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Chapter 2141

As he said, Rodolf became proud: “The White Tiger King, the reason you see me is because you don’t want to lose the power of the Demon Race. He thought that if I left me here, I would have nothing to do? Wait for me to bring the Demon Race warriors over. Look. What will he do? When the time comes, the Yaozu has to fight if he doesn’t want to fight.”

When he said this, Rodolf’s eyes were full of deep coldness.

No matter what, you must also drag the monster race into the water, as long as they can hold part of the power of the demon lord, you can be considered a merit.


Thinking about it, Rodolf looked around and said to the gods around him: “Tell me to order. As soon as it gets dark, he will release the “Help Talisman” immediately.”

“Yes, Lord Commander!”

The voice fell, and within the camp, a dozen gods and generals responded in unison.


On the other side, within the territory of the Yaozu.

The White Tiger King got Darryl’s advice. Rodolf has not been summoned. At the same time, the White Tiger King was also a little worried about Darryl’s injury. In order to show his sincerity, he specifically asked his eldest daughter Liya to take care of Darryl.

Liya originally admired Darryl very much, and naturally agreed. During Darryl’s recuperation, Liya personally delivered food and drink, almost meticulously.

This made Wei An feel very uncomfortable.

Wei An is the son of King Xuanwu, with a stalwart figure and super strength. Among the entire monster clan, he is a well-known powerhouse. Wei An and Liya are of similar grade. Long before the Yaozu left the Sealed Land, he had a good impression of Liya.

Later, the two sides gradually came of age, and Wei Ann had an unspeakable admiration for Liya.

At this moment, outside the stone room where Darryl had cultivated, Wei An was standing behind a tree with a complex expression on his face.

A day ago, Liya promised Wei An that he would accompany him to practice today, but most of the day passed, Wei An did not even see Liya’s figure. Finally, I heard that Liya had come to take care of Darryl, and Wei An felt very uncomfortable at the time, so he came to have a look.

Beloved woman, take care of other men. Whoever feels awkward to do this.


Just when Wei An was depressed, he saw the Shishi door being pushed open, and immediately afterwards. I saw Leah walking out with a plate.

Just now, Liya sent lunch to Darryl, and Darryl’s body recovered well. A plate of delicious food was finished quickly, which made Leah very happy.

After all, Darryl is the great benefactor of the Demon Race, and he gets better soon, which is the blessing of the entire Demon Race.


At this moment, seeing Liya coming out, Wei An was shocked, and hurried to greet him, and couldn’t help shouting: “Liya. Liya…”

She was stunned when she heard the call that Liya was standing there, and when she turned around to see that it was Wei An. Then he smiled slightly: “Wei An, why are you here?”


Wei An walked to the front, with a burly figure. At this time, in front of Liya, he was as restrained as a child: “You…you promised me that you would accompany me to practice. Did you forget?”

When saying this, Wei An’s eyes were full of urgency and expectation.


Hearing this, Leah suddenly remembered. He quickly patted his forehead, and his delicate face showed a trace of apology: “I’m so sorry, Wei An, I forgot about this.”

With that said, Liya looked back at Shishi: “My father asked me to take care of Darryl. He is very heavy and needs to be taken care of.”

it is as expected.

Wei An smiled, his face looked dazed. But my heart is very aggrieved.

Even if Darryl was the benefactor of the monster clan, King White Tiger didn’t have to ask Liya to serve him.

Thinking about it, Wei An tentatively said: “Why don’t I call a few maids to serve Your Excellency Darryl, you should accompany me to practice, you know, without you, I can’t relax in my cultivation .”

In Wei An’s heart, he believed that Liya also liked herself, and would definitely agree.

“do not!”

However, Liya’s answer was to pour cold water on Wei An invisibly: “This is my father’s order. And… Your Excellency Darryl is knowledgeable and omniscient. I also want to take this opportunity. Ask him some questions.”

Liya knew that Wei An liked herself, but in her heart, she had always regarded Wei An as a friend.


Heard this. Wei An’s smile froze, and the whole person was stunned.

He never expected that Liya would refuse to refuse so simply in order to take care of Darryl.

Chapter 2142

“Okay, let’s not talk about it!”

At this time, Liya smiled: “I also have to prepare some herbs for Your Excellency Darryl. So that his legs can heal faster, I won’t tell you.”

After finishing the last word, Liya left a scent of fragrance and left gracefully.


Watching Liya’s figure go away, Wei An was stunned for a few minutes before he was relieved. At that time, I only felt very suffocated in my heart, and subconsciously clenched my fists.

Ma De, he and Liya’s childhood sweethearts, but they can’t compare with Darryl?

No… Absolutely not.


Just when Wei An was extremely annoyed. Several servant girls of the White Tiger clan passed by from a distance talking and laughing. These servant girls were not loud, but the laughter still reached Wei An’s ears.

I saw a handmaid wearing a white grass skirt, happily opening her mouth: “I told you, there was a very strange phenomenon yesterday…”

“What’s the phenomenon?” Remember to read the book in one second *

“Yes. Come and listen.”

“If it’s the devil’s army, let’s forget it, it’s boring.”

The other servant girls urged.

The maid in white skirt smiled and said in a low voice: “Last night, I saw Miss Mengya enter the stone room where Your Excellency Darryl rested. At that time, I was very curious. I stopped there and stopped moving. I heard the dream. Miss Ya made a very painful voice.”

“Then, Qicai Lingfeng came, when I saw her before she went in. She was very excited, but when she came out, she looked angry.”

“At that time, Ms. Mengya also came out with Qicai Lingfeng, and yeah. Ms. Mengya’s clothes were changed. When she went in, she wore a short skirt, but when she came out, she was wearing a feather robe.”

At the end, the handmaid in the white skirt blinked. With a gossip chuckle, he said, “Isn’t it interesting?”


At this moment, several maids around. There was an uproar.

There is such a thing?



Hearing this, Wei An, who was not far away, was also shocked and froze there.

Miss Mengya went to see Darryl late at night. Did you change your clothes when you came out?

This… This is worthy of scrutiny.

Could it be. Does Mengya like Darryl?

For a moment, Wei An only felt that his heart was in a mess, and that the woman he likes should just wait for Darryl. Now even Mengya and Qicai Lingfeng are so passionate about Darryl. This made Wei An feel very unbalanced.

At this time, I listened to the maidservant in the white skirt continuing to say: “I guess, Miss Mengya must have loved Your Excellency Darryl, and then she took the initiative to dedicate herself, and then, Colorful Lingfeng also likes Your Excellency Darryl, so I ran into it last night. Miss Mengya and Your Excellency Darryl were very angry.”

The voice fell. The other maids nodded and said yes.

“Yes, Miss Mengya has a stubborn personality. No one is convinced, and only a character like Your Excellency Darryl can make her move.”

“Does this still need to be said? Your Excellency Darryl is omnipotent. If it weren’t for him, we were still trapped in the Sealed Land. If Miss Mengya chose him as her own man, she would be very discerning.”

“Hey, I also like Your Excellency Darryl very much, but it’s a pity that his status is humble.”

Listening to the companions around, they were filled with emotion. The maid in white skirt pursed her lips and said mysteriously: “Do you think this is over? Anything else?”

“and also?”

“Say fast!”

Hearing this, the other maidservants were suddenly interested and urged.

The handmaid in the white skirt breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I think Miss Liya also likes Darryl. I saw with my own eyes this morning that Miss Liya took Tiger Crystal to Your Excellency Darryl for healing.”

“Hujing is the treasure of our White Tiger clan, Miss Liya took it out without hesitation. It can be seen that in her heart, Your Excellency Darryl is also irreplaceable.”

Hearing this, the other maidservants nodded one after another.

“Yes, Miss Liya was injured, so she couldn’t give up using Tiger Crystal.”

“It feels so messy, Miss Mengya, Colorful Lingfeng, and Miss Liya all like Your Excellency Darryl. Guess, who will Your Excellency Darryl choose in the end?”

“Shhh… keep your voice down.”

Under the discussion, the handmaidens went further and further away.


Wei An, who was not far away, was completely stupid when he heard this, and only felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Chapter 2143

Liya also likes Darryl?

Impossible, this is absolutely impossible.

After a few seconds, Wei An calmed down, his face extremely grim.

In Wei An’s heart. Liya is a pure and pure goddess, and a partner he vowed to protect for the rest of his life. He didn’t believe that Liya was tied to Darryl with a heart.

But with the facts in front of her eyes, Liya had given the tiger crystal to Darryl.

Tiger crystal. It is the healing sacred medicine of the Baihu clan. According to legend, it is the essence of the white tiger born from the ancestors of the white tiger after the world was opened up. For the next tens of thousands of years, no matter how many injuries the White Tiger King suffered, as long as he took out the tiger crystal, he would heal quickly.

Later, the White Tiger King handed the Tiger Crystal to Liya for safekeeping until now.

Wei An clearly remembered that half a month ago, he wanted to see what Tiger Crystal looked like. I begged Leah to take it out, but Leah refused. But at this time, in order to heal Darryl, he took it out without hesitation.

Wei An became unhappy the more he thought about it.

At this moment, Liya took the newly collected herbal medicine and walked far away to send it to Darryl.


Seeing Liya, Wei An hurried up to meet him.

Liya was stunned, and her eyebrows frowned slightly: “Wei An, why are you still here? Don’t you want to practice?”

How could Wei An be in the mood to practice at this time. At that time, I couldn’t help it completely, and asked straightforwardly: “Liya. Did you take out the tiger crystal and give it to Darryl?”

When asking about these. Wei An’s voice trembled a little.

Without thinking about it, Liya nodded and said, “Yeah, what’s the matter?”

Darryl is the great benefactor of the entire monster clan, without him, there would be no current monster clan, take out the tiger crystal for him to use. It’s a matter of course.


Hearing this, Wei An took a deep breath. Enduring irritation: “Lea, Tiger Crystal is a treasure of your White Tiger clan, how can you take it out casually? And, I wanted to see it at the beginning. You didn’t even give me a look.”


Seeing Wei An’s upset look, Liya couldn’t help laughing. He said softly: “Wei An, why are you so careful? You weren’t in a special situation at the time. Of course I couldn’t show you Hujing casually.”

“The situation is different now. Your Excellency Darryl is our demon clan’s great benefactor. He was seriously injured and urgently needs to recover quickly.”

Wei An was in a hurry. Can’t help holding Liya’s wrist: “What’s the difference? I’m a playmate since you were a kid. We have known each other for so long, but how long have you known Darryl?”

“Is this comparable?”

Liya frowned, and while speaking, she kept struggling: “What are your nerves, let go of me.”

However, Wei An was completely irritated at this time, and couldn’t listen to Leah’s words at all. Holding her wrist tightly, he asked unwillingly: “Liya. I ask you, do you like Darryl?”


At this moment. Liya was taken aback, then nodded and said: “I like it, Lord Darryl not only takes our monsters out of the sea of ​​suffering, but also omnipotent. Who doesn’t like this kind of existence?”

When she said this, Ria took it for granted.

At this time, Liya hadn’t understood that Wei An’s likes were between men and women.


Hearing this answer, Wei An only felt that the invisible sledgehammer had hit him. His body was shocked, and he staggered back two steps. His face instantly paled, and he was in a trance.

My heart is also extremely uncomfortable.

Liya… Liya really likes Darryl.

Seeing Wei An’s reaction, Liya was confused. What happened to Wei An today? How it feels abnormal.

Muttering in her heart, Liya was too lazy to pay attention, and was about to leave, because Darryl was still waiting in the stone room to deliver the herbs.


We just stopped walking two steps before being stopped by Wei An.

“What’s the matter with you?” Ria frowned, very impatient.

I need to take care of Your Excellency Darryl. I was very busy, but was stopped by Wei An repeatedly, which was really annoying.

Wei An looked at Liya closely, with a bit of madness in his eyes: “You can’t like Darryl, you can’t like him.”

Liya said lightly: “Why?”

Chapter 2144


Wei An took a deep breath and said loudly: “Don’t you know? Your sister went to find Darryl last night, she has already dedicated her life, and they already have a relationship. Darryl is your sister’s man, how can you like him?”

“Only me, I am your future and belonging.”

With the last sentence, Wei An almost roared out.


Hearing these words, Liya’s body trembled, completely stunned.

My sister went to see Darryl last night. They also…

Impossible, this is absolutely impossible.

My younger sister is unruly and willful. Before, she looked down on Darryl and thought he was lame. Waste, how can it take the initiative to show up?


Seeing Liya froze there and did not speak, Wei Ann walked over again and took Liya’s hand and said, “From my point of view, Darryl’s surface is benevolent and moral, but he is actually a lustful villain. You will… “


Before finishing speaking, Ria broke free. Yushou raised his hand and slapped Wei An’s face with a fierce slap.

“Wei An, Darryl is an idol I respect. You are not allowed to slander him so much, let alone slander my sister’s innocence.” Liya’s pretty face was full of frost, and said coldly: “You don’t come to me anymore. “

The last word fell, and Ria turned and left.

In Liya’s heart, Darryl is an upright hero, even if his sister takes the initiative to dedicate his life, he will stay still. It’s impossible to accept my sister’s mess. After all, my sister has just grown up and is still young.

And Wei An is just hearsay. Just preach it everywhere, which is very hateful.


Watching Ria leave decisively. Wei An became angry and clenched his fists tightly, his nails almost bleeding from pinching.

Well, since you don’t believe me, I will find the evidence myself, and I have to grasp Darryl’s lecherous handle.


At this moment. In the stone room.

Darryl was wearing a white robe and sat there cross-legged. Unspeakable cold and handsome.

On this day, under Li Ya’s careful care, Darryl disappeared from the previous embarrassment, and his injuries recovered quickly. At this rate, there will be two more days. The broken leg can be restored as usual, and the power of the soul can be completely restored.

“Your Excellency Darryl!”

At this moment, Liya opened the door and walked in, her exquisite face was full of respect: “Father asked me to send a message. I want you to go to the stone temple.”

Liya didn’t say anything about Wei An outside. She firmly believes that Darryl is a great hero, and those things Wei An said could not be true.

Go to the stone temple?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned: “What are you going to do?”

Liya smiled: “I reported your situation to your father just now, and my father was very happy when he learned that your injury was getting better, so he summoned the leaders of all the monster races to hold a banquet for you.”

Darryl couldn’t help but shook his head and laughed.

This white tiger king. Not an outsider, so polite.

At this time. Liya walked over and said softly: “Your Excellency Darryl. Everyone in the stone hall is here, waiting for you, you don’t know, all the warriors of our monster clan admire you very much. This banquet is for you. If you don’t go there, they will be disappointed.”

Darryl wanted to refuse, but when he heard Liya say this, he nodded and said, “Okay!”

With that, Darryl left the stone room and went to the stone hall with Liya.


Soon, when he arrived at the stone hall, Darryl was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that there were hundreds of seats in the huge stone hall. At this time, the seats were filled with the warriors and leaders of the monster race, and on the innermost throne, the White Tiger King was sitting there with a smile on his face.


Seeing Darryl coming in, the White Tiger King was very happy, and quickly stood up and said: “Your Excellency Darryl is here, take your seat quickly.”

“Have seen Lord Darryl!”

At this moment, the monster warriors and leaders in the entire stone hall also stood up and greeted Darryl, with admiration on their faces.

However, there was a figure in it, his face showed no respect, but a trace of contempt and disdain.

It was Wei An.

Darryl smiled, nodded to everyone, and then sat on the VIP seat.

“His White Tiger King.” After sitting down, Darryl smiled at the White Tiger King: “It’s not an outsider, why are you so polite?”

Chapter 2145

The White Tiger King hurriedly said: “Your Excellency Darryl, don’t say that. You are the great benefactor of our monster race. I will hold a banquet for you to express my gratitude. It is not enough.”

As he said, King White Tiger looked around and continued: “I think all of our monster races were trapped in the Sealed Land by God’s Domain for several thousand years. If it weren’t for Darryl, we wouldn’t have the freedom now.”

The voice fell, and everyone around responded.

“Not bad!”

“Without Your Excellency Darryl, there would be no demon clan.”

At this time, King White Tiger stood up and raised his glass: “I just heard Lia say that Your Excellency Darryl’s injury has healed a lot. It is really gratifying. Come on, let’s take a drink to Your Excellency Darryl.”

In an instant, everyone got up and toasted to Darryl.

Darryl’s heroic personality, seeing this, he was not polite at the moment, and he took up the wine glass and drank with everyone.

Three rounds of wine.

White Tiger King thought about the business, and said politely to Darryl: “Your Excellency Darryl, I have already followed your suggestion and will no longer see Rodolf. Please give me some instructions on what to do next.”


Darryl pondered, and slowly said: “Now that God’s Domain and Demon Venerable are in a big battle, the situation is very unfavorable to God’s Domain. According to my guess, even if Rodolf doesn’t ask you for help this time, Nine Heavens God will send other men.”

“Although the grievances between God’s Domain and your monster race have been wiped out, based on my understanding of Nine Heavens God, he will appear to be in a fair alliance with you, but in reality, he will still let you be pawns.”

“After you have consumed the main power of the Demon Race, Nine Heavens God will counterattack.”

Darryl’s voice was not loud, but it spread throughout the entire stone hall.


At this moment, whether it was the White Tiger King or the monster warriors present, all of them frowned and thought.

Darryl was right. The God of Nine Heavens is very hypocritical, but he can’t fall into his trap.

Soon, the White Tiger King reacted and smiled at Darryl: “Your excellency is right. It’s just that the Nine Heavens God really wants to send an envoy. I just refuse it, I’m afraid it’s wrong.”

Darryl smiled and said, “What’s so difficult? You just need to move your territory so that God of Nine Heavens can’t find it.”


Hearing this, King White Tiger’s eyes lit up. How could he not expect that God of Nine Heavens could not find the territory of the monster race, so he didn’t have to be embarrassed.

“What a joke!”

However, at this moment, a mocking voice remembered, and a tall figure stood up on the seat below. Contempt on his face.

It was Wei An.


At this moment, the eyes of the entire Stone Palace were focused on Wei An, and they were secretly puzzled.

What is Wei An doing?

Does he have a better solution?

At this moment, the White Tiger King took a moment to relax and stared at Wei An, “Wei An, what are you doing? Are you not satisfied with the proposal of Your Excellency Darryl?”

When he said this, the white tiger king’s face was calm, but his heart was a little annoyed. This Wei An dared to be disrespectful to Your Excellency Darryl, really looking for death.

But Wei An is the son of King Xuanwu, and King White Tiger is not good to say anything.

“Ha ha!”

Facing the White Tiger King’s question, Wei An sneered and said loudly, “Of course we are not satisfied. Our demon clan has passed on for thousands of years. In terms of strength, it is not inferior to the gods and the demon clan. At this time, the demon clan is fighting in the entire gods’ domain. A good opportunity for our demons to rise.”

With that said, Wei An glanced at Darryl and continued: “Let me say, we don’t need to transfer territory at all, let alone wait for the Nine Heavens God to send an envoy to the alliance, but take the initiative to destroy the Demon Warriors nearby. “


Hearing this, the surrounding monster warriors and leaders suddenly started talking.

“Wei An also has some truth in what he said.”

“Yes, these years, our monster race has been under the realm of God and has been oppressed.”

“However, if you take the initiative, it seems a bit wrong…”

In the discussion, some agreed with Wei An’s point of view, while others were uncertain and some opposed.

At this time, Darryl slowly stood up and looked at Wei An and said, “You are right to say that, but have you ever thought about how many soldiers will be damaged by the monsters once they join the war? You just came out of the sealed land, It is the time to recuperate, and it is very unwise to join the war for a while.”

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