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Chapter 2031

When he said this, Elder Huo’s eyes were full of contempt.

In his eyes, although Anthony has a special temperament, he has no reputation among the rivers and lakes of Kyushu. Obviously an unknown person.

Ha ha!

Feeling the contempt of Elder Huo, Anthony was not angry at all, but waved his hand and said with a smile: “Don’t fight, don’t fight, this matter must be a misunderstanding!”

Talking. Anthony glanced at Darryl and explained to him: “One day ago, Darryl and I just met in Yuyao Xianyuan in God’s Domain, and then we returned to Kyushu together. Before coming to your Rushers, I would talk to him. Together, you said, how could he have time to kill your former boss?”


Hearing this, Elder Huo frowned and glanced at Ginger and others.

Where did the crazy old man come from?

In the next second, Elder Darryl reacted and looked at Anthony: “You just said. You and Darryl met in God’s Domain?”

“Yes!” Anthony nodded with a serious look.

Elder Darryl’s expression turned cold: “So, you are a priest of God’s Domain, serving the God of Nine Heavens?” The entire God’s Domain is ruled by God of Nine Heavens. This old man comes from God’s Domain, isn’t he the subordinate of God of Nine Heavens?

This one….

Anthony scratched his head and said with a complicated expression: “It’s not about working for the Nine Heavens God, but I have some friendship with his master.”

Anthony was right, when the ancestors of the great wild traveled nine days away. Met with Anthony, both of whom are like-minded. Counted as friends.

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl’s heart was shocked. Looked blankly at Anthony speechless.

He has friendship with the great ancestors?

Darryl is too clear about the position of the ancient ancestors in the realm of God, but it is the existence that even the nine gods and the masters of the gods and the gods look up to, and this jade boy and immortal can be in friendship with the ancient ancestors, can he not let it Shocked?


And the surrounding fire elders. But there was an uproar, one by one glaring at Anthony. The whole body was filled with strong hostility.

The Rushers originally had an enmity with God’s Domain, and it was almost incompatible. And this Anthony, since he is friends with the ancestors, he is naturally the enemy of Rushers.

Under anger. Elder Huo glanced at Darryl coldly: “Oh, you Darryl, it’s no wonder that you dare to break into my Xia Hidden Sect so arrogantly. It turns out that God’s Domain is supporting you.”

When the voice fell, Ginger also said coldly: “Darryl, do you think that by bringing a helper from God’s Domain, you can do whatever you want? You too underestimate our Rushers.”


Seeing that the situation is getting more and more dead. Darryl almost wanted to cry without tears.


At this moment, Elder Huo yelled. Pointing at Ginger: “Don’t talk nonsense with them, just go straight, if you can’t catch them alive, just kill them directly.”

When the voice fell, the elder Huo’s internal force revolved, and with a wave of his hand, a flame burst out, directly towards Anthony.

See this scene. Darryl suddenly hung up and was about to rush over. Help Anthony resist.

However, Anthony didn’t panic at all, but looked at Elder Huo with interest: “Playing with fire in front of me? Your qualifications are still far short.”


The voice fell. Anthony took a deep breath, and then blew it towards the fire. In an instant, the seemingly fierce flame was directly extinguished.


Seeing this scene, both Elder Huo and the others around were stunned.

The strength of this old man is so terrifying that he extinguished the flame of Elder Huo with a single breath? You should know that the elder Huo cultivated the technique of raging fire attribute since he was a child, and his research on fire reached the highest level. He even possessed the sixth-ranked different fire in the world, the Taicang open fire.

But the flame of Elder Huo was so easily extinguished by this old man?

It’s incredible, if you don’t see it with your own eyes, who can believe it?


Finally, Elder Huo reacted and stared at Anthony closely, almost exploding: “I have some ability, come again!” Then, the Elder Huo broke out and rushed directly at Anthony.

Seeing Elder Huo rushing, Anthony shook his head, and said with no interest: “You are not good enough, and it is not fun to fight with you at all!”

With that said, Anthony pointed at Elder Huo: “Set!”

Chapter 2032


At the moment when the last word fell, Elder Huo only felt a terrifying and invisible force struck, and then his body was shocked. I can’t move it.

How could this be?

At this moment, Elder Huo’s brain buzzed, and he was full of shock when he saw Anthony’s gaze.

The other party just raised his hand and he couldn’t move.

How did he do that?

I go!

At the same time, Darryl was also dumbfounded. Looking closely at Anthony speechless, his heart was full of amazement.

This…. Is this the gaping hole in the rumors?

According to rumors, the cultivator reaches a very high level and does not need to be close. It’s just that this kind of stunt can only be found in ancient books and documents, and even the gods of God’s Domain can’t use it, but they didn’t expect it to open their eyes on Anthony today.


Elder Darryl and everyone around were also dumbfounded, and Elder Huo hadn’t gotten close yet. Was he tapped the acupoint?

how can that be?

In shock, Ginger’s delicate face flushed red, and then she yelled, “Let’s go together!”

The dignified and hidden sect has been passed on for nearly 10,000 years. If even an old man can’t hold it, how can he gain a foothold in Kyushu in the future?


When the voice fell, the surrounding Elder Darryl, all of them slowed down, and rushed towards Anthony one after another.

Seeing this scene, Darryl stepped back consciously. If it was normal, he would definitely come to help as soon as possible. But after seeing the real strength of Anthony, he gave up his plan to shoot.


this moment. Anthony smiled and sighed slightly, then raised his right hand, and suddenly, an invisible breath swept around.

Suddenly, under the shroud of this force. Elder Darryl, everyone rushed only halfway, and they were fixed there one by one.


In the entire main altar hall. The deathly silence, whether it was Ginger or Elder Darryl, everyone was stupid.

Completely shocked.

The strength of this old man is too terrifying. With so many people, he can’t even touch his clothes. It’s not an opponent of the same level at all, how can you fight this?


Seeing this scene, Darryl smiled and felt extremely comfortable.

I thought I was going to get into a bitter battle. I could go to the Houshan Forbidden Land to save Brother Wen and the others, but I didn’t expect it. Anthony managed Ginger these people so easily.

Excited, Darryl hugged a fist at Anthony, and said gratefully: “Thank you, senior, for helping me.”

Anthony smiled indifferently and waved his hand: “You are polite, you invite me to drink and eat delicious food, and I should help you deal with the trouble.”

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but smile. Immediately rushed out of the main hall and rushed towards the forbidden area of ​​the back mountain.

Anthony couldn’t think too much. Also keep up.


Soon, I arrived in front of the hole in the Forbidden Land of Houshan. Seeing the situation below, the rock hanging in Darryl’s heart finally fell to the ground.

At the bottom of the cave, the huge figure of Jiaolong was lying there. Around it, Lorenzo was sitting there, holding their breath, one by one, practicing and recovering.

No one is hurt.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was overjoyed and quickly jumped down.

“Brother Wen, Raquel…”

When approaching the bottom, Darryl couldn’t help but yelled.


Hearing the shouts, Lorenzo, Raquel, Ye Zhixin and others opened their eyes. After seeing Darryl, they couldn’t hide their excitement.


“Brother Darryl!”


Excited, everyone walked up quickly, with joy that could not be concealed on their faces.

Darryl took out Liuli Water Purification and handed it to Peter: “Peter, I have successfully obtained Liuli Water Purification, you and Bessie take it quickly.”


Seeing Liuli water purification, Lorenzo and others were extremely excited.

Peter and Bryant didn’t hesitate to take Liuli Purifying Water directly. After taking Liuli Purifying Water for a short time, they only felt that their bodies were extremely light and transparent.


In the next second, Peter and Bryant frowned at the same time, and then opened their mouths to spit out two bloody bugs. The bugs were the size of a fingernail and were blood-red throughout, which was very strange.

It is the Soul Devouring Bloodworm.

Chapter 2033

Soon, the two soul-devouring bloodworms disappeared into a cloud of blood under everyone’s attention.

“Ma De!”

At this moment, Peter clenched his fists. He said fiercely: “Sure enough, Edward’s ghost, I said that I feel something is wrong during this period of time.”

When the voice fell, Lorenzo came over and said to Darryl: “Darryl, when you came down, were you not blocked by Rushers?”

Darryl smiled: “I have a senior who helps me. Rushers can’t help me at all.”


Lorenzo and Raquel all were taken aback.


At this moment, a figure descended from mid-air, it was Anthony.

See Anthony come down. Darryl showed a slight smile and quickly introduced to everyone: “Brother Wen, Raquel, this is the senior I was talking about, Anthony…”

Afterwards, Darryl told the origin of Anthony.

what? Is this old man an immortal from the outside world?

For a time, whether it was Lorenzo or Raquel everyone. All were stunned there, speechless for a long time.

After a full ten seconds, Lorenzo and other talents slowed down and greeted Anthony politely one by one. At the same time, in my heart, I was also happy for Darryl.

Can Darryl be upset that he has made such a powerful friend?

At this moment, Darryl thought of something and couldn’t help but ask: “By the way, what is going on, why Rushers believes that I killed Brittany.”


Hear the inquiry. Lorenzo looked at each other.

The next second, Raquel bit her lip lightly. Slowly said: “I suspect that this incident has something to do with Edward. We were besieged by the Heavenly Alliance at the time, and then Edward appeared with Rushers…”

In the next few minutes, Raquel explained the situation in detail.


Upon learning of the situation, Darryl’s face was gloomy, and a cloud of anger rose in his heart. All signs indicate. Edward couldn’t get rid of Brittany’s death.

Think of Edward. Darryl was extremely annoyed.

This Edward first took away Elsa by despicable means, and then used the Soul Devouring Bloodworm to control the Great Sage and Bessie, and now. He also blamed himself for killing Brittany.


At this moment, Peter said: “Don’t think about it so much. All of this is Edward’s ghost. Since you are back, let’s kill the Five Poison Sects together and catch Edward alive. At that time, all the natural truths will come to light. .”

The voice fell. Lorenzo also nodded and said, “Yes, Edward is the culprit, we can’t let him get away with it.”


Darryl took a deep breath, groaned, then nodded and said: “Okay, then let’s go to the Five Poison Sect.” As he said, he was about to leave the cave with everyone.

“and many more!”

However, at this moment, Anthony, who had been silent beside him, was silent. Suddenly stopped everyone.

In the next second, Anthony changed his previous playful posture. Speaking at Darryl earnestly: “That Edward planned so many things secretly, he must have been prepared for it. If you go through this way, I’m afraid you will not be able to catch him, and you will fall into his trap.”

When Darryl heard that he was reasonable, he quickly said, “Senior, what should I do as you said?”

Before that, Anthony, who understatement, fixed Elder Huo and shocked the audience. Darryl admired him. At this time, seeing him speak, he humbly asked for advice.


Anthony groaned, and slowly said: “Let me divination.” As he said, he squatted on the ground, picked up a few stones, and began to calculate.

I go!

Seeing this scene, Darryl was secretly shocked.

The divination technique of the Anthony seems simple, but it has hidden mystery.

Darryl is no stranger to divination, because Guiguzi is a famous master of divination. It can be said that Guiguzi’s accomplishments in divination have been unsurpassed for thousands of years in the entire nine states.

But at this time, Darryl discovered that the Anthony in front of him had a lot more knowledge in the art of divination than Guiguzi.

When Darryl was secretly shocked, everyone in Lorenzo was also shocked.

what’s the situation?

What is this Yutong Senior Immortal Weng doing?

However, with doubts in their minds, everyone in Lorenzo did not dare to ask more.

Chapter 2034

“Haha, all right!”

A few minutes later, Anthony clapped his hands and stood up, smiling at Darryl and said: “It’s useless to go to the Five Poison Sects now. The most important thing now is to go to the Saint Sect of Beiying Continent and rescue the Saint Sect. The Holy Lord Lei Shengyun.”

To the holy sect?

Hearing this, Darryl frowned and his mind was a little messy.

Everyone in Lorenzo was a little confused.

At this time. Anthony took a deep breath and continued: “Just now I saw from the hexagram that Edward threatened Princess Sally and asked her to catch someone with a pure Yang body. To help Demon Zun Gone reshape his body. “

“Just now, Princess Sally has found out that Lei Shengyun, the current lord of Saint Sect, is the body of pure sun.”

Is there such a thing?

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart was shocked.

And Lorenzo and others looked at Anthony blankly, shocked.

These circumstances can be calculated, this Anthony’s divination technique. Isn’t it too great?

Finally, Darryl reacted and looked at the people: “Since the predecessor said so, let’s go directly to the holy sect!” The devil respects the students, it is not a trivial matter, there must be no delay for a moment.

As soon as the voice fell, Anthony shook his head and said: “No, they can’t go, you can only be alone.”

Darryl was stunned: “Why?”

Anthony pointed to the hexagrams on the ground, and said meaningfully: “The hexagrams are very clear. If you go alone, you can turn good luck. If you take them together, you will be dead.”

Talking. Anthony looked at the Lorenzo people, and continued: “They had suffered a few days of fierce fighting and were exhausted. It’s better to stay here and continue to recuperate. There is a dragon guarding it, so don’t worry about safety.”


Hear these. Darryl nodded.

Anthony is an immortal outside the sky, his words. Darryl was convinced.

However, Lorenzo everyone is a little worried.

Raquel walked over, her delicate face couldn’t conceal her worry, and said to Anthony: “Senior. Darryl alone, is it really okay? Are you wrong?”


Anthony was very excited. Blowing his beard and exclaiming: “I am a master of divination, and I have never missed it, little girl, you can’t talk nonsense.”

Although Anthony is old. However, he has always retained his naughty nature. At this time, seeing Raquel doesn’t believe in herself. Suddenly a little anxious.

Raquel has a quick mind, and when he encounters something he doesn’t understand, he has to ask to the end: “Senior said that it is not a miss, then you can tell why we are going with us, it will be forever, he alone can turn a good fortune. What?”


The voice fell. The eyes of everyone in Lorenzo also converged on Anthony.

Anthony looked embarrassed. He scratched his head and said, “This…I can’t tell the specific situation. I said so much just now. The secret has been leaked.”

With that, Anthony glanced at Darryl: “If he hadn’t asked me to drink and eat delicious food, I wouldn’t risk revealing my secrets and give you a divination.”

Seeing him say that, Raquel was not good at asking any more questions.

This is, Darryl looked around: “Well, since the senior said so, then you should stay here first, and I will go to Saint Sect alone.”

Immediately, Darryl looked at Anthony: “Senior, do you want to be with me?”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of expectation.

Anthony is so strong, with him following, everything will get twice the result with half the effort.

However, what made Darryl disappointed was that Anthony shook his head and refused: “I won’t be with you anymore. Alas, I wanted to come to Kyushu to have a good meal with you. Who knows that the situation here is so unstable, just now I My secret has been leaked, I can’t follow you anymore!”

With that said, Anthony took out two pieces of oracle bones from his body and handed them to Darryl’s hands: “You and I hit it off right away, and these two pieces of Jingtian spirit bones will be given to you.”

Peeping the spirit bones?

Darryl took the oracle bone and politely thanked him: “Thank you, senior!”

While thanking him, Darryl looked at the oracle bones in his hand and saw that the two oracle bones were both oval and covered with hexagonal lines. Obviously, the two were the carapace of a tortoise.

Chapter 2035

Seeing this, Darryl couldn’t help muttering secretly.

These two pieces are obviously tortoise shells, but in Anthony’s mouth, they are called the “Keeping Sky Spirit Bone”. What is the use?


Just when Darryl was muttering secretly, Raquel couldn’t help but said, “This is obviously a tortoise shell, but what use is it that you say it is a spiritual bone?”

Raquel is not only smart, but also relatively straightforward. He can say whatever he thinks in his heart.

Anthony looked depressed, and then looked at Raquel like an idiot: “You girl, why don’t you trust me? Tell you, this glimpse of the spirit bones, but the four innate spirit beasts Xuanwu. The oracle bones have the effect of prophesying.”

As he said, Anthony said to Darryl: “As long as you inject the power of the soul, you can see what will happen in the future from the spirit bones of the sky. Remember, each piece of the spirit bone can only be used once. , So it’s a last resort, don’t use it lightly.”

After the last sentence fell, Anthony patted Darryl on the shoulder, then flew high into the sky, and disappeared from everyone’s sight in the blink of an eye.


At this moment, both Darryl and Raquel were shocked.

I thought that these two oracle bones were just ordinary things, but I didn’t expect to have the power of an unknown prophet.

It took a few minutes for Darryl to react, and said to the people: “It shouldn’t be too late, I should also go, you are here to meditate and recover.”

When the voice fell, Darryl urged his figure to fly into the air, and then headed towards the Beiying Continent.


Lorenzo everyone nodded and watched Darryl leave.


the other side.

The main altar of Shengzong in the Northern Ying Continent.

In recent years, Lu Dongbin passed on the position of the Holy Lord to his disciple Lei Shengyun because of his concentration in cultivating the Taoism. Lei Shengyun does not belong to the Five Elements Altar, but he is extremely talented and appreciated by Lu Dongbin.

At this time, in the bamboo forest behind the main altar, Lei Shengyun was sitting cross-legged in the pavilion, meditating.

Recently, the rivers and lakes of Kyushu have been turbulent. First, the Tiandao League was born, and then Edward snatched the magic mirror from the ghost world, causing a lot of noise.

However, the Saint Sect seldom talks about the disputes between the rivers and lakes, so Lei Shengyun doesn’t pay much attention to these things. What he has to do is to lead the entire Saint Sect disciples to concentrate on cultivating the Tao.

“Holy Lord!”

At this moment, a female disciple walked in quickly and respectfully said: “There is a woman outside, who claims to be the daughter of the Nine Heavens God, and asks to see the Holy Lord.”

Nine Heavens Daughter of God?

Hearing this, Lei Shengyun frowned and was very puzzled.

Shengzong has nothing to do with God’s Domain. How could the daughter of God of Nine Heavens suddenly find herself?

Thinking about it, Lei Shengyun slowly got up: “Okay, go out and have a look.” As he said, he walked to the front hall.


Soon, when he reached the square in front of the main hall, Lei Shengyun saw a graceful and charming figure suspended in mid-air, a bright yellow palace dress, beautiful features, delicate curves, and slim, but there was a bit of coldness between his brows. .

It was Princess Sally.

Anthony’s divination was correct. Princess Sally found out that Lei Shengyun, the lord of the Holy Sect, was a body of pure sun after many investigations.


At this moment, many Saint Sect disciples walked out and looked up at Princess Sally in mid-air, all of them were stunned.

What a beautiful beauty, this temperament is truly full of fairy spirit.

Princess Sally didn’t care about the gaze around her, locked on Lei Shengyun tightly, her red lips lightly opened: “You are the lord of the holy sect, Lei Shengyun?”


Feeling the cold and arrogant look of Princess Sally, Lei Shengyun secretly exhaled and nodded: “Yes, I am!”

Princess Sally didn’t talk nonsense: “Follow me!”

When the voice fell, Princess Sally’s delicate body flashed, like a magpie, her jade hand raised, and a palm hit Lei Shengyun.

Speaking of which, Princess Sally didn’t want to be so reckless, but for Rodolf’s safety, she couldn’t care too much.


what’s the situation? How do you do it as soon as you come up?

Princess Sally was very fast, and she arrived in the blink of an eye. Lei Shengyun was shocked. At the same time, she didn’t have time to think about it. The internal force was running and she greeted her with a palm.

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