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Chapter 1841

“The Great Sage!”

Hearing these words, Lorenzo looked speechless, unable to cry or laugh: “Ya’er is young and ignorant, why are you making a fool of yourself?”

This great saint has not changed his reckless personality for more than ten years.

Peter scratched his head and smiled.

As I was watching, the noisy square all around suddenly fell silent.

“The messenger is here!”

Immediately afterwards. I don’t know who shouted, and all of a sudden, the eyes of the audience gathered on the high platform.

I saw a middle-aged man walking slowly to the high platform. He was dressed in a luxurious and gorgeous robe, embroidered with the pattern of seven stars and arched moon, and accompanied by the decorations of auspicious clouds. He was full of otherworldly temperament.

It is the divine envoy from God’s Domain, Luo Jue.


At this moment, feeling Luo Jue’s aura, everyone couldn’t help holding their breath.

At this moment, Luo Jue looked around. Immediately, an extremely strong voice came from his mouth: “Thank you all for being here and participating in the Kyushu Conference!”

The sound was not loud, but it spread throughout the square of the Temple of Heaven, everyone could hear it clearly.

For a time, many people couldn’t help but admire secretly.

Worthy of being a divine envoy from God’s Domain, this strength is really strong.

At this moment. Gary couldn’t help but whispered: “This divine envoy is so powerful, I can’t even feel his realm.”

Ha ha….

After the words fell, Lorenzo smiled and explained: “Of course, the realm of God’s Domain cultivation is completely different from ours in the Nine Provinces. You can’t perceive it. It’s normal.”

Lorenzo once served as the messenger of Pluto and is very knowledgeable. Know more about God’s Domain.

Gary looked solemn and stopped talking.

The Peter next to him curled his lips and muttered: “Isn’t it from God’s Domain? What’s so great.”


At this moment, I heard Luo Jue on the high platform and spoke again: “This seat is named Luo Jue, and it was specially sent by the Nine Heavens God. To rectify the situation in Kyushu.”

“Back then, the Pluto secretly destroyed the Xuantian Array, causing a series of problems. This incident is indeed the negligence of God’s Domain, and God of Nine Heavens also attaches great importance to it. A Heavenly Dao League will be established on the mainland of Kyushu!”

Establish the Tiandao League?

Hearing this, the audience was stunned.

Seeing the expressions of everyone in the audience, Luo Jue’s expression was calm, without the slightest fluctuation, and slowly said: “The Heavenly Alliance, as the name suggests, is the Heavenly Alliance. The purpose is to give the entire Jiuzhou rivers and lakes a good order.”

With that said, Luo Jue turned around and beckoned.

Suddenly, eight charming figures slowly walked onto the high platform, one by one wearing light gauze long skirts, full of fairy spirit. It is the eight saints of Ziyan and Huanxiang.

When Luo Jue first came to the mainland of Kyushu, he met Madeline eight in person. Later, with the assistance of the eight saints, the Kyushu Conference was held.


As soon as the eight saints of Madeline appeared, the audience suddenly stirred up.

Many men. My eyes are straight.

“This… these are the eight nine-day saints.”

“It’s so beautiful. The last time I saw them was three years ago…”

“Yeah, you deserve to be a fairy. I haven’t seen it for so long, one by one is more beautiful.”

The surrounding whispered discussions kept coming, and Luo Jue’s expression was indifferent.

In the next second, Luo Jueyang said: “These eight saints, you must be very familiar with them. After the establishment of the Tiandao League today, the eight of them will be the law kings of the Tiandao League. Wait for the various schools present, if they want to join the Tiandao For the alliance, just find eight of them directly!”

“By the way, after the establishment of the Heavenly Dao League, the various schools present will not be forced to join, it is all based on your wishes.”

The last sentence fell. There was a lot of discussion around.

“Don’t force to join, that’s interesting…”

“If that’s the case, who would join, how nice it is to be an independent school…”

“That’s what it said. But then again, after joining the Heavenly Alliance, God’s Domain is behind it…”

Listening to the discussion around, Gary looked indifferent and sneered secretly in his heart.

This Luo Jue said so nicely that the establishment of the Tiandao League was for the sake of the whole Kyushu arena. In fact, I just want to control the entire Kyushu rivers and lakes.

Back then, when the Pluto cholera was in the Nine States Continent, you didn’t see your God Realm come out to rule. Now that everything is over, God Realm sent Luo Jue to come. Pointing at the rivers and lakes of Kyushu, a posture of aloft.

really interesting.

“Ha ha!”

While Gary was thinking about this secretly, Peter next to him couldn’t help but chuckle: “After a long time, this divine envoy wants to be the martial arts leader of the entire Nine Provinces Continent.”

With that, Peter asked Lorenzo, “Brother Wen, what do you think?”

Lorenzo took a deep breath. The tone was indifferent: “Look at the situation first.”

Lorenzo acted cautiously and decided to wait and see for a while.

At this time, Luo Jue on the high platform said a bunch of high-sounding words. Then I looked around for a week and smiled and said: “Well, which sects want to join the Heavenly Alliance, now they can start.”


When the voice fell, many small sects were present, unable to conceal the excitement in their hearts, and shouted one by one.

“Let’s join Liuying Pavilion!”

“We Ben Lei Tang also joined…”

“And us…”

In the blink of an eye, dozens of sects expressed their opinions that they were more urgent than one to join the Heavenly Dao League. But those big sects are all sitting there quietly.

Like Lorenzo, the big sects present are very resistant to joining the Heavenly Dao League. After all, the rivers and lakes of Kyushu are peaceful now, and these big sects. Each one has at least thousands of years of inheritance. Under this circumstance, how could it be delivered to the door for the management of the Heavenly Dao League?

At this moment. I saw a figure walking towards the high platform, loudly saying: “We are the weather royal family, and join the Heavenly Alliance!”

A golden dragon robe with a smile on his face.

It is the Castro.

In order to dominate the industry. Castro did not hesitate to become the puppet of the Hades. Later, Kunlun was extremely crushed. Yan Hong seized Mateo’s power of Hades and was drawn into the chaotic vortex. In this case, the heroes of the underworld had no leader, and the Castro also lost the underworld power Backer.

Without the support of the underworld, Castro suddenly became honest and did not dare to start a war casually, but the ambition in his heart has never been extinguished, and he has been waiting for the opportunity.

Now that God’s Domain has sent a divine envoy to establish the Heavenly Dao League, King Castro felt that an opportunity had come.

As long as he joined the Heavenly Dao League, with the powerful backing of God’s Domain behind him, the Apocalypse Royal Family would surely be able to stand on top of Kyushu.


Seeing this scene, the audience was in an uproar, but many people looked at Castro’s gaze, showing a bit of indifference.

The king of Castro launched a war in those days, which made the people feel unhappy, and all the big sects in the arena did not have a good impression of him.

“good very good!”

Seeing King Castro coming up to express his stance, Luo Jue gave his approval and smiled and said: “It seems that this Emperor of the Apocalypse Continent is a visionary Ming monarch.”

Chapter 1842

With that said, Luo Jue looked at the royal families of other continents: “Where are you?”

For a moment, the royal families on other continents were silent.

A few seconds later, a charming figure slowly stood up and said softly: “Thank you for your kindness, the Nanyun Continent is very peaceful and the people live and work in peace and contentment. Therefore, our Nanyun imperial family will not join.”

The voice is soft and nice, but it is full of majesty that cannot be profaned.

It is Ora.

Hearing this, Luo Jue’s smile froze on his face, very embarrassed, and at the same time, there was some fire in his heart.

The queen of the Southern Cloud Continent has a big air, and she even dismissed the Heavenly Dao League.

At this time, Ora stopped talking nonsense, and said to Luo Jue: “Your Excellency, the conference is about to end, we won’t wait any longer, say goodbye!” The voice fell, and Ora gave a light wave of his hand. A member of the Nanyun royal family. Slowly the venue.


Seeing that the Nanyun royal family was the first to leave, the Xicang royal family and the Beiying royal family also bid farewell to Luo Jue.

Immediately afterwards, there are the major sects.

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo showed a smile and said: “Let’s go, too.” As he said, he greeted Peter and Gary to get up and leave.

For a time, the whole Temple of Prayer for Heaven, there were only a few small sects left. Quite deserted instantly.


Seeing this situation, Luo Jue’s expression was extremely ugly. He thought that the establishment of the Heavenly Dao League in the name of the Nine Heavens God would receive the support and response of the entire Kyushu, but he never expected that these royal families and large sects would be so shameless.

“Your Excellency!”

At this time, King Castro came over and couldn’t help but speak: “The Nanyun royal family, the Xicang royal family, and these sects are simply defiant. If the divine envoy is willing, I am willing to send troops to cooperate with the Tiandao League to destroy them one by one. .”

When he said this, the king of Guangping looked serious, and his eyes were fierce.

Luo Jue shook his head: “Thank your Majesty for your kindness. The best way is not to start a war. Instead, think of other ways to let these royal families and big sects join the Heavenly Alliance voluntarily.

“Okay!” Castro was a little lost, but he nodded with a smile.


On the other side, Lorenzo, Peter, and Gary did not return directly to the Diyuan Continent after leaving the Imperial City of Apocalypse, but went to Mingyue Lake not far away.

Mingyue Lake is a famous tourist attraction outside the Tianqi Imperial City.

In those days, Emperor Tianqi held a martial arts contest for Raquel, which caused a sensation in the entire continent of Kyushu. At that time, Darryl used Hu Mingyue’s fake name in disguise to cover his eyes, which was related to Mingyue Lake.

It was noon at this time, the sun was shining, and there were a lot of people visiting Mingyue Lake, which was very lively.

In a scenic bay within a few hundred meters, no one approached.

Just saw dozens of Tianmen tribes guarding around the water bay, waiting in full battle, and on the side of the water bay, a few charming figures. Was teasing a chubby little boy.

Several charming figures are Raquel, Bessie, Er Qing, and Long Qianying.

Little boy. It is the child of Long Qianying and Darryl.

Three years ago, Long Qianying was the Queen of Nanyun, but was forced to cede the throne due to the pregnancy crisis, and then experienced several twists and turns. In the end, he stayed in the Ouyang family.

When the child was born, Long Qianying specially named the child Yue Huaixian in order to cherish the memory of Darryl. In Long Qianying’s heart, Darryl was like a fairy, omnipotent.

Yue Huaixian is clever, cute and well-behaved, not only makes Long Qianying dominate, but also wins the likes of Raquel and Bessie.

Today, Lorenzo, Gary, and Peter came to attend the Kyushu Conference. Long Qianying and Raquel’s daughters also came with their children. The purpose is to go out to enjoy the scenery and relax.


At this time, Raquel held Yue Huaixian and looked at the scenery in front of her. Smiled and said, “Is this beautiful?”


Yue Huaixian nodded, and then said gruffly: “But my mother and Aunt Raquel, and Aunt Yuruo…you are more beautiful.”


Hearing this, whether it was Raquel or Long Qianying. They all couldn’t help laughing, and each one was very happy.

“Little devil head!” Raquel touched Yue Huaixian’s head, groaningly said: “How old I am, I will learn to coax girls, really and your father…”

Speaking of ordinary words, the figure of Darryl appeared in Raquel’s mind, and her heart suddenly hurt.

Darryl, if you are still there, it would be great.

At the same time, Long Qianying and Bessie. All of the beautiful faces are also full of sadness. Darryl was at the top of Kunlun and was drawn into the vortex of chaos. This matter was an eternal pain in their hearts.

For a time. The atmosphere that was originally cheerful, became a little sad.


At this moment, there was a big laugh not far away, it was Peter, as well as Lorenzo and Gary.

When he arrived, Peter took Yue Huaixian in one hand and held it above his head: “Huaixian, his name is Uncle.”

Yue Huaixian hurriedly shouted: “Big Saint Uncle, I’m afraid of heights…” As he said, chubby little hand. Hugging Peter’s neck tightly for fear of falling off.


Seeing Yue Huaixian’s appearance, everyone around couldn’t help laughing.

At this time, Raquel couldn’t help asking: “Brother Wen, Peter. Is the Kyushu Convention over?” Because they are female family members, Raquel and Long Qianying did not attend, but they still couldn’t help but want to ask. One question.

When the words fell, Long Qianying and Bessie also looked at Lorenzo curiously.

Lorenzo smiled and explained the situation in detail.


Knowing the situation, Raquel and Bessie couldn’t help but breathe lightly, their expressions becoming complicated.

In the next second, Raquel opened the mouth and said: “Shenyu established the Heavenly Dao League in the mainland of Kyushu. It seems to be a good thing, but the world is unpredictable. I am afraid that the rivers and lakes of Kyushu will be surging again.”

Bessie also nodded and said: “Yes, we Tianmen, Huaguoshan, and the Palace of Longevity, we did not join the Heavenly Alliance, I am afraid that it will cause dissatisfaction with that divine envoy.”

The voice just fell. Peter shook his head nonchalantly and said: “Just leave it alone, anyway, besides us, there are other sects and several imperial families, none of them joined.”

At this time. Gary walked over and smiled: “Okay, don’t mention it. It’s hard to come out this time. Let’s play for a few more days and then return to the Diyuan Continent.”

Heard this proposal. Everyone nodded in agreement.

After two hours of playing in Mingyue Lake, Gary and Lorenzo left.


After walking a few miles, Peter, who was leading the team, suddenly frowned, and then raised his hand to stop.

“What’s the matter?” Lorenzo couldn’t help asking, and at the same time, he looked forward.

Raquel and the daughters of Long Qianying also got out of the car one after another.


At this moment, everyone was stunned when they saw the scene ahead. They saw that at the intersection in front, an army of thousands of people was assembled there, in uniform armor, holding long knives one by one.

It is the Imperial Forest Army of the Southern Cloud Continent.

Chapter 1843

In front of these thousands of soldiers, there was an exquisite and gorgeous carriage parked with eight white horses drawn by horses. The carriage was made of pure gold with carved dragons and phoenixes.

And inside the carriage, there was a slender figure sitting quietly.

It is Ora.

At this time, Ora also wore the dragon and phoenix robes that participated in the Kyushu Conference, showing that graceful figure to the fullest, without losing the royal majesty.


At this time, Ora lifted the bead curtain, staring at Long Qianying closely, and slowly said, “After three years, don’t you want to miss the Southern Cloud Continent at all? Come back with me!”

The language is mild, but there is no doubt about it.

While saying this, Ora couldn’t help but glance at Yue Huaixian, his eyes gleaming with indifference.

Although three years have passed and Darryl has been swept away by the Chaos Vortex, Ora still has not changed his view of Darryl. If it weren’t for him, his sister would not have a baby, and the Nanyun royal family would not be ashamed. .

Under this circumstance, Ora had no feelings for Yue Huaixian, his nephew.


Long Qianying took a deep breath, her face was very indifferent: “I’m not going back, Ouyang family is my home.”

Hearing this, Ora’s pretty face changed, and he was anxious: “Sister, why are you still obsessed with it? You and Darryl didn’t have a wedding, and the child was born secretly, staying in the Ouyang family all the time. Let other continents laugh.”

As he said, Ora’s tone was firm: “No matter what, you have to follow me today.”

Just now when he left the Kyushu Conference, Ora got news that his sister and children were playing in Mingyue Lake. At that time, Ora didn’t hesitate to lead people on their only way.

In Ora’s heart, it was the shame of the Nanyun imperial family that his sister did not marry Darryl and had no status, but lived in the Ouyang family.


Facing her sister’s persistence, Long Qianying sighed lightly and stopped talking.


At this time, Peter couldn’t help it, and stepped forward and shouted at Ora: “Your sister can’t go back, why are you still aggressive? As a queen, you can interfere with other people’s lives at will?”

“To shut up!”

When the voice fell, a Yulin Army general shouted: “You are so bold, dare you to speak to your majesty like this?”

At the same time, Ora also frowned and was very unhappy, and said coldly at Peter: “This is the family affair of our Nanyun royal family. It has nothing to do with you, get out!”

Peter had a fierce temper, refused to give up, and shouted: “This kid is called Yue Huaixian. He is my nephew. Why does it have nothing to do with me? I tell you, if I am here today, you don’t want to take away their mother and child.”

Having said that, Peter turned around and shouted: “Let’s go!”


Seeing this, Ora’s beautiful face was extremely ugly in an instant, and his delicate body flashed in midair.

“Stop him!”

In the next second, Ora pulled out his portable sword, and three cold words came from her red lips!


When the words fell, thousands of Yulin army responded, rushing over quickly, and surrounded the whole group of Peter.

Seeing this scene, Peter didn’t panic at all, frowned, and chuckled at Ora: “Ora, because of you, wants to catch us all? Are you too confident!”

When the voice fell, Lorenzo next to him also followed and said: “Yes.”

In the Kyushu Conference, Huaguoshan, the Palace of Longevity, and Tianmen sent a total of less than one hundred people, but less than one hundred people were all elites.

Under this circumstance, there was a huge gap between the number of people in Time and Ora, and Lorenzo and Peter did not panic.

“Stop talking nonsense!”

Ora’s face was frosty, and his attitude was very firm: “Today I must take them mother and child away. Who dares to stop them, let’s kill them.”

Hearing this, Gary, who had been silent for a long time, couldn’t help but said at this moment: “Ora, you care about this thing so much, do you like my father in your heart, and if you don’t get it in the end, you become distorted in your heart?”

“you wanna die!”

Hearing these words, Ora’s face flushed, and he was indescribably ashamed, and immediately without hesitation, a sword stabbed towards Gary.


Where this sword passed, the air suddenly tore, with amazing power.

Crazy, really crazy!

Seeing Ora bursting out, Gary didn’t panic at all, summoning the Overlord Hammer and directly confronted him.


In the next second, the two figures collided in mid-air, and they heard Gary’s muffled groan. The whole person was directly shocked and flew tens of meters away before falling to the ground embarrassedly. The long sword cut a wound, blood gushing.

Steady his figure, Gary endured the pain, staring at Ora closely, secretly surprised.

After three years, the strength of this woman has become so strong?

At the same time, both Peter and Lorenzo were taken aback. You must know that Gary has been practicing with great concentration over the years, and his strength has been different from what it used to be, especially with the Overlord Hammer. It can be said that within Kyushu, it is rare. adversary.

However, at this time, he was injured by Ora’s move.

“Take them all!” Ora yelled, and once again came towards Gary.

When the voice fell, thousands of Yulin troops immediately launched an attack.

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo was shocked and angry, and shouted: “Face the enemy.” When the voice fell, he rushed into the enemy group.

Peter also yelled, his figure soaring into the sky, rushing towards Ora, and at the same time shouted: “Ora, are you embarrassed to deal with a junior? You want to fight me!”

Seeing Peter’s arrival, Ora didn’t have the slightest expression on his face. As soon as he turned around, he and Peter fought fiercely in the air.

I go!

As soon as he handed over, he sensed Ora’s strength, and Peter was secretly surprised. After three years of not seeing him, Ora’s strength has increased several times.

At this time, Peter didn’t know that after Ora became a queen, he devoted himself to practicing royal exercises over the years, and his strength was no longer what it used to be.


Seeing this scene, Long Qianying, who retreated to the side, and Bessie’s daughters all looked anxious and worried.

In a blink of an eye, Peter and Ora fought for dozens of rounds!

I saw that Ora’s figure was light and agile, and every shot was extremely sharp, and Peter relied on the Heavenly Axe to easily resolve her ultimate moves.

Relying on the power of the Sky Open Axe, Peter was very relaxed, and at the same time fighting against him, he did not forget to tease Ora.

“Ora, have you been hit by my nephew? You also like Darryl.”

“Or… you see that your sister has a child, and you feel unbalanced? Seriously, you look good in shape. How good is it to find a man to marry, why is it so tiring to be a queen?”

“The character is still so arrogant, it’s really hard to face and suffer.”

Peter spoke without blocking his mouth, grinning, and waving the sky-opening axe in his hand, constantly blocking Ora’s attack.


Listening to Peter’s words, the less tuned he became, Ora was so angry, his delicate face was full of icy cold, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Peter! I must kill you today.”


When the voice fell, I saw a terrifying aura, constantly erupting from Ora’s body, and the surrounding air was extremely distorted!


Immediately afterwards, I saw thousands of sword shadows, condensed and formed in the air, slowly surrounding her!


Seeing this situation, Peter took a deep breath, his heart was no longer relaxed, his expression was instantly solemn. What kind of skill is this, so strong.

Chapter 1844


At the same time, everyone at Raquel couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for Peter.

Long Qianying’s delicate body trembled even more, and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This…this is the’ten thousand swords return to the sect’ stunt, she actually learned it.” When she said this, Long Qianying’s eyes were full of Shocked.

When the voice fell, Raquel and others all looked at Long Qianying, their eyes full of curiosity.

“What is the return of Ten Thousand Swords?” Raquel couldn’t help asking.

Long Qianying sighed lightly, and the whole person trembled with excitement. He looked at Ora in mid-air, and said every word: “The return of ten thousand swords is the strongest sword art of our Nanyun imperial family. The army has thousands of horses, but for thousands of years, very few people have trained.”

“Unexpectedly, it took only three years for my sister to practice…”

At the end of the talk, Long Qianying’s eyes were tightly stared in the air, and his tone was full of worry: “Although Peter possesses a sky-opening axe, facing this move, I am afraid that he can’t stop the return of ten thousand swords…”

Chi Chi Chi Chi…

As soon as Long Qianying’s voice fell, he saw the thousands of sword shadows, tearing through the world, and hurriedly heading towards Peter. In an instant, all of Peter’s retreat was blocked.


At this moment, Peter clenched his fists, his heart frightened.

Crazy, this Ora is really crazy!

Muttering in his heart, Peter hurriedly urged his internal strength and waved the axe to form a protective film all over his body.


At this moment, several sword shadows burst out, hitting the protective film hard, and hearing a violent vibration, the protective film instantly shattered!

At the same time, Peter was also shaken back a few steps, his face pale.


Before standing still, the remaining sky full of sword shadows, carrying the momentum of thunder, once again arrived in front of Peter.

Seeing this scene, everyone Raquel not far away was shocked.

“Great Sage, be careful…”


In the exclamation, Raquel was even more anxious and stomped her feet. If only Krista was here, she was the sister of the patriarch of the Shellmound clan. She was powerful. Back then, Ora sent an army to the Ouyang family to forcefully take Long Qianying away. , Krista arrived in time to repel the powerful enemy.

However, at this time, Krista was in retreat in the Ouyang family, and the distant water could not save the nearby fire.

Everyone exclaimed, Peter was also pale and desperate instantly.

Did you die like this? Very unwilling.

At this time, Peter was very aggrieved. He thought that he had a sky-opening axe and could easily deal with Ora, but he did not expect that the strongest sword art that Ora exploded would be so terrifying.

“Go to hell, Peter!”

Looking at thousands of sword shadows and walking towards Peter, Ora’s red lips lightly opened, and he uttered a few words coldly, his delicate face was full of coldness.

This Peter dared to blaspheme himself, it would not be a pity to die a hundred times.

“younger sister!”

At this time, Long Qianying, who was not far away, couldn’t help it anymore, and shouted at Ora: “Please be merciful and bypass Peter.”

In Long Qianying’s heart, Peter was Darryl’s worshiping brother, how could he watch him die?

However, Ora didn’t seem to hear her, his jade hand slowly raised, and the sky full of sword shadows suddenly accelerated.

“The Great Sage!”

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo roared and was about to rush over, but there were too many Imperial Forest Army in front of him.

Peter showed a slight smile and shouted: “Brother Wen, we will be brothers in the next life!”

When the voice fell, Peter closed his eyes. Since it is impossible to decipher Ora’s “Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Sect”, he can only choose to accept his fate.


Seeing those thousands of sword shadows, he was about to pierce Peter. Suddenly, a very strong breath came from a distance. Then, a slim figure flew up and stood in front of Peter.

A light blue long dress, graceful and exquisite, with exquisite facial features, and an extraordinary and otherworldly temperament from all over the body, which is indescribably beautiful.

It is Miaoying.

Bang bang bang…

At this moment, Miao Yingyu raised her hand and quickly deployed a protective film out. In an instant, thousands of sword shadows slammed into the protective film and immediately disappeared without a trace.


As soon as Miaoying appeared, whether it was Ora or the two sides fighting fiercely below, they were all stunned. Thousands of eyes suddenly gathered on Miaoying, and many men looked straight.

What a beautiful woman.

At the same time, feeling Miaoying’s strength, everyone was shocked.

Such an understatement dissolves Ora’s strongest sword art, this woman is so strong.

Ora was floating there, and his delicate face was extremely red and ugly.


At this moment, Peter also let out a long sigh of relief, all in a cold sweat.

It’s so risky, I almost died just now.

While rejoicing, Peter also looked at Miaoying in amazement: “You…you are not…” In astonishment, Peter squatted, almost speechless.

Of course, Peter knew Miaoying. This fairy from the too illusory realm was sucked into the Chaos Vortex together with Darryl at the time. Everyone thought they were bound to die. But three years later, Miaoying came back safe and sound. How can Peter not be surprised?


At the same time, Raquel, Bessie and others not far away looked at Miaoying blankly, unable to speak.

Like Peter, everyone in Raquel was stupid.

This Miaoying and Darryl were sucked into the Chaos Vortex together, aren’t they dead? Why did it suddenly appear.

Facing everyone’s surprised gaze, Miaoying looked indifferent and looked at Ora quietly and said: “You and Darryl are also old acquaintances, why have you been dealing with his family?”

When she said this, Miaoying’s voice was soft and pleasant, which made her feel like a breath of fresh air.

At that time, Darryl opened the portal in God’s Domain, and Miaoying was successfully transmitted to the Jiuzhou Continent, but unfortunately, Miaoying was teleported to a virgin forest in the Dongao Continent.

After being teleported to that virgin forest, Miaoying waited for Darryl for three days and three nights in the same place. As a result, Darryl never appeared. Miaoying knew that Darryl must be in trouble. She was very anxious at the time, but she didn’t. Know how to return to God’s Domain.

In desperation, Miaoying had to make a decision and return to the Ouyang family first.

Because Miaoying was unfamiliar with the environment, she walked for more than ten days before she completely walked out of the virgin forest. Then she learned that God’s Domain had sent a divine envoy to hold the Kyushu Conference in Apocalypse Imperial City. When Miaoying guessed, Ouyang The family would definitely participate, so they rushed over.

As a result, after arriving at the Apocalypse Imperial City, the Kyushu Conference was over. Miaoying had no choice but to inquire all the way to trace the whereabouts of the Ouyang family. Just found here, I saw Peter and Raquel and a group of people, besieged by Ora’s army. At that time, Miaoying didn’t even think about it, so she came to help.

“Want you to control? Get out!”

At this time, hearing Miaoying’s questioning, Ora was very embarrassed, and after a sweet drink, Yu held the sword in his hand and pierced directly at Miaoying.

Chapter 1845

Ora knew in her heart that Miaoying in front of him was a fairy bred from the aura of heaven and earth. Her strength was extraordinary. If it were normal, Ora would definitely not be so reckless, but Miaoying saved Peter just now, leaving Ora faceless. , Under the anger, can’t take care of so much.


Seeing Ora attacking, Miaoying frowned, and then raised her hand to meet her.


Miaoying shot lightly, but the speed was extremely fast, and she saw her right hand, unbiasedly patted on Ora’s blade. Ora only felt a wave of overwhelming power coming, and suddenly her body trembled. , Took a dozen steps back.

At this time, Ora clearly felt that his dantian aura was all shaken into confusion.

So strong!

After three years of absence, the strength of this woman has increased a lot.

She has already practiced Wanjian Guizong, but she is not yet her opponent!


Seeing this scene, Peter was full of excitement, and the whole person was very relaxed. This Miaoying came in time. With her dealing with Ora, she could rest for a while.

“I advise you not to fight!”

At this time, Miaoying looked at Ora up and down, and said softly: “You are not my opponent!”


Hearing this, Ora bit her lips tightly and was extremely ashamed. He was so dignified, the Queen of Nanyun, but was so despised by this fairy, where should he put his back son?

“I said that today, no matter what, I will take my sister away!” Ora clenched the long sword with a firm expression on his face.


Miaoying sighed and slowly said, “It seems that you haven’t recognized the situation.” After the voice fell, Miaoying slowly raised her hand, and she saw the temperature drop sharply between the world and the earth.

Immediately afterwards, a ray of light condensed and blasted straight towards Ora.


Feeling the terrifying power contained in the light, Ora’s delicate face instantly became serious.

Could it be that when Miaoying took the shot just now, she still had some reservations and didn’t use her full strength?

At the moment when he muttered in his heart, the ray of light had already reached his eyes. At that time, Ora had no time to think about it. He clasped the sword tightly and lay in front of him, trying to block the blow.


The light blasted fiercely on the sword, and saw the sword shattered instantly, Ora let out a muffled groan, and his body was shocked and flew a full 100 meters before falling heavily to the ground.

Before fighting against Peter, Ora had already consumed a lot of internal strength. At this time, facing Miaoying’s skills, he couldn’t resist it at all.

After all, Miaoying is a fairy, and she has cultivated for thousands of years without leaving Darryl in the too illusory realm. The foundation is not comparable to Ora.

“His Majesty!”

Seeing this scene, the surrounding imperial forest soldiers all changed their expressions, exclaimed, and rushed over at the same time.

Ora bit her lip tightly, almost bleeding. At the same time, looking at Miaoying tightly, she was shocked and unwilling.

I could have taken my sister away, but I thought that Miaoying would suddenly appear.

Ora clearly felt that his Dantian internal strength was completely disordered, and he was no longer able to continue fighting.


The next second, Ora issued an order, very unwilling in his heart, but there was no way, this fairy named Miaoying was really too strong. Continue to fight, the damage will be more serious.


The voice fell, and many soldiers, guarding Ora, quickly evacuated.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Peter or Raquel and others, they secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

In the next second, everyone’s eyes focused on Miaoying again.

Lorenzo couldn’t conceal his excitement and doubts. He first spoke to Miaoying, “Miss Miaoying, what the hell is going on? Three years ago, you and Darryl were not drawn into the vortex of chaos together. How did you come back? What? And what about Darryl? Have you been with him?”

When asked about this, Lorenzo’s eyes were full of urgency.

At the same time, Raquel and Bessie also watched Miaoying closely, waiting for her answer.

“Darryl, he…”

Facing everyone’s gaze, Miaoying bit her lip and slowly said, “He is fine, but…when we teleported back from God’s Domain, something went wrong…”

In the next half an hour, Miaoying explained in detail the experience of herself and Darryl during this period.


Knowing that Darryl was not dead, the audience was boiling.

“I knew it, I knew it…” Lorenzo wept with joy, and said excitedly: “I knew Darryl wouldn’t die so easily.”

Raquel and Bessie next to each other turned out to be too excited, and they shed tears of joy one by one.


Peter laughed up to the sky, and then said to Lorenzo ugly: “This habit has made us sad for three years. After he comes back, he must be filled with 3,000 glasses of wine.”

As he was talking, Peter suddenly thought of something and turned his head to look at Miaoying: “By the way, you just said that your Darryl was originally sent back to God’s Domain together, but you were the only one who came back?”


Miaoying nodded, her delicate face was a bit worried: “I feel that he must be in trouble in God’s Domain.”

Hearing this, Lorenzo and Peter looked at each other, and their expressions became solemn.

If it was really what Miaoying guessed, it would be a little troublesome.


In the next second, Lorenzo looked around and said: “This matter is not in a hurry, let’s go back and discuss it carefully.”

After that, Lorenzo again ordered: “By the way, the news that Darryl is not dead must be kept strictly and never leaked out.”

You know, Darryl is famous in the rivers and lakes of Kyushu. Once the news that he hasn’t died, it will definitely cause the rivers and lakes to shake. More importantly, Darryl is in Kyushu and there are many hostiles. Therefore, before Darryl returns, the news It must not be leaked out.

Hearing this, everyone nodded.


the other side!

The land of the Yaozu seal.

The White Tiger King led the Beast League and chased the Jinpeng clan all the way. However, the Jinpeng Clan was very capable of flying in the air, and the White Tiger King failed to catch up to the end!


At this moment, King White Tiger was standing on a hill, his face was extremely gloomy, and he cursed: “It’s really a bunch of rubbish, so many people, let the Jinpeng clan run away!”

Around the hill, tens of thousands of Beast League tribes stood there with their heads bowed, trembling, not daring to breathe.

The King White Tiger was too lazy to talk nonsense and waved his hand: “A full search is required to find Jinpeng’s hiding place anyway.”


Tens of thousands of beast league members responded in unison, and then searched around.

the other side.

In a dense forest, Jin Peng led his subordinates and three Darryl as they walked through quickly.


Seeing the White Tiger King disappeared behind him, Jin Peng sighed deeply, and Ma De finally got rid of the chasing soldiers.

“Stop everyone!”

The next second, Jin Peng raised his hand, motioned everyone to stop, and then ordered: “Bring me three Lanling Peacocks!”

When the voice fell, Darryl and Lan Ling Peacock were brought over.

Jin Peng looked at Darryl up and down, with a hint of coldness at the corner of his mouth.

Immediately, Jin Peng tilted his head and said to his subordinates: “Go and prepare the firewood and pill furnace.”

Jin Peng knew that it was impossible for Darryl to pass on the power of the bird ancestor to himself. The best way was to throw him into the pill furnace and practice the power of the bird ancestor into a pill.

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