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Chapter 2116

This guy looked crippled, but he didn’t expect to have this kind of ability.


Soon, the hundreds of Demon Warriors didn’t find Darryl and the others, and they gradually went away.

At this moment, both Darryl and Mengya were secretly relieved.

“Let’s go!”

Then Darryl reacted and said to Mengya: “Let’s get out of here quickly.”

Mengya nodded, then greeted dozens of subordinates, and continued to move forward with Darryl.


the other side.

Kyushu, the imperial city of apocalypse.

In the magnificent palace, Edward slowly woke up, and the moment he opened his eyes, he was stunned.

This is the palace?

At this time, Edward was very surprised. He saw that the bedroom he was in was full of golden colors and extremely luxurious. Not only that, there were several beautiful court maids waiting by the side.

Strange, shouldn’t you be in the Kunlun Ruins? How could it appear in the palace?

And… which mainland’s palace is this?

“Where is this?”

Soon, Edward slowed down and asked the court maid beside him: “Who saved me?”

“Back to you.”

One of the maids respectfully replied: “Our majesty saved you. This is the Apocalypse Palace.”

Apocalypse Palace?

Hearing the answer, Edward frowned. He remembered that the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent was Castro, but he had nothing to do with Castro, and was even hostile before.

Because, at the beginning, Castro allowed the Weather Royal Family to join the Heavenly Alliance, and Edward and the Heavenly Alliance had always been at odds, so they were naturally enemies.

Under this situation, King Castro suddenly rescued him, which made Edward puzzled.


Just as Edward was thinking secretly, he heard a burst of laughter. Then, Castro, accompanied by several guards, walked in quickly.

At this time, the king of Castro was wearing a golden robe, with a vigorous look, highlighting the extraordinary features of the royal family.

When he arrived at the bedroom, he saw that Edward had awakened. Castro was very happy: “Your Excellency finally woke up. It is really gratifying.”

As he said, Castro waved his hand: “You all go down.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

When the voice fell, several guards, as well as the maids who were originally in the palace, responded in unison, and then quickly withdrew from the palace.


As soon as his front foot walked away, Edward took a deep breath and looked at King Castro complicatedly: “Why are you saving me?”

Castro smiled slightly, and while pacing, he said: “Your Excellency, don’t be nervous, I have no other purpose in saving you, just to show my sincerity.”


Edward frowned, “Excuse me, please make it clear.”

King Castro said with a smile on his face and slowly said: “One month ago, there was a vision of heaven and earth in my Mausoleum of the Apocalypse, and you must be aware of it.”

Edward nodded without speaking.

At that time, there was a vision in the Apocalypse Emperor’s Tomb and Kyushu was shaken. Of course, Edward knew it, and it was at the time that Darryl focused his attention on the Apocalypse Emperor’s Tomb. Closed the magic mirror.

At this moment, King Castro’s expression became complicated, and he continued: “That was the tomb of my ancestor Chi You. After the tomb came, I was lucky enough to find the spiritual hall where the ancestor was.”

“It was also at that time that I knew that the original ancestor Chi You was also a member of the Demon Race.”


Hearing this, Edward’s heart was shocked, and he looked at King Castro closely, unable to speak for a while.

According to that, the weather royal family is also descended from the demons…..

“Your Mightiness!”

Just when Edward was shocked, King Castro stepped forward and said sincerely: “You and I are all flowing with the blood of the Demon Race, and you are considered to be a family, and your Excellency is the red man next to Demon Venerable, so, I would like to ask your excellency to recommend it so that I can take the royal family to serve the demon.

It turned out to be so.

Edward’s face was stunned, but he was not stupid. When he thought of something, he smiled slightly: “You want to see the devil, allegiance is false, is it true that you want to unify the Nine Provinces?”

Edward’s thinking was quick, and he immediately guessed the original intention of King Castro.


His mind was pierced, and Guangping Wang’s face flushed, very embarrassing.

Seeing him, Edward laughed and waved his hand: “Seeing you are nervous, we are all members of the Demon Race. If you have the intention to work for the Demon Lord, I will naturally help you.”

Chapter 2117

As he said, Edward suddenly noticed something, and looked at King Castro’s gaze with doubts: “No, you don’t have a demon soul in your body. Didn’t you get the inheritance in the tomb of your ancestor Chi You at that time?”


When the voice fell, King Castro was directly poked into the pain in his heart. At that time, his face changed and he said cruelly: “It’s true that when I found the ancestor’s spirit hall, Darryl and a dead girl were also there. The girl was called Raquel. , Is the daughter of the former emperor, but was expelled from the royal family by me.”

“That Darryl and Raquel are cunning and cunning. The inheritance of Demon Venerable, which should have belonged to me, was snatched away by them with despicable means at the time.”

At the end, Castro was full of resentment.

The thought of the demon soul of the ancestor at that time was acquired by Raquel, Castro couldn’t suppress his inner anger.


Knowing these circumstances, Edward nodded silently, and then said: “If this is the case, don’t be too persistent. Once the devil soul is inherited, it cannot be changed.”

After that, Edward thought for a while: “Since Raquel has inherited it, he must find a way to use it for himself.” Although the demon has reshaped his body, the current situation is not optimistic for the demon race.

Now that Raquel has a demon soul, he must find a way to win over.

“You want to subdue Raquel?”

Guangping Wang’s face shone with complexity, and couldn’t help saying: “That girl has a very stubborn personality. She has been following Darryl many years ago. With my knowledge of her, it’s impossible to rely on us.”

Although King Castro hated Raquel deeply, he also knew that she had a deep affection for Darryl and it was impossible for her to betray the Ouyang family.


Edward took a deep breath and smiled: “So, we have to find a way to draw Raquel out. Of course, we have to discuss the specific plan.”

As he said, Edward comforted the king of Guangping: “Don’t worry, as long as you help me to subdue Raquel, I will definitely arrange for you to meet with the Lord Demon.”

Upon hearing this, King Castro finally showed a smile on his face: “It’s all arranged by your Excellency.”

The two laughed at each other, and then began to discuss plans.


the other side!

Kyushu, Tianxiang Valley.

At this time, in the courtyard pavilion, Lorenzo, Peter, Elsa and several elders of Rushers were sitting together to discuss their next plans.

“Darryl went to Shengzong, and there was no news at all. It’s really anxious!” Raquel bit her lip tightly, her face full of anxiety.

Lorenzo groaned: “When the Haotian Divine Lord was there, I heard him say that Darryl was brought back to God’s Domain. If he is in God’s Domain, he should not be in danger for the time being. What we need to do now is Find that Ji Hongshang.”

When Ji Hongshang ran away, he snatched the inner pill of the ancient poisonous scorpion, which was a big hidden danger.

When the voice fell, Peter couldn’t wait to answer: “Then Ji Hongshang is very cunning, we must catch her as soon as possible.”

Elder Huo also nodded and said: “Yes, Ji Hongshang has been with Edward for so long, and he must know a lot of secrets. This woman must not let it go easily.”


Lorenzo nodded, looked around and said, “It shouldn’t be too late. Let’s immediately send people to various continents to inquire about the news.”

Lorenzo was confident when he said this.

At this time, the Ouyang family and Rushers joined forces, and Ji Hongshang could hardly fly.

At this moment, a disciple of the Ouyang family walked quickly into the courtyard, first saluted Lorenzo and others, and finally Raquel said: “The Five Poison Sect General Altar suddenly came to an eunuch, panicking. Said to ask to see the lady.”

Raquel stayed in the Ouyang family for a long time, and because she hadn’t married Darryl yet, she was always called a miss.


Hearing this, both Raquel and Lorenzo were taken aback.

In the next second, Raquel reacted and said: “Bring him here.” An eunuch came to me inexplicably. Could it be that something is wrong with the Apocalypse imperial family?

“Yes, miss!”

The disciple responded and quickly left Tianxiang Valley, a few minutes later, he brought a little eunuch back.

I saw that the little eunuch looked white and white, with his hands hanging down, and a humble posture.

Chapter 2118

When he arrived, the little eunuch said respectfully to Raquel: “The slave has seen the princess, and the slave’s name is Xiwang. He is the personal eunuch next to the Ninth Prince. His Royal Highness learned that the princess was in the Five Poison Sect, so he asked the slave to send a secret letter. letter.”

After saying this, Xiwang handed over a letter.

The Eighth Prince?

At this moment, Raquel’s body trembled, and her thoughts suddenly surged.

The eighth prince Jiayin was born to Emperor Tianqi and his concubines. He and Raquel were half-brothers of the same father. In the martial arts contest held by Raquel that year, Emperor Tianqi was raided to death by the Castro. At that time, the eight princes were only two. year old.

Since childhood, Raquel was talented and witty, and liked to make fun of people the most, so the relationship with other princes and princesses was not very good, but Jiayin was the exception.

After the tragic death of Emperor Tianqi, Raquel followed Darryl to leave the Tianqi Continent. During that time, she had been thinking about bringing Jiayin out, but she had no chance.

Later, Castro became the emperor. In order to show his forgiveness, he regarded Jiayin as his son, and continued to allow him to stay in the palace and continue to be treated as a prince. Knowing this at the time, Raquel no longer worried, but occasionally thought of this younger brother.


At this moment, Raquel accepted the letter and couldn’t help asking: “What happened to Jiayin?”

Xiwang leaned slightly, and said complicatedly: “The eighth prince is in a very bad situation now. Specifically, the prince should have written in the letter, and the princess will know it after reading it!”

When he said this, Xiwang looked serious, but there was a gloomy flash in his eyes.

In fact, Xiwang was not the personal eunuch of the eighth prince Jiayin at all, but was sent by King Castro with the purpose of bringing Raquel to the Apocalypse Continent alone.

Hearing this, Raquel did not ask, but read the letter.


Soon after reading the letter, Raquel’s body trembled, and her delicate face was full of anxiety, because the letter clearly stated that the courtyard where Jiayin lived was heavily blocked by the Castro king, and Jiayin’s every move was under surveillance. , It can be said that freedom is completely lost.

This matter may seem nothing to others, but in Raquel’s heart, it is not trivial. You must know that the emperor’s house is the most sinister. A few years ago, the king of Castro had just ascended the throne and became the emperor, so the throne was unstable, so naturally he had to make some allowances. Benevolent things come to win the hearts of the people, such as being kind to Jiayin.

At this time, Castro’s throne was already firmly established, and it was not impossible for him to attack Jiayin.

Thinking of these, Raquel was very anxious.


Seeing that her face was wrong, Lorenzo crowded around and asked one after another.

“what’s the situation?”

“What happened?”

Faced with the inquiry, Raquel took a deep breath and explained the situation, and finally said: “It seems that I am going to the Tianqi Palace.”

When the voice fell, Peter couldn’t help but said: “You are too dangerous to be alone, it is better to go together, so that we can also have a care.”

Others nodded.

Raquel shook her head: “It’s not good if there are too many people. We just had a fierce battle with Ora. The strength of the disciples hasn’t recovered yet, so we rushed to the Apocalypse Continent, fearing that it would be difficult to stop King Castro. Army.”

With that said, Raquel’s delicate face was a bit complicated: “Moreover, once we enter the Imperial City of Apocalypse, Castro will threaten Jiayin. Jiayin is still young, and I will never allow him to have an accident.”


Hearing this, everyone in Lorenzo frowned and fell silent.

A few minutes later, Lorenzo reacted and looked at Raquel and said, “Do you have any plans?”

Raquel thought for a while, and said, “I have decided that I will go alone. This will make it easier to move. Moreover, I have inherited the inheritance of my ancestor Chiyou. Even if my whereabouts are exposed, Castro can’t do anything to me.”

When she said this, Raquel’s eyes flickered with complexity.

There was one thing she couldn’t say easily, that is, there is a secret passage in Tianqi Palace, and it is located just below Jiayin Bieyuan, but these are royal secrets, and it is inconvenient for Raquel to say it.

“Okay!” Seeing her say this, Lorenzo nodded: “Then you should be careful. Once you encounter a situation, you will come back directly, and then we will discuss countermeasures.”

Chapter 2119


Raquel responded, and then looked around: “Everyone, let’s just don’t let it go!”

“Be careful!” Elsa walked over and couldn’t help saying.

At the same time, other people also urged.

Raquel responded one by one, then smiled and said goodbye to everyone, and then took the little eunuch Xiwang, left Tianxiang Valley, and hurried towards the Tianqi Palace.

After several hours of driving, Raquel and Xiwang finally arrived at the Imperial City of Apocalypse.

At this time the sky was already dark.

Raquel and Xiwang did not walk through the gate of the palace, but went to the west gate, which was a little remote, and hid in a corner.


At this time, Raquel ordered Xiwang: “After you go back, tell Jiayin, let him go to the rockery in the backyard and wait for me.”

There is a rockery in the other courtyard where Jiayin is located. The entrance of the secret road is in the rockery. Raquel grew up in Tianqi Palace and often went to play in the secret road.

“Yes, princess!”

Xiwang responded and quickly entered the palace. He had a free entry card on his body, and he was not afraid of being checked by the guards.

Raquel is different, she has been expelled from the royal family by Castro.


Seeing Xiwang enter the palace, Raquel breathed a sigh of relief, turned and walked towards the moat outside. A hidden location in the moat was the exit of the secret passage.

Soon, after finding the entrance of the secret passage, Raquel quickly got in, and after walking for a few minutes, he arrived at the other courtyard where Jiayin lived.


At this moment, when he came out of the rockery, Raquel looked around and suddenly frowned.

I saw no one around, quietly.

what happened?

Didn’t Xiwang tell Jiayin and let him wait in the rockery?


As a result, at this moment, a flame was lit up not far away!

Raquel looked at it subconsciously, and suddenly her body trembled, frightened.

I saw that there were nearly a hundred royal guards lined up not far away, and in front of these guards stood a proud figure, a golden dragon cannon with a gloomy expression, and it was the Castro!

Behind the king of Castro, it is Xiwang.


At this moment, Raquel stared at Xiwang closely, her exquisite face was full of anger, and the scene in front of her was very obvious. Xiwang was a member of the Castro. He went to the Five Poison Sect to bring himself here.


At this time, Castro showed a slight smile, and the pride and treacherousness that could not be concealed in the smile: “I didn’t expect it? It seems that I still know you very well. As long as you mention Jiayin, you don’t care. I will rush over no matter what.”

Raquel did not speak, but looked at him coldly.

King Castro’s expression gradually became grim: “You have taken away the demon soul of the ancestor, thinking that you can sit back and relax with Darryl’s shelter? I tell you, if I can’t get what I want, then I will destroy it!”


Hearing this, Raquel frowned, then chuckled lightly, mockingly said: “Kuangping King, you came to the throne improperly. The inheritance of the ancestors was not given to you. It is God’s will.”

With that said, Raquel looked around and continued: “Even if you attract me, you won’t get the demon soul of the ancestor.”

Raquel looks weak, but her personality is extremely tough. If other women face this situation, their legs would have been frightened, but she is different. Not only is she not panic, but she can calmly sarcasm the other person.

Moreover, in this situation, Raquel immediately guessed that Jiayin was fine at all, it was just an excuse for Castro to attract him.

Since this is the case, there is no need to worry about Jiayin’s safety.


Hearing this, King Castro’s face changed. He was furious at the time and stopped talking nonsense. He pointed to Raquel and roared: “Take him for me!”


The voice fell, and the many palace guards behind him leaped into the air and rushed directly towards Raquel!

Looking at the royal guard who rushed up, Raquel’s beautiful face did not fluctuate at all, and said lightly: “But this person wants to trap me?”

When the voice fell, Raquel raised his hand, and a powerful force burst out. In a short time, the palace guards who rushed to the front were shocked and flew out before they understood what was going on.

Bang bang bang…

In the blink of an eye, dozens of royal guards fell to the ground, all of them pale and lost their combat effectiveness.

Chapter 2120


Seeing this scene, the remaining royal guards couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

At the same time, Castro was also frightened, and at the same time, looking at Raquel’s gaze, it became extremely hot.

This is the power of the demon soul of the ancestor Chi You? It’s really strong.


At this moment, Raquel didn’t talk nonsense, his eyes locked on the Castro, and the jade hand was raised again, and he saw a bloody light burst out, heading straight to the Castro.

Raquel was extremely talented. During this period of time, he devoted himself to research and quickly merged with the power of the Demon Soul.

Seeing the golden light, Castro’s heart jumped, but there was no panic in his heart, but indescribable excitement.


In the next second, Castro couldn’t think too much, urging his internal force, quickly condensing a protective film in front of him, and at the same time, the figure quickly retreated.


The bloody light hit the protective film hard and heard a loud roar, and the protective film was instantly shattered. Although the protective film counteracted a lot of power, the golden light’s aftermath still tore the surrounding air.

Fortunately, Castro retreated more than a hundred meters in time, otherwise he would not die or be disabled.


At this moment, Raquel looked angry and looked at Castro tightly: “Back then, you attacked my father and seized the throne in the martial arts contest and seized the throne. Today, I want you to pay for it!”

Castro sneered: “Okay, you want to kill me, just come.”

Shouting, Castro did not take the initiative to attack, but commanded the surrounding royal guards: “Everyone listens to the order, as I said before, end the battle!”

When the voice fell, the surrounding royal guards burst out, and in a blink of an eye, they surrounded Raquel in the middle.

Ok? !

At this moment, Raquel’s face flushed and she was secretly surprised.

This formation is a bit weird.

Since establishing the relationship with Darryl, Raquel’s skills in the formation have also improved a lot. Although he has not yet reached the state of’no formation without breaking’, he also knows all the formations in Kyushu.

But Raquel had never seen this formation before him.


Seeing this scene, Castro showed a faint smile, indescribably proud.

Yes, this formation is the’chaotic formation’ that Edward learned from Mozun Gone, which has never been recorded on the Nine Provinces Continent.

With the formation, Raquel was quickly restrained.

I have to say that this chaotic demon formation is too yin and evil, even if Raquel possesses the power of a demon soul, he can’t rush out for a while.


At this moment, King Castro exploded and flew quickly, sneered and said: “Even if there is a devil soul? With this formation, it is difficult for you to fly today. You should give up resistance and die obediently.”

When the voice fell, Castro urged his internal forces and cooperated with the surrounding royal guards to fight Raquel together!


Facing the siege of King Castro and the many guards, Raquel was anxious and angry, and coldly said: “King Castro, you are really shameless. The dignified emperor has really lost the face of the royal family by using this method!”

Feeling Raquel’s sarcasm, Castro didn’t have the slightest anger at this time, but the happier he smiled.

Because once Raquel gets angry, it is difficult to calm down, so she has a chance to defeat her.

After making up his mind, Castro did not respond. Instead, he and the surrounding guards continued to besie Raquel.


Soon, Castro found an opportunity, taking advantage of Raquel’s attention, was attracted by those guards, suddenly broke out, and hit Raquel’s back with a palm.

Hearing a dull sound, Raquel’s body trembled and fell heavily to the ground.


Finally, Raquel spit out a mouthful of blood, his face was extremely pale, and the whole person was extremely weak.

“Raquel, I said, you are the one who died today.” At this time, the king of Guangping, eyes full of madness, said coldly, the figure burst out and came to Raquel again.

This time, Castro broke out almost with all his strength, and the surrounding air was distorted with amazing power.

Looking at the rushing King Castro, Raquel spit out blood, her delicate face was full of grief and unwillingness.


However, at this moment, a loud shout came, and a figure quickly landed in mid-air, blocking Raquel’s face.

A black gown, indescribably handsome. The whole body is filled with a powerful aura.

It is Edward!

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