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Chapter 21

“Is Mr. Yue there?” Wu Dedao asked again when no one was speaking.

Everyone is still shaking their heads.

You know, Wu Dedao at the door, how could Mr. Yue in his mouth be Darryl’s kind of trash?

Wu Dedao was also at a loss, wrong, he had sent someone to find out, the second young master was in Liu’s house! Today is the birthday of the second young master, I came here to give gifts specially. And after coming to Liu’s family, it was discovered that someone in Liu’s family had a birthday.

Wu Dedao swallowed and took out the box in his hand: “Since Mr. Yue is not here, I will leave first. This is a birthday gift, so I put it here.”

When the voice fell, Wu Dedao took people away.

As soon as the front foot walked, everyone on the back foot couldn’t wait to pass by. The grandmother motioned to open the gift box.

After all, Wu Dedao is very famous in Donghai City. You have seen just now that Wu Dedao is too aura. He followed a dozen people and several Rolls Royces. Special gift to grandma! The old grandma’s face is too big, right? !

Many guests are envious.

Indeed, Wu Dedao, who in Donghai City doesn’t want to befriend him? That’s the boss of the Pearl of the Orient, the Pearl of the Orient, the most luxurious hotel in Donghai City. As a well-known family, they must go to the Pearl of the Orient for gatherings every year. After all, there is a lot of face. So getting to know Wu Dedao is the wish of many people.

But Wu Dedao has a quirky personality. Rarely make friends with others. Not to mention attending someone’s birthday party!

Grandma Liu’s network is really too wide!

At this time, the old grandmother, even though she was puzzled, still smiled on her face.

How could Wu Dedao send gifts to himself? I have no contact with him separately. But here, he is the only one celebrating his birthday. He didn’t give himself a gift, so who could he give it?

At the gesture of the grandmother, Liu Yifan opened the box. At this moment, the audience held their breath and was silent!

That is a fist-big Ye Mingzhu! It’s just that this Ye Mingzhu… it seems to be given by Liu Zhiyuan, a little bit different?

Liu Yifan was very trustworthy, and he even took the one Liu Zhiyuan had given him. Putting the two night pearls together, everyone can see the gap!

At this time, the curtains of the bed were all opened, and the sun shone in. The one Liu Zhiyuan gave was like a glass bead in the daytime, with no light at all.

But the night pearl given by Wu Dedao, even if it is daytime, is like a small sun!


Everyone was stupid, watching without blinking.

“Hurry up, close the curtains and turn off the lights!” Liu Yifan ordered.

When there was no light in the room, everyone couldn’t help it anymore and suddenly exclaimed!

It was not until this time that everyone saw the difference between the two night pearls! Wu Dedao’s night pearl shines brightly on the house, like daylight!


I didn’t know who it was, he took the lead and swallowed, and then the whole room boiled!

“What’s the situation? Why is the same big Ye Mingzhu so bad?”

“Just now Darryl said that Liu Zhiyuan’s Ye Mingzhu was a fake, and no one believed it at that time…”

“It seems to be really fake…”

A loud discussion came, and the old woman’s face was very bad. He looked at Liu Zhiyuan with hatred for iron and steel. You know, he is his favorite grandson! Actually sent a fake!

At this time, Liu Zhiyuan was also in a hurry, desperately leaving. At this time, another voice came!

“Grandma, the boss of Heihu Real Estate, Li Heihu is here.”


All of a sudden the whole house became lively! What’s the situation? Li Heihu is here? ! That’s one of the best developers in Donghai City!

Now the housing prices in Donghai City are getting higher and higher, and Li Heihu’s worth is also rising. He developed several properties. Known as the best real estate in Donghai City, countless rich people live there! What kind of contact is this grandma? Do you even know Li Heihu? !

At this time, the grandmother was also stunned. Wu Dedao, who came just now, still has a fate for himself. Last time at the Pearl of the Orient, Liu Zhiyuan ordered a rare wine, and the bill was as high as 30 million. I saw Wu Dedao at that time. So he came to celebrate his birthday, but he could barely accept it.

But Li Heihu, he really didn’t know him!

A sound of engine engine stopped, and several black extension Lincolns slowly moved into position. Surrounded by a group of people in black, Li Heihu wore a suit and strode towards the villa.

“Is Mr. Yue there?”

The vigorous voice came from Li Heihu’s mouth and spread throughout the audience!

What? !

At this moment, everyone’s body trembled? !

Who is this Mr. Yue?

“Is there anyone surnamed Yue here!” The grandmother couldn’t sit still, and patted the table: “Dare to ask who Mr. Yue is, and please come out. I couldn’t entertain the old lady before, please come out, the old lady wants Toast you personally!”

The words fell, and the thousand people in the villa looked at each other. I really don’t know each other!

When everyone was silent, Liu Yifan also owed his mouth, and said: “It’s only Darryl who is surnamed Yue… It might not be him.”


There was a roar of laughter. Everyone was full of doubts at first, but at this moment Liu Yifan’s words made him laugh completely.

Several girls even discussed it. Some said that Mr. Yue is a middle-aged man with stubble.

Some say Mr. Yue is tall and handsome. Anyway, everything is said.

In the end, the grandmother waved her hand and interrupted everyone’s discussion.

At this moment, Li Heihu also brought people in, looked around, but did not see Darryl’s figure.

“The birthday gift is here, and I will return first.” Li Heihu bowed slightly.

At this time, of course the old lady couldn’t sit still, nodded and bowed in respect.

After Li Heihu left, his gift box was opened again. This time, it was extremely shocking!

A gift book!

‘Every year today, every year today. On this birthday, a special birthday gift: South China Villa, Building A88. ‘

Silence! The audience is silent!

Even if a needle falls on the ground, you can hear it clearly!

This.. This.. Send the villa on your birthday? !

That’s it for ordinary villas. That’s the South China Villa! One of the best villas in Donghai City! In the South China villa group, there are three villas, which are the most expensive: A66, A88, and A99. These three villas cannot be bought!

Among them, A88 is the most expensive, located in the center of the villa group, with its own swimming pool, back garden, small zoo, and small aquarium!

Li Heihu actually sent this villa to grandma’s birthday! This..

There was only one person in the audience, and there was no shocked expression on his face. This person is Lily.

Obviously, I hated that trash, but after he left, Lily always thought of him inexplicably.

He took out his cell phone and couldn’t help sending him a text message.

‘where are you. ‘

After a while, Darryl returned the message, with only a few words:’Home, I’m packing things up. Move away tonight. ‘

I don’t know why, seeing this news, Lily only felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

He is obviously just a trash, wouldn’t it be better if he left?

Lily bit her lip tightly, not knowing what to think, and she replied:’Wait for me, I will go home now. ‘

Maybe I just want to see him for the last time, right?

After all, a couple of three years. Even if you raise a dog, you have feelings, let alone people?

“Mom, let me go out for a while.” Lily said softly, walking out of the villa.

Before everyone came back from the shock, they stared blankly at the gift boxes of Wu Dedao and Li Heihu. No one noticed Lily.

Only Mitchell followed him quickly.

Lily drove the car and stopped at the door of her house. As soon as she got out of the car, she saw Mitchell running over.

“Lily, why did you leave suddenly?” Mitchell said: “After a banquet, the old lady will agree to our marriage, and we will go back soon.”

“You go back first.” Lily said, walking quickly towards the community.

“Lily!” Mitchell suddenly grabbed her wrist. Just now Lily sent a message to Darryl. He had already seen it!

“Are you going to find that trash?” Mitchell took a deep breath, his eyes red: “What’s so good about trash? Since he wants to roll, let him go! Why are you going back to find him? Come back with me!”

Mitchell was worried. He knew very well in his heart that the [Ping An Post] of Wang Xizhi he sent was actually a high imitation. After the grandma’s banquet is over, she will definitely find a professional appraiser to appraise it. By then, isn’t she revealing her stuff?

I have nothing now, I just want to sleep once a goddess! As long as the grandmother agrees to this marriage, he can go to his home with justifiable promises about Lily, and there is no surveillance at home! When the time comes, in the water Lily drank, move some hands and feet. Isn’t the goddess at his mercy?

Thinking of this, Mitchell touched his pocket. There is a packet of Mongolian sweat medicine in his pocket. It melts in the water, even if you smell it, you will feel weak.

“Don’t pull me.” Lily said softly: “Mitchell, I know you are good to me, but I have to see him for the last time.”

“No!” Mitchell yelled, “Let’s go back quickly and listen to whether the grandmother agrees with our marriage.”

The two couldn’t argue, and at this moment, a Land Rover stopped. Alexandra stepped on high heels and got out of the car.

“Mitchell, Lily, what are you doing?” Alexandra called anxiously: “Go back soon, it’s time for the grandmother to announce your marriage.”

“I want to see Darryl for the last time, I won’t go back and listen! Say nothing!” Lily said, biting her lip.

Mitchell’s eyes rolled back and forth between Alexandra and Lily, and a wicked smile appeared in his eyes.

“Auntie, I’ll buy you water.”

Mitchell laughed, went to the milk tea shop to sell two cups of milk tea, and secretly put the medicine in.

Alexandra was pulling Lily to go back, and saw Mitchell coming back with two cups of milk tea. Suddenly smiled.

In addition to the hot weather, they drank milk tea. Alexandra smiled and said: “Lily, go back quickly and wait for the grandmother to announce your marriage. You see how nice and considerate this child is, and he knows how hot the weather is to buy milk tea.”

When the voice fell, Alexandra only felt weak, as if he couldn’t stand still.

Lily was the same, shaking her hand, she couldn’t even hold the milk tea.

Chapter 22

Half an hour later, Mitchell’s home.

“Come here!” Alexandra shouted loudly, completely desperate!

She never dreamed that the good son-in-law in her heart could do such a thing! At this time they were tied up.

“Shhh.” Mitchell put his finger to his mouth, made a silent gesture, and said with a smile: “Don’t shout, no one can hear you crying. The thickness of the wall in my home is three times that of a normal home. Double. Save effort.”

Alexandra held Yu’s hand tightly and his eyes were red: “Mitchell, don’t mess around, you are so old and you have an unlimited future. Don’t ruin your future yourself!”

“You shut up!” Mitchell walked over and grabbed Alexandra’s hair and shouted: “Self-destroy my future? I tell you the truth, my future is long gone! I trembled in the mall with fear. Years ago, I just had some achievements, but the Yue family kicked me out of the company!”

“You…what did you say?” Lily was surprised: “Kick you out of the company? Didn’t you sell the company just to buy me Crystal Love?”


Mitchell burst out laughing, and slowly got up from the bed: “You believe that kind of nonsense? I have 30 million in total. Do you think I will take 30 million and buy you a pair of shoes? Are you crazy!”

Mitchell clenched his fists tightly: “Yes, you are very beautiful and s3xy, but don’t take yourself too seriously! I tell you the truth, your pair of shoes was not my gift at all! I thought, you Lily is a cold goddess. In the end, I did not expect that you are also a bad b!tch! There are many men outside of you, right? Why don’t you even know who gave the shoes?

“Mitchell, you!”

Lily was so angry that she really wanted to stand up and slap Mitchell twice! But at this time she was tied up by five flowers, she didn’t have any strength at all, she could only bite her lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite.

Mitchell took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it and took a deep breath: “Don’t worry, I will take care of you in a while.”

“Mitchell, you are a good boy, why are you so impulsive!” Alexandra looked at him blankly and asked.

“Why?” Mitchell asked back, laughing at himself with a full face: “Because I have nothing now! The Yue family drove me out and withdrew all support for me! Guess, why did the Yue family treat me this way?”

Speaking of this, Mitchell laughed: “I went to ask the Yue family. In the end, the Yue family told me that it was because I provoke a person. That’s why I was kicked out. The funny thing is that I don’t know until now, who I provoke! I’m desperate now, and I can’t stand up in my life. Lily, I have loved you for so many years, and today I want to get my wish!”

Lily and Alexandra looked at each other, and they were completely desperate.

However, at this moment, there was a knock on the door!

Mitchell trembled all over, almost not shocked. Pointing at Alexandra and Lily instantly; “You two, dare to make a sound, I promise to kill you.”

Immediately afterwards, he said: “Who?”

“Hello, Black Rock Mall. The candle you ordered has arrived.” A voice came from outside the door.

Mitchell let out a long sigh of relief. It turned out to be a delivery man. Yes, I ordered a few candles myself. Originally thinking that today, the grandmother agreed to the marriage and invited Lily to have a candlelight dinner in the evening. I don’t have to think about it now.

“Leave it at the door.” Mitchell said.

“Sorry sir, you need to sign to confirm receipt.”

“It’s really long-winded.” Mitchell said grimly, opening the door.

At this moment, Alexandra looked at Lily anxiously.

“Quickly, think of a way.”

Of course Lily knew what Alexandra meant. At this time, Yaojin had passed. Although the body was still weak, it took a lot of effort to take out the phone. I’m going to send a text message to Darryl.

“Are you crazy!” Alexandra whispered angrily: “Call the police, call the police! What’s the use of calling that waste! Call the police!”

Alexandra’s eyes were red. Even if the waste comes, it is useless at all! When is it all, I still think about that trash!

Lily reacted and called the police.

After the call was made, Lily did not dare to speak, but kept tapping on the phone screen. Then hung up the phone.

In case Mitchell discovers in a moment, the consequences would be disastrous!

Of course, the East China Sea Police Department has always done its utmost. Even if it doesn’t speak, it just taps the screen. With the police’s IQ, it will definitely guess that someone is in danger.

After Mitchell signed, he put the candle on the table and walked to the bed again.

Seeing the two extremely charming, he couldn’t control it anymore…

On the other side, the Liu Family Villa.

“Grandma, President of Yashi Group, Chen Shishi is here.”


This time, the entire villa was completely shocked!

If you say Wu Dedao and Li Heihu, these two people are very famous in Donghai City. Chen Shishi’s reputation is probably better than these two!

Now Yashi Group is in full swing! Among the domestic cosmetics, Yashi brand has the best reputation and the best sales. Now the newly launched Crown series is even more difficult to find!

The old grandmother of the Liu family, do you even know Mr. Chen? !

Everyone looked at the door in surprise.

Chen Shishi stepped on high heels, dressed in professional attire, followed by five or six brawny men, striding forward.

Many men look silly. This Chen Shishi’s aura is simply too strong. It’s so attractive! Although she is only a woman, her aura is enough to overwhelm the men present!

“Excuse me, is Mr. Yue there?”

Chen Shishi walked to the lobby and said softly. Then he placed the gift at his feet. The gift does not have a box, it is a grandfather clock made of pure gold!

How much gold is needed! Everyone is dumbfounded!

But the most puzzling thing is that Chen Shishi walked in and said this sentence! Find Mr. Yue! Who is this Mr. Yue? !

The grandmother was flattered. This is Chen Shishi!

The girls present were also very excited. At that time, they didn’t care about anything else, and a few girls from the Liu family gathered around.

“Mr. Chen, is there still stock of our company’s Crown series? I want to buy it!”

“Yes, President Chen, I am willing to spend twice as much money!”

“I can pay five times! Mr. Chen, you can do well, can you sell us a few sets?”

Crown series cosmetics are now rushing to buy across the country. Which woman does not want?

Chen Shishi showed a slight smile, looked around, but didn’t see Darryl’s figure, and felt a little disappointed.

But she had already inquired, Darryl was at Liu’s house. It is estimated that the relationship with the Liu family should be good, right?

Thinking of this, Chen Shishi said: “Okay, you are all friends of Mr. Yue, you are my friend of Chen Shishi. Our crown series have indeed been robbed. But Mr. Yue has a gift for me to recreate. So a few sets of crowns , No problem.”


“I’m not dreaming, I want to have a crown series!”

A few girls are so excited. But how do they know that Mr. Yue is the trash they have always looked down upon.

“Everyone.” Chen Shishi waved his hand: “You need a few sets of crown series. Just let Mr. Yue tell me. I’ll go first. By the way, the birthday gift is here.”

After the words fell, Chen Shishi left the villa.

“Mr. Chen, who the hell is Mr. Yue!”

Several girls asked, but Chen Shishi had already gone far. If you can’t find this Mr. Yue, they won’t have the Crown series. Several girls gathered together to discuss. That’s anxious.

“The old grandmother has a lot of connections, so I admire it!”

At this time, Bai Yiyun, the elder of the Bai family, finally couldn’t help it, and took a step forward: “Grandma, my Bai family has a good project recently. I need to seek a partner. Why don’t we cooperate?”

Who is Bai Yiyun? That is the patriarch of the Bai family, so shrewd! He was shocked all the way just now! The old grandmother of the Liu family has too many contacts. Wu Dedao and Li Heihu all know them. And these people respect the grandmother very much. They send millions, tens of millions of gifts on a birthday!

The old grandma has such a network, it would be great if she could cooperate with her!

“President Bai, you wait first.” At this time, a middle-aged man also walked out, this person is the president of Dading Group, Guo Jing.

“My Dading Group also has a good project.” Guo Jing said with a smile.

Now fools can see that many people present want to cooperate with the Liu family.

Chapter 23

Sure enough, after Guo Jing finished speaking, many people also stood up and sought cooperation.

The Liu family’s children all smiled, and this happiness came too soon, haha!

At this time, Liu Wensheng also stood up.

“Vin Sheng, what’s the matter?” The old woman was puzzled.

In fact, the old grandmother was very fond of Liu Wensheng before. But because he is Lily’s father. Since Lily and Darryl got married, the old lady hasn’t spoiled Liu Wensheng too much.

Liu Wensheng waved his hand and said to the grandmother: “Mom, during this time, am I not in a foreign country? This time I return to China to live your life and bring back good news. A very good money-making project.”

“Oh?” The old woman raised her brows: “Let’s talk about it.”

Yes, everyone in the Liu family has heard that Liu Wensheng seems to have made a lot of money in foreign countries. When I came back this time, he gave Alexandra and Lily two large cheques. It’s really enviable.

Liu Wensheng laughed: “Mom, I know a friend abroad. His name is Tony, a financier. Just give him the money, and it will double in a month!”


Everyone sneered. Can you fake it more. Can double in a month?

Liu Wensheng took out his mobile phone, opened the transaction log, and smiled: “Come on, you guys have a look at the log.”

The crowd surrounded them all at once. Sure enough, the mobile phone showed that Liu Wensheng had invested 10 million every month and returned 20 million every month for the past six months.

“Mom. There are three things I have to do when I return to the country this time.” Liu Wensheng said: “First, I naturally congratulate you on your birthday. Second, I know that you don’t like Darryl. I will definitely let Lily and Yue come back this time. Darryl divorced. Third, I’m telling you the good news. I pledge my life, Teacher Tony, absolutely reliable!”

“Take your life guarantee?”

“It’s kind of interesting, it seems to be reliable.”

The Liu family members came out one after another. In fact, Liu Wensheng is quite reliable. When he was in school, he was among the best. He is honest and can’t play imaginary things. And just now, his mobile phone did show that the profit doubled every month.

The grandmother frowned and finally said, “Vin Sheng, if what you said is true, then you can try this. But our Liu family has been in a bad market in recent years. The entire family has only three to four billion. If you don’t, try investing 50 million yuan first?”

“Mom, if you want to gamble, you can bet big.” Liu Wensheng took a deep breath and stepped forward and said, “Mom, I heard that Mr. Tony is about to retreat into the mountains. Why don’t we just put the money in and invest all of it. We voted four. Million! If we get 800 million in a month, we won’t do it again, how?!”

At these words, everyone in the family looked at each other.

Some said you can try. Some are firmly opposed.

“Grandma, no.” Liu Qianshuang thought for a long time before standing up.

“How can there be any pie in the sky?” Liu Qianshuang stomped angrily, “This is obviously a scam, so I can’t try it!”


Liu Wensheng patted the table heavily, and his eyes widened, “Liu Qianshuang, what do you mean? You mean, I came back from abroad and deliberately lied to the family’s money, right? Why do you think of me like that? Bad?”

“It’s not that I thought you bad. I just want to know, if the sky can fall into the pie, who is still working?” Liu Qianshuang gave in step by step.

“You! You…” Liu Wensheng was interrupted by the grandmother just as he was about to speak.

“Okay, it’s my family, what are you making?” the old woman said displeased, and slowly looked at Liu Zhiyuan: “Zhiyuan, what do you think?”

Although the Ye Mingzhu given by this kid is also a fake. I was beaten by Zhong Haoran just now, but the old lady still spoiled him.

Sure enough, he still asked Liu Zhiyuan for his opinions when encountering such a major event.

No one noticed, Liu Zhiyuan smiled without showing a trace.

In a month, the principal doubled? Is this special code teasing children? Obviously we all know that this is a scam! The old grandma is getting old, and I can’t see that this is a scam, and it is normal!

Although Liu Zhiyuan is a little stubborn, his brain is not bad. It stands to reason that he must persuade grandma not to believe this nonsense.

But now, he hated Darryl in his heart!

No matter what Liu Wensheng said, he was also Darryl’s father-in-law. Liu Zhiyuan had no good impression of him.

“Grandma, I think I can try.” Liu Zhiyuan said.

He had already thought about it in his heart, and this money must have been thrown into the water. When the family capital chain breaks, Liu Wensheng will be ruined! At that time, their family will be expelled from the family, so that they can relieve their anger!

“Liu Zhiyuan, are you crazy?” Liu Qianshuang was full of anger: “You actually persuade grandma to invest?”

Before Liu Zhiyuan could speak, the grandmother waved her hand, stood up and said, “Okay, don’t say anything. I’ve decided, so I will do what Zhiyuan said. All the family money will be invested in.”


There was an uproar in the audience, but grandma spoke up, and no one dared to refute.

After all, grandma still spoils Liu Zhiyuan, a word can let grandma make a decision.

Liu Wensheng was so excited. With the assistance of the Liu family’s financial director, he transferred the only 400 million Liu family to his account.

Datang District, Donghai City.

Police cars stopped at the gate of the community, dozens of police officers rushed down and surrounded Mitchell’s house!

This house is on the first floor and has been surrounded by groups at this time.

The leader turned out to be a female police officer. The loose police uniform could not stop her good figure.

“Sister Elisa, what do you do next?” a little policeman walked over and asked.

Elisa looked around and received an alarm call just now, and he kept tapping on the screen. It was obvious that he was kidnapped. And I checked the telephone number of the police. The kidnapped person was named Lily, and there was a Yunchu company under his name.

Elisa is the captain of the criminal investigation team of the police station. In such cases, she must personally bring people over.

“Pull the cordon and take the megaphone.” Elisa said, “By the way, go investigate and see if Lily has any family members. Call me quickly.”

“Yes, Sister Elisa.”

The little policeman nodded. Soon, he will pass the loudspeaker.

In the room, Mitchell holds a DV in his hand. He has already thought about it and will record the process in a while. At that time, Lily and Alexandra, once emotional, threatened with video.

However, this broken DV was given by someone else and he would not use it at all. It took a long time to finally understand. As a result, at this time, I heard a woman’s voice outside the window.

“The people inside listen, let the hostages go and deal with them leniently.”

Mitchell trembled all over, and when he went to the door to look, his whole body was erected!

There are dozens of policemen, and the surrounding water can’t get through.

“Slot you, you two!” Mitchell’s heart thumped, pointing at Lily and Alexandra. I had already put away their mobile phones!

But now, it’s too late to say anything!

Doing nothing and endlessly, Mitchell took out a dagger and put it on Lily’s neck all at once.

“You have a special code to wait for me. I am dead today, and I will hold you back!”

While shouting, Mitchell yelled at the window: “You all withdraw for me, all for me! Otherwise I will do it! Withdraw!”

Outside the window, a policeman ran up to Elisa.

“Sister Elisa, the person inside seems to be very excited and has taken a hostage. What should I do?” The policeman, sweating profusely, said to Elisa.

Elisa is also anxious! There are so many trees nearby that the sniper cannot aim at all.

There are more and more crowds around, and the community is almost blocked.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came.

“Mitchell, let them go. I’ll go in and take you hostage.”

At this moment, everyone was stunned and looked at!

Seeing an electric car slowly approaching, Darryl stopped the car and said to the window.

“No!” At this time, Elisa also reacted and walked quickly over: “Are you a family member of the hostage? Now you can’t go in, it’s dangerous inside, you…”

“Mitchell, have you heard?”

However, Darryl didn’t seem to hear Elisa’s words. He looked at Mitchell and said, “You said you are a big man, why do you tie two women?”

In the room, Lily only felt warm in her heart. Looking at Darryl on the electric car, her eyes turned red. At that time, he didn’t know what to think, and he shouted: “Darryl, don’t be stupid, hurry up!”

“Lily, what are you talking nonsense!” Alexandra burst into flames, shouting loudly: “This trash is willing to be a hostage, what are you doing to stop him! Let him come in, he comes for us, we can go out! “

Chapter 24

“Mom!” Lily yelled: “We can’t provoke Darryl…”

“Can’t be involved?” Alexandra laughed: “Darryl has been in the family for three years and served him food and drink at Liu’s house. He has hurt us for three whole years! Let him in quickly!”

Mitchell showed a slight smile, and he held the knife tightly in his hand. Now that I have nothing, I’ve come to this point as expected.

Hostage? That’s impossible!

“Mitchell, why are you so trash?” Darryl walked to the window with a smile, and separated from Mitchell only by the window: “You like my daughter-in-law, but my daughter-in-law doesn’t like you. Then you become angry and become angry? Do you count? the man?”

“Shut up your special code!”

Mitchell’s emotions are extremely excited! Darryl is a famous trash, but he is also the husband of his own goddess!

This is a slash that he can’t get through, he just feels that he is a failure!

“I shut up?” Darryl laughed: “Mitchell, it’s really sad that you are a human being. Now that you have nothing, the company has also sent you out. The goddess you like is my wife. You really failed to be a human being. .”

“Shut up your mouth, shut up!” Mitchell roared loudly, his eyes flushed red!

At this time, Lily looked at Darryl unblinkingly, moving her heart.

How could she not see that Darryl wanted to irritate Mitchell, make Mitchell hate him, and then came in to change the hostage.

Sure enough, Mitchell clenched his fist tightly, and looked at Darryl with a smile: “Okay, okay, you’re great, aren’t you? You are my goddess husband, right? Come on, don’t you want to change the hostage, come on? what!”

Darryl laughed disdainfully, and walked in through the door.

Ten meters away, Elisa couldn’t help but look at Darryl twice.

In reality, it was the first time I saw someone willing to take a hostage. This situation is generally seen in novels and TV dramas.

“Sister Elisa, what should I do now.” A policeman walked over and asked softly.

Elisa waved his hand: “Find a negotiation expert. Don’t let the hostage be hurt, don’t! By the way, stop that Darryl first, don’t let him in first, I think the criminal suspect is a little excited.”

“Yes!” The little policeman quickly agreed.

At this moment, everyone in the Liu family had arrived. I was attending the grandma’s birthday party. But the police suddenly called and said that Alexandra and Lily were kidnapped. This birthday party must not continue!

Even the old grandma is here. The hundreds of Liu family members looked nervously in the room. The old woman was shocked when she learned that it was Mitchell who had tied her up.

“Officer Zhou.” The grandmother walked to Elisa’s side and was already nervous. “Officer Zhou, is there any misunderstanding? The robber is Mitchell, who knows this kid. This kid doesn’t know how to do this kind of thing. .”

Elisa glanced around and said lightly: “Now that things have happened, it doesn’t matter whether he is like that or not. It turns out that he is a criminal.”

“Officer Zhou, those two hostages must be safe.” At this time, Liu Wensheng also rushed over, his face covered with sweat, and he was extremely anxious.

“We will do our best. Don’t worry.” Elisa said: “And there is a man named Darryl who is going to be hostage for them.”

“Really?!” Many people from the Liu family gathered around.

Elisa nodded, but did not expect a happy voice to come.

“Then let him do it!”

Liu Wensheng said: “Police Officer Zhou, it is okay for Darryl to be a hostage, but my wife and daughter, there really is nothing wrong with it!”

What kind of person is this? ! Elisa couldn’t help but glanced.

The fate of your wife and daughter is fate, but the fate of others is not fate?

“No.” Elisa waved his hand: “Now the suspect is very emotional and can’t change the hostage.”

“This…” Liu Wensheng was instantly lost.

The grandmother on one side also sighed, walked forward on crutches, and said, “Officer Zhou, you know something. Although our Liu family is not a famous family, it is not a small family. Lily and Alexandra have never been since childhood. I have suffered hardships and have never seen a big storm. Now being kidnapped by others, I’m really afraid they can’t bear it.”

Speaking of this, the old grandmother paused and continued: “But Darryl is different. He should be a rural person and he is definitely not afraid. Let him replace it.”

What kind of thinking is this! As an outsider, Elisa was angry when she heard this!

At this time, the two police officers stopped Darryl. Darryl glanced back and said loudly: “Police Officer Zhou, as Lily’s husband, I am obligated to hostage for her, please let me in!”


After all, Darryl volunteered, and Elisa couldn’t interfere.

“Officer Zhou, did you hear that.” The old grandmother quickly stood up and said, “This Darryl is voluntary. Let him change the hostage!”

Elisa only felt helpless. But still nodded towards Darryl.

When Darryl saw that the surrounding police no longer stopped him, he walked straight to the door.

“Release people.” Darryl said coldly.

Mitchell in the room saw Darryl come in, clenched his fists tightly, untied the ropes of Alexandra and Lily, and then grabbed Darryl!

“You go.” Darryl looked at Lily and said.

Lily only felt a little moist in front of her eyes. This man is willing to be a hostage for himself!

“Hurry up!” At this time, Alexandra also reacted, pulling Lily up, and walking out of the room without looking back.

Outside the room, the police and Liu’s family saw Lily and Alexandra walking out and surrounded them all at once. Tears welled up in Liu Wensheng’s eyes instantly.

“Lily, Xiaoman, are you okay.” Liu Wensheng’s hands were shaking, clutching his wife and daughter tightly.

He has been in business, when did he encounter such a scene? I was really terrified just now, but now it’s okay to see my wife and daughter, and it’s a lot more comfortable.

“Dad, I’m fine, but Darryl, he…” Lily said as she looked into the room. At this moment Darryl, with a knife on his neck, was held hostage by Mitchell.

But there was no fear on his face, but he was looking at himself with a smile!

“You girl, what do you care about him?!” Alexandra said angrily: “Does his life and death have anything to do with us? He is a door-to-door son-in-law. After three years of marriage, you haven’t even held your hands. You still think about him. What are you doing for your safety?”

“That’s why your child is so uncomfortable!” The old grandmother also walked over and said to Lily, “Hurry up, let’s go home.”

“Yes, let’s go.” Liu Wensheng also said, and immediately took Lily and left.

“No, I won’t leave, Darryl is still inside!” Lily said to the people around, but no one heard what she said, and she didn’t know how many people pulled her, and she was pulled out of the community in a flash.

“Officer Zhou, do you have anything to do with us here?” The grandmother and the two entourages hadn’t left yet, she walked to Elisa’s side and said, “If there is nothing for us, we will go back first.”

Elisa took a look: “Darryl is still inside, aren’t you his family members?”

“No.” The grandmother said categorically.

The voice fell, and the grandmother turned and left.

And Darryl, who was inside, was expressionless when he saw that the Liu family had all gone.

“Zhuzhizhao, Darryl, are you in this position?” Mitchell suddenly laughed at this moment.

“It doesn’t matter what my status is, I only know that I have obtained the certification with Lily before, but what about you, why is it so miserable?” Darryl laughed out suddenly: “Mitchell, I ask you a question, did the Yue family suddenly withdraw Did your financial support kick you out of the company?”

“How do you know about this!” Mitchell shouted.

Very few people know about this matter, even Lily and Alexandra, they only learned about it just now after they told them. But how could this rubbish Darryl know?

“Did the Yue family tell you that you provoke someone who shouldn’t be offended?” Darryl said again.

“How on earth did you know about special code!” Mitchell has completely lost his mind.

Outside the door, a small policeman ran up to Elisa.

“Sister Elisa, the Darryl inside seems to be talking to the robber. It makes the robber’s mood very excited.”

“This person!” Elisa stomped anxiously: “He is making us mess! It made the robbers so excited, don’t you want to live anymore?”

“Sister Elisa!” At this moment, the policeman spoke again, his face was shocked! I can’t say a word of shock! After a long time, he spoke slowly.

“Sister Elisa, look over there… Jie… the robber seems to kneel down for Darryl…”

Chapter 25


Elisa looked into the room, and as expected, Mitchell had already put down his sword at this time and was kneeling in front of Darryl!

What’s the situation? Elisa just finds it incredible! The first time I saw a robber kneel down for a hostage!

A group of policemen surrounded the room, dumbfounded, unable to speak a word!

I thought it was going to be a long time for negotiations today, but after Darryl went in to take the hostage, he just said a few simple words to kneel down and confess to the robber!

In the room, Darryl looked at Mitchell with a smile. Yes, just now, he and Mitchell talked about his identity.

Mitchell certainly didn’t believe it at first, but when Darryl revealed his bank card balance, Mitchell collapsed completely!

It turns out that he provokes someone who shouldn’t be offended, it’s Darryl!

No wonder, no wonder someone gave Lily Crystal Love, it turns out that Darryl is the second young master of the Yue family! The waste that everyone disliked was the second young master of the Yue family!

“Second Young Master, I beg you, I used to have no eyes.” Mitchell has completely collapsed and his eyes are red: “Second Young Master, I beg you, let me go, I promise you will never pester your wife again. I promise, can I swear to God…”

Darryl looked at him with a smile, and looked down at him: “Mitchell, I can let you go. As long as you know your mistakes, I can talk to the family and bypass you once. But the problem now is that you have committed the crime. For forgiveness things, you look out the window, they are all waiting to catch you.”

“It’s okay, Brother Darryl, it’s okay, my crime is not serious now, because I reined in the cliff!” Mitchell said with a nose and tears.

“Okay, go out and confess your guilt.” Darryl waved his hand and said, “As long as you don’t disgust me anymore after you come out, I can let you go.”

“Thank you, Brother Darryl, thank you, Brother Darryl.” Mitchell kept kowtow.

If you can return to your original life, you can live less than ten years!

Darryl was not talking, and walked out of the room quickly.

Outside the room, the group of policemen saw Darryl coming out and rushed into the room.

Only Elisa walked to Darryl’s side. To be honest, it is the first time I have seen such a man for so many years as a police officer.

“What’s the matter with Officer Zhou?” Darryl turned around and said.

I have to say that Elisa is really beautiful. Although she is in a police uniform, she can still see that arrogant figure. It’s too hot.

“Hello, would it be convenient for you to go back to the police station with me and make a transcript?” Elisa asked.

“Sorry, I still have something to do.” Darryl laughed. He just wants to return to the company now. He has already thought about it and will not return to Liu’s house anymore. Starting today, he will buy a house near the company and run the company well.

When the voice fell, Darryl turned around to leave, but at this moment, he saw two Rolls Royce oncoming and stopped straight away.

A middle-aged man walked out of the car and hugged and walked to Darryl’s side.

“Second Young Master…Mr. Yue.” Xiang Riyue walked quickly and bowed to Darryl. Just about to be called the Second Young Master, he remembered that Darryl told him that he didn’t like this name.

“Mr. Xiang?”

Elisa seemed to be talking to herself.

As the owner of Chunjiang Huayueye, Xiang Riyue is already famous in Donghai City.

As the captain of the criminal police team, Elisa often encounters criminal cases. In places like Chunjiang Huayueye, there are fights almost every day. So of course I know Xiang Riyue.

It’s just that.. Xiang Riyue’s worth is probably in the billions!

But he bowed to this Darryl? What’s going on!

Elisa couldn’t help but look at it more, and Darryl in front of him was spreading the goods, even riding an electric bike! What is the ability to make Xiang Riyue bow?

“Mr. Yue.” Xiang Riyue called again, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

He just remembered that today is Darryl’s birthday! I thought about it before, but I forgot something temporarily.

“Lao Xiang, what’s the matter?” Darryl took a look and rode on the electric bike.

“Mr. Yue, I forgot that it was your birthday today. I’m sorry I was late.” Xiang Riyue said apologetically, took out a wooden box from the car and handed it over respectfully: “Mr. Yue, a little respect. .”

“Okay. I’ll accept it, there’s still something to go, let’s go first.” Darryl took the box over. He also didn’t want ink, because he knew that if he didn’t accept this gift box, he probably wouldn’t give up.

Put the box in your pocket and go on the electric bike.


Xiang Riyue still wanted to talk, but Darryl had already rode far away.

He had to shook his head and left in the car.

Three days later.

Liu Family Villa.

Today is a good day. Lily finally agreed to negotiate with Ziyu Company. Sure enough, Ziyu Company agreed to let Liu Family pack Ramona.

So everyone gathered together to discuss how to pack Ramona.

“Grandma, I think I will let Ramona participate in the superstar first. This variety show is very popular now.” Liu Zhiyuan said.

“Grandma, it’s okay to let her go online first,” a woman said.

Everyone said each other.

Only Lily was absent-minded. She wondered why Ziyu Company only recognizes itself? I haven’t even seen their president!

And Crystal Love, who gave it to him.

Lily only felt that there were ten thousand questions in her mind, and these questions could not be restrained from thinking about them. But now in her mind, there are all images of Darryl taking herself hostage!

I haven’t seen Darryl for three days, and he hasn’t gone home for these three days. How is his life?

Lily felt sore in her nose and forced herself to stop thinking about him, but she couldn’t help it at all. He was full of her mind!

“Lily, what do you think?” At this moment, the old grandma said.


“Yes, here.” Lily looked up and found that everyone was looking at herself.

“Lily, why are you absent-minded?” the grandmother said, “what’s the matter?”

“Grandma, it’s okay.” Lily smiled and shook her head, trying not to let herself think about him.

Ziyu Company.

Darryl held a document in his hand, and over the past three days, he had found out about Ziyu Company. Before this company, it was always managed by my sister-in-law. It may be due to improper management. The company has some mismanagement.

The net profit last year was just 100 million.

For Ziyu Company, this number is really low and pitiful. For such a company, the annual profit is very low for 2 billion.

I just became the president, thinking backwards, I must find a solution. The solution is very simple, is to pack Ramona.

Ramona is good-looking, she has no choice but to sing well. As long as the packaging is in place, she should be able to fire.

Although he is no longer in Liu’s house, he still has feelings for Lily. So the task of packing Ramona was handed over to Lily. Just treat yourself as the last to do something for her.

After the Liu family’s research, Ramona is going to participate in the’Superstar’.

Simply put, this show is a talent show. Just like the fast men and super women back then.

The investor behind this’superstar’ is also Ziyu Company. After Darryl’s investigation, the company’s low profitability was due to its investment in this superstar.

More than 2 billion invested! Of course, this show is really popular, but the income is a bit low.

Seeing that this season’s superstar is about to start broadcasting, Darryl thought of a way to find a sponsor.

Many brands want to rush to sponsor this kind of particularly popular program. In the end, Darryl decided to give Audi a chance.

Audi promised to sponsor one billion, and then asked for ten minutes of advertising for each program. It stands to reason that many companies want to sponsor 1.5 billion. But the boss of the Audi Group is good friends with Xiang Riyue. To give Xiang Riyue a face, he chose Audi.

Darryl picked up the file, walked out of the company, and rode an electric car to the Audi 4s head office to talk about cooperation. It happened that he wanted to buy a car.

Audi 4s shop. There are many luxury cars parked in front of the store, such as Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz. After all, people who come to buy Audi have some money.

Darryl stopped the electric car and walked in quickly.

D*mn, it took an hour to ride from the company.

“Hello, can I help you?”

In the hall, a woman wearing professional attire walked forward to look at Darryl and said with a smile.

This woman is very beautiful, with a height of 1.65 meters and fair skin. Even in a suit, you can see the magnificence on her chest and her figure is too hot.

Audi is fine, even the staff are so beautiful.

“That… I want to buy a car.”

Darryl scratched his head, looked at the woman and said, “I’ve seen it on TV before. Audi has a convertible. Can I see it?”

“Sorry, we are on a lunch break.” The woman barely squeezed out a smile, her eyes could not hide the disgust. Can you encounter such a strange flower by yourself? The person in front of him is obviously a poor man, wearing a street stall, and still wanting to buy a car?

Can Audi cars be bought with this kind of diao wire?

“At lunch break?” Darryl muttered and looked around.

No, there are quite a few people watching the car in this hall! Of course, these customers are all in suits and shoes, and at first glance they are all rich owners.

“Then they bought a car, why did someone receive it?” Darryl said.

The woman sighed with impatience on her face. She was sure that the person in front of her was working in a nearby factory. During the noon break, she ran to the 4s shop, hoping to gain some insight. Maybe I want to take two photos in the car and go back to show off. Such people are really disgusting.

“Excuse me, sir, we are taking a lunch break. And we don’t have any cars here, less than 30. If all the costs are added together, the minimum cost is 350,000 yuan before the car can be picked up. Even if you buy it in installments. , The down payment is more than 100,000. And this cheapest model, we are out of stock. Sir, we are on lunch break, if there is nothing else, please leave first.” The woman couldn’t help but said.

D*mn it, is this spurring people?

Darryl was about to say something, but at this moment, he saw a man and a woman walk in.

Seeing the woman among them, Darryl’s fist was tightly held in an instant!

Lily? !

Haha, just left for a few days now, is there a man next to him?

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