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Chapter 1871


Seeing this, the eight saints of Huanxiang and Ziyan all changed their pretty faces.

“Luo Jue!”

In the next second, Huanxiang took a step forward and shouted at Luo Juejiao: “What do you mean?” Huanxiang’s character went straight, and at this time, surrounded by the Heavenly Dao League, he didn’t panic at all.

On the contrary, Huanxiang’s heart was very furious at this time.

This Luo Jue is too hateful. Just now he asked his sisters to help deal with the Qinglong clan. In a blink of an eye, he had to cross the river and demolish the bridge.

At this time, Madeline and the other saints also glared at Luo Jue.


Seeing this scene, Xiandi and Long Xiang’er, as well as the surrounding dragon clan powerhouses, all looked suspicious.

What’s the situation?

Are these eight saints not from the Heavenly Alliance? Why did Luo Jue suddenly turn his face with them?

“Ha ha…”

Under the gaze of the many eyes around, Luo Jue chuckled lightly, and faintly said to Huanxiang: “You ask me why? Today we came to Shellmound Island, what did you guys do, you know better than me.”

“Negative battles, this one alone is enough to condemn you.”

After speaking the last sentence, Luo Jue stopped talking nonsense and shouted: “Take it.”

Speaking of it, Luo never wanted to tear his face with the eight saints, but they have inextricably linked relations with Darryl and the Ouyang family. This will be extremely unfavorable for the Tiandao League to unify the rivers and lakes of Jiuzhou in the future. In order to prevent the eight saints Female, after secretly colluding with the Ouyang family, Luo did not hesitate to make a decisive decision.


In an instant, the members of the Tiandao League burst into internal power, flooding towards the eight saints of Huanxiang.


At this time Huanxiang was frightened, and her Jiao body kept trembling: “Since Luo absolutely doesn’t believe us, let’s not talk nonsense, and rush out together.”

With that, Huanxiang flew up and rushed into the enemy group first.

“Yes, this Luo Jue is so cruel, we can’t just wait and die.” Madeline and the other saints spoke one after another, followed by Huanxiang, and fought fiercely with the Tiandao League.


For a time, I saw the eight saints, their silhouettes agile and elegant, and the speed was extremely fast, which only dazzled people to see.

In this situation, the surrounding Tiandao League tribes, although they were large in number, could not get close to the eight saints at all.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding dragon clan powerhouses all looked complicated.

Xiandi also frowned slightly, looking at Luo Jue with a certain dignity.

This Luo Jue was too ruthless. Just after he conquered the Qinglong clan, he crossed the river and demolished the bridge to deal with his own. Looking at this situation, it is difficult for the Qinglong clan to have a good life in the future.

In a blink of an eye, ten minutes passed, the members of the Tiandao League had not yet subdued the eight saints. On the contrary, under the constant breakthrough of the eight saints, the formation was in chaos.

A bunch of waste.

Seeing this, Luo Jue frowned, and then took out a few long hair-thin needles from his body.

I saw that these long needles were more than ten centimeters long, faintly shining with white light, and they were the fairy feather needles of God Realm.

The fairy feather needle is made of a special kind of spirit bird feather bone. It is very light and has almost no weight in the hand, but after being stabbed, its strength will be greatly weakened.

It is also because of its lightness that when this fairy feather needle is used, it is completely silent, and the person being stabbed is also unaware of it, making it impossible to prevent it.

Chi Chi Chi Chi…

At this time, Luo Jue did not hesitate at all, and with a wave of his hand, he saw the fairy feather needles, turning into white light, and walking straight behind the eight saints of Huanxiang.

Soon, Huanxiang, who was stabbed first, trembled, and suddenly felt something was wrong.

what happened?

At this time Huanxiang, her pretty face was pale, and her heart was uncertain. It was okay just now, why suddenly, the power of the primordial spirit in her body couldn’t be moved?

Not only that, but his whole body was soft, and he almost couldn’t stand firmly.

“Ha ha…”

Seeing Huanxiang’s expression, Luo Jue showed a slight smile, and said with a smile: “Huanxiang saint, give up, don’t continue struggling.” His tone was relaxed and triumphant, and his eyes were a little bit of abuse.

Upon hearing this, Huanxiang understood what was happening, and glared at Luo Jue: “It’s you…”

Before she finished speaking, Luo Jue sneered and interrupted: “Yes, you have been hit by my fairy feather needle, the power of the soul is suppressed, and in a short time, you can’t move at all, so you still give up resistance. Right.”


Fairy feather needle?

When the voice fell, whether it was Huanxiang, Madeline and the other saints, they were all shocked and furious.

As Nine Heavens Saints, they certainly knew that the fairy feather needle would lose resistance as long as they were stabbed, but they would never have thought that Luo Jue, as an envoy specially sent by the Nine Heavens God, would have such a despicable method. Secretly assault…

“Luo Jue!”

Finally, Madeline bit her lip and couldn’t help but shout at Luo Juejiao: “You are still the messenger sent by the Nine Heavens God to represent God’s Domain. Don’t you feel ashamed with such a despicable means?”

As she was talking, Madeline’s face suddenly paled, and her Jiao body trembled faintly: “Well, I really think I was also hit by the fairy feather needle.”

When the voice fell, the other saints also changed their faces and their bodies trembled.

“It’s the fairy feather needle… I was also recruited…”

“me too…”

“Well, we are careless.”

While talking, Madeline and the other saints slumped and sat on the ground.


Seeing this, Luo Jue showed a slight smile and waved his hand: “Take it down.”


When the voice fell, several elites from the Heavenly Dao League walked up quickly, tied the eight saints of Huanxiang and Ziyan, and then held them down.

That’s it!

At this moment, the eight saints of Huanxiang and Ziyan were all pale and desperate in their hearts.

This Luo Jue was cruel and cruel, and fell on his hands, afraid that there would be more fortunes.


On the other side, God Realm, Yutian Palace.

At this time, near the Yutian Palace, the sky was already dim, and many monsters and divine soldiers and generals fell one after another in a pool of blood!

The two sides have been fighting fiercely here for two days and two nights.

In these two days, the demon tribe led by Darryl continued to suffer casualties. Originally there were nearly more than 200,000. After two days of fierce fighting, only less than 100,000 remained at this time.

On the side of God’s Domain, although a lot of troops have been lost, there are still nearly 300,000 divine soldiers and generals.

After all, this is the realm of the gods, and the Yutian Palace is attacked by the monsters, and the gods and soldiers will continue to come from all directions to support them.

Under the circumstances, the monster race can no longer hold on, but the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng, leading the rest of the monster race tribe, are still gritting their teeth.

Whether it was the White Tiger King, the Colorful Lingfeng and all the demonic tribes, they knew in their hearts that without Darryl, they would not be able to leave the Sealed Land. Darryl gave them freedom.

Now Darryl’s master, Gui Guzi is being held in a jail by Nine Heavens God, of course they have to do their best to help.

Bang bang bang…

At this time, around the Yutian Palace, the fierce battle between the monster race and the gods continued!

In the melee, Darryl held Fang Tian’s painting halberd tightly, extremely brave!

Chapter 1872

At this time, Darryl had more than a dozen wounds all over his body, and his clothes were stained red with blood, which was very tragic.

In front of him, the magical soldiers under Jiutian God surged up like a tide, surrounding him round and round, unable to kill at all.

After two days of fighting, Darryl’s strength was almost exhausted, but he still gritted his teeth, holding on with his last breath.


At this moment, looking at the divine soldiers who kept rushing up, Darryl cursed secretly, annoyed and anxious.

I thought that with the momentum of the Yaozu, I could catch God’s Domain by surprise, and then took the opportunity to rescue the Master Guiguzi, but never expected that the reinforcements of God’s Domain would come so quickly.

What made Darryl even more depressed was that two days had passed, and he didn’t even know where the sky prison was, and was completely dragged to the Imperial Palace.

Not far from Darryl, the White Tiger King, Colorful Lingfeng, Lan Ling Peacock and King Xuanwu, almost exhausted the last bit of strength, each of them pale, but their eyes were still firm, without the slightest retreat.

Like Darryl, the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng were extremely anxious.

It won’t work if you continue to fight like this. God’s Domain has a steady stream of reinforcements. If it continues to be consumed, all the monster races will be destroyed.


At this moment, a divine soldier rushed up from behind taking advantage of Darryl’s unpreparedness, and pierced Darryl’s shoulder with a sword.

In an instant, blood was gushing, and Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air.

“Your Excellency Darryl!”

Seeing this scene, both the White Tiger King and the Colorful Lingfeng couldn’t help exclaiming.

In the next second, the White Tiger King erupted, rushed over, stood in front of Darryl, and shook a few divine soldiers back, and shouted at the same time: “Your Excellency Darryl, this is not the way to go, let’s block it first, you go quickly Tianja, look for Mr. Guigu.”

When saying this, the White Tiger King’s tone was firm and unquestionable.

Darryl took a deep breath, before thinking about it, shook his head and said: “No, I can’t go!”

The monster race in front of them was already at a disadvantage, and if they left on their own, they would be even more unstoppable.


Seeing Darryl’s refusal, the White Tiger King became anxious and shouted: “You don’t have to worry about us, you go, go…” While talking, the White Tiger King burst out and rushed towards the enemy group in front of him.

At the same time, the colorful Lingfeng who was not far away bit her lip and shouted at Darryl: “Your Excellency Darryl, listen to the White Tiger King, you go first, find a way to rescue Mr. Guigu, here we will block it first. “

“it is good!”

Darryl gritted his teeth, nodded heavily, then urged his figure to rush to the outside of the battlefield.

“Stop him!”

Seeing the situation here, the Nine Heavens God, who was floating in the sky, instantly locked his eyes on Darryl, and let out a roar, his majestic voice rolling across the sky and the earth.


When the voice fell, there were hundreds of divine soldiers, urging their figures to rush towards Darryl.

Darryl’s eyes were blood red in an instant, and he held Fang Tian’s painting halberd tightly. Ma De, Nine Heavens God had already stared at him. Under such circumstances, it was difficult to leave the battlefield.

At this moment, the White Tiger King roared wildly: “I am here today, and none of you will want to hurt Your Excellency Darryl.” The voice fell, and the White Tiger King’s figure flashed and stood in front of Darryl, facing the hundreds of gods. Soldiers.

At the same time, the White Tiger King did not forget to push Darryl: “Hurry up…”

Darryl didn’t have time to react. He only felt that a strong force came, and he was pushed hundreds of meters away by the White Tiger King, and he was out of the battlefield, but the White Tiger King was suddenly surrounded.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s blood was surging, and he couldn’t express his feelings.

I thought that the White Tiger King was also a selfish hypocrite, but he never thought that at a critical moment, he would be so benevolent and righteous.

At this moment, the White Tiger King was surrounded by hundreds of sacred corps and could not rush out. Suddenly, a sacred soldier rushed behind the White Tiger King, and the long sword in his hand stabbed the white tiger’s back all at once!


In an instant, blood spewed out, and half of the White Tiger King’s body was instantly dyed red.


Originally, the White Tiger King had suffered a lot of wounds, and his strength was almost consumed. At this time, he was hit again, and the whole person was instantly weak.

Before he could catch his breath, several magic soldiers rushed up, and the weapons in their hands slashed towards the White Tiger King.

“Punch! Punch!”

The blood on the White Tiger King’s body was like a fountain, and finally couldn’t hold it, he fell from a high altitude and fell heavily on the top of the palace of the Imperial Palace.


The moment it fell on the top of the hall, the White Tiger King turned into a giant tiger form, raised his head and roared, his claws waved, and dozens of magic soldiers were swept away.


Feeling the bravery of the White Tiger King, the other magic soldiers around looked at each other! I was extremely jealous.

This white tiger king is worthy of being one of the four innate spirit beasts… having received such a severe injury, he can still explode with such power.

“White Tiger King!”

And Darryl, who rushed out of the battlefield, couldn’t help shouting when he saw this scene. At the same time, there were tears in his eyes!

“Roar…” The White Tiger King turned his head and roared at Darryl a few times, his eyes flashing resolutely, and he signaled Darryl to go quickly.


At this moment, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he was crazy. He yelled at the Nine Heavens God in the sky: “Nine Heavens God, listen to me. If there is something wrong with the White Tiger King and the Colorful Lingfeng, I need your blood and blood. Compensation.”

When the words fell, Darryl wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes, gritted his teeth thinking about rushing to the rear of Yutian Palace.

To be honest, Darryl really didn’t want to leave like this, but the White Tiger King had already made a posture of breaking the boat. If he insisted, the blood of the White Tiger King would have flowed in vain.

Behind the Imperial Palace, there is a large-scale palace complex. In addition to the place where God rests for the Nine Heavens, there are also Tianja…


Hearing Darryl’s words, God Jiutian’s expression turned gloomy in an instant, and he said coldly, “Stop him!” He was the master of the divine realm, but was threatened by a human.

When the voice fell, he saw thousands of divine soldiers chasing directly towards Darryl.

“Help Your Excellency Darryl break through.”

Seeing this, Qicai Lingfeng yelled, and then led hundreds of monster warriors to intercept the thousands of divine soldiers.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Darryl speeded up and rushed into the group of palaces.


At the moment when he rushed into the palace group, Darryl let out a long sigh of relief, and Ma De finally broke out.

At the same time, I was also a little worried, I had to hurry up, know that the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng could not last long.


While muttering in his heart, Darryl suddenly frowned, only to feel that there was a fierce breath behind him. At that time, he quickly turned around and looked back.

At this look, Darryl’s heart was shocked.

I saw a figure, breaking through the enclosure of the colorful spirit phoenix, coming out of the sky, a golden armor, full of powerful divine power.

It is Ao Lin, one of the six major towns under the seat of God of Nine Heavens.


At this moment, feeling Ao Lin’s strength, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath.

Such a strong breath, the strength is at least ten times stronger than that of Rodolf.

Feeling Darryl’s panic, Ao Lin’s eyes were like torches, with a bit of contempt: “Darryl, you are so courageous, you dare to release the demon clan from the sealed land and ruin the imperial palace. Don’t think that there is a demon clan’s work. Cover and you are safe.”


When the voice fell, Ao Lin slowly raised his hand, holding a black long knife firmly, and coming straight towards Darryl.

Chapter 1873


Seeing Ao Lin coming, Darryl cursed secretly, before thinking about it, he immediately summoned a group of Celestial Sparrow Lingyan and threw it at Ao Lin.


The moment the Tianque Lingyan appeared, the surrounding temperature suddenly rose, and the air was extremely distorted.

Feeling the scorching temperature of Tianque Lingyan, Ao Lin frowned, not daring to hold on, and subconsciously flashed aside.

Darryl reacted very quickly, taking advantage of this opportunity, ran towards the depths of the palace group.

“Want to run?” Ao Lin reacted, snorted coldly, and quickly caught up!


Seeing Aolin chasing after him again, Darryl cursed secretly, groaning inwardly.

Can’t get rid of this Ao Lin, how can I save Master?

What made Darryl speechless was that the group of palaces in front of him was too big. You must know that the Beiying Imperial City in the Nine Provinces Continent is already big enough, and this one is dozens of times larger than the Beiying Imperial City. It can be said to be vast.

Darryl ran for several minutes, only to feel that Ao Lin and himself were getting closer and closer, and he was about to chase him. Moreover, because of panic and unfamiliar with the environment, Darryl could not tell the direction and was completely lost.


Just when Darryl was secretly anxious, he saw that there was a palace in front of him. This palace was very peculiar. The other palaces were made of white jade, but this one was a black palace.

When he arrived, Darryl clearly saw that the gate of the palace was engraved with a few words: Holy Palace Forbidden Land, offenders are conceited.

Forbidden area?

Seeing this, Darryl’s heart moved. He didn’t hesitate at the time and rushed in directly. You must know that since Darryl became a cultivator, he didn’t know how many forbidden lands he had crossed. He had already experienced it and didn’t panic at all.

Not only did he not panic, but Darryl was also a little grateful. This is the forbidden area of ​​the Holy Palace, so Aolin might not dare to chase in. If this happens, he will be temporarily safe.


Sure enough, seeing Darryl rushing into the black palace, Aolin did not catch up, but stopped, his expression full of caution and complexity.

Seeing this scene, Darryl completely relieved his heart, and at the same time showed a smile on his face.

In the next second, Darryl teased at Aolin: “Chasing? Why don’t you chase?”

How about being strong? When it’s forbidden, isn’t it the same as not dare to come in?

“Ha ha!”

Facing Darryl’s sneer, Ao Lin chuckled coldly and said: “Boy, you have entered the place of death, and you don’t need me to do it yourself, why go in?”

What do you mean?

Hearing this, Darryl frowned.


At this moment, he heard a powerful aura fluctuating suddenly in the black palace behind him, and Darryl looked back subconsciously. At this sight, the whole person was blinded.

I saw that in the black palace, a black whirlpool was constantly twisting and changing, and at the same time, a strong breath was constantly surging out.

This black vortex, at first glance, looked a lot like the chaotic vortex that distorted the space, but Darryl clearly felt that the power permeating in this black vortex was even more weird than the chaotic vortex.

what is this? Portal?

After a two-second pause, Darryl reacted and couldn’t help but mutter inwardly.


However, at this time, a terrifying suction force broke out from the black vortex and directly enveloped Darryl. All this happened suddenly, and Darryl had no time to react.

In the next second, seeing Darryl’s figure flashed, he was directly sucked into the black vortex.

“You can’t live by committing sins!”

Seeing this scene, Aolin looked contemptuous, muttered to himself, turned around and headed towards the Imperial Palace.

Darryl didn’t know what the black vortex was, but Ao Lin knew clearly that the black vortex was connected to an independent special space. In this special space, an extremely terrifying existence was sealed, and Darryl was sucked in. Absolutely nine deaths.

the other side.

After being sucked in by the black vortex, Darryl only felt that the sky was spinning.

After don’t know how long, the dizziness disappeared, Darryl opened his eyes, and was immediately stunned.

I saw that there was a dim world in front of me, with gray surroundings, boundless and boundless, as if I had entered a world of chaos.

D*mn, what is this place?

At this moment, Darryl stood there with a confused face.

At this time, Darryl clearly felt that in this chaotic world, his primordial power seemed to be suppressed and could not be displayed at all.

That kind of feeling seemed to have changed back to an ordinary person, which made Darryl very frightened.


At this moment, I heard a deep breathing sound in the endless darkness.


Hearing the sound of breathing, Darryl was startled, yelled instinctively, and walked along the sound at the same time.

D*mn it! Is there really someone here?

After just a dozen steps, Darryl’s heart trembled, and the whole person was stunned!

I saw a figure quietly suspended in the gray mid-air.

This was a man with a black robe, which was worn out, but very clean. This man looked about thirty-five, with cold and handsome features, and very handsome, but there was an evil spirit all over his body.

Especially the frantic long white hair, unspeakable domineering.


The man and Darryl looked at each other from a distance. He didn’t know how long he had passed before he let out a sigh: “I really didn’t expect that after so many years, the first person to come in turned out to be a human being.”

The man’s voice was not loud, but he gave people an irresistible force.


Under this pressure, Darryl secretly swallowed his saliva and cautiously said: “Dare to ask, who is Senior? Where is this place?”

The man chuckled, “I am the emperor of Brahma. As for this place, it is a place forgotten by the gods in God’s Domain. I call it Immortal Tomb.”

Brahma Emperor? Immortal Tomb?

Upon hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and his heart became nervous inexplicably.

The four words Brahma Emperor sounded very domineering, and it seemed that his identity was extraordinary.

However, even this kind of existence is trapped here, isn’t he unable to get out?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl squeezed out a smile and said politely: “Your Excellency, how to get in and out of this place? Please point to a clear road.”


The Emperor Brahma looked at Darryl with a playful look, as if he had heard a ridiculous joke, he couldn’t help but mocked: “You kid is quite naive. Even I have been trapped here for 30,000 years. You are a human being who want to go out. ?”


When the voice fell, Darryl’s brain buzzed, and his whole person froze.

what did he say? He was trapped here for thirty thousand years?

“You are a human being. It doesn’t seem ordinary to be able to come here.”

Just when Darryl was secretly shocked, he saw the Emperor Brahma looking at him with a smile but a little bit of abusive tone: “Let me test your abilities and see what is special.”

As the voice fell, Emperor Brahma slowly raised his right hand.

Uh …

At this moment, Darryl only felt a powerful force, and instantly imprisoned himself, and immediately afterwards, the whole person rose up in the air, as if there was an invisible thug who lifted him up.

Chapter 1874


At this moment Darryl was panicked, under the crushing force of that terrifying force, he only felt that his whole person was about to explode.

In panic, Darryl’s throat was weak and hoarse: “Pre…senior…you are merciful, it will be dead…” When he said this, Darryl almost cried.

D*mn, I was too lucky. I thought that I had entered a forbidden area and could get rid of that Aolin. However, it was spread to this place called Immortal Tomb, and I also encountered the Emperor Brahma.

If it were to die in the hands of the Brahma Emperor, it would be really unlucky.


However, in the face of Darryl’s plea, Brahma Emperor didn’t seem to be able to hear him at all. While urging his momentum and crushing Darryl, he said to himself: “The kid is really not easy, but the mortal body possesses the soul… .”

“Huh? There is also a different fire…”


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but sucked in cold air, shocked in his heart.

D*mn, this Brahma Emperor is too terrifying. Not only can he perceive his own soul, but he also knows that he has a different fire…


Just when Darryl was secretly shocked, suddenly, the Emperor Brahma discovered something again, and he cried out in surprise: “Good boy, you still have the power of the bird ancestor?”

When speaking, Emperor Brahma ripped off his strength, and Darryl lost his balance and fell to the ground all of a sudden.


At this time, the Emperor Brahma was hovering proudly in the air, staring at Darryl with scorching eyes, with a complex tone and a commanding taste: “You are a human, how can you have the power of bird ancestors? Just say it, or call it. Your soul will be destroyed.”

When saying this, Emperor Brahma tried his best to restrain the excitement in his heart!

You know, the Brahma Emperor and the Suzaku clan have a very close relationship. After Pangu opened up the world, four great spirit beasts were bred between the heaven and the earth, namely the Qinglong, the White Tiger, the Suzaku, and the Xuanwu. These four congenital spirit beasts are extremely arrogant, but the Suzaku has been ruled by the Brahma Emperor.

Since the creation of the world by Pangu, only one can conquer the four innate spirit beasts, that is, the emperor of Brahma.

Only later, Emperor Brahma encountered some troubles, and in desperation, he cancelled the relationship between master and servant with Suzaku. However, in the heart of Emperor Brahma, he always had some special feelings for Suzaku.

Under this circumstance, the Emperor Brahma felt the power of Darryl’s bird ancestor at this time, and naturally he could not calm down. You know, Suzaku is the ancestor of a hundred birds, and the power of the ancestor in her body is her original strength.

At this time, the power of the bird ancestor appeared on a human body, which was too strange.


At this moment, feeling the aggressive aura of Emperor Brahma, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath and cautiously said: “This is passed down to me by Queen Vermilion Bird.”

Having said that, Darryl explained the situation at that time in detail.

Having said this, Darryl secretly observed the expression of Emperor Brahma. I couldn’t help muttering in my heart, this Brahma Emperor is so excited, does it have any connection with the Suzaku clan?


Sure enough, upon learning of these circumstances, the emperor Brahma faintly shook his face, his face changed, his eyes widened, and his eyes flashed with anger and heartache.

A few seconds later, Emperor Brahma reacted and stared at Darryl: “You said Queen Vermilion is dead?”

“Yes!” Darryl nodded and said carefully: “At that time, she was raided by her subordinate Jinpeng. It was an emergency, so she had to pass on the strength of the bird ancestor to me.

Speaking of this, Darryl couldn’t help being curious: “That… Your Excellency, you and Queen Vermilion…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the emperor of Brahma.

“It used to be my spirit beast.” The Emperor Brahma said, with a bit of emotion in his eyes: “Later, I cancelled the master-servant relationship with it. I thought that one day, if I could leave this fairy burial mound, I can see you again. To her, I didn’t expect…”

At the end, the emperor Brahma looked sad and sighed.


At this moment, Darryl only felt his brain humming, staring blankly at Emperor Brahma, completely silly.

Queen Suzaku…was his spirit beast?

It’s incredible.

Under the shock, Darryl took a deep breath and couldn’t help asking: “Your Excellency, how did you get trapped here?”

The Emperor Brahma smiled bitterly, as if he didn’t want to mention his past, but in the end he said it out: “It’s because I lost the bet with my junior.”

Darryl scratched his head: “Junior Brother?”

The emperor of Brahma glanced at Darryl and said lightly: “Yes, my brother, we worshipped the ancestors as our teachers together. The relationship is very good. At that time, when the whole world was divided into the realm of God, the world of humans, and the world of ghosts, my brother strongly supported I am the master of God’s Domain.”


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath to conceal his inner shock. After staying in God’s Domain for this period of time, Darryl had heard that the great ancestor of the Great Desolation was the strongest god after the creation of the world.

Unexpectedly, the Brahma Emperor in front of him turned out to be a prehistoric ancestor.

Just when Darryl was thinking about this secretly, he heard the Emperor Brahma continue to say: “Later, I became the master of the gods and began to formulate systems, rules and regulations to restrain the gods.”

“As a result, at this moment, Junior Brother suddenly jumped out and said that I was too arrogant, and that the rules and rules that were drawn up simply did not work.

When he said this, the emperor Brahma’s eyes flickered with complexity.

Darryl was half-knowledgeable and couldn’t help but said: “Why doesn’t it work?”

“Ha ha..”

Brahma Emperor smiled, but there was a hint of bitterness in his smile: “As a human, you should know that it is very difficult for the human world to enter God’s Domain, and the rule I drafted at the time was that God’s Domain established a sect in the human world. Door, and then every ten years, select elite talents in the human world.”

“At that time, the younger brother was very opposed. He said that most human beings are greedy and do not need to do this.

“According to the younger brother’s statement, humans must be allowed to survive on their own. If some humans work hard to cultivate to a certain level and the broken void comes to God’s Realm, then God’s Realm can accept it.”

D*mn it!

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

I didn’t expect that such a thing happened in God’s Domain tens of thousands of years ago.

To be honest, if the rules specified by the Brahma Emperor were really implemented, the rivers and lakes of the human world would not be what they are now.

Thinking about it, Darryl thought for a while, and asked again: “Then you, Junior Brother, are you still there now?”

The emperor Brahma pondered, and smiled bitterly: “After I lost the bet with him, I gave up the position of ruler of God’s Domain. I still remember that when he was in power, he called himself the God of Nine Heavens…”


At this moment, Darryl’s heart was shocked, completely stunned.

D*mn, after a long time, the junior of Brahma Emperor turned out to be the Nine Heavens God.

When he thought of Nine Heavens God, Darryl suddenly became angry. At that time, he just wanted to leave the realm of God. In desperation, he faked Nine Heavens God. However, Nine Heavens God arrested Master Guiguzi for his own face.

Chapter 1875

After a few seconds, Darryl calmed down, and then looked at the Emperor Brahma curiously: “Your Excellency, what bet did you make at that time?”

Although from the current situation, the Emperor Brahma must have lost at the time, otherwise, he would not stay in this dark celestial grave.

However, Darryl wanted to know the situation at that time.


The Emperor Brahma pondered, his expression fluctuating, and he seemed to be plunged into memories.

After a few minutes, the Emperor Brahma slowly said: “The junior brother and I are betting on human nature. I firmly believe that human beings are kind and hardworking, but the junior brother believes that people are greedy and evil.”

“In order to prove this, I made a bet with my junior brother, and then locked a human in a fairy fruit forest, and then gave him a magical secret book. At the same time, I sent a fairy guard.”

“At that time, I told that person, as long as you stay safe and practice divine art, you can stay in the realm of God, but you can’t leave the fairy fruit forest, let alone pick and eat the fairy fruit without authorization. Because I bet that this human will follow my instructions and work hard to practice the magic .”

“The younger brother concluded that this human being will definitely pick and eat the fairy fruit, because as long as one consumes one fairy fruit, it will increase the life span of five hundred years, and that person will definitely not be able to withstand such a big temptation.”

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but laughed blankly: “As a result, that person ate the fairy fruit.”


The emperor Brahma slowly nodded, his expression a bit complicated: “The man not only picked the fairy fruit, but also defiled the fairy…So, I lost, and I lost thoroughly.”

I go.

Knowing that this was the case, Darryl was immediately stunned. That person was so bold, not only did he pick and eat the fairy fruit, he even defiled the fairy.

At this time, the emperor of Brahma continued: “After making this bet at that time, according to the previous bet, I destroyed my soul, and then went to the immortal mound to quietly meditate, and my junior brother took over my rule in God’s Domain.”

After that, the emperor Brahma was very emotional: “In a blink of an eye, thirty thousand years have passed…”

Self-destructive soul?

At this moment, Darryl’s heart jumped and his mind went blank.

This Brahma Emperor has no primordial spirit, and his strength is still so strong. If there is a primordial spirit, wouldn’t it be even more terrifying?

Afterwards, Darryl thought about the bet between the Emperor Brahma and the God of Nine Heavens, and after careful consideration, he always felt that there was something wrong with those places.

Even if the two brothers bet, there is no need to be so cruel. The one who wants to lose will destroy the soul, and enter the dark place like the Immortal Tomb for meditation.

Could it be that this was a game set deliberately by the Nine Heavens God in order to seize the throne?

Thinking of this, Darryl couldn’t help but said: “Your Excellency Emperor, have you ever thought about that at that time, you bet that your Junior Brother secretly used a trick.”


Hearing this, Emperor Brahma changed his face and his expression became solemn: “What do you mean?”

“You think.” Darryl analyzed: “If it is an ordinary human, knowing that you have given a warning, how could it be possible to defile the fairy after stealing the fairy fruit? This is too courageous.”

“So I suspect that your junior was secretly doing tricks on that person. That’s why you lost so thoroughly.”

After speaking the last sentence, Darryl secretly observed the expression of Emperor Brahma.

The Emperor Brahma remained silent, without responding, but thinking about something.


After a few minutes, the Emperor Brahma thought of something and asked Darryl: “You said before that you obtained the power of the bird ancestor in the Sealed Land. What is the Sealed Land?”

Darryl did not conceal it, and responded: “The Divine Region launched a divine battle and sealed all the monster races. The monster races are the four innate spirit beasts and other spirit beast groups…”

Initiate a war of gods?

Hearing this, Emperor Brahma frowned.

Darryl continued: “I don’t know the specifics, but as far as I know, God’s Domain started a war of Gods because the four innate spirit beasts refused to submit to God’s Domain, which caused the Nine Heavens God to be angry…”


At this moment, Emperor Brahma’s face instantly became gloomy, and his eyes flashed with anger.

Darryl was taken aback, and quickly said: “What’s the matter? Your Excellency Emperor?”

The emperor Brahma could not hide his anger, and said: “At that time, I lost the bet. After giving up my seat, the younger brother promised me that he would always maintain the balance of the gods and would not use force easily. However, he did not expect that after I entered the fairy mound, he would Immediately launch a divine battle to force the four spirit beasts to surrender…”

“But it’s no wonder that when I lost the bet, the four spirit beasts, the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger, had been persuading me not to be too serious, and even persuaded me not to give up the dominance of God’s Domain.”

“Now it seems that it is precisely because the four great spirit beasts supported me that caused the dissatisfaction of the junior brother, that is why he would launch the battle of God.”


Upon hearing this, Darryl sighed secretly.

This Brahma Emperor still does not understand that everything in the past was set by the Nine Heavens God. He deliberately bet with the Brahma Emperor to force the Brahma Emperor to abandon his position, and then launch a divine battle to establish prestige…

However, this Brahma Emperor has always been in a state of’authoritarian fandom’, so he has never figured it out.

Even if I want to understand at this time, it is too late.

At this time, the emperor of Brahma was very annoyed and regretted: “D*mn it, I knew that, I should have obeyed the four spirit beasts at that time, and would not give up the seat to Junior Brother. I didn’t expect that Junior Brother City Palace was so deep that it would deceive me 30,000 year.”

Hearing this, Darryl was a little bit dumbfounded, but he was still comforted: “Your Excellency, it’s not too late for you to understand. I have released the demon clan from the sealed land. At this time, I am in the Imperial Palace with Jiutian God. Fierce battle.”

“Since the emperor has figured out the past, it is better to take the younger generation out of here to stop this war.”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of urgency.

It has been more than an hour since I entered this Immortal Tomb, and I don’t know what’s going on in the Imperial Palace, whether the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng are still struggling to support them.

However, with the help of the emperor Brahma, I believe that the situation will be restored soon.


Under Darryl’s eager gaze, Emperor Brahma smiled bitterly and shook his head: “I told you just now that I can’t get out without my soul, so I’ve only been here for 30,000 years, so you Think, can I still take you out?”


Darryl was full of expectations, hearing this, his whole body instantly became desperate.

D*mn, if you say that, you will never be able to get out?


Just when Darryl was extremely depressed, he heard the emperor of Brahma turning around and slowly said: “You have the soul, and there is still the possibility of leaving, but your strength is too low.”

With that said, Emperor Brahma looked at Darryl up and down and continued: “You have the power of bird ancestors, and you can still meet me here. It is also a destiny for us. From now on, I will pass the Nine Heavens Holy Profound Art to you. I hope you can comprehend it well. As long as you practice, you can leave the Immortal Tomb.”

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