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Chapter 2011

Thinking about it, Ji Hongshang took Ginger and returned to the main altar hall.

As soon as I entered the hall, I saw Elder Darryl sitting there, all anxious.

Half an hour ago, there was a fierce battle between the Tiandao League and the Ouyang family. When they reached the white-hot state, the elders of Darryl saw the situation and didn’t have the time to think about it. They hurried to the Five Poison Sect General Altar to report the situation, but were informed by the Five Poison Sect that Brittany and Ginger went after a mysterious person.

As a last resort, a few Elder Darryl can only stay in the main altar and wait for news.


At this moment, I saw Ginger and Ji Hongshang coming in. Elder Darryl quickly stood up.

Immediately, Elder Darryl couldn’t help asking: “Where is the head?”

While inquiring, Elder Darryl saw that Ginger’s face was pale and energetic, and he suddenly had a bad premonition.


at the same time. Elder Huo also looked at Ginger closely, waiting for her response.

Ginger bit her lips tightly, first glanced around the elders, and then looked at Ji Hongshang for help. You know, after taking Wangyou Shui, Ginger has forgotten everything and can’t recognize the wind. There are a few elders.

Ji Mindy showed a slight smile and said with a very concerned look: “Miss Nalan, these are all the elders of your Rushers.”

With that said, Ji Hongshang continued: “You don’t need to be too sad. Tell a few elders about the situation.”


When the voice fell, Ginger couldn’t restrain his emotions anymore, and cried all of a sudden, and said to Elder Darryl: “My mother is dead… by a masked man who claimed to be Darryl, he was knocked down the cliff… …”

Because after taking Wangyou Shui, Ginger’s memory was cleared, and he mostly believed in the things Ji Hongshang had told before, and at this time, he told the elder Darryl again.

At this time, Ginger didn’t know that he had been controlled by Ji Hongshang invisibly.


Knowing these circumstances, whether it was Elder Darryl or Elder Huo and others, they were all shocked.

The lord is dead. Or died at the hands of a man in black who called himself Darryl…

In shock, the elders of Darryl were extremely angry.

It’s really hateful. Na Darryl had a feast with the eldest lady, and then rejected the alliance of the lord, and did not put Rushers in his eyes. And now, he killed the suzerain again.

This hatred must be reported.

In anger, Elder Darryl clenched his fists and asked Ginger: “Miss, where is the man in black who killed the Sect Master? Where is it now?”


Ginger frowned slightly, her delicate face was a little confused, and she didn’t know how to respond for a while. After taking Wangyoushui, how can she know the details?

At this moment, Ji Hongshang breathed a sigh of relief. Slowly said: “Several elders, when we found Girl Nalan, she was still in a coma. As for the man in black, I have sent five Poison Sect disciples to search around!”

Hearing this, Elder Darryl and Elder Huo glanced at each other and fell silent.


After more than ten seconds, Elder Darryl frowned and said: “As far as I know, that Darryl is acting upright. How can he dress up as a man in black?”

As he said, Elder Darryl looked at Ginger: “Miss, when the Sect Master was fighting with him. Did you see his face?”

Ginger shook his head.

At this time, Elder Huo couldn’t help but said: “This is very strange. As far as we know, Darryl left the Ouyang family a few days ago. It is said that he went to God’s Domain, how could he suddenly come to the Five Poison Sect?”

The voice fell. Elder Darryl nodded one after another.


Seeing this situation, Ji Hongshang suddenly became nervous, the elders of this Rushers. They are not the general ones, and the key point has been seen so quickly.

But soon, Ji Hongshang calmed down and chuckled: “Several elders, although you have dealt with Darryl, you only know the surface and don’t understand Darryl’s true personality. This person is the most cunning. .”

“As far as I know, many years ago, Darryl hid his identity to obtain the Panlong Jing and went to the Fang family in Xuanye Continent. He became a small bodyguard and later successfully snatched the Panlong Jing.”

Is there such a thing?

Upon hearing this, Elder Darryl and Elder Huo looked at each other. The mood is complicated.

Rushers has been avoiding the world, and has not set foot in the rivers and lakes until recently, so he is concerned about Darryl’s past. I don’t know a lot about Panlongjing. It’s the first time I have heard of it.

Chapter 2012

Seeing the expressions of Elder Darryl, Ji Mindy smiled and said slowly: “So, this Darryl is the most cunning. Back then, he could sneak into the Fang family to snatch the Panlongjing, now he can completely disguise himself and come to me. The Five Poison Sects acted on the head of Nalan!”


When the words fell, Elder Huo was full of anger, slapped his face on the table, and shouted: “So. Darryl must be the murderer. Ma De, my Rushers does not have a deep hatred with him, he is so vicious. Don’t kill Darryl. My Rushers vows not to give up.”

Elder Darryl is also very angry.

Various signs indicate that Darryl is the one who killed the head, so why not be angry?

At this moment, they didn’t know that they were completely blinded by Ji Hongshang. Brittany didn’t die by Darryl’s hand at all, but was swallowed by Demon Lord Gone.


Elder Darryl walked out slowly, his face full of grief. He said to Ginger: “The head of the sect died tragically, but we can’t be the master of the Rushers. The eldest lady is witty and intelligent, and has both talents and virtues. Please take over as head.

When the voice fell, the elders of Huo all agreed.

“Elder Darryl is right.”

“Please also the eldest lady, you can take over as the head.”

Facing the support of several elders, Ginger didn’t have the slightest joy, but her beautiful face was somewhat dazed. After taking Wangyou Water, she had forgotten what Rushers was like.

But the general trend is now. Ginger did not refuse either, nodded and said, “Okay!”


See her promise. Elder Darryl didn’t hesitate, and all knelt down, “I have waited to see the new head.”

Ginger raised Yu’s hand and said softly: “Several elders, immediately send my order to catch Darryl as soon as possible and avenge my mother.”

“Yes!” Elder Darryl replied in unison.

See this scene. Ji Mindy showed a slight smile.

Great, everything is going according to plan. This Ginger became the new head of the Rushers, and then, she could use her to deal with Darryl and the Ouyang family.

At this moment, a handsome figure. Slowly walked the hall.

It is Edward.

“Girl Nalan!”

Edward slowly walked to the front, and said regretfully to Ginger: “Your mother’s matter. I am sorry, but please be sorry.” He said politely, but his eyes showed a little bit of indifference.

Just now, Ji Hongshang has sent someone to check the situation. Tell Edward in detail.

Ginger nodded without responding. At this time, he was still immersed in sadness.

“Several elders!”

Edward tilted his head to look at Elder Darryl: “How is the situation on the Tiandao League and the Ouyang family?”


Hearing the question, Elder Darryl glanced at each other.

In the next second, Elder Darryl took a deep breath and slowly said: “The Heavenly Alliance has an absolute advantage. The Ouyang family and Danzong, as well as the famous sword villa, can’t hold it.”

The voice fell, the hot-tempered Elder Huo. Then shouted: “Darryl killed our head, and his Ouyang family was destroyed is also God’s will!”

Ha ha…

Heard this. Edward laughed, and said to Elder Huo: “This elder has distinct loves and hatreds. It really is a man of temperament.”

After that, Edward looked at Ginger and said, “Your Rushers, how do you plan?”

This one….

Ginger bit her lip tightly, and couldn’t pay attention for a while. She just sat in the position of the head, how can she have any experience in dealing with this situation?

At this time, Elder Huo couldn’t help it: “Head, do you still have to hesitate? Darryl killed your mother. Taking the opportunity, let’s destroy the Ouyang family directly.”

At this time, Elder Huo was full of anger.

Elder Darryl frowned and shook his head and said, “This is not appropriate. Now the entire Kyushu state knows that our Rushers and the Tiandao League do not share the same sky. If we help the Tiandao League destroy the Ouyang family, the other sects will definitely say Let’s do it twice.”

Elder Huo was very dissatisfied, staring his eyes and said: “Then what do you say?”


Elder Darryl opened his mouth, a little dumb for a moment.

Yes, the situation in front of them is too embarrassing. The Heavenly Alliance and the Ouyang Family, both have an enmity with the Rushers, in this case, it is impossible to help either side.

Chapter 2013


Seeing this, Edward couldn’t help but laughed, and then walked over to comfort him: “The two elders don’t need to be upset, in fact, this matter is very simple.”

“The Heavenly Alliance and the Ouyang Family have fought fiercely for several days and nights. It is now at the end of the crossbow. Even if the Heavenly Alliance has an advantage, it will also lose a lot of strength. Since both sides are the enemies of your Rushers, the best way is to bring them Catch it all in one net.”


Heard this. Elder Darryl and Elder Huo looked at each other.

Although Edward’s method was good, the Heavenly Dao League and the Ouyang family were not weak in strength. Relying on Rushers alone, I am afraid it will be difficult to defeat them together.

Aware of their worries, Ji Mindy, who was silent next to him, smiled lightly and said: “Several elders don’t worry, as long as you are willing, my Five Poison Sects will fully support you!”

Elder Darryl groaned, did not immediately respond, but looked at Ginger: “Master, what do you think?”


Ginger hesitated. Looking at Ji Hongshang, he said, “Since there is help from the Five Poison Sects, I think there is no problem.”

With that, Ginger’s eyes gradually became firmer, and he commanded: “Give my order, immediately mobilize everyone from the Rushers, enter the battlefield as quickly as possible, and wipe out the Tiandao League and Ouyang family.” ://m. **

“Yes, the head!”

When the voice fell, the elders of Darryl replied together. Then get ready quickly.

A few minutes later, tens of thousands of Rushers tribes quickly gathered. Headed toward the battlefield in mighty force.

At the same time, Ji Hongshang also mobilized tens of thousands of five Poison Sect elites. Followed by.


On the other side, God’s Domain.

Yuyao Fairy Garden, in the room.

Darryl was walking around without listening, like an ant on a hot pot.

Princess Sally has been away for two hours, and there is no news at all. Will it be when she will clean the water with Liuli. Was discovered?


Just when Darryl was thinking about it, the door was gently pushed open. Then, a slender figure quickly walked in.

A gorgeous long dress, beautiful and indispensable. It was Princess Sally.

I saw that Princess Sally was carrying two packages in her hands. His expression seemed calm, but his eyes flashed with tension.


Seeing Princess Sally, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled: “You can count back. Have you got Liuli Water?”

Princess Sally was too lazy to talk nonsense. Throw one of the packages to Darryl: “Liu Li Jingshui is inside, and there is a set of clothes. You can change it quickly.”

Hearing this, Darryl opened the package and saw a jade bottle filled with some light blue water, not only that, but also a set of armor for the guards of the gods.

Liuli water purification!

Seeing the jade bottle with light blue clear water, Darryl couldn’t say how excited.

D*mn, this time came to God’s Domain. Despite the twists and turns, I finally got Liuli Water Purification.

Excited. Darryl picked up the armor: “What is this?”

Princess Sally said irritably: “Yuyao Xianyuan is heavily guarded, if you don’t dress up in disguise. You can’t get out at all, so quickly put on your clothes.”

With that said, Princess Sally turned around, not looking at Darryl, her expression was very impatient.


Hearing this, Darryl was taken aback first, then silently nodded in approval.

This Princess Sally seemed stubborn and unreasonable, but when it was a critical moment, she still had a lot of brains.

Thinking about it, Darryl quickly put on his armor and said with a smile: “Alright!”

Princess Sally glanced back at him and said coldly: “Now it’s time for the princess to change her clothes. You turned around and you are not allowed to peek. Otherwise, I will goug your dog’s eyes.”

When she said this, Princess Sally’s beautiful face was full of contempt.

If it weren’t for seeing Rodolf in Jiuzhou, I wouldn’t have gone to Darryl’s room to change clothes. These were all caused by Darryl, so naturally he would not have a good face to him.

D*mn it!

Hearing this, Darryl felt very upset.

It was not my fault that caused this situation, but this Princess Sally treated me like a slave. Why?

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t turn around, but looked up and down Princess Sally.

I have to say that the figure of Princess Sally is really tight and the curve is perfect.

Chapter 2014


Princess Sally was in a bad mood. Seeing Darryl staring at herself unblinking at this time, she was even more angry and coldly said: “Darryl, you look at me like this again, believe it or not, I killed you. ?”

kill me?

Darryl smiled faintly. Said: “Kill me, who will take you to Kyushu to find Rodolf?”

As he said, Darryl looked cynical: “And I tell you, I have no interest in you at all. You know, in the mainland of Kyushu, I have many confidantes, all of them are beautiful, gentle and gentle. . How many times better than you don’t know. If you really want me to see it, I don’t want to see it.”

The last sentence fell, and Darryl closed his eyes.


Upon hearing this, Princess Sally’s face flushed and she was furious.

This Darryl is really a ba5tard, obviously taking advantage of him. Still talking coldly.

However, looking at Darryl’s posture that a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water, Princess Sally has nothing to do. After all, she still needs to rely on Darryl to go to Kyushu.

Depressed, Princess Sally bit her lip tightly and began to change her clothes.


Finally, Princess Sally changed her clothes and said coldly at Darryl: “Okay, now we can go out, but before leaving Yuyao Xianyuan, you have to listen to me and meet the patrolling guards. Not to mention. speak.”

Princess Sally grew up in Yuyao Xianyuan since she was a child, and knew the environment here well, and was afraid that Darryl would not cooperate.

“Okay, everything is up to you.” Darryl smiled and nodded.

With that said, Darryl followed Princess Sally out of the room.


When he got outside, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath when he saw the scene in front of him.

It was late at night, but because the wedding was approaching, the entire Yuyao Fairy Garden was still brightly lit, and many maids were still busy deploying the wedding scene.

In this case, Princess Sally and Darryl were also regarded as busy and scary, and they were not suspected at all.

quickly. Princess Sally took Darryl and arrived near the back door of Xianyuan.

At this moment, Princess Sally was very excited. Speaking softly: “After we get out of this door, we will leave Yuyao Xianyuan completely.”

Darryl nodded, also extremely excited.

Mad. Finally I can leave.

Boom, boom, boom!

However, at this moment, a sound of vibration was heard, coming from outside the door, and then, a huge figure appeared in the line of sight.

D*mn it!

Seeing that thing, Darryl’s heart was shocked, completely stunned.

Just see. That huge figure, more than three meters high, looks like a black bear. It’s just that the head looks like a unicorn, but the limbs are similar to that of an ape. Not only that, the hair all over the body is still two colors of gold and silver.

What the hell is this? It looks like four different images.

“Kun Meng?”

Just as Darryl muttered secretly, Princess Sally also trembled. Can’t help but exhale in a low voice, at the same time, deep fear flashes in his eyes.

Darryl frowned: “What Kunmeng?”

Princess Sally rolled her eyes. He glanced at Darryl, as if he was looking at a fool: “Kun Meng doesn’t even know, you are still the Nine Heavens Profound Sage.”

After that, Princess Sally thought for a while, and continued: “After Pangu opened up the world, many spirit beasts emerged from the world. The most famous are the four innate spirit beasts, the Azure Dragon, and the White Tiger. Suzaku and Xuanwu, and this Kunmeng has a reputation. Although there is no resounding of the four innate spirit beasts, the strength is not weak.”

“Kun Meng is not only powerful, but also extremely loyal in character. As early as five thousand years, when God’s Domain was just formed, the gods completely tame Kun Meng, and later, Kun Meng became my father’s imperial beast. “

At the end of the talk, Princess Sally looked at Kunmeng who was hovering outside the door, her delicate face was complicated: “Usually. Kunmeng was sent outside by my father to patrol the realm of God with the patrol soldiers. Today it was arranged in Yuyao Xianyuan. It seems we can’t leave.”


Darryl was stunned immediately, and couldn’t help saying: “This Kun Meng looks stupid, let’s sneak away. It shouldn’t be found.”

Princess Sally shook her head: “You don’t know, Kunmeng is very sensitive, especially for me, because it looks at me when I grow up, and it can tell at a glance no matter what I dress up.”

D*mn it!

so smart?

Hearing this, Darryl was dumbfounded. If this is the case, wouldn’t it be impossible to leave today?


At this moment, Kun Meng, who was hovering outside the door, seemed to sense the breath of Princess Sally. When she turned her body, her eyes were like electricity, and she locked Princess Sally directly.

Chapter 2015


At this moment, Princess Sally’s body trembled, and she hurriedly said to Darryl: “Quick, run!” After the words fell, Princess Sally turned and ran towards the palace not far away.

Never let Kun Meng discover him, otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous if the father knew the situation.

Darryl did not hesitate and followed Princess Sally closely.

Boom boom boom…

Na Kunmeng had a very high IQ. Seeing Princess Sally and Darryl turned around and ran away, she immediately followed up without hesitation, striding forward.

Seeing Kun Meng chasing her, Princess Sally became even more anxious, and greeted Darryl to rush into the palace in front of her.

This palace is called Yushan Palace, where the fairy chef prepares meals. Because it is near the wedding, it is filled with rare ingredients. The moment Darryl entered, he only felt an intoxicating scent.

D*mn it!

At this time, Darryl was shocked in his heart.

These Nine Heavens Gods and Empress Hua Zhao really enjoy them. There are so many delicacies and delicacies in this Imperial Palace, I’m afraid there are tens of thousands of them, and they won’t be able to eat for a few years.


While sighing, I heard that Kunmeng also chased outside the Yushan Palace, but Yuyao Xianyuan had a rule that Kunmeng was a spirit beast and could not enter the Yushan Palace, so Kunmeng could only guard outside the palace gate.

At this moment, a group of patrolling soldiers passed by, saw the situation, and hurried over.

“what’s the situation?”

“Look at this, who should have broken into the Yushan Palace, so Master Kunmeng would linger outside the door.”

“Go, go in and take a look.”

After several patrol soldiers discussed, they entered the Imperial Palace.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, both Darryl and Princess Sally were too anxious.

In the next second, Darryl saw not far away, there was a long jade table covered with dozens of delicacies and delicacies. He didn’t hesitate, and he went in at once.

The tablecloth is very long, almost dragged to the ground, it is a good place to hide.

As he got in, Darryl did not forget to shout to Princess Sally: “Come in.”


Princess Sally hesitated, her delicate face was full of complexity.

Her own dignified princess, Jin Zhi Yu Ye, wants to hide under the table in the Imperial Palace. How decent is it?

But once discovered by those patrolling soldiers, his plan to escape was completely revealed.

Thinking of this, Princess Sally hurriedly bent over and got in.

However, the space under the table was small, and the moment Princess Sally came in, she got directly into Darryl’s arms.


With the soft fragrance in his arms, Darryl was immediately blinded, and couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

So soft and so fragrant.

Princess Sally was embarrassed and angry, and wanted to go out, but she thought of patrolling the magic soldiers and searching nearby. She could only hold it back, but her body collapsed tightly.

Princess Sally was very depressed at this time.

I thought about following Darryl to Kyushu, but forgot the unpleasantness before, but never expected that before leaving Yuyao Xianyuan, I would have to be so close to him.

The more Princess Sally thought about it, the more frustrated, she couldn’t help saying: “Darryl, stay away from me!”

“This place is so small, why should I stay away from you? I was discovered by accident.”

“Then don’t move around!”

“Why am I moving? Are you wiggling, okay?”


“Shhh… those magic soldiers are searching here soon, let’s bear it for a while.”

I don’t know how long it took, a few patrolling soldiers searched a circle and left without finding any suspicious places.


Hearing the sound of footsteps going away, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The hanging heart of Princess Sally finally fell.

Immediately, the two were about to come out from under the table.


However, at this moment, there was a slight sound of footsteps, and soon they came to the table.

D*mn it!

At this moment, both Darryl and Princess Sally were nervous.

Has the whereabouts been discovered?

Just when Darryl and Princess Sally were extremely nervous, they heard the delicacies on the table being flipped one by one, and then someone picked up the chopsticks and began to taste them.

The visitor tasted it and said with emotion: “God will really enjoy these nine days. It takes so much to eat a supper. I will try it first…”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned. Who is this, so courageous, that Nine Heavens God’s supper dares to move?

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