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Chapter 2006


Seeing what Edward was saying was really serious, Nalan breathed a sigh of relief, her expression relaxed a lot.

It turned out that… Edward’s robbing of the magic mirror was deliberately spread by the Heavenly Dao League.

honestly. Edward said that there were many loopholes, but Brittany rejected God’s Domain and the Heavenly Alliance in his heart, and believed his words.

In the next second, Brittany looked at the battlefield in the distance and continued to ask: “I heard that the Heavenly Dao League and the major sects. They came to the Five Poison Sect to arrest you because of the sealing of the magic mirror.”

“Since the purpose is the same, why did the Heavenly Dao League fight with the Ouyang family again?”

Ha ha…

Upon hearing this, Edward smiled. Slowly said: “The Heavenly Alliance and the Ouyang family have enmity, and it is normal to fight each other!”

Brittany disapproved, and said softly: “The Heavenly Dao League is ambitious and wants to take this opportunity to use the Ouyang family to establish prestige, and then further rule the rivers and lakes of Jiuzhou.”

“No, we must never let the Heavenly Alliance succeed!”

In the end, Brittany was ready to join the battlefield. Help the Ouyang family deal with the Heavenly Alliance.

However, before he left, Edward stopped him: “Brittany, head of the house, don’t be impulsive.”

In Edward’s heart, the Heavenly Alliance and the Ouyang family are both his own enemies, and he hopes that both will be hurt. How can Brittany be allowed to help the Ouyang family?

“Why?” Brittanyxiu frowned and couldn’t help asking.

Edward thought for a while, and said with a smile: “The head of Nalan is a wise man, he should be able to see it. The situation in front of him is the best opportunity for Xia Yingzong to make a name for himself.”

“Wait until they both lose and get hurt. We will reappear, and not only will the Heavenly Dao League be severely damaged at that time. The Rushers has also won prestige among the major sects, why not do it?”


Hearing this, Brittany’s delicate face suddenly became complicated. These words of Edward also felt extremely harsh.

Next second. Brittany looked up and down Edward, and said seriously: “Edward. You may have misunderstood what I am. My Rushers really urgently needs to establish prestige on the rivers and lakes, but this method must not be used.”

As he said, Brittanyyu raised his hand. Pointing to the distant battlefield: “Whether it is the Ouyang family or other sects. In the eyes of my Rushers, they are all from the same family. Now they are besieged by the Heavenly Alliance. But you want us Rushers to stand by?”

Some words, righteous words.


this moment. Edward was very embarrassed and didn’t know how to respond.


At this moment, Ji Hongshang behind him quietly pulled Edward, and said in a low voice: “Do you perceive this Brittany’s physique.” The voice is very small, only she and Edward can hear it.

Although Ji Hongshang is the Sect Master of the Five Poisons, as Edward’s subordinate, he has no right to speak at this time, so he has been secretly observing Brittany’s situation.

quickly. Ji Hongshang made an amazing discovery.

Edward frowned, Ben a little unhappy. But still secretly perceive Brittany’s situation, after perceiving it. Suddenly my heart was shocked.


This Brittany turned out to be a pure Yin body?

At this time, Edward clearly felt that Brittany in front of him, like Elsa, was an extremely rare pure Yin body.

After froze for two seconds, Edward tilted his head to look at Ji Hongshang, with questions in his eyes.

Ji Hongshang took a deep breath and continued to mutter in a low voice: “Sect Master, since this Brittany can’t be used by us, it’s different to give her to Lord Demon Venerable first. You know, since we imprisoned Elsa, we haven’t found it either. The second woman with a pure yin body, Brittany in front of her, can’t miss the opportunity.”


Hearing this, Edward’s eyes flickered with complexity, and at the same time he fell into contemplation.

Ji Hongshang was right. In the past few days, Edward had been sending people to look for the body of pure yang and pure yin, but there were no clues at all.

Seeing that in another half an hour, the Lord Demon Lord will be able to leave the Magic Mirror. When the time comes, the body of pure Yang and pure Yin will not be able to be taken out, and Lord Demon will be furious.

Thinking of this, Bai Yun flew heartily and decided to take Ji Hongshang’s suggestion.

The whispered communication between Edward and Ji Hongshang could not be heard by everyone in Brittany.

At this time, Brittany and Ginger, as well as several elders, were all focused on the battlefield in the distance, and they were discussing how to help the Ouyang family resist the Heavenly Alliance.

Chapter 2007

“Head of Nalan!”

At this time, Edward smiled and said seriously: “Looking at the situation, the Ouyang family can last a while. We don’t need to worry about it for the time being.”

As he said, Edward’s face became solemn: “Speaking of which, I have a more important thing. I would like to ask the head of Nalan for some advice.”

More important things?

Brittanyxiu frowned and couldn’t help but said, “What’s the matter?”

Edward’s eyes flickered, and he said pretentiously: “I broke into the ghost world before. I accidentally got something.”

“What is it?” Brittany’s curiosity was successfully hung up.

Edward looked serious: “What is that thing, I will not know for a while, but I can be sure that it has a direct relationship with the Tiandao League preparing to rule the Nine Provinces.”

When talking about this. Edward was serious, but his heart was full of gloom.

Yes, he was going to lead Brittany to the secret room where Demon Lord Gone was. In order to avoid Brittany’s suspicion, he deliberately fabricated something that didn’t exist to arouse Brittany’s curiosity.

Edward knew very well that Brittany was dreaming about the complete disintegration of the Heavenly Dao League, as long as he talked about things related to the Heavenly Dao League. She must be interested.

Sure enough, hearing these words, Nalan cleared her interest, her beautiful face was full of urgency: “Where is that thing now?”

Edward quickly said: “It’s in the Five Poison Sect.”

Brittany thought for a while without any hesitation: “Okay, please take me to have a look!”


Seeing her successfully fooled, Edward was very excited, but he didn’t show it on his face.

At this time, Ginger on the side was also inexplicably excited: “Mother. I want to go too!” How could it be possible to miss a major event related to the Heavenly Dao League?

Brittany is very fond of Ginger. Did not refuse, nodded in agreement.

Subsequently. Brittany directed at Elder Darryl and said: “Elders, you are here to continue to observe the situation. If there is a major change in the battlefield, you will immediately notify me.”

“Yes!” Elder Darryl nodded one after another.

Brittany nodded, and immediately flew with Bai Yun towards the Five Poison Sect General Altar.

quickly. Edward took Brittany’s mother and daughter to the door of the secret room.

The secret room?

this moment. Seeing the environment in front of her, Brittanyxiu frowned, and she was slightly stunned.

I saw it around the secret room. Guarding many elite disciples of the Five Poison Sect, not only that. Inside the secret room, there was also a vaguely vague atmosphere of evil.


After reacting, Brittany couldn’t help but said: “That thing is in here?”

When the voice fell, Ginger also frowned and showed her eyebrows. Can’t help but say: “How do you feel that it is evil inside.”

Ha ha!

Edward calmly smiled, “That thing was brought from the ghost world. It’s a bit gloomy, and it’s normal.”

With that, Edward opened the secret room and made a please gesture: “Nalan head, please.”

At this moment, Brittany had no doubts, and slowly walked in with Ginger.


The moment he entered the secret room, no matter it was Brittany. It was Ginger, who all trembled.

Just see. In the center of the huge secret room, there is a huge pool of blood. In the surrounding corners are piles of bones, and the air is filled with strong blood, like hell.

Not only that, in the blood pool, something undulates in the blood, shining with a strange light.

It is the magic mirror.

Today Demon Zun Gone is about to leave the Magic Mirror, and this is the critical period.

“This…what the hell is this place?”

Finally, Ginger reacted and couldn’t help but speak, her voice trembling a little.

Brittany also slowed down and was about to respond. However, just at this moment, Edward behind him made a smirk at the corner of his mouth, and then shot the electricity and clicked on several acupuncture points of Ginger.


Suddenly, Ginger’s body shook, and suddenly couldn’t move.


Ginger was ashamed and angry, glaring at Edward: “You liar, dare to attack me!”


At the same time, Brittany also understood something, glaring at Edward, and exclaimed: “Edward, what do you mean?”

At this time, Brittany was very angry. He didn’t expect that Edward not only lied to himself, but also dared to attack his daughter.


Edward’s mouth curled up, and said coldly: “Head Nalan, isn’t that obvious? What I told you before is false. In fact, I did steal the Magic Mirror, which is in the pool of blood. Float that thing up and down.”

Chapter 2008


Hearing this, Brittany was frightened and exclaimed: “You devil in human skin, give me death!”


The voice fell, and a strong breath burst out from Brittany’s body. Holding a silver long sword firmly, it pierced straight towards the white cloud. In a short time, the air in the entire secret room was distorted wherever the sword shadow passed.

Seeing Brittany bursting out, Edward looked relaxed.

“Head Nalan, don’t resist, you don’t have any chance when you enter this secret room.”

Edward spoke coldly. Directly stimulating the power of the demon soul, a terrifying aura erupted, and in a short time, the entire secret room was full of evil auras.


What a strong breath!

At this moment, no matter it was Brittany, or Ginger who was tapped on the acupoint. All were taken aback.

This Edward was really insidious. He had been hiding his strength before, but at this time, he finally revealed his true colors.


Edward didn’t talk nonsense, slowly raised his right hand, a palm shadow condensed, and directly greeted Brittany’s sword shadow erupting, and he heard a muffled sound, and the sword shadow was instantly defeated.

At the same time, Brittany also snorted, and the whole person was directly shaken out, flying dozens of meters away. Finally hit the wall of the secret room and fell softly.


Seeing this scene, Ginger couldn’t help crying.

Afterwards, Ginger stared at Edward fiercely: “Edward, you ba5tard, we have no grievances with you, why did you raid us, why…”

Facing Ginger’s accusation, Edward looked cold and did not respond.

In the next second, Edward walked towards Brittany step by step.


When he arrived, Edward quickly shot, sealing several acupuncture points on Brittany’s body. Suddenly, Brittany’s body was shocked, her face pale. It is also immobile.

“Edward!” Brittany was frightened and stared at Edward closely: “Why are you doing this?”


Edward smiled slightly, and said slowly: “Nalan head. Actually, I don’t want to be like this, but who told you to help the Ouyang family? The so-called friend of the enemy is my enemy. Therefore, I have no choice but to do this. .”


Hearing this, Brittany was frightened and couldn’t help taking a sip.

This Edward is too shameless, such a despicable method, it has to be said to be high-sounding.


At this moment, the blood pool in front of him suddenly rolled over and followed. The magic mirror immersed in it slowly floated up, and at the same time a bloody mist filled it out. Flooded the entire secret room.

In the next second, the blood mist slowly gathered, forming a vague figure.

It is Mozun Gone.

What a terrifying breath.

Seeing this scene, whether it was Brittany or Ginger, they were all stupid. The mind could not stop trembling.

Edward was full of joy. He knelt down and shouted respectfully: “Congratulations to the devil. Congratulations to the devil, he successfully escaped from the magic mirror and regained his freedom.”


Hearing this, the devil looked up to the sky and laughed. The next second his eyes focused on Brittany, applauding: “Yes. Edward, I did not misunderstand the wrong person. In such a fast time, you will find another Pure Yin. body.”

What happened to Elsa before. Edward successfully concealed the past, and the Demon Venerable had no doubt at that time.


Demon Lord Gone’s gaze made Brittany feel uncomfortable, and she felt as if she was being stared at by the wild beasts. Not far away, Ginger’s back was even more chilled.

Soon, Brittany reacted and asked Edward, “What are you going to do?”

Edward smiled: “It’s very simple, Lord Demon needs to reshape the body, you need the body of pure yang and the body of pure yin, and since the head of Nalan, you are the body of pure yin, you have to sacrifice a little.”

As he said, Edward’s eyes flashed with coldness. Continued: “Head of Nalan, I don’t want to be like this, but God’s will. I can’t help it, and you have made sacrifices for the Lord Demon Lord. It is also a great honor for you in this life!”


Hearing this, Brittany’s face changed, and her body trembled constantly.

It turns out that Edward did this to make the demon respect and shape the flesh…

At this time, Ginger was also very nervous, screaming at Edward, “Edward, you devil, let go of my mother, let her go…”

Chapter 2009

“To shut up!”

Edward yelled, then slapped Ginger’s face with a severe slap.


Ginger couldn’t dodge because he was tapped on the acupuncture point, so he heard a crisp sound, staggered a few steps, and fell directly to the ground.

This is the moment. The illusory figure of Demon Lord Gone, once again transformed into a cloud of blood, directly covering Brittany.

“Go away, don’t touch me, go away…”

At the moment of being enveloped, Brittany’s delicate face was extremely pale, she kept drinking, and wanted to struggle at the same time. But the acupuncture points all over the body were tapped, completely powerless.


At this time, Demon Lord Gone was extremely excited. While devouring Brittany, he couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Yes, this pure Yin body is very perfect…”


Swallowed, a violent force. Swept the entire secret room.

“Stop it, stop it…”

Seeing this, Ginger kept yelling, tears kept streaming down, and his whole body collapsed completely.

She grew up under the love of Brittany, and her mother and daughter were deeply affectionate. At this time, seeing her mother swallowed by the demon, how could she bear it?

However, when Ginger’s acupoints were tapped, the scene before him was completely powerless to change.

Finally, under extreme collapse. Ginger’s eyes turned black and fainted.

And the swallowing in the secret room continues.

After a full half an hour, the Demon Sovereign had completely completed the devouring, and he saw that Brittany’s perfect and charming body had become a skinny body at this time.

At this time, Demon Lord Gone had also formed a brand-new flesh body, but this flesh body had not yet formed skin, it looked bloody and terrifying.

It only swallowed the body of pure yin, so the rebirth of Demon Zun Gone was only half completed, and only after swallowing the body of pure yang, could he form a perfect body.

Even so, the Demon Venerable at this time was extremely excited.


Demon Zun Gone at this time. Suspended above the blood pool, laughed wantonly: “Thirty thousand years, I have waited too long for this day!”

Edward was also full of joy. Respectfully said: “Congratulations, Lord Demon, for successfully fusing the body of pure yin, your subordinates will find the body of pure yang as soon as possible. Let you completely reshape your body.


Demon Zun Gone nodded, waved his hand and said, “Okay, you can withdraw first.”

Edward hurriedly responded, and left the secret room with Ginger who was unconscious.


When he got outside, Ji Hongshang, who was guarding the door, hurriedly greeted him: “How is it?”

Edward smiled slightly: “Your Majesty has successfully integrated!”

Hearing this, Ji Hongshang was very excited, then looked at Ginger who was in a coma, and frowned her eyebrows lightly and said, “Brittany is dead. What will happen to her daughter?”

Edward thought for a while, and said slowly: “This Ginger is still useful to keep, and can’t be killed!”

Talking. Edward thought of something, and continued: “You told me before that there is a kind of worry-free water in the treasure chest of the Five Poison Sect. After drinking it, you can forget everything. You can take it for her. Then make up a set of rhetoric. , Let her think that her mother died by Darryl’s hand. Understand?”

When he said this, Edward’s eyes were full of cunning.

After Brittany’s death, the position of the Sect Master Rushers must be taken by Ginger. In this case, as long as he controls Ginger. It is equivalent to controlling Rushers.

“Subordinates understand!”

Ji Hongshang is a clever woman, who instantly understood what Edward meant, and nodded in response. He quickly left with Ginger.

Wangyou Water was originally the exclusive holy water of Wangyou Valley.

Wangyou Valley was originally a hidden world organization. A few years ago, Elsa was taken to Wangyou Valley by coincidence. He was forcibly taken Wangyou Water and forgot everything. Later, Darryl knew the truth, and in anger, he ordered Tianmen wiped out Wangyou Valley.

When Wangyou Valley was destroyed, several disciples fled to the Xicang Continent, and were finally discovered by the Five Poison Sects. That’s it, the formula of Wangyou Shui also spread to the Five Poison Sect.

quickly. Ji Hongshang took Ginger to a forest on the back mountain of Zongtan.

At this time, Ginger was still in a coma.


Looking at the unconscious Ginger, Ji Mindy’s beautiful face showed some sympathy.

“Ginger. Everything is fate. If you want to blame, you can blame your own life.” Ji Hongshang’s red lips lightly opened and said to himself.

Chapter 2010

Afterwards, Ji Hongshang called two elite disciples and said: “When she wakes up, give him Wangyoushui. Remember, you must hide your identity and not let her know that you are the Five Poison Sect. People.”

After saying this, Ji Mindy turned and left.

The two Five Poison Sect disciples did not dare to neglect. Quickly dressed up in disguise, covered his face, and quietly waited for Ginger to wake up.


I don’t know how long Ginger woke up quietly.

mother. mother…

At the moment of regaining consciousness, Ginger’s mind suddenly showed the scene of his mother being swallowed, anxious and sad.


In the next second, Ginger was stunned when he saw the environment he was in.

I saw myself in a wood, with two masked men in black standing quietly next to him.

what happened? Isn’t he in the secret room of the Five Poison Sect?


Just when Ginger was frightened and uncertain. One of the Five Poison Sect disciples smiled and said: “Don’t be nervous, we passed by accidentally, and when you see you are unconscious, come here and take a look!”

At the same time, the other came over and took out a bottle of potion: “Seeing you are very weak, come and drink these elixir to recover.”

The potion exudes a faint fragrance.

It is Wangyoushui.

Ginger is not stupid, but not stupid. Seeing the two people covered their faces, they realized it was not good. Tightened his mouth and refused to drink.

However, the acupuncture points on her body have not been solved yet. He couldn’t resist at all, and was forcibly instilled by the two soon.


The moment he drank Wangyou water, Ginger felt that the sky was spinning, and he passed out again.

Haha, success!

At this moment, two disciples of the Five Poison Sect. All smiles, and then hurried to report to Ji Hongshang.

A few seconds later. Ji Hongshang hurried to get the news.

When he got there, Ji Mindy let the two Wudu Sect disciples leave first, and then squatted there, patted Ginger’s face lightly: “Girl Nalan. Wake up…”

After a few taps, Ginger woke up. The eyes are not as bright as they were before, but rather bewildered.

who am I? Where am i?

Seeing this, Ji Hongshang knew that Wangyoushui had an effect, and said pretentiously: “Miss Nalan. What’s wrong with you?”

“Do you know me?” Ginger asked curiously.

Ji Hongshang showed a smile: “Of course I know, your mother is the Sect Master of Rushers. Just now your mother brought you to my Five Poison Sect to discuss major issues, and then a man in black who called himself Darryl appeared, in public. Provocation, at that time you and your mother chased out!”

“Our Five Poison Sects searched the neighborhood for a long time before we found you.”

When saying these, Ji Mindy looked serious.

of course. These are all made up by Ji Hongshang, Ginger at this time has amnesia. I don’t know what happened before.

Ji Hongshang’s close attitude made Ginger not have the slightest doubt. Quickly asked: “Then…Did you see my mother?”


Ji Hongshang sighed lightly, glanced at the cliff not far away, and pretended to say: “We just got news. Someone saw that the man in black who claimed to be Darryl knocked your mother off the cliff. The cliff is very high. Your mother…I’m afraid there is no possibility of surviving.”

Yes, after Ji Hongshang gave Ginger the Wangyou Shui, his final goal was to frame Darryl.


Hearing this, Ginger’s delicate body trembled, and endless sorrow filled her heart.


As he was talking, a disciple of the Five Poison Sect walked over quickly and respectfully said to Ji Hongshang: “The four elders of the Rushers beg to see you.”

Hearing this, Ji Hongshang’s eyes flashed with a strange light, and then he smiled at Ginger: “Nalan girl, people cannot be resurrected from the dead, I hope you can be strong, now your Xia Hidden Sect is here. You must quickly tell them the situation. Don’t worry, our Five Poison Sects will help you to kill Darryl and avenge you.”

When he said this, Ji Mindy’s beautiful face was full of seriousness, but his eyes sparkled with excitement.

Darryl, Darryl, this time I have erected the great enemy of Rushers for you, and it depends on how you can gain a foothold in Kyushu.

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