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Chapter 2076


At this time, Ginger’s red lips opened, and said weakly: “I’m so uncomfortable… Sister Elsa, am I going to die?” The two sides settled their suspicions. Ginger regarded Elsa as his own and called her sister.

Elsa took a deep breath. Gently comforted: “Don’t worry, I must find a way to save you.”

With that said, Elsa recalled some of the knowledge that Darryl had imparted to him and wanted to find a solution. However, in the current situation, how could it be so easy to come up with a solution?

Seeing Elsa also panicked, Ginger was completely desperate.

Could it be…this is God’s will.

Can’t you escape death after all?

At this time, Ginger felt that his internal organs were paralyzed by the poison. The whole body’s blood lost its temperature, and at the same time, an unspeakable pain kept coming.

In this case, Ginger couldn’t stand his charming body. Constantly tumbling.

As the poison continued to invade, Ginger’s eyes eventually lost their previous light, and the eyes turned dark green, and her delicate face looked extremely hideous.


Seeing Ginger’s appearance, Elsa was startled: “What’s the matter with you?”

I saw that Ginger’s eyes flashed with weird green light at this time, as if she had been caught by an evil, very weird.

Elsa didn’t know that at this time the blood widow’s poison had already invaded Ginger’s sensory nerves. Under this situation, Ginger gradually lost his mind and was on the verge of becoming confused.


At this moment, Ginger suddenly sat up, shot Elsa’s arm.

Ginger shot quickly, Elsa had no internal strength, and was no different from ordinary people, unable to dodge at all.

“Girl Nalan, calm down…”

Elsa was very panicked, but still patiently persuaded: “Don’t worry, I will find a way to save you…” When he said this, Elsa regretted it.

I had known this situation a long time ago, and I should be more cautious before letting her rush to drink the medicine.

It would be good if Darryl were there, he must know how to crack the blood widow’s poison.

“Sister Elsa…”

Just when Elsa was terrified. Seeing Ginger speaking softly, weakly said: “Don’t panic, I won’t… won’t hurt you…I want to pass on all my inner strength to you.”

“My current situation. There is no cure. I just died like this. I am not reconciled… You became an ordinary person by Edward. Therefore, if I pass on my internal strength to you, you will be able to leave. Up…”

When he said this, Ginger looked savagely, but his eyes flashed with sobriety.

Yes, Ginger was going to pass all of her cultivation base to Elsa, she knew she was dying and there was no cure. Only passing all the power to Elsa and letting her kill Edward for herself is also regarded as deadly.


Heard this. Elsa’s body trembled, staring at Ginger blankly, unable to speak for a long time.

She… She wants to pass on all of her cultivation to herself?

How can this work?

Thinking of this, Elsa shook her head again and again: “Girl Nalan, don’t think about it. You must be fine.”

“My situation, I know it myself.” Ginger smiled bitterly, her eyes gleaming with complexity. Slowly said: “Don’t be sad, I just want to die more meaningfully.”

“You should be aware of the toxic effects of the Blood Widow, and I will go crazy in the future. At that time, not only will I die, but I may also hurt you. So, will you accept it? Even if I fulfill my last wish.”

When he said this, Ginger’s expression was very calm.

honestly. She died in this way, she was very unwilling, but God’s will, there is no other way.


Elsa took a deep breath, although she was reluctant to give up, she still reluctantly accepted the reality.

It’s just that I am still a little puzzled: “Miss Nalan, my dantian is destroyed. Unless I have the talents and talents, I can re-practice. It seems unrealistic if you say you want to pass on all the internal forces to me…”

Before he finished speaking, Ginger laughed. Then weakly interrupted: “Sister Elsa, you may not know that our Xia Hidden Sect has a secret technique. It is called “Reverse Universe Dafa”. If you use this Dafa, even if the opponent has never practiced before, you can still get a caster. All the power of…”

Chapter 2077


Hearing this, Elsa was slightly moved. There is such a strange technique in this world?

When I was secretly shocked, I saw Ginger holding Elsa’s wrist with one hand, and the other hand against Elsa’s dantian position, and began to inject internal force.

Suddenly. Elsa’s body trembled, only to feel that a powerful force was pouring in continuously.

“Girl Nalan, don’t do this…you must be saved…” Elsa was very anxious, couldn’t help but stop, and wanted to struggle at the same time, but she was no different from ordinary people at this time. Can’t get rid of it at all.

“Sister Elsa!”

Ginger input power while smiling bitterly: “I have no hope. After you get my power, you must help Darryl to eradicate the scum of Edward…”

“Also… take Kyushu out of the control of God’s Domain…”


When he said this, Ginger urged “Reverse the Universe Dafa” to mobilize all his own power in an instant. A wave of non-violent internal forces surged, and the entire courtyard was shaking violently.

I saw that the power released by Ginger formed white storms with amazing power.

And this force, like a tide, poured into Elsa’s body.


Finally, the strength in Ginger’s body was completely exhausted, and the whole person was at a point where the oil was exhausted, his face was extremely pale, and his delicate body fell softly.

But the face. But with a slight smile, he looked at Elsa and said, “Sister Elsa, what I just said…please!” The last word fell, and Ginger slowly closed his eyes.

“Girl Nalan!”

Seeing this scene, Elsa couldn’t tell her heartache, she cried all of a sudden, and then she was about to step up to check Ginger’s situation. She didn’t believe it, Ginger just died.


However, without taking two steps, Elsa’s body shook, and she clearly sensed that an extremely violent force surged through her body.

Elsa had already turned into an ordinary person, and suddenly received such a tyrannical strength, naturally he couldn’t bear it. With a muffled grunt, Jiao Chu fell aside and fainted.

I don’t know how long it took. Elsa woke up slowly.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw Ginger lying there, motionless. His face was dark blue, and his breath was gone.

“Girl Nalan!”

Elsa collapsed instantly, screamed trembling, and then went over to tell Ginger that she was holding her in her arms, tears streaming incessantly.

Speaking of it, she had no friendship with Ginger, and even had some misunderstandings, but I don’t know why, seeing Ginger’s end so miserable at this time. Elsa was very sad inside.

Tears rushed down, and she didn’t know how long she had been crying before Elsa stood up slowly. A pit was dug behind the courtyard and Ginger was buried in it.

After doing this, Elsa sat cross-legged in the pavilion and began to integrate Ginger’s strength.


Under the fusion, Elsa only felt a pure power filled his whole body. Strength continues to rise…

Ginger was right. Elsa not only regained his soul, under the premise of urging the “reverse the universe”. Also successfully integrated all the strengths of Ginger.


At this moment, Elsa slowly opened his eyes, his eyes flashed with a certain degree of determination, and then his figure rose lightly and flew towards the outside of the valley.


On the other side, it was on a hillside a dozen miles away from the Five Poison Sect’s Altar. Lorenzo and the Ouyang family, as well as the Rushers tribe, stood here quietly.

At this time, everyone’s expressions were extremely anxious.

I discussed it with Ginger before. She returned to the Five Poison Sect, looked for an opportunity to release the Haotian Divine Sovereign, and then came back to join everyone, but after Ginger left, several hours have passed, and she still hasn’t returned.


At this time, Peter finally couldn’t wait, and muttered: “I haven’t heard from it for so long. Will Ginger deliberately trap us?”

When the voice fell, the surrounding Elder Huo and Rushers frowned secretly, and there was a bit of displeasure in their eyes.

immediately. Elder Huo couldn’t help saying: “Headmaster Sun, what do you mean by this? We are already allies, why are you talking like that?”

at the same time. Lorenzo also blamed Peter: “Peter, don’t talk nonsense, the head of Nalan hasn’t come back for so long. It must have been in trouble. After all, Edward is not an ordinary person.”

Chapter 2078

Hearing this, Peter scratched his head and stopped speaking.

“go with!”

At this time, Lorenzo also had no patience. He directed at a disciple of the Palace of Longevity behind him and said: “Go to the Five Poison Sect General Altar, check the situation, and remember, don’t be found.”

“Yes, the Lord!” After the voice fell, the disciple responded. Taking advantage of the darkness, he headed towards the Five Poison Sect’s main altar.


Seeing that disciple’s figure went away, everyone couldn’t help but exhale, and everyone was inexplicably uneasy.

do not know why. At this time everyone has a bad feeling.

“Hall Master…”

Half an hour later, the disciple came back quickly, panting and sweating profusely.

Lorenzo asked quickly: “What’s the situation?”

At the same time, the eyes of everyone around him also gathered on the disciple, waiting for his answer.

The disciple wiped his sweat, and said excitedly: “Hall Master. Good news, I just went outside the Five Poison Sect’s main altar and saw in mid-air, that Haotian Divine Sovereign was fighting fiercely with ancient poisonous scorpions.”

“The current Five Poison Sect is completely under martial law. It is said that Edward was also seriously injured by the Haotian Divine Lord.”


Hearing these news, whether it was Lorenzo, Peter and Raquel, everyone was inexplicably excited.

Elder Huo and Rushers tribe. They looked at each other.

Immediately, Elder Huo couldn’t help asking: “Is there only this? Is there news from our head?”

This one….

The disciple scratched his head. Very embarrassed: “No, there were many disciples patrolling the periphery of the main altar at that time. I didn’t dare to stay for a long time, so I came back.”


At this moment, the elder Huo and the members of the Rushers frowned, secretly anxious.

There is no news from the head, is she really in an accident?

“Everyone, don’t panic!”

See the expressions of Elder Huo. Lorenzo smiled slightly, and comforted: “Since my disciple hasn’t seen Nalan’s head, it means that she is okay. Maybe she is just trapped inside, so she can’t join us.”

The voice fell. Raquel also said, “Yes, don’t worry too much.”


Elder Huo took a deep breath. He opened his mouth and said: “If this is the case, what are we waiting for? They rushed in together, killed Edward, and relieved the boss.”

The voice fell. The surrounding Rushers disciples all responded.

At this moment. Peter was also stimulated to fight, and nodded: “Yes, since the Haotian Divine Lord has been released, let’s not wait, rush in and kill him.”

“it is good!”

Seeing that the people were very angry, Lorenzo was instantly infected, and he shouted with enthusiasm: “Everyone listens to the order. You can go to the Five Poison Sect General Altar to rescue Nalan. Kill Edward!”

“Kill Edward!”

“Kill Edward!”

In a moment, everyone shouted in unison. Immediately rushed down the hillside and smashed to the Five Poison Sect General Altar.


At this moment, the Five Poison Sect’s general altar is here.

The fierce battle in mid-air continues.

Only at this time, the enemies that Haotian Divine Sovereign faced, in addition to the huge ancient poisonous scorpion, there were also a gossip array composed of thousands of Five Poison Sect disciples.

Below, Edward sat on a chair, directing the operation of the big formation.

The Baiyun Airplane is extremely wise, talented, and has some accomplishments in the formation of a skill. It is not a problem to direct everyone to deploy the Bagua formation.

In this case, Haotian Divine Lord was completely trapped.

“Haotian God Lord!”

At this time, Edward was full of smug and hideous, and shouted at the Haotian Divine Lord in the air: “Even if Ginger helped you unlock the heavenly devil spirit lock, you would not be able to escape the Five Poison Sect.”

“You have seen the situation right now, so let’s give up!”

give up?

Divine Monarch Haotian was full of contempt, met Edward’s gaze, and his cold voice spread throughout the audience: “My dear Haotian Divine Monarch, how can I succumb to a dog like you?”


Hearing this, Edward looked grim, and shouted at the five Poison Sect disciples around him: “Listen, everyone, who can knock Haotian Divine Lord from the air, I have many rewards.”


When the words fell, many of the Five Poison Sect disciples were extremely excited, and burst out one after another, rushing towards the Haotian Divine Lord.


Seeing the five Poison Sect disciples swarming up, God Monarch Haotian looked fearless, and Yang Tian burst out laughing.

“With these little ones, you want to take down my Haotian Divine Lord? Edward, your kid is too naive!” Haotian Divine Lord roared, and then took a palm.

Chapter 2079

Bang bang bang…

With this palm hit, the situation changed. At that time, hundreds of Five Poison Sect disciples couldn’t react, and they were directly shocked and flew out. After landing, blood spurted wildly one by one, losing combat effectiveness.

However, the aura of the Haotian Divine Sovereign was not as good as before, facing the successive attacks of the Five Poison Sect disciples, it was almost unstoppable.

When I rushed out of the dungeon before. Haotian God Sovereign’s primordial spirit did not fully recover, and afterwards, under the combined attack of Edward and the ancient poisonous scorpion, it consumed a lot of it.

Despite this, Haotian God Lord still did not shrink at all.


See this situation. Edward was also anxious, his eyes were blood red, and he kept howling at the Five Poison Sect disciples: “Kill, kill me, his soul power has consumed a lot, don’t be afraid…”

After the words fell, the five Poison Sect disciples present seemed to be beaten with blood.

See this scene. Haotian Shenjun’s face was cold, but his heart was secretly anxious.

If this continues, I won’t be able to hold it for long.

How to do?


Just when Haotian Divine Lord was secretly anxious, suddenly, there was a howl that shook the sky not far away. Immediately afterwards, hundreds of thousands of figures were seen, pouring in like a tide.

It is Lorenzo, and the tribe of Rushers.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Edward or the five Poison Sect disciples around him. All his complexion changed.

“Haotian Divine Lord, we’re here to help you!”

At this time rushed to the front. Lorenzo shouted at the Haotian God Lord in midair.

Immediately, Lorenzo looked around. The whole body is murderous: “Everyone listens to the orders, and kills the Five Poison Sects and Edward, not one!” The entire Five Poison Sect has become a subordinate of the Demon Venerable, and there must be no mercy towards them.


When the voice fell, everyone responded in unison. Immediately, they pulled out their weapons one after another, without any nonsense. Directly rushed into the crowd of Wudu Sect disciples.


The people of Lorenzo came very suddenly, and the Wudu Sect disciples couldn’t react at all, they heard a scream of screams continuously, in a blink of an eye. Hundreds fell in a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, Edward was frightened. His face was pale.

As soon as he said a few words, he was interrupted by Peter: “Edward, today is when you and the Five Poison Sects are destroyed, please take your life.”

The voice fell. Peter held a sky-opening axe and rushed directly towards Bai Yun.

at the same time. Raquel and Elder Huo also pulled out their weapons one after another and rushed into the enemy group.

“Protect the overlord!”

Seeing this scene, dozens of five Poison Sect elites quickly greeted them, intending to stop Peter. However, before he got close, he was swept out by Peter with an axe.


Peter was like a tiger, and Edward’s face changed. Suddenly he panicked, and was severely injured by the Haotian Divine Lord before. He hasn’t recovered yet, facing the imposing Peter at this time. There is no power to fight at all.


At this critical moment, a slender figure came quickly and stood in front of Edward.

It is Ji Hongshang!

Seeing Ji Hongshang, Peter chuckled, his tone full of contempt: “Ji Hongshang, you are also a member of Kyushu anyway, why do you want to help Edward this demon?”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Ji Hongshang’s pretty face is cold: “With me, you can never think of the typhoid master.”

“it is good!”

Peter nodded, his eyes flashing with a strong killing intent: “Since you are so obsessed, don’t blame me, go to death!” The voice fell, holding the open axe tightly, and directly thinking of Ji Hongshang rushing.

Seeing Peter rushing, Ji Mindy bit her lips tightly, without retreating in the slightest, but with a flash of her tender body, she directly confronted her.

To be honest, Ji Hongshang knew that Peter was great, but she couldn’t help it. When she recognized Edward as the master a few months ago, she tied the entire Five Poison Sect and Edward together.

If Edward dies, the Five Poison Sect will also fall into the realm of immortality.

Therefore, we must fight for it.


In a blink of an eye, the figures of Peter and Ji Hongshang collided in mid-air, and they heard a violent vibration, and then a terrifying internal force wave swept away.

Chapter 2080

Both Ji Hongshang and Peter snorted, and both of them were shocked and quit.

Obviously, neither of the two had the upper hand in this match.


However, in Peter’s heart, he was extremely shocked. You must know that his current strength is already on the top of the nine states, and he still has the Heavenly Axe in his hand, but this time he played against Ji Hongshang and even drew a tie. .

Peter didn’t know that Edward’s magic blood had been integrated into Ji Hongshang’s body. Not only that, but during this period of time, he had been trained by Edward, and his strength was no longer what it used to be.


Seeing this scene, Lorenzo and Raquel all looked at Ji Hongshang one by one, secretly surprised.

It’s been a long time since I saw him, this Ji Hongshang has become so powerful.

Shocked, Lorenzo and the others were about to come to help, but they were quickly stopped by Peter.

“Brother Wen!”

Peter took a deep breath and yelled: “I will deal with Ji Hongshang, and you will help God Monarch Haotian.”

As he said, Peter locked Ji Hongshang’s gaze tightly: “I really underestimated you just now, but you must die today!” As he said, he urged his figure to rush towards Ji Hongshang again.

“Stop talking big, none of you can leave today.” Ji Mindy bit her lips tightly, not to be outdone.

Immediately, the two figures collided again, and they fought fiercely in mid-air.

Seeing this situation, Lorenzo did not hesitate, and said to Raquel and the others: “Leave the Great Sage alone, let’s help Haotian Divine Sovereign to deal with the ancient poisonous scorpion.”

Lorenzo was calm in form. He could see that Peter was in no danger for the time being against Ji Hongshang, so he decided to help Haotian Divine Sovereign to deal with the ancient poisonous scorpion.

After all, the poisonous poison on the ancient poisonous scorpion is too terrifying. If you don’t take the opportunity to get rid of it today, the entire Kyushu will never be peaceful.

“it is good.”

When the voice fell, Raquel everyone responded, and immediately urged their internal forces to go toward the ancient poisonous scorpion.

In a blink of an eye, the ancient poisonous scorpions were surrounded by groups, and the pressure on the god Haotian was instantly relieved. He took the opportunity to land on the roof of the hall, sat cross-legged, and restored the power of the original spirit.


Facing the siege of Lorenzo and others, the ancient poisonous scorpion was instantly enraged and let out a howl. At the same time, under Edward’s instructions, he shook his long body, thinking directly about the people and dumping the ancients.

At this moment, Lorenzo everyone didn’t dare to take it hard, so they had to dodge, and at the same time burst out skills, thinking about the ancient poisonous scorpion.

Bang bang bang…

Dozens of skills smashed the ancient poisonous scorpion with a roar, and saw that the ancient poisonous scorpion was shaken back several hundred meters, but with its hard carapace, it did not suffer much damage.

However, the ancient poisonous scorpion was still aroused to roar, screamed, and ejected a piece of venom. When the venom met the air, it immediately turned into a mist and spread towards the surroundings.


Seeing the poisonous mist, Lorenzo’s face changed drastically, and he hurriedly shouted: “Hurry up and don’t be touched by this poisonous mist.” Once he inhaled the poisonous mist, he would become a poisonous person.

Hearing the shouts, the surrounding Raquel and Elder Huo quickly dispersed to the surroundings, distanced themselves, and continued to fight fiercely with the ancient poisonous scorpion.

Lorenzo, Raquel, and Elder Huo are all top powerhouses in Kyushu. At this time, they cooperate with each other very tacitly and are well-versed in advance and retreat.

But even so, it was still impossible to kill the ancient poisonous scorpion with a single blow.


After the poisonous mist was released, the strength of the ancient poisonous scorpion was almost doubled. In this case, Lorenzo and Raquel all struggled even more!

In a blink of an eye, half an hour passed, and instead of suppressing the ancient poisonous worms, everyone in Lorenzo was hurriedly forced by the poisonous fog surrounding them.


Faced with this situation, Lorenzo looked calm, but he was too anxious in his heart.

The defense of this ancient poisonous scorpion is too strong, and the whole body is highly poisonous, and it has been a long time to find its weaknesses. This is a little troublesome.

“Get out of here!”

Just when Lorenzo was anxious, he heard a yell from behind, and immediately afterward, he saw God Monarch Haotian burst out. He had been resting on the roof of the main hall for a while, and the power of the soul had recovered a lot.

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