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Chapter 2101

“The Great Sage!”

“Master Sun!”

Seeing this scene, the elders of Lorenzo couldn’t help exclaiming, and at the same time they wanted to rush over to check on Peter’s injuries, but there were more and more imperial guards in front of them, and it was almost impossible to move.


At this time, Ora’s figure landed lightly, his eyes fixed on Peter, arrogantly and coldly: “What if you have a sky-opening axe? In my eyes, it’s just a reckless man.”

While speaking, Ora paused, and said coldly: “I’ll give you one last chance, don’t you submit?”


Hearing this, Peter took a deep breath and chuckled lightly, without hesitation: “Joke, my Peter respects the heavens and my parents, and the person who makes me willing to surrender, who is not born yet, how old are you?”

“Okay, you have a backbone!”

Ora’s exquisite face was extremely red, and his heart was extremely ashamed: “Then I will see if your bones are hard or your mouth is hard.”

While talking, Ora’s internal strength exploded and walked towards Peter step by step.

The breath of horror filled the entire battlefield!


Seeing Ora getting closer and closer, he especially felt the intrepid killing intent. Peter was angry and panicked. Is his heroic life going to die in the hands of this woman today?

Very unwilling.


“Ora, if you dare to move the Great Sage, I am at odds with you.”

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo not far away, as well as the people of Elder Huo, couldn’t help shouting.

Especially Lorenzo, with blood red eyes, and instantly lost his reason. Ten years ago, he and Darryl and Peter were allied by blood and became brothers of the opposite s3x. He vowed to live and die together. How could he watch the Great Sage be killed? ?

Howling, Lorenzo was about to break through the encirclement, rushing over to save Peter. However, as soon as he rushed a few steps, he was stopped by the rushing guards.

At the same time, Raquel and Elder Huo were all dragged on, unable to get out of their bodies at all.

“go to hell!”

At this time, Ora’s pretty face was cold, and he snorted when he arrived, then raised his jade hand and patted directly on top of Peter’s head.

Seeing Ora’s palm calling, Peter’s expression was tragic, and his heart was completely desperate.

Brother Wen, Darryl!

See you in the next life.

“The Great Sage!”

At the same time, Lorenzo couldn’t help screaming, his heart was burning, tears couldn’t stop streaming down. The brother is about to be killed, but there is nothing he can do. At this time, the ugliness and ugliness is like a knife cut in his heart.


Seeing Ora’s palm, he was about to pat the top of Peter’s head. At this critical moment, a stream of light suddenly shot up, like lightning, and hit Long Qianyuyu’s hand straight.


Ora reacted swiftly, his delicate body flashed, and dexterously avoided, his exquisite face was frightened.

I saw that after the streamer was avoided by Ora, it was directly embedded in a stone not far away, crystal clear and white.

It turned out to be a white jade token.

What a strong force.

At this moment, while Ora was angry, he was also extremely shocked.

White jade is very fragile, but the visitor can rely on internal force to plunge the white jade into the stone, and the white jade has not been damaged at all. This method is really shocking.

Could it be Darryl?


At the same time, seeing this scene, everyone in Lorenzo was taken aback, and then they became excited one by one inexplicably.

Great, it must be Darryl’s return.

Because besides Darryl, in Kyushu, who else can have such a clever means?


Just when everyone was shocked, they heard a sweet voice, which sounded from the sky not far away, and then, they saw a charming figure coming from the sky.

A long white dress, flamboyantly, like a fairy falling into the mortal world.

It is Elsa.

At that time in the Tianxiang Valley, Ginger was very poisonous and there was no cure. When he was dying, he passed all the internal strength of his body to Elsa.

After burying Ginger, Elsa left Tianxiang Valley and went to the Ouyang Family for the first time. Only after arriving, did he learn that the Ouyang Family had come to the Five Poison Sect. Elsa rushed over without hesitation at that time.


Seeing Elsa, Ora furrowed his eyebrows, and there was a trace of coldness in his eyes.

Chapter 2102

Ora hated Darryl. At this time, the woman who saw him was naturally also very hostile. More importantly, Peter was about to die in his own hands, but was interrupted by Elsa at the critical moment. Why not be angry?


While angry, Ora was also secretly shocked. At this moment, she could clearly feel that Elsa in front of her was much stronger than before.

Actually it was the late stage of crossing the tribulation realm.


Feeling this, Ora was shocked and jealous. You must know that after she became the Queen of Nanyun, she has been taking the treasures of heaven and earth in the imperial palace for many years. Until now, her strength has not transitioned to the initial stage of the disaster.

What made her even more unacceptable was that Elsa’s strength was on par with her, but at this time, Elsa’s realm was two levels higher than hers.


Although he was frightened, Ora remained somewhat calm, and looked at Elsa’s back to see if Darryl followed.

“Light smoke…”

“It’s the younger brother and sister of Elsa…”


At this time, Lorenzo, Peter and others also reacted, and each one was extremely happy.

Although it was not Darryl who appeared, everyone was extremely happy to see Elsa appearing. Speaking of which, it has been nearly two months since Elsa was deceived by Edward.

In the past two months, Darryl and the Ouyang family have been inquiring about Elsa’s news, but it turned out to be nothing. Now that Elsa is safe and sound, how can he be unhappy?

“Great Sage, Brother Wen…”

Feeling the joy of everyone, Elsa was also very happy, and said hello with a light smile.

Immediately, Elsa turned her head to look at Ora: “Ora, why do you have to have trouble with the Ouyang family? Can’t you write off all the grievances you had in the past? You have to die without stopping?”

When he said this, Elsa’s beautiful face was very indifferent.

I could see the surroundings, but I was very angry, and my Jiao body trembled.

Elsa was suspended in mid-air, looking around the situation below, she could see that the entire Five Poison Sect was like a hell, and many disciples of the Ouyang family fell in a pool of blood.

Not only that, Lorenzo and Raquel were all injured.

“A write-off?”

Hearing this, Ora smiled contemptuously, with a bit of coldness and hatred on his delicate face: “If it were not for Darryl, our Nanyun royal family would not be called the laughingstock of Kyushu. Don’t think so many years have passed. I will forget.”

As he said, Ora raised his hand and pointed at Elsa: “Is Darryl hiding around? Let him show up.”

In Ora’s heart, he believed that Darryl was nearby.

After all, he and Elsa had a very good relationship, and they were almost inseparable. Now that Elsa is here, Darryl must be nearby.


When the voice fell, the eyes of the Lorenzo everyone focused on Elsa.

If Darryl was nearby, Ora in front of her would not have to fear her.


However, under the gaze of everyone, Elsa shook his head, and said with a complicated expression: “He is not with me.”

Darryl didn’t come?

Ora was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled contemptuously: “Since Darryl is not here, you can die with these people.”

As he said, Ora stared at Elsa closely, with a beautiful face that was cold and frosty, and waved his jade hand: “All the soldiers obeyed the order, kill all the people of Ouyang Family and Rushers! And, Get me this Elsa.”


When the words fell, thousands of guards responded one after another, and then broke out, rushing up thinking of Elsa directly.

“Want to destroy the Ouyang family, dream!”

A cold voice came from Elsa’s mouth. In the next instant, Elsa slowly raised his hand, and saw palms condensed in midair.

“Thousand Jue Wuying Palm!”

Elsa yelled, and Yu pointed at the thousands of guards who had come to besiege.

Yes, what Elsa displayed was the kungfu taught by Ginger before his death. Speaking of which, Rushers’s skills were very unique. At that time, Ginger passed on his skills through the’Inverted Universe Dafa’. While giving to Elsa, he also passed on all the exercises he learned to Elsa.

Chapter 2103


When the voice fell, I saw the countless palm shadows, as if they had spirituality, whizzing up, carrying a wave of terrifying power, and greeted the guards.


In an instant, thousands of palm shadows burst out and hit the guards violently, and heard a scream. On the spot, ordinary people were shot down and fell heavily in a pool of blood.


At this moment, Lorenzo and the owners of the Ouyang family were both worried and excited.

Haven’t seen him for a while, Elsa’s strength has become so powerful?

Also…what kind of exercise does she practice, why haven’t I seen it before?

At the same time, Elder Huo and Elder Darryl, as well as the members of Rushers, frowned secretly.

This…this Elsa used it seems to be the “No Phase Thousand Absolute Skills” of the Zhen Sect of the Rushers. There is no phase thousands of extraordinary skills. Only the head of the Rushers can cultivate. It is never passed on. This Su How did light smoke learn?

In particular, Elder Huo and Elder Darryl, staring at Elsa in mid-air with extremely complicated expressions.


This scene angered Ora, who could have annihilated the Ouyang Family and the Rushers together, but Elsa suddenly appeared and disrupted everything.

At this time, Ora was floating in the air, seeing his guards, dead and wounded, and his delicate face was full of gloom and cold.

“All the soldiers follow the orders.” Ora trembling, Jiao said: “Don’t fight Elsa, hold her temporarily, other people, get rid of the Ouyang Family and Rushers as soon as possible, hurry!”

When he shouted out these, Ora’s eyes were full of sternness.


When the voice fell, thousands of guards came to besiege Elsa, and the rest was to regain their strength and continue to attack everyone in Lorenzo.


The strength of the two sides is quite different, and many members of the Ouyang family and the disciples of the Rushers are already unable to fight again because of internal energy consumption. At this time, under the charge of the Guards, many people screamed and fell into a pool of blood. in.


Seeing this, Elsa was furious and looked at Ora and said, “You are such a lunatic.”

Ora chuckled and couldn’t conceal the hatred in his heart: “I’m crazy, you think you are strong and you can turn the situation around, but you are wrong, you are only one person, and I have 500,000 bans. Wei Dajun.”

“I tell you, today is paying a heavy price, I will destroy the Ouyang family.”

The last word fell, and Ora’s delicate body flashed, like a fright, entered the battlefield and fought fiercely with Lorenzo.


Elsa was very anxious, and wanted to rush over to join Lorenzo, but there were too many imperial guards in front of him, and they rushed up like a tide, almost endless.

Ora’s plan was very successful, using tens of thousands of guards to drag Elsa, while she herself, with the remaining hundreds of thousands of guards, besieged the people in Lorenzo.

Bang bang bang.

In a blink of an eye, a few minutes later, I saw the Ouyang family and the Rushers, and thousands of people fell.

Seeing this scene, Elsa was completely anxious, and yelled softly, “Ora, you think this can hold me back, then you are so wrong!”


When the voice fell, Elsa’s internal strength completely exploded, and in a short time, the air around her body suddenly condensed, and a terrifying force came out of her delicate body madly!

“Fire Cloud Palm!”

Four cold words came from Elsa, and the moment the last word fell, the sky above his head was thundered and the world changed color.

He saw Elsa raising his hand, looking up at the sky, his delicate face was extremely solemn and solemn.

“What a strong power is condensed…”

“What skill is this?”

The sky changed abruptly. At that time, many people subconsciously looked up and saw that the sky was filled with dark clouds and thunderous waves, like the end of the world.

In particular, the hundreds of thousands of the Imperial Guards were all inexplicably panicked. They could feel that in that dark cloud, a terrifying force was gathering quickly.

“Huoyun palm?” At this time, Elder Darryl was also looking up at the sky, but his expression was extremely complicated, and he couldn’t help muttering.

Hearing this, Lorenzo next to him subconsciously asked, “Elder Darryl knows this skill?”

Chapter 2104

Elder Darryl’s expression is complicated: “Of course I know, this is the last trick in our Rushers’s Zhen-sect’s unique knowledge, “A Thousand Unique Skills Without Phase”.”


What Elsa displayed was the secret knowledge of Rushers?

At this moment, Lorenzo was immediately stunned, and only felt his brain buzzing. When did Elsa learn the techniques of Xia Yingzong?

Just when Lorenzo was secretly wondering, he heard Elder Darryl continue: “There is no phase of a thousand unique skills, and it is never passed on, especially this last move, “Fire Cloud Palm”, which is very profound, unless our head teaches it personally. Otherwise, it is difficult to comprehend it. And this Elsa is so proficient…Could it be that she was with our head before?”


Hearing these words, Lorenzo’s mind was instantly confused. If Ginger taught Elsa’s unique skills, why wouldn’t he see anyone?

Also, why did Ginger pass the Rushers’s unique knowledge to outsiders without reservation?


At this moment, I saw the dark clouds in the sky, suddenly rolling violently, and then a fiery red palm figure appeared in the sight of everyone.

That palm shadow, surrounded by crimson flames, grew bigger and bigger as it landed, and in the end, it was a few hundred meters in diameter.


This fire cloud palm slapped on the ground fiercely, and the horrible palm power enveloped more than 20,000 Janitors. In a short time, a roar resounded through the sky, and within a thousand meters of it, there was dust and smoke.

The imperial guards who were shrouded in palm shadows, without exception, all died tragically, and there was no time to escape.


Seeing this scene, the rest of the Guards trembled in their hearts and couldn’t help but breathe in cold air.

A palm shadow has such power, this is too abnormal.

At this moment, Ora was also shocked, his delicate face was extremely ugly.

With just one move, he killed so many soldiers. Elsa will suffer endless suffering if he doesn’t get rid of it.


Just when Ora was distracted, Lorenzo found an opportunity and burst out quickly. He slapped Ora’s back with a palm, and heard Ora snorted, his body trembled, and he was directly shaken back a few times. Ten steps.


After steadying his figure, Ora spouted a mouthful of blood, his face pale instantly. At the same time, he stared at Lorenzo, furious.

“Ora, you are defeated!” Lorenzo said indifferently.

Ora did not respond, but quickly adjusted the disordered internal force, and then shouted at the remaining guards: “Withdraw, the whole army will withdraw.”

When he yelled this sentence, Ora bit his lips tightly, unwillingly in his heart.

But there was no way. Just now Elsa broke out a stunt, killing more than 20,000 soldiers with one move, and he was also injured. If he does not evacuate in time, the casualties will increase.

“Withdraw, withdraw quickly!”

Hearing Ora’s order, many imperial guards yelled at them, and immediately protected Ora, retreating towards the distance.


Seeing this scene, Peter clenched the sky-opening axe tightly, screamed, and chased him first, but he was stopped by Lorenzo without chasing a few more steps.

“Great Sage.” Lorenzo took a deep breath, unable to conceal his weakness: “The poor are not chasing after them. Moreover, everyone’s internal energy consumption is very serious, and there is no energy to chase after them.”

Hearing this, Peter looked around, and saw that the Ouyang family and the Rushers were very weak. At the beginning, they fought against the Five Poison Sects. After the end, they did not catch their breath and were met by Nan Yun. Siege of the Continental Guards.

Two consecutive fierce battles, no one can bear it.


Seeing this situation, Peter felt helpless, sighed, and had to withdraw.


At this time, Lorenzo looked around and slowly said: “Ora has a perverted personality, and he may not make a comeback. Let’s meditate and recover as soon as possible, just in case.”

As the voice fell, everyone nodded, sitting cross-legged one by one, and began to regain their internal strength.

Time passed by every minute.

Soon, an hour later, I saw that everyone’s pale complexion had recovered some blood.

At this moment, Elder Darryl and Elder Huo looked at each other.


In the next second, under the leadership of Elder Darryl and Elder Huo, the Rushers tribe stood up and surrounded Elsa.

what’s the situation?

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo and Raquel were all taken aback.

What is Rushers going to do?

Chapter 2105


At this time, Elder Huo had a very hot personality, and he was the first to come out and asked Elsa: “Why did you know that our Rushers’s Zhen Sect’s unique knowledge is’incomparable thousand unique skills’?”


When the voice fell, Elder Darryl and the surrounding Rushers tribes also watched Elsa closely, their eyes gleaming with complexity and hostility.

Faced with this situation, Elsa didn’t panic at all, sighed lightly, and said slowly: “This technique was taught to me by your head Nalan.”


Upon hearing this, Elder Huo and Elder Darryl looked at each other.

Passed to her from the head?

how can that be? The Rushers’s unique knowledge of the town school is never passed on. This is the iron rule of the door.


Soon, the elder Huo reacted and said loudly: “A thousand unique skills without phases. It is the unique school of our Xia Hermit Sect. It has never been passed on. Besides, our head can’t talk about friends with you, so why did you pass on you? ?”

When the voice fell, the surrounding Rushers tribe nodded in agreement.

“Yes, your explanation is not valid at all.”

“There must be something strange!”

“In my opinion, you must have learned it secretly… it is best to be honest.”

Everyone’s questioning, you and I heard each sentence, Lorenzo was also full of doubts, but he was calm in his work, accompanied by a smile at the time, and quickly walked out to make a round.

“Everyone, fellow Rushers.”

At this time, Lorenzo looked around, and finally looked at Elder Huo and Elder Darryl and said: “Don’t worry, Elsa is my younger brother and sister, who was once the Sect Master of Wen Chong. He acted openly and honestly. How could it be possible to steal another school’s exercises? There must be hidden secrets in this matter.”

As he said, Lorenzo turned his head to look at Elsa: “Sister Elsa, what’s the matter, you should tell me in detail.”

When the voice fell, Raquel also said: “Qianyan, just say it directly, so as not to make people misunderstand.”

Raquel and Elsa have a very good relationship. Although they don’t know the situation yet, Raquel firmly believes that Elsa will not do anything to steal another school’s exercises.

After all, that is a big taboo.


Hearing this, Elsa took a deep breath and nodded: “Okay.”

After that, Elsa explained how he was deceived by Edward, how he was imprisoned in Tianxiang Valley, and then how Ginger was poisoned, and how he broke into Tianxiang Valley by mistake.

Elsa originally planned to tell the situation after taking everyone to Tianxiang Valley. Moreover, Ginger’s death made her very sad, and she has not recovered until now.

But at this time, facing Rushers’s questioning, Elsa also knew that he couldn’t keep it up.


The head…. The head is poisoned to death?

At this moment, when I learned of the situation, whether it was Rushers or Lorenzo, everyone was shocked and froze in place.

Elsa sighed and couldn’t conceal her sadness: “Before I left Tianxiang Valley, I buried Sister Nalan there, you follow me!” As he said, Elsa rose lightly and turned towards Tianxiang Valley. go with.

Everyone did not hesitate and followed.

A few minutes later, Tianxianggu.

Behind the quiet and elegant courtyard, the Lorenzo and the Rushers tribe stood quietly in front of a new grave, all silent.

“Sister Nalan.”

At this time, Elsa took a step forward, tears streaming down non-stop: “It’s me. I didn’t have full confidence at that time, so I helped you make the antidote. As a result, your poisoning deepened…”

With that said, Elsa couldn’t make a sound. Although I met Ginger for a short time, I spent a few hours here before. Ginger’s generosity before dying passed on to Elsa free of charge. Elsa was extremely grateful.

After all, Elsa lost her dantian inner strength at the time, and if it weren’t for Ginger, she would still be a useless person.

Listening to Elsa’s cry, everyone present felt uncomfortable.

“Smoke girl!”

At this moment, Elder Darryl came out and said with emotion: “Don’t be too sad. The head of the boss suffered from this misfortune. It was her fate that was bad, and you had done your best at that time.”

As he said, Elder Darryl bowed deeply at Elsa: “Now we have no leader in the Rushers group, we also invite the Elsa girl, who can take over as the head and lead us Rushers.”

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