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Chapter 186

Early the next morning.

Darryl was lying on the fragrant bed, holding Kendra in his arms. Any man would be envious of this scene.

The wife of the leader was so drunk yesterday that she hugged Darryl and wouldn’t let him leave. Darryl had no choice but to stay.

But to be honest, he and the teacher’s wife didn’t do anything beyond the rules last night. Because the teacher’s wife was drunk and unconscious last night, Darryl was also a little tired, so she just slept with her all night.

Jingle Bell!

At this time, Darryl was sleeping soundly, and suddenly, a rapid telephone ringing rang.

D*mn, who called himself so early?

Darryl opened his eyes in a daze, took a look at the phone, and suddenly frowned.

Fcuk, 6 tail numbers 6.

This phone number is not simple, he whispered secretly, Darryl put the phone in his ear.

As soon as the connection was made, a familiar voice came from the other side: “Little wind? Where are you?”

Uncle, head of the Yue family, Banson!

Darryl’s expression changed, and suddenly he was completely drowsy.

The last time his father was arrested by the Yue family, he directly used artillery torture. That bloody scene, I will never forget it!

He has no relationship with the Yue family now, and now, Banson called himself suddenly. What do you want to do?

Darryl clenched his fists, and the images reverberating in his mind were all the appearance of his father being tortured!

At this moment, Kendra beside him also let out a gasp. Obviously, she was also woken up by the phone.

She hugged Darryl and buried her face on his chest: “Who is it, calling you so early?”

I drank a lot last night, but my mind was still a little clear. I knew that Darryl was asked to stay at that time.

At this moment, he woke up, and Kendra’s heart was unspeakably shy and complicated.

What happened to me last night? Must let Darryl accompany him to sleep.

I am the wife of the leader!

Is it…. Is it true that you fall in love with him?

At this time, Banson on the phone had been urging. Darryl smiled and looked at Kendra: “Ma’am, I’ll go out to answer the phone.”

Kendra hummed softly.

Darryl slowly moved up, kissed Kendra’s delicate face, then smiled and got out of bed.


Feeling the residual temperature on his face, Kendra’s face once again showed a blush.

Last night, I was held by him and slept all night. What a shame. I have been with the leader for several years, but the leader has never embraced himself like this.

But… the feeling of being held in your arms is so warm.

As the wife of the Master of the Tongtian Church, she is aloof. Over the years, she has obtained many natural treasures and many panacea. But she never

Have this feeling*led in Darryl’s arms, this feeling was really comfortable.

Darryl put on his clothes, took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it, took a deep breath, and walked outside.

Now he rarely smokes, but at this time the sun has just risen and the scenery on the island is particularly beautiful. In addition, the air is clear in the morning and I don’t light a cigarette. I’m sorry for the beauty.

Sitting on a stone slab, Darryl picked up the phone and asked indifferently: “What can you do with me?”

Anyway, he is not a member of the Yue family anymore, there is no need to be polite.

On the other side of the phone, Banson’s tone was low and sentimental: “Xiaofeng, something happened to your grandpa.”

Hearing this, Darryl was shocked.

To be honest, he didn’t have a good impression of the Yue family. But when he heard that the old man had an accident, Darryl still felt uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter?” Darryl asked.


Banson sighed long, his tone a little anxious: “It’s a big thing, it’s easy to lose your life! Xiaofeng, you may never see your grandfather again in your life. If you still have a little conscience, just Come to the City No. 1 Hospital. After all, that’s your grandfather.”


The First Hospital of Donghai City.

There are more people in the hospital today than every day.

Especially the second floor of the inpatient department is completely crowded, and the entire floor is full of people. These people, in addition to the children of the Yue family, but also the children of major families in Donghai City.

Just yesterday, the news that Grandpa Yue was seriously ill spread throughout Donghai City.

This is absolutely big news!

You know, the Yue family is in Donghai City, he is one of the best!

As soon as the news came out, early this morning, various families sent people to come to condolences.

Yes, the old man is sick. Suffering from acute leukemia.

People from all the big families came to visit, they were very sorry, and at the same time they were very puzzled.

You know, the Yue family is not only a cultivator, but also has extraordinary strength! I heard that it has reached the Wuhou level!

How can such a strong strength get leukemia?

As we all know, the physique of a cultivator is much stronger than that of ordinary people, because the various functions of the body have undergone essential changes after cultivation.

It may be unavoidable to catch a cold and fever, but you will never get any major diseases. Just like the old man, reaching the realm of Wuhou, he has been reborn, and it is impossible to get sick!

But what is unexpected is that Grandpa Yue just suffered from this disease. It’s incredible.

At this moment, in the senior ward.

Grandpa Yue was lying quietly on the hospital bed with a bottle on his arm. It could be seen that his figure was obviously thinner than a while ago, his complexion was pale, and he was very weak.

Around the hospital bed, eldest brother Clint, sister-in-law Patsy, Wang Yan and Zhang Jiajia are waiting by their side


The four people’s faces were unspeakable worry. There was a depressive atmosphere in the entire ward.

At this time, the old man Yue felt unspeakable regret. Indeed, logically speaking, it is impossible for a cultivator to get this disease.

Before, Grandpa Yue had been in retreat for five years and had been practicing the “Yi Jin Jing” all the time.

“Yi Jin Jing” is a kind of martial arts co-founded by the Shaolin Sect and the predecessors of the Wudang Sect. It belongs to the most rigid and yang method.

Later, after leaving the customs, he led the Yue family and joined the Palace of Longevity.

Two days ago, Grandpa Yue got another secret book from the Palace of Longevity: You Huazhang.

This quiet flower palm skill is notoriously vicious. After Grandpa Yue got it, he couldn’t wait to practice. I don’t know, I made a fatal mistake.

“Yi Jin Jing” is the secret of the most yang to strong exercises, while You Huazhang is the path of Yin and evil.

One yang and one yin, mutual restraint.

At the beginning, Grandpa Yue didn’t realize the danger, and when the two forces began to swallow each other in the body, it was too late! Two days ago, Grandpa Yue was cultivating in a secret room. Suddenly, the two forces in his body couldn’t be controlled, and he almost went crazy!

The old man has practiced for a lifetime, and he knows the danger of getting into trouble. In the end, with all his best efforts, he saved a life.

However, it is a pity that his whole body of cultivation has disappeared in an instant. He instantly became an ordinary person.

Suddenly he changed from a cultivator to an ordinary person, and the disease also came to his door, suffering from acute leukemia.

Thinking of this at this time, Grandpa Yue was disheartened, staring at the ceiling with a pair of eyes blankly, not wanting to say a word.

Seeing him like this, the few Clint guarding the side did not dare to speak loudly. One by one, their faces were calm, and the ward was silent.

Grandpa has an arrogant personality.

Suffering such a blow, I was afraid he couldn’t think about it for a while.

At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Banson walked in.

When he reached the bed, Banson cautiously said to the old man: “Dad, I called Darryl just now, and he said he will come soon.”

When the voice fell, Grandpa Yue frowned and didn’t speak.

Although Darryl did such a brutal thing, he was able to visit him, which really made people heartwarming.

On the other side, Patsy looked upset and couldn’t help but said, “Dad, what are you doing calling this trash? That beast is no longer from our Yue family. Besides, Grandpa won’t wait to see him.”

Clint echoed: “Yes, Grandpa can’t stand the irritation in this situation. He must be angry when he sees that trash!”

Wang Yan on one side heard that Darryl might come, and his face instantly became extremely ugly.

The belly of his wife Zhang Jiajia is getting bigger and bigger these days.

It’s all the ba5tard Darryl.

He has done such a scandal, does he have the face to visit Grandpa?

Chapter 187

Three o’clock in the afternoon.

The First Hospital of Donghai City.

A taxi drove up quickly and just stopped at the gate. A young man hurriedly got out of the car and walked quickly into the hospital lobby.

It is Darryl.

After receiving Banson’s call, Darryl was very entangled, he didn’t know whether he should come. After all, his father was almost executed by them last time.

But after thinking about it, the old man may have passed away, so he should come to see him for the last time. After all, when I was young, my grandfather loved himself the most. Grandpa is unkind, but he can’t be unrighteous.

When I arrived at the inpatient department, I looked outside and in the corridor, crowded with visitors. Some acquaintances are not common among them. Darryl was not in the mood to say hello either, and went directly to the second floor.

But there were still a few girls who saw Darryl’s figure. Called out in an instant.

Why is this son-in-law here?

Wasn’t he driven out by the Yue family?

Listening to the sound of the discussion, Darryl didn’t have a trace of expression, and when he reached the second floor, he walked directly into the ward.

The moment they opened the door, everyone in the Yue family’s complexion changed, and their eyes looked over, full of hostility!

The scum of this family, really dare to come!

I have done a ugly thing to my younger siblings and have been kicked out of the family. It is really no shame to appear in such a public place!

If the expression in his eyes could kill people, Darryl would already be battered!

He didn’t care about the gazes around him, his expression was calm and calm, and he went straight to the old man.


At this moment, Patsy stood up and blocked his way: “You really have a face.”

Darryl took a deep breath, forcibly stabilized his emotions, and said coldly: “It was the uncle who called and asked me to come.”

As soon as the voice fell, Clint on one side also stood up, pointed at him and reprimanded: “Darryl, you are not welcome here, you get out of here!”

This guy is not as thick as usual.

The patriarch called him and he came.

What identity do you have, don’t you know?

Wang Yan, who was standing next to him, didn’t speak, but his face was extremely gloomy, and his eyes were filled with deep resentment.

Behind him, Zhang Jiajia bit her lip tightly, and her body trembled faintly.

I thought this ba5tard was faceless.

Unexpectedly, he really had the guts.

Darryl smiled coldly, looked around the crowd and said coldly: “I’m here to see Grandpa, not to see you. What are you screaming at?”

The scene in front of me, I guessed it on the road just now.

Darryl frowned and walked straight to the bed.

At that moment, looking at Grandpa Yue with a haggard face, Darryl felt sour in his heart, and said softly: “Grandpa, I’m coming to see you.”

Elder Yue nodded silently, his eyes revealed a bit of relief, and said weakly: “Okay, okay…”

In the heart of the old man, Darryl couldn’t possibly come.

After all, he used the “Paolao” family method for his father, which was the most severe family method of the Yue family!

But unexpectedly, he still came.

It can be seen that in the heart of this child, some family affection is still taken into consideration.

At this moment, Patsy stepped forward and said coldly at Darryl: “Have you finished watching it? Get out after watching.”

This trash thing, when you see him, no matter how good your mood is, it will disappear.

Darryl smiled coldly, and looked at Patsy calmly: “Yes, I haven’t seen you in a few days, and the style is getting bigger and bigger. You opened this hospital? Whoever wants to go, who has to go?”


Patsy couldn’t do it, pointing to Darryl’s face flushing, but couldn’t refute it.

At this moment, Banson, who had been silent, couldn’t stand it anymore, and sighed: “Okay, the old man is still lying on the hospital bed. You guys don’t say a few words. I called Darryl and asked him to see the old man. . After all, the father loved him the most when he was a child. Now the father is critically ill. Today, we don’t care about the grudges of the past.

Patsy snorted coldly and stopped talking.

At this moment, Evelyn, in a white coat, walked in quickly.

Banson hurriedly walked over and asked: “Dean Xue, how is the situation of the old man?”

Everyone gathered around, and many young children from the Yue family also rushed in. Asked with concern.

The old man is the pillar of the Yue family!

Don’t have an accident!

Evelyn sighed lightly, her face solemnly said: “The old man’s condition is very bad. Now the disease is spreading all over the body. It must be operated immediately to transplant bone marrow.”

Transplant bone marrow?

Everyone was stunned.

Darryl frowned, so it seemed that Grandpa’s situation was very bad.

At this time, Evelyn looked around and continued: “I have to explain to everyone that donating bone marrow is dangerous. You may even die in a hospital bed. Although the probability is very small, this possibility is not ruled out. There is no danger to life. After donating bone marrow, the physique will become weaker and the immunity will be reduced. The most important thing is that the speed of cultivation in the future will be much slower than that of normal people.”


When the words fell, all the children of the Yue family present looked at each other, their eyes fluctuating.

With that said, who wants to donate bone marrow! Many children of the Yue family retreated a little.

People are selfish, and no one wants to donate.

Perceiving everyone’s expressions, Darryl sneered secretly.

Grandpa paid so much for the entire Yue family.

It can be said that without grandpa, there would be no Yue family now.

But these people, as soon as they heard that bone marrow donation was harmful to their bodies, they all became conscientious.

What is the use of such tribesmen?

But these have nothing to do with him, anyway, he is not a member of the Yue family now. I only need to do my part of filial piety and be ashamed of the world.

Thinking of this, Darryl asked Evelyn, “How to donate bone marrow?”

Grandpa loved himself very much since he was a child. I can’t die without saving myself!

Evelyn smiled bitterly, and slowly said: “Brother Darryl, don’t worry, bone marrow is not meant to be donated if you want to donate. It depends on whether your bone marrow can match.”

Afterwards, Evelyn looked at the others: “All the people from the Yue family will follow me to check and see whose bone marrow can match the old man.”

Having said this, Evelyn went out.

It turns out that it needs to be matched..

At this moment, many of the Yue family’s children present secretly breathed a sigh of relief, each of them holding their luck in their hearts.

Don’t match yourself.. The children of the Yue family, praying secretly in their hearts, followed Evelyn to the testing room.

Within two hours, Evelyn walked out of the office holding the test results.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes looked over. All of them were sweating, for fear that their bone marrow would match.

Evelyn sighed, and said: “Just now 131 people were tested, only two of them matched.”

Hearing this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, only two people matched.

“Which two people?!” Banson couldn’t help asking.

Evelyn looked around and slowly said, “Clint, Darryl.”


At this moment, Clint’s brain buzzed. If this is to donate bone marrow, how will he spend his time in the future?

And after the donation, the physique becomes weaker, and men and women have to be temperate.

Isn’t this taking your own life?

“The old man tells you to go to the ward!”

At this time, a young man from the Yue family came and shouted at everyone.

Hearing this, more than one hundred people returned to the ward one after another.

When the old man saw everyone coming back, he sat up weakly and asked, “Who matched?”

“Darryl, Clint.”

Hearing these two names, the old man smiled.

Although he is more than seventy years old, he really hasn’t lived enough, and he really doesn’t want to die!

Fortunately, fortunately, the two grandchildren Clint and Darryl matched himself.

“Clang clang.”

At this time, a little nurse knocked on the door and walked in and said, “Hello, please decide as soon as possible, who will donate the bone marrow, and we will arrange the operation tomorrow.”

When the voice fell, the little nurse walked out.

There is no sound in the ward!

This is the end of the matter, and someone must donate bone marrow. At this time, Banson sighed and said, “Clint, you are ready to donate bone marrow to your grandfather.”

Darryl had already left the Yue family, and he was already very tolerant when he came to visit the old man today.

As a result, at this moment, the old man coughed softly and said: “I think… Darryl should donate to me…”


At this moment, everyone’s eyes all looked towards Darryl!

The old man squeezed a smile and said, “Darryl, the doctor said, donating bone marrow is harmful to your health. Your eldest brother Clint needs to take over the family business in the future. His body should not be harmed. Or, you donate to me. ?”

Chapter 188

Darryl just wanted to laugh. You can donate bone marrow yourself. But Grandpa’s words really make people feel uncomfortable.

Donating bone marrow is harmful to the body, so don’t let my eldest brother Clint donate, let me donate? Is it okay if I have a physical problem? !

“Grandpa is wise, so Darryl should donate it!”

At this moment, the crowd did not know anyone, and said aloud.

Suddenly, everyone present nodded one after another, almost unanimously in agreement.

“Yes, if Darryl did such a beast, he should be ashamed of the Yue family, so he should donate it!”

“Save the old man, you can be regarded as atonement!”

Upon hearing these words, Darryl sneered and said nothing.

Haha, this is the so-called tribe, family! Their faces have already been clearly seen.

At this moment, Patsy walked out of the crowd and sneered and said: “Darryl, don’t feel uncomfortable in your heart. It is your honor to let you donate your bone marrow. This is an opportunity for you to redeem your sins. Would you like it?”


It’s really tall and tall.

Darryl took a deep breath and looked at Patsy with a sneer: “Patsy, you don’t have to push me, I can donate my bone marrow.”

After a pause, Darryl looked around, his eyes sharpened: “But I want to tell you that I donate bone marrow to do my part of filial piety. I am not ashamed of the world.”

“As for you, I almost killed my father last time! I have severed the relationship with the Yue family. Also, I haven’t done anything ashamed of the Yue family, so don’t tell me any atonement! I don’t owe you the Yue family. of!”

Darryl’s words spread word by word throughout the ward, loudly!

After a few seconds of silence, Patsy sneered: “Darryl, don’t come with us, you are not ashamed of the Yue family? What’s the matter with your younger brother and sister’s belly?”

As he said, he stretched his finger to Zhang Jiajia’s stomach.

Zhang Jiajia was so embarrassed and angry that she lowered her head and trembled all over.

Darryl glanced, his tone resolute: “How many times do I have to say it? I can donate bone marrow, but this is not my job.”

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but chuckle, looking at Darryl’s gaze with contempt.

He really dared not be it!

“Okay, okay, don’t make any noise.” At this moment, the old man coughed violently and slowly said: “Darryl, this time I am seriously ill. If there is no bone marrow, I am afraid I will not be able to live. I know Donating bone marrow is very harmful to people. So Clint really can’t donate because he will take over the family business in the future. So Darryl, this time, I will trouble you to donate bone marrow to me.”

Speaking of this, the old man paused and said again: “Those aD*mnl things you did before, after you donated bone marrow to me, they were written off. Do you think it works?”

“Fcuk you!”

At this moment, the door of the ward was kicked open!


This huge sound shocked everyone. The next moment, Peter strode in, his eyes flushed!

Just now, Peter had several brothers who were injured. After receiving the news, Peter rushed to the hospital to visit his subordinates. By chance, he passed by here and heard Darryl and the Yue family discussing bone marrow donation.

Peter has a hot temper. Hearing the siege of Darryl from the ward, how could he bear it?

Great Sage?

Seeing him breaking in, Darryl was stunned, and then said: “Great Sage, why are you here?”

Peter looked gloomy and said nothing, grabbing Darryl’s arm: “You follow me!”

Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry: “Great Sage? What’s wrong with you?”

Peter clenched his fists: “What’s wrong? Darryl, what’s wrong with you?! These Yue family members are just a bunch of white-eyed wolves! Have you forgotten how they treated your father last time? You give them back Donate bone marrow? You hurry and follow me!”

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart suddenly rushed into a warm current: “Great Sage, I know what you mean, but… Grandpa has the kindness of nurturing me, I can’t help but die.”

“If you go to the special code, you can’t save it, this old man with a bad pen, loves it!” Peter yelled, “If you want me to be there today, you can’t donate it! It won’t work for anyone who has a special code!”

This huge noise instantly attracted countless onlookers.

Many doctors and nurses looked curiously.

At this moment, Clint stood up and shouted: “Peter, this is our Yue family’s business, what are you doing with you? Darryl donating bone marrow, what does it have to do with you?”

As soon as these words came out, the Yue family nodded one after another.

“Yeah, Darryl has agreed, what are you messing up with?”

“This is our family business, it has nothing to do with you…”

Slot you!

Peter was so angry that he stepped up abruptly without saying a word, and grabbed Clint by the collar.


Without warning, a loud slap slapped his face fiercely.

This slap was very hard, and Clint’s face swelled up instantly!

At this moment, the whole ward was silent, and a needle dropped, you could hear clearly.

All the children of the Yue family present were shocked and angry, but they didn’t dare to step forward!

Clint was beaten up on the spot and looked at Peter in anger: “You…you…”

Of it! He was also the eldest young master of the Yue family anyway, but was slapped in the face by Peter in public.

There are still many family members watching outside, which is a shame.

“Clint, right?” Peter’s voice was extremely cold and cold: “I tell you, I can’t control your Yue family’s affairs, and I don’t want to control it! But you guys with little arms, let me listen. Regarding Darryl’s affairs, my Peter will take care of him! Whoever beeps again, I will cut him off!”


When the voice fell, Peter slapped his wrist, and an axe appeared in his hand. He slammed it hard and the entire axe slashed into the wall!


The walls of the ward trembled, and countless wall coverings fell!


The huge hospital is silent!

Clint blushed and stepped back subconsciously. He slammed into the door frame and wanted to fight back, but he didn’t have the courage.

After this period of training, Clint has also reached the fifth stage of martial arts, and his strength is very good.

But facing Peter, he didn’t even have the courage to fight back!

“You…you…” Sister-in-law Patsy’s face was no longer bloody. She wanted to talk, but her throat seemed to be blocked, and she couldn’t say a word.

Peter looked around and said coldly, “I just want to ask, you members of the Yue family are shameless one by one. You have expelled Darryl from the family. Both parties have nothing to do with each other. What? I need him, and call him back again?!”

Having said that, his gaze fell on Clint again: “Just now I heard your old man say that this Clint wants to inherit the family business, if this is the case, let him donate bone marrow. As the future patriarch, just You should take the lead. You don’t even have this courage. What kind of heir?! What are you doing? Everyone is trying to force the wind to do? A bunch of wicked pens!”

The voice fell, and there was deathly silence in the entire ward.

All the children of the Yue family looked at each other, speechless.

Clint and Patsy’s faces were flushed and flushed!

“Outrageous… Outrageous…”

At this moment, Father Yue, who was lying on the hospital bed, stood up laboriously, and stared at Peter with a pair of eyes: “Okay, Peter, last time you brought people and made a big noise to our Yue family. Come here again today. Make trouble, do you really think our Yue family is a bully!”

At this time, Grandpa Yue was angry.

Darryl’s morals and customs have defiled his younger brothers and sisters, and God’s law is not tolerated. He let him donate his bone marrow, which is regarded as letting him pay for his sins!

It happened that Peter came over to make trouble at a critical time.

This clearly didn’t put the Yue family in his eyes!

What a shame!

Facing the anger of Grandpa Yue, Peter didn’t panic at all, but laughed: “Grandpa Yue, I see the face of Darryl, and call you, grandpa. With me here today, Darryl can’t donate.”


Elder Yue became angry for a while and almost couldn’t come up at all. He pointed at Peter’s hand, and he trembled.

The children of the Yue family were angered one by one, but none dared to speak, and none came forward to stop them.

“Master Yue is not angry. I will help you get rid of Darryl this waste.” However, at this moment, he saw an angry scolding.

Immediately afterwards, a charming figure walked in quickly, with a beautiful face covered with frost, and a long sword in his hand.

Master Miaoyuan!

Chapter 189

During this period of time, Master Miaoyuan and many Emei disciples have been living in Yue’s house, and she has always been very grateful.

Father Yue was seriously ill and was hospitalized, so Master Miaoyuan rushed over immediately.

Seeing this scene before him, Master Miao Yuan was too angry to speak, and said: “Mr. Yue, but not angry, you are in a serious condition, so you should cultivate well, you scum of the Yue family, let me help you get rid of it!”

When the voice fell, she stared at Darryl tightly, showing a bit of coldness.

At this moment, Darryl only felt that he was enveloped by an invisible murderous intent, and he suddenly panicked.

Why is there this Miaoyuan Master everywhere?

Question, I still want to do something for the Yue family.

Peter next to him also frowned secretly.

This teacher has such a strong aura!

Darryl tried his best to calm himself down, frowning and said: “Master Miaoyuan, I don’t seem to offend you? Why do I have to have trouble with me?”

The first time I met at the alchemy conference last time, she would kill herself if she didn’t say anything.

Now he has to take his own life.

Seriously, I don’t have any deep hatred with you.

Master Miaoyuan’s beautiful face was full of disgust, and he said awe-inspiringly: “Darryl, your grandfather is sick, and you are not willing to donate bone marrow. You are so unfilial and unrighteous. No wonder you can do this kind of bullying. As a well-known authentic sect, I will eradicate you as a scum for the Yue family today.”

Last time at the alchemy conference, let you escape.

You are not so lucky today.

The voice fell, and a powerful breath filled Master Miaoyuan’s body!

At this moment, feeling the aura of Master Miao Yuan, all the Yue family children around couldn’t help smiling. One by one was excited.

With the teacher too, this Darryl donation must also be donated, and if not, it must be donated!

Although Peter’s strength is strong, he is only in the realm of a talented general. Master Miao Yuan is the elder of the Emei School, above Wuhou!

With her, the ten Peter are not rivals either!

At this moment, Peter took a step, looked fearlessly at Master Miaoyuan, and said coldly: “You made a mistake just now. First, Darryl has not defiled his younger siblings. Second, Darryl has left the family. The old man lying on the hospital bed is no longer his grandfather! Third, Darryl’s father was almost killed by these white-eyed wolves! This hatred is not shared, why should he donate bone marrow!”

Speaking of this, Peter sneered: “Even if you are an elder of the Emei Sect, you can’t reverse right from wrong and make a strong statement!”


Dare to say that I am arrogant?

Master Miao Yuan’s expression changed, and she yelled: “Boy, I know you are very powerful in Donghai City, but you are not qualified to speak of me. Who is Darryl? Ask the other people present! Ask him if he has Haven’t done that kind of brutal thing!

He is a dignified Emei sect elder, whoever sees him must give three points.

This Peter actually said that he was unreasonable?

Darryl stepped forward and said, “Madam, I said that I have never done anything to sully my younger siblings. This is a hospital. If the teacher is too unbelievable, you can take a blood test now! Use medical methods to identify Zhang Jiajia’s stomach. Whose child does it belong to!”


In this moment, the expressions of Clint and Patsy on one side changed instantly.

Yes, this is a hospital. If Zhang Jiajia is given a blood test, doesn’t it mean that the truth is revealed?

Patsy gritted her teeth and stepped forward and said, “Darryl, don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking. Do you want to take advantage of Zhang Jiajia’s blood test and find a way to escape? Or think of a way to call for help, right? You? With this little thought, how can you hide from the teacher? The child in Zhang Jiajia’s belly is definitely yours, don’t want to quibble!”

At these words, everyone nodded in agreement.

Patsy smiled at the corner of her mouth and said to Master Miao Yuan, “Master Miao Yuan, this Darryl has a bad stomach, so he can’t let him take time. He definitely wants to escape!”

“Fcuk you!” Peter frowned. He couldn’t bear his violent temper anymore, and roared loudly: “You Yue family are all shameless pens, including this Miaoyuan Master, who is not you? I want to take Darryl away.”

Hearing this, Master Miao Yuan was too angry, and furiously rushed up, and shouted: “As a person in the rivers and lakes, the most unaccustomed person is Darryl, who is unrighteous and unfilial. Today I must kill. No one can intercede with him!”

When the voice fell, the long sword in her hand flew, stab Darryl directly!

This sword is fast and ruthless!

“Darryl, go quickly!”

Peter suddenly yelled. He didn’t expect that this teacher, as a decent and decent teacher, even said that he would do it! In a hurry, he stood in front of him!

Darryl was taken aback: “Great Sage, be careful.”

The voice fell, and he gritted his teeth and rushed up!

That Miaoyuan Master is above Wuhou’s strength.

Even if they join forces, neither of them is her opponent.

But now I have no choice but to fight!

Seeing that Darryl hadn’t left, Peter was too anxious: “Why don’t you go. Let’s go!”

When the voice fell, Peter held an axe to resist.

Master Miao Yuan smiled too coldly: “I can’t help myself!”

A mere military commander, dare to be presumptuous in front of him.

It’s almost dead.

Without warning, Master Miao Yuan suddenly speeded up, and the long sword in his hand pierced Peter’s heart fiercely.


Going down with this sword, Peter’s blood swishes out! It fell to the ground drop by drop along the blade.

This sword pierced Peter’s entire body!

“Puff!” Peter’s body trembled, and he froze there in an instant, and the aura all over his body suddenly weakened.

“The Great Sage!”

Seeing this scene, Darryl shocked all over, screamed like crazy, rushed over to hold him.

At this time, Peter’s face was pale and pale, blood was constantly pouring out, and half of his body was dyed red. He only felt that he might not be able to survive this level.

But there is no regret at all!

“Great Sage…” Darryl yelled at the sky, his eyes were extremely bloody, and his whole body collapsed completely.

And at this time, the Yue family children were all excited!

Haha, isn’t this Peter arrogant?

Meet Master Miao Yuan, still die?

Haha, it seems that it was a wise choice to let Master Miaoyuan live in Yue’s house before!

Darryl’s eyes were blood red, he hugged Peter tightly, and his tears kept falling: “Peter, Peter, you must hold on.”

You must hold on, brother, don’t scare me, you must hold on!

There was no blood on Peter’s face. He exhausted all his strength, squeezed out a smile, and said weakly, “You cry…cry…cry a hairy, I’m not dead yet. Wind Son…remember…can’t…can’t donate…”

“Shut up.” At this time, Master Miao Yuan came too slowly, without the slightest mood swing on her delicate face: “Darryl, you die for me!”

Having said this, Master Miao Yuan held the long sword too tightly and stabbed again!

After stabbing Peter with a sword, she didn’t have the slightest regret in her heart. He who can mix with Darryl is definitely not a good person!

“Come on, come on! I have a special deal to fight with you.” Darryl raised his head and stared at Master Miaoyuan, his whole body was filled with evil spirits, and the bloody sword was summoned, and he was about to rush up.

To be patient and tolerate twice is to respect you as an elder of the Emei school, but it does not mean that you are afraid of you!

At this time, Peter held him weakly: “Darryl, go… go, you are not her opponent, don’t… die in vain.”


Darryl roared unwillingly, picked up Peter, ran to the window sill, and was about to jump off.

“Want to run?”

Before jumping down, I heard Master Miaoyuan scream too softly, and the long sword rushed towards Darryl’s back.


In the next second, the long sword pierced Darryl’s back fiercely. However, there was no scene of blood splashing and flying, and a spark burst out from behind Darryl!

The Celestial Silkworm!

That’s right, this treasure armor, less than a day after I put it on, the treasure armor saved my life!

But Master Miao Yuan was too strong, although this sword did not penetrate, but the tyrannical internal force also shook Darryl’s mouth with blood! Fortunately, he jumped and jumped downstairs. Fortunately, this is the second floor.


At this moment, everyone present was dumbfounded.

Master Miao Yuan’s sword didn’t even hurt him?

How could this be?

Master Miao Yuan also trembled. What’s going on here?

Even if his own sword is pierced on Wuhou Wusheng’s body, it can still kill half its life!

Master Miao Yuan was too stern and pretty, and jumped down the window and ran after him. Darryl must die today! I must do it for the sky!

Chapter 190

Leaping down from the second floor, Master Miao Yuan fell to the ground too steadily.

But looking around, where is Darryl’s figure?

You run fast. Next time I see you, I will kill him.

Master Miao Yuan sighed while holding the long sword too tightly. At this time, there was a pool of blood on the ground, which should have been shed by Peter. He couldn’t survive after thinking about it.

Thinking in my heart, Master Miao Yuan walked back to the ward too slowly. Along the way, she felt strange.

Why didn’t his own sword stabbed him just now?

Even if he practiced defensive techniques such as the’Golden Bell Jar’, it was only the strength of a general, and there was no reason to stop it.

At this time, the old man’s ward was also silent.

Master Miao Yuan walked in, looked around and said: “Mr. Yue, I was shocked just now, but I was so sorry that I couldn’t catch the rebellious son for you. You can rest, and I will leave first.”

It was agreed to catch that scum for their Yue family.

In the end, Darryl ran away.

It’s so shameless.

Grandpa Yue nodded and watched Master Miaoyuan leave.

At this time, the other people in the ward were also relieved. All eyes were focused on Clint.

If Darryl left, it was up to him whether he could help Grandpa. Only his bone marrow matches.


Feeling the eyes of everyone, Clint almost wanted to cry without tears!

D*mn’s, the original matter of Darryl’s donation of bone marrow has been firmly fixed. But now he ran away!

After donating bone marrow, I can’t spend time and drink like before. Moreover, there will be many difficulties on the road to cultivation in the future!

How to do?


At this moment, Grandpa Yue let out a long sigh of relief, lying on the bed, and said lightly: “You all go out first, I’ll take a rest first, and I feel a little uncomfortable.”

What just happened made him very angry, and he was a little dizzy at this time.

Everyone looked at each other and walked out one after another. Did not dare to disturb the old man.

In the blink of an eye, Clint, Patsy, Wang Yan, Zhang Jiajia, and the patriarch Banson were left in the ward.

Grandpa Yue lay there, the more he thought about it, the more angry he got.

I made mistakes in my own practice, became an ordinary person, and suffered a serious illness. This is bad luck enough.

Annoyingly, that Peter came to make trouble! I can’t swallow this bad breath!

Several Clint stood aside, seeing this situation, they didn’t dare to let out the atmosphere.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and Evelyn walked in and said softly: “Have you discussed it? Who will donate the bone marrow?”

She went out just now because of something, so she didn’t know that she had just experienced a fierce battle in the ward.

At this time, Clint said depressed: “Darryl ran away, let me donate bone marrow to Grandpa.”

Now, I can’t escape, I can only face the facts.

But when she heard this, Evelynxiu frowned.


Brother Darryl ran away?

Isn’t he that kind of person? Totally impossible!

At this moment, Grandpa Yue took a deep breath and said weakly: “Dean Xue, I will have surgery tomorrow. I want to take a break.”

At this time, Grandpa Yue, his eyes darkened when he thought of the situation just now, and now he just wanted to take a good rest.

Evelyn smiled and nodded: “Yes, surgery tomorrow. When the old man is resting, he must be quiet and don’t disturb him.” Let him rest so that he can use the best state to welcome the operation.

After that, Evelyn walked out of the ward.

At this moment, sister-in-law Patsy stepped forward and said, “In this case, you all go back first. Clint and I will stay here to take care of Grandpa.”

From last night to now, the entire family has not had a good rest because of the father’s illness.

Banson was also too sleepy, and said, “Are you two alright?”

“Dad, we can do it.” Patsy smiled: “Clint and I will take good care of my grandfather. Dad…you can go home and rest.”

“Good…” Banson was very pleased. The fact that his son could marry a wife like Patsy was a blessing from cultivation in his previous life.

Since the son and daughter-in-law insist on taking care of the father, let them do as they wish.

Thinking of this, Banson took the others and left the hospital. The rest of the family also left at this time.

In a blink of an eye, there were only two people left in the entire ward, Clint and Patsy.

“You come with me.” At this time, Patsy took Clint and walked to a corner on the second floor.

“Wife, why do you have to stay to take care of grandpa?” Clint muttered, his voice was full of dissatisfaction: “I will have a bone marrow transplant tomorrow, I want to go home and rest.”

“Nie Xie Xie, what are you resting!” Patsy kicked him angrily, and said coldly: “Why should I marry you this trash? Not talking about tainting my younger brothers and sisters, now I have to donate bone marrow! Do you know, What is the fate of donating bone marrow? Don’t want to become a master in the future. Even if you wake up early and greedy the dark for cultivation, you will be a military commander at best!”

That’s right, donating bone marrow is equivalent to donating the essence of internal strength. The road to practice in the future will be even more difficult!

“What can I do…” Clint said dejectedly: “That shameless pen Darryl has escaped, and only I can match the whole family…”

“Say you are a waste, you are really a waste!” Patsy glared at him and said, “I have a way to prevent you from donating bone marrow.”


Clint almost jumped up excitedly: “What way?”

As long as he doesn’t donate bone marrow, let him do anything!

Patsy took a deep breath and looked around. At this time, there was no one else in the corridor on the second floor. And there is no monitoring near here. At this moment, she slowly said: “If the old man dies, then you don’t have to donate.”


Clint swallowed: “But Grandpa is alive and well…”

Patsy glared at him, and said angrily: “The old man is in his seventies, and he has enjoyed everything that he should enjoy. Now that he is seriously ill, you, send your grandfather to Xitian as soon as possible.”

What? !

Just for a moment, Clint’s mind was sweaty: “My wife, you mean… yes… let me kill… Grandpa?”

“You give me a little voice.” Patsy scolded: “Other than that, what better way?”

“But, but killing Grandpa, how can I explain to the family… Now only the two of us stay in the hospital to take care of Grandpa. Grandpa died for no reason. Everyone must doubt us…” Clint asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry, I have a way to let everyone not doubt us.” Patsy said.


When Clint thought that he wanted to kill Grandpa, he resisted!

Seeing him like this, Patsy was very angry: “You are an unbelievable thing, do you want to stay in the generals for the rest of your life? If you want, go and donate your bone marrow!”

When the voice fell, she turned and walked back to the ward. Clint followed closely.

In the ward, Clint clenched his fists tightly. He thought about it along the way, and finally decided that this bone marrow could not be donated!

My wife is right. Grandpa is over seventy years old. He is rich and honorable. He has enjoyed everything that should be enjoyed. Grandpa is also worth his life!

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