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Chapter 1921

“Chen Ting!” Chen Shishi frowned.

Darryl smiled and looked at Chen Ting earnestly: “You are too young to know how deep the water on the antique street is. I tell you, there are many fakes like this kind of antique street that just opened, so Be cautious. Understand?”

Seeing his old-fashioned posture, Chen Ting curled her lips in disdain: “According to you, the things on these stalls are not real?”

Darryl smiled. Stop talking, keep going.


After walking a few steps, Darryl stopped at a booth.

The stalls are all porcelain, blue and white porcelain, Jun porcelain, everything, each one is colorful, dazzling people.

Chen Shishi got excited at once, and there must be something good for the second young master to stop.

Chen Ting also stood there, and began to admire the porcelain on the stall. The porcelain on this stall was exquisite in shape and there should be real things.

“Friend, I’m all good stuff here. Let’s take a look!” At this time, the stall owner also stood up and greeted enthusiastically.

Darryl nodded, his eyes swept around, and pointed to an inconspicuous jade bottle in the corner of the stall: “How much is this?”

I saw that the jade bottle was light blue, not very smooth, and there was a small gap at the mouth of the bottle, compared with the bright and bright porcelain around it. It’s just tattered.


At this moment, Chen Ting was stunned and couldn’t help but said: “You picked this thing after a long time?”

There are so many porcelains around, and picking one is better than this.

What vision?

“My friend has good eyesight.”

The stall owner was also stunned, and then snapped out: “This thing was sold here by my friend. It is said that it was passed down by his family’s ancestors. It has been sealed underground for many years. It was only recently dug out…”

Darryl interrupted him directly and asked: “Don’t say so much, how much is it?”

Others could not see this bottle, but Darryl recognized it at a glance. It was an official kiln in Yuan Dynasty. Although the bottle mouth was flawed, it could not affect its value. If it were put on auction, it would be at least a thousand. Million.

more important. The things from the official kilns of the Yuan Dynasty are extremely rare, so they are very valuable for collection.


The stall owner scratched his head, groaned, and said, “Five thousand!”

When answering, the stall owner looked sincere, but his eyes flashed with treacherousness.

This jade bottle was collected by the stall owner the day before yesterday after spending several thousand. At that time, an expert was found, but it couldn’t be identified. In desperation, he had to throw it in the corner of the stall. Unexpectedly, the person whom Darryl fancyed at this time was still following the beauty president Chen Shishi. Of course, he would make a fortune.

“fifty thousand?”

As soon as the voice fell, Chen Ting couldn’t help but yelled, “Is your broken bottle worth fifty thousand?”

After speaking, Chen Ting said to Darryl: “Do you know antiques? After picking for a long time, just pick such a broken bottle?”

Darryl’s expression was indifferent and ignored.

Chen Shishi couldn’t help but grabbed Chen Ting: “Don’t talk, the second young master knows it!”

At this time, Darryl smiled at Chen Shishi and said: “That’s it, pay for it! The antiques have been selected for you, and I’ll look for them.”

When the voice fell, Darryl and Chen Shishi said goodbye. Turn around to find Elsa and Krista.

Chen Shishi did not hesitate, and immediately paid the stall owner.


Chen Ting stomped her feet in a hurry: “You just believe in Darryl, is this broken bottle worth 50,000 yuan?”

Chen Shi’s poem was not good, and her delicate face became cold: “Chen Ting. If you slander the second young master like this, don’t recognize me as my cousin again!”

Just now Darryl was there, and Chen Shishi was not good at it. At this time, Darryl was gone and couldn’t help it anymore.

This cousin. Really ignorant.

Having said this, Chen Shishi took the jade bottle, turned and left.

Chen Ting was stunned, and hurried to catch up: “Sister, wait for me…”


On the other side, Elsa and Krista went into an antique shop after they finished shopping at the street stalls.

This shop is very large and decorated in an antique style. Walking inside, it feels like a journey through the past and the present, with a strong sense of history.

The two strolled around, Elsa was attracted by a jade fan and asked the boss: “How much is this?”

The boss hurried up and introduced graciously: “This beautiful lady, you have a good eye. This jade fan, but a piece of the palace of the Song Dynasty, you look at the carvings, beautiful and magnificent, it opened on the first day today. Here is a discounted price, two million!”

Hearing this, Elsa frowned slightly, picked up the jade fan and looked at it.

The jade fan is quite exquisite, but it is hard to tell whether it is from the Song Dynasty. You know, Elsa comes from the Dongao Continent and doesn’t know much about the history of the Diyuan Continent.

Next to Krista, she couldn’t help but said, “Two million, so expensive.”

“Oh! Isn’t this Miss Elsa?”

As he was talking, he heard a surprised sound outside the door. Then, a handsome figure slowly walked in.

He was dressed in white, unspeakably chic and handsome.

It is Edward.

A day ago, Edward forced Bryant to submit. Let him steal Lorenzo’s ghost token for ten days. During these ten days, Edward temporarily stayed in a hotel in Zhongzhou City. Today, he was bored, so he went out alone, but he didn’t expect that he had just entered an antique shop. I saw Elsa.

Walking into the store, Edward looked at Elsa with a smile: “Miss Elsa, we are really destined. We’re seeing each other again.”

Edward admired Elsa at first sight at the celebration banquet of the Heavenly Dao League before, and then almost dreamed about it. Now when he meets it again, he feels excited.

honestly. Edward knew that Elsa was Darryl’s woman at this time, but Edward didn’t care about this, he only knew that the woman he likes must be chased.


Seeing Edward, Elsa frowned, she was surprised and disgusted.

Although Edward was very strong, he was contemptuous of Darryl at the celebration feast of the Heavenly Dao League, so Elsa didn’t have the slightest affection for him.

Feeling the indifference of Elsa, Edward didn’t care at all, and said with a smile: “Since Miss Elsa likes this jade fan, why not buy it for you.”

Buy it for me?

Elsa was stunned for a moment, without even thinking about rejecting: “Thank you, no need!”

She is Darryl’s woman, how can she let other men give gifts?

Seeing Elsa’s refusal, Edward looked serious: “Miss Elsa. Why are you so polite? I can see that you like this jade fan very much. I bought it for you. It is also an adult beauty.”

Gifts for beautiful women. How could such a good opportunity be missed?

“No need.” Elsa replied faintly, and then put the jade fan back into the distance.

At the same time, Krista couldn’t help it. Speaking to Edward, he said: “You are so weird. Sister Elsa said that you don’t need it. Why are you still entangled? Besides, we don’t lack two million. You really don’t need to pay for it if you want to buy it. .”

Krista Bingxue is smart, she can tell at a glance that the man in front of her wants to pursue Sister Elsa.

Hearing this, Edward didn’t care, his eyes were always on Elsa.

“Miss Elsa!” Edward showed a harmless smile and said sincerely: “I don’t mean anything else, I just want to make friends with you.”


Elsa bit her lip lightly, not knowing how to respond for a while.

“Light smoke!”

At this moment, a faint voice sounded outside the door: “Since he is so sincere, let him buy it.” The voice fell, and a cold figure slowly walked in.

It is Darryl.

Chapter 1922

“The son!”

Seeing Darryl appearing, Krista screamed, walked over and took Darryl’s arm, and said: “This person seems to be plotting against Sister Elsa, you have to be careful.”

Having said this, Krista still did not forget to give Edward a look.


Hearing this, Darryl showed a smile and reached out to touch Krista’s head.

After so many years, Krista is still so cute.

Next second. Darryl’s gaze fell on Edward, and he said lightly: “Edward, don’t come here unharmed.”

When he said this, Darryl smiled, and he did not show any dissatisfaction because Edward pursued Elsa. On the contrary, Darryl was very calm.

You know, Darryl and Elsa have gone through several years of wind and rain, living together and dying together. It can be said that they are stronger than Jin, so Darryl is not worried that Elsa will betray him.


At this moment, Edward frowned, originally in a good mood. It got worse in an instant.

I thought I could take the opportunity to contact Elsa this time, but I didn’t expect that at a critical moment, Darryl appeared.

It’s a terrible sight.

Thinking about it, Edward squeezed out a smile and made a free and easy look: “It turned out to be Darryl, haha, don’t come here unharmed, just now I passed by accidentally and saw Miss Elsa admiring the jade fan. Come in and have a look.”

Immediately, Edward set his eyes on Elsa, and said sincerely: “I met Miss Elsa and wanted to make friends, so I planned to sell this jade fan and give it to Miss Elsa.”

Having said this, Edward took out a card from his body and threw it directly to the shop owner: “My wife, please wrap it up!”


The owner of the store was very happy, so he hurriedly swiped his credit card. It just opened today and sold two million. Can you be unhappy?

At this time, Edward looked at Elsa and said in kindness: “Miss Elsa, I sincerely want to make your friend, I have already bought the jade fan, I hope you don’t refuse!”

While speaking, Edward glanced at Darryl from the corner of his eyes. There was a bit of contempt.

But he was the former Sect Master of Tianmen, his reputation had long since ceased to exist, how could He De, let such a beautiful and fragrant Miss Elsa accompany him? Today, no matter what, we must win the hearts of the beautiful women.

Edward held strong self-reliance, and didn’t pay attention to Darryl at all, so Darryl was by his side and blatantly ignored it.

Ha ha…

Seeing this situation, Darryl secretly sneered.

This Edward is really confident enough. He dares to block my face and lightly smoke to show good. If I don’t teach you a lesson, how can I gain a foothold in Kyushu in the future?

At this time, in the face of Edward’s goodwill, Elsa’s delicate face also flashed a hint of impatience.

“Darryl…” Elsa pulled Darryl gently: “Look…”

Before she finished speaking, Darryl smiled slightly, holding Elsa’s shoulders, and said lightly: “Elsa, since this brother Bai is so sincere, you accept this gift.”

With that said, Darryl glanced at Edward, and said with a smile, “Spending two million to buy a fake, this is the first time I have seen such a big handwriting!”

Darryl at this time. Looking at Edward’s gaze, he couldn’t hide the mockery.

Yes, the moment he entered just now, Darryl could see that the jade fan was not a property of the Song Dynasty court at all. It’s a counterfeit that was copied by later generations, but the skill of copying is very clever, and most people can’t see it at all.

But who is Darryl? When he was the second young master of the Yue family, he worshipped Kang Lianping, the master of Chinese studies, for his knowledge in antiques. Almost disdain the entire land continent.

So Edward spent two million to buy this jade fan and give it to Elsa, Darryl did not object.

Since the other party is going to be taken advantage of, give him this opportunity, anyway, it is not his own money.


At this moment, Elsa secretly breathed a sigh of relief, with a smile on her face. Speaking of which, when Darryl asked her to accept this gift, Elsa was very upset.

I am your woman, but you let me accept gifts from other men. It’s really shameful.

But at this time, learning from Darryl that the jade fan was fake, Elsa was relieved instantly. She is gifted and intelligent and immediately understands. In doing this, Darryl was deliberately playing tricks on Edward.


Hearing Darryl’s words, Edward’s expression changed, and a trace of anger flashed in his eyes.

Ma De, this Darryl dared to mock himself. Say the jade fan you bought is fake?

Especially seeing Darryl’s hand holding Elsa’s scented shoulders, Edward’s heart was filled with anger, and his anger grew even stronger.

A fellow who has no reputation, dare to mock me? court death.

Thinking about it, Edward held back his anger and sneered: “Darryl, you said the jade fan I bought is fake? It’s really interesting. How can such a big shop sell fakes?”

“Miss Elsa likes this jade fan. You can’t afford it, so you deliberately say it is fake, right?”

When he finished speaking the last sentence, Edward looked contemptuous.

Darryl smiled without saying a word.

At this moment, I heard the movement here. Many people gathered around the door, watching the excitement curiously.

“I’m going, what’s the situation?”

“The one who was accompanied by two beauties is the former Tianmen Sect Master Darryl?”

“Who is the opposite? He is so handsome and so rich, and he actually spent two million to buy a jade fan…”

“You have money, but the antique street opened on the first day. There is a mix of antiques. I don’t know if this jade fan is genuine?”

Seeing a lot of people around the door. Edward didn’t panic at all, but showed a slight smile. The more people, the better, and when Darryl loses his face, his reputation will plummet.

Muttering in his heart, Edward looked at Darryl with a smile but a smile: “Darryl. If you don’t speak, you will admit that you were talking nonsense just now. So, if you can buy this jade fan for two million, I have nothing else. By the way, leave immediately!”

Let me buy?

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help laughing, and said lightly: “My brain is not sick, why should I spend two million to buy a fake?”

With Darryl’s current status, money is not important anymore. Speaking of it, if Elsa likes it, whether it’s true or not, let alone two million, or twenty million, Darryl would not frown, but it involves this Baiyun. Flying is different.

After all, this is the dignity of a man.


Edward’s face turned gloomy, his eyes gleaming coldly.

This Darryl, even scolding me for no brains?

at this time. After the shop owner finished swiping the card, Edward looked gloomy and coldly said: “Boss, is your jade fan real? This Darryl is a fake!”

The Bai family avoided the world for nearly ten thousand years. It wasn’t until a few days ago that Edward set foot in the arena for the first time. It can be said that he knew nothing about antiques. At this time, he looked like Darryl was really serious. I also began to wonder, and I began to question the shop owner.

“How can it be!”

Facing Edward’s questioning, the shop owner was very excited and shouted: “As it is said, my shop opened for the first time, how could it be possible to sell fakes?”

“My ancestors belonged to a family of antiques. When I was five years old, I started in the industry, and it has been thirty years now.”

Chapter 1923

“In the past 30 years, there are hundreds of thousands of antiques that I have handled, and I have never looked away. Besides, businessmen are based on honesty, and I can’t break my own job, right?”

“Look at this jade fan. It has a warm texture, but it is carved from top-quality white jade, and the lines on it are exquisitely carved. It is entirely from the court.”

The shop owner talked eloquently, and talked wildly.


For a moment, all the people who watched from the outside of the door nodded subconsciously, one by one deeply agreeing.

“Yes, this jade fan is exquisitely carved, not like a fake one.”

“The fake will not have such a warm luster.”

“Not bad…”

Edward also smiled when he heard the comments from everyone around him.

Everyone said it was true, but Darryl said it was a fake. It was clear who was right and who was wrong.

Thinking, Edward looked at Darryl mockingly: “Darryl, everyone’s eyes are sharp, what else do you have to say?”

When the voice fell, Krista couldn’t help it: “The son said this jade fan is fake. It’s fake.”

Krista has extraordinary confidence in Darryl’s accomplishments in the antique world.


At this moment, Darryl lightly breathed, first glanced at Edward, and then at the shop owner again, then slowly said: “This jade fan is indeed the best white jade, and the carving craftsmanship is also first-rate, but unfortunately, it is not in the Song Dynasty. Yes. It’s a high copy in the past two years!”

“The black traces in the carvings above seem to be left over after hundreds of years of precipitation, but they are not!”

“This is a method of distressing, using special pigments and smearing on it.”

“After smearing, it is buried in the soil, and then taken out a month later, after special polishing, there will be an illusion of precipitation over time.”

“I have to say that this old method is very clever, but the fake is fake, and the facts cannot be changed.”

At the end, Darryl smiled and looked at the shop owner: “You said that you were born in an antique family, and you have a very accurate vision, but this time, you missed it.”


Hearing this, the shop owner flushed and was speechless for a while.

At the same time, there was silence all around. The crowd watching the excitement couldn’t help whispering.

“This is what Darryl said, is it true that the jade fan is a fake?”

“It’s hard to say…”

“Interestingly, if it’s true, the person on the other side spent two million to buy it, but it’s really a fool.”

The discussion around him kept coming, and Edward frowned, and he lost his previous self-confidence.

In the next second, Edward looked at Darryl and said uncomfortably: “You said this jade fan is a fake. It’s just a one-sided word. Can anyone prove it?”

When the voice fell, many people around nodded.

“Yeah, nothing is justified!”

“Is it true or not, how can I prove it?”

Darryl’s expression was indifferent: “If you don’t believe it, you can find an authoritative person to be firm and firm.”

Edward frowned, turned his head to look at the shop owner?

The shop owner hurriedly said: “Handsome guy, don’t worry, the things in my shop are 100% guaranteed to be true. The authoritative person can appraise it as early as possible. Today, Antique Street opened. It is said that Master Yuan Xingzhi is also here. I will invite him.”

When talking about this. The shop owner looked confident.

The shop owner believes in his own eyesight. This jade fan was collected for hundreds of thousands, and it will never be fake. When Master Yuan Xingzhi arrives, everything will be finalized.

Master Yuan Xingzhi?

Heard this. Everyone around was in an uproar, all inexplicably excited.

You know, Yuan Xingzhi is the most famous antique master in Diyuan Mainland, if he is there. Whether this jade fan is true or not can be seen at a glance.

The shop owner walked out of the shop quickly and went to invite Yuan Xingzhi.

After a while, I heard a stir in the crowd, and then I saw the shop owner slowly walk in with an old man with gray hair.

The old man looks in his sixties, full of spirit, and a gray-white gown with good temperament.

It is Yuan Xingzhi.

Seeing Yuan Xingzhi, everyone around was inexplicably excited.

“I’m going, it’s really Master Yuan Xingzhi.”

“When this jade fan is true or not, it will be revealed.”

In the discussion. Darryl stood there, a piece of leisurely comfort.

Darryl knew Yuan Xingzhi, not only knew, but also very familiar. You know, Darryl and Yuan Xingzhi. They are all disciples of Kang Lianping. Moreover, Darryl had been apprentice to his teacher earlier, and he was regarded as Yuan Xingzhi’s senior.

“Master Yuan!”

At this moment, the shop owner took down the jade fan and handed it to Yuan Xingzhi: “Let’s see if this came from the Song Dynasty court. My guest, I spent two million, so he had to buy it. Peace of mind.”


Yuan Xingzhi nodded. He took the jade fan and looked at it over and over again, and finally shook his head and said: “Boss, when you received this thing, you should be careless. This is a high imitation fake, the color in the carved pattern is made of old. I have to say that the method is very clever, but it is just a fake.”

With that said, Yuan Xingzhi patted the shop owner on the shoulder: “Refund the money to others.”


At this moment, the shop owner froze there, completely stupid.

At the same time, everyone around also exploded in an instant.

“What? This jade fan is really a fake!”

“I’m going. Such a big shop sells fakes…”

“The water in the antique world is really too deep. This jade fan doesn’t look like a fake, but it turns out to be a fake.”

Discussions around. When you say something to me, Edward was also stunned, his expression gloomy.

Ma De, he thought that Darryl just didn’t have the money to buy a jade fan, so he deliberately said nonsense, but he never expected that this jade fan was really a fake.

At this time, Edward looked at Darryl closely, shining unwilling and angry!

I was thinking of humiliating Darryl, and fortunately, in front of Miss Elsa, raising his own image, but in the end, it was himself who made the ugly face in public.

He is very reluctant to accept this fact.

“Handsome guy!”

At this moment, the shop owner quickly refunded the money and apologized to Edward: “I’m sorry. When I received this jade fan, I saw it and almost caused you to lose so much money. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…Speaking of which, I really lost Master Yuan this time. Otherwise, the sign of this shop would be smashed…”

Edward didn’t speak, and stood there. His face was sullen and uncertain.

To be honest, Edward wanted to kill the shop owner very much at this time. If he hadn’t sold fakes, he wouldn’t be so shameless in front of Miss Elsa. But so many people around looked at it, still holding back.


At this time, Krista came over and teased at Edward: “You don’t know anything about antiques, and you are embarrassed to buy gifts for Sister Elsa. Don’t be embarrassed to come out. Talk about your knowledge in antiques. For the last ten years, it hasn’t been as good as the son.”

When she said this, Krista looked at Darryl’s gaze, full of admiration.

Elsa next to her pursed her lips, unspeakably charming.

Edward’s face was blue and white, and the flames were indescribable, but they couldn’t come out.

Chapter 1924

“Brother Bai!”

At this moment, Darryl slowly walked over and smiled at Edward: “If you want to please others in the future, it is best to be a little self-aware. Don’t be in a field you are not good at. If you don’t know how to pretend to understand, you will only laugh generously in the end!”

“As I said just now, this jade fan is a fake. You must not listen. Fortunately, the owner has already refunded the money to you. You don’t have to thank me. If you buy antiques in the future, wipe your eyes on the bright spots… .”


Hearing this, Edward almost exploded in anger, but he had nothing to refute.

“good very good!”

In the next second, Edward showed a smile, gritted his teeth at Darryl and said: “As expected of the former Kyushu hero, I have learned it today, and we will have some time later.”

As he said, Edward turned his head and smiled at Elsa: “Miss Elsa, let’s meet again.”

The last word fell, Edward glared at Darryl fiercely, and then strode away.

At this time, the onlookers around also dispersed, but there were still some curious ones who looked at Darryl and talked a lot.

“Is he really the former Tianmen Sect Master Darryl?”

“I didn’t see it, he also studied antiques…”

“It’s possible that it’s blind, but it’s correct.”

During the discussion, many people believed that Darryl’s tasting of the jade fan was that the blind cat ran into the dead mouse and was wrong.


However, at this moment, I saw Yuan Xing approaching Darryl with joy, and said excitedly: “I’m not mistaken, it’s really you? Three years ago, you were involved in the vortex of chaos, me and The master was very sad when he found out, but he didn’t expect you to come back safely.”

When he said this, Yuan Xingzhi clutched Darryl’s hand tightly, extremely excited.

Although Yuan Xingzhi and Darryl didn’t meet many times, they were always grateful to this senior. You must know that when Yuan Xingzhi was just apprentice, he helped people misunderstand a lot of antiques.

Once, Yuan Xingzhi made a mistake in his identification and caused heavy losses to the client. The client almost found someone to kill him. Later, Darryl knew that he appeared in time and saved Yuan Xing’s life.

In this case, even though Darryl is several decades younger than Yuan Xingzhi, Yuan Xingzhi has always respected this senior.

But at this moment, when he suddenly saw Darryl who had disappeared for three years, how could Yuan Xingzhi not be excited?

Feeling Yuan Xingzhi’s excitement, Darryl showed a smile: “Junior Brother, you haven’t seen you for so many years, you have improved a lot in the appreciation of antiques, not bad.”


Seeing this scene, the people around were all dumbfounded.

Did you hear that right, the antique master of the famous Earth Garden Continent is actually called Senior Brother Darryl?

Shocked, completely shocked.

Especially those who think that Darryl is blind and blind, are even more stunned.

Even Yuan Xingzhi is his junior. It seems that Darryl’s attainments in antiques are not silly, but true learning.

After exchanging a few words with Yuan Xingzhi, Darryl left the Antique Street with Elsa.

It’s getting late, and it’s time to go back for dinner, Raquel and Yuruo are all waiting.

On the way back to the Ouyang family, the three Darryl and Elsa were walking and chatting while enjoying the night view of Zhongzhou City. It has to be said that Zhongzhou City is indeed one of the largest cities on the mainland, and it is really too prosperous.

Especially this night scene is simply fascinating.


As he was walking, only a cold voice was heard from behind.

Suddenly heard someone call his name, Darryl was stunned, and Elsa, both of them, looked back together. At this look, they were stunned.

D*mn it!

I saw two elderly men standing quietly more than ten meters away. Both elderly men were about 70 years old, wearing exactly the same black ancient robes with their hair in a bun. It seems to have passed through.

Not only that, the two elders are also filled with a powerful aura.

Darryl was very surprised, and couldn’t help but say: “It is Darryl below. I don’t know where the two seniors come from? What are you looking for?”

When talking about this, Darryl was very puzzled, don’t these two old men know him?

At the same time, Elsa and Krista were also very curious.

Hearing Darryl’s answer, one of the elders slowly nodded and said: “We are the elder of Rushers, the old man is Darryl elder, and he is Huo elder.”

After introducing himself, the elder Darryl looked at Darryl tightly: “Our chief sees you, come with us.”

The tone is cold, beyond doubt.


Hearing this, Darryl frowned, and said with a wry smile: “Two, I don’t seem to know your Sect Master of the Rushers. Moreover, I have something to do.” After speaking, he greeted Elsa and both of them to leave.

Seeing this, Elder Darryl furrowed his brows and let out a cold cry: “Stop!”

When the voice fell, the elder Darryl’s internal force urged, and the figure burst out, like lightning, coming towards Darryl.


I saw that where Elder Darryl passed by, the air was twisted and vibrated, which was amazing.

D*mn it!

Seeing Elder Darryl burst out, Darryl was shocked.

He clearly felt that the strength of this elder Darryl was even close to the realm of ascending, that is to say, it was only the last step before he could shatter the void and enter the realm of God.

There is such a terrifying existence in Kyushu.

In shock, Darryl couldn’t think too much, urging the power of the soul to quickly avoid the blow of Elder Darryl, and at the same time he said: “Elder Darryl, I have nothing to do with your Rushers. There is no need to do it right away. Right.”

“You humiliated our eldest lady, and said that you have nothing to do with our Rushers? Today, no matter what, you have to go with us!” Elder Darryl said coldly, raising his palm to hit Darryl.

This palm is even sharper than before.

The eldest lady of Rushers? Who is that? ,

Darryl was puzzled, and at the same time he didn’t think too much, and he went up and fought fiercely with the elder He Darryl.


“The son!”

Seeing this scene, Elsa and Krista were very anxious, and then they urged their figures to rush to help.

“This is a private grievance between our Rushers and Darryl, no one else can intervene!” Standing next to him, Elder Huo, who had been watching the battle silently, said coldly, and then Elsa stopped both of them.

Elsa and Krista were both furious, and joined forces to fight Elder Huo.

However, like Elder Darryl, Elder Huo was close to the realm of ascension. Even though Elsa and Krista joined forces, they were not his opponents.


Within two rounds, Elsa and Krista each hit a palm, and then the elder Huo tapped the acupuncture points.

Not far away, the fierce battle of Elder Darryl and Darryl continued.

In the fierce battle, Elder Darryl became more and more frightened.

This Darryl, but his thirty-something grade, was so powerful that he was close to the realm of ascending, unable to suppress him. More importantly, he couldn’t perceive Darryl’s realm.

This Darryl’s strength is completely unfathomable.

Chapter 1925


Seeing the situation here, Elder Huo couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and was secretly shocked.

This kid Darryl, who is only in his 30s, has such a terrifying strength, he actually possesses the soul? Instead of taking him down, Elder Darryl was firmly suppressed.

It’s incredible to be so young to have a soul.

For a while, Elder Huo was stunned. For a long time, it will not come to God.

To be honest, it is difficult for ordinary people to sense that Darryl possesses the primordial spirit, but Elder Huo and Elder Darryl are different, they are both close to the realm of ascending, and their perception is very keen.

In a blink of an eye, Elder Darryl and Darryl had fought for a few more rounds in midair.

Seeing that the situation is getting worse and worse on his side, Elder Huo finally couldn’t help it, and shouted: “Darryl, if you resist stubbornly, I will be rude to them.”

The moment the voice fell, Elder Huo raised his hands and hovered over Elsa and Krista’s heads.


Hearing the shout, Darryl did not immediately stop. But subconsciously looking at Elder Xiang Huo, his heart was shocked, and his eyes instantly became blood red.

I saw that Elsa and Krista were touched on the acupuncture points and couldn’t move them. Elder Huo’s palms were hanging on their heads. As long as they were slapped with their internal force, the two women would lose their fragrance.

At this moment, Darryl was shocked in his heart. Also extremely angry.

In the next second, Darryl yelled: “Two seniors, you are not my opponents alone, so you use my family to threaten, don’t you feel ashamed?”

When he said this, Darryl wanted to rush over directly, but he still held back.

After all, Elder Darryl and Elder Huo are too strong, no matter how fast they are, they are not as fast as the other party, and they can’t take the risk of Elsa and Krista’s life.


Hearing Darryl’s irony, Elder Huo flushed, and coughed a few times to cover up his embarrassment.

Because Darryl was right, his own dignified and powerful elder of the hidden sect, looking at the entire Jiuzhou rivers and lakes, can be said to be a peak-like existence, and at this time, he actually used two women to threaten Darryl. It really humiliates one’s own identity.

But if you don’t do this, there is no other way to make Darryl soft.

Thinking about it, Elder Huo smiled bitterly, and looked at Darryl very seriously: “Darryl, it was a helpless move for me to do this. Who would have thought that the strength of the former Tianmen Sect Master was so strong.”

“As long as you stop, I won’t hurt them both.”

Hearing this, Darryl was very annoyed, but he had no choice but to stop. He could see that Elder Huo was not telling a joke. He really kept his hands. The other party might actually kill Elsa and Krista.

Seeing this scene, Elsa and Krista were both indescribably ashamed.

Ben wanted to help Darryl, but it turned out to be a burden to him. But I have to say that the strength of Elder Darryl and Elder Huo is really too strong.


At this moment, Elder Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at Elder Huo very gratefully.

Fortunately, Elder Huo was anxious to be wise and restrained Darryl’s family. If he continued to fight, he would really be unable to hold it.

“Elder Huo!”

At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath. Watching Elder Huo closely, he shouted: “I have stopped, and immediately let them go!”

Elder Huo smiled slightly and said slowly: “Darryl, don’t worry. As long as you obey us obediently, I will never hurt them both!”

As he said, Elder Huo took a deep breath, and said seriously: “Immediately you can catch it without any resistance.” When the last word fell. Elder Huo’s face was firm, beyond doubt.

At the same time, Elder Darryl came slowly and took out a golden pill from his body: “You take this Zhenyuan Pill, and then follow us.”


Darryl frowned, with a look of confusion.

Your own alchemy has reached the most true and pure state. The elixir in “Promise Alchemy” is also very familiar. Why have you never heard of Zhenyuan Pill?

Seeing Darryl’s expression, Elder Darryl smiled indifferently: “Don’t be nervous, this is not a poison. After taking it, it can suppress your primordial power. I will do this. Just in case.”

When he said this, Elder Darryl looked at Darryl’s gaze, gleaming with strange brilliance.

When fighting against Darryl just now, Elder Darryl sensed Darryl’s primordial spirit, and his heart was shocked. So young. It is incredible to have a soul.

As for Zhenyuan Pill, it is the unique medicine of Rushers.

You know, the founder of Rushers was Xuanyuan’s subordinates. Ten thousand years ago, Xuanyuan led his subordinates to fight against gods. There were many ways to deal with gods. This Zhenyuan Pill was one of them.

What? !

Can this medicine suppress my primordial power?

At this moment. Darryl’s expression changed and he was shocked. Who are these two old men?

At the same time, my heart was a little suffocated.

Obviously he has the upper hand, but this elder Huo. With Elsa and Krista threatening, I knew this a long time ago, and let Elsa and Krista go away just now.

“Okay, I take…”

Finally, Darryl took a deep breath, picked up the Zhenyuan Pill from Elder Darryl, and said slowly: “I hope your words count.”


“The son….”

Seeing this, Elsa and Krista both trembled. Qi Qijiao exhaled.

Elsa’s delicate face could not conceal her worries, and she said, “Don’t eat it, what if it is poison?” Elder Darryl and Elder Huo had unknown origins. Their words must not be trusted!

When the voice fell, Krista also shouted: “My son, you don’t care about us, let alone agree to their terms.”

When she said this, Krista almost burst into tears.

In three years, the son had left for three full years, and finally returned. How could he watch him taking each other’s pill and finally be taken away by these two high-powered old men?

“Elsa, Krista!”

Feeling their worry, Darryl smiled: “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

With that, Darryl swallowed Zhen Yuan Dan.


The moment he took the Zhenyuan Pill, Darryl only felt a buzzing in his head, and immediately after that, the power of the original spirit in his body was suppressed by a strange force, and he couldn’t move it at all, it was very strange.

I go. It can really suppress the power of the soul.

Upon sensing these, Darryl was shocked, and at the same time, he became interested in Rushers in his heart.

“it is good!”

See Darryl keep his promise. After taking the Zhenyuan Pill, Elder Huo nodded approvingly: “Although you, kid, act a little frivolous, you finally do what you say, not bad.”

honestly. Elder Huo didn’t have a good impression of Darryl. After all, this kid had previously humiliated the eldest lady Ginger, but at this time, seeing Darryl abide by his promise, his opinion of him suddenly changed a little.

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