!”

However, before taking two steps, he saw Rodolf yelling, and then he urged his figure to block in front of Darryl.


Seeing this situation, Darryl’s heart trembled, and at the same time, he appeared furious on the surface: “Rodolf, are you brave enough to stand in my way?”


At this moment, the surrounding magical soldiers were also dumbfounded. Seeing Rodolf was too anxious.

What happened to the Lord? Are you crazy to stop your majesty’s way?

“His Majesty!”

Facing Darryl’s anger, Rodolf didn’t panic at all, and said slowly: “Your Majesty calms down, and your subordinates dare not stop your Majesty. Just thought of one thing. Three days later, it will be Princess Sally’s birthday. Your Majesty is here. Walking near Yuyao Fairy Garden, are you thinking of preparing gifts for the princess? If it is because of gifts, your subordinates are willing to share the worries for your majesty!”

When talking about this. Rodolf had a sincere face, but his eyes were somewhat cunning.

Three days later, it is not the birthday of Princess Sally at all. If the majesty in front of you is real, he will definitely point out his own mistakes. If he does not point out, but makes use of the question, it will show that it is false!

What? Three days later, is Princess Sally’s birthday?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned!

In the next second, Darryl smiled and nodded: “Rodolf, it’s rare that you have this heart, but I have prepared the gift of Princess Sally, so you don’t need to worry about it.”

Talking. Darryl waved his hand: “Okay, you can withdraw.”

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that he had fallen into Rodolf’s trap.

Ma De, really is a fake!

Hearing the answer, Rodolf completely concluded. In front of him was the fake Nine Heavens God, no longer hesitating, and shouted angrily: “Bold thief, dare to pretend to be your majesty, and die!”


When the voice fell, a terrifying aura broke out from Rodolf’s body, and then hit Darryl with a palm.

Seeing Rodolf hit with a palm, Darryl was shocked, and there was no time to dodge. Quickly raised his hands to resist.


The next second, when the two of them touched their palms, they heard a dull vibration, and then, a strong vigor. Like a storm, it collapsed towards the surroundings.

Under this vigorous raging, the disguise on Darryl’s face fell off one after another, revealing his true colors.


At the same time, Darryl was shaken back dozens of steps, a mouthful of blood spurted out, his face instantly pale.

“Good boy!”

At this moment, seeing Darryl’s true face, Rodolf was frightened. With a sneer: “A fruit servant in Lingguo Garden, dare to pretend to be Your Majesty, I think you are really tired of living!”


At the same time, the surrounding magical soldiers also reacted one by one. One after another glared at Darryl.

I thought this majesty was real, but never expected that it turned out to be a counterfeit by Guo servant.

At this time, these magic soldiers were extremely angry. Ma De, was frightened by a fruit servant just now. It is difficult to calm down whoever this matter is.

“Ha ha!”

Facing the anger of Rodolf and others, Darryl chuckled lightly and said faintly: “Rodolf, even if I pretend to be your Majesty, you are not much better than me. Just now you and your subordinates conspired to taste the precious fruits. I know, what are the consequences, you know better than me, don’t you?”

Anyway, it has been found out, and there is no need to pretend it. It’s better to discuss the conditions with this Rodolf.

“you wanna die!”

Hearing this, Rodolf’s face instantly became sullen and talked. It’s okay for Darryl not to say this. When it comes to Zhen Guo, Rodolf can’t calm down immediately. You know, he is a Saint General of Huntian. With a superb status, how can a little servant hold his handle?

At this moment, Rodolf’s heart directly moved with killing intent, and the Zijin Flame Spear shook hands tightly.

Zijin flame gun. It is Rodolf’s portable weapon, which belongs to the middle-grade magic weapon. In God’s Domain, the weapon is divided into four grades: lower, middle, upper, and top grade. Generally, it belongs to the low grade, and the best is the top grade.


I saw Rodolf slowly raising his hand, and the Zijin Flame Spear burst out a terrifying power fluctuation. Then, a terrifying spear shadow condensed and directly blasted Darryl!

This gun shadow, carrying the terrifying power that tears through the world, is completely condensed by Rodolf’s power, and it is terrifying.

D*mn it.

Darryl was shocked, he clearly felt that the moment he was enveloped by the shadow of the gun, the power of his whole body was suppressed.

At this moment Darryl was very frightened, he knew that Rodolf, as the Saint General of All Heavens, had very strong strength, but he did not expect that he would be so tough.

Chapter 1807


In panic, seeing that the gun shadow was about to come forward, Darryl didn’t have time to think about it, and quickly urged the power of the original spirit, and at the same time summoned Fang Tian’s painted halberd to resist in front of him!


The shadow of the gun was like a thunder, slashing against Fang Tian’s painted halberd, he heard Darryl let out a muffled grunt, and the whole person was shocked and flew more than a hundred meters away. Then he fell heavily to the ground.

When resisting Rodolf’s palm power just now, Darryl had already consumed a lot of internal strength. At this time, facing Rodolf’s use of skills, he couldn’t resist it at all.

You must know that the opponent is a chasing general, and Darryl has just had a primordial spirit, and the strength of the two is not at the same level at all.

“Boy!” At this time, Rodolf stared at Darryl closely, with a proud tone: “No matter what your purpose is to pretend to be Your Majesty, you will be unlucky if you meet me!”

While talking, Rodolf held the Zijin Flame Spear tightly and slowly walked towards Darryl.

The breath of horror. Permeated the world and completely enveloped Darryl!


Seeing this scene, the surrounding magical soldiers couldn’t help but yelled.

“His Royal Highness, kill him!”

“Dare to pretend to be your Majesty, and you deserve death.”

Especially the magic soldier who had made suggestions with Rodolf before was called the most lovable.

After all, he proposed to let Rodolf taste the precious fruits, which is a capital crime, and this matter must not be revealed. So this fruit servant named Darryl must die!

That’s it!

Seeing Rodolf getting closer, Darryl secretly swallowed his saliva, crying without tears!

The disparity in strength is so big that there is no fight at all, is it really going to die here?

No, I haven’t returned to the mainland of Kyushu, so I must not die like this in vain.

In the next second, a tenacious belief in survival filled Darryl’s mind. Then, Darryl raised his hand and saw a white flame jumping out, forming a lotus shape in the air.

At the same time, the surrounding temperature rose sharply.

It was Bai Lian’s cold fire.


Immediately afterwards, Bai Lian screamed coldly, thinking directly about Rodolf Piao.


Seeing Bai Lian’s cold fire, both Rodolf and the surrounding magical soldiers were all taken aback.

Especially Rodolf. Looking at Darryl’s eyes, there was a deep surprise.

As a holy general, Rodolf naturally knows Bailian Lenghuo.

“Good boy, I hadn’t noticed before that I actually have Bai Lian Cold Fire!” Rodolf said in surprise, and before Bai Lian cold fire approached, he quickly stepped back and got out of the way.

Speaking of it, Rodolf, as the chaotic saint general of God’s Domain, possesses a divine body, Bai Lian Leng Huo can’t burn him at all, but Bai Lian Leng Huo is the world’s first extraordinary fire, and if it burns Rodolf, it can burn him.

Taking advantage of Rodolf’s retreat, Darryl didn’t think much, turned around and ran.

At this moment, Darryl urged all the power to bring the speed to the extreme, and in the blink of an eye, he was several hundred meters away.


Rodolf yelled, his eyes locked on Darryl, greeted dozens of magic soldiers, and pursued them.

Darryl’s side.

Flying fast all the way, Darryl did not dare to stop, because he saw a few hundred meters away behind him. Rodolf took dozens of magic soldiers and hurriedly pursued them.


Can’t go on like this.

Seeing that Rodolf and others could not be thrown away, Darryl was very anxious.

Unconsciously, when he came to a mountain range, Darryl saw it. On the top of the misty mountain, there is a small courtyard faintly, quiet and elegant, like a paradise.

At this time, Darryl had already flown for nearly an hour. Excessively tired, Darryl didn’t think much at the time, and quickly landed and rushed into the yard.

Continue to fly, and sooner or later, Rodolf will catch up. It is better to take a risk and hide in this yard.


As soon as Darryl landed on his feet, he heard a thick voice, and then an old man walked out of the room with an indifferent expression, and a breath that could not be underestimated filled his whole body.

D*mn, there are people living here?

Suddenly seeing the old man, Darryl was startled, and then he saw the old man’s face clearly. The whole person was completely stunned.

Seeing this old man, the whole body was immortal, it was Guiguzi.


Darryl was stunned for a few seconds before reacting, surprised and delighted. He rushed over and knelt in front of Guiguzi: “Master, see you, disciple Darryl.”

Darryl at this time was indescribably excited.

A few years ago, Guiguzi broke into the void and left the Jiuzhou Continent, and met Darryl for the last time. At that time, Darryl was sad and reluctant. In Darryl’s heart, he didn’t know how long it would take to reach the realm of Guiguzi. Only then can Shattered Void and Guiguzi meet again.

But at this moment, he suddenly encountered Guiguzi in this God Realm, isn’t Darryl excited?


At this moment, Gui Guzi was also extremely surprised. Looking up and down Darryl: “Why are you here? You are still sweating, what happened?”

“Master, this is not the time to greet you.” Darryl smiled bitterly, and said in a long way: “I was chased by the Saint General Huntian, please help me with Master!”


Hearing this, Gui Guzi was taken aback and looked solemn.

You know, Huntian Saint General, but the people around Jiutian God, have extraordinary strength. Darryl unexpectedly provoke him, this is no small trouble.

However, Gui Guzi calmed down quickly and said to Darryl: “Don’t be afraid, you go to the house and wait for me first, remember. Without my prompt, don’t say anything, let alone come out!”


Darryl nodded, responded and ran into the house quickly.

Speaking of it, Darryl was still a little worried, but after another thought, Guiguzi was the first stranger in thousands of years. Even if Rodolf caught up here, Guiguzi would have a way to deal with it.


As soon as Darryl entered the house, he saw Rodolf coming with dozens of magic soldiers.

After landing, Rodolf approached and said politely to Guiguzi: “Mr. Guigu, did you see a young man passing by here?”

While asking, Rodolf looked around.

“No!” Guiguzi’s expression was indifferent, and the answer was very simple.


Hearing the answer, Rodolf took a deep breath and frowned secretly.

its not right. That kid didn’t see him in this area, except for Mr. Guigu’s yard, he didn’t have any other place to hide.

Thinking about it, Rodolf said to Guiguzi: “Mr. Guigu, is it convenient for us to enter the room and search!?”


See this scene. Darryl, who was hiding in the room, couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, his heart suddenly suspended.

Ma De, this Rodolf is so thief, he actually found this place. I’m in the room, so you can’t let him come in and search.

Anxious in his heart, Darryl looked at Gui Guzi’s reaction through the crack of the door.

“No!” Gui Guzi was still expressionless, and decisively refused: “Rodolf, although you are a Saint General Huntian, you should know that this ghost mountain was given to me by the Nine Heavens God, and this is mine. The place, even if the Nine Heavens God comes, I still have to get my consent.”

“Today I am meditating. I can’t let anyone disturb you. If you are looking for someone, you can find someone else!”

At this moment, Rodolf looked embarrassed and could not speak at all.

Because Guiguzi was right, this Guixian Mountain was indeed given to Guiguzi by the God of Nine Heavens. You know, Guiguzi has an extremely lofty position in the mainland of Kyushu, and has been named the first person in the ages. After Broken Void came to God’s Domain, It is also the distinguished guest of Nine Heavens God who treats each other with courtesy.

Chapter 1808

I go!

Seeing this scene, Darryl, who was hiding in the room, was immediately stunned, completely shocked.

Master is worthy of being the first person in the ages, he is so bold. Even the God of Nine Heavens didn’t pay attention to it. In this world, those who dare to say such big things, I am afraid that there is no second one.

“In that case!”

At this time, Rodolf reacted with an expression of embarrassment and helplessness: “Mr. Guigu, please rest. Please interrupt, please don’t blame it!”

As he said, he greeted the magic soldiers around and left quickly.

The moment he flew into the air, Rodolf glanced at the small courtyard of Guiguzi very unwillingly.

To be honest, just leaving like this, Rodolf was very unwilling, but there was no way, the Guiguzi in front of him, even his Majesty saw him, he must be courteous for three points, he is just a chaotic saint general, how dare to be in front of Guiguzi presumptuous?

“Search with all your strength nearby!”

Flying out of the range of Guixian Mountain, Rodolf clenched his fists and yelled coldly.

Mad. That Darryl dared to threaten me with Zhen Guo, even if he rummaged through the entire God Realm, he still had to catch him.


Dozens of divine soldiers responded in unison, and began to search near Guixian Mountain.

However, after searching all over the vicinity of Guixian Mountain, he didn’t even see Darryl’s shadow. For a while, Rodolf was extremely annoyed.

“Holy General!”

At this moment, a divine soldier came up and guessed: “I think that Darryl must be hidden in Mr. Guigu’s small courtyard. Otherwise, with his strength, it is impossible to run away.”

When the voice fell, the other magic soldiers nodded one after another.

“Yes, he must not run far!”

“Maybe hiding in Mr. Guigu’s room!”

“Holy General, why don’t we just break in directly!”

The words of dozens of divine soldiers, every word from you to me, made Rodolf’s face extremely ugly.

In the next second, Rodolf looked around, and said angrily: “What you said is light, Mr. Guigu, your Majesty will be polite to three points when you see it. I rushed into his yard, didn’t I ask for trouble?”

Having said that, Rodolf was annoyed and waved his hand: “Go, go back first!”

The surrounding magical soldiers did not dare to talk nonsense, and left with Rodolf quickly.

the other side.

Watching Rodolf lead people away. Darryl, who was hiding in the room, breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, Gui Guzi walked in calmly, frowning at Darryl: “Darryl, what is going on?” While asking, Gui Guzi looked at Darryl up and down.

He clearly sensed that Darryl in front of him possessed the primordial spirit in his body, but it was somewhat unstable.

At this time, Gui Guzi was very confused. You must know that although Darryl had good talent and aptitude, it was impossible to reach the realm of Shattered Void in just a few years.


In the face of Gui Guzi’s question, Darryl scratched his head, and then said all his experiences over the years.

At the end, Darryl said with a bitter face: “Master, when I opened the portal, I was planning to leave God’s Domain and return to Kyushu. Who knew that Fu Zhen suddenly appeared and kept chasing me. At that time, I had no choice but to hide in the spirit. Fruit Garden…”

“After that, I was arranged to send precious fruits to Empress Hua Zhao, and was unable to leave Yuyao Xianyuan. I had to use Yi Rongsan to impersonate the God of Nine Heavens, and I didn’t know I met this Rodolf again…


Hearing this, Gui Guzi was stunned.

This Darryl is really bold, not only stealing the precious fruit. He also pretended to be Nine Heavens God, and one of these charges was enough for him to die a hundred times.

Seeing Gui Guzi was silent, Darryl didn’t dare to talk nonsense, his heart was up and down.


See Darryl’s expression. Guiguzi couldn’t help laughing: “Look at how nervous you are, you just ate the precious fruits, it’s not a big deal, there are countless precious fruits in Lingguo Garden, and God can’t finish eating them in nine days. You can eat two of them. It’s nothing.”

“As for the impersonation of the Nine Heavens God, Rodolf and some magic soldiers saw it. They have no conclusive evidence, and they dare not do anything to you.”

When he said this, Gui Guzi looked relaxed. It seems that these things are not worth a while in his heart.

Speaking of which, Gui Guzi also knew how serious what Darryl had done, but he was aloof. What’s more important is to protect his shortcomings. Seeing Darryl’s nervousness at this time, he comforted him in this way.

Hearing this, Darryl immediately became happy.


With these words from Master, what are you afraid of?


at this time. Gui Guzi looked serious, and said to Darryl: “Anyway, if you rush into the realm of the gods, it is a huge hidden danger. From now on, you will stay with me. When I deploy the teleportation formation, I will send you off. go away.”

When he said this, Gui Guzi looked serious.

Although Guiguzi was not afraid of the Nine Heavens God, Darryl stole the precious fruits. Pretending to be the Nine Heavens God is a heinous crime, so for Darryl’s safety, it is better to let him stay here.


Darryl nodded, and then asked: “Master. How long should I wait here?”

“Two or three days!” Gui Guzi groaned and said, “You stay here for these two or three days. You must not run around, let alone leave Guixian Mountain, you know?”

Darryl nodded again, and then curiously said: “Master, as far as I know, the portals in God’s Domain have a special supervising formation. Can you deploy teleportation formations without authorization? Will you not violate the laws of God’s Domain?”

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Gui Guzi laughed at once: “The laws of God’s Domain can’t control me, you know, I am a hermit in God’s Domain now.”

The hermit?

Hearing this, Darryl was immediately stunned.

The next few minutes. Through Guiguzi’s explanation, Darryl gradually understood that it turned out that the strong man who came to God’s Domain from the broken void of the human world would be received by God of Nine Heavens, and then given two choices, one of which is to be loyal to God of Nine Heavens and be granted official positions, such as Rodolf For Fu Zhen, the second option is to go back to hermitage, and Guiguzi belongs to the second.

Speaking of it, at that time, God of Jiutian tried to invite Guiguzi to serve him, but Guiguzi’s attitude was very firm. In the last nine days, God had to agree and sent Guixian Mountain to Guiguzi as a retreat for retreat.

It can be said that in God’s Domain. Except for Guiguzi, there is no second person who can get this kind of treatment.

It is precisely because of the respect and courtesy of the Nine Heavens God that Rodolf, before, dare not to be presumptuous to Guiguzi.

Know these things. Darryl nodded suddenly, and admired Guiguzi even more.

Of course, even if Guiguzi’s position in God’s Domain is detached, he can’t deploy the teleportation array without authorization, but Guiguzi thinks about it. Sending Darryl back to Jiuzhou quietly will destroy the teleportation formation. As long as Nine Heavens God doesn’t know, nothing will happen.


the other side! Haotian Palace!

Haotian Palace is the place where Nine Heavens God handles affairs, majestic and majestic.

At this time, the God of Nine Heavens was sitting on the throne, with a leisurely expression, and below, Fu Zhen knelt there in a little panic.

Chapter 1809

On both sides of the hall, two rows of priests stood neatly.

“Fu Zhen!”

Nine Heavens God slowly said: “You hurriedly wanted to meet, what the hell is it?”


When the voice fell, the priests on both sides also focused on Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and said: “Return to your Majesty, it is a matter of the mainland of Jiuzhou…” In the next few minutes, Fu Zhen relayed all the things Darryl had told him.

Speaking to the end. Fu Zhen cautiously said: “The ghost world at this time is completely in a state of no ownership, and I hope your Majesty will give instructions as soon as possible.”


Hearing this, no matter it was the Nine Heavens God or the priests around, their expressions changed.

Over the years, the God of Nine Heavens has rarely cared about things in the human world. He never expected that so many things happened in the continent of Kyushu and the ghost world.

Soon, the God of Nine Heavens slowed down and looked around: “Everyone, what do you think?” Remember the website * **

When the voice fell, a priest strode out and shouted righteously: “Your Majesty. The Pluto is ambitious and wants to rule the human world. He was swallowed up by his power, and he was completely blamed.”

“Also, the humans in the Nine Provinces are also very hateful. They have swallowed the power of the Pluto, and even want to be a new Pluto. Speaking of which, the Nine Provinces and the Underworld. It is time to re-rectify.”

When the voice fell, other priests nodded in agreement.

“Yes, it really should be rectified.”

“Yes, there is no room for delay at this moment…”

The words of the priests, you and I heard one sentence, the face of Nine Heavens God is also extremely ugly.

Finally, God of Nine Heavens took a deep breath and slowly said: “Send my imperial order, and then you can send a divine envoy to the continent of Kyushu.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Fu Zhen and the surrounding priests responded in unison.


the other side.

Under Guiguzi’s arrangement, Darryl rested in the room for a long time.

After sleeping for a long time, Darryl was refreshed, and then he began to meditate to consolidate the primordial spirit in his body. Because Guiguzi was teaching him, Darryl made rapid progress.

Unconsciously, the day passed.

The next morning. Gui Guzi asked Darryl to take a walk outside, and then deployed a teleportation array in the room by himself.


At this moment, Darryl stood in the yard, looking at the fairy cloud in the distance, his heart was tranquil, but also a little anxious. One day in God’s Domain, one month in the mainland of Jiuzhou.

I hope that Master can quickly get the teleportation array ready.


Just when Darryl was secretly feeling emotional, he saw three figures flying quickly from the horizon not far away, two men and a woman, one of whom was an old man in a gray-white robe, white beard and white hair, and a fairy spirit.

The other man, looking at his thirties, looked heroic and extraordinary.

The female looked at her in her twenties, wearing a blue short skirt, she looked youthful, her big eyes were agile and energetic, which was very lovable.

The three of them are filled with a powerful aura, obviously not the generals.

D*mn it!

Seeing these three people, Darryl was shocked. These three won’t be Rodolf’s companions, let’s catch yourself.

Thinking about it, Darryl wanted to return to the room and avoid these three people, but it was too late.

It was almost in the blink of an eye. The first and second youngsters landed in the small courtyard, and the eyes of the three people gathered on Darryl.

Especially that woman, looking at Darryl up and down, looked very curious.

Next second. The girl turned her head towards the old man and said, “Isn’t Mr. Guigu living alone? Why is there a young kid here?”

The old man didn’t speak, just smiled.

Seeing this situation, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and realized that the three in front of him were not Rodolf’s companions, otherwise, this girl would not be curious about her identity.

At this moment Darryl didn’t know that the old man in front of him was the Immortal Venerable Beiming, and the young men and women around him were his disciples, the male was Hongsheng, and the female was Leticia.

Like Guiguzi, Beiming Xianzun is also a hermit, because she lives in seclusion. It was in the Beiming Sea, so it was called Beiming Xianzun. At that time, Guiguzi had just shattered the void and came to God’s Domain. Beiming Xianzun specially came to visit because of his long admiration for the name of Guiguzi. One come and two, the two sides became close friends.

But today, Beiming Xianzun came to Guixianshan as a guest with his two disciples.

At this time, Leticia looked up and down Darryl: “Hey, what is your name? Why are you here?”


Faced with Leticia’s question, Darryl opened his mouth, because he didn’t know the identity of the other party, and didn’t know how to respond for a while.


Just when Darryl was embarrassed. He heard a big laugh behind him, and then, he saw Gui Guzi walk out of the room with a smile on his face.

“It turned out to be the Immortal Venerable Beiming, there is a long way to go!” Arrived. Gui Guzi smiled at Beiming Xianzun and said, “Please inside.”

“Mr. Guigu don’t need to be so polite.” Beiming Xianzun smiled, then greeted Hongsheng and Leticia, walked into the room, and Darryl followed in.

“Go, make a pot of tea!” As soon as he arrived in the room, Gui Guzi ordered to Darryl.

Darryl didn’t dare to disobey, and quickly went to make a pot of tea.

When making tea, Darryl quietly pulled Guiguzi and asked curiously: “Master, where is this distinguished guest?”

Gui Guzi smiled slightly. He whispered: “This is the Immortal Venerable Beiming, and his two apprentices, Immortal Venerable Beiming, who are indifferent to fame and fortune, so like me, they are also hermits. This Immortal Venerable Beiming also has great abilities, so you can’t Neglect, you know?”

“As for the two around him, they are both his apprentices, the male is Hongsheng, and the female is Leticia. Hongsheng has an aloof personality, and Leticia is more playful…”

Upon hearing this, Darryl nodded silently.

Soon, the tea was ready, and Darryl hurriedly carried it over.

At this time, Beiming Xianzun smiled at Guiguzi and asked: “Mr. Guigu, haven’t you been living in seclusion all alone? Why suddenly there is a young offspring?”

Gui Guzi smiled slightly and said casually: “This is my novice book boy. Although it is comfortable to live alone, it is still good to have someone around him to take care of him.”

When he said this, Guiguzi’s expression was very calm.

Darryl is his apprentice’s business, absolutely cannot tell, after all. Darryl comes from the human world. He ate the precious fruits and pretended to be the Nine Heavens God before, so it was for Darryl’s safety. Gui Guzi can only be said to be his own book boy.

Book boy?

Hearing this, the Holy Venerable Beiming nodded and didn’t ask any more.

Hongsheng and Leticia, who stood behind them, showed a trace of disdain. I thought this young man was Guiguzi’s apprentice. It turned out to be a book boy.

Darryl didn’t pay attention to the gazes of Hongsheng and Leticia. Darryl didn’t know how many people had seen this kind of judging by appearance, and he was not in the mood to care about it at all.

“Master, it’s so boring.”

After sitting for a while, Leticia pursed his mouth and yelled: “I want to go out, it’s too boring here, I don’t understand what you are talking about with Mr. Guigu.”

Sovereign Beiming frowned and rebuked: “Leticia, in front of Mr. Guigu, don’t mess around.” Despite that, there was a bit of pampering in his eyes.

Chapter 1810

Seeing this scene, Gui Guzi laughed and said: “It’s okay, young man! Just let her go.”

Seeing Guiguzi speaking, Beimingxianzun lightly breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Leticia: “Well, you can go outside and remember, you can only stay nearby, you can’t leave Guixian Mountain.”

Talking. Beiming Xianzun said to Hongsheng: “You go too, look at Leticia, don’t let her play too crazy outside.” As a master, Beiming Xianzun knows Leticia too well, this Female apprentices, strange and strange, are very troublesome.


Hongsheng nodded and took Leticia out.

When we walked to the door, Leticia suddenly took Darryl’s hand and said with a smile: “You too, you are Mr. Guigu’s book boy, you are obliged to familiarize us with the environment.”

D*mn it!

Suddenly being stopped by Leticia, Darryl was stunned, his brain humming.

This Leticia is not only playful, but also a familiar one. When you meet yourself for the first time, just hold hands.

Moreover, he is not Guiguzi’s book boy at all, but his direct disciple, how could he go out with Leticia?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl looked at Guiguzi for help, Guiguzi looked as usual and nodded at Darryl.

Seeing Gui Guzi’s acquiescence, Darryl had to follow Leticia out.


As soon as he walked out of the small courtyard, Leticia had a condescending attitude. Pointing at Darryl said: “Since you are Guiguzi’s book boy, you are familiar with this place? I heard that Guixian Mountain has a complicated environment and there are many interesting places. You can take us to see it.”

Darryl was stunned, and said lightly: “I’ve just been here for two days too, and I’m not familiar with it, or else, just go around.”


Hearing this, Leticia looked displeased: “Huh? You little book boy, you have a big shelf.”

Hongsheng next to him also said: “That’s right, do you know who we are? Our master and your best friend of Mr. Guigu, if you neglect us, Mr. Guigu will certainly not spare you lightly.”

When he said this, Hongsheng looked contemptuous.

In his heart, Darryl is just a little book boy, who should be respectful to himself and his junior sister, but at this time, he has a casual attitude. It’s too unruly.


Darryl sighed softly and said much lazily, so he had to lead the way.

However, even though Darryl had been here for a day, he had been active in the yard all the time. He was not familiar with the environment of Guixian Mountain at all, so he could only lead Hongsheng around.

After walking for a while, Leticia felt very boring. Looking at Darryl in front, he suddenly became playful. He smiled and said in a low voice at Hong Sheng: “Brother, this little book boy seems unwilling to play with us, so let’s give it to him. Take a lesson.”

The voice was very small, only Leticia and Hongsheng could hear it.

Hongsheng thought for a while, and whispered: “How to teach?”

There was a sly in Leticia’s eyes: “Recently, under the supervision of Master, I have been able to completely control the real fire of the five elements, so I used the real fire of the five elements to burn his clothes.”

When the voice fell, Leticia slowly raised his right hand, and saw a cloud of colorful flames jumping out.

It is the real fire of the five elements.

“No!” Hongsheng was stunned and shook his head decisively.

You know, the Five Elements Real Fire is the most proud skill of the Holy Venerable Beiming, possessing the characteristics of extremely cold. It’s very dangerous.

Hongsheng knew that Leticia just wanted to tease Darryl, but using the Five Elements Real Fire was a bit too rash, after all. The other party is just a little book boy, if he doesn’t control it well, he will be burned to death by the five elements.

Realizing this, Hongsheng would stop him, but it was still a step too late. Seeing that Leticia raised his hand and waved, the five elements were real fire, and he thought of Darryl drifting over.


This group of five elements is real fire, it seems to be slow, but it arrives behind Darryl in the blink of an eye.

Darryl reacted quickly, he noticed movement behind his back, and immediately turned around. He was shocked at this look.

Seeing a group of colorless flames coming quickly, Darryl didn’t think much about it at the time, and quickly dodged to the side, but the group of flames, as if there was life, turned a corner. Continue to come towards Darryl.

D*mn it!

What kind of fire is this?

At this moment, Darryl frowned and was extremely surprised.


Seeing this scene, Leticia was very proud and clapped his hands and smiled: “You little book boy. Let me play with us and watch me burn your clothes.”

While talking, he continued to urge the Five Elements True Fire, approaching Darryl.


Hearing this, Darryl was frightened, I just didn’t take you to play, you are going to burn my clothes with fire? This Leticia is too unreasonable.

While whispering in his heart, seeing the colorful flames floating again, Darryl couldn’t think much. Immediately urged the power of the soul, and then raised his right hand.


In the next second, a group of white flames jumped out, quickly forming a lotus shape in the air, it was the cold fire of the white lotus.

honestly. Darryl didn’t want to show the coldness of Bai Lian, but this Leticia bullied others so much that Darryl couldn’t bear it.

White flame?

Seeing Bai Lian’s cold fire, whether it was Leticia or Hongsheng, both felt shocked and froze there.

And then, the scene in front of them stunned them even more.


Seeing the two flames touched, there was a creaking sound. Immediately afterwards, Leticia’s real fire of the five elements was quickly swallowed by the cold fire of Bai Lian.

“It was swallowed?” Hongsheng opened his mouth wide and his face was inconceivable: “This… seems to be the first strange fire, Bai Lian is cold.”

Leticia was also trembling. Looking at Darryl closely, he was shocked.

This kid is just a little book boy, can he have Bailian cold fire?


After a full ten seconds, Leticia reacted and looked at Darryl complicatedly: “It seems that I underestimated you. I actually have Bailian Cold Fire. Come and fight with me so that I can see you. strength.”

When the voice fell, Leticia was shocked and flew up, hitting Darryl with a palm.

Seeing this scene, Hongsheng originally wanted to stop, but held back.

Like Leticia, Hongsheng also felt that there was something wrong with the little book boy in front of him. You must know that Bai Lian Leng Huo is the world’s first different fire, and even the Master Beiming Shengzun is not sure to merge, and this little book boy has it. It is really doubtful.

D*mn. Is this Leticia’s brain sick?

Seeing Leticia’s palm, Darryl was depressed and annoyed, and couldn’t help but said, “Don’t be too much.”

However, Leticia didn’t listen at all, instead speeding up.

See this situation. Darryl had no choice but to mobilize the power of the original spirit to fight Leticia fiercely.

At the beginning, Darryl thought that Leticia was just a gamer, and the simple discussion made him depressed. Leticia’s moves were ruthless, and every move wanted Darryl’s life. In this case, Darryl had to resist with all his strength.

However, Darryl had just possessed the Primordial Spirit. Even though Gui Guzi had taught him and had a lot of understanding of the Primordial Spirit this day, compared with Leticia, he was still not an opponent. After all, Leticia is the most proud of the Holy Venerable Beiming. Female disciple.


Finally, just when Darryl was about to be unable to stop him, Leticia slapped his back with a palm, and heard Darryl snorted, his whole body flew out, flying more than 100 meters, hitting him. It fell down on the mountain wall.

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