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Chapter 2026


At this moment, Princess Sally’s gaze directly locked Edward, and said coldly: “Are you the Edward?”

Edward smiled slightly: “Yes, it’s underneath. I don’t know where the beauty comes from?”

When talking about this. Edward looked at Princess Sally up and down, with a certain dignity in his eyes.

The power of the primordial spirit that pervades this beauty is stronger than that of Rodolf. It seems that her identity is extraordinary, and she can’t take it lightly.


At this moment, the five Poison Sect disciples present also held their breath and focused on Princess Sally. Waiting for her answer.

Princess Sally hovered in the air, her beautiful face was full of cold arrogance: “I am the daughter of Nine Heavens God, Princess Sally.”


Hearing this, no matter it was Edward or the five Poison Sect disciples around, they were all stunned.

This…. Is this beauty so big? It turned out to be the daughter of Nine Heavens…

For a time. The audience was silent, and even a needle dropped could be heard clearly.

Seeing this, Princess Sally had a bit of contempt in her eyes, and she immediately flew towards Bai Yun: “You already know my identity, so you can quickly release Rodolf. Otherwise, I will tell you to die without being buried. Ground.”

As the daughter of Nine Heavens God, Princess Sally had a cold and arrogant personality, and she didn’t pay much attention to Edward and the Five Poison Sects present.

“Ha ha….”

Hearing this, Edward was taken aback for a moment, and then chuckled lightly.

honestly. After knowing the identity of Princess Sally, Edward was very surprised, but after calming down, seeing Princess Sally alone, he didn’t feel so panicked.

However, Ji Hongshang, who was next to him, couldn’t help it.

“What a big tone!”

In the next second, Ji Hongshang walked out and yelled at Princess Sally, “How about you being Princess Sally? This is the continent of Jiuzhou, not God’s Domain.”

“You are not qualified to be wild in our place!”

The last word fell, and a long sword appeared in Ji Hongshang’s hands, and then the delicate body flashed, and the long sword pierced directly towards Princess Sally.

Seriously, if it was before. Ji Hongshang didn’t have the courage at all, after all, the other party was Princess Sally, the daughter of Nine Heavens God.

but now. Ji Hongshang is backed by Edward, and is in the forbidden area of ​​the main altar. There is also the powerful Demon Lord Gone. In this case, Ji Hongshang has a backing in his heart and is naturally fearless.


Seeing Ji Hongshang rushing, Princess Sally frowned her eyebrows, her beautiful face showed a bit of anger, and then the jade hand raised, a dazzling light burst out.


In the next second, the light slammed into Ji Mindy’s long sword. When a loud noise came out, Ji Mindy snorted, and the whole person was directly shocked and flew out. He flew tens of meters away, and finally fell on the steps of the main altar, his pretty face pale.

What a terrifying power!

Ji Hongshang’s body trembled faintly, staring at Princess Sally closely, shocked in her heart.

“act recklessly!”

Princess Sally opened her red lips lightly, and uttered a few words coldly. Immediately, his eyes were fixed on Edward, and he said coldly, “Edward. I will give you one last chance to hand over Rodolf immediately, otherwise, I will let all of you be buried today!”

“Let all of you be buried today!”

The last sentence was not loud, but it spread throughout the Five Poison Sect’s general altar.


For a time, the entire Five Poison Sect’s general altar. Silence is silent.

The five Poison Sect disciples present all looked at each other and felt the killing intent pervading Princess Sally’s body. Everyone was inexplicably panic.

To be honest, if someone else said such cruel things, these Five Poison Sect disciples would definitely be tempted to laugh out loud, but Princess Sally was different, she was the daughter of the Nine Heavens God.

Not only that, but Princess Sally’s strength was also very strong, and she defeated Ji Hongshang with just one move.


At this time, Edward’s expression also became serious.

Since getting involved in the arena, this is the first time I have received such a threat, and. The other party is still a woman.

“good very good!”

The next second, Edward took a deep breath. She looked at Princess Sally with a faint smile: “It seems that the princess is very confident, then I will take a good look!”

When the voice fell, Edward urged the power of the demon soul. The figure rose into the sky and came straight towards Princess Sally.

Chapter 2027

Princess Sally’s face was cold and she didn’t hesitate at all, she directly confronted her, and fought fiercely in the air with Edward.

Bang bang bang…

I saw the silhouettes of both sides constantly shuttled back and forth in mid-air. The burst of breath vibration caused the situation to change.

At the beginning, Edward was still full of confidence, but after a few rounds, he didn’t feel right.

This princess Sally, but a daughter’s family, is so powerful…

At this time, Edward had successfully integrated the power of the Demon Soul, but he was fighting Princess Sally. Can’t get the slightest advantage!


Just when Edward was secretly anxious, she saw Princess Sally jade flipping her hand and hitting her with a fluttering palm!

This palm was very slow, but it was in front of him in the blink of an eye. Edward couldn’t avoid it at all, so he couldn’t think much about it at the time. Quickly use the power of the devil soul to greet him with a palm.


In the next second, the two of them touched their palms and gave out a dull vibration. Then, Edward’s body trembled, and the volley was shaken a dozen steps back. His handsome face was instantly hard to look at!

Speaking of it, although Edward has integrated the power of the devil soul, it counts from the time he got the devil soul to the present. It only took a few months, and Princess Sally, as the daughter of Nine Heavens God, had cultivated for more than a thousand years, and her background was not comparable to Edward.


At this moment, Edward only felt his chest stuffy. After volleying to stabilize his figure, he looked at Princess Sally tightly, furious.

This princess Sally is worthy of being the daughter of Nine Heavens God, and her strength is too strong.

In fright, Edward quickly landed on the ground, shouting at the Wupozong disciples around him: “What are you doing in a daze? Hurry up and take her down for me!”

Edward thought, since Princess Sally is so strong. Just let the Five Poison Sect consume her first.


When the voice fell, tens of thousands of elite disciples of the Five Poison Sects urged their internal forces. Charged into the air and surrounded Princess Sally.

Seriously, these elite disciples of the Five Poison Sects. I didn’t want to fight Princess Sally, but there was no way. No one could violate Edward’s order.

“It’s not an opponent to fight alone, just want to bully the less?”

Seeing tens of thousands of Five Poison Sect disciples besieging her, Princess Sally showed a bit of disdain on her beautiful face, and then raised her jade hand, condensing a white long sword with the power of the original spirit. Directly greet the crowd.

Bang bang bang.

Princess Sally was holding the white long sword tightly, her figure agile, elegant and graceful indescribable. And every time a shot was taken, more than a dozen Five Poison Sect disciples must be shot down, and after landing, all of them looked pale and extremely weak.

Just a few moments of breathing, the Five Poison Sect disciple who was defeated by Princess Sally. It reached a few thousand.


Seeing this scene, Ji Mindy was furious and anxious. He whispered at Edward: “Sect Master, it won’t work like this.”

Edward’s expression was extremely gloomy. After thinking about it, he said coldly, “Go and bring Rodolf out!”

Edward thought it through. Since she couldn’t take Princess Sally down, she could only threaten Rodolf.

The voice fell. Ji Mindy hurriedly instructed the disciples beside him to bring the five-flowered Rodolf to the entrance of the main altar.

this moment. Edward didn’t hesitate, and said to Princess Sally who was in the air: “Princess Sally, stop immediately, otherwise you will be at your own risk!”


Upon hearing this, Princess Sally did not immediately stop, but subconsciously looked towards Edward.

At this look, Princess Sally trembled, surprised and delighted!

I saw that beside Edward, a few disciples of the Five Poison Sects were holding a weak figure!

It is Rodolf!

At this time, Rodolf, his hands and feet were tightly tied. His face was pale, and his gold armor was covered with blood stains, and he was indescribably weak and embarrassed. It’s completely gone from the usual majestic appearance, but like a dog in the water!

Seeing this, Princess Sally felt distressed. At the same time even more angry.

Rodolf was the special envoy of God’s Domain, and even the most famous leader in God’s Domain, but he was tortured like this by Edward.


At this time, seeing Princess Sally, Rodolf was shocked, and she was suddenly surprised.

After yelling, Rodolf was ashamed. He was the head of the dignified God Realm but was caught by Edward. More importantly, this embarrassing appearance was seen by the favorite Princess Sally.

This, this is really shameful.

Chapter 2028

While ashamed, Rodolf was also a little puzzled.

what happened? Isn’t the princess about to have a wedding with Darryl? Why did you suddenly come to Kyushu!


At this time, Princess Sally yelled: “I’m here to save you.” The voice fell, and her delicate body flashed. About to rush down.

“Princess Sally!”

However, at this moment, Edward shouted angrily, then walked over and hung his hand over Rodolf’s head: “Stop immediately, otherwise, I will abolish his soul!”


See this scene. Princess Sally stopped abruptly, her body trembling.

At this time, Princess Sally could not wait to kill Edward immediately. But she did not dare to act rashly. She has a deep love for Rodolf, how can she watch Rodolf being killed?


A few seconds later. Princess Sally slowed down, glaring at Edward, and shouted: “Let him go right away.”


Seeing her nervous look, Edward was very proud, and said with a smile: “His Royal Highness is so nervous, this Rodolf, is it your lover?”

Upon hearing this, Princess Sally flushed and scolded: “Stop talking nonsense. How can you let him go?”

“His Royal Highness, don’t worry!”

Edward looked abusive, and then he thought for a while and said: “Well, do me a favor, as long as the princess can do it, I will let Rodolf go.”

“What are you busy?” Princess Sally frowned.

Edward smiled slightly and said faintly: “It’s very simple, within a day, you help me find a man with a pure yang body, and then grab it and hand it to me, as long as the princess can do it. I will let Rodolf go.”

When he said this, Edward appeared calm. But the eyes flashed with gloomy cold.

After Demon Lord Gone swallowed Brittany’s pure yin body, he was still short of a pure yang body. In order to truly reshape the body, however, Edward sent people to search all over Kyushu, but did not find the Pure Yang Body. For this, Edward had a headache.

At this time, Princess Sally made a fuss about the Five Poison Sect. Edward immediately thought of letting her do it for her. Go to the body of pure sun. After all, Princess Sally, as the daughter of Nine Heavens God, has great magical powers and she has come forward. You can definitely find a pure yang body.

More importantly, Princess Sally is the daughter of Nine Heavens. Go to help Demon Lord Gone find the Pure Sun Body, once this matter is exposed, the prestige of God’s Domain will be greatly damaged.

Pure Yang Body?

Upon hearing this condition, Princess Sally frowned. Then lightly said: “Okay, I promise you!”

Princess Sally at this time. She didn’t know yet that Edward was looking for the Pure Sun Body in order to make Demon Lord Gonje reshape his body. She only knew that as long as Rodolf was safe, she would agree to any conditions.

When the voice fell, Rodolf trembled and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Princess, don’t agree.”

“The body of pure sun is for the demon to respect and shape the body. This is no trivial matter, you have to know. Once the demon Lord Gone is reborn, the world will be in chaos…”

When yelling these. Rodolf’s weak face was full of anxiety.

As a special envoy to God’s Domain, Rodolf certainly knew what a pure Yang body meant.


Upon hearing this, Princess Sally trembled and she was just astonished….

It turned out that… Edward wanted a pure yang body to prepare the devil to respect life.


At this time, Rodolf continued to shout: “Don’t worry about me, go back and report the situation to your majesty. Demon Lord Gone has already left the magic mirror. As long as he combines the body of pure yang and the body of pure yin, Can be completely reborn.”

“This matter can’t wait, my life is not important, the safety of the world is the most important.”

When shouting these, Rodolf’s eyes were full of complexity. He knew in his heart that even if Princess Sally saved him, he would not be together because Nine Heavens God had already betrothed Princess Sally to Princess Sally.

Moreover, if the demon respects life at the price of his own life, Nine Heavens God will not forgive himself.

“Do not…”

However, when she heard this, Princess Sally desperately shook her head, and then cried out: “Rodolf, why don’t you understand, you are dead, what is the meaning of my life?”

After speaking, Princess Sally looked at Edward: “Edward, remember your words, when I bring the Pure Yang Body, you will let Rodolf go!”

Chapter 2029


Edward laughed and nodded: “Don’t worry, I, Edward, will count, you only have half a day. Good luck!”

Princess Sally stopped talking nonsense, nodded, and then said to Rodolf: “Don’t worry, I will save you out!” The voice fell, her beautiful body rose up and disappeared into the night.

princess. you are silly!

Seeing this scene, Rodolf was anxious and moved.

He didn’t expect that Princess Sally would be so affectionate for him. I would rather go against the principle and save myself.


On the other side, God’s Domain.

In the hall of Yuyao Xianyuan, the God of Nine Heavens was sitting there with a gloomy expression and a trace of sorrow.

Tomorrow is the wedding day of Darryl and Princess Sally, but God Jiutian is not happy at all, he is not used to Darryl. This time, for the sake of face, Princess Sally was betrothed to Darryl. How could she be happy?

Empress Hua Zhao was by her side, her beautiful face could not conceal her joy.

Unlike Nine Heavens God, tomorrow is the daughter’s wedding, mothers, of course happy.

“All right!”

At this time, seeing the gloomy look of God of Nine Heavens, Empress Hua Zhao comforted: “Your Majesty. This is the end of the matter. Don’t be depressed. You should be happy for your daughter.”

As he was talking, a maid walked in quickly outside the door. The look panicked: “It’s not good, it’s not good…”

The maid was panting and sweating profusely.

The God of Nine Heavens was in a bad mood, and suddenly became angry: “What does it look like in a panic? What’s wrong?”

The maid was almost crying, her voice trembled, and she knelt on the ground: “Your Majesty is not well. Just now the servant gave the princess meals and found that the princess’s room was empty. I don’t know where she went.”

As he said, the maid wiped a cold sweat and continued: “Then I went to Yulong’s room again and found that the people were gone.”


Heard this. Whether it is the Nine Heavens God or the Hua Zhao Niang Niang, their expressions changed.

Tomorrow is the day of the wedding. Are Darryl and Sally gone?

Soon, Empress Hua Zhao reacted, her eyebrows furrowed, and she asked the maid: “How are you guarding? Come on. Where are Darryl and Princess now?”

The maid trembled all over and almost cried: “Back to the mother. We searched the room and the vicinity, but there was no clue. The horse and the princess seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.”

Disappear out of thin air?

Empress Hua Zhao was stunned there, only feeling her brain humming.

Nine Heavens God also frowned and looked gloomy. Yuyao Xianyuan is heavily guarded, how could it disappear out of thin air?

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Empress Hua Zhao analyzed: “Darryl is the Profound Saint of the Nine Heavens. It is not impossible for him to leave Yuyao Immortal Garden with a concealment. Perhaps, he took Sally to Kyushu.”


Heard this. Nine Heavens God was so angry that he slapped the table suddenly: “Making a fool, it’s a bullying.”

With that said, God of Nine Heavens shouted at the divine soldiers outside the door: “Send my decree, order Haotian Divine Lord to lead an army of 500,000 to go to the Jiuzhou Continent, and be sure to capture Darryl and Princess Sally back.”

The Nine Heavens God at this time was very angry.

No matter what the reason for Darryl and Princess Sally left, but the wedding is such a big event, such a trifling matter, it is really abhorrent, if you don’t catch them back, what will be the majesty in the future? How to rule God’s Domain?


Feeling the anger of Nine Heavens God, the soldier outside the door responded and hurried to give an oral message.


On the other side, Rushers.

In the hall, the elders of Ginger Hefeng were discussing how to catch Darryl.

At this time, Ginger’s exquisite face was a little anxious, it has been a day, and there is no news of Darryl.


At this time, Elder Darryl said with comfort: “Don’t worry, the Ouyang family are all in our hands, I am not afraid that Darryl will not show up!”

When the voice fell, Elder Huo couldn’t help but speak: “Yes, as long as Darryl appears, he will definitely be called to come back!”


As he was talking, he saw two figures, like lightning, descending from a high altitude.

It is Darryl and Anthony!

Knowing that everyone in the Ouyang family was captured by Rushers, Darryl rushed over without stopping.

Chapter 2030


Seeing Darryl’s appearance, everyone in the main hall was taken aback.

This Darryl appeared in time, just as he was, he appeared.

but. Who is this old man next to him? I have never seen it before.

A few seconds later, Elder Huo took the lead in reacting, slammed the case, pointed at Darryl and shouted angrily: “Darryl, you despicable and shameless villain, dare to come here? You killed our former head. I will call you today. life for a life!”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and looked at each other with Anthony.

I killed Brittany? Where does this start?

Thinking about it, Darryl looked at Ginger who was sitting there: “Your mother is dead? What’s the matter?”

Ginger’s delicate face. Full of grief and indignation, he said cruelly: “Darryl, don’t be pretentious. At the Five Poison Sect General Altar, you dressed up as a man in black, led me and my mother to the back mountain, and then drove my mother down the cliff. “

“Fortunately, you still call yourself a hero of Kyushu, what you have done. Don’t you dare to admit it?”

D*mn it!

Hearing this, Darryl was completely stunned. When did he go to the Five Poison Sect? Still dressed up as a man in black?

In the next second, Darryl smiled bitterly: “It’s true that I have been in God’s Domain for this period of time, and I have never been to the Five Poison Sect. Someone must have framed me in this matter.”

“To shut up!”

At this moment, Elder Huo breathed fire in his eyes and patted the table heavily. Pointing at Darryl and yelled: “You have to quibble again, the situation at the time. It was our head who saw it with his own eyes. Do you still want to deny it?”

“This kind of shameless guy. No need to talk nonsense with him, today he took the initiative to send it to the door and killed him to avenge the former head!”

“Yes, kill him!”

At this moment, everyone in the hall pointed to Darryl’s mouth to punish him.

Ginger had confirmed the killing of Brittany. You can’t go wrong.

Darryl ignored the screams of Elder Huo and others, and came to Rushers this time. I just wanted to know the whereabouts of the Ouyang family. At that time, I took a deep breath and looked at Ginger and asked: “Ginger, I ask you, is the Ouyang family in your Rushers?”

When asking about these. Darryl was calm on the surface, but a little nervous in his heart.

He was slandered and killed Brittany. With such blood feud, if the Ouyang family were to fall into the hands of the Rushers, it would definitely be more fierce than good!

“Not bad.”

Ginger raised her neck with a cold face: “You killed my mother. I caught your family, what’s wrong? I tell you. I threw them all into the hole in the back mountain. The dragon is the critical period of cultivation. Your family and your brothers have become a pile of bones by now.”


Hearing this, Darryl’s expression changed, and his heart suddenly became angry, Ginger was too ruthless. You actually threw Brother Wen and the others into the hole, you know. The flood dragon in the cave is about to transform into a dragon, and its strength is terrifying.

I thought. Darryl was about to rush out of the hall and go to the back mountain to rescue Lorenzo and them.

“Stop him!”

However, before turning around, he heard Elder Huo’s loud shout, and immediately afterwards, he rushed over with the others to surround Darryl.

“I want to save people, so let’s save my life first.” Huo elder shouted.


When the voice fell, Elder Huo and everyone around him burst into internal power.

In the face of this situation, Darryl did not panic at all, but looked at Ginger and said: “I repeat, your mother was not killed by me. You should first let me see Brother Wen and them. Don’t worry, I will check. The truth.”

Ginger snorted coldly: “Do you think I would believe your nonsense? The vengeance of killing your mother is not shared, you go to die!” As he said, he waved his hand.

Whoosh whoosh!

At this moment, Elder Huo everyone urged their figures to burst out towards Darryl.

Darryl frowned, and his heart was extremely anxious.

Seriously, he didn’t want to play with Rushers, but the situation in front of him couldn’t wait to die.

At this moment, a figure flickered out and stood in front of Darryl.

It is Anthony.


Seeing this scene, everyone in Elder Huo stopped one after another, and their gazes suddenly gathered on Anthony.

In the next second, Elder Huo said coldly: “This friend, the private grievance between us and Darryl, please do not interfere. The sword does not grow eyes, lest it hurt you.”

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