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Chapter 2201


At this time, Wei An was very angry, watching Mengya almost bursting into flames.

If it had been before, how could this Mengya dare to be so presumptuous in front of him? But now, because of her large number of people, she humiliates herself in every possible way.


Seeing that Wei An didn’t do anything, Mengya’s delicate face flashed with a hint of coldness. He stepped on the feet on Wei An’s face, and said coldly: “Why? Don’t fight yet? If you don’t do anything, I will Pierce your other arm, and then chop off your feet.”

While talking, Mengya waved the long sword in her hand, always stabs it.


Seeing this, Wei An couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva, gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I’ll fight, I’ll fight…”

Bang bang bang…

When the voice fell, Wei An raised his hand and began to slap himself. Whatever the time, the crisp slap kept resounding.

In order to let Mengya let herself go, Wei An didn’t even slap herself very hard. Soon, half of his face became swollen, and a trace of blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth.

While slapped, Wei An didn’t look at Mengya, and looked obedient, but in his heart he scolded Mengya thousands of times.


Finally, Wei An really had no energy, stopped looking at Mengya, and cautiously said: “Are you satisfied like this? I really have no energy, please bypass me this time.”

Mengya raised her foot and said with a smile: “Tsk, it’s really obedient. If you ask you to slap yourself, you can hit it. Well, this lady is pretty satisfied.”

As she said, Mengya looked up and down Wei An, with a hint of chill on Jumei’s face: “But if I just spare you, how can I be worthy of my sister?”


The last word fell, Mengya clenched the long sword and swiped it violently, and she saw a flash of cold light, Wei An’s legs were cut off, and the blood spurted in a moment, like a rain of blood.

“Ah…” Wei An let out a miserable cry, his eyes were instantly bloodshot, and there was a burst of pain, almost fainting on the spot.

“You…you are so cruel…”

The next second, Wei An stared at Leah, his eyes full of resentment: “Why, you said you want to let me go.”

At this time, Wei An wanted to cramp Mengya. He didn’t expect that this savage and willful Mengya would be unbelievable and said he would let him go, but he still chopped off his legs.


Facing Wei An’s anger, Mengya chuckled lightly, her tone full of stubbornness and arrogance: “Wei An, do you have a brain problem? I just said I would spare you your life, I didn’t say not to cut your legs. “

As he said, Mengya smiled and said contemptuously: “I tell you, this lady has left you with a dog’s life, it is already a kindness, and your legs are gone. If you are lucky, you should not be able to die, but it depends on your good fortune. Up.”

Having said this, Mengya greeted dozens of White Tiger Warriors and left quickly.


Seeing Mengya disappear into the sky, Wei An’s unspeakable grief and anger were full of resentment in his eyes.

Half an hour ago, Wei An was already very depressed when he was expelled from the Monster Race by the White Tiger King. At this time, he was humiliated by Mengya again and had his legs cut off.

This bloody hatred, no one can stand it.

For a while, Wei An was extremely sad and angry, but also secretly vowed in his heart.

White Tiger Clan, I, Wei An, will be at odds with you from today. If you don’t completely destroy your White Tiger clan, I will not be called Wei An.


After secretly swearing, Wei An Yangtian roared, and then he fainted when his eyes went dark.


the other side.

Bang bang bang…

In the stone room, Mo Yan held the bone whip and kept raising it like a white lightning, which kept falling on Darryl’s body.

In a blink of an eye, Darryl didn’t have a good place all over his body, and his clothes were torn apart, completely stained red with blood.

At the very beginning, Darryl could bear it with his strong willpower, but gradually, he couldn’t bear it, and shouted: “Are you Demon Race capable of this? If you can’t attack the Imperial Palace, you will torture the prisoners and vent their anger. I tell you, the Demon Race will lose sooner or later as far as your actions are concerned.”

“you wanna die!”

Hearing this, Mo Yan’s delicate face was covered with frost, adding gravity, and another whip was thrown on Darryl.

Chapter 2202

These whips were really heartbroken, Darryl only felt that his eyes turned black for a while, and he would faint at any time.

Mo Yan was right, this bone whip contained the might of thunder, and was the nemesis of those gods and soldiers.

And Darryl, even if he had the power of the bird ancestor to protect his body, but because the power of the primordial spirit had not recovered, at this time he resisted for tens of minutes, and finally could not hold it.


Seeing that Darryl would rather die unyielding, Mo Yan had no patience, put away the bone whip and said coldly: “Darryl, there is no benefit to opposing our demons. I will give you one last chance. Think about it and hope. The next time I see you, I will hear a different answer.”

The last sentence fell, Mo Yan turned and left the stone room.

To be honest, Mo Yan wanted to kill Darryl immediately, but think about it carefully, Darryl is not only the Nine Heavens Profound Sage of God’s Domain, but also has close ties with the Demon Race. It will be of great use in the future, so I will keep it for now. .


Seeing Mo Yan leaving, Darryl relaxed and collapsed to the ground. Before Mo Yan, Darryl had been holding on strongly, but as soon as Mo Yan left, he could no longer hold on.

Darryl at this time was almost crying without tears.

This female devil has given an ultimatum, does it really want to take refuge in the demons? Once I took refuge in the demons, I was afraid that I would never be able to return to Kyushu.

But if he doesn’t agree, this Mo Yan must kill himself.

Under the entanglement in his heart, Darryl’s eyes went dark and finally fainted.


Mo Yan walked out of the stone room, her delicate face was extremely gloomy, and her mood was terrible.

Especially thinking of Darryl’s unyielding appearance, Mo Yan was furious. As one of the twelve holy demon kings, Mo Yan has captured countless prisoners. Among these prisoners, there are strong men from the monster race, and priests of God’s Domain. Every one of them has been subdued by her, and has never seen them. After a fat and salt won’t get in.

But Darryl was an exception.


At this time, Mo Yan commanded to the two Demon Warriors: “Follow me out and go around.”

Because they couldn’t attack the Imperial Palace, the demon army had been resting in the camp and had nothing to do for the time being. Mo Yan wanted to share the worries for Demon Zun Goni, but couldn’t think of a good way to come out, and just suffocated because of Darryl. Can only go out and relax.

Hearing the order, several Demon Warriors responded, and followed Mo Yan towards the distant mountains.


I don’t know how long it has been flying, Mo Yan’s eyes flashed, and he slowed down subconsciously.

At the same time, several Demon Warriors behind him also discovered something. One of them hurriedly shouted: “Your Excellency, there seems to be a person on the top of the mountain.”

In an instant, more than a dozen pairs of eyes looked over.

I saw a figure lying quietly on the top of the mountain ahead, covered in blood, dying, and there were two broken legs beside it, and the blood spurted out, staining the ground red.

The scene is very bloody.

This miserable figure is Wei An.


Seeing this scene, Mo Yanxiu frowned, pondered, and said lightly: “Let’s take a look.” As he said, his figure rose lightly and landed slowly on the top of the mountain.

The Mozu warrior behind him followed closely behind.

After landing, several Demon Warriors quickly went over to check Wei An’s situation.

Soon, one of the demon warriors reported to Mo Yan: “Your Excellency the Demon King, it seems to belong to the demon clan. This kid has the symbol of the Xuanwu clan on his body.”

When the voice fell, another Demon Warrior also spoke: “This kid still has a sigh of relief, do you want to kill?”

For the Demon Race, whether it is God’s Domain, Demon Race, or human beings are all enemies.

“Don’t do it yet.”

Seeing that the Demon Warrior was about to do something, Mo Yan shook his head and stopped saying: “Keep him alive and take it back.”

Mo Yan didn’t have a good impression of the Monster Race. If it was before, he would definitely let his subordinates take Wei An’s life without hesitation, but when he thought that Demon Lord Gone was looking for a new territory for the Monster Race, he changed his attention.

Youtian led five thousand warriors and walked for a long time, but there was no news. It is estimated that he has not found a new territory for the monster race. In this case, he encountered a dying monster warrior, perhaps it was God’s will.

“Yes, Lord Demon.”

Hearing the order, several Demon Warriors responded, and then took Wei An, who was unconscious, back to the camp with Mo Yan.

Chapter 2203

At this moment, the Mozu camp.

In the stone room, Darryl lay there, motionless, silently restoring his strength.

Darryl not only possesses the primordial spirit, but also the power of the bird ancestor. He was beaten dozens of lashes by Mo Yan and almost lost his life.


At this moment, there was a noise from outside. Darryl thought that Mo Yan was coming again. He quickly looked towards the door and saw that the Shimen was closed tightly, and no one pushed in.

At this moment, Darryl came to realize that there was a stone room next to him, and the movement just now came from the stone room next door.


Understanding this, Darryl struggled to get up, then walked to the front of the stone gate and looked outside through the gap. At this look, Darryl was stunned.

I saw that in the aisle outside, Mo Yan looked indifferent and walked ahead. Behind her, a bloody man followed closely by several Demon Warriors.

The figure was completely red with blood, his face was pale, his eyes closed, and he was unconscious. One of his legs was empty underneath his knees, and his two calves were chopped off. Although there was no bleeding anymore, there was white Sensen at the fracture. The bones are shocking.

It was Wei An.

Is it this kid?

Seeing that it was Wei An, Darryl’s heart trembled, and he only felt his brain buzzing, and at the same time, there was unspeakable doubt in his heart.

As the son of King Xuanwu, this kid is considered a noble status in the Yaozu, why is he so miserable now?

Could it be that he encountered the Demon Race, and this injury was caused by the Demon Race?


Just when Darryl was muttering secretly, Mo Yan nodded, and then several Demon Warriors threw Wei An into the stone room next door with a dull sound.

“Wake him up.” Mo Yan stood at the door and spoke lightly.

When the words fell, the two Demon Warriors immediately went to get a bucket of cold water, walked to the door, and directly poured cold water on Wei An’s body.


Wei An was still in a coma, and was awakened by the cold water. He couldn’t stop trembling, and couldn’t help but breathe in cold air.

In the next second, Wei An looked around and was completely stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

Where is this?

Didn’t you faint on the top of the mountain?

In consternation, Wei An’s brain went blank and his eyes straightened when he saw Mo Yan standing at the door.


What a beautiful woman, this figure, this appearance, this temperament, I don’t know how many times stronger than the Liya sisters.

Mo Yan was very unhappy when he noticed Wei An’s gaze.

At the same time, one of the demon warriors rushed over, kicked Wei An, and yelled, “Dare to look at the Holy Demon King in this way and look for death!”


At this moment, Wei An’s heart trembled, staring at Mo Yan blankly, and suddenly panicked.

This beautiful, s3xy, and supreme temperament woman is… the holy demon king of the demons?

Shocked, Wei An hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to look at Mo Yan again, and said in horror, “Your devil, your anger, I didn’t mean it.”

Mo Yan’s delicate face did not fluctuate at all, looking at Wei An indifferently, “Who are you? What status are you in the Yaozu? Why did you faint on the top of the mountain?”

Wei An was rude just now. Although Mo Yan was very unhappy, she didn’t care about it. She urgently needs to know if the guy with a broken leg in front of her is of no use to her.


At this moment, Darryl next door also pricked his ears at this moment, wanting to hear Wei An’s answer.


Wei An was full of grief and indignation, and weakly said, “I was victimized by my own people, because I framed Darryl, and King Baihu drove me out of the demon clan. That’s not to be counted. Her daughter took her subordinates and humiliated me in every possible way. I also chopped off my legs…”

At the end, Wei An couldn’t stop shaking when thinking of the situation at the time.

Speaking of it, if only to be expelled from the Demon Race, Wei An would definitely not tell Mo Yan. You know, at the time Wei An still wanted to return to the Demon Race, but was humiliated by Mengya and cut his legs. , Wei An’s heart was suddenly filled with hatred.

At this time, Wei An only wanted to retaliate against Mengya, the White Tiger King, and even the entire Monster Race.

Chapter 2204


At this moment, whether it was Mo Yan or the surrounding Demon Warriors, they were all stunned.

It turns out that this guy is the son of King Xuanwu.

Moreover, he slandered Darryl and ended up so miserably.

At this time, Mo Yan reacted and looked at Wei An’s eyes, with contempt and contempt that could not be concealed: “You do this kind of indiscriminate thing and end up like this, you deserve it.”

Although Mo Yan is one of the twelve sacred demon kings of the Demon Clan, he acts fiercely, but he also has his own principles. The most annoying is the secretive villain.

In this case, learning of Wei An’s experience naturally did not have any sympathy at all, on the contrary, there was an indescribable disgust in my heart.

Ha ha…

At the same time, Darryl in the stone room next door also sneered secretly.

Ma De, after doing it for a long time, this Wei An ended up like this because he slandered me.

It really deserves it.

Facing Mo Yan’s mockery, Wei An smiled bitterly and did not respond.

Mo Yan looked up and down Wei An, with an indifferent tone: “Why did you say this kind of thing so quickly? Want me to avenge you?”

“Not bad.”

Wei An nodded heavily, gritted his teeth and said: “I have suffered such humiliation. It is difficult to avenge myself personally. Your Excellency is the Holy Demon King, powerful, and I beg your Excellency to help me.”

When saying this, Wei An’s eyes flashed with strong hatred.

White Tiger King, and the two sisters Mengya, I won’t make you feel better.

Hearing this, Mo Yan couldn’t help but chuckled, and said angrily: “Interesting, why should I help you?” As he spoke, his delicate face was full of cold and aloofness.


At this moment, Darryl also secretly exhaled and whispered secretly.

Has Wei An’s spirit of being abused by Mengya gone wrong? When I saw Mo Yan for the first time, I wanted him to help?

“Your Lord Demon.”

Facing Mo Yan’s indifference, Wei An smiled and said confidently: “You will definitely help me. Because I have a vital role to your demons.”

“Why?” Mo Yan’s eyes flashed, as if interested.

At this moment, Wei An took a deep breath and said word by word: “Because I know that your demons are searching for the location of the new territory of the demons, and it seems that there is no progress. And I know where the new territory of the demons is. Not only that, the demons. I also know the defensive deployment of the new territories.”

“Your Excellency Demon King, we can reach an agreement. From now on, I will join you to help you deal with the monster race. The only exchange is that when the time comes, the White Tiger King and his two daughters will be handed over to me.”

When the last sentence fell, Wei An’s frail face was full of hideousness, and strong hatred flashed in his eyes.


Hearing this request, Mo Yan lightly breathed a sigh of relief, did not immediately respond, but started to think.

At the same time, Darryl in the stone room next door was shocked and pale in shock.

D*mn, this Wei An is crazy.

For selfish grievances, he betrayed the entire monster clan.

If Mo Yan agreed to his request, the Yaozu would be in danger.

Thinking about it, Darryl secretly prayed that Mo Yan would not agree. When he knew that such a good opportunity, Mo Yan could not refuse.

“it is good!”

Finally, Mo Yan pondered for a few seconds, looked at Wei An, smiled and said: “This condition is not excessive, I promise you.”

With that, Mo Yan told the Demon Warrior behind him: “Get him out, send him to the camp outside, and take good care of him.”


When the words fell, several Demon Warriors immediately walked in and carefully carried Wei An out.

Mo Yan didn’t follow out, but after watching those Demon Warriors take Wei An out, he turned and went to the secret room where Darryl was.

It’s over, it’s over.

At this time, Darryl’s mind was buzzing, and his heart was like a hot pot ant, too anxious.

Wei An acted as an internal response to the Demon Race and betrayed the Demon Race. Now the Demon Race is in big trouble.

You must find a way to stop it.

Just thinking about it, Darryl heard Shimen being pushed aside, and then Mo Yan slowly walked in.


Looking at Darryl’s expression, Mo Yan’s eyes flickered slyly: “How about? Have you considered it?”

Chapter 2205

When inquiring, Mo Yan’s expression was indifferent, and his previous irritability was completely gone.

Yes, just now Mo Yan deliberately arranged Wei An to be next door to Darryl. He also deliberately let Darryl hear the previous conversation. The purpose of this was to put Darryl psychologically under pressure.

“What if I refuse?” Darryl smiled bitterly.

Mo Yan’s delicate face did not fluctuate at all, and said coldly: “Then I will have to execute you.”


Hearing this, Darryl looked helpless and leaned slightly: “Well, I will join you.”

When saying this, Darryl seemed to be very reluctant, but he was very nervous.

Darryl thought it over. If he wanted to prevent the Demon Race from dealing with the Demon Race, the best way right now is to join the Demon Race, but the Mo Yan in front of him is not a mortal.

Only by showing a reluctant appearance can it appear real.


Seeing that Darryl finally compromised, Mo Yan did not appear to be very happy, but said lightly: “Is it too late to promise? You should have heard that, I just recovered the son of King Xuanwu, and he and you Between, there seems to be some grievances.”

“I have agreed to his terms, and I accept you again, it seems something is wrong.”

Mo Yan spoke slowly, keeping his eyes on the changes in Darryl’s expression.


Darryl scratched his head, a little embarrassed, but still squeezed out a smile: “Your Excellency, one more person to be loyal, this is a good thing.”

Mo Yan nodded: “Although the words are good, but Wei An knows the new territory of the Demon Race, and can help us even more to attack the Demon Race at the least cost. What about you? What can you help us?”

Darryl pondered and said with a smile: “Perhaps I can’t do much to deal with the monster race, but I can help you deal with God’s Domain.”

Darryl at this time had a sincere expression on his face.


Seeing Darryl’s sincere expression, Mo Yan nodded: “Then I will believe you for the time being and take a good rest. When I need you, my subordinates will bring you to see me.”

The last word fell, Mo Yan turned and left.


As soon as the front foot left, Darryl took a deep breath, wiped a cold sweat, and sighed inwardly.

This Mo Yan, Scheming City Mansion is too deep, it seems that you have to be careful in the future.


On the other side, Yaozu territory.

Mengya took the Warriors of the White Tiger Clan privately to teach Wei An and cut off Wei An’s legs, which soon spread to the entire Monster Clan.

For a while, the whole Yaozu was talking about it, some said that Wei An deserved it, and some said that he dreamed of Asia-Pacific’s willfulness and did things without regard for the consequences.

At this time, the White Tiger King rested in the hall.

The White Tiger King sat there with a gloomy expression on his face.

In front of him, Mengya stood there, faintly trembling in the suburbs, obviously a little nervous.

Next to him, Liya was sitting there, her face looked pale because she hadn’t fully recovered yet, but she was also worried at this time. After all, my sister was too headstrong. Although Wei An was hateful, his father had already expelled him. Yaozu, how could she look at his legs in private?


At this moment, the White Tiger King burst out and pointed at Mengya and roared: “Do you know you are not wrong?”

Just now, King White Tiger also knew about Wei An’s legs being chopped off. He was very angry at the time. You must know that Wei An is the son of King Xuanwu. Before Wei An almost defiled Liya, he didn’t put him on trial. In the face of King Xuanwu, he didn’t want the whole demon clan to split.

But this Mengya looked at Wei An’s legs despite the consequences.

If King Xuanwu knew about this, how could he swallow this breath? At that time, there was a gap between the Xuanwu clan and the Baihu clan, and the entire monster clan would no longer be united.

This is not the result that White Tiger King wants to see.


Facing the White Tiger King’s anger, Mengya didn’t panic at all. She sighed and said stubbornly: “Father, I think I’ve done nothing wrong. Then Wei An bullied my sister and slandered Your Excellency Darryl. He was very sinful. I saw him cut down. It’s a good thing to kill him without killing him.”

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