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Chapter 1916

When the voice fell, Edward took out a blood-red bead from his body, and saw that the bead was in a translucent state, and there was a faint black bug inside.

In the next second, Edward clicked on Bryant’s acupuncture point and stuffed the beads into his mouth.


Bryant hadn’t reacted yet, and the beads had been swallowed into his stomach.

“You…what did you give me?” Bryant couldn’t help asking, shocked and angry.

Edward looked indifferently: “The thing you swallowed just now is called a soul-eating bloodworm. After swallowing it, it will get into your mind and merge with your blood and essence, and use your blood and essence as a whole. Birth.”

“And I can completely control this soul-devouring bloodworm, as long as you obediently listen to me, I will keep you safe, otherwise, this soul-eater bloodworm will suck up your blood.”

“I advise you not to try to get rid of it, because he is fused with your essence and blood, and you cannot get rid of it. Understand?”

Soul Eater Bloodworm?

Bryant’s heart was shocked when she heard these words, and her whole body was cold.

Such a weird name must be terrifying, but…I have been in the arena for several years, how come I have never heard of such a thing?

Bryant at this time didn’t know that the Soul Devouring Bloodworm was cultivated by Edward with the blood of the Demon Soul, and it was not a thing of the Jiuzhou Continent at all.

A few seconds later, Bryant glared at Edward, biting his teeth and said: “Do you want me to work for you? Stop daydreaming. Even if I die, I won’t be your running dog.”

When the voice fell, Bryant would bite his tongue and kill himself.

In Bryant’s heart, his father, Lorenzo, is a well-known hero, and he has to stand upright like his father. How can he surrender to Edward at this time?


Edward seemed to expect Bryant to do this, and he stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers.

Bryant only felt a buzzing in his brain when he snapped his fingers, and his whole body was paralyzed instantly, and even his tongue was not at his disposal.

Obviously, Edward urged the soul-eater blood worm.

“Falling in my hands, life and death are in my control.” Edward looked at Bryant with a smile but a smile, his tone was beyond doubt: “I want you to die, you can die.”

As he said, Edward’s figure flashed, and when he reached Lori, he took out another bead with a soul-devouring bloodworm and forcibly fed her to swallow it.


After swallowing the Soul Devouring Bloodworm, Lori’s body trembled and her face was extremely pale.

At the same time, Bryant’s expression changed drastically, and she yelled at Edward: “a55hole, you have to force me to just come at me, why do you feed her the poisonous insects?”

Edward chuckled, “If you don’t do this, how can you force you to give in?”

“I know, you are strong and fierce, but you don’t want to see with your own eyes, your girlfriend has become a human, a ghost or a ghost, right?”

In the last sentence, Edward said very leisurely, but it gave people a shuddering feeling.

Lori was extremely frightened, her legs were weak, and she felt that she could not stand still, she looked at Bryant for help: “Brother Bryant…”

Lori is in the midst of beauty, and loves beauty most, unable to imagine her skin festering.


Facing Lori’s horrified eyes, Bryant secretly gritted his teeth and fell into a fierce struggle.

If you are not convinced, your reputation can be preserved.

If she refuses to accept it, Wan’er will suffer inhuman pain.

“it is good!”

After a few minutes, Bryant finally compromised and looked at Edward and said, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Seriously, surrendering to Edward, Bryant resisted in all kinds of things.

But there is no way, the lives of myself and his girlfriend are in the hands of each other, and it is nothing if I die, but I can’t make Lori tired.

“Sure enough, there is love and righteousness.”

Seeing that he finally agreed, Edward smiled and said lightly: “What I want you to do is very simple. Your father Lorenzo, who has been an envoy of the Hades, has a ghost token that symbolizes the identity of the envoy of Hades. I want You quietly take out this ghost token and give it to me.”

When he said this, Edward seemed relaxed, but his eyes flashed with urgency.

You know, the ghost token, but the symbol of the messenger of the Hades, with this thing, even ordinary people can freely enter the ghost world, and avoid the investigation of the underworld soldiers.

Speaking of which, with Edward’s strength, he can directly break into the ghost world, even Irma can’t stop him, but if he does this, he can’t hold back the matter of possessing the devil soul.

Ghost token?

Bryant’s heart was shocked when she heard this, and she stared at Edward blankly, unable to speak.

Bryant of course knew that his father, Lorenzo, used to be the messenger of the Pluto, and he treasured a token of the ghost world, but that token. The place where Lorenzo was hidden was very hidden, and it was not easy to find it.


Seeing his silence, Edward said coldly: “I’ll give you ten days, within ten days, if I don’t see the ghost token, what will happen, you know better than me, understand?”

“Understand!” Bryant nodded, reluctantly in his heart, but at this time, he has no choice.


On the other side, God’s Domain!

In the Imperial Palace, the Nine Heavens God is sitting on the throne, enjoying the wine in a leisurely manner.

In the open space in the hall, a dozen fairies were dancing gracefully, and the surrounding musicians played soft music, and the atmosphere was peaceful.

Since the great ancestors appeared, they first dealt with the affairs of the monster race, and then sealed the demon lord Gone. The hidden danger of God’s Domain was completely eliminated. In this case, the God of Nine Heavens had no worries and was relaxed.

“His Majesty.”

At this moment, I saw a figure, walked quickly into the hall, knelt there, and looked complicated.

It is Luo Jue.

Seeing Luo Jue, the God of Jiutian frowned, raised his hand to signal the dancing fairies to retreat, and then asked: “Luo Jue, didn’t I ask you to rectify the situation in Kyushu? Why did you come back?”

Although Luo Jue is less powerful than Rodolf, he is resourceful and sophisticated, and he is the most valued subordinate of Nine Heavens God. This time to rectify the situation in Kyushu, Nine Heavens God also has high hopes.

“His Majesty!”

Luo Jue knelt there, with a complex expression on his face, and responded: “Your Majesty, I created the Heavenly Alliance in the mainland of Kyushu. I intend to unify the rivers and lakes of Kyushu. Everything was going on in an orderly manner. The subordinates talked and laid down many rules for me.”

“As soon as the nine-day Profound Sage intervened, many of his subordinates could not proceed smoothly. Therefore, when the subordinate returned to God’s Domain this time, I just wanted to ask your majesty, whether the affairs of Kyushu are carried out according to their own plan or whether they should follow the nine-day Profound Sage of.”

It’s that Darryl again.

Hearing this, Jiutian God frowned and his face became gloomy.

Speaking of Darryl, Nine Heavens God is in anger.

Chapter 1917

This Darryl first entered God’s Domain by mistake, then pretended to be himself, and then released the monster clan from the sealed land and besieged Yutian Palace. At that time, he could immediately kill Darryl, but at a critical moment, Master. The great ancestors appeared. The master not only helped Darryl speak, but also made him a nine-day profound sage.

And now, when Darryl returned to Kyushu, he intervened in Luo Jue’s affairs.

Luo Jue was his own, and he could be regarded as the imperial minister sent by God’s Domain to Kyushu. Darryl pointed at him, but didn’t put himself in his eyes.

Thinking about it, the God of Nine Heavens slowly said: “That Darryl, it was only good luck that he was named the Profound Sage of the Nine Heavens by my master. This Profound Sage of the Nine Heavens is just a false name and has no real power.”

“For Kyushu’s affairs, you can proceed according to your own plan, and ignore that Darryl. Do you understand?”

When he said the last sentence, there was not the slightest fluctuation on the face of Nine Heavens God.


Hearing this, Luo Jue’s originally gloomy mood suddenly relaxed, showing a slight smile, and quickly said: “Subordinates understand.”

When returning to God’s Domain this time, Luo Jue wanted the attitude of God of Nine Heavens. You know, when he learned that Darryl was the Profound Sage of Nine Heavens, Luo Jue was very puzzled. He didn’t understand that a human being would have such a respectable identity. .

And now, from the words of Nine Heavens God, Luo Jue clearly felt that His Majesty did not appreciate this Darryl. On the contrary, there was a strong disgust in his words.

After understanding this, Luo Jue had a bottom in his heart.

At this moment, Luo Jue thought of something, hesitated, and asked: “Your Majesty, what if Darryl objected to the plan drawn up by his subordinates?”

“It depends on how you react to changes.” Nine Heavens said lightly: “You are resourceful, there should be a way.”

As I said, what Jiutian God thought of, continued: “By the way, after you return to Jiuzhou, you will start investigating Xuanyuan’s desire for evil. As far as I know, after Xuanyuan died that year, his subordinates wanted to hide and hide. Got up.”

Xuanyuan wants evil?

Hearing this, Luo Jue was stunned.

Tens of thousands of years ago, gods and humans co-existed in the same world. Later, the gods designated hierarchies and discriminated against humans. At that time, Emperor Xuanyuan, who was the emperor of human race, led humans to fight against gods.

However, the result of the confrontation ultimately ended in human failure.

And Xuanyuan has also become a thorn in the eyes of God’s Domain.

Later, the whole world was divided into three realms, namely the God Realm, the Human Realm, and the Ghost Realm, completely separating God from human beings.

Because of this, the human beings headed by Xuanyuan have been dissatisfied, but at that time there was a war in the human world, first the Chiyou war, and then the Raksha tribe’s rebellion.

After the end of the human war, while the human beings were recuperating, God’s Domain sent divine soldiers and generals to launch a raid. In that raid, Xuanyuan was killed and his subordinates also suffered numerous casualties, but there was still a residual force that escaped from God’s Domain. Kill and hide.

As the most powerful subordinate of Nine Heavens God, Luo Jue was very clear about this past, but he did not expect that after so long, Nine Heavens God could still remember it.

“Your Majesty, your subordinates will definitely do their best to find out the whereabouts of Xuanyuan Yuyi.” Luo Jue said seriously.


God of Jiutian nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand: “Go, there are so many things in Kyushu, so you can’t delay it.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Luo Jue did not dare to neglect, he quickly responded, and then withdrew from the Imperial Palace.


Haze Mountain.

Wuying Mountain is located at the junction of the Yellow Sea continent and the Zhongyuan continent. This mountain range stretches for thousands of miles. There is a huge gorge in the middle section. The gorge is filled with fog all the year round, hence the name Wuying Mountain.

In the area of ​​Wuying Mountain, the environment is complicated and inaccessible.

However, the world does not know that in the mist-shrouded canyon, there is a piece of antique pavilions and pavilions, here is the Rushers who has escaped from the world for nearly ten thousand years.

Rushers was established by Xuanyuan’s men that year.

Over the past ten thousand years, Rushers has produced many strong men, but because of his indifferent fame and fortune, he has never set foot in the arena.

Today’s Sect Master Xia Yin has been passed down for 88 generations, and the current Sect Master is an odd woman: Brittany Nalan.

Brittany, that is, Ginger’s mother.

At this moment, in the Hall of Rushers.

Brittany sat there quietly, looking carefully, she was only in her thirties, wearing a pale yellow long lyre, her body was compact, her temperament was dignified, and she looked like a fairy in the sky, sacred and not to be desecrated!

And the whole body was filled with a breath of terror.

If there were people from Kyushu’s arena at this time, it would definitely be shocked, because this Brittany had already surpassed the tribulation realm and reached the realm of ascension.

It stands to reason that in her current realm, she has broken into the void and entered the realm of the gods, but Brittany has stayed in the human world.

On the chairs on both sides under Brittany, several elders sat there, each of them immortal and powerful.

Of these elders, the one with the lowest strength was also in the middle stage of the Tribulation Realm.

You know, Rushers was established by Xuanyuan’s subordinates, because of the hostile relationship with God’s Domain, so the strength reached the point of soaring, and he was unwilling to enter the God’s Domain.

Although Rushers has not set foot in the arena for thousands of years, he has been paying close attention to the situation in Kyushu.

In the past two months, God’s Domain has sent messengers to establish the Heavenly Dao League in Kyushu. Knowing this, Brittany considered it again and again, and finally decided to let her daughter Ginger investigate the situation.

Now, Ginger has been away for a month, and there is no news. Brittany is concerned, so he called the elders to discuss.


At this time, an elder stood up and comforted: “Miss has Xiao Rong following her. Xiao Rong is calm and calm. With her by her side, Miss should be fine.”

Hearing this, the other elders also nodded in agreement.

“Yes, and the young lady is talented and talented, so she can turn good luck even if she is in danger.”

“Sect Master don’t worry too much!”

Hearing these words, Brittanyxiu’s eyebrows frowned and couldn’t help saying: “Wu Shuang is young. Although he is very powerful, he has no experience in the rivers and lakes. Moreover, it is said that Luo Jue, the envoy of the gods, used very insidious methods. After surrendering, I am afraid that after he knows Ginger’s identity, he will secretly calculate.”

When saying this, Brittany’s beautiful face couldn’t conceal his worries.


As he was talking, he heard a clear cry from outside the hall, and then two slender figures walked in quickly.

It was Ginger and Xiao Rong.


“Miss is back.”

Seeing Ginger coming back, the elders present were all overjoyed and showed loving eyes.

These elders all watched Ginger grow up, and in their hearts, they were like granddaughters.

At the same time, Brittany was also overjoyed and stood up and said: “Ginger, you are back.” As he said, he beckoned and motioned to Ginger to sit next to him.

Chapter 1918


Ginger came over and sat down, holding Brittany’s arm in a coquettish posture: “I’m back, I miss you so much.”

“I was talking to some elders about you just now.” Brittany raised his hand, gently touched Ginger’s head, and smiled: “I’m relieved when I see you are all right.”

With that said, Brittany asked, “You have been out for more than a month, but what happened to the Heavenly Alliance?”

Ginger tilted his head for a moment and replied: “After the Heavenly Alliance forced the Qinglong clan to surrender, it held a celebration banquet and invited all the sects of Jiuzhou Jianghu to participate. I wanted to establish prestige. I heard that after the banquet was over, Many sects have joined the Heavenly Dao League.”

“Also, at the banquet, there was a person named Edward who competed with that Luo Jue, and the two sides were tied.”


Hearing this, no matter it was Brittany or the elders, they were all stunned.

Is a human being so strong? He was able to tie with Luo Jue.

At this time, Ginger continued: “By the way, my daughter, in addition to investigating the situation of the Tiandao League this month, has also done a lot of good deeds to eliminate violence and peace. When I was in the Diyuan Continent, I conquered a lot of people who oppressed the people. Pirates. Those pirates, under my remediation, one is more honest than the other…”

When the voice fell, Xiao Rong also followed with a smile and said, “Yes, Miss, she has done a lot of chivalrous things during this period of time.”

“is it?”

Brittany laughed very relievedly, and nodded approvingly: “Wu Shuang has grown up as expected.”

Afterwards, Brittany asked, “By the way, besides these, are there any other situations, or are there any troubles?”


Hearing the question, Ginger frowned, and suddenly thought of Darryl, a bit of shame and anger came out of her delicate face.

Seeing her expression, Brittany quickly asked: “Are you really in trouble?”


Ginger breathed a sigh of relief, shook his head and said, “It’s just a stinky rogue.”

Smelly rogue?

Brittany was stunned.

At this time, Ginger didn’t conceal it. He told the story of the fight with Darryl in detail. Of course, he didn’t say that he was spanked by Darryl. After all, there are several elders around, so why are you ashamed to say it?

At the end, Ginger said angrily: “Mother, that Darryl is too D*mnable. He claims to be a hero of Kyushu and the founder of Tianmen, but his mouth is not serious!”

When the voice fell, Xiao Rong couldn’t help but answer: “Yeah, when Darryl and Miss played against each other, they acted frivolously and spoke frivolously. They were totally a bummer!”


Knowing this, Brittany frowned, and several elders were also talking about it.

“It is often heard that Darryl is a hero who stands up to the ground, but he did not expect to be such a person.”

“The hero of Kyushu is just a man who seeks fame and steals fame.”

“How dare you be rude to the young lady, it’s horrible.”

Several elders’ comments came, Brittany sat there, her expression didn’t fluctuate at all, and said coldly: “That Darryl, really is so excessive, when he tried to compete with you, humiliated him?”

“It’s true.” Ginger let out a long sigh of relief and nodded in response.

Thinking of the situation where she was taken advantage of by Darryl, Ginger trembled in anger.

In the next second, Ginger hugged Brittany’s jade arm tightly and shook it gently: “My daughter can’t swallow this breath. You must vent my breath.”

“Good, good!”

Facing her daughter’s request like a baby, Brittany smiled and nodded: “This tone, my mother will definitely give it to you.”

After speaking, Brittany looked around, and said to several elders: “The Dao League is developing so rapidly on this day, our Rushers can’t sit still, what do you think?”

When the voice fell, several elders responded one after another.

“Yes, if you wait until the Tiandao League completely controls the rivers and lakes of Kyushu, everything will be too late!”

“Yes, when the Heavenly Dao League takes control of the Jiuzhou Rivers and Lakes, it will find us sooner or later. Then, Rushers will have no place to hide.”

“Rather than just sit and wait, it’s better to plan ahead.”

Hearing this, Brittany nodded: “Since everyone agrees, starting tomorrow, our Rushers will begin to be involved in the arena. By the way, we will make arrangements immediately. I want to see that Darryl.”

“Yes, Sovereign!” Several elders responded in unison.


Ouyang family.

In the hall, Darryl, Lorenzo, Peter, and Raquel’s daughters were sitting there, sipping tea leisurely, and the atmosphere was indescribably warm.

Recently, there have been many good things. Not only did Darryl return from God’s Domain safely, but he also brought Krista back safely from the Heavenly Dao League. For a while, the entire Ouyang family was beaming.

“Young Master!” At this moment, the butler walked over quickly and respectfully said to Darryl: “Emissary of the Hades, please see you here!”

The messenger of Hades?

Darryl frowned, nodded and said: “Please come in!”

The butler responded and walked out quickly.

After a while, I saw a man wearing a black robe slowly walking into the hall, filled with a cold breath, it was the envoy Yuan Kun sent by Irma.

“Everyone is polite!”

When he arrived in the hall, Yuan Kun hugged everyone at Lorenzo and saluted.

Immediately, Yuan Kun said to Darryl politely: “I am on the order of His Majesty the Hades. There are important things to report to Your Excellency Darryl. Can you discuss it separately?”

Talk alone?

Darryl was stunned, then thought that it might be Demon Zun Gone, and nodded: “Well, please follow me to the back.”

The matter of Demon Zun Goni is no trivial matter, so don’t let Brother Wen and the others know about it for the time being.

Soon, when he arrived at the study in the backyard, Darryl asked, “What the hell is going on?”

Yuan Kun took a deep breath and took out Irma’s autograph letter: “Your Excellency Darryl, you will know it after reading it.”


Darryl took a deep breath, unfolded the letter and looked at it, and was stunned.

I saw that the letter read: Demon Gone tried to break free from the magic mirror, which caused a strong shock in the depths of the netherworld. Not only that, Demon Gone also threatened that his subordinates would soon enter the ghost world to save him. Get out of trouble.

Demon Lord Gone has the remnants of his subordinates?

After reading the letter, Darryl looked at Yuan Kun with a serious face, and said, “What else does Pluto have for you to explain?”

Yuan Kun thought about it, and slowly said: “Your Majesty asked me to tell Lord Darryl, the matter of Demon Lord Gone is no trivial matter, and since Demon Lord Gone has said that, it may not be groundless, perhaps, in the ghost world. Besides, there are really the remnants of the devil.

“Your Majesty hopes that Your Excellency Darryl can send someone to investigate on the mainland of Kyushu. See if you can find Demon Zun Gone’s followers and take precautions.”

Hearing this, Darryl nodded: “Okay, I see.”

“The words have arrived, and I’m leaving too.” Yuan Kun stood up, arched his hands at Darryl, and turned to leave.


As soon as his front foot left, Darryl sat on the study chair, his expression tangled.

Demon Zun Gone’s subordinates, what are the characteristics, what they look like, I don’t know anything about it, how to find out.

Chapter 1919

However, since it is a subordinate of Demon Venerable, it must be different from ordinary people, especially in appearance, it must be very different from human beings.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl walked out of the study and returned to the hall.

In the hall, Lorenzo and Peter went to the secret room to practice, only Raquel was left. And Elsa’s daughters, chatting there.


Seeing Darryl coming back, Raquel couldn’t help asking: “The messenger of the Hades suddenly visited, is there something wrong?”

“It’s nothing!”

Darryl smiled and said casually: “Recently the situation in Kyushu has changed, Irma reminded me to be careful of Luo Jue.” The matter of Demon Lord Gone can’t be said for the time being, and he can only make up a random reason to prevaricate.

Hearing this, Raquel stopped asking more questions.

Afterwards, Darryl chatted with the women, chatting for a while, Krista suddenly thought of something, and said to Darryl: “My son, you have been away for three years. I don’t know how much change Zhongzhou City has been.”

“By the way, I heard from a disciple outside just now that the antique market in Zhongzhou has just opened, and the son likes antiques the most. Would you like to take a look and relax?”

Is there an antique market in Zhongzhou?

Hearing this, Darryl showed a slight smile and nodded: “Okay, then go and take a look later.”

With that, Darryl pointed at Raquel several times: “Do you want to go?”

Raquel smiled and said: “I won’t go. I’m not interested in antiques, so let Elsa be with you.”

When the voice fell, Bessie also said: “Don’t go shopping for too long, remember to come back for dinner.”

Darryl nodded, and went to change his clothes.

Ten minutes later, Darryl, Elsa, and Krista walked out of the Ouyang Family Manor and went to the downtown area of ​​Zhongzhou City.

It was dusk at this time, and I saw crowds of people on the street, so lively.

And the three Darryl were particularly eye-catching among the crowd.

Elsa is s3xy and charming.

Krista is youthful and energetic.

The two of them walked together, it was a beautiful landscape.

Krista was so excited at this time, she hadn’t been shopping with Darryl for a long time.

“The son…Sister Elsa, the three of us haven’t been like this for a long time. I still remember that we were in the Apocalypse Continent and we fell to the bottom of the volcano together! Later, the son merged with the cold fire of the white lotus and created his own practice. Later As soon as we came out from the bottom of the volcano, we visited the Imperial City of Apocalypse, alas, I miss that time.”

“Krista, you have a good memory, but although your memories are good, they are not bad now!”


The three talked and laughed all the way, and soon they arrived at the antique market.


The moment he entered the antique market, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath when he saw the scene in front of him, and his mood was unexplainable.

I saw that the newly opened antique street occupies an entire main road. There are many antique shops on both sides, and the roadside is full of stalls. In Darryl’s memory, Circular Street in Donghai City is considered the largest There is an antique street, and this one in front of you is even more prosperous than Circular Street.

At the same time, seeing such a prosperous antique street, Krista and Elsa were also in a moment of interest, and took a look. Look west, linger.

As soon as the three Darryl appeared, they instantly became the focus of the entire Antique Street!

Of course, all eyes were on Elsa and Krista.

Krista is wearing a yellow short skirt. The figure is petite and exquisite, bright and moving.

Elsa, on the other hand, is in a long purple dress, revealing her perfect and charming figure to the fullest. Appearing dignified and s3xy, the almost S-shaped curve made the eyes of many men in the room look straight.

“Beautiful, two beautiful women.”

“These two seem to be from the Ouyang family…”

“Really? No wonder it’s so outstanding.”

While many men were surprised by Elsa, they looked at Darryl with a bit of envy and jealousy.

“Who is this man?”

“do not know….”

“It’s pretty decent, but this dress is obviously not a big man. It’s really not long-sighted to have two beauties from the Ouyang family accompany each other.”

During the discussion, no one recognized Darryl, let alone that this man was the hero who had saved the situation in Kyushu. You know, Darryl was involved in the vortex of chaos three years ago, and his life and death is unknown ever since.

And these three years were enough for these ordinary people to forget about Darryl’s deeds.

The surrounding discussion kept coming. Darryl’s expression was indifferent, and he didn’t care about it at all.

Elsa and Krista also looked the same as usual, and did not feel uncomfortable because of the gaze around them. On the contrary, they had long been accustomed to this kind of attention.

“I go…”

At this moment, no one in the crowd yelled, and immediately, there was agitation around. All eyes were toward the entrance of Antique Street.

I saw two slender figures, accompanied by a few bodyguards, slowly walking in. These bodyguards. Wearing a uniform black suit, wearing sunglasses, very stylish.

And those two women are full of aura.

One of them, in his thirties, wears a black professional attire, is stepping on high heels, and is filled with the aura of a business boss, with a wavy shawl and a delicate face. Unspeakable s3xy.

It is Chen Shishi, the president of Yashi Group.

The other one, in his twenties, wears a black dress with beautiful features. Just between the eyebrows, there is a bit of arrogance.

This girl is Chen Shishi’s cousin, Chen Ting.

Speaking of this, Chen Shishi is not interested in coming to this kind of antique street, but his cousin Chen Ting is very fond of antiques. Today, when I learned that the antique street in Zhongzhou City was opened, she came with Chen Shishi softly and hard.


As soon as Chen Shishi appeared, the entire antique street was extremely shocked.

You know, a few years ago, the Yashi Group was a large company in the entire land continent, and its cosmetics were sought after by almost all young women.

In the past few years, the Yashi Group has continued to grow and develop, with branches all over the mainland of Kyushu. It can be said that if there is a ranking of the rich in the mainland of Kyushu, Chen Shishi is definitely in the top five.

And at this time, this wealthy business woman from an enemy country. How can people not be shocked when they come to Antique Street?

For a while, the eyes of the whole street were focused on Chen Shishi and Chen Ting, all of them were silly.

Many men have difficulty breathing. This Chen Shishi’s aura is simply too strong. It’s so attractive! Although she is only a woman, her aura is enough to overwhelm the men present!

Only Darryl looked indifferent.

but. Seeing Chen Shishi, Darryl was also very surprised.

It turned out to be her?

I haven’t seen it in a few years, this Chen Shishi is even more charming.

“Let’s let it go!” After entering the Antique Street, a few bodyguards guarded Chen Shishi in the middle, constantly dispelling those who were in the way. This row of faces is like a big star appearing on the stage.

But no one dared to question and gave way one after another, only Darryl three stood still.


One of the bodyguards locked on Darryl tightly, and said coldly: “Just let me, don’t you understand?”

Chapter 1920

Darryl smiled, did not respond, but looked at Chen Shishi with a smile on his face.


Seeing Darryl’s gaze and staring at the boss, the bodyguard suddenly became angry: “Boy, where do you look?”

With that said, raising his fist, he must teach Darryl.

at the same time. Chen Ting also noticed Darryl’s gaze. She kept staring at her cousin, her eyebrows furrowed, and she muttered contemptuously: “Where is the sullenness? It’s really unruly.”

Chen Ting had just graduated from university, and, relying on Chen Shishi’s relationship, she was arrogant and regarded herself as superior, and she didn’t put ordinary people in her eyes at all.

At this time, in Chen Ting’s eyes, Darryl was a poor man. It was disgusting to dare to look directly at his cousin with such a look.


Seeing the situation here, the passersby around. There is also a lot of discussion.

“This kid dares to stand in the way of Chen Shishi, is he tired of his life?”

“Yeah, looking at people with this kind of eyes, it seems to be unlucky.”

Under the discussion, no one sympathized with Darryl and thought he deserved it.


Seeing the bodyguard’s fist, he was about to hit Darryl, at this critical moment. Chen Shishi suddenly snorted.

In the next second, Chen Shishi stepped on high heels and walked quickly to Darryl, unable to conceal his inner excitement, and respectfully said: “Second Young Master, is it you? Is it really you?”

When she said this, Chen Shishi was so excited that she almost cried with joy.

Three years ago, the news spread that Darryl was involved in the vortex of chaos. Chen Shishi was extremely sad at the time. You must know that it was the master of Darryl at the beginning and Chen Shishi opened the company. It can be said that without Darryl, there would be no Chen Shishi today. .

In memory of Darryl. For three years, Chen Shishi has enshrined a portrait of Darryl in his office, but at this time, how unhappy to see Darryl appearing in front of him alive?

When they first met, Darryl was still the second young master of the Yue family. Although in the past so many years, Chen Shishi still used to be called the second young master.


The second young master?

Seeing this scene, no matter it was Chen Ting or the people around him, they were all stunned.

what’s going on? Chen Shishi, who stuns the shopping mall, is so respectful to this man, and is still honored as the second young master? What is the identity of this man?

Feeling the excitement of Chen Shishi, Darryl smiled slightly: “It’s me. Chen Shishi, long time no see.”


Hearing Darryl’s voice, Chen Shishi was overjoyed, happily like a little girl: “I’ll call Li Heihu and Riyue later. If they know that the second young master is still alive, they must be happy to sleep. “

At this time. The bodyguard who was about to do it just now was completely stupid.

The person in front of you is Darryl? Sect Master of Tianmen, Hero of Jiuzhou…

“In front of the second young master, you can’t be unruly!” Chen Shishi breathed a sigh of relief. To several bodyguards said: “Retreat all.”

“Yes.” The few bodyguards were panicked and quickly stepped aside.

At this time, Darryl pulled Elsa and Krista to his side. He introduced with a smile: “These two are Elsa and Krista, both of whom are my confidantes.”

“This is Chen Shishi, the president of Yashi Group.”

Upon hearing the introduction, Elsa and Krista both smiled and nodded at Chen Shishi.

Chen Shishi’s exquisite face was somewhat polite: “I have heard of the names of the two young ladies, but I have never seen them before. I was fortunate to see them today. They are indeed beautiful, one is more beautiful than the other.”


Just talking. An indifferent voice sounded next to him: “He is Darryl, there is nothing special about it.”

It is Chen Ting.

While speaking, Chen Ting looked at Darryl up and down, her eyes unabashedly contemptuous.

Of course Chen Ting had heard of Darryl. Especially in Chen Shishi’s mouth, I often heard about Darryl’s deeds, but Chen Ting was a little disappointed when she saw Darryl at this time.

The Darryl in front of him was dressed no different from ordinary people. Even if he looked a little more outstanding, he didn’t seem to have anything special, far from what he had imagined.

“Chen Ting!”

Chen Shishi frowned her eyebrows lightly. Displeased: “Don’t be rude.”

Chen Ting stuck out her tongue, not speaking, but her expression was very reluctant.

Immediately, Chen Shishi smiled bitterly at Darryl: “Second Young Master. This is my cousin Chen Ting, who has just graduated from university and is young and ignorant, so don’t be surprised.”

Darryl waved his hand and said with a smile: “It’s okay.”

He could see that this Chen Ting was still very young, and had just set foot in society, so she didn’t care.

At this time. Chen Shishi thought of something, and he stopped saying: “Second Young Master, you have a high level of knowledge in antiques. Why don’t you wait to help me find an antique?”

Afterwards, Chen Shishi apologized to Elsa and Krista: “Two young ladies, I won’t delay the second young master too much time.”

When she said this, Chen Shishi’s eyes were full of expectation.

Chen Shishi admires Darryl very much. In her heart, in her dreams, she wants Darryl to help her choose an antique. You must know that the antiques that Darryl is fond of can never be faked. More importantly, it is very memorable.

Elsa and Krista looked at each other and nodded with a smile.

“of course can!”

“You asked the son to help you choose antiques, but you found the right person.”

Having said this, Elsa smiled at Darryl and said softly: “Darryl. Since Mr. Chen said so, you can help her pick an antique. Krista and I will go shopping first.”

With that, Elsa pulled Krista. Walk towards an antique shop not far away.

Elsa was icy, smart, and considerate. She could see that she and Krista were by the side. Chen Shishi was a little uncomfortable, so he simply took Krista to go shopping first.


Seeing this scene, Darryl smiled, and nodded at Chen Shishi: “Well, I’ll pick one for you later.”

Hearing this, Chen Shishi was very excited and nodded repeatedly.

Chen Ting, who was next to him, didn’t take it seriously, and couldn’t help but said: “Sister, he is just a messenger, do you understand antiques?”

In Chen Ting’s mind, the cultivators who walked around the rivers and lakes were all rude people. How could they understand antique calligraphy and painting?

Chen Shishi did not respond, but glared at her.

Chen Ting stopped talking, but her face was a little unconvinced.

Feeling Chen Ting’s contempt, Darryl just pretended not to see it, and chatted with Chen Shishi while walking and visiting the antiques on the roadside stalls.

“Come and see, they are all good things.”

“Calligraphy and painting jade, everything is fine…”

“Man, come and see…”

Every time I went to a stall, those small stalls greeted them with great enthusiasm.

However, Darryl only glanced slightly, and did not stop at all.

In a blink of an eye, the entire antique street stalls were almost finished. Chen Ting looked at Darryl and couldn’t help but roll her eyes and said: “There are so many stalls, and I haven’t picked one. I think you really don’t understand.”

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