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Chapter 1996

“Ho ho!”

As he was speaking, he saw Guo Dong slowly standing up. At this moment, his face turned dark blue, his eyes flashed with sinister light, and there were bursts of crying and laughing sounds in his mouth.


Seeing this scene, whether it was the Ouyang family or the elite disciples of the Tiandao League, they couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

Lorenzo was right. Guo Dong had been poisoned by the ancient poisonous scorpion, and at this time he had become a poisonous man. After becoming a poisonous person, he lost his thoughts and was full of killings.

“Ho ho…”

The next second, Guo Dong looked around, shouting like a beast, and rushed into the crowd of the Heavenly Alliance.

Kill, kill, kill! At this time Guo Dong lost his reason, only this word echoed in his mind!


Guo Dong, who became a poisonous man, was like a monster, slashing when he saw people, and even bit many people. In the blink of an eye, dozens of Heavenly Dao League elites fell in a pool of blood.

What is shocking is that the wounds from the bite of the elites of the Heavenly Dao League are not bright red blood, but green oily green.

Obviously, after being bitten by Guo Dong, these Heavenly Dao League elites were also infected with highly poisonous, even if they could not die, they would become poisonous people.

Faced with this situation, the other elites of the Heavenly Dao League were all dumbfounded, panic and puzzled.

what’s going on?

Is the guardian mad? How did you kill yourself?

In shock, many people approached cautiously and tried to stop them.

“Your Excellency, calm down…”

“Dharma Protector…”

However, before these people approached, Guo Dongzhen fell to the ground and passed out one by one.

“His hiss…”

At the same time, the mad ancient poisonous scorpion opened its blood basin and spouted poisonous juice. When the poisonous juice met the air, it instantly turned into a poisonous mist and quickly spread to the surroundings.

Those poisonous mists spread quickly. After inhaling many of the Heavenly Dao League elites, they suddenly felt out of breath, each of them stuck their necks with their hands, with savage expressions.

Immediately afterwards, as the poisonous gas diffused into the body, these Tiandaomeng disciples also became like Guo Dong, with blue skin and crazy spirits, and finally turned into poisonous people.

For a time, the situation was extremely chaotic, screams, hoarse shouts, mixed together, like hell.


Seeing this scene, everyone in the Ouyang family also felt that their legs were weak.

Worthy of being an ancient poisonous scorpion, this is too terrifying, as long as the poison infects a person, and that person loses his mind, it will infect others.

According to this rhythm, the tens of thousands of Heavenly Dao League elites in front of them will all become poisonous within ten minutes.


At this time, Lorenzo was the first to react and made a decisive decision: “Quickly, get out of here.” The ancient poisonous scorpion sprayed out poisonous mist, and within a kilometer of a radius, it became a dangerous area. If you don’t leave again, It’s too late.

Speaking of it, Lorenzo also wanted to help these Heavenly Dao League elites, but this ancient poisonous scorpion was too powerful and completely powerless.

Hearing this, Gary and the others did not hesitate, and quickly evacuated following Lorenzo.


A few minutes later, everyone in Lorenzo withdrew to a hillside more than a dozen miles away. When they looked back and saw the canyon where the ancient poisonous worms were located, everyone couldn’t help taking a deep breath, with complex expressions.

I saw that the gorge was completely shrouded in green poisonous fog.

“Uncle Wen!”

At this moment, Gary couldn’t help but say: “What should we do next? Edward deliberately attracted the ancient poisonous scorpion, intending to hold us and the Heavenly Dao League, so it can be seen that he must be hiding in the Five Poison Sect. .”

Lorenzo nodded: “Yes, that canyon is the only way to enter the Five Poison Sect. It is now shrouded in poisonous fog, and we can’t make it. More importantly, this ancient poisonous scorpion is too strong, I am afraid that there is no one in Kyushu. Can hold him.”

With that said, Lorenzo suddenly thought of Darryl, and said with emotion: “It would be fine if the wind is here now.”

Thinking of Darryl, Lorenzo not only secretly worried, Darryl had been to God’s Domain for five days, but there was no news at all.

When the voice fell, everyone looked at each other, and everyone became anxious.

Because Lorenzo was right, the appearance of this ancient poisonous worm killed Guo Dong and the tens of thousands of Heavenly Dao League elites. Once out of the valley, Kyushu would be in chaos.

Chapter 1997

Edward didn’t catch it, and now another ancient poisonous scorpion appeared.

The situation is getting less and less optimistic.

“You guys!”

At this time, Lorenzo thought of something, and immediately ordered to the people around him: “Immediately send out a request for help from the major sects and tell the truth about the situation here. In addition, hurry up and invite Senior Shennong over. Be fast.”

At that time, Lorenzo and Gary brought people to the Five Poison Sect. Instead of letting Shennong follow, they let him stay with Zhu Bajie and Chang’e in the Ouyang family.

With regard to the ancient poisonous scorpion, Darryl was not there, so he could only pin his hopes on Shennong.

After all, Shennong is called the ancestor of medicine by the world, and perhaps knows the way to deal with ancient poisonous scorpions.


After being instructed, a few disciples of the Ouyang family quickly left.

But Lorenzo, Gary and others stayed on the hillside, always paying attention to the movements of the ancient poisonous scorpions.

On the other side, the Five Poison Sect!

Edward took a large circle in the high air, and made sure that no one was chasing after him, and then returned to the Five Poison Sect.


As soon as he landed, Ji Hongshang hurried up to greet him with expectation on his delicate face: “How is the situation?”

Speaking of it, Ji Hongshang should handle the matter of leading the ancient poisonous scorpion, but the ancient poisonous scorpion is very powerful, and Ji Hongshang is totally unsure of guiding the ancient poisonous scorpion to the canyon, so Edward can only do it himself.

Upon hearing the question, Edward smiled slightly: “Successful, the ancient poisonous scorpion not only dragged the Heavenly Dao League into the canyon, but also dragged the Ouyang family.”

“Now that gorge is completely shrouded in poisonous fog and has become a dangerous area. In a short time, no one can pass through it safely.”


Hearing this, Ji Hongshang was very happy, and immediately thought of something: “Sect Master, I heard that Darryl went to God’s Domain, as if to get Liuli Purifying Water, to solve the soul-eater bloodworms of Peter and Bryant.”

With that said, Ji Hongshang tentatively said: “While Darryl is away, we might as well destroy the Ouyang family in one fell swoop.”

Killing Darryl and destroying the Ouyang family is Ji Hongshang’s long-standing grudge, which has not been forgotten all the time.


Edward took a deep breath and frowned, “No, it’s still useful for me to keep the Ouyang family.”

Immediately, Edward said: “There are still three days before the demon lord leaves the sealed mirror, so the most important thing now is to protect the demon lord’s safety, understand?”

After saying this, Edward turned and left.

Ji Mindy stood there and responded, her delicate face showed respect, but she felt a little dissatisfied.

This Edward obviously promised to help me get rid of Darryl. But after so long, every time I shied away with excuses.

No way!

In this matter, you can’t rely on Edward for everything, you have to find a way by yourself.

Thinking about it, Ji Mindy’s eyes flashed with coldness.


On the other side, God’s Domain.

In a teleportation formation not far from the Imperial Palace, after a flash of light, a figure emerged, covered in gold armor, filled with a rebellious aura.

It is Rodolf.

When he left God’s Domain before, Rodolf had been thinking about it because he had not personally handed it to Princess Sally because of the letter he wrote. However, because Edward had snatched the magic mirror, he could not get away.

A day ago, Rodolf received news that Edward might be in the Five Poison Sect. At that time, Rodolf sent Guo Dong to take someone to the Five Poison Sect, and he himself took this opportunity to quietly return to God’s Domain, intending to hand over the letter. Princess Sally.

However, what made Rodolf very annoyed was that the golden armor that released the letter was lost, and the letter was missing.

At this time, Rodolf thought it over. Since the letter was lost, he confessed to Princess Sally himself, but after this incident, he should thoroughly investigate the theft of the golden armor.

Thinking about it, Rodolf urged his figure to go around Yutian Palace and hurried towards Yuyao Xianyuan.


When he was approaching, Rodolf couldn’t help frowning secretly when he saw the scene in front of him.

what’s going on?

I saw that the entire Yuyao Fairy Garden was decorated with lanterns and colorful flowers, many places were pulling red silk, with red happy characters pasted, and many maids were busy back and forth, and there was a festive scene.

Under doubt, Rodolf urged his figure to enter Yuyao Immortal Garden.

“Your Excellency!”

When they arrived at the dormitory where Princess Sally lived, several busy maids saw Rodolf and greeted them politely.

Rodolf frowned and asked, “What’s the situation in Xianyuan? How did you put the lights on?”

Chapter 1998

Several maids looked at each other one after another, and all pursed their lips and laughed.

In the next second, one of the maids spoke: “Your Excellency, don’t you know. Two days later, it will be the wedding day of Her Royal Highness Princess Tanglin.”

Big wedding?

Hearing this, Rodolf’s body shook, and only felt his brain buzzing.

how can that be?

At this time, Rodolf was in a mess.

Although he hadn’t confessed to the princess yet, he knew it in his heart. Princess Sally also has a good impression of him, and I have never heard of Princess Sally who has other favorites.

Why did you get married all of a sudden?

Seeing Rodolf stunned there, the maids didn’t care. Keep going busy.


Finally, Rodolf reacted, anxious, thinking directly about Princess Sally’s bedroom and rushed in.

“Lead to stay!”

As soon as he arrived outside the bedroom gate, the guards of the gods guarding there stopped Rodolf.

Rodolf was too anxious, and said angrily: “You dare to stop me?”

The headed maid was embarrassed. With a wry smile: “Your Majesty has an order, before the princess’s wedding, you are not allowed to see anyone, and command your Excellency. Don’t embarrass us.”

Hearing this, Rodolf was unable to tell the fire, so he had to endure the impulse and turned and rushed to the Imperial Palace.

At this time, in the Imperial Palace, the God of Nine Heavens had just discussed the wedding with many priests.


Everything is arranged properly. The God of Nine Heavens waved his hand: “There must be no mistakes in this Tanglin’s big wedding. Go and prepare.”


When the voice fell, many priests responded one after another. Then left the hall one after another.

As soon as the front foot walked in, Rodolf hurried in and knelt down respectfully: “Rodolf see your majesty.”

Rodolf at this time looked respectful, but his eyes were extremely complicated. On the way to Yutian Palace just now, Rodolf also inquired through some patrolling soldiers. Two days later, it was Darryl who held the wedding with Princess Sally.

This made Rodolf startled and angry.

This Darryl killed Luo Jue and publicly betrayed God’s Domain. At this time, she grabbed her own Princess Sally again, this was absolutely unbearable.


Seeing Rodolf, God of Jiutian frowned and was very displeased: “Rodolf. Why are you back again?”

Back again?

Rodolf was stunned, very puzzled. Why does your Majesty say that he is back again? This is the first time I have come back since I went to Kyushu.

Seeing Rodolf’s face confused, Jiutian God became even more angry: “What have you made me confused? I asked you to take Liuli Water Purifier and hurry back to Kyushu. It’s good for you. You have not returned until now, haven’t you?”

Liuli water purification?

Heard this. Rodolf was completely stunned.

However, Rodolf was quick-thinking, and soon guessed that someone had stolen his own golden armor, pretending to be his own realm, and saw the Nine Heavens God.

And this person must be Darryl.

Thinking of this, Rodolf burned with anger, and then he was heartbroken, and said boldly: “Your Majesty. The ministers go and return, only asking for one thing.”

Nine Heavens said coldly: “What’s the matter?”


Rodolf took a deep breath. Asked: “The subordinate wants to beg your majesty to revoke this big marriage!”


The voice fell. Jiutian God’s face changed suddenly, this Rodolf is really bold, how can the princess’s wedding be revoked as soon as it is revoked?

Facing the anger of God in Nine Heavens, Rodolf felt violent in his heart, but he still said: “Your Majesty, this is the case. Subordinates and Princess Sally have a good opinion of each other. When they went to Kyushu before, they wrote. A letter…but later, my golden armor and letter disappeared.”

“I suspect that Darryl stole my golden armor and came to God’s Domain to pretend to be me. While asking for Liuli Purifying Water from His Majesty, she also deceived the Princess.”

At the end of the talk, Rodolf took a deep breath: “Please be clear, Your Majesty!”

Darryl fakes Rodolf?

Hearing this, God Jiutian looked gloomy, and then frowned: “Rodolf, if you like Sally and deliberately make up these words, I don’t blame you, but big marriages are not tolerable.”

As he said, God of Nine Heavens waved his hand and said: “Okay, you can withdraw.”

At this time, the God of Nine Heavens did not believe Rodolf’s words, because when she went to see Princess Sally with Empress Hua Zhao, Darryl was there at that time, and she didn’t even see Darryl dressed as Rodolf.

Chapter 1999

God of Nine Heavens believes that Rodolf, because he likes Princess Sally, deliberately fabricated these so as to cancel the marriage contract.

“His Majesty!”

Seeing that the God of Jiutian didn’t believe in himself, Rodolf was anxious: “Everything he said is true. The princess can’t marry him. Actually I…”

At this time, Rodolf was almost crying. The princess I like is about to marry someone else. Who can stand it?

“Shut up to me!”

But before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by God of Nine Heavens with a violent shout: “Rodolf, I have always used you very much, but you should not just make up facts and make trouble just because of my appreciation of you.”

“Darryl and the princess are in love with each other. The family is right. I agree with this marriage very much, so don’t talk about it any more. Even if you like the princess, you can only say that you have no fate.”

“If you continue to do this, I will remove your leadership and never use it again!”

At the end of the talk, God of Jiutian waved his hand: “Okay, you still need to deal with the affairs of Kyushu, especially Darryl Magic Mirror, you must find it back, and don’t let me down.”

“Subordinates retire!”

Rodolf replied, and walked out of the Yutian Palace in despair, with a gloomy face on his face.

Darryl, you rob my princess. You want you to be forever.


On the other side, the mainland of Kyushu!

Edward introduced an ancient poisonous scorpion that turned Guo Dong and tens of thousands of Heavenly Dao League elites into poisonous people. It quickly spread throughout Kyushu. In a short time, all the sects were shocked.

Subsequently, under Lorenzo’s request for help, many sects from various continents came to support one after another. Among them, there were Danzong, Mingjian Villa, and the Xicang imperial family.

Not only that, after receiving the news, Shennong and Zhu Bajie. And Chang’e came quickly.

At this time, it was on the hillside dozens of miles away from the Five Poison Sect. The major sects gathered one after another, with a total of hundreds of thousands of people, and the scene was very vast. It’s just that the expression on everyone’s face is very solemn.

Just a few kilometers away from the hillside, the only gorge leading to the Five Poison Sects, at this time the poisonous mist was enveloping, and there was a dead silence, with no signs of life, like a clandestine realm.

And at the entrance of the canyon, I saw the huge body of the ancient poisonous scorpion, lying there. Went in for a short sleep.

Around it, a dense crowd was wandering around. His skin was all green and turquoise, his eyes were hollow, but there was a kind of evil spirit, like a walking dead.

It was Guo Dong who had been poisoned, and the tens of thousands of Heavenly Dao League elites.


Seeing this scene, the masters of the major sects present. All were secretly shocked.

It’s terrible, it’s like hell. Especially after thinking of the poisonous poison of the ancient poisonous scorpion. They will become poisonous people with no thoughts, and everyone will feel chills from the bottom of their hearts.

“Senior Shennong!”

At this time, Lorenzo stepped out and said respectfully to Shennong: “This ancient poisonous scorpion is extremely poisonous and overbearing. I don’t know if the predecessors have a way to crack it?”


The voice fell. The eyes of everyone around him also gathered on Shennong.

Shennong shook his head and said with a solemn expression: “This ancient poisonous scorpion is very poisonous. In ancient literature, there has been no way to crack it. The old man has studied medical science for so many years, and has tried to crack the poisonous scorpion, but unfortunately, there has been no solution. progress…..”

That’s it!

Hearing this, Lorenzo and everyone around him looked at each other, and their hearts sank to the bottom.

If even Yaozu Shennong can’t help it, it seems that Kyushu will not be able to escape this catastrophe.

Thinking of this, everyone present was demoralized.


at this time. Shennong’s words turned and said lightly: “Although this ancient poisonous scorpion is huge in size, it is very poisonous. It is not impossible to deal with it.”

“As long as we lay down a huge formation at the exit of the canyon to block the ancient poisonous scorpion. And the tens of thousands of poisonous people inside, we can temporarily stabilize the situation.”

“After trapping the ancient poisonous scorpion, I will study ways to restrain the poison.”


At this moment, everyone around was overjoyed.

Especially Zhu Bajie, could not help laughing: “Haha, Shennong still has a way. I never thought of it. No matter how powerful this ancient poisonous scorpion is, it is also a beast. As long as it is trapped and can’t get out, it’s Temporarily solve the problem.”

Chapter 2000

“As for the poisonous people, all of them are walking dead, so don’t worry.”

When the voice fell, everyone around nodded.

At this time. Lorenzo also smiled and said: “This is a good way. If that’s the case, everyone should act quickly.”

Among the Zongmen masters on the scene, there are many who understand the Qimen formation, and deploying a simple trapped formation is not a problem at all.

quickly. Under the leadership of Lorenzo, the major sects began to deploy trapped formations at the exit of the canyon.


At this moment, the other side.

In the general altar of the Heavenly Dao League, Rodolf sits in the main hall. A gloomy face.

When she thought that Princess Sally was about to marry Darryl, she couldn’t change it, and she had to clean up the mess in Kyushu, Rodolf had the urge to kill.

This had originally made Rodolf extremely annoyed. Just now, the news came that tens of thousands of elites led by Guo Dong encountered ancient poisonous scorpions in the valley near the Five Poison Sect. In the end, no one was spared, and all became poisonous.

Upon hearing this news, Rodolf was even more furious.


At this moment, an elite of the Heavenly Dao League walked in with a complex face and respectfully said: “There is new news from the Five Poison Sect!”

“Say.” Rodolf said a word with a gloomy expression.

The elite disciple took a deep breath and slowly said: “The Ouyang family issued a Jianghu order, and many sects in Kyushu have rushed to the vicinity of the Five Poison Sect. It is said that they are deploying a trapped formation. They intend to trap the ancient poisonous scorpion.”


Hearing this news, Rodolf’s eyes flashed with a touch of coldness. Staring closely at the elite disciple: “How many people did the Ouyang family go to?”

“Before only Lorenzo and Gary.” The elite disciple hurriedly said: “Later, there was an ancient poisonous thing, Lorenzo called everyone away. I heard that Zhu Bajie, Chang’e and Shennong were also there. .”


Rodolf laughed, unable to conceal the fury in his heart: “I didn’t wipe out the Ouyang family last time, this time I absolutely can’t fail!”

Speaking of. In the current situation, Rodolf has to do. It is to retrieve the sealed magic mirror as soon as possible, and cooperate with the major sects to eliminate the ancient poisonous scorpion.

However, when Darryl robbed the princess, Rodolf was extremely angry. Has lost his sanity.

Under the resentment, Rodolf slowly stood up. Word by word: “Call everyone immediately and rush to the Five Poison Sect! Take this opportunity to completely wipe out the Ouyang family.”


The elite disciple responded and walked out of the hall quickly.


A few minutes later. Nearly 200,000 Heavenly Dao League tribes assembled, and marched toward the Five Poison Sects mightily.


the other side.

Under the command of Lorenzo. The masters of the major sects used stone pillars to deploy a huge trapped formation, successfully trapping ancient poisonous scorpions and tens of thousands of poisonous people inside.

Speaking of which, the ancient poison head is very powerful, and it is difficult to trap it with a formation, but the Lorenzo everyone takes advantage of the time when the poisonous scorpion is dormant. So it went smoothly.


The moment the formation of the trapped formation, whether it is Lorenzo. It was Zhu Bajie and the various sects present. They all breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

Finally got it done.

Without the threat of ancient poisonous scorpions, you can go to the Five Poison Sect to catch Edward with confidence.


At this moment, I heard the sound of footsteps coming from the woods not far away, listening to a lot of people.

Everyone looked at it subconsciously, and was stunned.

I saw that nearly 200,000 Heavenly Dao League tribes came in mighty, in mid-air, a figure flying in the sky, the golden armor on his body was shining with bright light, indescribably mighty and domineering.

It is Rodolf.

“The Heavenly Dao League finally came.”

“Great, Edward can hardly fly with wings!”

Seeing Rodolf and the Heavenly Dao League appear, the sect masters present couldn’t help but talk.

They all believed that Rodolf brought so many people to catch Edward. After all, Edward snatched the magic mirror from the ghost world, which is related to the safety of Kyushu. Moreover, before Edward led to the ancient poisonous scorpion, the Tiandao League Guo Dong and the tens of thousands of elites who had been harmed became poisonous people.

Lorenzo secretly frowned.

There was something wrong with Rodolf bringing so many people here at once.


At this moment, Peter on the side’s eyes instantly reddened, and Rodolf was locked on tightly.

When the enemies met, they were extremely jealous. Thinking of the death of his wife Li Nan, Peter was almost heartbroken.

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