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Chapter 1846


Upon hearing the order, several members of the Beast League responded and hurried to prepare.

After a while, a fire ignited in the open space outside, and a huge pill furnace was erected on it, which burned red in the fire.

Immediately afterwards, Darryl was taken to the pill furnace.


The scorching temperature of the fire hit his face, and Darryl’s body was shocked. Furious, he immediately looked at Jinpeng and said, “Jinpeng, don’t go too far.”


This Jinpeng is also too hot. In order to gain the strength of the bird ancestor, he actually wanted to practice me into a pill.

At the same time, Lan Ling Peacock and Colorful Lingfeng beside him were also frightened.


Jin Peng’s face sank, and he said coldly at Darryl: “At the bottom of the abyss, I was about to succeed, but you were kicked in. The power of the bird ancestor should have belonged to me, and I am from you now. Take it back, what’s wrong?” Remember to read the book for one second *

In the last sentence, Jin Peng almost roared out wildly.

Feel the madness of Jinpeng. Darryl took a deep breath and slowly said, “Jin Peng, if you think about it clearly, if you train me into a pill, you will never be able to do without here.”

“Only I can break the barrier here, and I have broken the magic circle to the west…”

Hearing this, Jin Peng frowned, his eyes flickered, and then sneered: “Don’t follow me. As long as I get the power of the bird ancestor and defeat the White Tiger King, I will be the ruler here.”

“At that time, the whole monster race, under my leadership, will be united and will surely find a way to leave here. There is no need for you as a human being to help.”

The last sentence fell, and Jin Peng waved his hand.


Several subordinates walked around quickly, clutching Darryl tightly, and were about to throw him into the pill furnace.

“Jinpeng, stop…”


Seeing this scene, Lan Ling Peacock and Colorful Lingfeng couldn’t help but snorted.

They had misunderstood Darryl before, and Lan Ling Peacock had already regretted it, how could they watch Darryl being alchemy?

However, Jinpeng ignored it at all.


Seeing that Darryl was about to be thrown into the fire, just at this critical moment, he heard a vibration, and immediately afterwards, he saw Colorful Lingfeng breaking the Jin Yusuo.

The golden feather was extremely tough, and the colorful Lingfeng tried his best to break it, a pair of jade arms. Two bloodstains came out directly, dripping with blood.

In the next second, before Jin Peng’s group reacted, the colorful spirit phoenix flew up and turned into a phoenix form, coming quickly toward Darryl.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was stunned.

It was seen that the phoenix form of the colorful spirit phoenix was several tens of meters long, and it was covered with colorful feathers, exuding a dazzling light in the sun, which was very gorgeous.

It’s just that, because of power consumption, the colorful Lingfeng at this time, seemingly fast, but extremely weak.

In a blink of an eye, Colorful Phoenix grabbed Darryl, flapped its wings, and quickly moved towards the distance.

In the heart of Colorful Phoenix, Darryl was taught the power of the bird ancestor by the Vermillion Bird in order to protect the Vermillion Bird Queen. It was completely justified, so in any case, Jin Peng could not be allowed to succeed.

Qicai Lingfeng has thought about it, and tried his last bit of strength today. Also take Darryl out safely.

All this happened quickly, and Jin Peng and his men couldn’t react at all.


Two seconds later, Jin Peng slowed down and was extremely frightened. Roaring at the surroundings: “What are you doing in a daze, chase me!”

Jin Peng was very angry at this time. He didn’t expect that Qi Cai Lingfeng would not hesitate to get hurt and broke Jin Yusuo. In front of so many of his subordinates, he took Darryl away.


When the voice fell, hundreds of members of the Jinpeng clan rose to the sky one after another, chasing after the colorful spirit phoenix.

Lan Ling Peacock, who was tied there, couldn’t help but pray secretly in her heart as she watched the figure of colorful Lingfeng going away.

Colorful Lingfeng, you must protect Darryl’s safety.

At this moment, Darryl is here.


Darryl was held tightly by Qicai Lingfeng, only to hear the whistling of the wind in his ears, and the scenery on both sides retreated rapidly, almost at a speed of thousands of miles.

For a moment, Darryl couldn’t help feeling secretly.

This colorful spirit phoenix is ​​worthy of being the right arm of Queen Suzaku, who has suffered such a severe injury. Can fly so fast. At the same time, there are some concerns. Because Darryl clearly felt that the power of the colorful spirit phoenix was fading quickly.

“Leave me alone!” Darryl couldn’t help but said.

If this continues, Jinpeng will soon catch up.

Qi Cai Lingfeng responded: “No. I must take you away safely.”

As he was talking, he saw a mountain peak appearing in front of him. The mountain peaks soaring into the clouds, steep and sinister, and at the top of the mountain, dark clouds are rolling, and a thunder light gathers there, shining on the world.


Feeling the power of that piece of thunder, Darryl was secretly surprised and couldn’t help but breathe in a cold breath.


at the same time. Qi Cai Lingfeng was also stunned, and couldn’t help saying: “Why did you get here? This is the southern magic circle.” With that, he was about to go around this mountain.


However, at this time, I heard a wave of breath fluctuations behind him, and I saw Jin Peng with hundreds of subordinates. Approaching quickly.

How to do?

Seeing this scene, Qi Cai Lingfeng was very anxious, Jin Peng chased up so quickly, there was no way to detour, but after finally saving Darryl, he could not be captured by Jin Peng again.

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help but speak: “Quickly, enter the magic circle.”

The situation is critical now, and there is no other way. You can only get rid of Jin Peng and his men by entering the magic circle in front of you.

“You are crazy!”

When the voice fell, Qicai Lingfeng’s body shook: “Let’s rush in, I’m afraid it will be wiped out in an instant.” While saying this, Qicai Lingfeng looked at the thunder. There was deep fear in his eyes.

Darryl took a deep breath and said seriously: “Don’t panic, listen to me.”

Although time was short, Darryl could tell at a glance that this piece of thunder on the top of the mountain in front of him was a “Five Thunder Heaven Slaying Array”. Like the Tian Jue Annihilation Array, the Five Thunder Heaven Jue Array was also a top-level formation with infinite power.


While talking, I saw Jin Peng leading his subordinates, already rushing up, with a very proud expression: “Colorful Lingfeng, can’t you run away?”


Hearing Jin Peng’s mockery, Colorful Lingfeng no longer hesitated, and took Darryl directly into the Five Thunder Heaven Array.

Although Qi Cai Lingfeng didn’t believe in Darryl very much, it was better to die in this thunder formation than to be caught by Jin Peng.


Seeing this scene, Jin Peng’s smile froze on his face, furious.

This colorful spirit phoenix. Would rather die than be caught by me.


At the same time, the surrounding Jin Peng men couldn’t help but exclaim.

“They actually entered the thunder formation…”

“This colorful spirit phoenix is ​​so stalwart. I would rather be struck to death by lightning than fall into our hands…”

“Shhh, keep quiet.”

Five thunders punish the sky in the array.


As soon as Qicai Lingfeng rushed in with Darryl, he saw a few purple lightnings, bombarding him.

It’s over.

Saw a few thunder and lightning. Colorful Lingfeng closed her eyes in despair, this time she was doomed.

Chapter 1847

“Don’t panic!”

At this moment, Darryl said eagerly: “Go back two steps, then five steps to the left…”

When he said these, Darryl’s tone was firm, but his heart was overwhelming. You know, the five thunder-slaying heaven formations in front of us, in the Baiqi God formation, only sporadic records.

In other words, it was the first time that Darryl saw the Five Thunder Heaven Slaying Formation, and he had never cracked it.

But the situation is critical now. If you don’t try it, I’m afraid you will be chopped alive by these thunder and lightning.


Hearing Darryl’s words, Qi Cai Lingfeng did not hesitate, urging her figure, and immediately backed up two steps, and then, five steps to the left.


Just a few steps, they saw a few thunder and lightning hit their original position.

At this moment, Qicai Lingfeng was delighted and shocked: “Darryl, let’s avoid…”

Darryl also showed a slight smile, and at the same time secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Speaking of it, rushing into the five thunder slaying heaven formations, Darryl has not had time to study it, completely relying on his knowledge in the battle against the magic. And instinctively to instruct Colorful Lingfeng, but he didn’t expect that he really avoided the thunder and lightning.

The first step was successful, and Darryl was instantly confident, looked around quickly, and continued: “Two more steps to the left, and then go forward…”

Darryl could see that this Five Thunder Slaying Heaven Formation looked terrifying, but the center of the formation was a safe zone, as long as you entered the center of the formation. It’s completely safe.

Hearing Darryl’s instructions, Qi Cai Lingfeng didn’t have the slightest slack, and moved quickly, feeling nervous and excited again.

I thought I was going to die here, but I didn’t expect that Darryl could break this formation.

Time passed by every minute.

Unknowingly, Qi Cai Lingfeng took Darryl and finally passed through the most dangerous lightning area and came to the center of the array.


At this moment, seeing the surrounding scenes, whether it was Colorful Lingfeng or Darryl, they couldn’t help but take a deep breath, incomparably amazed.

I saw that the center of this array was only half the size of a basketball court, and it was a completely hollow area. Around this area, there were a dozen huge iron pillars standing between the iron pillars. As well as the area a few hundred meters away, thunder and lightning flashed, intertwined into a terrifying power grid.

At this time, the colorful Lingfeng stayed there, shocked.

Such a terrifying thunder formation is simply uD*mnginable, but fortunately there is Darryl, otherwise, it would have been wiped out a long time ago.

Darryl also took a deep breath, a big rock in his heart finally fell to the ground.

Sure enough, I guessed right, the center of this array is the safe zone.


Finally, Qicai Lingfeng reacted and looked at Darryl with great joy: “We succeeded!” While saying this, Qicai Lingfeng looked at Darryl with a strange brilliance.

Speaking of which, Qicai Lingfeng is very arrogant, and there are almost few people who can admire her, and Darryl is an exception.

Darryl nodded, and then weakly opened his mouth and said: “Okay, I will start to practice now and regain my strength. You should also take a break.” Before being raided by Jin Peng, Darryl suffered a lot.

When the voice fell, Darryl sat there cross-legged. He began to close his eyes and rest his mind, and restore the power of the soul.


Qi Cai Lingfeng nodded, then transformed into a human form and sat next to Darryl, recovering from his injuries.

I don’t know how long it took!

at last. Darryl slowly opened his eyes, and his whole body was filled with pure power.


Darryl took a deep breath, unspeakably excited.

Unexpectedly, after getting the power of the bird ancestor. The speed of power recovery is faster than before. Not only that, when I recovered just now, I also absorbed the power of the surrounding thunder…

Under this circumstance, Darryl’s strength not only recovered, but his strength was much stronger than before.

Excited, Darryl slowly stood up, looked around the five thunder slaying formation in front of him, and began to slowly crack it.

the other side.

On the hillside a few miles away from the Five Thunders Heavenly Swordsman Formation, Jin Peng led the lower crowds, camping, and watching the situation of the Five Thundering Zhutian Formations.

Jin Peng knew that even if Darryl was killed by the thunder formation, the power of the bird ancestor would not disappear.

All he had to do now was to wait quietly near the thunder formation.

However, what made Jin Peng depressed was that Qi Cai Lingfeng and Darryl entered the thunder formation. Several hours passed, but there was no movement at all.

“Your Excellency!”

At this time, one of his subordinates came over and couldn’t help but said to Jin Peng: “I haven’t moved for so long, is it the power of the bird’s ancestor. And the two colorful Lingfeng, under the bombardment of thunder and lightning, the smoke disappeared?”

“Impossible!” Jin Peng shook his head with a serious look: “The power of the ancestor bird is extraordinary, how could it be scattered by lightning?”

In Jin Peng’s heart, Colorful Lingfeng and Darryl must have been smashed to death by the thunder formation. After the strength of the bird ancestor escaped from Darryl’s body, they must still be floating in the thunder formation. Because the lightning inside is too dense, it has not yet floated out.


However, Jin Peng’s voice just fell, and only a violent vibration was heard, coming from not far away!

This loud noise is like a thunder!

Jin Peng’s expression changed. Hurry to look at the thunder formation not far away.

At the same time, the thousands of subordinates around also followed Jin Peng’s gaze and went to see.


From this look, whether it was Jin Peng or the surrounding subordinates, they couldn’t help taking a breath.

Not far away, on the top of the mountain, the terrifying array of five thunders to punish the sky, falling apart, became a ruin, and the gathering of thunder and lightning had disappeared. It was replaced by a billowing dust.

And in that mid-air, above a piece of dust and smoke, two figures were quietly suspended.

One is handsome and tall, the other is slim and charming!

It is Darryl and Qicai Lingfeng.

At this moment, Darryl had a pair of brilliant eyes. And around his body, waves of internal force continued to fluctuate, extremely powerful!

The colorful Lingfeng next to him was completely healed from his injuries, and his delicate face was full of charming brilliance.


Seeing this scene, Jin Peng was shocked and annoyed.

I thought that Darryl and Qicai Lingfeng would be smashed to death by the thunder formation, but they didn’t expect that, instead of dying, they broke the Five Thunder Heaven Slaying Formation.

If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who can believe it?

Behind Jin Peng, the thousands of subordinates were even more stunned.

The Lan Ling Peacock who was tied there was even more excited, biting his lips, looking at the two Darryl in mid-air, tears of joy flashed in their eyes! Jiao body trembled!

Great, they are fine.


At this moment. Darryl looked at Jin Peng closely, and his voice rolled: “Lan Ling Peacock is released immediately.”

When he said this, Darryl wanted to rush over directly, but he saw that Lan Ling Peacock was heavily guarded by Jin Peng’s men. Just hold back.

“Ha ha…”

Hearing this, Jin Peng sneered, his eyes full of disdain: “Boy, your life is so big, this thunder array didn’t kill you. However, even if you and Qi Cai Lingfeng both recovered their strengths, they couldn’t escape. The palm of my hand.”

Chapter 1848

When the voice fell, Jin Peng raised his hand and waved: “Enclose!”


The voice fell, and the thousands of subordinates behind him burst out, encircling Darryl and Qi Cai Lingfeng.

For a time, the atmosphere was solemn, and the war was about to start.


However, at this moment, a strong breath came from not far away. Suddenly, no matter it was Darryl. Jinpeng still couldn’t help but look at it.

At this look, Darryl’s expression relaxed, and at the same time a smile appeared on his face.


But Jin Peng’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help taking a breath!

I saw tens of thousands of Beast League tribes coming in mightily, enclosing this area of ​​one thousand meters square, like an iron bucket, and in front of these tens of thousands of Beast League tribes, the White Tiger King was dressed in battle. A, suspended in the air, majestic and stunning.


At this moment, Jin Peng’s face changed, and he was frightened again. Again anxious.

D*mn, the White Tiger King was found so soon?

In Jinpeng’s plan, first seize the power of the bird ancestor in Darryl’s body. When the time comes, he will have the power of the bird ancestor, and after the strength has increased, he will talk to the White Tiger King.

But why didn’t he expect that his whereabouts would be found by the White Tiger King before he got the power of the ancestor bird.


at this time. The White Tiger King stared at Jin Peng closely, his tone was cold, and he couldn’t hide his Leng Ao: “Now you are still running there!”


Feeling the powerful aura of the White Tiger King, Jin Peng’s heart was tense, but his face pretended to be very calm.

At this time, the White Tiger King turned his head to look at Darryl: “Your Excellency Darryl, are you okay?” He was polite, but his eyes were suspicious.

At the same time, King White Tiger couldn’t help but look at the colorful Lingfeng beside Darryl, muttering in his heart.

This Darryl and Qicai Lingfeng said they were going to investigate the enchantment, but after a day passed, they didn’t report anything.

“It’s okay!”

At this time, facing the White Tiger King’s inquiry, Darryl responded: “Although Jin Peng is cunning and mean, he still can’t do anything to me.”

When the White Tiger King arrived, Lan Ling Peacock was saved.

Upon hearing the response, the White Tiger King nodded, and then glared at Jinpeng, “Jinpeng. The Vermillion Bird Queen is dead, and the Feiyu League and the Beast League are also merged into one. Only you, the Jinpeng clan, are still running around. You think, just rely on it. You Jinpeng clan, can you compete with me?”

“Also, this Mr. Darryl is my guest. If you dare to deal with him, you just don’t put me in your eyes.”

Some words are full of majesty and domineering.


Jin Peng swallowed secretly, turned his eyes, and accompanied a smiley face: “Your Excellency White Tiger, your words are serious, you are so powerful, how can I dare to confront you? In fact, I haven’t taken the initiative to seek refuge in the past two days. I just want to find someone. A great gift to honor you.”

Big gift?

Upon hearing this, the White Tiger King was stunned: “What a great gift.”

Jin Peng smiled slightly, then raised his hand to Darryl, and said loudly: “This gift is the power of the bird ancestor on Darryl. Your Excellency White Tiger King, maybe you don’t know that the Vermillion Bird is about to die. The power of the bird ancestor It was passed to Darryl, allowing Darryl to revive the Feiyu League, and Lan Ling Peacock and Colorful Lingfeng seem to be loyal to you, but they have secretly colluded with Darryl…”

“This day. I have been chasing Darryl three, just to catch Darryl and dedicate his bird ancestor power to you.”

When he said this, Jin Peng looked sincere. There was cunning in his eyes.

Jin Peng knew very well in his heart that the situation in front of him was to continue to confront the White Tiger King, which was nothing but death. It would be better to shift the attention of the White Tiger King to Darryl.

As long as the White Tiger King and Darryl fight, he can take advantage of the fisherman’s profit.


Upon hearing this, King White Tiger’s gaze instantly locked Darryl.

At the same time, tens of thousands of Beast League members, their eyes gathered on Darryl, one by one was shocked.

This…this Darryl got the power of the bird ancestor of the Vermillion Bird Queen?

“Your Excellency Darryl!”

Finally, the White Tiger King reacted and asked Darryl: “What Jin Peng said is true? You got the power of the bird’s ancestor?” While speaking, the White Tiger King’s eyes flickered with complexity. To know. The power of bird ancestors is not trivial.


Darryl took a deep breath and slowly responded: “Yes, it’s just that the situation is not what Jin Peng said. Although I got the power of the bird ancestor, I never thought about it. I want to participate in the battle between your Beast League and Feather League. You know, I just want to get out of here as soon as possible.”

When saying this, Darryl coldly glanced at Jin Peng, his heart filled with anger.

Ma De, this Jinpeng is so despicable that he wants to use the White Tiger King to deal with me.

Upon hearing this, the White Tiger King’s eyes flickered and he began to ponder.

“Ha ha…”

At this time, Jin Peng sneered and yelled at Darryl: “Ye Darryl is gone. You don’t have to pretend, Lan Ling Peacock and Colorful Lingfeng, they said before that they didn’t really take refuge in the White Tiger King. At that time, I and I All of his men heard it.”

“To this day. They help you with all their heart, it is also a fact…”

After finishing the last sentence, Jin Peng eagerly said to the White Tiger King: “His White Tiger King, this Darryl is unpredictable, and he is still a human being. Don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate.”

Bewitched by Jinpeng, the White Tiger King made a decisive decision and shouted: “Come on, take down Darryl and the Colorful Lingfeng.”

The White Tiger Palace is extremely deep. He knew in his heart that Jin Peng was actually protecting himself by doing this, but then again, Darryl, a human being, had gained the power of the bird’s ancestor, and this was no small matter. Once left alone, the consequences would be disastrous.

The White Tiger King thought about it, and first took Darryl down, but the Jinpeng clan was weak and it was nothing to worry about.


Seeing the Beast League tribes bursting out, Darryl was shocked and angry. He didn’t expect that the White Tiger King would be successfully bewitched by Jinpeng.

At the same time, Qi Cai Lingfeng was also anxious.

In the next second, Colorful Lingfeng shouted at the White Tiger King: “Your Excellency White Tiger King, don’t believe Jin Peng’s words, he wants us to kill each other.”

However, the White Tiger King ignored the colorful spirit phoenix.

At the same time, a burly figure rushed out quickly, it was Hu Ben.

At this time, Hu Ben, with an anxious expression on his face, said to the King Baihu: “I also don’t think Jin Peng’s words are credible. Your Excellency Darryl, helped us deal with Queen Vermillion Bird before, he is our friend!”

Hu Ben’s character is straightforward, so he doesn’t want to believe that Darryl will unite with Colorful Peacocks to fight against the Beast League.

“shut up!”

King Baihu’s face was gloomy. He shouted angrily at Hu Ben: “Darryl got the power of the bird’s ancestor, but he concealed it from us. It is so unpredictable and must be interrogated carefully.”

“But…” Hu Ben looked anxious and wanted to speak for Darryl.

But just said two words. He was interrupted by the White Tiger King: “Hu Ben, you help Darryl to speak everywhere, do you want to betray me?”


Hearing this, Hu Ben’s body trembled, and he quickly bowed his head and said: “Don’t dare.” Then he quietly retreated to the side.


At this time, countless members of the Beast Alliance burst out of strength and rushed to Darryl’s eyes.

Chapter 1849

At the same time, Colorful Lingfeng was also surrounded.

“I’m afraid you won’t succeed?” Qi Cai Lingfeng yelled, and directly confronted him, and fought fiercely with hundreds of beast alliance tribes.

Ma De, it seems that this battle is unavoidable.

At this moment, Darryl did not hesitate at all, his figure soared into the sky, and then when his right hand was raised, the air around his body was suddenly distorted, and then a group of deep purple flames jumped out.

It is Tianque Lingyan.

Tianque Lingyan is a brand-new different fire derived from Darryl’s fusion of the power of the White Lotus Cold Fire and the Vermillion Bird Queen, and its power is even more terrifying.


In the blink of an eye, Tianque Lingyan formed a purple-red sea of ​​fire and swept toward the surrounding beast league members, and in this purple-red flame, there were waves of thunder.

Obviously, this was the thunder and lightning power Darryl had just absorbed in the Five Thunder Slaying Heaven Formation.


Seeing the scene in front of them, the faces of the beast league members who rushed to the front changed drastically, and then they urged their momentum to form a protective film in front of them.

Chi Chi Chi Chi…

The flame spread to the protective film, making a burning sound, and in a blink of an eye, the protective film was burned and disappeared. And immediately afterwards, many of the beast league members, too late to escape, were instantly flooded by the sea of ​​fire, screaming screams, and falling down from mid-air.


Seeing this scene, the remaining members of the Beast League couldn’t help sucking in air.

What kind of fire is this? so horrible.

In panic, the remaining Beast League tribes all retreated subconsciously, although they still surrounded Darryl, none of them dared to approach rashly.

At the same time, the White Tiger King was also gloomy.

Ma De, this Darryl possesses the power of the bird ancestor, and his strength has increased so much.

In the next second, the White Tiger King couldn’t help yelling: “Be careful, everyone, don’t be burned by his fire!”

Hearing this, these beast league members did not dare to underestimate the enemy, and each of them moved a distance from Darryl, and then burst out their skills and attacked Darryl.


In an instant, tens of thousands of Beast League tribes erupted together, and the entire sky was distorted.

Seeing this scene, Darryl didn’t panic at all. Calmly urging the power of the bird ancestor, he saw a group of blood-colored rays of light bursting out of Darryl’s body, and then, pieces of blood-colored feathers condensed around Darryl, and finally formed a huge Suzaku form.

This Suzaku form was transformed by the power of the bird’s ancestor. It was more than 100 meters long and filled with powerful defense power.

Boom boom boom…

In the next second, thousands of skills bombarded and burst out, all of which were blocked by the transformed Suzaku.


At this moment, whether it was the White Tiger King or the Jinpeng crowd, they were all stunned.

So many attacks were actually blocked by Darryl with ease.

This is too abnormal.

In the shock, the eyes of the White Tiger King shone with extremely hot light. Is this the power of the power of bird ancestors? Sure enough, it’s tough, and I have to get it anyway today.


Seeing this scene, Lan Ling Peacock and Colorful Lingfeng were extremely excited.

“His White Tiger King!”

At this moment, Jin Peng couldn’t help shouting: “This Darryl has just gained the power of the bird ancestor, and he hasn’t fully integrated yet. He won’t be able to hold it for long.”

While talking, Jin Peng’s eyes flashed sinisterly.

Yes, Jin Peng’s purpose was to let King White Tiger take action personally. When King White Tiger and Darryl were both injured, Jin Peng took the opportunity to make a surprise attack and capture Darryl.

“Retreat all!”

Hearing Jin Peng’s yelling, the White Tiger King took a deep breath and waved his hand to signal the Beast League tribe to retreat.

Immediately afterwards, the White Tiger King’s figure burst out and rushed straight to Darryl.

In an instant, the White Tiger King arrived in front of Darryl, his eyes filled with coldness: “Darryl, you can really fight, I can’t catch you with so many subordinates, I’m here to see the power of your bird ancestor! “

“White Tiger King!” Darryl was frightened and helpless: “You have been fooled by Jinpeng. He just wants us to kill each other so that we can take advantage of the fisherman’s profit!”

However, at this time, the White Tiger King only wanted the power of the bird ancestor, and he didn’t listen to Darryl’s words at all.


The White Tiger King was too lazy to talk nonsense, a powerful breath burst out of his body, and the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant in a moment!

The powerful and coercive pervades the world, and the suppressed people are flustered!

In the next second, the White Tiger King slowly raised his right hand and hit Darryl with a punch!


Feeling the rapid lightning speed of the White Tiger King, Darryl cursed secretly. At this time, there was no time to dodge, and he hurriedly exploded in strength, and also punched him!

Facing the siege of the Beast League tribes just now, Darryl consumed a lot of power, so he didn’t dare to be careless at this time.


In an instant, the fist strength of the two sides collided fiercely, and Darryl only felt an overwhelming force coming from him, groaned, and took a dozen steps back. The blood inside his body was churning, but he still resisted abruptly.


The strength of this white tiger king is worthy of being one of the four innate spirit beasts, and he has the power of the bird ancestor, so he can barely block this punch!

At the same time, the Lan Ling Peacock below was even more nervous, with a heart touching his throat.

Not far away, Colorful Lingfeng wanted to come and help, but was surrounded by groups of Beast League members, and couldn’t rush at all.


Seeing this scene, Jin Peng’s mouth waked up with a smile.

The White Tiger King finally made a move, and when both of them were injured, he made a surprise attack and captured Darryl.

“Darryl, just grab it with your hands.” At this moment, King White Tiger looked at Darryl up and down, and said coldly: “No matter how you get the strength of the bird ancestor, you must hand it over to me today.”


When the voice fell, the air suddenly condensed beside the White Tiger King! A terrifying force, madly spread from his body!

“Blood dancing crazy sky!”

A few cold words came from the mouth of the White Tiger King, and the world changed color in the next instant! Only heard a thunder, a bang!

In the next second, I saw that the spiritual power between the heaven and the earth crazily gathered around the White Tiger King, and the heaven and the earth were instantly enveloped by a thick bloody fog!

D*mn it!

Darryl’s expression changed, and his heart flustered inexplicably.

Of course he knew this skill. At that time, Queen Suzaku was injured by the white tiger king.


At this moment, the next second Lan Ling Peacock also trembled, pinching a cold sweat for Darryl.

Just now White Tiger King punched, Darryl broke out with all his strength and barely blocked it. Now White Tiger King is performing his stunts, I’m afraid that Darryl will not be able to stop it.


At this moment, the White Tiger King did not talk nonsense, his figure burst out from the blood mist, like a flash of lightning, and in front of him, a huge blood-colored tiger, tearing the world apart, rushed towards Darryl.

Darryl didn’t have time to think about it, and quickly urged his internal forces to resist Fang Tian’s painting of a halberd in front of him!


The blood-colored fierce tiger slammed into Fang Tian’s painting halberd, and heard Darryl’s muffled groan. The whole person was shocked and flew out for a full 100 meters before falling heavily to the ground.

When he was besieged just now, Darryl used the power of the bird ancestor, and he had already consumed a lot.

After all, this is one of the four innate spirit beasts, and the strength is equal to that of the Suzaku Queen.

Chapter 1850


Seeing this scene, Lan Ling Peacock below couldn’t help exclaiming.

Qi Cai Lingfeng also changed her pretty face, unable to conceal her inner worries, and wanted to rush over to check Darryl’s injuries, but they were all under the White Tiger King and had no chance at all.


At this time, the White Tiger King stared at Darryl closely, his tone revealed an arrogant gesture: “Just because you are a human, you also want to fight against me?”

As he said, the White Tiger King’s tone eased, and he pretended to say: “Darryl, I’m not the White Tiger King who crosses the river and demolishes the bridge. Before you helped me deal with the Vermillion Bird Queen, I have never forgotten, but this bird ancestor’s power does not belong to you humans. , It’s better to hand it over quickly.”

While talking, the White Tiger King slowly walked towards Darryl.

The strong breath is suffocating.

The White Tiger King at this time was extremely proud, because Darryl in front of him obviously had no power to fight anymore.


Seeing the White Tiger King getting closer, Darryl sighed deeply and smiled wryly: “This is what my fate should be, and I don’t have to insist on it. I will give you the strength of the bird ancestor!”

With that said, Darryl raised his head and shouted at the sky: “Queen Vermilion, sorry, I am going to live up to your expectations of me.”

When shouting these, Darryl looked unwilling, but there was a sly smile in his eyes.

Yes, Darryl’s weakness was pretended, and he didn’t even intend to give the White Tiger King the power of the bird ancestor. At this time, it was just a false compromise.

Darryl knew in his heart that if he continued to fight head-on with the White Tiger King, the result would be a situation where both sides would suffer. In this way, Jin Peng’s trickery would succeed.


Upon hearing this, the White Tiger King laughed up to the sky, unable to conceal his inner pride. I thought that Darryl would resist desperately, but I didn’t expect to compromise so quickly, can I be upset?

Lan Ling Peacock and Colorful Lingfeng were shocked.

This…what’s going on with Darryl? I also expected him to revitalize the Feiyu League, but he was softened so easily.


At the same time, Jin Peng, who had been watching the game not far away, was also stunned.

Ma De, did he misheard it?

This Darryl, is going to hand over the power of the bird ancestor to the White Tiger King? If this is the case, wouldn’t it be a waste of his own plan to let them kill each other?

Thinking about it, Jin Peng was secretly anxious, but the situation in front of him was not easy to interrupt.


Finally, Colorful Lingfeng reacted and shouted at Darryl: “Darryl, what are you doing? The power of the bird ancestor is passed on to you by the queen, how can you hand it over? Are you worthy of the queen?”

When the voice fell, Lan Ling Peacock also stomped his feet in a hurry: “Darryl, don’t hand over the strength of the bird ancestor, don’t…”


Hearing this, Darryl looked bitter, and said helplessly: “Speaking of which, I don’t want to hand it over to the colorful Lingfeng, Lan Ling Peacock, but you have seen the situation now. If you continue to fight, none of the three of us will survive. , It’s better to face reality.”

With that, Darryl looked at the White Tiger King and continued: “Your Excellency White Tiger King is one of the four innate spirit beasts. His status is equal to that of the Vermillion Bird Queen. I believe that after he gets the power of the bird ancestor, he will definitely lead you All races, successfully leave this ghost place.”

When saying this, Darryl looked serious, but he was speechless in his heart.

Qi Cai Lingfeng and Lan Ling Peacock, both used to be the right arms of Queen Suzaku, are very powerful, but unfortunately their brains are too simple, and they didn’t even realize that they were pretending to compromise.


Hearing Darryl’s words, Lan Ling’s peacock-like body trembled.

Qi Cai Lingfeng couldn’t help it any more, and pointed at Darryl and cursed: “Shameless, Darryl, you are a coward. The queen really misunderstood the person. Lan Ling and I were even blinded… “

The more colorful Lingfeng cursed, the more intense it became, and he wanted to rush over to teach Darryl, but was quickly stopped by the White Tiger King’s hands.


Seeing this scene, the White Tiger King was unspeakably happy, and he praised Darryl: “Very well, you humans have a saying, called a person who knows the current affairs as a master, Darryl, you really did not disappoint me, wait a minute. After you give me the strength of the bird ancestor, you will always be our guest of the White Tiger clan.”

As he said, the White Tiger King smiled and looked at Darryl: “Okay, let’s not say more, let’s hand over the power of the bird ancestor.”


Darryl took a deep breath, nodded, and then slowly raised his hands, urging the power of the primordial spirit, and in a short time, a red light flashed out, slowly in front of Darryl, and then condensed into a fist-sized red bead.

I saw that the bead was dazzling, with a flame burning on its surface. The moment the bead was formed, the surrounding temperature rose a lot.


Seeing this scene, the White Tiger King stared at the bead tightly, extremely excited.

The surrounding Beast League members were extremely excited. This Darryl surrendered the power of the bird ancestor, and as long as the White Tiger King got it, he could easily rule all the ethnic groups. At that time, everyone can unite and leave here.

The power of bird ancestors!

At the same time, Jin Peng who was not far away was excited instantly, his eyes were like a poisonous snake, staring at the red beads, extremely hot.

Previously at the bottom of the abyss, when the Vermillion Bird Queen passed the power of the bird’s ancestor to Darryl, the situation at that time was like this. The Vermillion Bird Queen burst out her last power and separated the power of the bird’s ancestor from the body to form a flame burning bead.

Jin Peng didn’t know, he was completely fooled by Darryl.

A bunch of idiots.

Looking at the expressions of the White Tiger King and the Jinpeng people, Darryl was secretly amused.

Yes, what Darryl condensed was not the power of the bird ancestor at all, but the fire beads condensed from the celestial flames. The purpose of this was to stimulate Jinpeng.

Darryl knew in his heart that Jin Peng would never watch the power of the bird ancestor be obtained by the White Tiger King, he would definitely not help but make a move.

That’s it!

Not far away, colorful Lingfeng and Lan Ling Peacock, their delicate faces were extremely anxious and desperate.

Darryl handed over the power of the bird ancestor to the White Tiger King. Now Feiyu League had no chance to stand up.

“Okay, haha, great!”

At this moment, the White Tiger King slowed down, unable to conceal his excitement, and immediately urged his figure to catch the fire bead in front of Darryl.

At this time, the White Tiger King hadn’t realized that he had been tricked by Darryl, and the power in front of him was not the power of the bird ancestor.

“Ma De, the power of the bird ancestor is mine, go to hell!”

However, at this moment, only a loud shout came, and then a figure flashed quickly, rushing from behind the White Tiger King, and slapped the White Tiger King with a palm!

It is Jinpeng!

Darryl guessed right. Jin Peng talked a lot of nonsense just now. The purpose was to make Darryl and the White Tiger King kill each other. When both losers, they will reap the benefits of the fisherman. However, he did not expect that Darryl would even go to the White Tiger at a critical moment. Wang Fu became soft, and took the initiative to hand over the power of the bird ancestor.

Jinpeng is ambitious, thinking about getting the power of the bird ancestor and defeating the White Tiger King. How can this happen?

Seeing that the attention of the White Tiger King was all on the strength of the bird ancestors, Jin Peng did not hesitate to make a decisive move.

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