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Chapter 2186

In the next second, the White Tiger King frowned, and said displeased: “Colorful Lingfeng, don’t talk nonsense about this, don’t forget, Darryl is the inheritor chosen by the Vermillion Bird Queen, and also passed on the strength of the bird ancestor to him. , And you have been doing your best to assist him before.”

When the voice fell, the Yao leaders around all nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, don’t talk nonsense!”

“Darryl saved our entire Monster Race at the time, how could he be a lustful villain?”

Listening to the discussion around, Qicai Lingfeng shook her head and said seriously: “When is it, would I make a joke about this? At that time, Darryl was in that cave and gave Liya’Huanhe Water’ to defile her. Fortunately, Wei An arrived in time and saved Liya.”

“When I arrived, Liya had lost herself, so I gave her the Vermillion Bird Pill, so she was unconscious now.”

“Later, Wei An and I returned to the cave. Darryl was gone. There were traces of fighting around, and there were many corpses of god soldiers. According to my guess, Darryl was captured by the demons.”

At the end, Qi Cai Lingfeng looked at King Xuanwu: “These are all things Wei An has seen with his own eyes. If you don’t believe me, ask him.”

For a moment, the entire stone hall was silent.

King Xuanwu and King Baihu looked at each other, and they were shocked.

There is such a thing, Darryl wants to tarnish Liya…

A few seconds later, King Xuanwu reacted and looked at Wei An and said, “These are all real?”


At this moment, the gaze of the audience suddenly focused on Wei An.

After that, King Xuanwu took a deep breath and asked Wei An, “Wei An, what is said by Colorful Lingfeng is the truth?”

“Not bad!”

When the words fell, Wei An focused his head and said: “All the colorful Lingfeng said are facts. At that time, I was passing through the canyon and heard strange noises coming from the cave, so I was curious to go over and take a look.”

“As a result, I saw that Darryl had given Liya’Huanhe Water’. When I rushed in, Darryl was tearing Liya’s clothes. At that time, Liya had lost her mind.”

At the end of the talk, Wei An looked angry and said fiercely: “I was very angry at the time, so I taught Darryl a meal, then took Liya to leave, and finally reached a valley. I wanted to help Liya to solve the problem. After the poison of “Huanheshui”, but the ability is limited, there is no way at all, but the colorful spirit phoenix arrived in time and used the Vermillion Bird Pill to calm Liya.”


When the voice fell, there was a lot of discussion in the entire stone hall!

This Darryl, on the surface of benevolence and righteousness, did not expect that behind his back, he was actually such a person, and the whole monster clan still regarded him as a great benefactor, really blind.

“But…” At this time, King Xuanwu frowned and shook his head at the same time: “But as far as I know, Darryl is not such a person.”

Hearing this, everyone around looked at King Xuanwu in surprise.

Now that the evidence is solid, what is there to doubt?

At the same time, the White Tiger King next to him took a deep breath and said, “There must be something else hidden in this matter. I know who Darryl is. I also know a little bit about him. He wouldn’t do such a dishonest thing. .”


At this moment, Wei An was a little anxious, and couldn’t help but speak.

“King Xuanwu!”

But before Wei An could speak, he saw Colorful Lingfeng gritted his teeth and took a step forward, and said to King White Tiger and King Xuanwu, “Baihu King, Xuanwu King, you are all blinded by Darryl. He will not only defile Liya, but also before. He almost ruined Mengya’s innocence.”

With that said, Qi Cai Lingfeng looked at Mengya who was not far away, and continued: “The first night Darryl had just arrived, I went to visit his resting room and saw that he burned Mengya’s clothes with the power of the bird ancestor. ….”

Speaking of it, if this kind of thing were in the mainland of Kyushu, Colorful Lingfeng would definitely not say it. After all, this kind of thing is about the innocence of a woman, but it is different in the monster clan. The females of the monster clan are not as conservative as human women.

More importantly, Qicai Lingfeng was extremely disappointed with Darryl, and at this time he wanted the White Tiger King to see Darryl’s personality even more.


Upon hearing this, the entire stone hall was in an uproar again.

Darryl not only wanted to violent Liya, he also did this to Mengya before.

Neither sisters let go, shamelessly.

It’s shameless.

Chapter 2187


At this time, Mengya walked out slowly, with a bit of blush on her delicate face, and whispered: “One night, I took the initiative to look for Darryl, wanting to see the power of the bird’s ancestor.”

Although Mengya didn’t like Darryl, she was straightforward and didn’t want everyone to misunderstand.

After all, what happened one night was mainly her fault.

However, Qi Cai Lingfeng shook his head: “Mengya, you are young, you are not sensible, let alone the characteristics of the power of the ancestor of the bird. Although Darryl was injured, as the master of the power of the ancestor of the bird, but It can still control the power of the bird’s ancestor.”

“In other words, if Darryl doesn’t want the power of the bird ancestor to catch fire, it will be extinguished in a moment, and he will just watch your clothes burn out.”

Speaking of this, Qi Cai Lingfeng looked around: “So, Darryl did it on purpose that night.”


Hearing this, Mengya took a deep breath, her delicate body trembled and she was very angry.

According to Qi Cai Lingfeng’s statement, Darryl pretended that one night, he could have extinguished the flames of the strength of the bird ancestor, but he just watched his clothes burn.


At this moment, the white tiger king’s face changed and he couldn’t help it anymore, he slapped the throne heavily, stood up abruptly, and exclaimed: “This Darryl is so despicable. I respect him so much, but he attacked my two daughters. .”

“This kind of scum, we still respect him so much in vain. If we have the opportunity in the future, we must cut him off.”

“Yes, such a shameless villain, it’s not a pity to die!”

In a short time, the other leaders in the stone hall were also filled with righteous indignation, and they yelled.


Seeing this situation, Wei An was as angry as everyone around him, but he was unspeakably excited. In the end, he couldn’t help it, and a smile was drawn from the corner of his mouth.

That’s great, this black pot successfully blamed Darryl. Of course, this also depends on the colorful spirit phoenix.

Wei An’s expression changed, and the surroundings didn’t pay much attention.

However, King Xuanwu could see clearly. At that time, I frowned secretly. Could it be that there is something hidden in this matter? Otherwise, why would my son be so excited?


At this moment, the White Tiger King returned to the throne and looked around and said loudly: “Now I announce that the entire Demon Race has been cut off from Darryl, and his life and death have nothing to do with the Demon Race.”

When he said this, the White Tiger King was extremely angry.

He never expected that he respected Darryl so much, but the other party tried to attack his daughter.

At this time, the White Tiger King didn’t know that he was deceived. All this was a lie made up by Wei An. Not only him, but even Qi Cai Lingfeng was also deceived.

“Follow the order of the White Tiger King.”

The last word fell, and the leaders of the monster race in the entire stone hall responded one after another.

The White Tiger King felt exhausted physically and mentally, and waved his hand: “Okay, let’s go!”

In an instant, the leaders walked out of the stone temple one after another.

Mengya also greeted the maid and carried her sister back to rest.

Wei An was relaxed and followed everyone out of the stone palace, but he was still a little worried.

The planting plan was successful, but it was only temporary. You must know that Liya was only temporarily in a coma and would wake up sooner or later. When she told the truth, she would be finished.

How to do it?

Outside the stone temple, Wei An became more worried as he thought about it.


On the other side, Mozu Daying.

Using Darryl to force the God of Nine Heavens to surrender failed, Mozun Gone was very annoyed. Then let the twelve sacred devil kings study together the method of cracking the innate formation.

However, the twelve sacred devil kings’ attainments in the formation and skill are less than half that of Demon Lord Gone, and Demon Lord Gone can’t break it, let alone them.

In this case, Mozun Gone was even more annoyed.


At this moment, Youtian stepped out and said boldly: “I think we spend time to crack that innate magic circle, so we might as well think of another way.”

“Do you have a way?” Demon Zun Gorne frowned and said angrily.

Youtian thought for a while, and slowly said: “Just now his subordinates got the news that the Yaozu moved their territory. However, during the migration process, many of our soldiers were killed. I want to lead a reconnaissance team to find the Yaozu’s. New territories, and then let them surrender by means of thunder.”

Chapter 2188

“As long as the monsters surrender, we will let them be the vanguard and consume the power of the innate magic circle. When the power of the innate magic circle is almost consumed, we will take the opportunity to launch an attack. At that time, the Imperial Palace will be broken.”


Hearing this, Demon Zun Gorne groaned and nodded: “Okay, this method is feasible, and this matter is left to you!”

“Yes, sir!”

Youtian replied, and then quickly walked out of the big tent. A few minutes later, he led five thousand demons warriors to explore the new territory of the demons.


the other side. Demon territory.

At this moment, outside the stone hall, Wei An was standing there, ready to see Liya’s situation, but the moment he turned around, he was stunned.

I saw that the father, King Xuanwu, didn’t know when, standing quietly behind him, looking at him closely, with a bit of scrutiny.


Wei An was uncomfortable by the gaze of King Xuanwu, but still squeezed out a smile: “Why look at me like this?”

King Xuanwu didn’t answer directly, but said lightly: “Come with me, I’ll ask you something.” As he said, he turned and walked towards the back mountain of the territory.

Wei An didn’t dare to disobey, and followed silently.

Along the way, King Xuanwu’s expression was indifferent, without the slightest expression, Wei An did not dare to ask more.

Soon, on the hill behind the territory, it was very remote and almost no one came.


At this moment, Wei An was inexplicably nervous, and asked cautiously: “What the hell is going to say in this place?” Maybe there is a ghost in his heart. When he said this, Wei An was very uneasy.


As soon as the voice fell, King Xuanwu was full of anger, and suddenly shouted: “You kneel down for me.”

With a sudden roar, Wei An trembled all over, his legs were soft at the time, and he knelt directly on the ground.

“I’m asking you.” King Xuanwu looked at Wei An closely and asked coldly, “What is the truth about Liya? You can tell it honestly. If you conceal a little bit, you will no longer be my son in the future. .”

King Xuanwu was thoughtful. He had been in contact with Darryl several times, and he didn’t believe that Darryl would be a lecherous villain. Moreover, he knew his son too well, and he had to do nothing to get what he wanted. Wei An has always loved Muria since childhood.

Therefore, it was possible that it was not Darryl who wanted to defile Ria, but his son Wei An.

At that time in the stone hall, when this thought flashed, King Xuanwu was not quite sure, but seeing the smile on Wei An’s face when he walked out of the stone hall, King Xuanwu firmly believed his guess.


Wei An knelt there, with cold sweat on his forehead, trying to defend: “In the stone temple just now, I have already said it, and it is all facts.”

At this moment, Wei An was panicked, but he knew that the truth could never be told.


King Xuanwu’s face was cold, and he scolded: “Others don’t understand you, I don’t know you yet? You were joking in the stone hall just now. I really thought I didn’t see it? Don’t say anything, I will hand you over to the White Tiger When there is no such son…”

King Xuanwu was upright and would never allow his son to do things that would harm the tribe.


Hearing this, Wei An’s expression changed, and he hurriedly said, “No, Father, I said, I said…” The White Tiger King’s methods are very cruel to the whole monster clan, and everyone knows it. On hand, it is completely finished.

Later, Wei An explained the true situation in detail.

At the end of the talk, Wei An knelt there and kept kowtow, sincerely and fearfully saying: “Father, it’s all my fault. I am a beast. I shouldn’t have evil thoughts about Ria. Please, please forgive me this time. ,I beg you.”


Upon learning the truth, King Xuanwu was furious, trembling all over, pointed at Wei An and cursed: “You beast, Darryl is the great benefactor of our monster clan, you have done such a shameless thing and put on blame. Give it to him, the Xuanwu clan’s face has lost you all.”

As he said, King Xuanwu took a deep breath: “You go to the King White Tiger now and ask for your crime in public. As for how you will be dealt with, it depends on your good fortune.”

When the voice fell, King Xuanwu turned around and was about to leave.

Chapter 2189

To be honest, King Xuanwu didn’t want this either. After all, Wei An was his own son, but if he didn’t do this, the truth would be revealed in the future, and the Xuanwu clan would not be able to raise his head in the entire monster clan.

After all, Darryl is the great benefactor of the entire monster clan, and Wei An slanders him, which is to despise the entire monster clan. This is no small matter.


Seeing King Xuanwu about to leave, Wei An was anxious all of a sudden, rushed to hug his leg, and kept crying and begging: “Please father, I don’t want to be judged in public, I don’t want to die…”

At this time, Wei An was really scared in his heart. He really didn’t expect that the father would make such a decision. You must know that he will be judged in public for slandering Darryl, and the end will be extremely miserable.

Facing his son’s request, King Xuanwu was indifferent and said coldly: “When you slandered Your Excellency Darryl, you should have thought about this result.”

As he said, King Xuanwu’s expression of hatred and iron cannot make steel: “Wei An, I am so disappointed. Your Excellency Darryl saved our entire monster race. Not only did you not be grateful, you also blamed him, even if I wanted to forgive me. If you, the White Tiger King and the other leaders know, will they spare you?”

“If I protect you, what about the Xuanwu tribe?”

“No, father…” Wei An panicked completely, kneeling there and kowtowing: “If you do this, how sad your mother is in the spirit of heaven, this time I really know that I was wrong, father, Please give me one chance, just one chance…”


Seeing Wei An’s pitiful look and mentioning his mother at the same time, King Xuanwu took a deep breath and felt relieved.

Wei An’s mother was the most loved woman of King Xuanwu. She was just a rosy face. When Wei An was very young, she contracted a serious illness. At that time, King Xuanwu looked for a lot of healing medicines, but they never worked. ‘S mother died in the Sealed Land.

Because of this, King Xuanwu has always felt guilty towards Wei An.

“it is good!”

Finally, after a moment of silence, King Xuanwu said: “Then I will spare you once for my father.”

“Thank you, father.” Wei An was overjoyed and was about to stand up, but seeing King Xuanwu’s face gloomy, he knelt down quickly.

“I can spare you, White Tiger King and other leaders, but I can’t spare you easily.” King Xuanwu’s face was cold, without the slightest fluctuation, and said coldly: “If you want to save your life, you have to take advantage of Liya. Before waking up, will you make up for your work?”

Will you make up for it?

Hearing this, Wei An’s heart suddenly shook, and he subconsciously asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Oh oh…

King Xuanwu was about to respond. Suddenly, a horn sounded from the entrance of the territory. In the demon clan, the sound of the horn indicates that there is a serious enemy.

At that time, King Xuanwu didn’t hesitate, took Wei An, and hurried to the stone palace.

When I arrived at the stone hall, I saw that the White Tiger King and the other leaders had arrived, and their faces were solemn.

“What happened?” King Xuanwu couldn’t help but said.

Wei Anan stood on the side, unspeakably uneasy, compared with the joyful mood before, it was completely above and below ground.


King White Tiger breathed a sigh of relief and looked at King Xuanwu: “Just now there was news that Mozun’s subordinate, Youtian, one of the twelve holy demon kings, is coming to our new territory with five thousand demon warriors.”

As he said, the White Tiger King looked around: “This matter is not trivial, we must send a warrior as soon as possible to divert the sky away, otherwise, once the new territory is discovered, we will no longer have a place to hide.”

Hearing this, the other leaders around all dropped their heads subconsciously.

Youtian, one of the twelve holy devil kings, is powerful. Although this task is to lead him elsewhere, it is also a very dangerous task, because if you are careless, you may not be able to come back alive.

At this moment, King Xuanwu looked around and finally set his eyes on Wei An: “Let Wei An do this task.”

When he said this, King Xuanwu’s eyes flickered with complexity.

Yes, King Xuanwu is going to let Wei An make up for his merits. You must know that Wei An slandered Darryl, but he was a heinous crime. Only by constantly making military exploits can it be possible to obtain forgiveness from the entire demon clan.

Chapter 2190


Hearing this, Wei An trembled and almost sat on the ground.

Father is crazy, let yourself go to entice Youtian? Isn’t this going to die?

Feeling Wei An’s tension, King Xuanwu tilted his head and lowered his voice and said, “Wei An, this is your best opportunity. As long as you behave well, when Liya wakes up, things are revealed and there is still room for maneuver, understand? “

Wei An was full of misery, but still nodded.

Up to now, this can only be the case.

At this time, the White Tiger King slowly walked over and looked at Wei An and said, “Wei An, are you sure?”


Wei An took a deep breath and nodded: “You are sure, don’t worry, I will lead Youtian elsewhere, and I will never let him find our new territory.”

When he said this, Wei An was full of confidence, but he almost cried in his heart.

Seriously, he really didn’t want to accept this task, but there was no way, because King Xuanwu was right. If this opportunity is missed, it will be too late when Liya wakes up.

Only by taking this opportunity and making great achievements can we make up for the mistakes we made before.


King White Tiger nodded approvingly, and then smiled at King Xuanwu: “You have given birth to a good son. I am very proud that our monster clan has such a warrior.”

When the voice fell, the other leaders also nodded in agreement.

Hearing everyone’s admiration, King Xuanwu smiled, and his heart was extremely complicated.

Soon, Wei An left the new camp with dozens of warriors.


A few minutes later, I arrived a dozen miles away in the new territory and saw what was in front of me. Whether it was Wei An or dozens of monster warriors, they couldn’t help taking a breath.

I saw that not far in front, a team of demons was coming in mighty force. Although there were only a few thousand people, the breath that could explode was extremely astonishing.

The head, a black and red armor, with a breathtaking momentum, is the Jutian, one of the twelve holy devil kings.


At this moment, seeing Wei An’s crowd, whether it was Yutian or thousands of Demon Warriors, their eyes gathered in an instant.


Soon, Youtian looked up to the sky and laughed and said proudly: “It’s really God’s help. I ran into the Monster Race so soon, come on, take all these dozens of Monster Race guys for me.”

Whoosh whoosh…

As the words fell, nearly a thousand Demon Warriors burst out and rushed towards Wei An. I saw that the sky was distorted, and the momentum was amazing.


Seeing this scene, Wei An’s face paled, but she still forced herself to calm down, and after yelling, he turned and ran.

The task this time is to divert Yutian away from the new territory as far as possible. Therefore, there is no need to fight against the thousands of Demon Warriors in Youtian.

After the words fell, dozens of monster warriors, following Wei An, ran towards the opposite place of the new camp.


Seeing this scene, Youtian sneered: “Can you run?” As he said, he led the remaining Demon Race fighters and quickly pursued them in the direction where Wei An was fleeing.

After half an hour.

After some pursuit, Wei An was trapped in a valley soon after all.


At this moment, Youtian stared at Wei An coldly and said: “No prey that I have been staring at can escape successfully, accept your fate!” The voice fell, the power of the demon soul burst out, and the figure flashed quickly, directly. Coming thinking of Wei An.


Feeling the speed of Youtian, Wei An was taken aback. At that time, there was no time to dodge, so he could only urge his momentum and advance.


In the next second, the two figures collided in the air and heard a shock. Wei An was directly shaken out, while Youtian was suspended there, as steady as a rock.


Wei An flew more than a hundred meters, and after landing heavily, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and his face instantly paled.

“With this strength, you dare to fight with me?” Youtian’s face was full of contempt, and he waved his hand: “Take it!”

When the voice fell, a dozen Demon Warriors walked over quickly and tied Wei An’s five flowers. At the same time, dozens of Demon Warriors who were with Wei An were also captured.


At this moment, Youtian sat on a rock and looked at Wei An coldly: “Who are you? Where is your new territory?”

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