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Chapter 1876

Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, looking at the Emperor Brahma blankly, with inexplicable ecstasy in his heart.

This exercise is very domineering when you hear it, it should be very powerful.

“Ha ha…”

Seeing Darryl’s expression, Emperor Brahma instantly guessed his thoughts and smiled: “These nine-day holy profound arts were passed on to me and my younger brothers, so, After you realize that you have completed your studies, you can’t easily display them, understand?”

“Understand!” Darryl nodded repeatedly, inexplicably excited.


I thought I was trapped in this immortal mound and could only wait to die, but I didn’t expect Liu Anhua to be a spring again, and in a blink of an eye, he would become a disciple of the Brahma Emperor.

It’s almost like a dream.

“Don’t be happy too early.”

Just when Darryl was extremely excited, he saw Emperor Brahma with a serious expression: “These nine-day sacred profound arts, not everyone can practice, although you have the soul, but the physique is not enough, you need the’five elements to temper your body’. Only after successfully passing through the’five elements tempering’, you have the body of a holy god, can you cultivate the nine-day holy profound art.”

Five elements quenching body?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and he couldn’t help but said, “What is the’Five Elements Body Tempering’?”

“Five elements tempering your body is to temper your physique through the power of the five elements.” The Emperor Brahma said earnestly.

Hearing this, Darryl nodded and couldn’t wait to say: “Then let’s start.”

Seeing his expression, Brahma Emperor smiled and said: “You have a preparation in your heart. It is not easy for the five elements to temper your body. You have to endure uD*mnginable pain.”


Darryl gritted his teeth secretly, nodded and said: “I can.”

As long as I can leave here, I am not afraid of suffering.

“it is good!”

Seeing Darryl’s serious face, the Emperor Brahma stopped talking nonsense, and then raised his hand with a wave, and suddenly the entire gray space around him quickly twisted and changed.

At the same time, Darryl was slowly dragged into the air by an invisible force.


In the next second, a sea of ​​fire was formed around, and this sea of ​​fire quickly enveloped Darryl. This sea of ​​fire was formed by the real fire of the Five Elements that only exists in God’s Domain.

The real fire of the five elements kept burning, and he saw that Darryl was flushed all over his body.

However, Darryl possessed Tianque Lingyan, so he didn’t panic at all, this burning pain was completely able to withstand.

I don’t know how long it took, the sea of ​​fire finally disappeared, and Darryl successfully passed through.

“Not bad!”

Seeing this scene, the emperor Brahma nodded approvingly: “You have a different fire in your body, so you can easily get through the power of this fire, but then you have to be careful.”

After the words fell, the Emperor Brahma raised his hand again, and he saw that the surrounding area was suddenly white and became a world of ice and snow.


At this moment, Darryl’s body trembled suddenly, and he felt extremely cold all over his body. This was a kind of cold that had penetrated into the bones of the bone, and it hit his whole body at once.

D*mn it, it’s cold!

In an instant, Darryl’s whole person trembled, and his whole person was about to be frozen.

At the beginning, Darryl could still grit his teeth, but as time passed, the cold from all around became stronger and stronger.


The endless cold invaded, Darryl finally couldn’t help it, hissing loudly, and at the same time he was about to urge the power of the soul to resist the cold.

However, at this moment, I heard the emperor Brahma yelling: “Don’t push the force to resist, otherwise, the body tempering will fail. What you can do, you can only endure…”


Hearing this, Darryl immediately gave up urging the primordial spirit, gritted his teeth and continued to endure.

Time passed by every minute.

I don’t know how long it took, the five elements tempering finally ended, and I saw Darryl was soaked in cold sweat, his face was pale, and he was indescribably embarrassed, it was like walking through a ghost gate.

“it is good!”

At this moment, the emperor of Brahma looked at Darryl, his eyes full of admiration: “It seems that you are extraordinary to be able to pass through the five elements so smoothly. Now I am beginning to teach you the nine-day sacred profound arts. You must put away distracting thoughts and concentrate on comprehension.”

After the words fell, the emperor Brahma spoke out the formula.

At this moment, Darryl had a twelve-point spirit, remembering the formula, then closed his eyes, sat cross-legged, and entered the cultivation.


On the other side, the Imperial Palace!

At this time, the fierce battle between the Yaozu and God’s Domain had already come to an end.

I saw that the White Tiger King, Colorful Lingfeng and other demonic tribes, all covered with blood, were extremely weak, and had almost no fighting power.


At this moment, a god general burst out, slapped it, and slapped it on the back of the white tiger king, and heard the white tiger king roar, the huge figure fell to the ground, completely losing combat effectiveness.

“White Tiger King!”

Seeing this scene, Qicai Lingfeng and other monster tribes exclaimed.

And taking advantage of the distraction of Qicai Lingfeng, countless gods and soldiers swarmed up to restrain her.

At the same time, the surrounding demonic tribes were all tied up by five flowers.

That’s it!

Seeing this scene, the White Tiger King’s eyes were full of unwillingness and despair.

I thought that by leaving the Sealed Land, I could settle the old account with Nine Heavens God, but in the end it was a miserable defeat.

Fortunately, His Excellency Darryl got away in time, now he should rescue Mr. Guigu.


Seeing this scene, the Nine Heavens God who was suspended in mid-air showed a cold and arrogant smile.

At this moment, Ao Lin walked quickly and respectfully said: “Your Majesty, all the monster races have been captured.”

Jiutian God nodded, and then thought of something: “Where is Darryl?”

Ao Lin hurriedly responded: “That Darryl broke into the Immortal Tomb, and if nothing else, he would have died inside.”


Hearing this, Nine Heavens God’s expression eased. The Immortal Tomb was an independent space derived from the opening of the heavens and the earth. The environment inside was harsh and very dangerous, and it was also trapped by his brother Brahma Emperor.

The Emperor Brahma has been imprisoned for 30,000 years, and he must have gone into anger.

Under this circumstance, Darryl would definitely die when he entered the Immortal Tomb.

“Your Majesty!” At this moment, Aolin pointed to King White Tiger and other demons tribes, and asked for instructions: “How to deal with these demons?”

Without even thinking about it, the God of Nine Heavens said coldly: “Prepare for Heaven’s Punishment Taiwan immediately.”


Ao Lin responded and hurried to prepare.

Two hours later, a huge execution platform was built, and the White Tiger King, Colorful Lingfeng, and other demonic tribes were all tied up and brought up.

“White Tiger King, Xuanwu King.”

At this time, God of Nine Heavens stared at King White Tiger, and said coldly: “Even if you have escaped from the sealed land, you are not my opponents. Now I will give you a chance to be loyal to me and never betray. I will just Forgive you.”

The White Tiger King did not respond, but gave a cold snort.

The King Xuanwu and Qicai Lingfeng beside him also looked at death as home.

“it is good!”

Seeing this situation, Jiutian God’s face became gloomy and he stopped talking nonsense: “Since you want to die, I will fulfill you.”

As the voice fell, Nine Heavens God slowly raised his right hand.


In an instant, the sky and the earth changed color, and black clouds gathered in the sky. Immediately afterwards, among the billowing clouds, thunder and lightning tore through the clouds.

Yes, God of Nine Heavens, ready to draw out the sky thunder to destroy all the monster races in front of you?

In the heart of Nine Heavens God, if these monster races do not surrender, they must decisively get rid of them.

Sky Thunder?

At this moment, whether it was the White Tiger King or the Colorful Lingfeng, their hearts trembled.

Chapter 1877

As the spirit beasts, the White Tiger King and the colorful spirit phoenix, every time they reach a certain level of cultivation, they also need to overcome the catastrophe to break through, so they know the power of the sky thunder.

After several days and nights of fierce fighting, the White Tiger King, Qicai Lingfeng, and Xuanwu King had almost exhausted their strength. Under this circumstance, they could not withstand the bombardment of the sky thunder.


At this time, the White Tiger King’s face was extremely pale, but his eyes were determined to see death at home.

Seeing the thunder and lightning above his head, King White Tiger’s eyes were blood red, and his pride was full of pride: “King Xuanwu, Qicai Lingfeng, although we lost this battle, we did not shame the monster race from beginning to end.

“Also, Your Excellency Darryl has successfully escaped. I believe that he will definitely come back to avenge us.”

“Isn’t it Tianlei, I haven’t paid attention to the White Tiger King.”

When he said this, the White Tiger King looked mad, and his eyes flashed with rebelliousness.

When the voice fell, the king Xuanwu and the colorful spirit phoenix beside him nodded in agreement.

“Yes, we have done our best anyway, and we will die without complaint!”

“The King White Tiger is right, Your Excellency Darryl, will definitely avenge us!”

“Although we lost this battle, we also killed a lot of magical soldiers and generals, no regrets.”

At this moment, King Baihu, King Xuanwu, and Qicai Lingfeng looked at each other, with a smile on their faces, but they were uncomfortable in their hearts!

After finally leaving the sealed land, before he had time to display his ambitions and revitalize the monster clan, it would be completely destroyed in the end. I was really unwilling.

For a while, the dull atmosphere enveloped the entire execution platform.

Whether it is the White Tiger King, the Xuanwu King and the Colorful Lingfeng, each of them has fearlessness in their eyes, but they are desperate in their hearts.

“Death is imminent, so much nonsense!”

Seeing this scene, God of Nine Heavens snorted coldly, then stopped talking nonsense, and waved his hand to directly trigger Tian Lei.


In an instant, I saw a thunder and lightning, from the billowing clouds, directly towards the execution platform, like a beam of light connecting the sky and the earth, very shocking.

Seeing this scene, the White Tiger King all closed their eyes, waiting for death to come.

And the many priests watching around, as well as those divine soldiers and divine generals, all have a cold face. In their hearts, these monster races in front of them dare to provoke the God of Nine Heavens, and do not put God’s Domain in their eyes at all, and it is not a pity to die.


However, at this moment, I saw an earth-shattering roar among the palaces not far away.

This roar was no less than the thunder surging, shocking the world.

what happened?

At this moment, whether it was the Nine Heavens God, the surrounding priests, and the White Tiger King on the execution platform, they were all stunned, and then turned their heads to look.

At this look, the audience was silent.

I saw that over the palace complex, the situation changed and the smoke billowed, and finally a piece of colorful auspicious clouds condensed out.


Seeing this scene, whether it was the gods of God’s Domain or the demons, they were all dumbfounded.

There is a colorful auspicious cloud unexpectedly? What is this peerless powerhouse coming out?

Amidst the shock, they clearly sensed that a wave of heaven and earth spiritual energy continuously merged into that piece of colorful auspicious clouds, and the powerful aura condensed made people palpitating.


At this time, the Nine Heavens God also had a solemn expression, not right, in the realm of God, there are very few who can cause colorful clouds, except for himself, that is the brother Brahma, who is trapped in the immortal mound.

However, the Emperor Brahma has been trapped for 30,000 years without the original spirit, and it is impossible to come out.

I thought, God Jiutian became more suspicious, and asked Aolin next to him: “Are you sure that Darryl entered the forbidden area of ​​the Holy Palace?”


At this time, Ao Lin’s mind was also stunned, and said in fear: “Yes, the subordinates saw with their own eyes that Darryl was sucked into the Immortal Tomb.”

Having said that, Ao Lin thought for a while and continued: “Your Majesty, even if that Darryl didn’t enter the Immortal Tomb, he wouldn’t be able to cause colorful clouds.”


As I was talking, I saw that colorful auspicious cloud suddenly floated, almost as fast as lightning. Soon, when it reached the sky above the execution platform, it just hit the sky thunder that was smashed down, and then heard a roar, that sky thunder instantly dissipate.

At the same time, that piece of colorful auspicious clouds also slowly dispersed.

After the colorful clouds dispersed, I saw a figure quietly floating there.

Sword-like facial features, indescribably cold and handsome.

It is Darryl!

At this time, Darryl was enveloped in a golden halo, constantly surging with waves of power, which was extremely terrifying. Half an hour ago, Darryl successfully comprehended the Nine Heavens Profound Art in the Immortal Tomb, and his strength greatly increased. With the help of Emperor Brahma, he left the Immortal Tomb smoothly.

When leaving the Immortal Tomb, Darryl wanted to take the Emperor Brahma with him, but the Emperor Brahma couldn’t leave without the original spirit. Darryl had no choice but to say goodbye to the Emperor Brahma with reluctance.


At this moment, seeing Darryl, there was an uproar around the entire Imperial Palace.

Especially the demonic tribes, one by one was extremely excited, showing joyful smiles.


The White Tiger King was even more excited, and smiled at Darryl: “I knew that Your Excellency Darryl would definitely come back, haha…”

The Qicai Lingfeng and King Xuanwu nearby also showed excited smiles.


On the side of God’s Domain, there was deathly silence. The priests present, and the god soldiers and generals around, stared at Darryl blankly, unable to slow down for a long time.

How long hasn’t seen this boy, the strength of this kid has increased so much?

Not only caused colorful auspicious clouds, but also easily resisted a sky thunder…


At the same time, Aolin stared at Darryl blankly, his mind buzzing, completely stupid.


This Darryl was sucked into the Immortal Tomb, it was impossible to come out.

In mid-air, Jiutian God looked at Darryl tightly, revealing complexity and shock.

This kid is so fateful that he can come out of the Immortal Tomb.

Yes, it must depend on the power of the bird ancestor in his body.

At this moment, in the heart of Nine Heavens God, Darryl’s ability to come out of the Immortal Tomb and to resist the next sky thunder is definitely related to the strength of the bird ancestor. Apart from this, there will be no other possibility.

“White Tiger King!”

At this moment, Darryl was floating in the air, and shouted at the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng: “Sorry everyone, I’m late.”

When he said this, the anger in Darryl’s heart rushed upwards, because he clearly saw that the White Tiger King and the Colorful Lingfeng, as well as the other monster tribes, were all tied up by the Big Five, each with scars and extremely weak.

In the next second, Darryl’s gaze fell on Jiutian God, and said coldly: “Nine Heaven God, immediately release the White Tiger King, otherwise, I will level your Imperial Palace!”

Chapter 1878

At this moment, Darryl’s voice rolled through, echoing endlessly in the Yutian Palace.


The audience was silent.

At this moment, whether it was Ao Lin or the divine soldiers and generals around, all their eyes focused on Darryl, which was extremely complicated.

This kid is really brazen, dare to provoke His Majesty Nine Heavens in public.

Nine Heavens God also had an extremely gloomy expression.

“Ha ha!”

A few seconds later, Nine Heavens God sneered. With a bit of contempt in his eyes, he pointed at Darryl and said: “You really know how to live and die, thinking that you have the power of the bird ancestor, you can be arrogant?”

“Tell you, even if you have the power of the bird’s ancestor, you have resisted a sky thunder just now, in my eyes, it is just an ant.”

“Aren’t you very resistant? Let me see how many thunders can you withstand.”

When the last word came out, God Jiutian looked grim and raised his hands abruptly.


Suddenly, the sky over the entire Imperial Palace was suddenly filled with thunderous luck, and the whole world was filled with a strong killing air.

In the heart of Nine Heavens God. The Darryl in front of him was just able to resist the next sky thunder, completely relying on luck and the strength of the bird ancestor in his body, a sky thunder was already the limit he could bear.

Under this circumstance, if the sky thunder was triggered again, Darryl would not be able to resist, he would definitely die.


Seeing this scene, the many priests around, as well as Ao Lin, were extremely excited.

It’s the same as Nine Heavens God. They also believed that Darryl was only relying on the strength of the bird ancestor to get off the sky thunder just now, and at this moment, the Nine Heavens God triggered the sky thunder again, and Darryl would definitely not be able to stop it.

At the same time, the white tiger king and the colorful spirit phoenix on the execution stage changed their expressions, and they were all sweating for Darryl.


Worried, Qi Cai Lingfeng couldn’t help but yelled at Darryl: “Be careful, the power of thunder is so powerful this day, you must not resist.”

When the words fell, the surrounding White Tiger King, and other demonic tribes also nodded one after another.

To be honest, Darryl appeared at a critical moment, and the White Tiger King and Colorful Spirit Phoenix were all moved and delighted in their hearts, but Darryl was stronger than ever. It’s just a human being, how could it be the opponent of Nine Heavens God?

Feeling the worry of the White Tiger King, Darryl smiled slightly, his expression indifferent: “It’s just a mere sky thunder, you don’t need to worry.”

To be honest, if it were the previous words, Darryl would be panicked in the face of the Nine Heavens God triggering the thunder, but now it is different. With the help of the emperor of Brahma, Darryl not only successfully passed the five elements tempering body, but also realized the nine days. Xuan Sheng Gong, the strength is no longer what it used to be, and he doesn’t panic at all.

“Ignorance ants, go to death!”

Seeing Darryl’s face indifferent, Nine Heavens God was so angry that he roared, and immediately raised his right hand.

Boom boom boom…

Suddenly, I heard a thunder, and it came from the rolling black cloud above my head. Then, the black cloud surging violently, and then a bolt of lightning tore the world and smashed straight down.

Thousands of thunder and lightning smashed straight down together. This scene was too shocking.


At this moment, the entire Yutian Palace was surrounded by deathly silence, even if a needle fell on the ground, it could be heard clearly! The magical soldiers and generals present. Looking at Darryl, there was a hint of indifference, as if he had seen a dead person.

Since the establishment of God’s Domain, for tens of thousands of years, no one can bear so many thunders. Wait for this Darryl. I’m afraid that even the scum from being split will not be left.

You know, in Guixian Mountain half a month ago, Guiguzi was also punished by the Nine Heavens God with Heavenly Thunder. At that time, Guiguzi had only endured a few hundred Heavenly Thunder and was about to die. And even if this Darryl had the power of the bird ancestor, his strength was not much stronger than that of Guiguzi.

Therefore, it is impossible for him to bear so many thunders.


On the execution stage, the White Tiger King and the Colorful Lingfeng were all pale, with their eyes fixed on Darryl, extremely anxious and worried.

This Darryl is too stubborn, how could he be a human being able to withstand so many thunders?

Anxiously, the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng all wanted to break free. Go to help Darryl, but all of them are tied up by five flowers, and their breath is extremely weak, and they can only watch.

At this moment, under the attention of the surroundings. Darryl hovered proudly there, looking at the thousands of sky thunders coming straight from him, his expression was indifferent, and he didn’t mean to dodge at all.

boom! boom! boom!

Finally, thousands of lightning bolts pierced the sky and the earth like a sharp sword, blasting on Darryl’s body together, and in an instant, the entire Imperial Heaven Palace was surrounded by thunder. Dust and smoke are everywhere!


At this moment, whether it was Ao Lin or the god soldiers and generals present, they all cheered, and they couldn’t hide the excitement one by one.

In their hearts. These tens of thousands of heavenly thunders were smashed together, and Darryl would definitely destroy his spirit, and there was no possibility of surviving.

The White Tiger Kings on the execution stage all looked sad and sorrowful. Especially the Colorful Lingfeng, crying bitterly, tears streaming incessantly.

Darryl, why are you so brave? That is tens of thousands of heavenly thunders.


At this moment, the surrounding dust and smoke gradually dispersed, and I don’t know who exclaimed. For a moment, the audience was silent, and everyone was stunned.

I saw that in the dust and smoke, Darryl quietly suspended there. Looks cold and arrogant. After being bombarded by thousands of sky thunders just now, there were no scars left on his whole body.

Not only that, in Darryl’s whole body, there was a layer of golden light, and that golden light contained incomparably powerful power.


Seeing this scene, whether it was the Nine Heavens God, Ao Lin and the surrounding soldiers and generals, they were all stunned, and their brains buzzed.

He…he actually resisted all the sky thunder.

how can that be? He is just a human being.


After a brief silence, all the monsters on the execution stage cheered, and each one was extremely excited.

Especially the White Tiger King, under the shock, couldn’t help muttering to himself: “Queen Vermilion did not misunderstand the person. This Darryl is indeed the savior of our monster race.”

While muttering to himself, the white tiger king’s eyes flowed with tears of excitement, you know. Tian Lei is the strongest calamity in God’s Domain. For tens of thousands of years, no one has been able to resist so many Tian Lei at once, but Darryl in front of him did it.

Can the Yaozu get acquainted with such a powerful ally, can it not be excited?

“Nine Heavens!”

this moment. Darryl was floating there, looking at Jiutian God with a smile but a smile: “What other means are there, let’s use it.”

When he said this, Darryl looked calm, but his heart was extremely excited and grateful.


This Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art is really powerful. There were thousands of heavenly thunders.

But having said that, before in the Immortal Tomb, fortunately, he was appreciated by the Brahma Emperor. Otherwise, he and the White Tiger King would have been wiped out.

Chapter 1879


The voice fell, and there was silence around the Imperial Palace! Everyone looked at Darryl!

Crazy, too mad!

This Darryl was obviously challenging the God of Nine Heavens.

It is unique for a human being to dare to challenge the supreme ruler of God’s Domain.

At this moment, the face of Nine Heavens God was also extremely gloomy for an instant. You know, before so many subordinates, being so provoked by Darryl, where is the majesty? Where to put the back?

For a time, the surrounding atmosphere was extremely solemn, and everyone around him held their breath.

Finally, at this moment, only the God of Nine Heavens laughed, staring at Darryl and coldly said: “Okay, very good, since I took the throne, you are the first to challenge me.”

When I said this, Nine Heavens smiled without a smile. He was really angry.

In the next second, the figure of Nine Heavens God burst out and rushed straight to Darryl.

Nine Heavens God is a few hundred meters away from Darryl, but under the urging of the figure, he arrives in front of Darryl in the blink of an eye. This body form is the unique “empty movement” of Jiutian God.

When he got to the front, God Jiutian stared at Darryl with absolute contempt: “It is very rare for you to resist so many thunders, but you are not qualified to challenge me!”


When the voice fell, a vast and terrifying aura burst out from the body of the Nine Heavens God, and in an instant, the entire Yutian Palace was instantly dark, with no sun and moon.

The unfathomable terror pressure permeated the whole world.

In the next second, God of Nine Heavens slowly raised his right hand and hit Darryl with a palm!


What a terrifying power…

Feeling the power of the Nine Heavens God, Darryl’s expression changed, and he had no time to dodge, so he had to urge the Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art to greet him with one palm.


Darryl and Jiutian God collided fiercely with their palms, and saw a violent aura impact, like a storm, sweeping towards the surroundings.


In the impact of this powerful aura, whether it was Ao Lin, the priests, and the surrounding divine soldiers and generals, they were all shocked and withdrew, one by one, blood and blood tumbling, and his face pale.

After steadying his figure, Ao Lin and the eyes around him stared at Darryl closely, shocked.

So strong!

This guy can actually compete with His Majesty Nine Heavens…

At the same time, at the moment when the palms collided, Jiutian God and Darryl also took a few steps back in the air, and saw that the face of Jiutian God changed, and immediately stabilized the figure.

Darryl’s face was also blue and white, and then returned to normal.


At this moment, the God of Nine Heavens stared at Darryl, his heart was extremely shocked, his face was even more incredible!

This.. This is impossible!

Even if this Darryl possesses the power of the bird ancestor, it is impossible for his strength to increase so powerfully in a short period of time.

Feeling the astonishment of Nine Heavens God, Darryl showed a slight smile and slowly said: “Nine Heavens God, do you really think I just have the power of the bird ancestor?”

“If I just have the power of the bird ancestor, how can I be stupid to bear thousands of heavenly thunder?”

“To tell you the truth, I ran into your senior brother Brahma Emperor at the Immortal Tomb. He not only helped me with the’five elements tempering’, but also passed the Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art to me. Otherwise, how dare I challenge you? “


Hearing this, Nine Heavens God’s body shook, and only felt his brain humming.

This Darryl not only passed the’Five Elements Tempering Body’, but also cultivated the Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art?

No wonder just can resist thousands of sky thunder.

It’s just… Brother Brahma Emperor, with a cold and arrogant disposition, how could it be possible to pass on the magic to a human being? But this is the case at the moment, people have to believe.


Seeing this, the surroundings suddenly exploded.

Whether it was Ao Lin or the divine soldiers and generals around, they stared blankly at Darryl, and they were all stunned.

You must know that Brahma Emperor is the master of the previous generation of God’s Domain, with tyrannical strength, especially the’Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art’, which is infinitely powerful, broad and profound, and is the first miraculous skill of God’s Domain. But at this time, it was actually passed to the human being, Darryl.

At this moment, God of Nine Heavens reacted and said coldly at Darryl: “Even if you learn the Holy Profound Art of Nine Heavens, in my eyes, you are just a humble human being.”

The voice fell, and the Nine Heavens God’s figure flickered, and once again came towards Darryl.

Darryl didn’t panic at all, urging the Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art, confronted him, and fought fiercely with Nine Heavens God in the air.


Seeing this scene, the whole audience was holding their breath, watching one by one with a relaxed and happy heart.

You must know that the God of Nine Heavens is not only the lord of God’s Domain, but also controls the fate of the human world and the ghost world. His strength is unfathomable. At this time, He Darryl broke out in the air with all his strength, which can be said to be a rare battle in thousands of years.

At the beginning, Darryl could deal with it easily, but gradually, he couldn’t stand it anymore. You must know that Nine Heavens God has cultivated for tens of thousands of years, and his background is not comparable to him.


I don’t know how many rounds of the fierce battle, Nine Heavens God found a chance, hit Darryl’s back with a palm, and heard Darryl let out a muffled grunt. The whole person was shocked and flew nearly a kilometer away. He fell heavily to the ground.

Although Darryl had comprehended the Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art, he was still inferior to the Nine Heavens God.

After all, this is the master of God’s Domain.

“Your Excellency Darryl!”

“Darryl! Darryl!!”

Seeing this scene, the White Tiger King on the execution stage and the Colorful Lingfeng couldn’t help exclaiming. At the same time, they wanted to rush to help, but their hands and feet were tightly tied, completely powerless.


At this moment, Nine Heavens God stared at Darryl closely, and his tone was contemptuous: “With this strength, you dare to challenge me?”

While talking, God of Nine Heavens slowly walked towards Darryl.

The powerful breath filled the whole world.


Seeing the God of Nine Heavens getting closer, Darryl couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, secretly anxious.

Ma De, this nine-day god is too strong, and he is not an opponent after practicing the nine-day holy profound art. What should I do now?

At this moment, God of Nine Heavens arrived, his eyes were cold: “Even if you are lucky, you can’t change the situation in front of you. Accept your fate.”

When the voice fell, the God of Nine Heavens shot and plugged in, thinking of Darryl directly and patted his head.


Darryl was very unwilling, but under the terrifying pressure of the Nine Heavens God, unable to move, he had to close his eyes in despair.

At the same time, the White Tiger King and the Colorful Spirit Phoenix on the execution stage were also anxious.

Darryl couldn’t die, if he died, the whole monster clan would also be destroyed.


Seeing that Darryl was killed by the palm of the Nine Heavens God, at this critical moment, a powerful breath came from high above and filled the world.

At the same time, a low and old voice sounded between the heavens and the earth: “Stop your hands.”

It was just three words, but it contained the sound of thunder, buzzing and reverberating in the ears of all the audience.


Hearing this voice, no matter it was the Nine Heavens God, the surrounding gods and soldiers, or the White Tiger King, my heart was shaking.

In the next second, God of Nine Heavens froze there, looking up at the sky, his expression was both excited and complicated, and he muttered to himself: “Master?”


Could it be that the great ancestors are here?

Seeing the expression of Nine Heavens God, Darryl’s heart was shocked, and he couldn’t help but look towards the sky?

Chapter 1880


At this look, Darryl’s heart was shocked, and the whole person was stunned.

I saw that in the sky, there was a lot of sunshine, and in that sunshine, the colorful clouds turned into a huge lotus platform.

And on this huge lotus platform, there was an old man sitting quietly.

This old man, with silver hair on his head and shawl falling down, is now wearing a white robe, his complexion is peaceful, and he looks like an outsider.

This old man had a kind face, but there was an aura that made all living beings surrendered all over his body, especially those eyes, as if they could see the past and the future. Darryl just touched this kind of eyes, and his soul trembled.


Two seconds later, Darryl reacted and couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, trying to conceal the inner shock.

This must be the great ancestor, except for him, no one has such an aura in the entire God Realm.

Darryl guessed right, the old man sitting on the lotus platform was the ancestor.

The great ancestor is the most legendary sage after the Pangu God. He was born at the beginning of the world. He possesses the wisdom of the heavens and the earth, and the ability to reverse the universe.

According to rumors, it was the ancestors who founded God’s Domain, and then broke the void and went nine days away.


Just when Darryl was secretly shocked, he saw God of Nine Heavens with a respectful face, and he bowed deeply to the ancestors of the wilderness: “You have come back after traveling nine days away?”

When the voice fell, the many priests around, as well as those divine soldiers and generals, also knelt down and shouted in unison.

“Congratulations to the great ancestors.”

Thousands of people shouted in unison, and the momentum shook the sky.

Not only that, even the White Tiger King on the execution stage and the colorful spirit phoenix all put away their previous pride, and each one looked respectful.

D*mn it.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was inexplicably excited, he was really a great ancestor.

Thinking about it, Darryl’s gaze slowly moved away from the ancient ancestor, and he was attracted by a figure beside the lotus platform.

I saw a woman standing quietly in the seat behind the great ancestor. This woman, dressed in a white long dress with tassels around the waist of the cuffs, gently dancing with the wind, her graceful body, faintly looming and fairy-like. Full.


What a beautiful woman.

At this moment, Darryl was staring at him, because the woman was standing sideways, so Darryl could not see her face for the time being, but Darryl could also clearly sense that the aura pervading the woman’s body made people not tolerate blasphemy. .


As if sensing Darryl’s gaze, the woman slowly turned her head, and in an instant, the moment the woman turned her head back. Darryl instantly felt that his breathing was about to stop.

Beautiful, really beautiful. Charming but not seductive, gorgeous but not cold.

For a moment, Darryl’s mind went blank, as if all the beautiful words in this world were not enough to describe the beauty of this woman.

Who is this woman? To accompany the great ancestors to appear together, the identity must be extraordinary.

“Sister Nuwa.”

While Darryl was thinking secretly, he saw God of Nine Heavens smile at this woman, his tone was very polite: “I haven’t seen you for a long time, Senior Sister really has the same style.”

“Senior Sister follows Master and travels together for nine days. I think the harvest is not small.”

When he said this, Nine Heavens had a smile on his face and a humble posture, completely devoid of the aura of the dominion of God’s Domain.


Seeing this, Darryl only felt buzzing, looking at the woman, the whole person was stupid.

This…. This woman is the Nuwa Empress who used to make up the sky with colorful stones? I didn’t expect that Empress Nuwa’s real body was so beautiful.

At this moment, Darryl was shocked in his heart, almost speechless.

You know, in the Underground Crystal Palace of the Beiying Imperial City, Darryl had seen the image of Empress Nuwa’s disillusionment. At that time, with Darryl, there was also Lu Lingshan. The two were appreciated by Empress Nuwa. , Bestowed the Chaos Yin Yang Pearl.

It is precisely because of the chaotic yin and yang beads that the fate of Darryl and Lu Lingshan are tightly tied together. Darryl will never forget these things, and when he saw the illusion of the Nuwa Empress, Darryl was already shocked. People, at this moment, when I saw Empress Nuwa’s real body, I was so shocked to speak?

However, what Darryl did not expect was that Empress Nuwa was also a disciple of the great ancestor, and a senior sister of the Nine Heavens God.


At this moment, Empress Nuwa looked at Darryl with a smile: “It seems that when the Chaos Yin Yang Pearl was passed to you and your wife, this palace was the right person. I haven’t seen you for a few years now, and you have completely merged with Chaos. The power of Yin Yang Pearl is not only that, but also possesses the soul.”

With that, Empress Nuwa sensed something, and said in amazement: “You still have the power of the bird ancestor in your body… um… you have even practiced the Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art. Not bad, not bad.”

When she said this, Empress Nuwa looked at Darryl in her eyes full of admiration.


As soon as these words came out, the audience was in an uproar, countless eyes staring at Darryl closely, they were all stunned.

what’s the situation? Empress Nuwa actually knows Darryl?

Even the God of Nine Heavens was still there, looking at Darryl with incredible eyes.


Under the attention of the public, being so complimented by Empress Nuwa, Darryl scratched his head in embarrassment, and smiled: “Niang Niang praised.”

“Senior Sister!”

At this moment, the God of Jiutian reacted and asked Nuwa: “Do you know this kid?”

Nu Wa nodded and said softly: “At the beginning, I was in the Crystal Palace under Beiying Imperial City in the mainland of Kyushu. I left a remnant thought, guarding the Chaos Yin-Yang Pearl, waiting for someone to inherit. This person is Darryl. And his wife.”

With that said, Nuwa couldn’t help but glance at Darryl and continued: “This Darryl is talented and intelligent, and his etiquette, loyalty and filial piety are all outstanding. It can be said to be the best among people.”

When the voice fell, the great ancestor sitting on the lotus platform also smiled and looked at Darryl and said, “Little friend, you are Darryl, haha, when I was traveling nine days away, I heard Nuwa talk about you. , I saw myself today, I really am a dragon and a phoenix among people, not bad, not bad…”


Hearing this, Darryl was immediately flattered, and quickly bowed deeply at the great ancestor: “I have seen seniors.” Darryl was very shocked in his mouth.

The great ancestor actually knew me?

At the same time, there was an uproar around him again, and the gaze looking at Darryl was extremely complicated and shocked.

Wouldn’t it be shocking for a human kid to be praised by the great ancestors in public?

“Master, sister!”

At this moment, the God of Nine Heavens became anxious and couldn’t help saying: “Don’t be fooled by this kid’s appearance. This Darryl is so bold that he not only trespasses into God’s Domain, pretends to be the fruit servant of the Lingguo Garden and eats the Lingguo. Impersonate me.”

“And these are nothing. What’s even more annoying is that he released these hundreds of thousands of monster races out of the Sealed Land, causing trouble to God’s Domain.”

“This kid is not a dragon or a phoenix among people at all, he is just a bolder.”

When he finished speaking, God Jiu Tian gave Darryl a cold look, his eyes full of gloomy coldness.

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