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Chapter 1831

While feeling sad, many Feiyu League members looked at Darryl with resentment.

You must know that the Beast League and Feiyu League were originally evenly matched, and it was precisely because of this Darryl that Feiyu League suffered such a heavy blow. Not only the Vermillion Bird Queen died, but the Feiyu League members had to surrender to the White Tiger King.

It can be said that Feiyu League has fallen into such a situation, this Darryl can’t escape the relationship.

Under this circumstance, all the Feiyu League members present hated Darryl. However, due to the presence of the White Tiger King, these Feiyu League members did not dare to show it.


Hearing this, the White Tiger King felt very happy, and raised his hand and said: “Great, from today on, we monster races, there will be no difference between Feiyu League and Beast League, we are all a family.”

“Come on, for our unity, a toast!”

For thousands of years, Queen Suzaku has been the thorn in the eyes of the White Tiger King, and now she is finally eliminated by herself, can she be unhappy?

When the voice fell, everyone in the stone hall raised their wine glasses.

Darryl also drank a glass of wine, with a smile on his face, but he was extremely bored in his heart.

“His White Tiger King!”

At this moment, among the Feiyu League tribe, a slender and graceful figure slowly stood up, and said softly: “I am so happy today, but it’s boring to drink. It’s better to get some shows to invigorate the atmosphere.”

The tone is crisp and sweet, and it is Lan Ling Peacock.


At this moment, the eyes of the entire stone hall suddenly gathered on Lan Ling Peacock’s body.

Especially Hu Ben, all of them looked straight.

I saw this Lan Ling Peacock, not only the face is exquisite, but the figure is also indescribably slim and charming.

Darryl’s eyes straightened.

This Lan Ling Peacock, the phantom human form, is simply too beautiful, especially the temperament, it is almost equal to the Queen of Suzaku.


The White Tiger King was in a good mood and nodded, “Okay, I don’t know what show Lan Ling Peacock wants to play?”

Lan Ling Peacock smiled lightly, glanced at Darryl, and slowly said: “I heard that this Lord Darryl is the Dragon Venerable of the Qinglong clan. He is knowledgeable and versatile.”

As he said, Lan Ling Peacock’s eyes flickered slyly: “It’s better to let this Lord Darryl show off his strength, so that we can open our eyes!”

When the last word fell, Lan Ling Peacock looked at Darryl with a flash of coldness.

Yes, Lan Ling Peacock did this to make Darryl behave in public. You should know that Feiyu League came to attack the Beast League before, because Lan Ling Peacock was raided by Hu Ben, and Queen Vermilion was not angry, so he brought his men to ask for one. statement.

It can be said that Lan Ling Peacock is not only Queen Suzaku’s most powerful subordinate, but the private relationship is even more like sisters, and now, because of Darryl, Queen Suzaku has fallen into the abyss, this matter makes Lan Ling Peacock very sad and indignant.

However, Darryl was the distinguished guest of the White Tiger King, and Lan Ling Peacock could not blatantly trouble Darryl, but in any case, let him be ugly in public.

Show strength?

Upon hearing this, the White Tiger King smiled and nodded: “Okay, this proposal is good.”

After speaking, the White Tiger King turned his head to look at Darryl: “Your Excellency Darryl, what do you think?”

Darryl took a deep breath and smiled: “Since everyone is so interested, it’s okay for me to show off my strength, but I want to ask, this beautiful lady Peacock, how do you want me to show it?”

The last sentence fell, and Darryl’s eyes fell on Lan Ling Peacock.

Lan Ling Peacock chuckled, “As the Dragon Venerable of the Azure Dragon clan, you can shock the audience if you show it casually. Do you still need me to remind you?”


At this moment, Darryl scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

He could see that this Lan Ling Peacock deliberately wanted to embarrass herself in public, and no matter what she showed, as long as she said something derogatory, her face would be lost.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled and looked at Lan Ling Peacock and said: “It’s just that it’s boring for me to show it alone, so let’s have a try.”

As long as it is a competition, there are high and low points, so Darryl is not afraid of embarrassment in public.

“it is good!”

Lan Ling Peacock did not hesitate, nodded and said, “What do you want to compare?”

When she said this, Lan Ling Peacock looked confident.

In her heart, Darryl helped the White Tiger King defeat Queen Suzaku. It was completely lucky, her strength was average, and she was looking for abuse when she competed with herself.

“How to compare, you decide!” Darryl smiled.


When the words fell, the entire stone hall was in an uproar.

“This Darryl is very confident.”

“Yeah, this Lan Ling Peacock is the right arm of Queen Vermilion Bird, with extraordinary strength. He is only the Dragon Venerable of the Azure Dragon clan. How could he be Lan Ling Peacock’s opponent!”

“Interesting, interesting now…”

With the surrounding discussion coming, Lan Ling Peacock was also startled, frowning and looking at Darryl.

This Darryl was very confident, and he dared to let himself set the rules.

Thinking, Lan Ling Peacock’s eyes flashed with contempt, and then he pointed to a mountain a few miles away outside the stone temple: “Since you want to compare, let’s compare. Who can pick that mountain in the shortest time? Shilian on here!”

When he said this, Lan Ling Peacock’s delicate face was full of confidence.

At the same time, the entire stone hall exploded.

The mountain outside the stone temple is the highest mountain in the entire Yaozu Sealed Land, with an altitude of more than 10,000 meters, which is the closest place to the enchantment.

You know, the reason why many monster races are trapped here and unable to leave is completely because the barrier is too strong, and that mountain, which is so high, almost next to the barrier, is the most dangerous place.

Under this circumstance, it is almost impossible to collect the stone lotus above with the power of the enchantment.

And Lan Ling Peacock is the right arm of Queen Vermilion, with a very strong flying ability, perhaps it may be successful, but this Darryl is just a human being, and it is impossible to complete it at all.

For a moment, many eyes of Shidian gathered on Darryl, thinking that he would refuse.

After all, as long as your brain is normal, you will not bet against others in areas you are not good at.


However, Darryl did not hesitate at all, and decisively agreed!


Seeing Darryl’s promise, the entire stone hall was in an uproar again.

This guy actually agreed.

Lan Ling Peacock also frowned, she didn’t expect that Darryl would promise so happy.

In the next second, Lan Ling Peacock did not talk nonsense, nodded and said: “Very well, then I will come first.” The voice fell, and the figure rose up and turned into a shock, rushing out of the stone hall, towards the top of the mountain.


At this moment, everyone in the stone hall rushed out, raising their heads to look at Lan Ling Peacock closely.

I saw that the Lanling Peacock was extremely fast, and he reached the top of the mountain in the blink of an eye. At that moment, I saw the enchantment above the top of the mountain, and a terrifying force surged. This force condensed a burst of lightning and burst towards the Lanling Peacock. Away.

Chapter 1832


Seeing this, many members of the Feiyu League couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for Lan Ling Peacock.

You know, the enchantment of this monster race’s sealed land contains very powerful power. The lightning condensed is comparable to the sky thunder. If it is hit, it will not die or be disabled.

At the same time, Darryl frowned. Looking at the figure of Lan Ling Peacock, there was a bit of appreciation.

I can’t tell, this Lan Ling Peacock looks delicate and courageous.

Card wipe…

Just when Darryl was muttering secretly, he saw that the top of the mountain was already covered by lightning, but Lan Ling’s peacock’s figure was extremely agile and elegant, quickly passing through a few lightning bolts.

Afterwards, Lan Ling Peacock paused at the top of the mountain and quickly turned back.

In almost a few breaths, Lan Ling Peacock landed on the door of the stone temple, slowly raising his jade arm, it was close to his right hand. Holding a stone lotus impressively.

And she was unscathed all over her body, and it was obvious that the lightning formed by the enchantment just now did not hurt her at all.


Seeing this scene, the Feiyu League members present all cheered.

Not only that, the White Tiger King and many members of the Beast League couldn’t help but nod their heads in admiration.

“As expected of Lan Ling Peacock, this speed is really fast.”

“Yeah, it’s really eye-opening.”

Listening to the sound of admiration around. Lan Ling Peacock’s delicate face showed a slight smile, showing a bit of cold arrogance.

In the next second, Lan Ling Peacock looked at Darryl with a condescending tone: “Darryl, it’s your turn. If you are not sure, you can give in immediately.”

“Of course, if you admit defeat, you will kneel down to me to toast.”

When she said this, Lan Ling Peacock looked calm, but her eyes showed a trace of hatred. In her heart, the Vermillion Bird Queen was caused by Darryl, and now letting him show his ugliness in public would be regarded as nasty.


The voice fell, and the eyes of the audience suddenly gathered on Darryl.

Darryl frowned, unable to laugh or cry, D*mn, this Lan Ling Peacock wanted to embarrass herself deliberately. It’s just that there seems to be no grudge between herself and her.

After thinking about it, Darryl guessed something.

Yes, the death of Queen Suzaku cannot escape the blame, and this Lan Ling Peacock is the most loyal subordinate of Queen Suzaku, and he must hate himself very much in his heart.

Wanting to understand this, Darryl smiled at Lan Ling Peacock: “Since I made a bet, why should I voluntarily give in?”

Having said that, Darryl stretched his body and continued: “By the way, if I win, you have to kneel to me to toast.”

To be honest, Darryl admired Lan Ling Peacock in his heart, but this competition involved his dignity, how could he voluntarily surrender?


Upon hearing this, Lan Ling Peacock’s delicate face suddenly became cold. Looking at Darryl’s gaze, there was also a trace of anger.

This Darryl is really arrogant.

The surrounding Feiyu League members were also in an uproar.

“This Darryl is quite confident.”

“Hehe, I think it’s a good tongue.”

“That is, in terms of Yukong’s flying speed, he is the White Tiger King. He doesn’t dare to be so confident. He is just a human being. He dares to challenge Lan Ling Peacock. It’s really overpowering.”

Hu Ben frowned amidst the surrounding discussion. Not anxiously.

In the next second, Hu Ben walked over quickly, pulled Darryl a bit, and whispered: “Your Excellency Darryl, I don’t think you can compare. Let’s give up, and I will help you to speak, don’t kneel down for her. Just pour a glass of wine.”

When he said this, Hu Ben looked serious.

You know, Lan Ling Peacock is the right arm of the Vermillion Bird Queen, possessing incomparable flying ability in the air, so it can easily harvest the stone lotus from the top of the mountain without being struck by the lightning of the enchantment.

And Darryl, even though he is the Dragon Venerable of the Azure Dragon clan, he is a human, even if he can fly in the air, but for him, flying has no inherent advantage at all. How could he be Lan Ling Peacock’s opponent?


Seeing Hu Ben’s face serious. Darryl was very moved, then smiled at Hu Ben, and said in a low voice, “It’s okay.”

Having said this, Darryl looked at the top of the mountain, calculating the distance in his heart.

Seeing that Darryl stood still there. Many members of the Feiyu League thought he was timid and couldn’t help laughing.

“Haha, this kid seems scared.”

“Let me just say it, he can only talk about it.”

“Not bad!”

Listening to the ridicule around, Darryl’s expression was calm and he didn’t care.


At this moment, Lan Ling Peacock couldn’t help it, and said to Darryl, “Are you not going to start? If you are really not sure, just give up.”

Heard this. Darryl couldn’t help but laughed: “Our game is not over yet, how do you know that I am not sure, I think you should prepare, and wait for me to kneel and respect the bar.”


Lan Ling Peacock’s pretty face changed, and her angry body trembled.

Take it when Darryl is better. No longer ridicule Lan Ling Peacock, took a deep breath, the figure rose into the sky, and went straight to the top of the mountain.


Seeing this scene, whether it was the Feiyu League or the Beast League tribe, they were all taken aback.

This guy really dare to go.

Are you afraid of being struck by lightning?

But in shock, many Feiyu League members showed disdainful smiles, because they clearly saw it. Although Darryl was very fast, he was still a thousand miles away from Lan Ling Peacock.

After all, flying in the air is Lan Ling Peacock’s innate advantage, and Darryl is no more than a human being. No matter how fast it is, it can’t compare to a tenth of the Lanling Peacock.


A few seconds later, Darryl reached the top of the mountain.

At this moment, the barrier on the top of the mountain surged with an extremely violent force, followed by dark clouds, lightning and thunder.

Boom boom boom…

Then, under a violent shaking, there were waves of thunder and lightning, tearing the world apart, and slashing towards the top of the mountain fiercely. In the blink of an eye, dust and smoke filled the entire top of the mountain, covering Darryl’s figure.


Seeing this scene, the stone hall was silent.

The Feiyu League members had complicated eyes, and none of them sympathized with Darryl.

This guy insisted on being strong, and now he was hit by lightning, and he deserved it.

Lan Ling Peacock stood there, her body trembled faintly, and her heart was inexplicably excited and excited.

Queen Vermilion was killed by this Darryl. Because of the White Tiger King, he couldn’t kill him personally. At this time, he could use the power of the enchantment lightning to get rid of him, and it would be considered a breath of evil.


In silence. Hu Ben clenched his fists, staring at the dust and smoke on the top of the mountain, anxiously.

This Lord Darryl is really impulsive.

Like the members of the Feiyu League, Hu Ben also thought that Darryl was more auspicious.

At this moment. On the top of the mountain.

Card wipe…

On the top of the mountain at this time, thunder and lightning were raging everywhere, almost like the end of the world. However, between the lightning bolts, there was a figure that quickly shuttled back and forth.

This figure is exactly Darryl.

At this time, Darryl’s speed was very fast, wherever the figure passed, afterimages turned out, which was almost difficult to catch with the naked eye.

Chapter 1833

Yes, Darryl used the power of the bird ancestor.

Speaking of it, if it was a day ago, Darryl would never bet with Lan Ling Peacock, but after possessing the power of bird ancestors, it would be different.

However, Darryl knew in his heart that the strength of the bird ancestor was not trivial. Therefore, when he was betting with Lan Ling Peacock just now, Darryl didn’t show the mountains and the dew, and at this time. After reaching the top of this mountain, the power of the bird ancestor burst out.


At this moment, I saw Darryl’s figure, constantly shuttled back and forth in lightning. If it were someone else, he would have been struck by lightning. However, Darryl’s speed was many times faster than lightning.

While the figure continued to shuttle back and forth, Darryl shot the electricity and kept collecting Shi Lian.

And at this time, the stone palace is here.


Seeing Darryl’s figure, submerged in countless lightning, Hu Ben turned his head and couldn’t bear to look again, his heart was extremely sad.

The White Tiger King also looked regretful. He said to himself: “This Lord Darryl is really too brave, it’s a pity…”

Saying that, the White Tiger King’s eyes flashed a little bit of indifference. Speaking of it, Darryl is indeed a talent. Without him, the White Tiger King would not subdue the Feiyu League so many tribes, but then again. No matter how strong Darryl is, he is also a member of the Qinglong clan.

In this case, the White Tiger King would naturally not care about Darryl’s life and death.


Hearing the regret of the White Tiger King, the surrounding Beast League tribes also fell silent.

However, Lan Ling Peacock and the members of Feiyu League were indifferent. This Darryl indirectly killed Queen Suzaku, and now being smashed to death by thunder and lightning, it was completely retribution.

“All right!”

Finally, the White Tiger King reacted and looked around and said: “It seems that Your Excellency Darryl cannot come back alive. Everyone will come in, and the banquet will continue!”

With that, the White Tiger King was about to return to the stone temple, but at this moment, seeing the direction of the top of the mountain, he was immediately stunned.


at the same time. The gaze of the audience followed the gaze of the White Tiger King, one by one was extremely shocked.

“Darryl…he is all right!”

The next second, I don’t know who shouted, and the surroundings suddenly exploded.

Just saw that a handsome figure rushed out in the dust and smoke on the top of the mountain, with a cold expression, it was Darryl.

In a blink of an eye, Darryl landed on the open space in front of the stone hall, a long gown standing upright, with the same style, and there was no sign of being hit by lightning.


Seeing Darryl coming back safely, whether it was the White Tiger King or Lan Ling Peacock and others, their eyes widened and they were all incredible.

This…this Darryl was not hit by lightning, how could this be possible?

Especially Lan Ling Peacock, her delicate body trembled faintly, and her mind was blank.

She had personally tried the power of lightning, and it was terrifying. At that time, Lan Ling Peacock also tried her best to avoid the bombardment of lightning. The stone lotus was collected successfully, but the process was also dangerous.

And this Darryl seemed to be more relaxed than himself.

how can that be?


At this time, Hu Ben reacted. He rushed over with a big laugh, and exclaimed at Darryl: “Your Excellency Darryl, I know you will be fine.”

“But then again, you are really amazing, so much lightning rages. You can come back safe and sound.”

Hu Ben at this time is sincerely happy. Although he doesn’t have much contact, he already regards Darryl as a friend in Hu Ben’s heart. Can you be upset to see him all right at this time?

However, at this moment, I don’t know who next to him sneered: “What if I can come back safely? Didn’t you lose the stone lotus?”


Hearing this, there was a lot of discussion around.

“That is, Shilian didn’t collect it. What is there to be happy about?”

“I’ve been busy for a game, thinking how great, didn’t I lose in the end?”

“Hurry up and kneel down for Lan Ling Peacock to respect the bar.”

The surrounding discussion came, and Lan Ling Peacock also eased from the consternation. There was a haughty sneer on his face.

Immediately afterwards, Lan Ling Peacock faintly said to Darryl: “You lose, fulfill the bet!” The voice was not loud, but it was full of ridicule.

What if Darryl came back safely? If you didn’t collect Shilian, you wouldn’t have won yourself.

Ha ha!

Facing Lan Ling Peacock’s cold arrogance. Darryl smiled slightly: “Who told you that I lost?” With that, Darryl put his hand into the bag of the spirit beast, and threw the stone lotus inside on the ground at will.


There were dozens of stone lotuses scattered on the ground. These stone lotuses, if you took out any one, were bigger and better in appearance than the Lan Ling Peacock just collected.


At this moment. Around the entire stone hall, there was deathly silence, almost a needle dropped, and you could hear clearly.

Whether it is the Beast League or the Feather League. All stupid.

“This…” I didn’t know who it was, and couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva, muttering: “God, in such a short time, not only did you avoid all the lightning, but you can also collect so many stone lotuses. “

This voice was like a fuse, and in an instant, the whole audience was talking like a tide.

“This Darryl. How did he do it?”

“Yes, he is a human being, how could he be able to fly faster than Lan Ling Peacock?”

At this time, the tribes of these Beast League and Feiyu League didn’t know. Darryl possessed the power of bird ancestors. Even though he was a human being, it was not comparable to Lan Ling Peacock’s ability to fly in the air.

At this time, Lan Ling Peacock’s body was trembling, his eyes looked at Darryl blankly, completely dumbfounded.

My heart was even more shocking.


This Darryl is just a human being. How could Yukong fly faster than me?

Moreover, in such a short period of time, so many stone lotuses can be collected.

“All right!”

Just when Lan Ling Peacock was shocked, Darryl slowly walked over and said with a smile: “The game is over, you have lost, now you can fulfill the bet!”


The voice fell, and the eyes of the audience suddenly gathered on Lan Ling Peacock’s body.

Lan Ling Peacock’s beautiful face flushed instantly, biting her lip. Unspeakable humiliation and embarrassment.

At this time, Lan Ling Peacock was very suffocated. I thought that with the help of this celebration banquet, this Darryl could be embarrassed, but he never expected it. The result was that he shot himself in the foot.

“Lan Ling Peacock!”

At this time, the White Tiger King opened his mouth and said: “I wish to accept the gambling. If you lose, you must fulfill the gambling agreement. Hurry up and kneel down to honor the bar for the Lord Darryl.”

When talking about this. The White Tiger King looked indifferent.

In the eyes of the White Tiger King, the game just now was just to enliven the atmosphere of the celebration banquet. It doesn’t matter who wins and who loses, let alone the majesty of Lan Ling Peacock.


Hearing this, Lan Ling Peacock’s delicate body trembled, and her whole body resisted.

This Darryl indirectly killed Queen Vermilion Bird, how could he kneel to him?

Chapter 1834

“Forget it!”

At this moment, Darryl waved his hand and said with a smile at Lan Ling Peacock: “The game just now was just a game, don’t take it seriously, so you can just pour me a glass of wine!”

Darryl won Lan Ling Peacock, and he was in a good mood, but he was not overwhelmed.

Darryl could tell that Lan Ling Peacock had been making things difficult for herself just now. It was all because of the Vermillion Bird Queen, so I didn’t want to care about it. After all, Darryl got the power of the bird ancestor from the Vermillion Bird Queen.


Hearing this, Lan Ling Peacock was stunned.

This Darryl didn’t even let himself kneel down?

Muttering in his heart, Lan Ling Peacock slowly walked over and poured Darryl a glass of wine.


Darryl nodded, drank the wine in the glass, then smiled at Lan Ling Peacock and said: “What to do in the future, don’t be too confident. Otherwise, you will be self-defeating.”

At this moment, Lan Ling Peacock’s face flushed, and her heart was very unhappy.

This Darryl was just lucky to win himself, and he even set the score.

I thought. Lan Ling Peacock wanted to refute, but still held back.


At this moment, the White Tiger King couldn’t help clapping his hands, and said to Darryl: “It’s really wonderful. I didn’t expect your Excellency Darryl to collect so many stone lotuses at once, but I am curious how you did it ?”

While asking, the White Tiger King had curiosity in his eyes.

You know, Lan Ling Peacock flies very fast, but even so. Only one stone lotus could be collected, and this Darryl was just a human being. Not only did he successfully collect stone lotus, but the number of stone lotus was dozens of times more than that of Lan Ling Peacock.

This is simply incredible.


The voice fell, and the surrounding eyes suddenly gathered on Darryl. Like the White Tiger King, they are also very curious.

After all, Darryl is just a human being. It is unbelievable to be able to win the Lan Ling Peacock with the ability to fly in the air.

Lan Ling Peacock also looked at Darryl closely, and was equally curious in her heart.

This one…

Darryl scratched his head and said with a smile: “In fact, there is no trick, just luck.”


Hearing this answer, the audience was in an uproar.

This is too easy to say.

King White Tiger is a wise man, and it can be seen that Darryl was just casually talking about it, and he didn’t immediately ask. Smiled and said: “Okay, but I have to say, the game just now was really exciting.”

After the words fell, the White Tiger King stopped continuing the topic, raised his wine glass, and looked around the audience: “Come on, today is a day worth celebrating, everyone must not get drunk!”

“Never get drunk or return!”

For a while, everyone from the Beast League or the Feiyu League responded in unison.

This celebration banquet lasted for several hours and didn’t end until very late.

During this period, Darryl White Tiger King asked a lot about enchantment, but the clues he got were very few. After all, the monster race trapped here didn’t understand the art of formation, otherwise. , Broke the barrier long ago.

Early the next morning, Darryl went to see King White Tiger.

“His White Tiger King!”

At this time, in the stone palace, Darryl looked sincere. Pointing at the White Tiger King: “I plan to investigate the enchantment situation, and I am sure that the White Tiger King can deploy some manpower for me.”


The White Tiger King nodded and smiled and said: “Now the Beast League and Feiyu League are merged into one, there is no internal fighting. It is time to find a way to leave here, your Excellency Darryl said that, I really can’t ask for it.”

As he said, the White Tiger King directed at the colorful Lingfeng and Lan Ling Peacock next to him: “Since Your Excellency Darryl wants to explore the enchantment, please help me from the side.”

Colorful Lingfeng is the leader of the Phoenix family. Charming and s3xy, but very cold and arrogant.

Lan Ling Peacock is the leader of the Peacock family.

“Yes, Lord White Tiger King!”

At this moment, Qi Cai Lingfeng and Lan Ling Peacock replied in unison, but their expressions were somewhat complicated.

They are not really surrendering to the White Tiger King. At this time, the White Tiger King asked them to accompany Darryl to explore the enchantment, and they were a little bit reluctant.

It’s just that in front of the White Tiger King, they didn’t show it.

A few minutes later, Darryl and Qicai Lingfeng, with dozens of Feiyu League tribesmen, left the stone temple.

Along the way, Darryl kept asking about the barrier. However, Qicai Lingfeng’s personality is arrogant and seldom spoken, and Lan Ling Peacock lost to Darryl in the game yesterday, which was also indifferent, which made Darryl very depressed.


Darryl couldn’t help but smiled bitterly: “I know. The death of Queen Vermilion, you have resentment towards me, but you should know that the Beast League and Feiyu League are combined into one, and the most important thing is to break the barrier and leave here. Instead of endless infighting.”

“So, you have to do your best to help me, know everything you can say, you can say nothing, understand?”


Heard this. Colorful Lingfeng and Lan Ling Peacock looked at each other.

In the next second, Lan Ling Peacock breathed a sigh of relief, and said slowly: “We have been trapped for tens of thousands of years and have been unable to leave. Can you really break the barrier?”

In words. There is a deep doubt.

Darryl couldn’t help laughing: “If you don’t tell the situation, how do you know if I am sure?”

Lan Ling Peacock pondered, and slowly said, “Well then, I’ll tell what I know, and see if you have that ability.”

In the next half an hour, Lan Ling Peacock explained the situation of the entire Yaozu sealed land in detail.

It turned out that the enchantment above the Sealed Land of the Demon Race was formed by the condensing of four huge magic circles. Deployed in four directions, east, west, south, and north, and the distance between them is tens of thousands of miles.

Over the past ten thousand years, while the Feiyu League and the Beast League were fighting, the Vermillion Bird Queen had also sent subordinates. I went to investigate the four magic circles in detail. However, these four magic circles were too mysterious and complicated, and many demon races knew nothing about the magic of the battle, so despite the numerous investigations, there was no progress.

Four huge magic circles?

Knowing these circumstances, Darryl’s eyes flashed, and he hurriedly said to Lan Ling Kongque: “Quickly, take me to see those four magic circles.”

Darryl at this time was very excited.

Since the source of the enchantment is the four magic formations, then you are not afraid. After all, one’s own attainments in the formations have reached the peak state.

Lan Ling Peacock responded, and together with Qicai Lingfeng, rushed to the nearest Western Formation with Darryl.

D*mn it!

Half an hour later, when he arrived in front of the Western Formation, Darryl was completely stunned when he saw the scene in front of him. The whole person was extremely shocked.

I saw that the magic circle in front of me was completely built in a huge deep valley. At the bottom of the valley, hot magma was surging. The flame can reach hundreds of meters high, and this entire valley is a huge furnace.

In this environment, let alone break the magic circle, I’m afraid it hasn’t been close to the valley. It was burned to death by the scorching heat.

Chapter 1835


At this moment, Lan Ling Peacock slowed down and said to Darryl: “This is one of the magic circles. In the past ten thousand years, Queen Vermilion asked us to explore this magic circle more than once, but this valley is full of fireworks, which is very dangerous. …”

When talking about this, Lan Ling Peacock looked at the formation in the valley, with a little jealousy in his eyes.

Darryl nodded, then smiled and said: “I know. You are waiting here, I will go and take a look inside the magic circle.”


He wants to enter the circle?

Suddenly, whether it was Lan Ling Peacock or the colorful Lingfeng next to it, they were all stunned.

“With your human flesh and blood, I’m afraid you will be burned to death before getting close to the magic circle.” A few seconds later, Colorful Lingfeng reacted and couldn’t help but sneer.

In Qicai Lingfeng’s heart, Darryl in front of her was completely brave.

You know, the flames in this valley are terrifying, even the colorful spirit phoenix dare not approach it rashly, so to speak. The only person who can enter this circle is Queen Vermilion Bird.

After all, the Vermillion Bird Queen is a fire, but she is no longer there, and this Darryl went to the circle to check with an understatement, simply overconfident.

The voice fell, and the dozens of Feiyu League members around couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice.

“This Darryl is crazy!”

“That’s right, there are fires everywhere in this valley. How did he get in as a human? It’s just looking for death.”

There was a whisper from the surroundings, Lan Ling Peacock also frowned, and said to Darryl: “Don’t mess around.”

When she said this, Lan Ling Peacock’s eyes were full of complicated.

Of course, Lan Ling Peacock was not worried about Darryl’s safety, but was afraid that Darryl’s reckless entry would change the pattern of the magic circle, and it didn’t matter if he died, if the magic circle could not be cracked, it would be troublesome.

Ha ha…

Facing Lan Ling Peacock’s expression, Darryl smiled slightly: “Without full confidence, how dare I go in? Don’t worry, if something goes wrong, I will bear it alone.”

When the voice fell, Darryl tapped the ground with his toes, flew up and flew towards the magic circle in the middle of the valley.


Seeing this scene, Lan Ling Peacock wanted to stop, but it was too late. Seeing that Darryl’s speed was very fast, he was a hundred meters away in the blink of an eye.

“Forget it!”

At this time. Qi Cai Lingfeng pulled Lan Ling Peacock and said lightly: “Since he wants to die, let him go.”

In front of the magic circle, Feiyu League spent nearly ten thousand years without breaking open. This Darryl is no more than a human being, and it is impossible to find a way to break the magic circle.

Hearing this, Lan Ling Peacock didn’t speak any more, but still fixed his eyes on the direction of the magic circle.

I saw that Darryl arrived in front of the magic circle, and his figure was soon drowned by the huge flames around him.


At this moment, whether it was Lan Ling Peacock or the dozens of Feiyu League members behind him, they couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for Darryl. The flame was burning so fiercely that Darryl entered like this, and it was not an instant. Burned to ashes?

At this time, Darryl was here.

When approaching the magic circle, Darryl activated the strength of the bird ancestor in his body, and at the same time activated the Tianque Lingyan, forming a transparent protective film all over his body.

Tianhuo Lingyan is a new fire formed after the fusion of the fire spirit of Queen Suzaku and the cold fire of the white lotus. Its characteristics are more than ten times stronger than that of the cold fire of the white lotus. Naturally, I am not afraid of these blazing flames.

At the moment when the protective film was formed, the flames burning around Darryl were immediately isolated, and then. Darryl easily entered the law formation.


As soon as he entered the law formation, the scene in front of him immediately made Darryl stunned and couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

Fcuk… This seems to be the legendary Tianjue Annihilation Array.

Tian Jue Annihilation Array, in the “Bai Qi Shen Array”. There are only sporadic records. It is said to be one of the most powerful formations in the world at the beginning of the world. It not only changes endlessly, but also arouses the aura of the surrounding world, which is very powerful.

Because there is no detailed record in the Bai Qi Divine Array, but Darryl can still tell at a glance that the huge array in front of him is the Tian Jue Annihilation Array, because Darryl can see the blazing flames in the entire valley. , It was this magic circle that inspired it.

It seems that it will take some time.

After stunned for a few minutes, Darryl reacted. Started sitting there cross-legged, trying to crack the formation.

One minute…

Two minutes…

In a blink of an eye, ten minutes passed, and Darryl was sitting at the center of the magic circle, motionless. Having completely entered the realm of selflessness, you must know that this kind of Tian Jue Annihilation Array is very delicate and complicated, and even Darryl cannot break it in a short time.

At this time, Lan Ling Peacock’s side.

Seeing that ten minutes passed, no Darryl figure appeared, whether it was Lan Ling Peacock and Colorful Spirit Wind, or the dozens of Fei Yu League tribes behind. All of them lost their patience.

Finally, a member of the Feiyu League couldn’t help but speak: “I haven’t been out for so long, it must have been burnt to ashes, what shall we do?”

The voice fell. The other Feiyu League members also nodded one after another.

Lan Ling Peacock bit her lip and did not respond, but her heart was a bit complicated.

This Darryl was so impulsive that he would not have come with him if he knew it a long time ago.


At this moment, Qi Cai Lingfeng also had no patience, and sighed lightly, and said lightly at Lan Ling Peacock: “I thought this Darryl could have much power. In the end, he was just an arrogant person. Looking at the situation, people must be It’s burned to death, we don’t have to wait anymore, go back to the White Tiger King.”

When talking about this. On Qicai Lingfeng’s cold and arrogant face, there was no slight fluctuation in her expression. In her heart, Darryl was just a human being, life or death had nothing to do with her.


Lan Ling Peacock nodded, and was about to leave with Colorful Lingfeng.

However, at this moment, one of the Feiyu League members glanced at the magic circle in the valley, and suddenly the whole person was stunned, and then couldn’t help but exclaimed: “God…Fa… The fire around the circle seems to have gone out!”


Hearing the shouts, Lan Ling Peacock and Colorful Lingfeng, as well as the surrounding Feiyu League tribe, all subconsciously looked back. At this look, their hearts trembled.

I saw that the raging fire in the entire valley was quickly extinguishing at the speed that the naked eye could see. Not only that, but the powerful aura permeating the circle is slowly disappearing.


In less than a minute, except for the magma at the bottom of the valley, there was no trace of flame. The temperature in the air also dropped a lot.


Seeing this, Lan Ling Peacock and Qi Cai Lingfeng looked at each other in shock.

what ‘s wrong? Why did the fire suddenly go out?


And just when they were uncertain, they saw a figure. Quick lightning flashed out from the formation, handsome and upright posture, cold face.

Who is Darryl?

what? He…he didn’t even die!

Seeing Darryl, the entire valley was silent as death, whether it was the Lan Ling Peacock, the Colorful Lingfeng, and the Feather Alliance tribes, they were all dumbfounded, all eyes full of disbelief.

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