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Chapter 181

Yu Mo stomped angrily, and said coldly: “Should I beg you? Go in your dreams.”


Darryl shrugged indifferently: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t ask, then you can find someone else to refine your alchemy, I’ll go.”

After saying this, Darryl turned around and left. As a result, he immediately walked to the door, and Nalan happily walked in front of him.

“Darryl, you, don’t be angry.” Nalan said lightly and happily, “Mo Mo really needs this pill.”

Darryl laughed. Indeed, when a woman’s Yin Qi enters her body, her menstrual period is very painful. If there is no Yang Shen Dan, I am afraid that Yu Mo will be in pain every month when he comes to menstruation.

He actually wanted to tease Yu Mo. Seeing that she didn’t speak at this time, Darryl turned around to leave again.

“I, I’ll beg you for her, okay.” At this time, Nalan was already very anxious, she was really afraid of Darryl leaving! At that time, she gritted her teeth and whispered: “I, can I beg you for Mo Mo. Please.. Help Mo Mo refine alchemy..”

Nalan Xinran did not expect that he could say such a thing!

She is an iceberg in front of the opposite s3x! But now, I actually said this…

“Sister Nalan!” Yu Mo took her hand and said to Darryl in a loud voice: “You, you wait for me! I don’t need you to refine alchemy! I’m not rare!”

“Yeah!” Darryl laughed, feeling that she was very cute. Can’t help but tease her and say: “Your sister Nalan begged me, of course I want to help you refine alchemy. You are not rare, I also want to help you do it!”

At this time, the group of beautiful women next to each other frowned and their faces were all puzzled.

“Xin Ran, this kid doesn’t seem to know how to make alchemy, isn’t he bragging?”

“Yeah, alchemists are so scarce. If he knows how to make alchemy, he can use the pill to sell for money. But according to his appearance, he doesn’t look like rich people. Look at the clothes he wears. They are all local stalls. “

“Yes, and the pill of Yangshen Pill has long been lost…”

Several girlfriends said one after another.

Yang Shen Dan is a long-lost elixir.

Now in the cultivation world, those long-known alchemy masters don’t know that he can refine it?

Can you do it deliberately?

Nalan readily believed that Darryl was not a brave person. At that time, he just smiled: “Darryl, you come with me.”

Darryl nodded and followed her up to the second floor. In a room on the second floor, there are many precious medicinal materials.

Fcuk, so many alchemy materials?

Not only that, but there are also some rare spiritual grasses.

Nalan smiled happily: “Darryl, what is needed to refine Yangshen Pill, just take it.”

In order to help Yu Mo refine the Yangshen Pill, Nalan readily took a lot of materials from the family, but unfortunately there was no pill recipe, and he didn’t know the method of refining. Darryl was also welcome, choosing more than ten kinds of materials.

These materials are not only used to refine Yang Shen Dan. He also took seven or eight kinds of rare spirit grass. When refining the Yangshen Pill for a while, refine some other pill by the way! Haha!

When he came out of the room, Nalan smiled happily, and said: “Darryl, you can choose a place in this villa for alchemy. Don’t worry, my sisters won’t disturb you.”

After that, Nalan happily went to the swimming pool.

Darryl smiled and turned to go to the backyard of the villa. There is a gazebo in the backyard and its location is not bad.

After finding a porcelain jar, Darryl began to refine the pill in the pavilion.

At the beginning, Darryl could calm down.

But gradually, Darryl pricked his ears, and he could hear the noise of the group of beauties coming from the direction of the swimming pool, and the sound of Raquel came into his ears, which made people a little unbearable.

D*mn, so many beauties, are close at hand. And he can only do alchemy here alone. What a torment.

After a while, I heard a bang. In the furnace, three pills flew out.

Haha, it worked!

Holding the three pills in his hand, Darryl showed a slight smile.

The first pill was naturally the Yangshen Pill that Yu Mo needed.

But when I took the materials just now, didn’t I take a lot of materials? Darryl didn’t waste those materials either, and refined two pills. One is called Mixed Qi Dan, and the other is Luoying Dan.

These two pills are precious. Darryl happily put them in his pocket, but at this moment, he suddenly trembled, and he felt a powerful breath suddenly appeared behind him!

Instinctively turned around, at this moment, Darryl was startled.

A bald monk walked over slowly. The monk was short in stature, as if only 1.5 meters away. But his body released a sense of oppression.

Although the monk does not have a strand of hair, there is still a black scorpion tattooed on his scalp. D*mn, the tattoo is on his head!

Although it was a bit of a comparison, the momentum was really bluffing.

The most important thing is that the breath on his body is really terrifying! This person must be a master!

“Who are you?” Darryl couldn’t help asking after a few seconds of looking at each other.

This looks like a master cultivator, should he be Nalan Xinran’s bodyguard, right?

But who would hire a monk as a bodyguard?

The monk did not speak, and strode over.

When he arrived, he raised his hand and touched Darryl a little bit like lightning without saying a word.

Darryl was taken aback and wanted to flash instinctively, but he was still a step slower, and when he was clicked, he couldn’t move immediately.

D*mn it.

Is this acupuncture?

Darryl was startled and angry, staring at the monk and said, “No, who are you? I haven’t provoke you.”

The strength of this monk is too strong. At least it’s above Wuhou, right? !

The monk still didn’t speak, and clicked Darryl’s dumb acupuncture point again, then directly carried him up, and with a light leap, he jumped out of the courtyard wall of the villa, and disappeared into the night in the blink of an eye…

Next to the swimming pool.

Looking at the time, two hours have passed. Yu Mo sat on a chair by the pool, pouting his mouth: “Sister Nalan, that Darryl really knows how to do alchemy, or is he pretending to be? You won’t be fooled by him, right? ?”

Until now, Yu Mo didn’t believe that he could refine alchemy.

Not long ago, Darryl watched her in a video, and she sent someone to investigate this Darryl, who is a well-known door-to-door son-in-law in Donghai City.

How can someone who eat soft rice understand this.

When the voice fell, the other beauties around also nodded with a smile.

“Yeah, Xinran, you must have been deceived by him, I guess, when the kid saw you look beautiful, he said that he could do alchemy, in fact, he wanted to get close to you.”

“It’s been so long, I haven’t come over yet, I guess I ran away.”

Nalan shook his head happily: “No, he will definitely not lie to me. He has participated in the alchemy conference, he really knows how to make alchemy.”

“Xin Ran, I guess, he will have a little fur and refine those low-level pills.”

“Yes, Yangshen Pill, even people in the Pill Refining Association, can’t refine it. Can he do it? He must want to get close to you, so he boasted that he could.”

Hearing these words from his best friends, Nalan smiled happily: “You have been thinking too much, if you don’t believe me, let’s go to the backyard and have a look. He must be done soon.”

After saying this, Nalan happily took his girlfriends and walked to the pavilion in the backyard.

As soon as I got to the back, I saw that the inside of the pavilion was empty, the fire under the porcelain jar had not been extinguished, but the shadow of Darryl had disappeared.

Why… how could this happen?

Nalan trembled happily, her eyebrows furrowed, and she couldn’t believe it. Darryl, ran away?

The girlfriends looked at each other, then couldn’t help but sneer: “Xin Ran, I’m not wrong, this person doesn’t know how to do alchemy at all, he just lied to you, now everyone is running away. Glad, don’t believe it so easily next time Others, this group of men, every good thing.”

“This scum!” There was a hint of shame in Yu Mo’s eyes. This hateful Darryl, even if he bullied me, even dared to deceive Sister Nalan. Next time I meet you, I will definitely not spare you!

Chapter 182

Tongtian Island.

Today’s island is very lively and brightly lit. Rows of disciples were patrolling.

Darryl was clicked on the acupoint by the monk, unable to move. Seeing that he was caught here, Darryl was in awe.

I stole the secrets of Nine Dragons Ascension by myself, but I don’t know how to find out the master?

That night, I spent a gentle night with the master’s wife. Didn’t the master find out?

D*mn, thinking of this, his head buzzed.

The monk grabbed Darryl and avoided the patrolling disciples, finally walked to a room and knocked on the door gently.

This…this…the house seems to be the room of the master’s wife.

“Madam, the man is here.”

The monk opened his mouth and said, his tone was low, and the urn sound was urn-like.

“Well, come in.”

In the room, a very gentle voice came from the teacher’s wife.

The monk heard the order, grabbed Darryl and walked in, threw him directly on the ground, turned and left.

D*mn, please!

Darryl murmured, his whole body sore after being thrown. But the moment he raised his eyes, his eyes suddenly looked silly.

In the room full of charming fragrance, the wife of the leader, Kendra, was sitting on a chair, wearing a purple skirt, with a delicate body, very graceful. The charming Ginger face is full of calmness.


Darryl couldn’t help but swallowed.

In a few days, the lady looked more beautiful than before.

Seeing his eyes, Kendra said angrily: “Darryl, what are you looking at.”

When the voice fell, she saw that she took out two peanuts from the fruit plate and threw them out at will, hitting Darryl’s acupuncture path, untie his acupuncture path.

Uh …

Darryl moved his arm and asked with a wry smile: “Madam, it’s pretty good, what are you doing when you caught me back.”

“What are you talking about?” Kendra asked back: “Tomorrow is the birthday of the leader. You are late. Did you forget it? As Venerable Tongtian, don’t come to celebrate the birthday of the leader. Do you know what crime it is? I have to thank me for catching you.”

D*mn it!

Darryl patted his head. I really forgot!

A few days ago, He Tianyou made a special call to inform, but these days, it is to identify antiques and alchemy conferences, so I have forgotten this matter long ago.

Darryl turned his eyes and looked at Kendra with a smile: “Madam, you are worried about me, afraid that the leader will give me death if I get angry. You won’t see me in the future?”

When the voice fell, Kendra’s expression suddenly rose with a hint of shame, and then glared at Darryl: “Glib, Darryl, you are bold, dare to joke with me?”

After saying this, Kendra bit his lips subconsciously.

For some reason, since I separated from him last time, I often think of him and that night. .

Do you like him after experiencing men and women?

No…no…I am the wife of the leader.

Thinking in his heart, Kendra changed the subject: “Darryl, how is the task I gave you?”

The master’s wife, caught me back. After seeing me, she seemed very happy. But still pretending to be nothing.

Does this lady really like me? Thinking of this, Darryl responded with a grin: “How dare your subordinates forget the task the madam gave me? Now I have mixed into Shangwu Academy and I am a student of Shangwu Academy. Recently, I have been waiting for a suitable opportunity.”

D*mn, stealing from the principal, how easy it is. Up to now, I haven’t even seen the leader’s face!

Kendra said, “I hope you can give me good news as soon as possible.”

Darryl nodded, and when his thoughts turned, he made a bitter expression: “Madam, to be honest, this task is not easy to do, you don’t know, I sneaked into the principal’s office several times, but I didn’t find it. The most recent time, I was discovered by school security and was almost killed. I still have injuries on my body.”

I’m so witty to be true. I don’t believe you are not worried.


When the voice fell, Kendra was anxious, and a bit of concern appeared on his beautiful face. He walked over and asked uncontrollably: “You are injured? Where is the injury, let me see.”

At this moment, Kendra couldn’t figure out why he cared about Darryl so much.

Seeing Kendra approaching, a faint scent came, and Darryl became bold, and he held her in his arms at once, and said with a slick smile, “Madam, the subordinate is not hurt, but I haven’t seen it for several days. Madam, I feel uncomfortable.”

At this time, Darryl firmly believed that his wife already had herself in her heart, and it was impossible to get angry.

Kendra couldn’t help but screamed, his beautiful face was full of shyness. I wanted to struggle, but I could smell Darryl’s unique charm of masculinity, and suddenly I lost a bit of strength.

“Darryl, you…” Kendra was ashamed and angry, but couldn’t get angry anyhow, bit his lip, and groaned: “You let me go…”

Darryl didn’t let go, but instead hugged tighter. In the next second, Darryl leaned forward and kissed his delicate lips.


At this moment, Kendra’s body trembled, only to feel that his body was numb with electricity, and then he closed his eyes.

As the wife of the leader, Kendra really has never been like this with a man. The last time I was taken advantage of by Darryl, I missed Darryl very much afterwards. Now I was kissed by him again, and fell instantly.

However, at this moment, I heard a loud laugh outside the door!

“Haha, ma’am, ma’am…”


The leader is here.

Kendra trembled with fright, adjusted his hair, hurriedly pushed Darryl away, and said in a low voice anxiously: “The leader is here, you…”


The leader?

Darryl was also dumbfounded, D*mn, why do you recite so much? In the middle of the night, he and his wife, lone man and widow were in this room. In this situation, if the teacher sees it, he will definitely die!

How to do?

At this moment, Darryl was like an ant on a hot pot, anxiously unable to do it, wishing to become a mass of air.

Kendra quickly recovered his composure. After quickly finishing his clothes, he pointed to the bed: “Quickly.”

Darryl’s eyes lit up, before he even thought about it, he got in.

The moment he got under the bed, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

As expected, Madam, she can still be so calm when it’s critical.

At this moment, the Lord Tongtian walked in.

The leader is tall and majestic! It’s just that he is a little older, and his temples are already pale.

Seeing the leader coming in, Kendra smiled, but in fact he was a little flustered: “The leader, it’s so late, why did you come here suddenly?”

Usually at this time, he is either in retreat, or he is already resting. Why are you here today?

Chapter 183

The leader waved his sleeves and walked over and sat on the edge of the bed: “The deity is very happy today, so come and see the madam, hehe…”

Since marrying Kendra to this Tongtian Island, the leader has always loved her.

It can be said that the leader can agree to everything Kendra wants except for men and women! In Tongtian Sect, seeing the wife of the leader, such as seeing the leader, who dares to be disrespectful to the wife is a capital crime!

But his wife has always been cold and cold to him. She has rarely smiled sincerely on Tongtian Island for so long.


Kendra poured a cup of tea, took a sip, and asked curiously: “Why is the leader so happy?”

At this time, the leader patted the position next to him, motioned Kendra to sit down, and said with a smile: “Madam, I found an interesting book in the library just now. This book is the thirteenth generation of our Tongtian Sect. Teacher, a book written in his spare time.”

“This book records a ventriloquist that can change people’s voice. I think it’s fun. I just learned it. I’ll show it to you!” said the leader.

“Good.” Kendra nodded. Looking at him with interest.

At this moment, the teacher spoke up, and then from his mouth, an old voice came with a slight smile: “Madam!”

The voice has really changed!

The word’Mrs.’ came from the head of the leader, but it was the voice of an old man.

With a smile on his face, the leader opened his mouth again and called out again: “Madam.”

This time it was no longer the old voice, but the accent of a strong young guy.

Kendra squeezed out a smile: “Master, this is so funny. How did you do it?”

When he said this, Kendra couldn’t express his anxiety. Darryl was hiding under the bed, and he didn’t know what was going on.

If he accidentally makes a noise and is discovered by the leader, it will be miserable. And to be honest, the ventriloquism that the leader just performed was really nothing interesting in her heart.

However, in order to protect Darryl from being discovered, he had to look very interested.

The leader laughed and said enthusiastically: “It’s rare to see the lady so interested in one thing. If the lady wants to learn, I will teach the lady! It’s actually very simple. You only need to transfer the inner strength of the dantian to the dumb door behind the neck. Acupuncture points, you can control your own voice.”

Darryl, who was hiding under the bed, his eyes lit up at this moment.

This ventriloquism is a bit interesting.

Thinking about it, Darryl secretly merged his Dantian inner strength into the Yamen point, and sure enough, he felt a little different in his throat.

But he dared not make a sound. Just kidding, the leader is on the side, and when he speaks, he must be dead.

At this time, Kendra’s beautiful eyes turned, and smiled and asked, “Master, you came here on a special trip because of this?”

In the past few years, the leader has always used various methods to make himself happy. Although very hard, most of them are tricks to coax people.

I am a little numb.

Especially after that night with Darryl, I only think that Darryl is the best man. .

Oh, why did I think of this again. Thinking of this unexpectedly, Kendra’s face blushed for no apparent reason.

The leader didn’t notice the change in Madam’s expression. He smiled and said warmly, “If you encounter something fun, you must share it with Madam. By the way, Madam, there’s one more thing. The Longevity Hall sent someone just now. , Come and give me a gift.”

Hall of Eternal Life?

Kendra frowned, “Why would the Hall of Longevity send you a gift? The relationship between our Tongtian Sect and Hall of Longevity has always been poor? A few days ago, the Hall of Longevity also arrested our saint candidate. Thanks to Darryl at that time. Those saint candidates have not been humiliated. Otherwise, our Tongtian Sect will lose face. We have such a bad relationship with the Hall of Eternal Life, they will still give gifts?”

The leader nodded, his expression became a little complicated: “Madam is right. In the past few years, our Tongtian Sect and the Palace of Longevity have been fighting secretly, and the relationship is really not good.”

As he said, he changed his words: “However, in the arena, Tongtian Island and the Palace of Longevity have been called two great cults. Especially the six major factions, which are in the same spirit, have always wanted to destroy us. So let’s It’s not too fierce to fight against the Hall of Longevity. That’s why they give gifts on my birthday as a sign of goodwill?”

After saying this, the leader showed a smile on his face and looked at Kendra: “Madam guess, what is the gift for me from the Palace of Longevity this time?”

Kendra asked curiously: “What is it?”

= The leader looked proud and smiled: “A copy of “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing””

When the voice fell, Darryl, who was hiding under the bed, suddenly felt astonished.


Tai Xuan Zhen Jing?

Isn’t this the scripture my lady asked me to steal?

Kendra’s body shook, and was also taken aback. He stared at the leader closely and was unbelievable: “What?”

Taixuan Zhenjing, the book that every cultivator wants to get!

There are seven books in this world. The cover colors of the seven scriptures are: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple.

According to legend, there is a great secret hidden in these seven scriptures. As long as you collect seven books and understand the secrets in them, you can gain the power to command the world!

“Master, all the people in the rivers and lakes, who wouldn’t want to collect these seven scriptures? How could they be so kind to send a copy of “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing” to them?” Kendra said.

The leader smiled disapprovingly: “Madam, don’t worry, no matter what he wants to do in the Palace of Longevity, since they have sent the scriptures, I will not be polite, so I will accept it.”

Kendra nodded silently, without speaking.

The leader was very happy, and continued to smile: “Madam, I now have three “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing”. We have two books in the Tongtian Church, one is red and the other is green. Now the Palace of Longevity has sent it again. Here comes a yellow book, haha, from this point of view, the collection of seven classics is just around the corner.”

Kendra smiled and said, “Then congratulations to the leader.”

Darryl under the bed swallowed. There are already three copies of “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing” in the hands of the leader.

Another is in the hands of the principal of Shangwu Academy. If this one is also available, it will be four.

I have to say, this Tongtian Sect is really powerful.

At this moment, the leader took out three “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing” from his body, handed them to Kendra’s hands, and said with a smile: “Madam, these three books, put them here for one night,”

Kendra said puzzledly, “Master, these are three strange books. Are you going to put them here?”

You know, if these three books are placed in the arena, it will definitely cause a bloody storm. How many masters want to compete for this book!

The leader sighed deeply, and smiled with some emotion: “Madam, everyone says that there is a big secret hidden in these seven scriptures. If you understand it thoroughly, you can dominate the world. But I have been comprehending for so many years. , I didn’t find any clues. I thought for a while, whether I’m too dull, Madam Bingxue is smart, and maybe I can find something, so Madam will help me understand it all night.”

In this world, the person that the leader believes most is Kendra.

Kendra smiled. At that time, he only wanted the leader to leave quickly, so he agreed, “That’s okay.”

Seeing Mrs. promised, the leader was more than happy: “I will work hard tonight, Madam. Nafujun will leave first.”

When the voice fell, he waved his hand, turned and walked away.

Listening to the sound of footsteps leaving, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

D*mn, can be regarded as gone.

After hiding for so long, I only felt that half of my body was numb.

I have to say that the aura of the leader is really too strong.

Hidden under the bed just now, I can feel the terrifying pressure. Fortunately, his willpower was strong enough that he didn’t make a sound from beginning to end. It is estimated that changing to someone else, I’m afraid it would have been discovered long ago.

Fortunately, Darryl crawled out from the bottom of the bed.

The moment he came out, I saw Kendra’s face flushed red, unspeakably s3xy and charming.

Obviously, she was very scared just now.

Seeing Darryl crawling out, Kendra was shy and nervous again. What if the leader turns back again? Thinking of this, he stretched out his jade hand and pushed Darryl: “Go away.”

Haha, when the wife is scared, she is also so charming.

Darryl smiled and nodded: “Good night, madam.”

After saying this, he didn’t rush to leave, but walked quickly over, taking advantage of Kendra’s defenselessness, and kissed her charming face. Immediately afterwards, he walked out with a grin.


Kendra’s body trembled, his face was hot, unspeakably shy, and he couldn’t help stomping his feet.

This Darryl is really getting bolder and bolder.

I was almost met by the leader just now and turned out to be rude to myself.

But… how come I am not angry at all in my heart, but rather happy?

Thinking about it, Kendra’s face turned redder, almost infinitely shy.

Chapter 184

the next day.

Tongtian Island is lively!

Many people in the rivers and lakes came to the island to celebrate their birthdays.

The Tongtian Sect is very powerful, and there are many people in the arena who want to make friends with the Tongtian Sect.

In the main hall, there are hundreds of tables. All the high-level personnel of Tongtian Island are here. Together with the guests, all are seated at this time.

In the middle of the hall, there is a dragon chair. The leader sits on it, majestic and majestic! Sitting next to him was his wife Kendra.

Today, Kendra, wearing a lavender dress, is s3xy and charming, but at the same time it gives people a feeling of’Mother Yi Tianxia’.

As Venerable Tongtian, apart from the leader and his wife, Darryl has the highest status in the entire hall.

So I sat in the first position below.

Below, there are the four great masters.

This is the first time that Darryl has seen the four great masters gather together. Green dragon and white tiger, Suzaku basalt. All of these four great masters are masters!

It is worth mentioning that the Qinglong Law King is a thin-faced middle-aged man with a Qinglong tattoo on his neck. He is very silent while sitting there, but the imposing momentum on his body is not to be underestimated.

The Lord Suzaku, a woman of about thirty years old, could not help but brighten up Darryl’s eyes when he saw her at the first glance.

She was wearing a dark red dress, her hair was dark red, and she was beautiful and well-groomed. It’s just that there is a dangerous breath all over her body, just like a beauty snake.

It was the White Tiger Law King that surprised Darryl. It was the short monk who caught himself to Tongtian Island last night.

D*mn, this guy turned out to be the White Tiger King. No wonder the strength is so strong.

It was the first time that the leader saw Darryl. He not only frowned secretly, he turned his head and said to Kendra: “Madam, this Darryl is so young and his strength is so low. Before letting him be the Venerable Heavenly Sovereign, isn’t it a bit too much to consider .”

When Darryl first came to Tongtian Island, he was in retreat. His wife named him Venerable Heavenly Heaven, but his strength was too low.

Kendra smiled and said, “Master, Darryl is not strong, but it is precisely because he is young that his strength can be practiced. Some time ago, if it were not for him, we would have a dozen or so saint candidates of the Tongtian Sect. I’m so angry, I think he is worthy of this position.”

The leader nodded silently and laughed: “Madame is right. Now, our Tongtian Sect does not lack cultivators, we lack this kind of capable young people.”

When the words fell, the four great princes were very upset. After all, a hairy boy has a higher status than them. This is not in compliance with the rules! But they dare not say anything.

The leader said nothing.

Who dares to refute the decision he made.

At this moment, Darryl stood up and said with a smile: “Master, your subordinates wish you a long life! Today is the birthday of the leader, and the subordinates specially prepared a small gift.”

After speaking, he took out two pills from his body.

Darryl knew in his heart that everyone present couldn’t understand him. After all, his own strength is low, yet being the Venerable Heavenly Sovereign, of course makes people jealous. So we must find a way to make the leader happy.

Just last night, I refined two more pills in Nalan Xinran’s villa.

It is Mixed Qi Dan and Luo Ying Dan! Just treat it as a gift!

At this moment, Darryl flipped his wrist and two elixir appeared. A bright pink, a dark purple, faintly permeated with aura, very attractive.

The leader also came to be interested and asked with a smile: “Okay, okay, okay, Venerable Tongtian has this intention, this leader is very pleased, I don’t know what kind of medicine you are offering.”

In fact, the leader can also refine alchemy, which can be regarded as some accomplishments.

But the two pills in front of him were never seen before.

Especially the pink pill, it’s so different.

Darryl smiled and slowly said: “Return to the leader, this pink pill is called’Luoying Dan’. After taking it, it can prolong life and make the cultivator reborn!”

Having said that, Darryl raised the mixed qi pill in his hand and continued to smile: “This one is called’mixed qi pill’. It is a healing medicine. After the cultivator receives a severe injury, he can take it if his dantian is damaged. After that, you can quickly help Dantian and re-consolidate internal strength!”


These two pills, just take out one, they are all top grades!

At this time, everyone present couldn’t help taking a breath.

You know, the cultivator’s dantian is the most deadly place. If a severe injury is suffered, the light one becomes an ordinary person, and the heavy one will lose his life.

And this kind of “mixed qi pill” can actually help Dantian and regain his inner strength. It’s incredible!

In other words, with this’mixed gas pill’, one more life!

Where did he get this superb elixir? !

The leader was so excited, his face full of excitement and joy, he laughed and said: “Haha, not bad, Venerable Tongtian is so caring, the leader is not welcome!”

These two pills are precious.

There was a smile on Darryl’s face, but there was a pain in his heart. These two pills were originally reserved for future use.

You know, the materials needed for these two pills are too scarce. Last night, if it hadn’t been for Nalan Xinran, who had obtained a few rare spirit grasses, he wouldn’t be able to refine them.

But no way.

Today is the birthday of the leader. If there is no indication, I am afraid that the leader will be even more dissatisfied with himself in the future.

After delivering the pills, the guests and subordinates present toasted to the leader.

The leader was also happy, and he didn’t refuse anyone, one cup after another. Today is his birthday, and his wife is also very admiring. After drinking a lot, her beautiful face gradually became rosy.

Three rounds of wine.

The leader asked Kendra: “By the way, Madam, how is your comprehension of the three scriptures?”

All the martial arts masters at the scene stopped their chopsticks one after another after listening to the three scriptures. Naturally, they all knew that the scriptures he was talking about were Taixuanzhen scriptures.

Kendra shook his head, then took out the three scriptures, and said softly: “Master, I have been comprehending for a long time. I really can’t understand it. I didn’t find any secrets in these three scriptures.”

Hearing this, the leader could not help sighing, frowning, and said gloomily: “Oh, there are rumors in the world, saying that there is a big secret hidden in these seven scriptures. As long as you understand it, you can command the world. I have been comprehending for so long, and I still have no clues. I didn’t expect my wife to be so smart that she would not be able to comprehend.

Is it true that the rumors are false?

Seeing the gloom on the face of the leader, everyone in the hall did not dare to breathe.

After a while, the White Tiger King stood up and spoke respectfully: “Master, my subordinates guess, will it be necessary to gather all the seven scriptures to find the secret?”

The leader’s eyes flickered and nodded. It may well be so.

Kendra next to him also nodded his head with deep conviction: “Don’t worry, the leader, now we have three books, I believe we will find the other four soon.”

“The leader of martial arts, number one in the world, gather the scriptures sooner or later!”

All the subordinates knelt down and said loudly.

The leader nodded with satisfaction. The reason why he took out these three scriptures at the banquet was to show the guests and see how powerful he is.

After all, everyone in the rivers and lakes wants to get the scriptures, he is the master of the heavens, and one person has three books!

“The leader.”

At this moment, Darryl suddenly stood up and said: “Master, can you take a look at these three scriptures by your subordinates.”


This kid is crazy.

At this moment, everyone present changed their complexion and looked at Darryl with complicated eyes.

Everyone present knows that the master of such a rare book as “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing” is regarded as a treasure.

This Darryl is so bold, he asked for it?

Even if you are Venerable Tongtian, you should be a little self-aware, right?

The face of the leader also became gloomy in an instant, his brows furrowed!

This kid is so bold.

On the main hall, in front of so many people, asking yourself to watch the scriptures? !

Seeing that the master’s face was wrong, Kendra hurriedly pulled him, and said: “The master calms down. Darryl, what are you going to do?”

At this time, the Suzaku Suzaku could not help standing up, frowning and saying: “Venerable Tongtian, what a treasure the “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing” is, do you know? Only the leader can comprehend. What do you want to do? You do it. How long has it been with Venerable Tongtian? Is it like ultra vires over the leader?”

Being a Venerable Heavenly Tong, Darryl was very dissatisfied at first.

Naturally, the opportunity will not be missed at this time.

Darryl smiled faintly, ignored these people, and slowly said: “Master, the subordinates didn’t mean the slightest offense. I just think that among your three classics, the yellow one is a bit wrong. It seems to be fake. “

The red and green books are “antiques” at first glance and have been circulating for thousands of years.

But last night, the yellow scriptures sent from the Hall of Longevity seemed to be fake. Darryl understands antiques, so he can tell at a glance that this scripture has been’old-fashioned’. It’s an imitation ancient book!

Chapter 185

The leader also frowned secretly and said: “This scripture was sent from the Hall of Longevity. What’s the problem?”

While talking, he lowered his head to distinguish the difference between the three scriptures.

Except for the different colors, there seems to be no problem.

Darryl laughed: “I also asked the master to trust his subordinates and lend the scriptures to his subordinates to read.”

At this time, the leader will also be skeptical and hand over the book.

Darryl took the scriptures, touched the cover, and couldn’t help but smile. I have to say that the person who copied this scripture was very clever.

However, the paper is obviously new.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl flipped through the book, only to feel that there was a slight bulge under the cover of the book.

There is something under the cover!

Darryl thought to himself, tearing open the book!


Seeing his movements, everyone in the entire hall was shocked and couldn’t help but breathe in cold air.

He…he actually tore the scriptures?

The White Tiger Law King couldn’t help it anymore, he stood up abruptly, glaring at Darryl and scolded: “Venerable Tongtian, you are so bold.”

At the same time, the Suzaku His Holiness was also full of frost, and he yelled: “You dare to tear the scriptures, are you tired of living?”

“Tai Xuan Zhen Jing” is a peerless classic that everyone has dreamed of. He actually tore it?

The leader also changed his face and couldn’t help standing up, his face full of anger.

This Darryl didn’t put himself in his eyes too much! Such a prestige and ruining of the scriptures must not be tolerated!

In his anger, the leader sinks his dantian, and a terrifying aura is released instantly!

However, Darryl didn’t panic at all, after tearing open the cover, he took out a black hard piece from the inside.


That’s right, there is a small bug hidden under the book cover!

At this moment, Darryl held the bug, and everyone present closed their mouths.

“Master, it seems that the subordinates have guessed right, the Hall of Longevity has not been well-intentioned.” Darryl said with a smile, “Are they trying to eavesdrop on the secrets of our teaching?”


At this moment, the leader’s face changed suddenly, and he slapped the table suddenly: “The gangsters of the Palace of Longevity, dare to send false scriptures with a bug in them. It’s really killing you! When I gather the seven scriptures, I will order the world After that, the first one will destroy their longevity hall!”

The voice fell, a terrifying suffocation filled his body!

Everyone trembled, and they all closed their mouths. The aura of the leader is really terrifying. At this moment he was furious, and the audience did not even dare to breathe.

At this time, Kendra glared at Darryl, his eyes showing a trace of dissatisfaction.

I was really scared to death just now, thinking that he really tore the scriptures.

The leader clenched his fists, his anger slowly subsided, and said: “Venerable Tongtian, fortunate to have you this time, otherwise, the leader is still in the dark! You have done a great job!”

When the voice fell, the four great princes were all embarrassed.

Before, I felt that this kid became Venerable Tongtian, which was a bit misleading.

Unexpectedly, he does have some abilities.

Darryl looked humble and smiled: “This is what the subordinates should do.”

The leader nodded in satisfaction, and raised his glass again: “Come on, the leader of the leader toasts you a cup.”

When the voice fell, everyone else hurriedly toasted to Darryl.

None of those present are fools.

Now Darryl, with such a high status in Tongtian Sect, has been praised by the leader again, who wants to cheat him.

This birthday banquet lasted nearly five hours.

In the end, everyone in the whole hall was drunk, and many people drank under the table.

Kendra was not strong enough to drink, his jade hand held his forehead. I have to say that she looks more s3xy and charming when she is drunk, her pretty face is flushed, her eyes are blurred, and there is a seductive smell all over her body.

The banquet came to an end, and the whole hall was in a mess. The leader drank everyone back. In the entire hall, he and Darryl were the only two people left.

“Darryl, there are some things I want to say to you.” The leader slowly spoke, staring at Darryl.

What’s the matter, I have to say it alone.

Darryl’s heart also almost mentioned his throat, and the cold sweat also swished down.

I saw the leader picked up the wine glass, took a sip for himself, and said with a smile: “Darryl, thanks to you today. This leader has always rewarded and punished clearly, this time you have done a great job, you must reward.”

D*mn it.

Darryl let out a sigh of relief, D*mn, frightened to death, it turned out to be this.

Just thinking about it, the leader took out something from him.

Seeing this thing, Darryl was stunned.

It was a piece of white soft armor, covered with precise and beautiful lines, and it shone with dazzling light by candlelight.

Ingenious workmanship!

This is simply a work of art!

Darryl couldn’t help asking: “Master, what is this?”

The leader laughed, and slowly said: “This is called the Celestial Silkworm Treasure Armor. It was made by a predecessor of the Tongtian Sect 500 years ago. It is made of Celestial Silk and Outer Meteorite! Tough! Extremely strong! It can resist most weapons, and maybe it can save your life when it’s critical.”

Having said this, the leader handed over the’Central Silkworm Treasure’: “Reward for you.”

Darryl took the treasure armor excitedly and couldn’t wait to put it on.

The silkworm armor sticks to the skin, it is not uncomfortable at all, and it is no different from ordinary clothes.

At that time he was overjoyed: “Thank you, the leader!”

Two pills were given out, but in exchange for a top-grade treasure.

The elixir is gone, it can still be refined. And this treasure is probably the one in the world, right?

I am not at a loss at all, haha!

The leader nodded and looked at Darryl with a smile: “In the future, we will make more contributions to our Tongtian Sect. Don’t let me down. Okay, it’s getting late. Go back to rest. You will return to Donghai City tomorrow. , Don’t forget to steal the scriptures.”

“Subordinates will live up to their expectations!” Darryl said quickly.

After half an hour, Darryl walked back to his room. Along the way, he couldn’t hide his excitement.

Go back to the house for a while, be sure to try this treasure with a knife to see if it works well!

Darryl’s house and the house of the master’s wife were not far away. When he passed Kendra’s door, Darryl was shocked and stopped.

“Darryl… Darryl…”

The door of the lady’s room was concealed at this time, and a soft shout came from inside, soft and nice.

It was Kendra’s voice!

How did the madam know that I’m back? Darryl thought in his heart, gently opened the door, and walked in.


The moment he entered the room, Darryl was dumbfounded.

Kendra was half lying on the bed, with a lazy look, with a charming red on his beautiful face.

She was obviously drunk, closed her eyes, and was talking drunk.

Darryl’s heart warmed, this teacher’s wife, was thinking of me when she was drunk?

“Madam, you are drunk, drink some water to wake up the bar.” Darryl said while pouring water.

This is how much I have drunk, so drunk like this.

She handed the water to her mouth, but she didn’t drink it. Instead, he threw himself into Darryl’s arms and whispered: “Darryl, I don’t want to drink water, I want you to accompany me… Hold me to sleep…”

Under the stimulation of alcohol, Kendra finally told the truth. Finally, I knew what I needed most in my heart.

What she wants is not a position below one person, above ten thousand people.

But… a vigorous love.

These, only Darryl can give it to himself. The leader can’t!


Sleep with you?

Hearing this, Darryl only felt that his bones were numb. With a wry smile, he said, “Madam, you are drunk, please rest quickly.”

If the leader suddenly came, he would have ten lives and he wouldn’t be enough to kill him. No, you must calm down.

However, what left him speechless was that the lady clasped her neck tightly with both hands, without any intention of letting go.

Kendra’s eyes were blurred, staring at Darryl tightly, pouting his mouth, unspeakably coquettish and s3xy: “Darryl, I don’t allow you to go, I don’t.”

“Madam, don’t laugh, go to bed…” Darryl swished down in a cold sweat.

However, as soon as his voice fell, Kendra hugged him tighter and pressed his face to his heart, with a firm tone: “I don’t care, you are not allowed to go tonight, you are not allowed to go…”

Darryl was very helpless and had to get into the bed.

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