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Chapter 2071


In an instant, thousands of elite disciples of the Five Poison Sects responded one after another, chasing after Ginger one by one.

In the past, with Ginger’s strength, these Five Poison Sect disciples would not be able to catch up with her. It was just that Ginger had just used his unique technique’Baifeng Guanri’, which consumed most of his internal strength, and his flight speed was also at this time. Was affected.

At this time, in mid-air.

Ginger bit his lip and flew forward with all his strength. The Ouyang family and the Rushers tribe must be waiting in a hurry. They must rush over and join them.

She thought it over, and after reuniting with the Lorenzo everyone, she returned to the Five Poison Sect.

Huhuhu… At this moment, Ginger clearly felt that there was a wave of breath fluctuations behind him. After listening to the movement, it was obvious that many people were chasing after him.

Ginger glanced back subconsciously. At this look, suddenly secretly anxious.

He saw thousands of Five Poison Sect disciples in the midair behind him, eagerly chasing after him.

Seeing this scene, Ginger wanted to speed up, but just consumed too much internal strength, completely powerless.

At this time, the thousands of Five Poison Sect elites behind him also discovered Ginger, one by one was extremely excited, and at the same time they shouted loudly.

“Ginger, you can’t run away, just grab it with your hands!”

“My sect master, still want to run?”

“Give up, stop struggling…”

Angrily shouted continuously, and each of these Five Poison Sect disciples was extremely excited. You must know that by catching Ginger, it was a great achievement. Who doesn’t want to perform well?

If it were before, these Five Poison Sect disciples would not dare to be arrogant in front of Ginger, but now it is different. Ginger’s internal strength has been exhausted and he is not afraid at all.


Listening to these shouts, Ginger just pretended not to hear, and flew forward desperately, his expression calm, but his heart was extremely nervous.

After finally escaping, he must not be caught back, otherwise, he will be in a situation where he will never recover.

However, what made Ginger depressed was that God didn’t seem to help her tonight. Before it was the good weather with sparse moonlight and sparse stars, it suddenly became foggy.

Ginger was originally not familiar with the environment of the Five Poison Sects.

But Nalan Wu couldn’t take care of that much, and flew forward desperately.

After flying for a few more minutes, Ginger was extremely delicate and sweaty, so he landed on a mountain peak, took a rest, and looked at the surrounding environment at the same time.


At this look, Ginger couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and his heart sank to the bottom.

Oops, I’m completely lost now.

I saw that there was a continuous mountain peak in front of me, and each mountain peak was so high into the clouds, and at this time, the fog was so full that I couldn’t see the road at all.

Seeing this situation, Ginger only felt confused.


At this moment, there was the sound of footsteps again behind him, and he saw the elite disciples of the Five Poison Sects chasing after him.

The lingering spirit will not go away.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Ginger didn’t hesitate at all, looking at the faint mountain road ahead, he ran over.

“Still running?”

“Ma De, this woman can really run…”

“Hurry up, she can’t run far.”

Seeing this scene, these Five Poison Sect disciples were extremely annoyed, shouting one by one, and at the same time speeding up, chasing Ginger.

Ginger had flown all the way before, and was already too tired. At this time, the Great Mist and Misty Mountains couldn’t tell the east, the west, and the north. He was pursued by thousands of Five Poison Sect elites behind him.

Under this situation, Ginger panicked and was chased to the top of a cliff without knowing it.


Upon reaching the top of the cliff, Ginger’s body trembled as he looked at the ten-thousand-foot cliff, and quickly stopped, his delicate face also revealed a bit of despair.

There is no way ahead.

Why it came out like this? Could it be…is this God’s will? Are you destined to die here today?

Thinking about it, Ginger’s eyes were full of gloom.


At this moment, the thousands of Five Poison Sect disciples behind had already gathered around, seeing the scene in front of them, everyone looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing.

Chapter 2072

“It’s still running, why didn’t you run?”

“Ginger, this is God’s will. You betrayed the Sect Master and you secretly attacked. Now that you have nowhere to go, you deserve it!”

“Yes, follow us back obediently, and accept the Sect Master’s disposal!”

Everyone’s ridicule, you and I heard each sentence, Ginger’s delicate face was full of grief and unwillingness.


In the next second, Ginger bit her lip, looked at the thousands of Poison Sect disciples in front of her, and said coldly: “I betrayed Edward? He killed my mother. This hatred is not shared. I didn’t kill it just now. He doesn’t open his eyes.”

“Want me to go back with you? Unless I die!”

When the voice fell, Ginger’s delicate body flashed and rushed directly into the crowd.

“Enclose her!”

“Yes, let’s go together!”

Seeing that Ginger dared to do something at this time, thousands of Five Poison Sect disciples shouted and fought fiercely with Ginger.

At the beginning, Ginger was able to deal with it easily, but gradually couldn’t stand it.

As for the disciples of the Five Poison Sects, one by one was also anxious, Ma De, it took so long for so many people to deal with a woman, it was too shameful.

“It won’t work like this, let’s use poisonous insects!”

Anxiously, I didn’t know who shouted, and then everyone reacted and took out huge spiders one after another, and then threw them towards Ginger.

As you can see, these spiders are fist-sized, dark red all over, and have a crescent-shaped pattern on their back.

This kind of spider is called Blood Widow. It is a poison specially raised by the Five Poison Sects. The Five Poison Sects are good at poisoning, and they are the leader in raising poisons. Every kind of poison they raise can cause panic in the world. Widows are the most sinister of all poisons.

As long as you are bitten by a blood widow, the poison will flow into your heart and blood, and then spread throughout your body. In the end, it will affect people’s consciousness and lead to confusion.

It can be said that this blood widow is terrifying.


Seeing this scene, Ginger’s body trembled, and her heart was extremely angry.

These Five Poison Sects are too despicable. If they can’t beat them, they use poisonous insects. These spiders look very evil and must be careful.

Chi Chi Chi…

Just as Ginger murmured secretly, countless blood widows screamed, spraying venom in their mouths, and rushed over quickly.

Seeing this scene, Nalan couldn’t think much about it with pleasure, and quickly summoned his long sword, brandished it, and resisted the attack of these blood widows.

Ginger, as the head of the Rushers, is powerful and skillful in swordsmanship. With a long sword, it is difficult for those blood widows to get close, but gradually, under the exhaustion of internal power, Ginger’s speed slows down. .


Finally, a few blood widows found a chance and rushed up from behind. One of them jumped on Ginger’s back. His fangs bit Nalan Xinran’s shoulder all of a sudden, and the poison was poured in.

At that moment, Nalan was pleased to feel only a buzz in his brain, and the moment went blank, and at the same time a sense of numbness came.


Nalan’s heart trembled happily, knowing that she was poisoned, and she was furious. With a wave of her long sword, she swept the blood widows off her body, but her body trembled faintly, and she almost couldn’t stand on her feet.


Seeing this scene, the five Poison Sect disciples around were extremely excited and shouted one by one.

“Ginger, you have been poisoned by the blood widow, and you won’t last long!”

“Surrender, stop struggling…”

Upon hearing this, Ginger’s delicate face was full of gloom.

“A bunch of dogs, get out of here!”

In the next second, Ginger gritted his teeth and screamed, and then exhausted all his strength, sent a palm to the crowd.


This palm hit, and only heard a thunderous roar, and I saw Ginger’s beautiful body trembled and a mouthful of blood spurted out. The palm just now completely drained all of her internal energy.

However, the surrounding elite disciples of the Five Poison Sects were also shocked by this palm.

And taking this opportunity, Ginger did not hesitate at all, a trace of determination flashed in his eyes, turned and jumped off the cliff.

Ginger has a strong personality, and would rather die than succumb.


Seeing this scene, all of these Five Poison Sect disciples changed their expressions, and at the same time they wanted to rush over to stop them, but it was too late.

Chapter 2073

Soon, everyone reacted and rushed to the cliff one by one, and they saw that under the cliff, the thick fog was filled with bottomlessness, how could there be Ginger’s figure?

For a while, these elite disciples of the Five Poison Sects looked at each other, and their expressions were extremely gloomy.

“Ma De, this woman has a really strong personality…”

“Yeah, she has already been poisoned by the blood widow…the credit she got, she actually flew like this!”

“Forget it, she will definitely die if she falls so high, let’s go back to the Sect Master!”

After the discussion, everyone quickly returned to the Five Poison Sect’s general altar.


the other side!

Ginger landed quickly. After landing for more than ten seconds, suddenly, his body shook, and he didn’t know what he had hit. There was severe pain. Ginger’s eyes went black and he fainted.

Time passed by every minute.

On the waist of the cliff, Ginger woke up quietly, and the moment he opened his eyes, he felt pain all over his body.

I didn’t even die?

Ginger endured the severe pain, looked at the surroundings, and was instantly fortunate. It turned out that she had hit a tree growing on a cliff before hanging on it.

However, at the same time of rejoicing, Ginger felt extremely sad.

She clearly felt that the poisonous blood of the blood widow had penetrated into her heart, and her body was weakened amidst the poisonous paralysis.

What if you haven’t been thrown to death?

In the end, isn’t it going to be poisoned?


Depressed, Ginger took a deep breath and looked down!

I saw that there was an extended stone platform more than ten meters below, although it was only a few square meters, it was also a foothold.

Seeing this scene, Ginger took a deep breath. Even if he was poisoned, he couldn’t wait to be killed. It’s better to jump off the stone platform to see if there is a way out.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t have died.

Thinking about it, Ginger didn’t move rashly, hanging on the tree and resting quietly. After a few minutes, he felt better, and only then did he leap slightly and jump onto the stone platform below.


As soon as he arrived on the platform, Ginger looked happy.

I saw that there was a narrow cave next to the stone platform. The cave was winding and winding, and it was filled with cold and cold air, and I didn’t know where it led to.

To be honest, Ginger didn’t want to go in, after all, this area was still under the control of the Five Poison Sect.

But there is no road ahead, and the stone platform is far from the bottom of the abyss, and I don’t know how deep it is. I jumped down and almost died forever.

Ginger stood there weighing for a moment, and finally decided to enter the cave to take a look.

The cave was very narrow, with twists and turns inside, and Ginger passed through cautiously with the spirit of twelve points.

Unconsciously, after walking for nearly ten minutes, Ginger saw that a bright light appeared in front of him. At that time, I was overjoyed, and I hurried to speed up.


Soon, Ginger successfully walked out of the cave and was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that there was a beautiful valley in front of me, a quiet woodland in front of me, and the grass next to it was covered with exotic flowers and weeds, and a stream snaking by, gurgling and clear.


At this moment, Ginger was stunned, her Jiao body trembled slightly, and her whole body was going to be stupid. Almost forgot the pain on his body.

This place is so beautiful, it’s a paradise.

Unexpectedly, there is such a charming place near the Five Poison Sects.

At this time, Ginger didn’t know that the valley he came to was the Tianxiang Valley where Edward imprisoned Elsa. This place is very hidden, it is difficult for ordinary people to find it, and Ginger happened to enter by mistake.

To be honest, if Ginger didn’t fall off the cliff and accidentally hit the cave that entered the platform, he would never have found it here.

After a few minutes of stunned, Ginger reacted and walked along the stream towards the inside.

After walking for a while, the surrounding woods disappeared, and there was a grass field in front of me. At the end of the grass, there was an elegant courtyard.

The courtyard is small, with only a main house and a side hall, but it is very elegantly deployed, surrounded by wooden fences, and the side hall extends out and there is a pavilion.

Chapter 2074

At this time, in the pavilion, a slender figure was sitting quietly.

A white long dress sets off the charming curves, giving a fresh and beautiful sense of silt but not staining. The facial features are exquisite and beautiful, but there is a lingering sadness between the eyebrows, but this does not affect this woman in the slightest. The temperament of the whole person sitting there, like a beautiful painting.

It is Elsa.

Since being trapped here by Edward, Elsa has been trying to get out every day. However, she was deposed from her dantian, just like ordinary people, facing the towering mountains on all sides, she was completely powerless.

However, Elsa did not despair, but was always looking forward to Darryl to find here.


At this moment, Ginger arrived at the gate of the courtyard and was stunned when he saw Elsa’s face.

This… isn’t this Darryl’s woman?

Why is she here?

When Ginger clashed with Darryl for the first time in Donghai City, Elsa was by the side, and Ginger knew it naturally. I just didn’t expect it to happen here.


Hearing the footsteps, Elsa thought that Darryl was coming, but she was also stunned when she saw Ginger.

is her? Nalan gladly?

For a moment, the two women were both there, staring at each other.


Finally, Ginger took the lead in reacting, and said complicatedly at Elsa: “Elsa, why are you here? What is this place?”

“This is Tianxiang Valley!” Elsa responded gently.

Tianxiang Valley?

Ginger frowned, and then thought of something, the delicate face couldn’t hide the embarrassment: “That…I had a misunderstanding with Darryl before. I was so embarrassed that I was offended at that time. Now I apologize to you. “

Hearing this, Elsa smiled: “The past is gone, don’t take it to heart.”

Having been trapped in Tianxiang Valley for so long, Elsa didn’t want to care about his previous grievances, only thinking about how to leave here.

Seeing Elsa saying this, Ginger smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Girl Nalan!”

At this time, Elsa thought of something and asked: “How did you get in? Can you take me out?”

When inquiring about this, Elsa’s eyes were full of expectation. You know, Ginger is very strong, and if she can come in, she must know the way out, and saving herself is not a problem.

Ginger took a deep breath: “I fell off the cliff and accidentally found a cave, and then I came in.”


Hearing this, Elsa was extremely excited: “That’s great for you…” As he said, he noticed Ginger’s state and was stunned.

I didn’t pay attention just now. Observing from a close range at this time, Elsa discovered that Ginger’s face was blue, his breath was weak, and he almost couldn’t stand firmly.

Obviously, there were signs of severe poisoning at this time.

Perceiving this, Elsa still wanted to ask, but Ginger couldn’t hold it at all at this time, and his eyes went dark and he fainted.

“Girl Nalan!”

Seeing this scene, Elsa was taken aback, and hurried over, helped Ginger up and sent it to the room to take care of her.

Two hours later, Ginger woke up quietly, but the situation became more serious. The original delicate face turned dark blue at this time, and his lips were black.

“you’re awake?”

Seeing Ginger wake up, Elsa, who was sitting aside, quickly stood up.

Ginger nodded, and said gratefully: “Thank you.” Elsa is worthy of being a chivalrous woman. Regardless of the predecessors, she also takes care of herself.

At this time, seeing her face getting worse and worse, Elsa felt pity, and asked, “What the hell is going on?”


Ginger sighed, then explained his energy in detail.

Hearing this, Elsa’s expression was extremely complicated.

I really didn’t expect that so many things happened during this period, and I didn’t expect that Edward would be so evil, not only killing Brittany, but also controlling Ginger.

“How about you?”

While Elsa was thinking secretly, Ginger couldn’t help but ask: “Why are you trapped here? Also, why is your internal strength gone?”

The words directly hit Elsa’s pain.

“I was also deceived by Edward.” Elsa laughed bitterly, and then said what had happened to him.

Chapter 2075


Knowing the situation, Ginger gritted his teeth and couldn’t hide his anger: “This Edward is really despicable and shameless…”

While she was talking, Elsa smiled bitterly, and interrupted: “It has already happened, and it’s useless to say it now. By the way, what kind of poison have you been poisoned?”

“Blood Widow!”

Blood Widow?

Elsa’s body trembled, her expression serious.

As the Sect Master of Wen Sect back then, Elsa certainly knew the Blood Widow, which was the most sinister poisonous insect in the Five Poison Sect. It can be said that everyone in the rivers and lakes talked about it.

In the next second, Elsa looked at Ginger earnestly: “Girl Nalan, do you believe me?”

Ginger was stunned: “What?”

Elsa smiled lightly: “You should have heard of it. Darryl once learned some medical sciences with Senior Shennong, and later, Darryl passed some medical techniques to me.”

“Although I don’t know how to develop the antidote for the bleeding widow, this day Fragrant Valley is full of exotic flowers and weeds. If you believe me, I want to try to develop the antidote.”

When she said this, Elsa’s eyes were full of sincerity.

Speaking of which, she didn’t like Ginger, but she was killed by Edward, and Ginger was so miserable, Elsa felt pity for her and decided to help her.

More importantly, saving Ginger is equivalent to saving yourself. After all, you still need to rely on Ginger to get out of here.


this moment. Ginger showed a slight smile without hesitation: “You are willing to save me, I am naturally grateful, how can I not believe you?”

With that said, Ginger looked at his green hand, smiled bitterly, and continued: “I’m already like this anyway, if I don’t want to be treated, I will definitely die. You don’t have to worry about anything, even if the development of the antidote fails, I will do it. do not blame you.”


Hearing this, Elsa breathed a sigh of relief, showing a slight smile, motioned Ginger to rest, and then walked out of the courtyard. Go collect the exotic flowers and plants outside.

After a while, Elsa collected dozens of herbs and set up a stove in the room to make a fire. Begin to boil the antidote.

Elsa didn’t know anything about alchemy and couldn’t make pills, but simple brewing was fine. ,

At this moment. Seeing Elsa’s busy state, Ginger lay there, not interrupting her words, but watching quietly, moving in her heart, and looking forward to it at the same time.

Elsa was once the Sect Master of Wenzong, and was still a woman of Darryl, and Darryl’s attainments in alchemy had long been famous. As his woman, Elsa would definitely be able to develop an antidote.

Finally… Half an hour later, Elsa wiped the sweat from his forehead. Then the boiled antidote was poured out. In an instant, a herbal fragrance filled the room.

It’s great, it’s made out so quickly.

Seeing this scene, Ginger was inexplicably excited.

Elsa was also extremely relaxed, and walked over with the soup medicine. Pointing at Ginger: “The herbs I chose are all poisonous, it should be no problem. But there is no complete certainty.”

“I believe you.” Ginger smiled, then took the soup medicine and drank it directly.

After drinking the decoction, Ginger sat cross-legged and began to adjust her dantian strength.

Elsa stood quietly on the side, with a delicate face. Full of expectation.


After a few minutes passed, Ginger suddenly frowned, her face turned blue. It was pale, with cold sweat on his forehead, very painful.

“Girl Nalan!”

Seeing this, Elsa was startled, and hurriedly walked over: “How are you?”

Ginger endured the pain and smiled bitterly, “This antidote seems to be no good. The poison in my body has not been suppressed, but has become more serious.”

As he was talking, a sharp pain came, Ginger couldn’t bear it anymore, curled up there, her Jiao body trembled constantly. His face is getting greener.


At this moment, Elsa was completely panicked.

How could this be? The medicinal materials I chose are obviously poisonous. How could it be of no use at all, but aggravated the situation?

While doubting, Elsa couldn’t express regret.

I was so careless. Without any knowledge in medicine, he rushed to make an antidote for Ginger.

How can this be done?

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