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Chapter 2121

It’s him?

Seeing Edward, Raquel’s body was shocked, and she was stunned.

This… Wasn’t this guy taken away by God Monarch Haotian? How could it appear in the Apocalypse Continent?


At the same time, Castro and the surrounding royal guards were all surprised, but at the same time they were surprised, the eyes of Castro shone with complexity.

Yes, his surprise was pretended.

Everything in front of him was originally a scene between Castro and Edward. Castro first used the little eunuch to lead Raquel alone to the Weather Palace, and then trapped her to death through formations. When the critical moment came, Edward appeared. , Rescue Raquel.

The purpose of this is to let Raquel dispel his previous views on Edward. Then take her for your own use.


At this moment, King Castro slowed down, pretending to be very angry, and shouted at Edward: “You are so courageous. You dare to break into my weather palace without permission. If you know you, you should hurry up and grab it.”

I have to say that the king of Castro looks alike.

At the same time, the surrounding royal guards’ eyes were also locked on Edward, with a gesture of taking action at any time.


Faced with this situation, Edward laughed up to the sky, with a cold arrogance in his eyes, and sneered at King Castro, “King Castro, fortunately, you are still the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent. You have to use so many royal guards against a weak woman. I’m ashamed of you.”

As he said, Edward looked at Raquel and continued: “I heard that Raquel will call you the emperor according to his seniority. And you, you killed her father and emperor in public and snatched the throne. It’s really inhuman to kill her, tsk tsk.”

When he said this, Edward was full of contempt, seeming to mock King Castro, but in fact he has been secretly paying attention to Raquel’s reaction.

After all, all of this is acting, deliberately for Raquel.


Castro’s face flushed and his eyes almost breathed fire.

At this time, Raquel reacted and shouted at Edwardjiao: “Edward, this is my personal business with him, it is not your turn to intervene.”

Although Raquel was talented and intelligent, Edward and Guangping Wang acted so much that she didn’t notice it at all. However, she was very principled. Even though she was at a disadvantage, she didn’t want Edward to help.

After all, the relationship between her and Castro belonged to the hatred of the country and the family.

More importantly, Edward is a subordinate of Demon Venerable and the biggest threat to the mainland of Kyushu. How can he help him?

“Girl Ren.”

However, Edward didn’t feel angry when he heard Raquel’s tender drink. Instead, he smiled and said, “You and I are both demon souls, and you can be regarded as your own. If you are passing by here today, if you are in trouble, come over and help.”

As he said, Edward looked innocent: “I want to help sincerely, don’t refuse people thousands of miles away.”


Hearing this, Raquel’s face was cold, she couldn’t help but sipped, and said coldly: “Whoever talks to yourself, don’t put gold on your own face. This is my own business, and you don’t need to worry about it. “

Edward smiled, very helpless.


At this moment, Castro yelled: “Since you have to be nosy, let’s stay together.”

After speaking, Castro ordered the surrounding royal guards: “Take these two together, regardless of life or death.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

When the voice fell, nearly a hundred royal guards responded one after another, and then took off one by one, rushing towards Edward!


In an instant, the breath of nearly a hundred royal guards distorted the sky, and the momentum was astonishing.

Seeing this scene, Edward didn’t panic at all, but showed a faint smile, urging the power of the demon soul, and then slowly raised his hands.


In an instant, under the eruption of the power of the demon soul, a blood-colored figure was seen, condensed in front of Edward. It was a huge demon shadow, full of blood, strong and sinister.

The next second, the demon shadow whizzed out, carrying a blood mist, and rushed directly towards the royal guards.

“A bunch of ants, get out of me.” Edward roared loudly!

Chapter 2122


In the blink of an eye, I saw more than half of the royal guards hit hard by the huge magic shadow, and they screamed constantly, falling down from mid-air one by one, their faces pale.

Because it was a play, Edward had no right to explode. He just shook these royal guards, otherwise, this move would have killed them.


Nevertheless, seeing this scene, the remaining royal guards couldn’t help taking a breath.

Raquel was also trembling in the suburbs, and her heart was shocked.

This Edward… is worthy of being the right arm of Demon Venerable. He was injured so badly before, not only did he not die, but he also recovered his strength so quickly.

Where Castro stood, his eyes were extremely complicated.

Then, under Edward’s eyes, he made a very angry look and shouted: “What a thief, do you really think we have no one in the weather palace?”

Afterwards, Wang Yangtian of Castro shouted: “Where is the Yulin Army? Help!”

“Subordinates are here!”

As soon as the voice fell, there were loud screams not far away, and then I saw nearly a hundred thousand imperial forest troops, like a tide.

Yes, these imperial forest troops were arranged in advance by Castro.


Seeing those Yulin Army, Raquel muffled her eyebrows, she couldn’t help feeling a little nervous, and at the same time, she gave Edward a fierce look.

If it were just those royal guards, Raquel would still be able to break out. It’s better now. Edward has appeared, completely angering Castro, and attracting so many imperial soldiers at once. In this case, let alone kill Castro, for The father had avenged his revenge, it was very difficult to rush out.

“Girl Ren.”

Raquel’s coldness, Edward just pretended not to see it, and shouted with ease: “Don’t worry, I’ll help you break the battle.”

As the words fell, Edward burst into the air, and rushed directly into Raquel’s trapped’Chaotic Demon Formation’. This Chaotic Demon Formation was originally taught by Edward to King Castro, and naturally there is a way to crack it.

But Edward also understood that Raquel was very smart, and if the chaos formation was completely broken, she would inevitably not doubt it.

So Edward didn’t break the formation directly, but rushed from left to right in the formation, fighting wildly.

“I said, you want you to help me.” Raquel yelled, and randomly activated the power of the demon soul, trying to continue breaking the formation.


At this moment, nearly one hundred thousand Yulin Army rushed forward and surrounded the periphery of the Chaos Demon Array like an iron bucket.


Seeing this, Raquel bit her lip tightly, feeling anxious in her heart.

The formation hasn’t been broken yet, there are nearly 100,000 Yulin Army in the periphery, and it really can’t go now.


Just when Raquel was anxious, she saw Edward slap two palms and shook the ten royal guards flying out. Suddenly, a gap appeared in the invincible’Chaotic Demon Formation’.

“Girl Ren.”

At this moment, Edward looked anxious and shouted: “There is a gap in the formation, please rush to me.”

When he shouted, Edward’s face was full of sincerity, but there was a hint of cunning in his eyes.

He was sure that Raquel would not miss this opportunity.


At this moment, Raquel took a deep breath and watched Edward’s gaze gleaming with complexity.

I really didn’t expect…this Edward was quite capable, so quickly he made a gap in the formation in front of him.

At this time, Raquel didn’t know that everything in front of him was performed by Edward.

With emotion, Raquel couldn’t think too much. Following Edward, rushing to the outside of the chaotic demon formation, Edward guessed well, and Raquel would naturally not miss such a good opportunity.


Just after rushing out of the chaotic demon formation, the nearly 100,000 imperial forest troops waiting on the periphery drew their long knives one after another and rushed directly up.


Faced with this situation, Edward laughed up to the sky, and his fighting spirit broke out: “I haven’t paid attention to the imperial army of the Apocalypse Continent.”

As he said, Edward did not forget to shout at Raquel: “Miss Ren, there are a lot of enemies now, let’s take care of each other.”

I have to say that Edward is very smart. He knows that his performance will be too enthusiastic and will make Raquel disgusted. He just reminds him at a critical moment.

Raquel gave a cold snort and ignored it.

At the same time, Raquel exploded with the power of the demon soul and fought fiercely with the imperial forest army that was constantly rushing up.

Chapter 2123

At the beginning, Raquel was able to deal with it easily, but there were too many enemies. He repelled a wave of the Imperial Forest Army, and the Imperial Forest Army rushed up. In this case, gradually, the power of the Demon Soul in Raquel’s body could not be consumed. Less, it started to work hard.

Speaking of it, even though Raquel possesses a demon soul, he has not yet fully understood the power in it, let alone how to use it flexibly, as it naturally consumes quickly.

Edward, who was not far away, was still very relaxed.

However, Edward did not forget his purpose tonight. While fighting fiercely, he paid attention to Raquel’s situation again and again.

At this time, seeing Raquel’s pretty face gradually pale, Edward knew that the opportunity was coming, and shouted: “What? Can’t you hold it?”


Edward’s concern made Raquel resist from the bottom of his heart, and said with a clear breath, “Who can’t hold it anymore? Take care of yourself.”

Seeing her hard mouth, Edward smiled, and continued: “The power of the devil soul is very mysterious, but you didn’t use it like this, you listen to me now, reverse the blood…”

Reversing energy and blood is a way to use the power of the demon soul, and after it is used, it can temporarily increase its strength.

Of course, there are drawbacks.

Reverse blood?

Hearing this, Raquel bit her lips tightly, and couldn’t help but secretly underestimate her in her heart.

Among the various sects in the rivers and lakes of Kyushu, reversing the vitality and blood is a big taboo. If it is not done, it will lead to confusion. Is this Edward deliberately harming me?

But after thinking about it, the power of the demon soul is different from that of human beings, and perhaps it has an unexpected effect.


At this moment, hundreds of Yulin Army besieged, Raquel had no time to think about it, and immediately reversed his vitality. After some time, the power of the demon soul erupted again, and a powerful breath lingered around Raquel.

It really can.

At this moment, Raquel was shocked and delighted. She clearly felt that the power of the demon soul consumed in her body had recovered a lot at this moment.

“go to hell!”

Excited, Raquel yelled, her delicate body flashed, and once again rushed into the enemy group.


Seeing this scene, Edward smiled, and his heart was extremely excited.

Even though this Raquel was witty and wise, in the end she was fooled by herself.

You must know that although reversing Qi and blood can greatly increase the power of the Demon Soul in a short period of time, the disadvantages it brings are also huge. Raquel has just acquired the Demon Soul not long ago, and he does not know the way to reverse the Qi and blood. Know how to deal with that dangerous malpractice.


Excited, Edward burst out, gathered with Raquel, and continued to fight fiercely with the surrounding Imperial Forest Army.

A few minutes later, Edward knew that it was almost done, and suddenly a powerful force burst out, and he saw that this force was extremely terrifying, condensing six magical shadows in mid-air.

“Be careful!”

“Quickly out of the way…”

Feeling the terrifying power of the Six Demon Shadows, the surrounding Imperial Forest Army and the Royal Guards were all shocked, and at the same time they urged the figures to dodge backwards.


Taking the opportunity, Edward shouted at Raquel, and then rushed to the outside of the palace.

Raquel bit her lip tightly, hesitated at the time, but still got up and followed closely.

However, when rushing into the air, Raquel did not forget to turn back and shout at Castro: “Kuang Ping Wang, you are lucky today, let you live a few more days, next time I will collect your head.”

While talking, Raquel speeded up, and in a blink of an eye, she disappeared into the night sky with Edward.

Ha ha…

Seeing Raquel and Bai Yun flying away, King Castro’s face was gloomy, but the corner of his mouth evoked a sneer that meant nothing.

The play has finished, and then, let’s watch Edward’s.

the other side.

In the midair northwest of the imperial city, Edward and Raquel flew in the air one after another. After flying for half an hour, they reached a valley and saw that there was no imperial army chasing them behind them. They landed one after another.


Raquel took a deep breath, frost on her delicate face, very annoyed.

This king of Castro was really despicable and shameless, and even used the Eighth Prince to lure himself over.

Fortunately, I was lucky today, otherwise, I’m really trapped in the palace and can’t get out.

Thinking about it, Raquel looked at Edward not far away, with doubts in her eyes, this guy appeared too coincidental.

Chapter 2124

Moreover, as a member of the Ouyang family, he is hostile to Edward, why should he help himself? Really as he said, he owns a demon soul, is his own person in his heart?

“Girl Ren!”

Facing Raquel’s gaze, Edward looked relaxed and smiled: “Why look at me like this? I said before, we are our own, and I should help you.”


Hearing this, Raquel’s face flushed, and she screamed: “You shut up, I also said that I and you are not my own.”

Edward was stunned: “You got Chi You’s Demon Soul, and you are also a member of the Demon Race. This is something that cannot be changed. Why are you so persistent?”

Raquel snorted coldly, and faintly retorted: “Even if I have a demonic soul, I am also a member of the Nine States Continent, and you are a traitor to mankind, so please don’t confuse me with you.”

With that said, Raquel stopped talking nonsense, turned around and left.

“It’s really persistent.” Just after two steps, I heard Edward smile behind him: “If you want to go, go, but we can make a bet that you will regret it soon and come back to beg me. “

Ha ha..

Hearing this, Raquel chuckled and said lightly: “Edward, are you overconfident, I will come back to beg you? Stop dreaming.”

When the voice fell, Raquel walked away quickly.

At that moment, Edward didn’t stop him, but leaned on a tree, watching Raquel walking towards the distance with a smile.


After taking a dozen steps, Raquel suddenly frowned and stood there.

At this time, Raquel’s delicate face was filled with consternation. No, he was fine just now. Why suddenly, his whole body was so sore and soft that he couldn’t make it out with any strength?

Not only that, but the power of the demon soul in the body also showed signs of disorder, which… seemed to be a sign of madness.

Feeling this, Raquel only felt her legs tremble, and she almost couldn’t stand firmly.

“Girl Ren.”

At this moment, Edward, who had been leaning against the fat tree, slowly walked over and asked with a smile, “Aren’t you going to go? Why did you stop suddenly?”

“Hehe, if you want to thank you, you don’t have to, I said, we are our own.”

When he said this, Edward looked polite, but there was a wicked smile in his eyes.


Hearing this, Raquel frowned and did not respond.

This is, Edward slowly approached, observing Raquel’s situation, his handsome face revealed a bit of joking: “Miss Ren, you don’t have to endure it anymore. The power of the devil soul in your body has already been in disorder. I can’t use my energy to show signs of anger, isn’t it?”


At this moment, Raquel’s face changed suddenly, watching Edward closely, flashing anger: “It’s you…you poisoned me, right?”

Raquel was very smart, and Edward obviously couldn’t get rid of the situation in front of him.

Moreover, with his strength, it was easy to poison himself silently.


Edward smiled slightly, and shook his head disdainfully: “I still disdain to do things like that.”

Isn’t he poisoning?

Hearing this, Raquel frowned and her mind suddenly became confused.

This situation of his own is obviously a sign of poisoning, but Edward said no.

Does Edward dare to do it or admit it?

No, there is no need to lie to yourself with the existence of strength like Edward.

If it wasn’t poisoning, what was going on with me?


At this moment, seeing Raquel’s face changing, Edward’s smile grew thicker, carrying his hands on his back, walking leisurely in front of her, and slowly said: “You don’t have to guess, you are not poison. It was the previous reversal of qi and blood, and it was backlashed by the power of the demon soul.”

what? Backlash of Demon Soul’s power?

At this moment, Raquel’s body trembled, and she immediately understood something.

Obviously, at the Weather Palace before, Edward was helping himself on the surface, but he was actually hiding evil intentions. He knew that the reversal of Qi and blood had a big drawback, which would trigger the devil soul backlash, but he deliberately didn’t say it at the time.

No wonder he said just now that he would come and beg him, but he meant this.

Chapter 2125

Thinking of this, Raquel’s body trembled, staring at Edward fiercely, out of anger.

I walked the rivers and lakes by myself for so many years, I have always been playing tricks on others, playing with others. The beautiful girl was actually planted in Edward’s hands.

What a shame!

“Girl Ren.”

At this time, Edward smiled and said: “Don’t look at me like this. The situation was urgent at that time. How can I tell you the shortcomings of blood reversal?”

As he said, Edward sighed and continued hypocritically: “But it’s not too late, it’s just a condition.”

“If you have something to say quickly, let it go if you have a fart.” Raquel said coldly, biting her red lips tightly.

This Edward said nicely, who knows what he thought secretly.

Edward smiled: “It’s very simple. I teach you how to crack it, but you have to swear to join us and join me in loyalty to Lord Demon.”

“You are a descendant of the demon race, and now you have a demon soul. If you sincerely take refuge, your demon lord will be very happy.”

“At that time, Your Excellency Mozun will have you and me assisted. The entire Kyushu, and even God’s Domain, will be our world, haha…”

At the end, Edward laughed triumphantly.

However, Raquel had a cold face. Without even thinking about it, she refused decisively: “Want to be like you, do harm to Kyushu and be charcoal? Stop daydreaming. Even if I die, I won’t promise you.”

Although his voice was weak, it was beyond doubt.

“Okay! As expected of Darryl’s woman, this chivalrous kindness is admirable.”

After Edward said with a smile, he sat on the grass beside him and waited quietly.

Raquel snorted coldly, too lazy to bother, and was about to leave again. However, at this moment, a scorching force spread in Raquel’s body.

At that moment, Raquel felt like he was roasting on the fire.

The burning sensation lasted for a while, followed by a deep icy cold.

Raquel had a tough personality, gritted her teeth and made no sound, but a layer of sweat soon appeared on her delicate face.

Hearing the movement, Edward slowly stood up, and said with a smile but a smile: “Don’t hold on, the pain of the devil soul backlash can’t be endured by anyone, so why are you doing this?”

Raquel’s beautiful body couldn’t stop trembling, resisting the alternating feeling of cold and heat, biting his lips tightly, just didn’t speak!

“Well, I see how long you can hold on.”

Edward smiled slightly, not in a hurry, walked over slowly, sat under a tree and started to close his eyes to rest up.

How to do?

Seeing this situation, Raquel was angry and entangled again.

Do you really want to promise him?

No, my man is a hero of Kyushu, how can I go with the evil of Kyushu like Edward?

Thinking about it, Raquel gritted her teeth and continued to endure, she made up her mind that she must hold on.

However, Demon Soul Backlash is no small matter, the longer the time, the pain that comes from the body will become stronger and stronger. Edward was right, most people simply couldn’t bear it.


I don’t know how long it took, Raquel finally couldn’t hold it, her face was pale, and she was dripping with sweat.


At this moment, Raquel said weakly at Edward: “I can promise you, but there is one condition.”


Seeing Raquel finally softened, Edward was very excited, smiled and said, “Okay, you say.”

Raquel pondered and said weakly: “I can do things for you, but I must do it in the dark and never expose my whereabouts.”

Immediately, Raquel lowered her head and muttered to herself: “I can’t let Darryl know about this. If he knows that I help Demon Venerable, he will definitely leave me.”

When she said this, Raquel’s delicate face was full of pain, but her eyes flashed with cunning.

Yes, Raquel had falsely agreed, and didn’t really intend to join Edward, doing so was just a stopgap measure, in order to get Edward’s way to crack the devil soul backlash.

Raquel is smart and witty, and she knows that if she agrees, she will definitely be suspected by Edward. After all, the other party is not an ordinary person.

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