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Chapter 2191


Facing Youtian’s question, Wei An sighed secretly, pretending to be very worried, and whispered: “Your Excellency, my name is Zhou Wu. My companion and I are an aftercare patrol team. I don’t know the location of the new territory.”

With that, Wei An tried to calm himself down, and continued: “During the migration, His Excellency the White Tiger King sent several patrols around the old territory to patrol around the old territory. Once they encountered your demons, they would lead you away. The purpose is to prevent you from knowing the location of the new territory.”

When he said this, Wei An was very sincere, but he couldn’t say it.

The task that came out this time was to draw away the Demon Lord’s army and keep the new territory, and more importantly, it was the only chance to make up for it, so you must not make mistakes.

Wei An thought about it. As long as his true identity is not revealed, the Holy Demon Lord in front of him shouldn’t behave like him.

After all, Youtian is one of the twelve holy demon kings, with an extraordinary status and self-reliant status, and should not be cruel to a patrol team.

“do not know?”

Hearing this, Youtian didn’t doubt Wei An’s identity, but his face sank, and he said coldly, “Boy, do you know who I am? Have you ever thought of lying to me?”


The voice fell, and a terrifying breath swept the audience.

Feeling the strong pressure, Wei An swallowed secretly, panicking, but still bit the bullet and said: “I’m telling the truth. I dare not deceive the slightest. Please be merciful.”

When he said this, Wei Jianan was very flustered, his legs were soft, and he seemed to be unsteady on his feet.

Ha ha…

Seeing him like this, the corners of Youtian’s mouth curled up, revealing a bit of contempt. These monster race warriors really didn’t have the courage at all, just asking a few words, and they were scared like this.

Thinking about it, Youtian no longer doubted, and continued to ask Wei An, “Okay, since you said you don’t know where the new territory is, I will ask you, after you finish the task, how can you find the White Tiger King?”


Wei An groaned, his mind turned quickly, and he responded: “The White Tiger King gave us half a day to deploy tasks. Once half a day comes, let us go to a canyon to meet. At that time, the White Tiger King will send Belong to meet us.”

At this time, Wei An was panicked in the face of Youtian’s constant questioning, but he knew that he couldn’t tell the truth, so he could only talk nonsense.

A canyon?

Youtian’s eyes flashed, and he asked: “What canyon, where?” As he said, Youtian couldn’t hide his excitement.

At last there is a clue.

Wei An didn’t hesitate at all, and directly said the place where Darryl had recuperated before.

At this moment, Youtian made a decisive decision and directed a demon commander next to him: “Go right away. If you encounter a monster clan, take it all down.”

“Yes, Lord Demon.”

When the voice fell, the demon general responded, and then quickly rushed towards the canyon with hundreds of demon warriors.

“Your Mightiness.”

At this time, Wei An took a step forward and said cautiously at Youtian: “I have already said what should be said. We are just some worthless unknown men. Please let us go online and spare us. Let us leave. .”

With that, Wei An raised his hand and continued: “As long as your Excellency let us go, I promise that I will never go against the demons in the future.”


Seeing Wei An looking timid and afraid of death, he chuckled lightly, not too lazy to talk nonsense, and waved his hand: “Okay, I am in a good mood today, so let you go, but you have to remember what you said.”

Wei An guessed right. Youtian was very conceited. Under his own status, he would never attack these monster race warriors. After all, the little monster race leader in front of him had already told him everything he knew.

However, Youtian didn’t know that he was completely deceived by Wei An.

“Thank you very much, thank you very much.”

At this moment, Wei An was extremely happy, thanked Youtian again and again, and then quickly left with dozens of monster warriors.

Chapter 2192


At that moment, Wei An rushed into the sky with dozens of subordinates, feeling unexplainably comfortable.

The mission this time went so smoothly.

I thought that if I fell into the hands of this holy demon king, I would die forever, but I didn’t expect to get out so easily. When he returns to the territory, the father will be very pleased.

the other side.

Not long after Wei An left with dozens of demon warriors, the demon general sent out by Youtian returned with hundreds of demon warriors.

“Your Lord Demon.”

At this moment, the demon commander quickly came to Yutian with an extremely complex expression: “The subordinates explored the canyon and did not see the figure of a monster race. Moreover, near a cave, they saw a lot of gods. The soldier’s body.”

As he said, the demon general thought for a while, and continued: “The subordinate suspects that the monster race and the gods are in a dispute, and the two have fought, and the monster kid just now deliberately led us there to use us to deal with it. Holy area.”

“We were deceived.”

In the last sentence at the latest, the demon general looked solemn and slowly retreated to the side.


Hearing this, Youtian’s face instantly became sullen, almost angered, and roared: “Ma De, that stinky boy just now, dare to lie to me, hurry up and chase him back to me.”


As the words fell, thousands of Demon Warriors burst out and chased in the direction where Wei An left. However, after so long, in the vast sky, where is Wei An’s figure?


On the other side, Wei An took dozens of monster warriors and flew for half an hour before finally returning to the new territory of the monster race.

When I entered the stone hall, I saw the White Tiger King, the Xuanwu King, and many leaders, all of them had arrived, and they looked forward to them, and they had obviously been waiting here for a long time.

After all, protecting the new territory from intrusion is related to the future development of the monster race, so Wei An’s mission seems ordinary, but it is of great significance.

“Father! Your Excellency the White Tiger King.”

This is, Wei An walked forward slowly and said with a slight salute.

The King White Tiger nodded, signalling for exemption.

King Xuanwu looked eager, and couldn’t help asking: “What’s the situation? Have you encountered the demons?”

“Encountered.” Wei An nodded.


When the voice fell, the entire stone hall, whether it was the White Tiger King or the other leaders, was emotional.

King Xuanwu also took a deep breath, unable to conceal his inner tension: “What about the result?”

Wei An smiled slightly and said slowly: “Father, rest assured, I have successfully led those thousands of demons to the vicinity of our old territory, which is the canyon where Your Excellency Darryl rests. Within a short time, They can’t find us.”

With that said, Wei An looked around and continued: “. We can rest assured.”


Knowing these circumstances, the entire stone hall was full of joy.

King Xuanwu also nodded his approval, and looked at Wei An’s gaze with a relieved smile.

Although this son was behaving badly, he still didn’t let himself down in such a major event.

“Okay, okay.”

At this time, King White Tiger was also unspeakably happy, and exclaimed at King Xuanwu: “Xuanwu, you have such an excellent son, it is really enviable.”

Afterwards, the White Tiger King turned his head to look at Wei An and smiled: “Wei An, what was the specific situation at that time, can you tell me?”


When the words fell, the eyes of the entire stone hall suddenly gathered on Wei An, like the White Tiger King, they all wanted to know how Wei An attracted the demon army away.

At this time, Wei An enjoys this kind of feeling that has attracted much attention. At that time, he was slowly pacing in the stone temple, telling him how he encountered the Holy Demon King, and how he lied to him to go to the canyon. Said it in detail.

At the end, Wei An said with a smile: “That Jutian Holy Demon King is really too arrogant. He thought we, dozens of monster warriors, did not pose any threat to him, so he easily let us go, but how could he? Unexpectedly, I was like a clown, being played around by me, haha…”

Chapter 2193


The entire stone hall also laughed, and the originally tense atmosphere became relaxed.

You know, the demons are too powerful and are the biggest threat to the demons. Now that they have avoided confrontation with the demons, can they be unhappy?

“His White Tiger King.”

At this moment, a maid walked in quickly, with joy that could not hide her face, and respectfully said to the White Tiger King: “Miss is awake, she is awake…”


At this moment, the entire stone hall was in an uproar, and the surrounding leaders were extremely happy.

“Great, Miss Liya is also awake.”

“Haha, today is really a great day for our entire Monster Race.”


The surrounding discussion came, and the white tiger king was also smiling, and his mood was unspeakably relaxed.

Great, my daughter was in a coma for more than ten hours and finally woke up.


However, Wei An, who was standing in the center of the stone hall, trembled in his heart, and suddenly panicked, completely disappearing from his previous triumphant appearance.

Lia woke up, and the truth couldn’t be kept away.

King Xuanwu also has a complicated face.


This is, the White Tiger King reacted and smiled and said to the maid: “Go and see.”

When the voice fell, he should step out of the stone temple first.


Seeing this scene, Wei An felt even more disturbed, and couldn’t help but whisper to the Xuanwu King: “This…what should I do?”

King Xuanwu took a deep breath and comforted: “Don’t panic, this is the end of the matter. You must face what you should face. You have done a great job just now, and King White Tiger will not do anything to you.”

As he said, King Xuanwu waved his hand: “Let’s take a look.”


Hearing this, Wei An calmed down a bit, and followed King Xuanwu to the room where Liya was resting.

At this moment.

Leah’s room.


Sitting on the bed, Liya felt soreness all over her body, and her mind was a little dizzy. After looking around, she was stunned.

Is this a new territory?

No, I was not drugged by Wei An, and then…

Thinking of the scene at the time, Liya’s suburbs trembled, and a burst of anger rose in his heart. That Wei An was really despicable, he believed him so much, he wanted to defile himself…

The more she thought about it, the more angry she got out of bed.


However, at this moment, I heard a shout from outside. Then, the door was pushed open, and the White Tiger King, and the elders of the demon clan of Colorful Lingfeng, walked in quickly.


At this moment, seeing Liya really wake up, the White Tiger King was both happy and gratified. He walked over quickly and took Liya’s hand and comforted: “My dear daughter, it’s okay to see you, father king. I’m relieved.”

“This day, I really wronged you.”

As he said, a bit of anger came out on King White Tiger’s face: “It’s all to blame for your father’s badness and fail to look at the right person. That Darryl is so despicable. It’s really a misstep for your father to ask you to take care of him, but fortunately, you It’s a blessing that nothing happened.”


Hearing this, Lia only felt her brain buzzing, a little dazed.

What did the father say?

Did he see the wrong person? Is Darryl mean?

Where and where are all this.

Just as Liya frowned secretly, everyone around the colorful spirit phoenix also spoke one after another.

“Liya, rest assured, the shameless villain Darryl has already gotten retribution.”

“Yes, don’t think too much, just rest assured.”

“Even if that Darryl is not dead, next time you encounter it, our entire monster clan will help you seek justice.”

When everyone said this, King Xuanwu and Wei An, who came in later, did not stand forward, but watched the situation quietly from behind.

Rhea is even more confused.

What is going on? Why are they all accusing Your Excellency Darryl?

Your Excellency Darryl, didn’t do anything to yourself.

Thinking about it, Liya said to King White Tiger: “Father, what are you talking about, what did your Excellency Darryl do to me?”


Seeing her like this, King Bai Hu thought that his daughter was irritated by Darryl, and his heart was full of anger, and he said fiercely: “My good daughter, have you forgotten? Darryl gave you the’Huanhe Water’. I want to defile you, but fortunately Wei An arrived in time to prevent Darryl’s atrocities.”

Chapter 2194

With that said, the White Tiger King looked back at Qicai Lingfeng, and continued: “Later, it was Qicai Lingfeng who took the Zhuque Pill for you, which suppressed the effect of the medicine in your body.”

When the voice fell, Qi Cai Lingfeng smiled lightly, shook his head and said: “Your Excellency Baihu King is too polite, our whole demon clan is like a family, this is what I should do.”


Seeing this, Liya was stunned, completely blinded.

Your Excellency Darryl wants to defile himself? This is something that has never happened before.


At this moment, a slender figure came quickly, and it was Mengya.

Nightmare hugged Liya’s arm, her delicate face was full of anger and contempt: “Sister, because you are so good to Darryl, he is plotting against you, but God has eyes, after Wei An rescued you , Darryl was arrested by the Demon Race.”

“This kind of despicable villain, huh, it’s better to be cramped and peeled by the demons.”

Mengya’s words, like raindrops, kept hitting Liya’s heart.


Finally, Liya reacted and shook her head and said to King Baihu: “This is not the case. Your Excellency Darryl is open and upright. He never tried to defile me, let alone give me the’Huanhe Water’.”

“You…you all misunderstood him.”


Upon hearing this, the White Tiger King, Colorful Lingfeng, and Mengya were all stunned.

Not Darryl? Who the hell is that?

“Liya!” The King White Tiger took a deep breath and looked at Liya closely and asked: “It’s not Darryl who is giving you the’Huanhe Water’, then who is it?”


When the voice fell, Qi Cai Lingfeng and Mengya, as well as the gazes of others, also looked at Liya closely, waiting for her answer.

Liya did not answer immediately, but looked around, and finally behind the crowd, saw Wei An standing at the door. At that time, Liya’s body trembled, and a wave of grief and anger came out from the bottom of her heart. She raised her hand and said softly. :”it’s him.”

As she said, Liya bit her lip tightly, jumped off the bed, walked quickly to Wei An, raised her hand, and slapped it over.


With this slap, Liya used all her strength, and even with Liya’s endless anger, he heard Wei An snorted, his figure staggered back, and a trace of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

“Wei An.”

At this time Liya was almost furious: “It was you who gave me the’Huanhe Water’ at the beginning, and it was you who wanted to defile me, but you blamed Your Excellency Darryl. If you are shameless, you are the most shameless. Your Excellency Darryl is the great benefactor of our Monster Race, you let him take the blame, what about your conscience?”


Seeing this scene, whether it was the White Tiger King, or the surrounding colorful Lingfeng and Mengya, they all stood blankly on the spot.

The truth is going to tarnish Ria, is…Wei An?

“Father, everyone.”

Liya’s suburbs trembled. He first looked at the White Tiger King, and then looked around: “The situation at the time was like this. Your Excellency Darryl and I were carrying them well in the cave. As a result, the leader of Rodolf suddenly appeared. We surrounded…”

In the next few minutes, Liya told the details of the situation at that time.

Speaking of the last, Li Yayu pointed Wei An and said angrily: “When Your Excellency Darryl and I were under siege, Wei An did not want to save us from the danger, but reached an agreement with Rodolf and took me first. When I went out, I was really naive, thinking that he would help me restore my strength, and then go back together to save Your Excellency Darryl, but I never thought that he would do things in the Xuanwu Huiyuan Pill.”


What time, all eyes focused on Wei An at once.

The whole room was silent, and you could hear clearly when you dropped a needle.

At this moment, whether it was the White Tiger King or Mengya, they were extremely angry. This Wei An was really shameless and even slandered Your Excellency Darryl.

Wei An covered his face, his eyes flickered constantly, and his heart was even more panicked.

It’s over, this time is completely over.


The colorful spirit phoenix standing on the side was even more complicated, annoyed and ashamed.

Unexpectedly, the truth turned out to be like this.

I… misunderstood Darryl.

Chapter 2195


Finally, after a brief silence, Mengya was the first to react, pointing to Wei Anjiao and shouting: “Tie him up and pull him out for trial.”

Although Mengya was still young and his personality was somewhat stubborn, she still knew what was right and wrong. Although she didn’t like Darryl, he was the big villain of the Monster Race after all.

And Wei An’s use of such despicable means to slander Your Excellency Darryl is simply unforgivable.

When the voice fell, Liya and Qicai Lingfeng also nodded in agreement.

For Wei An to do this kind of thing, according to Yaozu’s rules, he must be judged in public.


The White Tiger King took a deep breath, his face was gloomy, and there was no response.

Puff through.

Faced with this situation, Wei An was completely panicked, knelt down, and pleaded at Liya: “Liya, it’s me who is not good, I am a beast, I am obsessed with you, I shouldn’t treat you like that, but I’m really I love you so much to do such a ridiculous thing, you forgive me…”

Afterwards, Wei An shouted at the White Tiger King again: “Your Excellency White Tiger King, I really regret it. I beg you to forgive me. For the sake of my meritorious demon clan, don’t judge me publicly, please… “

When he said this, Wei An almost cried, and his voice trembled.

Facing Wei An’s plea, King White Tiger was about to speak, but was interrupted by King Xuanwu’s violent drink.

“You beast.”

At this time, King Xuanwu suddenly yelled, rushed over and kicked Wei An, and when he heard Wei An howl, he fell directly to the ground.

However, King Xuanwu was still unwilling to give up his anger. He kept kicking at Wei An, kicking and cursing at the same time: “I have so high expectations of you, and you have done such a shameful thing. Are you worthy of your dead mother? If I don’t kill you today, I won’t be your father.”

At this time, King Xuanwu was very angry on the surface, but in fact it was done for King White Tiger.

King Xuanwu was quite resourceful. He knew that if he didn’t express his position, King White Tiger would really let his subordinates tie Wei An and then go on trial. After all, Wei An almost defiled his daughter.

But if he played a “bitter game”, the White Tiger King would be softened.

After all, he is the king of the Xuanwu clan, and his status is comparable to that of the White Tiger King. If he did this by himself, the White Tiger King should save face.

“Father, don’t fight, I’m wrong, I’m wrong…” Wei An was kicked and rolled all over the floor, very miserable, and kept begging for mercy.

Wei An is not stupid either, knowing that his father did this for the purpose of acting for the White Tiger King and others, so he cooperated very well.

“OK OK.”

Seeing that King Xuanwu became more and more fierce, King Baihu finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and came up to stop him and said: “King Xuanwu, you also calm down.”


King Xuanwu took a deep breath, paused and exhaled: “White Tiger King, I am really embarrassed to give birth to such a beast, you can deal with him, don’t worry about my face.”

Saying that, King Xuanwu secretly noticed the changes in King Baihu’s expression.

It is true that King Xuanwu said that he was retreating as advancing.

After all, no matter how unbearable Wei An is, he is also his own son.

“Really?” White Tiger King said lightly with blinking eyes.

At this time, the White Tiger King seemed to have calmed down, but looking at Wei An’s eyes, they flashed with anger.

Wei An, a ba5tard, will not only defile his daughter, but also slander Your Excellency Darryl. This kind of scum will die a hundred times.

Uh …

King Xuanwu was stunned. It seemed that he didn’t expect King Baihu to take it seriously, but he couldn’t regret it at the time, so he could only bite the bullet and said: “When did I regret it?”

“it is good!”

Upon hearing the answer, King White Tiger nodded, then looked at Wei An and said: “Wei An, your behavior should have been judged publicly, but it depends on the face of King Xuanwu and the great contribution you just made for the monster race. I will spare you. Life.”

“Thank you, Lord White Tiger, thank you…” Wei An was overjoyed and knelt there to thank him.

Just a few words before he was interrupted by the White Tiger King.

“Don’t rush to thank me first.” The White Tiger King looked indifferent and said coldly: “The death penalty is inevitable, and the living sin is inevitable. I now announce that I will drive you out of the Monster Race. From now on, you will no longer belong to our Monster Race. , Let alone step into the territory of our monster race.”

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