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Chapter 2231

For a moment, Rodolf stood there, unable to calm down for a long time.

The Demon Lord found a way to crack the innate magic circle, which shocked him. You must know that the three innate magic circles around the Yutian Palace were deployed by the ancestors of the wild, profound and infinitely powerful.

No one can solve it in God’s Domain.

And this Demon Lord Gone, it took just a few days to find a way to crack it, which is really incredible.

But it was Darryl that shocked Rodolf even more.

At that time, Mozun Goni used Darryl to threaten Nine Heavens God’s surrender. After the failure, he didn’t execute Darryl…Ma De, this Darryl’s life was too great, right?

“Gong leader?”

Seeing Rodolf standing there, his face changed, his eyes flickering, Mccarthy couldn’t wait, and couldn’t help reminding him: “Can you help me pass a message to Your Majesty? At this time, the matter is very important.

When talking about this, Mccarthy was anxious.

He wanted to break in directly, but he didn’t have the courage. You must know that when God recuperates, he least likes to be disturbed.


Rodolf reacted with a smile: “Xingjun is right. It’s not a trivial matter at this time. I should help you spread the word, but your majesty is recuperating from the injury and is in a critical period. I’m rushing to interrupt, I’m afraid it’s wrong.”

As he said, Rodolf’s eyes turned, with a sincere look: “Let’s do this, you give me the letter. I will find a chance to present it to your Majesty before dawn.”


Seeing Rodolf said this, Mccarthy groaned, and he nodded and said: “It’s okay. This will trouble the palace leader.” He said, he handed out the letter.

Immediately, Mccarthy turned and left.

To be honest, Mccarthy really wanted to pass the letter to the God of Nine Heavens in front of him, but Rodolf was right. Recently, because of the urgency of the war, God of Nine Heavens was already upset, coupled with the injury and recuperation, the most annoying to be disturbed, Mccarthy didn’t want to offend Shengwei.

Ha ha….

Watching Mccarthy go away, Rodolf’s mouth curled up, revealing a sneer, and then turned and entered the palace.

Arriving in the palace, Rodolf opened the mechanism and opened a secret stone door in the secret room, then put a smile away, and walked in cautiously.

Although it is a secret room, the space is large and the decoration inside is magnificent.

In the center, there is a white jade bed, surrounded by veils, Nine Heavens God in a white robe, sitting there quietly, his eyes slightly closed, and he is quietly training.

Even if he didn’t wear the dragon robe, his body was filled with a powerful aura.


Seeing this scene, Rodolf took a deep breath, adjusted his nervous mood, and said softly: “Your Majesty?”


When the voice fell, Nine Heavens God suddenly opened his eyes, locked Rodolf, frowned, and said displeasedly: “Rodolf, I asked you to stay outside to prevent others from disturbing me. Why did you come in?”

When saying these, Nine Heavens God suppressed his anger.

He was severely injured by Demon Zun Gone before, and he has been recuperating here for a day and a night. At a critical moment, he was disturbed by Rodolf. How about not being angry?


Feeling the anger of Nine Heavens God, Rodolf’s body trembled, and he knelt down quickly, and said in fear: “Your Majesty calmed down, the subordinates did not intend to come in and disturb, but to report important things.”

“Say!” Jiu Tian said with a cold face.

Rodolf took a deep breath and said slowly: “For the past two days, his subordinates have been secretly sending people to investigate the situation in the Demon Clan Camp. Just half an hour ago, the Demon Lord found a way to crack the Innate Great Formation and has already deployed it. After completing the combat plan, we are ready to launch an attack on Yutian Palace early tomorrow morning.”


Hearing this, Jiutian God’s heart trembled and was shocked.


At this moment, Rodolf turned around and showed a pleasing smile: “The subordinates have sent someone to write down the devil’s battle plan in detail in the letter.”

With that said, Rodolf took out the letter that Mccarthy gave him just now, and respectfully presented it to Nine Heavens God.

When he took out the letter, Rodolf had a smile on his face, but his eyes flashed sinister.

Yes, Rodolf didn’t intend to tell the truth, let alone tell Nine Heavens God, this letter was brought out by Darryl from the Demon Clan Camp.

Chapter 2232

In Rodolf’s heart, no matter what purpose Darryl was for, he couldn’t let him do what he wanted.

Not only that, if what the letter says is true, Rodolf has done a great job, so why not do it.


Jiutian God accepted the letter and did not open it directly. Instead, he glanced at Rodolf and said coldly: “You sent someone to the Demon Clan Camp to investigate the situation? Why don’t I know?”

Now Yutian Palace is facing an unprecedented crisis, Rodolf acted without permission, but he was taboo.

Rodolf hurriedly said: “The subordinate did this, completely thinking of helping your majesty to share the worries. At that time, your majesty was in retreat and recuperating, so the subordinates did not ask for instructions in advance. Please forgive him.

Seeing his panic on his face, Nine Heavens God no longer cares, and waved his hand: “It’s OK, this kind of thing won’t happen again, get up.”

“Thank your Majesty!”

Rodolf breathed a sigh of relief and quickly stood up, but he was still a little nervous.

At this time, Nine Heavens God no longer opened his mouth, but opened the letter, and looked at it carefully.

For a while, the secret room was extremely silent.

The atmosphere is also a little dull.


Nine Heavens God became more and more frightened as he watched, and in the end, he could hardly sit still.

The letter clearly stated that Demon Zun Gone’s detailed method to break the innate magic circle, not only that, but also made detailed arrangements for the attack tomorrow.

This Demon Lord Gone is really not easy.

After reading the letter, God Jiutian’s face changed and his heart was secretly shocked.

Without this letter, the demon army would attack tomorrow, and the Imperial Palace would definitely be unable to defend it. Fortunately, Rodolf was witty, knowing that someone was secretly sent to investigate the situation in the Demon Clan Camp, otherwise, the consequences would not be imagined.

Speaking of it, Nine Heavens God’s attainments in the battle against the magic art is one hundred and eight thousand miles worse than that of the ancient ancestors, and I don’t know how the innate magic circle works. All told nine days of God.

Not only that, at that time Empress Nuwa, considering that Demon Zun Gone might find a way to crack it, she also told Nine Heavens God the way to deal with it.

Under such circumstances, the Nine Heavens God already has a deep understanding of the innate magic array.

At this time, God of Nine Heavens clearly saw that the letter written in the letter, Demon Zun Gone’s law enforcement, was exactly the same as what Nuwa Empress said, why not be shocked?

However, God Jiutian didn’t know that this letter was not the credit of Rodolf at all, but it was sent by Darryl.


I thought, God of Nine Heavens took a deep breath, smiled at Rodolf, and applauded: “Rodolf, you did a good job this time. You have done a great job. After defeating the demon clan, I will definitely have many rewards. “

“Your Majesty is serious, this is what your subordinates should do.” Rodolf quickly said.

When talking about this, Rodolf’s face was calm, but he was secretly relieved, not excited.


I thought that Mccarthy was alarmist, but I didn’t expect that what he said was true.

Darryl, Darryl, you have sent important information through your hard work, but you never thought that I would take the last credit.

Excited, Rodolf cautiously stepped forward and asked the Nine Heavens God: “Your Majesty, the devil has a way to break the innate magic circle, how should we deal with it?”

Ha ha…

Upon hearing this, God of Nine Heavens smiled and said confidently: “Don’t panic about this. Senior Sister Nuwa Empress had long expected that Demon Lord Gone might find a way to solve it, so he took a countermeasure. Tell me too.”

As he said, there was a bit of coldness in the eyes of God Jiutian: “Before the demons attack tomorrow, we will slightly modify the innate circle, and then they will be defeated.”


Rodolf was a little worried at first, and he smiled suddenly when Hearing Nine Heavens God said so.

“go with!”

This is, the God of Nine Heavens got down on the white jade bed and said to Rodolf: “Bring me paper and pen.”

Rodolf didn’t dare to neglect, so he hurried to prepare.

After getting the paper and pen, the God of Nine Heavens did not hesitate, so he wrote out all the coping methods that Empress Nuwa said at the beginning, and then gave it to Rodolf to instruct: “Follow what is written on it, remember, don’t write it out. Something went wrong, you know?”

“Subordinates remember.”

Rodolf respectfully responded, and quickly took over.

Chapter 2233

But Rodolf didn’t leave, but stood there, hesitating to speak.

You know, the letter given to Jiutian God just now was given by Darryl to Mccarthy, but Rodolf took all the credit to himself. Sooner or later Jiutian God would know about this.

Once Jiutian God knows the truth, he will not spare him lightly. How can Rodolf not panic?

“Why don’t you leave?”

Seeing Rodolf standing there still, Jiutian God frowned: “Is there anything else?”


Rodolf groaned and made an unspeakable look: “Your Majesty, there is something, I don’t know if it should be said.”

Jiutian God exhaled, and said in a bad mood: “If you have anything, please say it quickly, don’t mother-in-law.”


Rodolf nodded and said with a complicated expression: “Evasion, his subordinates heard that Darryl has taken refuge in the demons.”

Jiutian God’s eyes flickered with a cold light, and he didn’t answer the words.

Rodolf continued: “Your Majesty, the matter of sealing the Demon Mountain before was the subordinate’s fault. The failure to stop Darryl in time caused him to be trapped in the blood sacrifice array. The subordinate thought he was really dead. Nirvana threatened his Majesty with him, and I thought he was fake.”

Rodolf at this time talked freely, and at the same time, he didn’t stop thinking about the change of Nine Heavens God’s face.


Hearing this, the God of Nine Heavens expressionless face, faintly responded.

Speaking of which, when Demon Zun Goni used Darryl to threaten him, Jiutian God knew that it was the real Darryl at that time, but for the sake of dignity and the safety of the Imperial Palace, Jiutian God has never expressed his stance easily.

Until Rodolf suddenly appeared and said that Darryl was fake, Nine Heaven God didn’t hesitate at the time and directly adopted Rodolf’s point of view.

In this way, not only the face was preserved, but the Imperial Palace was also preserved.

But at this time, seeing Rodolf talking about it again, Nine Heavens God is not a fool, so he said along: “According to you, that Darryl was real at that time, now he has taken refuge in the Demon Race again?”

“Yes it is!”

Rodolf nodded, with a hypocritical look: “According to the subordinate’s guess, at that time, Darryl saw that we were not saving him and said that his was a fake. He must have resentment, so he turned to the Demon Race.”

Having said that, Rodolf knelt down again and said ashamed: “Your Majesty, this is all my fault, I beg your Majesty to punish him.”


The God of Nine Heavens sighed and waved his hand: “Forget it, you didn’t know the situation at the time, and it was to keep the Imperial Palace, no wonder you.”

Immediately, God of Nine Heavens thought for a while, and said with emotion: “Perhaps this is Darryl’s fate. If I knew that he was the real Darryl and I saved him, Yutian Palace would not be able to hold it. Forget it, this matter. I won’t mention it later.”

In the heart of God Jiutian, since he had given up Darryl before, what course Darryl would do had nothing to do with God’s Domain.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Rodolf hurriedly responded and said with gratitude: “Thank you, Your Majesty, for your generosity.”

With that said, Rodolf slowly stood up, with a complex expression: “There is one more thing.”

“Say!” Jiutian God said lightly.

Rodolf hesitated and said, “Your Majesty, since the last battle with the Demon Race, although we defeated the Demon Lord by relying on the innate magic circle, the morale of the divine soldiers and generals below has been sluggish. Panic.”

“In private, I heard a lot of rumors that Demon Zun Gone would sooner or later break the Imperial Palace.”

“Also, if we are in a stalemate with the demons like this, it is better to surrender earlier.”


Hearing this, the God of Nine Heavens was very angry, his eyes almost breathed fire: “Who is spreading these rumors? Dmn it, it’s Dmned to death.”

When the two armies are facing each other, it is a taboo to disturb the military’s mind. How can the Nine Heavens not be angry?

“His Majesty.”

Feeling the anger of Nine Heavens God, Rodolf was taken aback, and hurriedly said: “Your Majesty calmed down. These rumors have been spreading in the Imperial Palace this day, and the subordinates are also investigating them.”

Afterwards, Rodolf’s eyes flickered, and he cautiously said, “However, when his subordinates were investigating this matter, they discovered a situation by accident.”

“What’s the situation?” Jiutian God’s face was gloomy, and he was angered at this time, and asked coldly.


Rodolf took a deep breath and slowly said: “The subordinates found out that Monarch Yaori met with Darryl secretly. Subordinates guessed that Monarch Yaori had no confidence in the Imperial Palace and saw that Darryl had taken refuge in the Demon Clan. I want Darryl to be an introducer, and I also want to take refuge in the demons.”

Chapter 2234

When saying this, Rodolf looked serious, but his eyes were full of treacherous.

Yes, Rodolf said so much before, and the main purpose is to frame Mr. Mccarthy.

You must know that the truth of Darryl’s letter was only known to Lord Yaori, but Rodolf took the credit for himself. In order to keep the secret, he could only find a way to get rid of Lord Yaori.

As long as Mccarthy died, no one in the Imperial Palace would know the truth.


Hearing this, Nine Heavens God was so angry that he stood up abruptly and said angrily: “What you said is true?”

That Mccarthy dared to betray God’s Domain.

It’s a sin worthy of death.

“Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.”

Rodolf nodded, with a certain expression on his face: “It was just dark at the time and the distance was far away, but the subordinates saw it really that Ye Xingjun did meet Darryl.”

As he said, Rodolf looked at the face of God Jiutian: “Your Majesty, this Mccarthy is obviously going to betray God’s Domain, and he must be executed as soon as possible.”


The God of Nine Heavens took a deep breath, unable to conceal the anger in his heart: “Go, call Mccarthy immediately, and I will ask him face to face.”


Rodolf responded and walked out of the secret room quickly, ordering the guards outside to summon Mccarthy.

Rodolf at this time was calm on the surface, but panicked in his heart.


Your Majesty wants to interrogate Mccarthy personally, this is in trouble. If Mccarthy told the truth, he would have turned a heinous crime.

However, Rodolf City Mansion was very deep, and soon thought of a countermeasure.

After a while, Lord Mccarthy came upon the call, arrived in the secret room, and knelt down respectfully, and said to the God of Nine Heavens: “Mr Mccarthy, see Your Majesty.”

When he said this, Mccarthy felt inexplicably nervous, because he saw that God of Nine Heavens was sitting on the white jade bed with a gloomy and scary face.

And Rodolf, who was standing on one side, also had a gloomy expression on his face.

what’s going on?

Seeing this scene, Mccarthy felt even more uneasy. Could there be a problem with the letter Darryl gave?

“Master Yao Sun.”

At this moment, the God of Nine Heavens looked closely at Lord Yaori and asked coldly: “I ask you, how do I treat you?”

Mr. Yaori said quickly: “Your Majesty is kind to me, and he is kind to me.”


Hearing the answer, God of Nine Heavens sneered and shouted angrily: “Even so, why are you betraying me?”

When he said this, the eyes of God of Nine Heavens almost burst into flames.


Monarch Yaori was frightened and almost slumped to the ground, anxiously said: “Why did your Majesty say this? I am so loyal to your Majesty, how can I have a heart of betrayal?”

Seeing him deny it, Nine Heavens God rose in anger and shouted: “You still deny it, right? Then I ask you, did you see Darryl before?”

Master Yaori’s heart trembled, and said in fear: “Yes.”

“Even so, do you still say that you are not going to betray me?” The God of Nine Heavens was so angry that he pointed at Mccarthy angrily, “Do you think that the Imperial Palace cannot be guarded? In order to protect yourself, you want Darryl to help you. Introduce, so I can see Demon Zun Gone?”

“No, nothing at all.”

At this moment, Monarch Yaori panicked, and hurriedly yelled to explain: “The fact is like this, it’s Darryl…”

At this time, Mccarthy was almost scared to death.

He didn’t expect that he just helped Darryl pass a letter, and he became a traitor in the eyes of Nine Heavens God. At this moment, he was in a hurry, and he was ready to tell the situation at that time.

“shut up!”

Just before Mccarthy could say it, he saw Rodolf bursting out, and then he rushed over, shooting like electricity, and hit the Mccarthy with a palm.

Yes, Rodolf is waiting for this moment.

“Gong commander, you…”

Seeing Rodolf’s palm hit, Mccarthy was furious and wanted to dodge, but it was too late.


This palm contained all the divine power of Rodolf, and I heard a muffled hum from Mccarthy, and the primordial spirit in his body was instantly dissipated. The figure was flew out like a kite with a broken wire, and finally hit the entrance of the secret room. On the stone gate, it slid down softly.

However, this was not enough for Rodolf. At that time, he quickly rushed over, holding the golden gun firmly, and directly pierced Mccarthy.

Chapter 2235

At this moment, Mccarthy spouted a mouthful of blood, completely lost his breath, but his eyes were so wide that he didn’t understand until he died. He didn’t betray, but he was killed.

“His Majesty!”

At this time, Rodolf put away the golden gun, turned around and knelt down to the God of Nine Heavens, with a hypocritical appearance: “The subordinate was too angry just now. He didn’t hold it back for a while. Please punish him.”

When speaking, Rodolf lowered his head, not daring to look at the God of Nine Heavens.

“Forget it!”

The God of Nine Heavens sighed and waved his hand: “You did a good job. If they can be loyal to me like you, why should I be afraid of the demon Lord Gone?”

“The corresponding method I gave you just now, you should quickly prepare, and be sure to get ready before dawn.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Rodolf replied and took the corpse of Lord Mccarthy Yaori and walked out of the secret room quickly.

When he got outside, Rodolf showed a slight smile, and his mood was unspeakable.


Once Lord Yaori died, he didn’t have to worry about it.

Thinking about it, Rodolf looked at the corpse of Lord Mccarthy, and said to himself: “Ms Mccarthy, you don’t blame me for being cruel. I can’t do anything to make a contribution.”

After that, Rodolf called a few magic soldiers and asked them to deal with the corpse of Lord Yaori.

Afterwards, Rodolf gathered dozens of gods and generals, and in accordance with the instructions of the Nine Heavens God, began to change the innate formation around the Yutian Palace.


On the other side, Mozu Daying.

After Darryl returned to the camp, he saw that King Xuanwu couldn’t wait.


Seeing Darryl coming back, King Xuanwu quickly asked.

Darryl showed a slight smile: “I have already given the letter to Lord Mccarthy and asked him to help me forward it to God Jiutian. It is estimated that God has already seen the letter at this time.”


Hearing this, King Xuanwu was very excited, but he frowned quickly and said: “However, the nine-day god is naturally suspicious. Will he believe what you wrote in your letter?”

Darryl thought for a while and smiled slightly: “As long as he is not stupid, he will definitely understand.”

Saying that, Darryl had a bad premonition in his heart.

King Xuanwu was right. The Nine Heavens God was suspicious. Would he think he had deliberately obtained false information?

Forget it, I have tried my best, no matter what the result is, I have no shame in my heart.

King Xuanwu couldn’t stay for a long time, and after chatting with Darryl a few words, he went back to his camp and rested.

The night is getting deeper and deeper.

After a day of tossing, Darryl was too tired, so he sat cross-legged to rest.


I don’t know how long I have been sitting there, I heard a cold voice outside, it was Wei An.

Darryl opened his eyes and said faintly through the curtain: “Say if something happens, let go of the fart.” Ma De, this Wei An is really lingering, looking for himself so late, he must be holding back something bad.


Feeling Darryl’s ignorance, Wei An outside instantly turned gloomy.

However, Wei An quickly adjusted his emotions and said, “Devil Mo Yan wants to see you and let you go to his camp.”

Mo Yan is looking for me?

Darryl was stunned and frowned: “It’s so late, why is she looking for me?”

“How do I know?” Wei An chuckled, with some treacherous expression on his face: “Perhaps it is a very important matter. Your Excellency the Demon King didn’t tell me. If you don’t believe it, you don’t have to go.”


Hearing this, Darryl hesitated again and again, so he had to get up and he saw Wei An’s smiling face.

Darryl didn’t bother to pay attention to him, so he walked towards the camp where Mo Yan was.

Darryl could feel that Wei An was really playing tricks on himself, but he did not rule out that it was true. If Mo Yan really looked for himself and didn’t go, it would be troublesome.

After all, he had just taken refuge in the demons, so he had to be careful not to make any mistakes.


Watching Darryl walk away, Wei An showed a slight smile.

This fool Darryl really believed him.

Muttering in his heart, Wei An pushed the wheelchair into Darryl’s camp and searched carefully.

Yes, Mo Yan didn’t find Darryl at all. Wei An had deliberately deceived Darryl just now, with the purpose of searching Darryl’s camp, intending to find some evidence.

Because Wei An could feel that Darryl hadn’t really taken refuge in the demons.

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