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Chapter 1851


Rushing to the front, a powerful breath burst out from Jinpeng. .


Feeling the danger coming from behind, the White Tiger King shook his whole body. He turned his head and saw Jin Peng, his eyes were extremely blood red, and he gritted his teeth and roared: “You dare to attack me, you are looking for death!”

At this time, the White Tiger King didn’t expect Jin Peng who had been humbling to himself just now. How dare to surprise yourself.

“White Tiger King!”

Feeling the White Tiger King’s anger, Jin Peng didn’t panic at all. He couldn’t hide the excitement and madness on his face. He shouted: “Do you really think I would want you to surrender? This bird ancestor’s power should belong to me, who will rob me? , Whoever will die!”

As the voice fell, Jinpeng’s internal force surged, and he slapped it out with a palm.


Seeing this scene, the Lan Ling Peacock and the Colorful Lingfeng who were not far away were stunned, and their hearts were excited and complicated.

Fortunately, Jin Peng made a move, and the White Tiger King was temporarily unable to obtain the power of the bird ancestor.

It’s just…Neither Jinpeng nor the White Tiger King are good things, no matter who wins in the future. There is no benefit to Feiyu League.


At the same time, the tiger ben below was also furious, and shouted at Jinpeng: “You are looking for death, dare to surprise the lord White Tiger King…” Then, the tiger ben broke out and wanted to stop Jinpeng.

However, Jinpeng’s speed was too fast, like lightning, and Hu Ben had no time to intercept it.


Jinpeng’s speed is too fast, and the White Tiger King has no time to react. This palm. When he hit the White Tiger King’s back hard, he heard a dull sound, and the White Tiger King was directly shocked and flew out.


After flying dozens of meters away, the White Tiger King hit a boulder before landing heavily.

The moment he landed, he saw King White Tiger’s face pale and weak.

King White Tiger clearly felt that the blood in his body was surging, and Jin Peng’s palm had caused him a lot of trauma. However, the White Tiger King’s defense is very strong, his whole body is running, and his complexion quickly returns to normal.


Seeing this scene, no matter it was Jin Peng, Darryl, Lan Ling Peacock and others, they were all shocked.

The defense of the White Tiger King is too strong.


At this time, the White Tiger King glared at Jin Peng: “You dare to make a surprise attack from behind, but have you ever thought about the consequences?”

Feeling the anger of the White Tiger King, Jin Peng felt very nervous, but he still sneered: “White Tiger King. Put away your lofty posture, I just said that I will not surrender to you.”

“You just hit me in the palm of your hand, your blood is already disordered, I don’t believe you can hold it!”

In the last sentence, Jin Peng almost roared out wildly.

Jin Peng at this time was tough on the surface, but in fact he didn’t have any confidence in his heart. After all, the White Tiger King was too defensive, and he was not an opponent at all. It was just that he had raided the White Tiger King just now.

“good very good!”

Upon hearing this, the White Tiger King looked terrifying: “If this is the case, go and die!”

When the voice fell, the White Tiger King let out a wild roar, and suddenly raised his hands!


The surrounding air quickly twisted, and then, an extremely huge tiger condensed, carrying unparalleled power, and swept towards Jinpeng!

Jin Peng’s expression changed as he watched the huge tiger pounce. Without thinking about it, he quickly performed his stunt resistance.

Chi Chi Chi Chi…

In the next second, I saw golden lights bursting out of Jinpeng’s body. It was the flying feathers on Jin Peng’s body, and every golden light was like a sharp arrow.

In an instant, thousands of flying feathers erupted together, and the entire sky seemed to be torn apart.

See this scene. The White Tiger King snorted coldly, his eyes full of disdain.


The White Tiger King didn’t talk nonsense, and with a wave of his hand, the huge tiger burst out with a roar, and its speed suddenly accelerated to meet the flying feathers.

boom! boom! boom….

In the blink of an eye, I saw the flying feathers bursting out of Jinpeng, slamming into the huge tiger, bursting out a violent aura vibration, and then, thousands of flying feathers were directly defeated, turned into a golden light and shadow, and dissipated between the sky and the earth. !


Seeing this scene, the thousands of Jin Peng’s men below were all dumbfounded. Full of amazement.

The strength of the White Tiger King is too, too strong, right? !

The leader had already successfully raided him just now, but instead of severely injuring him, he was able to explode with such terrifying power.

at the same time. Darryl also frowned, and secretly rejoiced at the same time.

D*mn, the White Tiger King is too strong, but fortunately, he successfully lured Jin Peng into making a move. Otherwise, it would be him who faced the White Tiger King at this time.

“Ha ha….”

At this time, the White Tiger King smiled contemptuously, and said to Jin Peng playfully: “But a clown with such a little strength. Want to beat me?”

When the voice fell, the white tiger king burst out and came straight to Jinpeng.

Jin Peng did not respond, but gritted his teeth to greet him, and fought fiercely with the White Tiger King in mid-air.

Jinpeng at this time. Almost crying without tears.

I knew it was such a result. I was not so impulsive just now and went to surprise the White Tiger King. Now it is really hard to get off the ground.

Bang bang bang…

For a while, I saw the figures of the White Tiger King and Jin Peng, constantly shuttled back and forth in mid-air, and the burst of breath tremors distorted the air.


Seeing this scene, the tribes of the Beast League and the Jinpeng clan below. It was all silent, and all attention was drawn.

The opportunity is here!

At this moment, Darryl took the opportunity, and his figure speed moved towards Lan Ling Peacock.

When he arrived, Darryl shot the electricity. Seeing that the two Jin Peng men guarding Lan Ling Peacock did not react at all, they were knocked to the ground and fainted.

Immediately afterwards, Darryl stepped forward and was about to untie the golden feathers on Lan Ling Peacock.

“Go away, you traitor!”

However, before Darryl’s hand touched Jin Yusuo, he saw Lan Ling Peacock take a step back, and his delicate face was full of anger and hostility: “Don’t touch me, let alone save me.”

In Lan Ling Peacock’s heart, Darryl wanted to hand over the power of the bird’s ancestor to the White Tiger King just now, betraying the Vermillion Bird Queen, a traitor, and can never forgive him.


Feeling the hostility of Lan Ling Peacock, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

In the next second, Darryl explained: “Lan Ling Peacock, listen to me, I don’t really want to…”

Lan Linglong interrupted her before she finished speaking.

“You have handed over the power of the bird ancestor, what else can you explain?” Lan Ling Peacock said coldly. I couldn’t hide the contempt in my eyes: “I and Qi Cai Lingfeng were really blind before. I was afraid that you Jinpeng would be against you, and have been desperately protecting you. If you knew this, you should die in Jinpeng’s hands.


Just talking. He heard a vibration in mid-air, and saw King White Tiger hit Jin Peng’s heart with a punch. In a short time, Jin Peng’s blood spurted wildly, and a rain of blood was sprayed in the air. He was shocked more than a hundred meters away and fainted directly after landing.


Seeing this, the entire Beast League tribe cheered.

As for the Jinpeng clan, each one sucked in air-conditioning, and was extremely frightened.

Chapter 1852

At this moment, the White Tiger King stood proudly and glanced at Jin Peng lightly: “Assault me? Looking for death!”

When the voice fell, the White Tiger King urged his figure to grab the fire ball suspended in mid-air in his hand.

The White Tiger King was raided by Jinpeng just now, and there was no time to get the fire bead, so the fire bead has been floating in mid-air.


The moment when he got the fire beads, the White Tiger King raised his head and laughed, extremely proud.

“The power of the bird ancestor. I finally got it.”

At this time, the White Tiger King hadn’t realized that what he had in his hands was not the power of the bird ancestor at all, but the fire bead that Darryl turned into with the Vermillion Bird Spirit Flame.


At this moment, the tens of thousands of Beast League members below all knelt down to the White Tiger King, each of them looked excited and shouted.

“Congratulations to the White Tiger King…”

“Great, Lord White Tiger King got the power of the bird’s ancestor…”

In the compliments of many subordinates, the White Tiger King smiled and felt extremely happy.

“Grab all Jinpeng clan.” King White Tiger ordered.

When the voice fell, tens of thousands of beasts and tribes surrounded thousands of Jinpeng clan groups. Because Jinpeng was in a coma, Jinpeng’s group of dragons had no leader, and none of them resisted.

After subduing the Jinpeng clan, the White Tiger King did not hesitate, urging his internal force, and began to absorb the power of the “Bird Ancestor” in his hand.


However, at this moment, I heard an explosion that shocked the world, and the fire ball in the hands of the White Tiger King split instantly, and a purple-red sea of ​​fire filled. Instantly enveloped the White Tiger King.

All this happened so quickly that King White Tiger couldn’t react at all, and let out a miserable cry on the spot, and his whole body fell directly down like a big fireball.


Falling heavily to the ground, the purple-red flame on the White Tiger King’s body showed no sign of extinguishing, but it burned more and more vigorously.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding Beast League members panicked and wanted to rush up, but they were afraid of the flames on the White Tiger King, so they didn’t dare to approach.

“Ah… it burned me to death, it burned me to death…”

The White Tiger King kept rolling on the ground and howling miserably, a large area of ​​his body was burnt black, and it was extremely miserable.

Hu Ben loyally protects the Lord, desperately rushing up, shouting: “His White Tiger King, I will help you put out the fire.”

However, I just rushed a few steps. Hearing Darryl’s faint voice, he thought: “Hu Ben, this fire is called the Vermillion Bird Lingyan. It can burn everything. If you approach it rashly, you may not be able to save him, but you will take your own life.”

The sound is not loud, but it is beyond doubt.


Hearing this, Hu Ben stopped there, glaring at Darryl: “Darryl, why did you do this? Why did you plot against the White Tiger King?”

Hu Ben has an upright character, and he realized it later. Only now has he realized that the “Power of the Bird Ancestor” obtained by the White Tiger King is fake.

Darryl sighed and nodded: “Yes, but if I don’t do this, will the White Tiger King let me go?”

Hu Ben’s face flushed, and he was speechless for a while.


At this time, Lan Ling Peacock’s delicate body trembled slightly, staring at Darryl, but also stunned.

It turns out… what he just handed over was not the power of the bird ancestor.

He did not betray the Suzaku Queen!

At this time, the white tiger king’s screaming voice became smaller and smaller, and he was about to be burned alive. Only then did Darryl urge the Vermilion Bird in his body to extinguish the flame on the White Tiger King.


At this moment. The white tiger king’s eyes were full of resentment, locked in Darryl, and said hoarsely: “Good boy, are you yin to me?”

At this time, the White Tiger King was almost full of anger. I thought I was in control of the situation, but I never expected that he would be fooled by this human.

With a smile on his face, Darryl looked at the White Tiger King, and said slowly: “White Tiger King. Don’t blame me. You were bewitched by Jinpeng just now. When you shot me, it was not open and upright.”

“I killed you.” The White Tiger King roared, struggling to stand up.

However, just now, after being burned by Vermilion Lingyan for several minutes, there were wounds all over his body, and he couldn’t make it out with any strength.

“kill me?”

Darryl’s expression was indifferent, and he said word by word: “White Tiger King, do you think you still have a chance? On the contrary, I will kill you now, but it’s easy!”

“But don’t worry, I won’t kill you now, but there is one condition.”

“From now on, whether it is the Beast League or the Feather League, all must obey my orders and dispatch. As for the White Tiger King, you will respect me from now on.”

When talking about this. Darryl’s gaze slowly scanned the audience, his expression was awe-inspiring, and his tone was beyond doubt.

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to care about the Beast League and Feiyu League in his heart, but after two days of things, Darryl realized that he had been involved and couldn’t get out of it. Under this circumstance . It would be better to take this opportunity to rule all the monster races.


Hearing this, whether it was the White Tiger King, the surrounding Beast League tribes, and the Jinpeng clan. There was an uproar.

“He wants to rule us?”

“D*mn it, I know, this human being is sinister and mean, uneasy and kind.”

The surrounding angry shouts kept coming, Darryl just pretended not to hear, standing there with a leisurely expression.


At this moment, Hu Ben looked sad and angry, and glared at Darryl: “Why are you doing this?”

Darryl said lightly: “It’s not that I have to do this. The experience of these two days tells me. It must be this way. Only in this way can I take you out of here. Otherwise, your internal fighting will continue endlessly. “

Heard this. Hu Ben was silent.

“I support Darryl!”

At this moment, a slender figure walked out quickly and looked around and said: “From now on, we, the Peacock family, pledge our allegiance to Your Excellency Darryl to death.”

When she said this, Lan Ling Peacock looked firm, but looked at Darryl’s gaze, but apologized.

Just now I almost misunderstood Darryl again, which made Lan Ling Peacock extremely guilty. At this time, only effective loyalty can make up for it. Moreover, Darryl inherited the power of the bird ancestor of the Vermillion Bird Queen, and allegiance to him is justified.

When the voice fell, Qi Cai Lingfeng echoed: “I am still there!”

As he said, Colorful Lingfeng looked around: “You all said that Darryl is a human, sinister and cunning, but since he came here, he has never taken the initiative to mutilate any ethnic group, besides, he has the power of bird ancestors. It is the Suzaku. An inheritor approved by the Queen.”

“More importantly, he is very superb against the magic circle. He has broken two magic circles before. In other words, only he can take us out of here.”


Heard this. The whole audience was silent, and the gazes that looked at Darryl one by one were complicated.

This Darryl actually broke two magic circles.


Quite silent for dozens of seconds, many beast leagues and Jinpeng clan. They knelt down to Darryl one after another, shouting in unison: “See Your Excellency Darryl.”

Seeing this scene, Darryl showed a slight smile.

“you guys…”

The White Tiger King was furious, and his whole body couldn’t stop trembling. He thought he could control the whole situation today, but he didn’t expect that it turned out to be a wedding dress for Darryl in the end.

At this time, Darryl smiled and looked at King White Tiger: “King White Tiger, they have already surrendered, how about you?”

Chapter 1853

The White Tiger King sneered: “Want me to surrender? Darryl, you don’t have to daydream.”

The tone is firm and unquestionable.

Darryl smiled slightly and said: “White Tiger King, do you think you still have a choice?”

Hearing this, the White Tiger King laughed up to the sky, but the resentment in his eyes could not be concealed: You are nothing but a human being, what right do you have to command us? I tell you, as long as I don’t die, the white tiger king is today’s enemy. I will return it ten times. “


Seeing this, Darryl sighed and said lightly: “Since this is the case, we have nothing to talk about.” After the voice fell, Darryl took out a few long things from the spirit beast bag he carried.

I saw that these things were extremely sharp, not only that, but there was also a strange wave of power inside.

It is the prisoner dragon thorn.

At that time, when Darryl was on the mainland of Roland, he encountered a giant dragon in the huge cave on the back mountain of Storm City. At that time, Fuxi had a prisoner dragon thorn on the body of the giant dragon. Later, Darryl conquered the dragon and the prisoner dragon thorn Up. Keep it on the body.

what is this?

Seeing the prisoner dragon thorn in Darryl’s hand, especially feeling the strange energy contained in it, the White Tiger King’s heart trembled, a little inexplicably panic.

Seeing the white tiger king’s expression, Darryl showed a slight smile.

“White Tiger King, this thing is called the prisoner dragon thorn.” Darryl said with a relaxed face, and said slowly: “The prisoner dragon thorn was specially invented by humans to deal with the Qinglong clan. Losing the ability to fly is painful.”

“The taste of prisoner dragon thorns, even the Qinglong clan can’t bear it. Would you like to try it?”

When he said this, Darryl looked relaxed.


The surrounding Lan Ling peacocks, colorful spirit phoenix and tigers and bees are all chilling. The prisoner dragon thorn in Darryl’s hand is really so powerful? Can’t even the Qinglong clan bear it?

At this time, the White Tiger King, dying by the fire, can he hold it?

For a while, the Hu Ben crowd wanted to plead, but when they saw Darryl’s firm eyes, they held back. Speaking of it, Hu Ben everyone knows that Darryl did this only to force King White Tiger to surrender and would not take his life.


At this time, the White Tiger King took a deep breath. Enduring the pain of the whole body, shouted at Darryl: “You don’t scare me, I’m the White Tiger clan, which has been passed down for thousands of years. What scene hasn’t been seen? A small prisoner dragon thorn, just wants to scare me? “

“Do you have any means, just use it. If I frown, I am not the White Tiger King.”

In the last sentence, the White Tiger King’s voice was extremely hoarse, but his eyes flashed with rebelliousness.


Hearing this, Darryl was very helpless, and immediately stopped talking nonsense, picked up a prisoner’s dragon thorn and directly pierced it on an acupuncture point on the white tiger king’s back.

At this moment, I saw King White Tiger’s body trembled, a heart-wrenching pain came, and his eyes were instantly congested, but the King White Tiger had a tough character and he just gritted his teeth and did not shout.


Feeling the tenacity of the White Tiger King, Darryl couldn’t help but admire him secretly. He deserves to be the king of the White Tiger clan, and he can even endure this kind of pain.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled: “It’s quite resistant.” When the voice fell, Darryl did not hesitate. Stabbed all the prisoner dragon thorns in his hand on the white tiger king.


At this time, the pain felt by the White Tiger King instantly doubled, and the pain was severe. The white tiger king’s face instantly turned pale, and his forehead was dripping with cold sweat! The whole body shook like chaff, and kept sucking in air-conditioning.

At this time, the White Tiger King only felt that his body was torn in half, not only that. The power of the whole body is sealed to death, and it is impossible to know the pain without personal experience.

Darryl stood by with a leisurely expression.

Isn’t the White Tiger King able to resist? See how long he can resist.

At the same time, the surrounding colorful spirit phoenix, and the tiger ben together, are also frightened to see.

At the beginning, the White Tiger King was still able to resist, but as time passed, the pain on his body became more and more intense, and the White Tiger King couldn’t hold it anymore, convulsing and dripping cold sweat. The majesty before was completely gone, and it was miserable.

“White Tiger King, how are you thinking about it?” It’s almost done. Darryl asked with a smile.


At this time, the White Tiger King was extremely weak, and his dignity was completely wiped out. He nodded and said: “Your Excellency Darryl, I take it. From now on, I will follow the White Tiger King to the death.”

Seriously, bowing his head to Darryl, the White Tiger King felt 10,000 reluctance in his heart. But the White Tiger King knew very well in his heart that if he continued to consume it, he would not die or become disabled. After all, the taste of the prisoner dragon thorn was too terrible.


Seeing that the White Tiger King finally compromised, Darryl showed a slight smile and nodded: “Okay, okay.” He said. Darryl removed the prisoner’s dragon thorn, then took out a healing medicine and handed it to the White Tiger King.


Seeing this scene, whether it is a colorful spirit phoenix or a crowd of tigers. All were relieved.

That’s great, Darryl subdued King White Tiger, and the entire Monster Race finally didn’t have to fight back and forth.

“All right!”

At this time, Darryl looked around and slowly said, “Everyone will rectify a little bit, and then cooperate with me to break the last two magic circles. At that time, I will take everyone away from this place.”

The voice fell, and the audience was boiling.


“Your Excellency Darryl. Long live, long live…”

Soon, under the command of Darryl, everyone camped on the spot to recuperate, and waited until the next morning. Darryl began to crack the remaining two magic circles.

Huang Tian paid off, and after two days of hard work, the remaining two magic circles were also completely broken by Darryl.

Boom boom boom…

At the moment when the last magic circle was broken, I heard a roar from the sky. For a moment, the sky was dim and the ground was dark, as if the world was apocalyptic. Then, I saw the enchantment shrouded in the sky, crashing to pieces…


Seeing this scene, whether it was the White Tiger King or the Colorful Lingfeng, there was cheers, and some even cried with joy.

“After so many years, we can finally go out.”

“Your Excellency Darryl, really didn’t lie to us…”


Just when the White Tiger King was extremely excited, they saw that after the barrier in the sky collapsed. A huge beam of light descended from the sky, and finally formed a portal in front of everyone.

Seeing the portal, whether it was Darryl or the White Tiger King. His eyes suddenly became hot.


At this moment, Darryl couldn’t hide his excitement, looked around, and slowly said: “There are so many of us who rushed into God’s Realm through the portal. It will definitely attract the attention of God of Nine Heavens. In this way, I will check the situation first. You are here waiting for my news.”

When saying this, Darryl looked serious.

You know, thousands of years ago, God Realm started a divine battle because the monster race threatened its status, and trapped many monster races in this place, so that God Realm could sit back and relax. At this time, the entire monster race was released by himself. , Once let Jiu Tian God know, it is no small matter.

Chapter 1854


Upon hearing Darryl’s words, the White Tiger King and Lan Ling Peacock all nodded.

To be honest, it was hard to leave here. Whether it was the White Tiger King or Lan Ling Peacock, they were a little impatient and wanted to leave immediately, but they also knew that Darryl was right. The total number of monster races present at the scene amounted to hundreds of thousands, and they suddenly entered the realm of God, and they would definitely be known by the Nine Heavens God.

Darryl confessed a few more words before turning around and entering the portal.

Accompanied by a brief sense of dizziness, Darryl opened his eyes, seeing the scene in front of him, and he was in a good mood.

D*mn, finally returned to God’s Domain.

And what made Darryl even more delighted was that his position was outside the cave where he had entered the Sealed Land of the Demon Race before. This place was very close to the Guixian Mountain.

After walking for so few days, I don’t know what happened to Master. If the master knew that he had ruled the entire monster clan, he would definitely be very happy.

I thought. Darryl urged his figure and hurried to the direction of Guixian Mountain, feeling extremely urgent.

Soon, when he arrived at Guixian Mountain, Darryl was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

what’s the situation?

I saw that the scenic Ghost Fairy Mountain was now in ruins, and the original quiet courtyard disappeared, leaving only a huge pit.

Darryl saw. The pit was dark and there were traces of lightning strikes everywhere.

After a few seconds, Darryl reacted, feeling inexplicably nervous.

Immediately, Darryl couldn’t help shouting: “Master, where are you, Master?”

He shouted dozens of times on his face, except for his own echo, he couldn’t hear Gui Guzi’s response at all. In a moment, Darryl was even more anxious.

Broken, the Ghost Mountain became like this, and the master was not there. Could something really happen?


Just when Darryl was extremely anxious, he saw a figure flying from the sky not far away, with a touch of pride on his delicate face.

It was Leticia who had forced Darryl to desperate before.

Behind Leticia, a cruel figure followed closely, and it was her brother Hongsheng.

Because of Darryl, Leticia was punished by Beiming Xianzun. After facing the wall for half a month, Hongsheng begged for mercy, and Leticia was only detained for three days.

Today, Leticia came out to relax, took Hongsheng to accompany him, and went all the way to play, and he came to the vicinity of Guixian Mountain.


Seeing Leticia, Darryl frowned, and a burst of anger suddenly rose in his heart.

It’s really Yuanjia Luzhai, and I ran into her again.


At the same time, Leticia and Hongsheng also saw Darryl, and they were all stunned.

Darryl? Hasn’t he entered the land of the Yaozu seal?

A few seconds later, Leticia reacted and looked at Darryl with a smile, and mocked: “Oh, isn’t this the little book boy? Are you still alive?”

When he said this, Leticia’s tone was contemptuous, but his eyes flashed with anger.

If it wasn’t for this Darryl, he wouldn’t be punished by the master and would face the wall for three days.

When the voice fell, Hongsheng couldn’t help but speak: “Good boy, you can come out after entering the sealed land of the monster race.”

The tone of the brothers and sisters made Darryl feel very upset.

However, Darryl didn’t bother to care about it at this time. He walked up quickly and looked directly at Leticia: “What happened here? What about Mr. Guigu?”

“Why should I tell you?” Leticia raised his head. A look of arrogance.


Darryl frowned, too lazy to talk nonsense, looked at Leticia, and said coldly again: “I’m asking you, what happened to Mr. Guigu”


Leticiaxiu frowned. There was a bit of contempt on Qingxiu’s face: “Do you know who you are talking to? You kneel down and beg me, maybe I can consider telling you.”

Just a little book boy who dares to talk to himself like this, who gives him the confidence?

at the same time. Hongsheng also took a step forward and looked at Darryl and said coldly: “Boy, dare to pretend to be His Majesty the Nine Heavens, you have gotten into serious trouble.”

In Hongsheng’s eyes, Darryl pretending to be the Nine Heavens God is not worthy of sympathy at all.

Mad, these two are sick.

Seeing this situation, Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, turned and left, and decided to find Guiguzi by himself. In his heart, Guiguzi has the ability to reach the sky and the earth, and there is no danger, but something happened to leave the Guixian Mountain.


It just didn’t take two steps before I heard Leticia’s soft drink. Immediately afterwards, he slapped towards Darryl’s back with a palm, and at the same time, shouted in his mouth: “Our business is not over yet, do you want to leave?”


This palm contains the sound of wind and thunder, and its power is amazing.


See Leticia assault himself. Darryl was very annoyed and cursed inwardly, then he turned around and greeted him with a palm.


The two palms of Darryl and Leticia collided, only to hear a vibration, and then Leticia’s body trembled, and he stepped back more than ten steps. After steadying his figure, his face was pale.

And Darryl stood proudly in place. Not moving.

Obviously, Leticia did not take advantage of this match.

If it were a few days ago, Darryl was not Leticia’s opponent at all, but now and then. Darryl now possesses the power of the bird ancestor, and his strength has greatly increased, and he has surpassed Leticia.


Leticia steadied his figure and looked at Darryl in shock and anger. Xiuli’s face was full of incredible writing.

This…this is impossible!

In just a few days, this Darryl’s strength turned out to be so powerful?

Darryl sneered, and mocked at Leticia: “What? It feels uncomfortable to be defeated. Don’t be too arrogant in the future.”

Leticia bit his lips tightly, his face flushed, and he held the fire extremely, but he didn’t know how to refute.

She didn’t expect that the guy who had nowhere to escape was chased by herself a few days ago. At this time, the strength has become so powerful.


At this moment, Hongsheng beside him couldn’t help but yelled, and then rushed towards Darryl.

Hongsheng had a calm personality. He hadn’t planned to attack Darryl, but he loved Leticia, a younger sister very much. At this time, seeing that he had suffered a loss in Darryl’s hands, he couldn’t help it.

More importantly, Darryl was a felon appointed by Nine Heavens God, how could he let Darryl leave so calmly?

Is your brain sick?

Seeing Hongsheng burst out, Darryl frowned, and then burst into force, and fought fiercely in midair with Hongsheng.

Hongsheng is Senior Brother Leticia, and even the big disciple under the seat of Beiming Immortal Venerable. His strength is unfathomable, while Darryl has the strength of the bird ancestor, and the strength of the two sides is comparable, and it is difficult to distinguish for a time.


Seeing this scene, Leticia was extremely excited, stood below, and kept shouting: “Brother, teach him well.”


As he shouted, he saw a horrible breath coming from the sky not far away, and the world changed in an instant. Dark clouds are rolling.

The sudden vision of heaven and earth shocked Hong Sheng’s heart.

At the same time, Leticia trembled as well, and couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

I saw huge figures in the sky. The clouds came in the fog, each of them was huge, and you could see the phoenix with gorgeous feathers, and the white tiger with the mighty and domineering…a total of hundreds of thousands.

Chapter 1855


Seeing this scene, Leticia only felt that his legs were soft, and he couldn’t stand still, and muttered: “Isn’t this…these monster races that have been sealed up? Why…why are they all coming out?”

As a disciple of the Immortal Venerable Beiming, Leticia certainly knew the existence of the Monster Race, but the Monster Race was sealed by the God Realm, and the sealed land had a powerful barrier, it was impossible for the Monster Race to break through.

At the same time, Hongsheng also had a solemn face, and his heart was extremely shocked.

I saw that in front of these monster army, there were several powerful figures, one of them was wearing white armor and majestic, and several women next to him were wearing long skirts, with beautiful faces and slim figures.

It is the White Tiger King and the Colorful Lingfeng.

Originally, the White Tiger Kings waited at the portal according to Darryl’s explanation. However, waiting from the left to the right, they never saw Darryl returning, so they couldn’t help coming to God’s Domain through the portal.


What a terrifying power.

At this moment, feeling the powerful aura of the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng, Hongsheng’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

And Darryl next to him was indifferent, and then he scratched his head.

Just looking for Guiguzi, forget that the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng are still waiting for themselves.

“Excuse me!”

At this time, Hongsheng took the lead to react, stepped forward, and said to the White Tiger King: “Your Excellency is…”

While talking, Hongsheng’s heart trembled as he looked at the hundreds of thousands of demonic tribes behind the White Tiger King.

Before he finished speaking, he saw a warrior of the White Tiger clan and said, “This is the king of our White Tiger clan.”

what? The king of the white tiger clan?

Hearing this, both Hongsheng and Leticia were shocked.

As the disciples of the Immortal Venerable Beiming, Hongsheng and Leticia certainly knew that the white tiger was one of the four innate spirit beasts, possessing incomparably powerful strength, and the burly man in front of him was the king of the white tiger clan, and his strength must be even greater. terror.

“It turned out to be the Lord White Tiger King!”

At this moment, Hongsheng reacted and said to the White Tiger King to please: “I am Hongsheng, the disciple of Beiming Xianzun, and the one next to him is my junior sister Leticia.”

With that said, Hongsheng pointed to Darryl and said with an indifferent expression: “As for this, it’s just an unknown little book boy.”

Hongsheng has a meticulous personality and knows that the monster race and the realm of God have insoluble enmity, but Beiming Xianzun lives in Beiminghai and does not belong to the direct jurisdiction of the Nine Heavens God, and Beiming Xianzun did not participate in the divine battle that year. In this case, Hongsheng’s identity can avoid unnecessary trouble.

When the voice fell, Leticia quickly nodded in agreement, and then pointed to Darryl: “Yes, this human being is cunning and mean, our seniors are about to deal with him, you don’t care about it.”

At this time, Leticia just wanted to send the White Tiger King away as soon as possible, and then deal with Darryl with his senior brother.


However, as soon as the voice fell, I saw a slim figure, walked out quickly, slapped Leticia’s face without warning!

It is the colorful spirit phoenix.

Qi Cai Lingfeng has a cold and arrogant personality. He had misunderstood Darryl three times before, and was very guilty. He had been looking for opportunities to make up for it. At this time, seeing that Leticia was rude to Darryl, he couldn’t help it.

The slap was heavy, and Leticia staggered back a few steps, half of his face was swollen.

The Hongsheng beside him was even more nervous and furious.


Finally, Leticia reacted, looking at Colorful Lingfeng, with surprise and suffocation in his eyes.

I am Beiming Xianzun’s favorite disciple, but he was beaten by a demon clan woman at this time. How will I see people in the future?

For a while, Leticia held the fire extremely, wanting to break out, but felt the aura of Qicai Lingfeng’s body and the White Tiger King next to him, but still held back. There were so many people on the other side, and he only had two senior brothers. Head-to-head, it’s all looking for death.

At this moment, Hongsheng reacted, suppressing his anger, and said to Qicai Lingfeng: “We, Bei Minghai, have no grudges against your monster race. There is no need to beat people, right?”

Hongsheng loved Leticia very much, and couldn’t help seeing her being slapped by Qicai Lingfeng.

“No grievances and no enmity?”

Qi Cai Lingfeng’s pretty face was frosty, and she gave Leticia a cold glance: “She is rude to Your Excellency Darryl, shouldn’t she fight?”

When the voice fell, the White Tiger King next to him followed and said: “Yes, Darryl is the commander of all our monster races. If you disrespect him, you are provoking our monster race.”


Hearing this, Hongsheng’s heart was shaken, and his whole body froze there.

This.. This Darryl is the commander of all demons?

Did you hear me wrong?

You must know that the monster race is inherently arrogant, especially the existence of the White Tiger King. At the beginning, even the Nine Heavens God was not in the eyes. Otherwise, God’s Domain would not launch a war of gods back then. At this time, he was so respectful to a human being.

Leticia is also stupid!

At this moment, she felt her legs feel soft, and Jiao Chu couldn’t help taking two steps back.

She could see that the colorful Lingfeng, the White Tiger King, and the hundreds of thousands of demonic tribes behind them all showed respect to Darryl.


For a moment, the audience was silent, and even a needle dropped could be heard clearly.

At this time, Qicai Lingfeng looked at Leticia coldly: “You are disrespectful to Your Excellency Darryl, and you are against him. How can I forgive you?”

As he said, Qicai Lingfeng looked around and said loudly, “Your Excellency Darryl, leading us to break through the Ten Thousand Years Seal, is the benefactor of all our monster races, and his enemy is our enemy.”

When the voice fell, the White Tiger King and the hundreds of thousands of monster tribes responded in unison.

“Not bad!”

“Kill them both.”

There was a loud shout, Leticia’s body trembled with fright, his legs became weak, and he couldn’t stand still.


Hongsheng was even more frightened. He knelt on the ground and begged Darryl for mercy: “Darryl is sorry, but we have no eyes…” Hongsheng was quick in his mind, knowing that if he didn’t say anything, the situation would get worse.

Darryl’s expression was indifferent and ignored. Instead, he looked at Leticia coldly.

Seeing this, Hongsheng pulled Leticia a bit: “Junior Sister, please apologize quickly.”

At this time, Hongsheng was very frightened. If Darryl didn’t forgive himself and Junior Sister, then the trouble would be serious. You know, there are hundreds of thousands of powerful monsters around here.


At this moment, Leticia bit his lip tightly, walked to Darryl, and whispered: “Sorry, how offended you were before…”

The sound is very small, you can’t hear it if you don’t listen carefully.

At this time, Leticia, never dreamed that one day he would apologize to a little book boy, and never expected that he would be so humbly in front of him!

Darryl was expressionless, and looked at her with a smile: “It’s all done with just an apology? What did you do to me before? I remember it clearly.”


Feeling Darryl’s anger, Leticia’s body trembled, hesitated, and then knelt directly in front of Darryl.


“Darryl, I was wrong before, I was too self-willed, now I know I was wrong, please forgive me and brother.” Leticia kept begging for mercy, completely lost the previous savagery.

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