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Chapter 1881

Hearing Jiutian God’s angrily words, Nuwa smiled lightly and remained silent.

The great ancestor frowned.

“Old Ancestor, Nuwa Empress”

At this time, Darryl took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and slowly said, “These things are a long story. Because of the negligence of God’s Domain at the beginning, the ghost world Pluto destroyed the enchantment of the Nine Provinces…”

In the next half an hour, Darryl said all his experiences.

“Later, I found the place where Senior Fuxi was sitting in the Roland Continent where Senior Fuxi was sitting, and after finishing the unfinished formation, it was passed to God’s Domain.”

“At that time, I wanted to leave God’s Realm as soon as possible and pretend to be His Majesty Nine Heavens. It was a helpless move. As for releasing these monster races, I had no choice. I couldn’t be trapped in that sealed place forever, right?”

When talking about this, Darryl took a deep breath, looked at the White Tiger Kings on the execution platform, and continued: “Speaking of the grievances between the monster race and the gods, I think the battle of gods back then can be completely avoided, but, In order to consolidate his rule, the God of Nine Heavens forced these monster races to surrender with a strong force. He did not hesitate to break the peace to start war.”

“Although I, Darryl, I am only a human being, I also know that all beings are equal because of the way of heaven. Here I want to ask the God of Nine Heavens, what is your way of heaven?”

After a few words, every word beaded, and there was a sound.


Hearing this, Jiutian God’s face was extremely ugly, and he glared at Darryl and roared: “You are nothing but an ant-like existence, knowing what heaven is? Nonsense, nonsense.”

As soon as the words fell, the White Tiger King on the execution stage couldn’t help but retort loudly: “Nine Heavens God, Darryl is right, why don’t you dare to admit it? If it wasn’t for you to force us monsters to submit, then A big battle will not happen.”

Qicai Lingfeng bit her lips tightly, and then said: “Yes, you are kind on the surface, but you are the most cruel. You speak of peace, but you have always followed the principle of’those who follow me prosper against me and perish.’ Back then, we demons The clan does not surrender, you launched a divine battle to seal us up, and now we have finally escaped with the help of Your Excellency Darryl, you still have to kill them all.”

“Just like you, being able to sit as the master of God’s Domain is simply a big joke.”


Seeing the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng, they both helped Darryl to speak. The Nine Heavens God was so angry that his face turned black and roared: “It’s all nonsense. It is to maintain the heavenly power of God’s Domain.”

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but chuckle, and retorted: “That’s a good point, I think you are defending your status and rule.”

“What do you mean?” Jiutian God glared and said coldly.

Feeling the anger of the Nine Heavens God, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and said slowly: “Thirty thousand years ago, God’s Domain was originally ruled by your brother Brahma Emperor, but if you were not convinced, you would bet against the Brahma Emperor in public. The means to win the bet forced the Emperor Brahma into the Immortal Tomb.”

“You used disgraceful means to seize the seat of God’s Domain rule, and the emperor Brahma has been trapped for 30,000 years, but you have no guilt at all.”

“Dignified God’s domain ruler, full of benevolence, righteousness and morality, haha, that’s all.”

After speaking the last sentence, Darryl couldn’t hide his contempt.

“you wanna die!”

The God of Nine Heavens was completely furious, and the horrible aura of the whole body burst out, hitting Darryl with a palm.

I am the master of God’s realm, but he was pointed at by a human kid, and he was still in front of the master. If he swallowed his breath, how would he rule the gods in the future?

Seeing Jiutian God calling, Darryl looked indifferent and didn’t panic at all.

Speaking of it, if it had been half an hour ago, Darryl wouldn’t dare to offend Nine Heavens God so blatantly, but now it’s different, Empress Nuwa is watching, she would definitely not stand idly by.


“Junior brother, calm down.”

Sure enough, seeing this palm was about to capture Darryl, he heard the ancestors and Empress Nuwa, they yelled in unison.


Hearing the Master speak, Nine Heavens God forcibly withdrew his palm and looked at the ancient ancestors, very puzzled: “Master? Do you believe a human kid?”

The great ancestor pondered and said indifferently: “Although I have been wandering nine days away and rarely return to God’s Domain, the situation in God’s Domain cannot hide from me. Back then, you bet with your brother, you used small tricks secretly, and you really are a teacher. do not know?”


Hearing this, Nine Heavens God’s heart trembled and was terrified.

Master actually knows?

At this moment, the great ancestor continued: “Although your methods were disgraceful at the time, I didn’t blame you for being a teacher. After all, your brother had too straight-forward personality, he acted for himself and never listened to other people’s opinions. Therefore, be a teacher. At that time, I felt that it would be okay for you to be the master of God’s Domain.

“After that, you forced the demon race to surrender and start a war of gods. I also know that the situation is not that serious, so I have never paid attention to you, but I did not expect that today you would use the sky thunder to destroy all the demon races.”

When he said these, the ancestors of the great wilderness had a calm tone, but they gave people a breathless majesty.

“Master, I…” Jiutian’s face flushed and wanted to refute, but he opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word.


At this time, the great ancestor waved his hand and said lightly: “Okay, no need to say anything, all things, let’s end here.”

As he said, the great ancestor showed a smile, and smiled at Darryl: “Haha, kid, you are really not easy, a kid from Kyushu can make such a big noise in God’s Domain, causing me It was all shocked, not bad.”

Hearing this, Darryl stood there, his whole body trembled suddenly. .

What does the ancestor Honghuang mean?

At this moment, I saw the great ancestors looking around the audience, and said: “The rules and rules of God’s Domain must be changed. Let’s not forget the original intention. You must know that there is no distinction between high and low in cultivation. Whether it is a human being, a demon, or a god, they are all equal.”

“Speaking of which, God’s Domain has always had a lot of problems, but I have been outside for nine days and have no time to take care of it. Today, I was so troubled by Darryl. I think it’s time to rectify God’s Domain.”

The voice of the ancient ancestors was not loud, but it spread throughout the entire Yutian Palace, and the awe-inspiring might shocked the depths of the soul.


For a time, there was silence inside and outside the Imperial Palace, and even the entire God Realm.

“I need to carefully consider how to rectify it.” Honghuang Old Ancestor said, his eyes finally fell on Darryl: “But right now, I need to announce one thing, Darryl is courageous and kind. So I decided to designate him as the Nine Heavens Profound Saint, second only to the Nine Heavens God, and the main responsibility is to deal with matters between the God’s Domain and the human world.”


Hearing this, the audience was shocked.

Chapter 1882

At this moment, whether it was the Nine Heavens God, the many priests around, and the White Tiger King on the execution platform, they were all stupid, staring blankly at Darryl and speechless.

This… This great ancestor actually made Darryl the Nine Heavens Profound Sage?

The status is second only to God of Nine Heavens.

This has been unique since Pangu opened up the world. You know, even though Darryl possesses the soul and has cultivated the Nine Heavens Saint Profound Art, he is still a human being.


Darryl was also stunned there, his mind was blank.

what’s going on? I thought it would be nice to get a life back, but I didn’t expect the carp to leap over the dragon gate, and in a blink of an eye, he would become a nine-day Profound Saint.


After a brief shock, King White Tiger was the first to react and smiled at Darryl: “Congratulations, Your Excellency Darryl…haha…” Darryl is an iron-blooded ally of the monster clan, and he has done it for nine days at this time. Xuansheng, can you not be happy for him?

at the same time. Qi Cai Lingfeng and other demonic tribes also congratulated each other one after another, all excited.


And the many priests around, as well as those divine soldiers and generals, had extremely complex expressions.

Especially the Nine Heavens God, his expression was green and white, as if he had eaten a fly.

In the next second, God of Nine Heavens couldn’t help saying: “Master. You want to reorganize God’s Domain, the disciples have no objection, but this Darryl is no more than a human being. What qualifications does it have to be a Profound Saint of Nine Heavens?”

When he said this, God Jiu Tian glanced at Darryl, his eyes full of contempt and contempt.

You know, the Nine Heavens God has gone through nine or ninety-one catastrophes and possessed the body of life, and then through unremitting efforts, has sat on the position of the Nine Heavens God, and this Darryl, but a human being, will be named by the master. Nine Heavens Profound Saint?

As soon as the Nine Heavens God’s words fell, Aolin and many priests nearby also spoke.

“Yes, this Darryl is no more than a human being. How can he be a nine-day Profound Saint…”

“This Darryl ignores the rules of the sky and leads the demon clan to make trouble in the Imperial Palace, so there is no rule, how can he take on such an important task?”

“Please think twice!”

While saying this, many priests knelt down in unison, and kept kowtow to the ancient ancestors.

Seeing this scene, the great ancestor did not have the slightest expression on his face, and looked at Nine Heavens God quietly: “What? You are now the ruler of God’s Domain. With greater power, you can disobey your master’s orders?”

The voice was indifferent, but invisibly, there was a strong coercion.


Facing the gaze of the ancestors, the God of Nine Heavens was inexplicably apprehensive. He knelt on the ground and said with a trembling tone: “The disciple dare not…”

At the same time, the many priests around quickly closed their mouths and stepped aside in silence. You must know that the ancestors of the wild and unshakable have an unshakable position in the realm of God. Moreover, even the God of Nine Heavens and Empress Nuwa are his disciples. Who dares to defy his words?

at this time. Empress Nuwa looked around and said softly: “Perhaps, in your heart, this Darryl is just a human being. He is not qualified to enter God’s Realm at all. However, with his own power, he will remove all the monster races from the seal. Bring it out and ask who of you can do it?”

“Furthermore, he has also received the inheritance of the Brahma Emperor and learned the Nine Heavens Profound Sage. No matter what, he is qualified to be the Nine Heavens Profound Sage.”

The words are soft and nice, but they are beyond doubt.

At this moment, whether it is the Nine Heavens God or the priests around. They all closed their mouths and no longer objected.

“All right!”

At this moment, the great ancestor looked around and said to the God of Nine Heavens: “Remove the execution platform. Let the White Tiger King release them.”

“Yes, Master!” The God of Nine Heavens responded, and then ordered the surrounding magical soldiers and generals to remove the execution platform and untie the White Tiger King.

To be honest, after letting out the rebellious White Tiger Kings, the God of Nine Heavens was very reluctant, but there was no way. Master orders cannot be violated.

After regaining his freedom, the White Tiger King was very excited and bowed to the ancestors of the wild: “Thank you, ancestors.”

“Thank you ancestors!”

At the same time, Colorful Lingfeng and other monster tribes. Also salute one after another.

Honghuang ancestor smiled slightly, nodded and said: “You don’t need to be polite, everything before, even if it has passed, from now on, you can help Darryl.”

“Yes!” The White Tiger King nodded quickly.

Speaking of which, as one of the four innate spirit beasts, the White Tiger King has an arrogant personality. He has never obeyed other people’s arrangements, but the ancient ancestors are different. This is the existence second only to Pangu Great God, so he dare not listen to his words.

more important. All the monster races were rescued by Darryl, assisting Darryl, the White Tiger King was extremely happy.


At this moment, Darryl thought of something and looked at Jiutian God and said: “Now it’s time to let go of my master and Mr. Guigu.”

Darryl’s attitude made God Jiutian very unhappy, but it was not easy for the ancestor to watch from the side, so he waved his hand at Ao Lin next to him.

Ao Lin understood it and quickly said, “I will go to the jail and let Mr. Guigu go.”

As soon as the voice fell, Darryl said: “I’ll be with you!”

Just a few words are beyond doubt.

In Darryl’s heart, what he did during the time in God’s Domain was out of helplessness. But anyway, it also tires the master.

Feeling guilty, Darryl decided to go to the jail himself and pick up Guiguzi.

See Darryl speak. Ao Lin didn’t dare to say anything, he quickly led the way and took Darryl to the prison. You must know. At this time, Darryl was the Nine Heavens Profound Sage, second only to the Nine Heavens God, how could Ao Lin dare to neglect?

After Darryl and Aolin left, the White Tiger King and the demons also stepped back to take care of their injuries. Before the fierce battle with God’s Domain for a few days and nights, the demon clan’s vitality was greatly injured, and it took at least one month to recuperate.

For a time, the surroundings of the Imperial Palace returned to the peace of the past.

The ancestors and empresses of Nuwa were invited into the Yutian Palace by the Nine Heavens God.


At this time, after the great ancestors were invited to take the seat, the God of Nine Heavens looked worried: “How will the entire God Realm be rectified? Please Master to show me…

The many priests standing on both sides below, at this time also focused on the ancestors.


The great ancestor breathed a sigh of relief, did not respond, but glanced at each other with Empress Nuwa.

Empress Nuwa gently bit her lip, her beautiful and flawless face revealed a bit of solemnity: “Brother, Master and I are returning from nine days away this time. Apart from rectifying God’s Domain, there is one more important thing.”

“What’s the matter?” Jiu Tian asked subconsciously.

Empress Nuwa frowned her eyebrows lightly, her eyes were a little worried: “When Master and I came back, nine days away, we sensed the breath of Demon Zun Gone…80,000 years ago, we all thought that the devil The clan was completely annihilated, but we were all wrong…the Demon Lord Gone, was not completely destroyed.”


Hearing this, whether it was the Nine Heavens God or the many priests below, their expressions changed drastically.

Chapter 1883

“Mozun Gone is not dead?”

Finally, the God of Nine Heavens reacted and looked at the ancestors blankly, and his voice trembled: “This…how is this possible? Didn’t the master watch his soul destroy it with his own eyes?”

At this time, the Nine Heavens God was indescribably nervous and terrified, completely devoid of the composure that the sovereign of God’s Domain should have.

You know, Demon Zun Gone is too big, it is caused by the evil thoughts of the creation god Pangu.

As we all know, Pangu died of exhaustion after he opened up the world. The breath exhaled after death turned into cloud and mist, and the sound turned into thunder. The left eye is called the sun, the right eye is the moon, the thousands of strands of hair are called the sky full of stars, the blood is called the rivers, lakes, and the sea, muscles and body. For the stretch of mountains.

However, apart from these, Pangu’s spirit also gave birth to gods and demons because of both good and evil.

Because the devil pursues the belief that “the strong wins, the strong is respected”, which is completely different from the “Tao law of nature, harmony of all things” pursued by the gods, so it is between gods and demons. The campaign has continued for nearly ten thousand years.

Later, the predecessor ancestor turned out to be born, led God’s Domain, one sentence to defeat the Demon Race, and killed the Demon Zun Gone, so that the spirit of the demon was destroyed, dissipated outside of the nine days, since then the Demon Race also disappeared in smoke.

Thousands of years later, the ancestors took Nuwa as a disciple. Nuwa is full of aptitude. With the support of the ancestors, she mixes soil and water with her own blood and spiritual power, inspires with willow branches, and shapes it in her own appearance to create a human being.

After that, humans and Gods lived together in the same world, living in peace with each other. With the help of God, humans learned to use fire, catch food, and later build their own tribes.

Later, the great ancestors created the realm of gods, separated gods from humans, and created the realm of ghosts.

It can be said that the time of the Great War between Gods and Demons is far longer than before the emergence of human beings, at least one hundred thousand years ago. Under this circumstance, it was learned that Mozun Gone was not dead. Nine Heavens God is naturally difficult to calm down.


At this time, seeing the expression of the God of Nine Heavens, the great ancestor breathed out softly and slowly said: “Don’t make a fuss, you have to know that Demon Lord Gone is transformed by Pangu’s evil thoughts, and it is impossible to completely destroy it. When the teacher defeated him, he expected this!”

Speaking of this, the expressions of the ancestors were a bit complicated: “So back then, after I handed over the realm of God to your brother Brahma Emperor, I have been traveling nine days away, understanding the mystery of heaven, and on the other hand, I was also investigating. I don’t know the trace of Demon Zun Gone, the years have passed, and 30,000 years have passed, and there is still no clue.”

“This time the grievance between you and the demon race has caused a bloody storm in the entire God Realm. As a teacher, I decided to pursue the Demon Lord Gone for the time being, and first come back to deal with the matter of the God Realm. As a result, when I traveled through the chaotic void, I sensed Gone. The Cannian breath of…”The Huang Ancestor looked solemn. Speak slowly.


Upon hearing these words, God of Nine Heavens was stunned, unable to slow down for a long time.

The real imperial palace is also in an uproar!

The priests standing on both sides opened their mouths one by one. Shocked.

If Demon Lord Gone is not dead, it will be in trouble.

At this moment, the ancestors of the great ancestors knew Jiutian God and spoke again: “So, the grievance between you and the monster race. It is not a big deal at all. Preventing the return of Demon Lord Gone is the top priority now. weight.”

Uh …

Jiutian God looked ashamed.

At this moment, the entire Imperial Palace was even more silent. You could hear clearly after dropping a needle, and each expression was a bit heavy.

Perceiving the change in the expression of Nine Heavens God, the Nuwa Empress who had been silent next to her slowly walked out and smiled slightly: “Junior Brother, don’t be too nervous. Even if the Demon Lord Gone is not completely destroyed, what he has now is nothing. It is a ray of remnant thought, and the strength is greatly reduced. As long as we unite as one and protect the divine realm, Demon Lord Gone will not have the opportunity to take advantage of it!”

When she said this, Empress Nuwa’s voice was very soft and soft, but she gave people a sense of righteousness. Spread throughout the entire Imperial Palace.


Upon hearing this, both the Nine Heavens God and the priests present nodded in agreement!

“Senior Sister said yes.” The God of Nine Heavens looked firm, looked around, and said loudly: “My God of Nine Heavens swears here, if Demon Lord Gone commits the crime, I will take the lead and fight to the end!”

“I will follow your Majesty and fight to the death against powerful enemies!”

At this moment. The priests of the entire Imperial Palace were also infected, and their blood boiled with enthusiasm.

Seeing this situation, Hong Huang ancestor nodded with satisfaction.

The disciple of Nine Heavens God, although sometimes too arrogant and selfish. But at a critical moment, the overall situation will still be taken care of.


At this moment, Nuwa thought of something and couldn’t help but said to the ancient ancestor: “The other brother, Brahma Emperor, is still trapped in the Immortal Tomb. I don’t know what Master plans to do?”

When she said this, Nu Wa’s beautiful face was a bit worried. She has a soft personality, whether it is the Nine Heavens God or the Brahma Emperor. Both are very caring.

When the voice fell, Jiutian God looked embarrassed and bowed his head in shame.

Back then, in order to fight for the dominance of God’s Domain, he bet with his brother Brahma, leading him to enter the Immortal Tomb. It can be said that the Emperor Brahma can be trapped for 30,000 years, and he can’t get rid of the relationship.

Now that the master knows the truth, he will definitely punish himself.


Just when the God of Nine Heavens was secretly apprehensive, he saw the great ancestor sigh lightly and slowly said: “Emperor Brahma, although his personality is upright, but sometimes he is self-sufficient and trapped in the immortal mound, perhaps it is also his calamity.”

“Wait, wait for him to realize something in the Immortal Tomb, the teacher will bring him out.”

At this time, the great ancestor looked indifferent, and he was not happy or angry when he said something. You must know that an existence like him, whether it is his state of mind or Taoism, has reached a realm that ordinary people can’t imagine. Nothing will do. Caused a trace of turbulence in his heart.

and. Thirty thousand years is out of reach for mankind, but for gods, it’s just a matter of flicks, after all. God’s life span is extremely long.

In this case, the encounter of the emperor of Brahma may not be relieved for Darryl, but for the ancestors of the wild. It’s just a small trifle.

“I see, Master!” Nu Wa nodded.

Seeing that Master didn’t mean to blame, God of Nine Heavens was also secretly relieved.

At this moment, Nuwa thought of something and couldn’t help but said: “By the way, what about Darryl? After Master has sealed him, what is the arrangement?”

The ancestor of Honghuang thought for a while, and was about to speak, but was interrupted by a voice outside the Imperial Palace.

Chapter 1884

“Tsk tusk…The great ancestor, I haven’t seen you for so many years, you still have the same prestige.”

This voice resounded like a blast of thunder in the sky above the Imperial Palace. At the same time, the heavens and the earth suddenly darkened, and in an instant, whether it was the Nine Heavens God or the priests still present. All felt a terrifying force in the high sky outside the Imperial Palace, quickly condensing.

This force is different from the panic of the ancestors, but full of evil and evil.


Hearing this voice, whether it was the ancestor of the great wild or the God of Nine Heavens, their expressions changed.

Although tens of thousands of years have passed, the voice is too familiar to them.

It is Mozun Gone.


At this moment, the prison is here.

In the dark cell, Gui Guzi sat cross-legged, with a weak face, completely lost its former style.

It has been five days since being imprisoned by the Nine Heavens God, and I don’t know what happened to Darryl in the Sealed Land of the Demon Race.


At this moment, the cell door was pushed open. Immediately afterwards, two figures walked in quickly, it was Ao Lin and Darryl.


Seeing Darryl, Gui Guzi’s heart was shocked, and the whole person was stunned.

Worse, there was also Ao Lin who came in. Could it be that Darryl was also arrested?


At this time, Darryl was also very excited when he saw Guiguzi. He rushed over, his face was full of shame: “The disciple is not filial, which makes Master suffer.”

When he said this, Darryl felt extremely uncomfortable.

Because he saw that Gui Guzi was in a dirty robe at this time, and his face was pale, so there was no such thing as a generation of superior demeanor. You know, Guiguzi is the number one person in the ages. I don’t know how many people look up and can’t see it. But at this time, I am so burdened by myself. Isn’t it sad?

Feeling Darryl’s sadness, Gui Guzi smiled slightly and said that he was okay.

The next second, Gui Guzi’s face became solemn: “Why did you find this place?” As he said, he didn’t forget to glance at Ao Lin next to him. His eyes are full of alert.

Darryl took a deep breath: “Master, I’m here to take you out.”

Take me out?

Gui Guzi was stunned, and then said anxiously: “Don’t mess around, this is a jail, how do you take me out, leave me alone. Hurry up and return to Kyushu as soon as possible.”

Although he didn’t know how Darryl and Ao Lin were together, Gui Guzi knew in his heart that it was impossible for Darryl to take him out safely.

After all, this is a jail, and there are countless celestial soldiers and generals outside, and they are heavily guarded.

At this moment, Gui Guzi still didn’t know that Darryl had changed from a fugitive wanted by the Nine Heavens God to the Nine Heavens Profound Saint with aloof status.


Feeling Guiguzi’s worry, Darryl showed a slight smile: “Master, don’t worry, the matter is over.”

When the voice fell, Aolin next to him respectfully said: “Your Excellency Xuansheng, this is not a place to speak, let’s take Mr. Guigu out first.”

Lord Xuansheng?

At this moment, Gui Guzi was stunned, frowning and looking at Aolin: “What does he call him?”

Aolin didn’t dare to conceal it, and respectfully said: “Mr. Guigu, you still don’t know, Your Excellency Darryl, has been named the Nine Heavens Profound Saint, second only to His Majesty Nine Heavens…

To be honest, Ao Lin is appreciated by the God of Nine Heavens, and is also a high authority. If it is otherwise, he would never be so respectful, but Darryl is different, he is not only a nine-day Profound Sage, but also a higher status than himself. Being so appreciated by the great ancestors is not something I can provoke.


Hearing this, Gui Guzi’s whole person was dumbfounded, staring at Darryl blankly, speechless.

Darryl… actually became the Profound Saint of the Nine Heavens?

A few seconds later. Gui Guzi was very happy, patted Darryl’s shoulder and said: “Okay, okay, I am worthy of being the disciple I value most, and it really didn’t disappoint me.”

Guiguzi at this time is indescribably happy.

I thought that Darryl was in a disaster this time, but he never expected that in a blink of an eye, he would become the Profound Sage of Nine Heavens.

Happy, Ao Lin led the way, and Guiguzi and Darryl walked out of the prison.


As soon as I walked out of the prison, I heard a terrifying aura, coming from high above, in a moment, no matter it was Darryl. It was Guiguzi, and Ao Lin couldn’t help but look up.

At this look, Darryl’s heart was shocked, and he took a breath of cold air.

I saw the vast sky above. There was a huge figure suspended in suspension, which was a thousand meters high, like a big mountain, wearing black helmet and black armor, full of powerful aura, and unparalleled domineering.

Especially those eyes, shining with evil red light, make people shudder at the first glance.

Darryl clearly perceives this huge figure. It was completely transformed from a powerful force, but even so, the powerful coercion that broke out was almost breathless.

At this moment, the huge figure was condescendingly looking down at the Imperial Palace.

Outside the Imperial Palace. The great ancestors, nine gods, Nu Wa and many priests stood there one by one with solemn expressions.

D*mn it!

Seeing this scene, Darryl’s mind went blank, shocked.

Where is this huge figure sacred? Just a phantom can burst out such a terrifying breath.


This, Gui Guzi reacted. Looking at the huge phantom, he muttered to himself: “Such a powerful demonic power, is it a demon in the rumor?”


Upon hearing this, Darryl asked quickly: “Master, what demon?”

Since it is called a practitioner. Darryl only knew about God’s Domain, the Human World, and the Ghost Realm and Monster Race. He never knew that there were demons. This was the first time he had heard of it.

Gui Guzi took a deep breath, looked at the huge figure in the sky, and slowly said: “In the legend, after Pangu opened up the world, he died of exhaustion, good thoughts turned into gods, evil thoughts turned into demons… Later, the gods were in the wild Under the leadership of the ancestor, the Demon Race was defeated, and the Demon Race was completely vanished.”

Speaking of this, Gui Guzi could not conceal the inner shock: “Unexpectedly, the demons were not completely extinct…”

Because when the demons were destroyed, humans did not exist, so in human history, there has never been a record of demons, but as the first person in the ages, Guiguzi is well versed in the past and present. So understand some.

However, Gui Guzi didn’t know that the huge phantom in mid-air was not an ordinary demon, but Demon Lord Gone.

Hear these. Darryl froze there, unable to slow down for a long time.

“Ancient ancestor!”

At this time, Gogne was in mid-air, with blood-red eyes staring at the ancient ancestor: “I didn’t expect that I would come so soon? Haha. I heard what you and your apprentice said just now.”

“Today’s God’s Domain is no longer as glorious as it used to be. It is too early to stop me and keep me from nine days away.”

Some words, extremely proud.

At this moment, the great ancestor Jingjing and Gogne looked at each other without responding.

“Ha ha…”

Gogne let out a sneer, and mocked: “What? The dignified ancestors dare not even say anything, maybe they are afraid, hahaha…”

The sound of wild laughter echoed throughout the world, extremely arrogant.


When the voice fell, whether it was the Nine Heavens God or the many priests around, they were all furious.

In the next second, God of Nine Heavens finally couldn’t help it, and shouted: “Gogne, you are just a defeated opponent of my master, and you are not qualified to let my master take action.”

Chapter 1885

“If you really want to fight, pass me first!”

The voice fell, and the figure of the Nine Heavens God burst out, carrying an unparalleled potential, and directly thinking of Gogne.

Speaking of which, facing Gogne, God of Nine Heavens was very panicked. After all, the other party was transformed from Pangu’s evil thoughts. The powerful power of the first trial also originated from Pangu. But at this time, the other party was just the phantom of Cannian’s illusion, God Don’t panic at all.

Seeing Nine Heavens God roaring, Gone coldly snorted, and his blood-red eyes flashed with disdain.

“I’m talking to your master, what are you messing around with as a junior? Get out of here!” The cold words came from Gogne’s mouth, and the huge figure slowly raised his right hand in the next second.


In an instant, the world changed, and the wind and clouds were surging, and a blood-colored beam of light was seen, connecting the heaven and the earth and blasting toward the Nine Heavens God.


What a terrifying power!

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help but breathe in the air, and the whole person was stunned, shocked indescribably. You know, the strength of the Nine Heavens God, Darryl has learned, is almost unfathomable.

But the huge magical shadow in front of him, the explosive power, was even more than ten times stronger than the Nine Heavens God, it was incredible.

What shocked Darryl even more was that this huge demon shadow was called the Junior Nine Heavens God…

Boom boom boom…

Just when Darryl was stunned, he saw that bloody light blasting directly on the Nine Heavens God, and suddenly, a violent aura impacted like a storm, sweeping the entire world.

At the same time, he heard a muffled hum from the God of Nine Heavens, his figure was directly shocked, and finally landed at the gate of Yutian Palace, his face pale and embarrassed.

I go!

It was just a move that defeated the ruler of God’s Domain?

At this moment, Darryl only felt his brain humming, completely stupid.

And the many priests standing at the gate of the Imperial Palace couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning!

This Gogne, at this time, possessed only a ray of remnant thoughts, and it was so shocking that he could burst out with such terrifying power.

The grand ancestors and Nu Wa also had solemn faces.

In the next second, Nuwa took a deep breath and said softly: “Let the disciple deal with him.” As he said, she was about to urge her figure to rush up, but before she even left, she was stopped by the ancestor of the flood.

“You are not his opponent, let me come personally.” The ancestor Honghuang said, his figure flashed, and he went into the air and confronted Gone from a distance.

“Gogne, since you didn’t completely perish in the first place and you still have a trace of life, you should completely repent.” After staring at each other for a few seconds, the ancestor said coldly: “Also, you shouldn’t come to God’s Domain. There is no real body. And Demon Soul, you are not my opponent.”

The sound is not loud, but it spreads all over the world.


Goni laughed up to the sky, and his blood-red eyes were full of madness: “What if I can’t beat it, I, Goni, as a demon, do whatever I want to do. Even if it’s not your opponent, I will destroy this realm of God.”

The last word fell, and Gogne, like a mountain, came directly thinking of the great ancestors.

The great ancestor did not fluctuate in the slightest on his face, and his whole body exploded, carrying a golden light, facing up, and fighting Gogne.

Boom boom boom…

For a moment, I saw the terrifying power of the great ancestor and Gogne. The violent collision made the sky and the earth, the sun and the moon, and the billowing dark clouds covered the entire sky. The entire God’s realm was shaking violently, as if it were about to be destroyed. .


Seeing this scene, whether it’s Nuwa, Nine Heavens God, or Darryl not far away, they are all excited. This level of battle, I’m afraid I haven’t encountered it once in tens of thousands of years…

In a blink of an eye, a few hours passed, and the great ancestors and Gone were still fighting.

“Gogne, it’s over!”

Unable to stand for a long time, the great ancestors lost patience, and his majestic voice spread all over the world. Then, with a wave of his hand, he saw a golden glow rushing out towards Gone.

It was a golden plate impressively.

I saw that the golden plate became larger and larger, and finally reached a kilometer in diameter. Not only that, there are looming inscriptions on the edge of the gold plate.

I go!

What baby is this?

Seeing this situation, Darryl was immediately stunned, and his heart was inexplicably agitated.

Darryl clearly saw that the golden inscriptions that flashed out were an extremely ancient writing, and in the changing of these inscriptions, it seemed that they formed an extremely powerful magic circle.

And this formation, never recorded in Darryl’s “Bai Qi Shen Formation”, is very mysterious.


At this moment, the Gui Guzi next to him was extremely excited, with a trembling tone: “Could it be…this is the legendary sealing mirror?”

Seal the magic mirror?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned and asked quickly: “Master, what is a magic mirror?”

Gui Guzi took a deep breath, concealed his inner excitement, and slowly responded: “The magic mirror is transformed by the essence of Pangu. Unexpectedly, I could see it today.”

Hearing this, Darryl was shocked.

Who is Pan Gu, that is the god of creation, with his magical magic mirror, the power can be imagined.

“The ancestor of the wild!”

At this time, watching the magic mirror rushing in, Gogne’s eyes flashed with madness and disdain: “In addition to using magic weapons, what else can you do? Have the ability to fight me dignifiedly.”

When he said this, Gogne looked fearless, but he was very flustered.

The Magic Mirror is transformed from Pangu’s essence, and it specifically restrains evil spirits. This is his own nemesis.

In the next second, Gorne wanted to dodge, but his body was too big, like a hill, unable to react quickly, and the speed of sealing the magic mirror was extremely fast, and he could not dodge at all.


Finally, Darryl Mojing arrived and directly covered Gone.

It was at this moment that the great ancestor quickly chanted the spell, and the magic mirror was shining with a dazzling golden light, which quickly shrank into the size of a palm, and flew back to the hand of the great ancestor.

D*mn it!

Seeing this scene, Darryl was shocked again.

This magic mirror is indeed a treasure, and it can be made bigger and smaller?


At the same time, the Nine Heavens God and the many priests around him exclaimed in joy.

“Master’s supernatural powers really make my disciples admire.” The God of Nine Heavens smiled and praised sincerely.

When the voice fell, the priests around also responded.

“Thanks to the ancestors, successfully subduing the devil…”

“The ancestor’s magical power is boundless, shocking past and present.”

Under the compliments of many priests, Nuwa looked calm.

When the great ancestors landed, Nuwa greeted him and said seriously: “Master, since Demon Zun Gone is included in the Magic Mirror, we should act decisively and completely wipe him out.”

Hong Huang ancestor shook his head: “I said before as a teacher that Demon Zun Gone was transformed from Pangu’s evil thoughts, and he can’t kill him at all. The only way is to suppress him in the depths of the ghost world.”

Having said that, the ancestor of the great ancestor waved to Darryl not far away.

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