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Chapter 2106

Puff through.

When the voice fell, the surrounding Rushers tribe knelt a large area in an instant, and they spoke one after another.

“Yes, please take Miss Elsa as the head.”

“See the head.”

“Meet the new head…”

Facing this situation, Elsa was stunned. Although she had been the Sect Master of Wenzong and had seen everything, she had encountered this kind of thing for the first time.

You know, Rushers is the hidden Sejong Sect that has been inherited for nearly ten thousand years. I don’t know anything about it. How can I be the head?

Thinking about it, Elsa shook his head quickly: “I…how can I be qualified to be your head?”

Since following Darryl, Elsa had a very weak view of fame and wealth.


Hearing this, Elder Huo and Elder Darryl glanced at each other.

Immediately, Elder Darryl took a deep breath and said sincerely, “Miss Elsa, you have gained the skill of our predecessor, and you have also inherited the unique knowledge of the town’s “unphased thousand unique skills”. This head is naturally yours. do.”

When the voice fell, Elder Huo also said: “Yes, for nearly ten thousand years, as long as you have learned the’A Thousand Unparalleled Achievements’, you will be the head of the Rushers, Miss Elsa, you still agree.”


At this moment, Elsa bit her lips tightly, embarrassed on her delicate face when she heard the words of Elder Huo.

“Ha ha…”

At this moment, Lorenzo, who had been watching by the side, couldn’t help but smile, and then said to Elsa: “Qianyan, since the elders are so sincere, according to my opinion, you agree to it. .”

“You got Nalan girl’s technique, which proves that you have a relationship with Rushers.”

When he said this, Lorenzo and Chou looked a bit wise. In his opinion, Elsa became the Xia Hidden Sect, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. After all, the overall strength of the Xia Hidden Sect is very powerful. The Heavenly Dao League is so jealous, if Elsa is in charge, the Ouyang family will have a strong ally in the future.

When the voice fell, Raquel everyone also encouraged them.

“Qianyan, agree.”


Seeing this scene, Elsa breathed a sigh of relief and nodded and said, “All right.”

To be honest, she really didn’t want to be the head of the Rushers, but her hospitality was difficult. Moreover, before Ginger died, she passed all her skills to herself. This kindness cannot be repaid for a lifetime. Now the only thing she can do What she did was to help her lead the Rushers well.


Seeing her finally agreed, Elder Darryl and Elder Huo were extremely happy.

The next second, everyone once again saluted.

“Subordinate, I have seen the head.”


On the other side, God’s Domain!

Imperial Palace.

Nine Heavens God sitting on the throne, his face was extremely anxious.

The many priests below, standing there one by one, are also very anxious. Just now, another news came from Rodolf, saying that the blood formation deployed by Demon Zun Goni could not be broken at all, and the situation was extremely critical.

In this case, the God of Nine Heavens is anxious.

“His Majesty—“

At this moment, a figure hurriedly walked in, it was Haotian Divine Lord.

When he arrived, God Monarch Haotian had a respectful tone, and at the same time he was a little bit ashamed: “I am back, Your Majesty, I am ashamed. My Five Poison Sect in Kyushu failed to stop Demon Zun Gone and let him run away… “

It was just that he was interrupted by Nine Heavens God before he finished speaking.

“Well, let’s not talk about it yet!”

At this time, the Nine Heavens God, with a solemn face: “The Demon Venerable has gone to Fengde Mountain. Moreover, the Heaven Demon Blood Sacrifice Array has been deployed.”


Demon Zun Gone deployed a blood sacrifice array in Fengde Mountain?

Hearing this, Haotian Shenjun’s expression changed, and his heart shook inexplicably.

As an existence above ten thousand people in the realm of God, God Sovereign Haotian certainly knows what it means for Demon Lord to deploy a blood sacrifice array in Fengmo Mountain.

Once Demon Lord Gone succeeds, the demons who died in battle tens of thousands of years ago will be reborn and swept across the entire God’s Realm.

“It shouldn’t be too late. Take your subordinates and head to Fengmo Mountain as soon as possible!” At this time, God of Nine Heavens took a deep breath and quickly issued an order.


God Monarch Haotian didn’t dare to neglect, he responded and hurriedly walked out of the hall.

Soon, hundreds of thousands of divine soldiers and generals, led by Haotian Divine Lord, quickly rushed to Fengmo Mountain.

Chapter 2107


Seeing the scene in front of me, whether it was the Haotian Divine Sovereign or the hundreds of thousands of divine soldiers, they were all stunned, and each one had a cold back.

I saw that the Darryl Demon Mountain in front of me was completely covered by a thick bloody fog.

On the periphery of the dense fog, many magical soldiers were knocked down randomly. At the same time, not far away, Rodolf was still organizing the remaining magical soldiers for the next charge.

At the beginning, Rodolf and Darryl brought 20,000 soldiers to check the situation of Darryl Demon Mountain. When they arrived, they saw Demon Zun Gone deploying the blood formation. At that time, Darryl thought of a way to crack the blood formation. At the critical moment, Rodolf was behind the scenes.

After Rodolf undertook Darryl, he pretended to go back to Jiutian God to report the situation, and then under the direction of Jiutian God, he returned to Fengmo Mountain to monitor the situation here.

The God of Nine Heavens repeatedly told Rodolf that he should not act rashly, just report the situation at any time.

However, Rodolf was anxious to make merit, how could he just stand still? After returning to Fengde Mountain at that time, he immediately organized 20,000 god soldiers to continuously attack the position of Shengmen in an attempt to destroy the blood sacrificial formation.

Although Rodolf hated Darryl, he also knew that Darryl’s attainments in the formation technique were not comparable to ordinary people. Since he said that the position of the Shengmen was the key to destroying the entire blood sacrifice formation, he absolutely Can’t be wrong.

But as a result, Rodolf was extremely depressed. The fog surrounding the blood formation is too terrifying, as long as it is contaminated with the Tao, the magical soldiers will become mentally disordered and kill each other.

After trying several times, the original 20,000 magic soldiers, now only a few thousand are left.

“Your Lord God.”

At this moment, seeing God Monarch Haotian with hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers and gods appearing, Rodolf was excited and hurriedly greeted him.


Haotian Shenjun looked around, looking at the casualties around him, his face looked very ugly: “Rodolf, what’s the matter?”

He clearly saw that at the edge of the blood mist, many magical soldiers were lying there, no breath, and behind Rodolf, the thousands were still alive, and all of them were very embarrassed.


Rodolf was very embarrassed and explained: “Return to the god, the subordinates have been trying to break this blood formation, so…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted coldly by Haotian Divine Lord: “Break the formation? Your Majesty told you not to act rashly, why don’t you listen?”

“Is such that.”

Feeling the anger of the Haotian Divine Lord, Rodolf was sweating profusely, and quickly said: “Before, after the Jade Dragon Cohort hadn’t acted, he had carefully observed the blood formation, and the only place to break the formation was the student.”

With that, Rodolf pointed in the direction of Shengmen.

Rodolf knew that he had disobeyed his order and ended. In a hurry, he could only push the blame on Darryl. After all, Darryl was already trapped in the blood formation.

There is no evidence of death, so naturally don’t worry.

Hearing this, God Sovereign Haotian frowned and waved his hand: “Okay, let’s wait for everything to follow my orders, understand?”

While talking, God Monarch Haotian looked at the direction of Shengmen and couldn’t help muttering in his heart.

Where is the key to breaking the battle? It doesn’t look like it at all.

The jade dragon, Ma Darryl, must have been talking nonsense at the time, otherwise, he would not be trapped inside.


Just as the Haotian Divine Lord was muttering secretly, suddenly, a horrible aura fluctuated, and immediately after that, a figure was seen rushing into the bleeding fog, suspended in the sky above the entire blood sacrifice formation.

It is Mozun Gone!


Seeing this scene, both Haotian Divine Lord and Rodolf’s expression changed.

In the next second, God Monarch Haotian stared at the Demon Lord Gone in midair, without hesitation, he raised his hand and waved: “Kill Demon Lord, destroy the great formation!”

“Remember, avoid the blood fog!”

“Yes, Lord God!”

When the voice fell, hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers responded, and then they leaped into the air and rushed directly to the demon lun Gone!

In an instant, the aura of hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers exploded, and the sky of the entire Sealed Demon Mountain was distorted, and the momentum was astonishing.

“Here is another group of annoying ants.” The breath of hundreds of thousands of god soldiers and generals came. Demon Lord Gone slowly opened his eyes, a bloody glow shot out, and his cold and arrogant face was full of disdain.

Chapter 2108

“Get out of here!”

In the next second, Demon Lord Gorne faintly said a few words, raised his hand and waved, and suddenly, an extremely violent and terrifying aura burst out, forming bloody storms. Swept to the surroundings.


Those bloody storms, like lightning, came in a flash. Many of the soldiers and generals rushing in front had no time to escape. They were instantly submerged and screamed constantly. Thousands of them fell from mid-air and fell to their knees. In a pool of blood.

what! ?

See this scene. Either Haotian Divine Lord or Rodolf couldn’t help sucking in the air-conditioning!

This is the strength of Demon Lord?

It was too horrible. Thousands of god soldiers and generals were wiped out with every gesture.

In astonishment, God Monarch Haotian’s eyes became more and more gloomy. The whole body was filled with intrepid fighting spirit.

“Magic Lord!”

Soon Haotian Shenjun slowed down. Loudly shouted: “I am here today, don’t you want to resurrect the demons here.” The last word fell, and the God Sovereign Haotian exploded like a cannonball and went straight to Demon Lord Gone.

Wherever the figure passes, the world seems to be divided into two worlds.

“Ha ha!”

However, Demon Lord Gonje just smiled contemptuously: “God Haotian? You defeated, what qualifications do you have to say these things to me?”

Hearing this, Haotian Shenjun’s face was very embarrassed, and at the same time the anger in his heart was thoroughly aroused, and the speed was accelerated.

“God, I will help you.”

See this situation. Rodolf’s eyes flickered, and then yelled, holding a golden gun tightly, and rushing straight towards Demon Zun Gone.

Rodolf knew in his heart that in front of Demon Zun Goni, he was afraid that he would not be able to catch a single move, but this was the best opportunity for performance, and he couldn’t miss it.

Rodolf thought it through. With the Haotian Divine Sovereign, the Demon Lord would not target him, he only had to rush up and behave.

If you defeat the Demon Venerable, it will be a great achievement.

“court death!”

Seeing the eruption of Haotian God Monarch and Rodolf, Demon Lord Gone sneered, and then urged his figure to greet him.

Bang bang bang…

in a blink. Demon Zun Gone, Haotian God Sovereign, and Rodolf fought fiercely over the blood formation. I saw the three figures constantly shuttle back and forth, causing thunder in the air, and a breath of terror surging. The world has changed color.

When the two sides first met, Haotian God Monarch had no confidence in his heart. After all, the opponent was the supreme demon, with terrifying strength. In the entire God Realm, only the ancient ancestors could fight one.

After the fight, God Monarch Haotian was surprised to find the strength of Demon Lord Gone. Much weaker than before.


Rodolf also found out, very excited.

This Demon Lord Gone must be because of the deployment of the blood sacrifice array. Only when power is consumed. Great, this is a great opportunity to kill Demon Venerable.

Rodolf had a good guess. Demon Zun Gone had consumed a lot of the power of the Demon Soul in order to deploy the Heaven Demon Blood Sacrifice Array before. Only half of the peak period.

However, facing the attack between the Haotian Divine Lord and Rodolf, Demon Zun Gone didn’t panic at all, paying attention to the bottom of the blood formation from time to time.

The blood sacrificial formation is at the last moment. As long as he persists, hundreds of thousands of demons will be born again.


Soon, God Sovereign Haotian and Rodolf found an opportunity to jointly condense a golden ball of light and slammed on Demon Lord Gone. Hearing a dull sound, the Demon Lord was repelled by the volley.

After a few dozen steps back, Demon Zun Gone stabilized his figure. However, there was a bit of weakness on the proud face.


At this moment, Rodolf was extremely excited, and smiled proudly at Demon Zun Gone: “The Demon Clan Supreme, it’s just that.”

Rodolf City Mansion is very deep and good at scheming. At this time, he said that he wanted to deliberately provoke Demon Lord Gone. Once Demon Lord becomes angry and loses his mind, more flaws will be exposed.

When the voice fell, God Monarch Haotian also looked at Demon Zun Gone, and said coldly: “Gone. Don’t resist, surrender.”


Hearing this, Demon Zun Gone’s eyes flickered with evil spirits. Yang Tian laughed.

“You think that I have a chance to take advantage of the power consumed by deploying the blood array. Can I control the situation?”

“You are wrong, the Heaven Demon Blood Sacrifice array has reached the end, my subordinates will be reborn soon, haha…”

Chapter 2109

At the end of the talk, Demon Zun Gone slowly raised his hands, and his deep and deep voice spread throughout Darryl Devil Mountain.

“Great Demon Warriors. Awaken.”


When the last three words fell, you could see the blood fog surrounding the blood array, as if it had spirituality, quickly gathered and gathered below, and finally sank into the ground below the large array.

not good!

Seeing this situation, Haotian Shenjun’s expression changed. Furious, his body trembled faintly.

No wonder Demon Zun Gorne consumed his power and was so calm.

It turns out that… his demons are about to resurrect.

Rodolf on the side. He was also pale and extremely ugly.


Just when the two of Haotian Divine Lord and Rodolf were secretly shocked, they heard a strange sound from the land under the formation, and then, they saw a number of figures breaking through the ground.

When I saw these figures, there were blue skeletons in their hollow eyes. Shining with a weird bloody light, breathtaking.

Hundreds of thousands of skeletons gathered together, the scene was really shocking.


At this moment, seeing the scene in front of him, whether it is the Haotian Divine Sovereign or the surrounding divine soldiers and generals, their backs are chilly and inexplicably fearful.

At the same time, there is also an unprecedented crisis in my heart.

Mozun Gone successfully captured hundreds of thousands of demons, this catastrophe. It is inevitable.


Just when the surrounding gods and soldiers were secretly shocked, they saw a stream of blood. Emerging from the ground, then clinging to the skeletons. The blood-red armor came out.


After the formation of the blood-red armor, hundreds of thousands of demon tribe army swiftly saluted the demon Zun Gone in mid-air.


At this time, Demon Lord Gone was very excited, for so many years. It is finally possible to revive the reputation of the demons.

Thinking about it, Mozun Gone put away his smile. His eyes suddenly became extremely cold, and he shouted: “Devil Warriors, you have been buried for so many years, waiting for a day and waiting for a long time.”

“Have you seen the magical soldiers and generals around you? Vent out all the grievances in your hearts and extinguish them all. Don’t leave one!”


When the voice fell, hundreds of thousands of demons made a howling, shaking the sky, like beasts. Directly rush to the surrounding magical soldiers and generals.


At this time, the surrounding magical soldiers and generals were all still in shock. Facing the sudden attack of the demons, there was no time to react for a while. With a scream, many god soldiers were pierced, sprayed with blood, and fell to the ground.


Seeing this situation, God Monarch Haotian clenched his fists, furious.

At this time. Demon Lord Gonje was full of pride and madness, and laughed at the Vast Sky Divine Sovereign: “Vast Sky Divine Sovereign. Wasn’t it very confident before? Why can’t I laugh now?

“You think you can control the situation by bringing hundreds of thousands of soldiers and generals? I tell you. They will all die here today, none of them can escape!”


Hearing these words, God Monarch Haotian’s eyes instantly became red, and he shouted: “You are less proud, it is not always true who wins and who loses today!”

When the voice fell, the God Lord Haotian roared, and his divine power exploded, directly rushing into the enemy group.

At the same time, Haotian God Lord did not forget to shout at the surrounding gods and soldiers: “All the soldiers of the gods, this battle is related to the safety of the entire gods, don’t back down, even if you fight to the last one, you must annihilate them all. .”


At this moment, hearing the encouragement of Haotian Divine Lord, many divine soldiers and divine generals reacted one after another, urging their internal forces one by one to fight fiercely with the demon tribe who rushed up.

clang! clang! clang!

In an instant, the sound of weapons colliding, roaring and killing sounds echoed over the entire Sealed Demon Mountain, making the originally gloomy Sealed Demon Mountain become like hell.

The two sides are equal in number and evenly matched, and at the beginning they were still at odds with each other.

However, gradually, God’s Domain became somewhat unstoppable, and I saw that the ground in the area of ​​the Blood Sacrifice Array was collapsing from time to time to create deep holes. Those deep holes were all drilled by the demons. Formed, at this time, it is like a trap, and from time to time, there will be magical soldiers and gods falling into it.

Chapter 2110


With many companions falling into the deep hole, the formation of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and generals suddenly became chaotic.

At this time, no one noticed that at the edge of the blood sacrifice formation, a person lying there also fell into a nearby hole.

It was Darryl who was in a coma.

Before Darryl asked Rodolf to help enter the blood sacrifice array, he was abandoned by Rodolf at a critical moment. At that time, Darryl could not withstand the powerful pressure of the blood array and passed out directly.

After fainting, Darryl lay beside the stone pillar of Shengmen.

At that time, Demon Lord Gone was all on the blood formation, and he felt that Darryl was stunned when he broke in, so he didn’t pay attention to it.


On the other side, in a dense forest not far from Darryl Devil Mountain.


In the dense forest, dozens of figures were cautiously approaching towards Fengmo Mountain, and they saw that these people were dressed in strange clothes and were powerful.

Headed by two extremely beautiful women. Slightly larger, dignified and quiet, without losing the dignified atmosphere. Smaller bright eyes and white teeth, but it gives people a savage feeling.

This group of people is the demon tribe.

At the beginning, Darryl went to besiege Yutiangong after releasing all the monsters from the land sealed by the monster clan. At that time, the fighting was fierce. At a critical moment, the ancestors of the great desolate appeared and stopped the fighting.

At that time, the great ancestors made Darryl a Profound Saint of the Nine Heavens, and at the same time resolved the grievances between the Monster Race and God’s Domain. After that, the White Tiger King and Colorful Lingfeng took the Monster Race tribes and lived in seclusion in the northwestern area of ​​Fengmo Mountain. In the dense forest, I plan to rest here.

In the past two days, Demon Zun Gone came to Fengde Mountain to resurrect the buried tribe, which shocked the monster race at that time.

Today, the White Tiger King sent a demon clan team to quietly come to Fengmoshan to investigate the situation.

The two women headed are the daughters of King White Tiger.

The bigger one is Liya and the smaller one is Mengya.

The two daughters of the White Tiger King, Liya is dignified and steady, and Mengya is savage and willful. It can be said that the personalities are two extremes.

Bang bang bang…

At this time, getting closer and closer to Fengmo Mountain, I heard the sound of fighting, and the screams kept coming. For a moment, Liya couldn’t think much, and made a gesture to make everyone stop.

“Darryl Demon Mountain, it seems that there is a fight.” Liya frowned and said slowly: “Could it be that Demon Lord Gone has resurrected his subordinates?”

When the voice fell, Mengya said disapprovingly: “What is going on? I will know if I look at it in the past?”

“No way!”

Liya shook her head, her beautiful face was somewhat solemn: “We can’t take risks.”

Regardless of whether it is God’s Domain or Demon Race, it is not something you can provoke, so you should be careful.

Thinking about it, Liya said to the subordinates behind her: “You guys, Tu Dun go over and take a look, remember, after inquiring about the news, you will come back quickly, don’t be discovered.”


When the words fell, several subordinates used their earth to escape, digging into the ground and heading towards Fengmo Mountain.

Earth Escape is a common skill among monsters, and it burrows into the ground as if walking on the ground.


At this time, Mengya felt very boring, and said to Liya: “I want to go too.”

Liya didn’t even think about it and said, “You can’t go. It’s not trivial to explore the Sealed Devil Mountain today. You have to be obedient.” My sister, who is by nature stubborn, will definitely go wrong.

Hearing this, Mengya stomped her foot.


After waiting for a while, I heard the sound of digging through the soil. Then, several subordinates sent out by Liya broke the ground one after another.

“Mozun Gone really resurrected his subordinates.”

“Yes, I’m now at war with the hundreds of thousands of troops of Divine Sovereign Haotian…”

The two who came out first, quickly report the situation.

Hearing this, Liya frowned and her face suddenly became serious.

This is troublesome. The Demon Lord resurrected his subordinates. Not only will God’s Domain be in chaos, but also the Demon Race will suffer.


At this moment, the last subordinate drilled out of the ground, and in an instant, the eyes of the surroundings gathered in the past.

I saw that the man was dragging a comatose figure.

It is Darryl.

Originally, Darryl fell into the burrow under Fengmo Mountain. Unexpectedly, Liya’s subordinates ran into Darryl with the use of escape. At the time, he brought it over without thinking about it.

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