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Chapter 1936

As he thought, Edward raised his mouth, and his eyes showed a little smile: “Miss Elsa, you may not know that Peter has captured my unique technique. If this technique is unparalleled in the world, I can only use my blood for it. Medicine can save his life.”

“But when I came this way, my vitality would be greatly injured. Speaking of it, I saw Ms. Elsa as soon as I saw it, but Ms. Elsa treated me neither cold nor warm, even my friends were not allowed. How could I save people? What?”

When he said this, Edward had a calm face, but he kept looking up and down Elsa with his eyes.

Yes, Edward said this deliberately, just to make Elsa completely let go of his restraint and dignity.


When the words fell, Elsa was completely anxious, her delicate face was full of worry, and she eagerly said, “Edward, what is it going to do to save the Great Sage? As long as you say it, if I can do it, I will promise you. .”

“Really?” Edward smiled even more.

Elsa bit her lip and nodded.

Edward took a sip of tea leisurely, and smiled and said: “My condition is very simple. As long as Miss Elsa stays with me from now on, I promise to treat Peter, how about?”

When he said this, Edward watched the changes in Elsa’s expression closely, feeling very nervous.

With such a long prelude, Edward’s ultimate goal is to keep Elsa by his side, but Edward is not too sure, after all, Elsa has a deep love for Darryl.


Hearing this request, Elsa’s body trembled, and her whole body was stunned.

This Edward wanted to stay by his side in the future? How can this be? She is Darryl’s woman, how can she be with other men?

“No way!”

Elsa’s red lips lightly opened, her voice was very soft, but her attitude was very firm: “Edward, don’t be kidding, I can promise you everything except this condition.”

“I’m serious. Why are you kidding?” Edward also looked serious.

Elsa bit her lips tightly, her mind was in confusion, and her heart was struggling.

“Miss Elsa!”

Seeing Elsa hesitating, Edward was warming up, his eyes were full of expressions, and he said seriously: “I didn’t mean to embarrass you on purpose. To be honest, when I was in the Heavenly Alliance, I fell in love with you at first sight. I swear, I will definitely want you to be my woman in this life. Although you already have Darryl, I don’t care.”

As he said, Edward paused, and continued: “Don’t worry, I just want you to stay by my side. I won’t force you to do things you don’t like. I just want to see you every day and I will be satisfied. I promised. how am I?”

Elsa bit her lip tightly, almost about to bleed, did not respond, her mind buzzed and went blank.

How to do?

If you don’t agree, Peter is really hopeless.

Seeing Elsa’s delay in agreeing, Edward laughed at himself and laughed: “It seems that I am abrupt. Since Miss Elsa hates me so much, let’s not pass it.”

With that, Edward stood up and pretended to leave.

Elsa suddenly became anxious, and hurriedly said: “Don’t go…you…what you just said, is it true?”

When she said this, Elsa’s heart trembled. If she really did not force herself to do things that she didn’t like, as Edward said, it wouldn’t hurt to agree.

If you don’t agree, the Great Sage is really hopeless.

To be honest, Elsa was reluctant in her heart, but Peter was with her and was injured by Edward. If something happened to the Peter, Elsa really didn’t know how to face Darryl.

Elsa thought about it, no matter what, he must save Peter.

“Every sentence is true!”

Edward looked serious and swore to the sky: “If there is any lie, teach me that there is no place to die.”

“it is good!”

At this moment, Elsa nodded: “Then I promise you.”

When he said this, Elsa’s heart was dripping blood, and after agreeing, he would fly away with Bai Yun, but if that wasn’t the case, there would be no way at all.

Can’t you just watch Peter die?


Seeing Elsa finally agreed, Edward was overjoyed and laughed: “Girl Elsa, don’t worry, I will keep my promise and go get the blood.”

When the voice fell, Edward hurriedly returned to the room.

Watching Edward leave, Elsa sat there, looking out the window, with a dazed expression in a daze.


At this moment, the Ouyang family.

Because of Peter’s affairs, the whole family was shrouded in a depressed atmosphere.


At this moment, a figure hurriedly came from the distant sky, with sharp facial features, indescribably cold and handsome.

It is Darryl.

After leaving the Rushers, Darryl did not stop for a while, and hurried back to the family, fearing that Lorenzo was too worried.

“Master is back!”


Seeing Darryl’s return, many family disciples surrounded him with great joy.

At the same time, Lorenzo and Raquel heard the movement and walked out one after another. They were very happy to see Darryl safe and sound. At the same time, there was a bit of sadness between their eyebrows.

“what’s happenin?”

Seeing everyone’s expressions, Darryl suddenly had a bad feeling and couldn’t help asking.

Lorenzo sighed and said, “Darryl, you were hijacked by two mysterious old men. We searched around the entire Zhongzhou city. At that time, Peter searched for Tianzhong Park and ran into Edward…”

In the next few minutes, Lorenzo explained the details.

At the end, Lorenzo said very gravely: “The Great Sage is still in a coma now. A few famous doctors came just now, and after seeing them, they were helpless…”


Hearing this, Darryl’s heart was shocked, and he didn’t think too much, and hurriedly went to the backyard to visit Peter.

Soon, when I arrived in the room, I saw Peter lying there quietly, still in a coma, his eyes closed, his face pale and extremely weak.

“The Great Sage.”

Seeing this scene, Darryl’s eyes were red!

“It’s all because of me, it’s me…you have become like this…” Darryl couldn’t say guilt, tears fell down, and his heart was cut.


In grief, Darryl clenched his fists, his eyes were extremely bloody, and his whole body couldn’t stop shaking.

At this time, Darryl was extremely angry, Ma De, this Edward actually beat the Great Sage like this, this matter must not be forgotten easily.

In anger, Darryl walked over quickly and began to investigate Peter’s situation.

For a while, Lorenzo and Raquel who followed up all had expectations on their faces. You should know that Darryl had studied medicine with Shennong, and he also had extremely high attainments in alchemy. , The Great Sage will definitely be fine.

However, after Darryl checked the situation, the whole person froze there.

The power in the Great Saint’s body was so strange that it suppressed all the meridians and dantians in the Great Saint’s body. I have some knowledge in medicine, but this is the first time I have seen this situation.

Chapter 1937

What kind of exercise is Edward cultivating? It’s so overbearing.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl couldn’t think much, he helped Peter up, and then sat behind him, urging the power of Yuanshen, and began to drive away the power in Peter.

At this time, Darryl was very confident in his heart. He possesses the primordial spirit and the power of the bird ancestor, and he can surely get rid of the power in the Great Saint’s body successfully.

Seeing this scene, the people around Lorenzo, Raquel, etc. were all holding their breath.

However, just as Darryl input the power of the primordial spirit into it, he was resisted by the power in Peter’s body. For a while, the two forces couldn’t hold each other in Peter’s body.

Is this power in the Great Saint so strong?

At this moment, Darryl frowned secretly. The self-confidence before disappeared in an instant.


The two forces confronted each other in the body, and I saw Peter who was in a coma, his face flushed, and there was a pain in his eyebrows. At the same time, there was a loud cry in his mouth, and his whole body trembled.


Seeing this situation, Darryl blamed himself and became annoyed.

Although Peter is strong. But after all, it is a body of flesh and blood, Edward’s strength is already the limit he can bear, and now that he has entered the power of the soul, the Great Sage must not be able to bear it.

Thinking about it, Darryl stopped quickly.


At this moment, Lorenzo couldn’t help but asked.

Darryl shook his head with a look of ashamed: “This force in the Great Saint is too strong to be forced out.”

While speaking, Darryl thought about the Promise Pill technique, and wanted to find a way to deal with it, but after thinking about the Promise Pill technique, Darryl still found nothing.


At this moment, Darryl was completely anxious, and at the same time he was extremely surprised.

This Edward technique. It’s so weird, it’s unheard of, but how did he cultivate to this level when he was less than 30 years old?

At this moment Darryl didn’t know that Edward could have the current strength completely relying on the demon soul in his body.

There is almost no record of demons in the Jiuzhou Continent, let alone the power of demons.


Seeing this scene, the faces of the surrounding people were also complicated, and there was no hope in their hearts.

Even Darryl was helpless, it seemed that this time, Peter was doomed to escape.

At this time, Darryl calmed down.

Up to now, he can only go to the Heavenly Alliance to find Luo Jue. After all, Luo Jue is from God’s Domain and there must be a way to save Peter.

Making up his mind, Darryl did not hesitate. He ordered everyone to look after Peter and left the Ouyang family quickly.

At this time, Darryl, because he had been worried about Peter’s injury, hadn’t realized it yet. Elsa was missing from everyone present.

A few minutes later, Darryl was alone and quickly rushed towards the Heavenly Dao League.


At this moment, Jun Ting Hotel.

Elsa sat in the private dining room. It seems soft and peaceful, but in my heart is secretly anxious.

Half an hour has passed, and Edward hasn’t come back yet. Is he going back?

“Light smoke!”

At this moment, I heard an enthusiastic call, and then Edward walked over with a look of excitement, holding a jade bottle in his hand.

“Light smoke…”

When he arrived, Edward shouted and handed the jade bottle to Elsa: “This jade bottle is filled with my blood. Take it to Peter, and he will be fine!”

When talking about this. Edward’s face was sincere, but there was a bit of insidiousness in his eyes.

Edward did take his own blood, but in the blood, there was also a Soul Devouring Bloodworm.

In Edward’s heart. Peter is Darryl’s brother, how could he save him for no reason? Even if Elsa agreed to the terms, she couldn’t be softened.

Edward’s plan is very insidious.

Hiding the Soul Devouring Bloodworm in the blood, when Peter took it, there was no life danger on the surface, but invisibly, it was also under Edward’s control.


Elsa quickly stood up. A trace of joy finally appeared on his face, and then he took the jade bottle.

Immediately, Elsa opened the jade bottle and saw that it was indeed filled with some blood. There was a trace of fishy smell, and it was obviously Edward had just taken it from himself.

“I’ll take the things back!” Elsa said, before turning around and leaving.

Edward hurriedly followed and said with a smile: “I will send you off.”

When he arrived outside the hotel, Edward felt unspeakably happy: “Qianyan, don’t forget your promise.”


Elsa bit her lip tightly: “Don’t worry, Elsa has my own words, I will send things to the Ouyang family. I will come back to find you.”

The tone is calm, but deep inside, he is extremely sorrowful.

When the voice fell, Elsa turned and left.

“Good!” Edward nodded. Watching Elsa go away gradually.

Seeing Elsa’s figure disappearing into the night, Edward was about to return to the hotel room.

“Your Mightiness!”

At this moment, a figure came, followed by a handsome figure, coming from not far away, the angular face was a bit tired and gloomy.

It is Bryant.

Seeing Bryant, Edward put aside his smile and said coldly: “It’s you, how did you do the things that were handed to you before?”

Three days ago, Edward forced Bryant and his girlfriend to take the Soul Devouring Bloodworm to force Bryant to steal the ghost token.

Therefore. Edward will temporarily stay in Zhongzhou City.

“got it.”

Hearing the question, Bryant took out something from his body and handed it to Edward, which was a black token. Like jade but not jade, the whole body is filled with gloomy chill.

It is the ghost token.

Edward took the token, smiled, and applauded: “Okay. Very good, I didn’t see the wrong person as expected.”

As he said, Edward waved his hand and said lightly: “Okay, you can leave.”

However, Bryant stood there and didn’t mean to leave at all.

“Your Mightiness!”

In the next second, Bryant hesitated and said slowly: “I’ve done the thing for you, and I’ve got the ghost token for you, now I can give me the antidote.”

When he said this, Bryant couldn’t say that he was aggrieved. It was a shame that the young master of the Hall of Eternal Life was at the mercy of an outsider.

You must get rid of Edward as soon as possible.


Hearing this, Bai Yun flew back and looked at Bryant with a smile but a smile: “Boy, you haven’t recognized the situation until now? You are now my subordinate, and you will always do things for me in the future.”

“As for the Soul Devouring Bloodworm, I told you before that it merges with your essence and blood and cannot be driven away, understand?”

“Don’t say it, you go back and wait for my next instructions, as long as you are wholeheartedly loyal to me, I will not treat you badly.”

Having said this, Edward strode back to the hotel.


At this moment, Bryant stood there, clenched his fists, his eyes blood red.

Do you have to live in the shadow of Edward for the rest of your life?

Very unwilling.

Chapter 1938

But… this Edward is so powerful that he can’t beat it at all.

Thinking of this, Bryant couldn’t express despair.

Speaking of which, Bryant had thought of telling Lorenzo, but he had already stolen the ghost token, and the life of his girlfriend was in Edward’s hands, so he still held back.


On the other side, the Ouyang family.

at this time. The sky is already dark.

The atmosphere in the room was very depressing. Peter lay there, breathing weak and his face pale, and the situation was worse than before.

By the bed, Li Nan stood there quietly, his eyes red from crying.

From Peter’s coma until now, Li Nan has been guarding by the side. It has been a few hours now. She only feels physically and mentally exhausted, too tired, but still gritted her teeth.

At this time, Li Nan kept praying in his heart, praying that Peter would come back to life.

Li Nan and Peter have been married for many years. When Peter was hurt like this, Li Nan only felt his heart was broken.


At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly opened, and then Elsa walked in quickly, a bit of eagerness on his delicate face, holding a jade bottle in his hand.

When he arrived, Elsa handed the jade bottle to Li Nan: “Quickly, take it to the Great Sage!”

Li Nan took the medicine bottle and opened it to see that there was some blood inside. Suddenly she trembled, and she was stunned: “Qianyan, is this blood?”

When he said this, Li Nan was shocked, and he didn’t understand why Elsa wanted the blood to be taken by the Great Sage.


Elsa breathed a sigh of relief, bit her lip, and said complicatedly: “These blood can heal the Great Sage.”

Hearing this, Li Nan’s body was shocked, and she was immediately overjoyed. She and Elsa had a good relationship, knowing that Elsa would not lie to herself. At that time, Li Nan gave the blood to Peter without much thought.

Soon after taking it, Peter’s pale face returned to a trace of rosy.

It really can.

Seeing this scene, Li Nan was overjoyed, clutching Elsa’s hand tightly, and couldn’t help asking: “Elsa…what kind of blood is this? Where did you get it?”

In the beginning, Wen Ge and Raquel everyone. Help the Great Sage to get rid of the failure.

After that, Darryl was also helpless.

At this time, Elsa actually got magical blood, which is really incredible.

Elsa smiled lightly, seemingly relaxed, but with a far-fetched smile, and slowly said: “This is Edward’s blood, and his technique is quite special. He injured the Great Sage, and only his blood. Can be cured.”


Li Nan’s body trembled, and the whole person was stunned: “You…you went to Edward?”

At this time, Li Nan was touched and complicated.

Edward was both righteous and evil, not a good kind at all, but Elsa took the risk and got the blood to heal the Great Sage from him.

In shock, Li Nan calmed down and said: “You don’t know yet, Darryl is back. After seeing the situation of the Great Sage, he went to the Heavenly Dao League to find Luo Jue.”

Darryl is back?

Elsa’s heart trembled, and a smile appeared: “Great, he comes back safely, and I’m relieved.”

With that, Elsa’s delicate face. With a trace of sadness, he took out a letter from his body and handed it to Li Nan: “Sister-in-law Li Nan, I’m leaving soon, you can give this letter to Darryl for me!”


Li Nan looked at her incredulously: “Are you going? Where are you going?”

Elsa sighed lightly. There was a glimmer of light in the eyes, full of sorrow, but still forced a smile and said: “I just go out and go around, by the way, the letter must be given to Darryl!”

Having said that. Elsa turned and left the room.

Elsa didn’t want to say about the promise to fly away with Bai Yun, because she knew that once she said it, Li Nan would definitely stop it.

To be honest, Elsa also thought about turning back, since Peter is okay, there is no need to keep his promise to find Edward.

But Elsa knew in her heart that Edward was strong, and once he failed to speak, Edward would definitely not give up. When the time comes, I am afraid that the Ouyang family will be another bloody storm.

Therefore, after thinking about it, Elsa decided to keep his promise.

“Light smoke!”

See Elsa’s soul not staying at home. Li Nan hurriedly chased him out, but Elsa was already far away.

Li Nan was so anxious that he had to inform Lorenzo, but at this moment. Peter regained consciousness and called out softly: “Wife…”

Hearing the sound, Li Nan was surprised and delighted, and quickly walked over and helped Peter up: “You have finally done it, great…” As he said, he threw himself into Peter’s arms and wept with joy.


Elsa left the Ouyang family and went directly to the Junting Hotel.

Seeing Elsa honoring his promise, Edward was extremely excited.

A few minutes later. In the hotel room.

“Light smoke!”

Edward sat there and looked at Elsa with a smile: “I didn’t expect you to come so soon. I’m really happy. Having said that, I originally planned to let you take me with me. Take a good taste of the local customs of Zhongzhou City. , But there is something urgent for the time being, so we have to leave.”

When he said this, Edward looked regretful.

In Edward’s heart, getting along with Elsa is important, but the family’s mission is even more important. The ghost token has already been obtained, and it is necessary to go to the ghost world to explore the whereabouts of the devil as soon as possible.

“Okay!” Elsa nodded, her delicate face showing no fluctuations.

When he agreed to Edward’s request, Elsa felt ashamed. It doesn’t matter where you go anymore.

Edward smiled: “Then you take a break first, I’ll explain some things, and then let’s go.” The voice fell, Edward left the room.

When he got outside, Edward called Ji Hongshang over.

quickly. Ji Hongshang rushed over and complimented Edward: “Congratulations to the lord, you got your wish.”

This Edward was able to let Elsa follow him obediently without any further effort. It was so powerful that people had to admire it.

Edward waved his hand: “Okay, stop flattering, prepare now, we are going to Qingcheng Mountain.”

Qingcheng Mountain is located in the southwest of Diyuan Mainland. There is a secret passage under the mountain, which connects the Haunted Road. There are several Haunted Roads in the mainland of Kyushu. The one at the bottom of Qingcheng Mountain is the closest to Zhongzhou City.

“Yes.” Ji Hongshang didn’t dare to neglect, so he responded and went to prepare.

Half an hour later, Edward took Elsa with him. And Ji Hongshang rushed towards Qingcheng Mountain.


On the other side, the Heavenly Alliance.

Darryl didn’t stop at all along the way, and after flying for two hours, he finally arrived at the general altar of the Tiandao League.

at this time. In the reception hall behind the main altar.

Luo Jue withdrew from his subordinates, and smiled at Darryl and saluted: “Xuansheng suddenly drove there, I don’t know what to order?” His mouth was polite, but his eyes flashed with arrogance.

Previously, Luo Jue went to God Realm to ask Jiutian God for instructions, and learned that Jiutian God had a bad relationship with Darryl. Suddenly there was a care in my mind.

Seeing Darryl at this time, Luo Jue’s heart naturally lost his previous respect. Jiutian God didn’t put Darryl in his eyes, what was there to fear for him?

Chapter 1939

Darryl took a deep breath, without talking nonsense, and directly told Peter’s situation.

With that said, Darryl said earnestly: “Luo Jue, do you have a way to save the Great Sage, or do you have spiritual fruit on your body?”

The spirit fruit contains the essence of heaven and earth, and the great sage can not only increase the lifespan, but also have the effect of reincarnation. At that time, Darryl will use the power of the soul to help him expel the power in his body, so he is not afraid that Peter will not be able to bear it.

“Your Excellency Xuansheng!”

Luo Jue smiled apologetically: “Even you are helpless, how can I save Peter? Moreover, I am just a small messenger, and I am not qualified to enjoy the spirit fruit. You have to know that the spirit fruit is the nine heavens, His Majesty, and Hua The exclusive tribute of Zhao Niangniang.”

As he said, Luo Jue’s eyes flashed and continued: “However, Your Excellency Xuansheng can go to God’s Domain and directly meet with His Majesty Nine Heavens God, and ask your Majesty to grant spiritual fruit to save Peter.”

When he said this, Luo Jue had a relaxed expression, and he held up his mind with nothing to do with him.


Hearing this, Darryl took a deep breath and frowned secretly.

He could tell that Luo Jue didn’t want to help.

But… it’s okay to go to God’s Domain and ask Jiutian God for spiritual fruit, but the time in God’s Domain is completely different from the time of the human world. One day in God’s Domain is equivalent to one month in Kyushu. This time, even if you get the Spirit Fruit , The Great Sage is not working anymore.


Luo Jue did not help, nor did he go to God’s Domain.

How can this be done?

For a time, Darryl couldn’t tell the irritability, but soon, Darryl thought of Irma. She is the current Pluto, not only strong, but also well-informed, there must be a way.

Thinking about it, Darryl stopped talking nonsense and said goodbye to Luo Jue.


On the other side, the ghost world.

Previously, because of the violent vibrations in the depths of the Netherworld, Irma found out that the reason was from the Magic Mirror, and ordered at that time to seal all the roads of the ghosts and strengthen the defensive power around Mingdu.

For a time, the defensive underworld soldiers in the Underworld City doubled, but otherwise, there were dozens of patrol teams around the Underworld City, patrolling uninterruptedly.

It can be said that the entire Mingdu is heavily guarded.

Sha Sha…At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps on the road to lead the soul outside Mingdu, the sound of footsteps was very light, and then, I saw a slim figure walking from not far away.

This is a charming and s3xy woman.

I saw her in a dark purple dress, her tight figure looming, and she was extremely s3xy. But this woman was filled with a dangerous atmosphere, like a beautiful snake.

It is Ji Hongshang.

Half an hour ago, Edward, Elsa, and Ji Hongshang arrived at Qingcheng Mountain. At that time, Edward handed the ghost token to Ji Hongshang and asked her to go to the ghost world to investigate the traces of the demon on her behalf.

You know, Edward possesses a demon soul, and once he enters the ghost world, he will reveal his identity. Therefore, for the sake of caution, Edward let Ji Hongshang be the vanguard.

Once the Demon Lord’s location was detected, Edward would no longer have any concerns.

“Huh? Someone over there!”

“Who? Dare to trespass into the ghost realm underworld?”

“Hi… so beautiful…”

As soon as Ji Hongshang appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of a group of patrolling soldiers, and for a while, he was attracted by Ji Hongshang’s charming appearance.

But soon, these underworld soldiers came back to their senses and immediately surrounded Ji Hongshang as if they were facing a major enemy.

Because Pluto has just issued an order to prohibit anyone from breaking into the ghost world without authorization.

“Who are you?” The led Mingbing couldn’t help but question.


Ji Mindy took a deep breath, his expression did not fluctuate at all, and said lightly: “I am sent by the messenger, there is something, I want to report to your Majesty the Underworld, this is the token of the messenger.” He said, lightening the ghost token. Came out.

To be honest, it was the first time that Ji Hongshang came to the ghost world. He was up and down, but he wanted to have Edward’s support, and he still had a ghost token in his hand, and he immediately gained confidence.

Ghost token?

Seeing the token, the surrounding soldiers suddenly became polite. Back then, the king of Pluto recognized Lorenzo as a messenger. At that time, there was nothing in the ghost world that was unknown.

Although Lorenzo is no longer a messenger, he and the current Pluto are also friends, so these soldiers dare not be rude.

“It turns out that it is a messenger who is rude and rude!” The Ming soldier headed politely.

While talking, he couldn’t help but look at Ji Hongshang.


With a slender waist and straight long legs, this figure is simply perfect.

In amazement, the lead soldier made a please gesture: “Your Majesty the Hades is in the hall at this time. Let the younger one take you there.”

“No need!” Ji Hongshang smiled lightly and refused: “You can continue patrolling, I can go in by myself.”

Ji Hongshang didn’t want to meet the Hades at all, but wanted to find the trace of the Demon Lord. How could it be possible for these Hades to follow?

The Ming Soldier had no doubt, nodded, and let Ji Hongshang into the city of the Ming Capital.


The moment he entered the city of Mingdu, seeing the wide streets in front of him, and the built-up clans that couldn’t be seen at a glance, Ji Hongshang was extremely shocked. Unexpectedly, the scale of Mingdu was such a big one.

It’s just that the people walking on the street are all wandering souls, all of them pale and lifeless.

After walking for a while, Ji Mindy walked to a secluded corner and gently said: “Sect Master, I have already come in.”

If someone else is present at this time, he must think that Ji Hongshang is a lunatic, so he will talk to himself.

In fact, Ji Hongshang communicated with Edward through a spiritual link. You must know that Ji Hongshang took Edward’s magic blood at the time and had a special soul contract with Edward. Therefore, he could communicate with Edward through the spiritual power. .


As soon as the voice fell, Edward’s voice rang in Ji Hongshang’s mind: “Yes, you are now walking in front of you!”

At this time, Edward, although far away in Qingcheng Mountain, can perceive the situation within a kilometer of Ji Hongshang through the spiritual link. At this time, relying on the induction of the demon venerable aura, he gave orders to Ji Hongshang.

Ji Mindy did not neglect in the slightest, and under Edward’s instructions, he walked forward, and soon he reached the entrance to the depths of the netherworld.


Seeing the deep entrance of Netherworld, there are a large number of Ming soldiers guarding, Ji Mindy stopped quickly and said: “You can’t get in ahead, there are many Ming soldiers guarding.”

“You don’t need to go in, I have found the location of Demon Venerable, and you can come back now.” Edward said lightly.

At this time, through the spiritual link, Edward clearly sensed that the aura of Demon Venerable was in the depths of the netherworld. Now that the position of Demon Venerable had been detected, Ji Hongshang’s mission was completed.

Because next, it was Edward’s turn to go out in person.

“Yes, Sect Master!” After receiving the order, Ji Hongshang immediately walked out of the underworld and left the ghost world through the path of the ghost.

Leaving the ghost world, Ji Hongshang quickly merged with Edward.


When he arrived, Ji Hongshang was excited and excited again: “Sect Master is sure that the investigation is clear?”

Edward nodded: “Yes, if I feel good, he is in the depths of the netherworld.” Because Elsa was on the side, Edward did not directly say the word Demon Zun.


At this moment, Elsa, who had been silent, couldn’t help asking: “You sneak into the ghost world, whose whereabouts are you going to investigate?” When saying this, Elsa’s delicate face was full of curiosity.

To be honest, Elsa reluctantly followed Edward, already in despair, and had no interest in anything. However, what Edward and Ji Hongshang did today is really weird.

Chapter 1940


Hearing Elsa’s question, Edward couldn’t help but laughed, with a self-belief: “Elsa, I am exploring the ghost world this time to do an earth-shattering event. As long as this is done, the world Great changes will happen in the meantime, and I, Edward, will also become a famous person.”

An earth-shattering event?

Hearing this, Elsa’s body trembled, and her heart trembled inexplicably.

At this moment, Edward continued: “Elsa, this matter is not trivial. I can’t say it for the time being. I will tell you after I finish it.”

Bai Yun was cautious about flying, and he didn’t say anything about Demon Venerable.

Seeing Edward said so, Elsa was inconvenient to continue questioning.


Regarding this matter, Ji Hongshang, who was next to him, couldn’t help but said: “What shall we do next?”

Edward took a deep breath and slowly said, “Since I know he is in the depths of the netherworld, naturally I will bring him out as soon as possible. The ghost world is very dangerous. I decided to go alone. It’s just…”

As he said, Edward frowned, his eyes filled with a bit of worry.

Edward knew in his heart that although he possessed the Demon Venerable, he was strong enough to disregard Kyushu, but it would be different in the ghost world. If he broke into the depths of the netherworld, did not rescue the Demon Venerable, and revealed his identity, then the gain would not be worth the loss.

Seeing Edward frowning, Ji Mindy couldn’t help but said, “Sect Master, what are you worried about?”

Edward didn’t conceal it, so he expressed his concerns. Ji Hongshang was his own, so he didn’t conceal it at all.

It turns out that the lord is worried about this…

After hearing Edward’s words, Ji Hongshang nodded suddenly, then thought about it, and said with a smile: “The suzerain’s worries are not unreasonable, the ghost world is dangerous, and it does need to be cautious. I have a way to help the suzerain hide his identity.”

While talking, Ji Mindy took out a bottle of ointment from her body, and saw that the ointment was green and translucent, like emerald, but it gave people a feeling of shuddering.

Obviously, this is a highly poisonous form of the Five Poison Sect.

“This is…” Edward frowned. There was vigilance in his eyes.

Once he reached his level, he could sense that this ointment contained severe toxicity.

Ji Hongshang smiled, and said with relief: “Sect Master does not need to be nervous. This is the’Withered Rong San’ of our Five Poison Sect. As the name suggests, as long as the ointment is applied to the face, the skin will shrink and deform, and the facial features will be improved. Completely changed.”

Speaking of this, Ji Hongshang’s exquisite face is full of confidence: “When the Sect Master uses it and changes his appearance, I don’t have to worry about his identity being discovered. When the matter is over, the Sect Master will take the antidote again. Can be changed back.”


Hearing this, Edward was overjoyed and quickly asked Ji Hongshang to apply ointment to herself.

A few minutes later, Ji Hongshang finished painting, and said with a smile: “It’s all right, Sect Master!” As he said, Ji Hongshang handed over a mirror.

Edward took the exquisite photo and nodded again and again, very satisfied.

Seeing in the mirror, under the effect of the ointment, wrinkles appeared on his face. It was like a few dozen years old all of a sudden, completely lost his previous handsome appearance, but an old and ugly man.

That’s great, changing his appearance, even if he fails to rescue the Demon Venerable, his identity is not afraid of being exposed.

At the same time, Elsa, who was standing not far away, was also secretly shocked.

These five poisonous sects are indeed the sects that have made the whole of Kyushu heard about it, and it is incredible that there is such a poisonous.


At this moment, Ji Mindy smiled lightly and said to Edward: “This dryness powder, there is a time limit. If you don’t take the antidote for twelve hours, the poison will spread throughout your body. I’ll wait for the antidote. I’ll give it to you first, just in case.”

Twelve hours?

Hearing this, Edward smiled casually: “There is enough time. By the way, after I go to the ghost world, you will leave Qingcheng Mountain temporarily, so as not to be discovered and arouse suspicion.”

“Yes, Sect Master!” Ji Hongshang nodded.


At this moment, the ghost world.

In the Mingdu Hall, Irma was sitting on the throne, her delicate face, without any mood swings.

On both sides of the lower side, more than a dozen patrol captains were standing there respectfully, reporting the situation of today’s patrol one by one.

Since the martial law in the ghost world, Irma has issued an order for these patrolling underworld soldiers to report on the situation every day.

At this time, each team leader reported the situation.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, one of the captains suddenly thought of something, stepped forward, and said respectfully to Irma: “When the subordinate was on duty, a woman who claimed to be sent by Lorenzo, holding a ghost token, said to face him. See your Majesty, there are important things to talk about. I don’t know if your Majesty has seen this person.”

A woman sent by Lorenzo?

Hearing this, Irma frowned, “What woman? I never summoned it.”


At this moment, Captain Mingbing’s heart was shocked, and he was a little flustered inexplicably.

Oops, have you been deceived? That woman didn’t want to see His Majesty Pluto at all, but had another plan?

Irma also realized that it was not good, and her tone became cold: “Honestly speaking, what was the situation at that time?”


The Captain of the Underworld Corps trembled and knelt on the ground quickly. He squatted and explained the situation at the time. At the end, he almost cried: “Your Majesty, I saw the ghost token at the time and didn’t think much about it. Put her into the Underworld…”


Irma was very angry, and glared at the Captain Mingbing: “As the captain of the patrol, why are you so negligent? Just let a woman come in?”

As he said, Irma made a decisive decision: “Quickly, send my order to block the entire Underworld City, and be sure to find that woman.”

Although Irma still doesn’t know who that woman is, but she doesn’t know why, there is always some bad premonition in her heart.

At this time, Irma didn’t know that the woman was Ji Hongshang of the Five Poison Sect, and she had already left the ghost world at this time.

“Yes! Your Majesty.”

When the voice fell, all the captains of the dark soldiers in the hall responded in unison.


the other side.

Entrance to the depths of the nether.

Just now, Irma issued an order to blockade the entire Underworld City. Under this circumstance, the entrance to the depths of the Netherworld was also doubled to guard it.

For a while, the entire Underworld City inside and outside can be said to be heavily guarded.


At this moment, a powerful breath came from a distance, and then, a figure as fast as lightning, directly broke into the ghost capital of the ghost world, and came to the entrance to the depths of the netherworld.

It is Edward.

I saw that Edward’s originally handsome face was dark and ugly at this time.

After Edward used Ku Rong San just now, he directly broke into the ghost world.


“This man looks uglier than a ghost…”

Seeing Edward, the many underworld soldiers guarding the entrance suddenly cast their gazes, and they all became alert.

Edward didn’t care about the gazes of these soldiers, his ugly face was full of coldness.

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