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Chapter 2246

For a moment, Darryl couldn’t help but muttered secretly in his heart, the secret was leaked out by himself, would he be suspected?

probably not.

When he left the Demon Clan Camp, he was very careful, no one saw it. This Demon Venerable should not have doubted himself.


At this moment, Youtian took the lead in reacting and slammed a fist against the stone wall next to him, shouting: “Who has leaked the news? I know that he must be cramped.

At this time, Youtian was very angry.

The army of hundreds of thousands of demons lost 90% of it, and now only less than 20,000 are alive. With such a bloody hatred, no one can calm down.


When the voice fell, the other holy demon kings and the demon warriors all followed to guess.

“Yutian is right, this traitor must be found out.”

“Yes, you must check it out clearly.”

“This rape caused us a complete defeat. We must not be merciless.”

Like Youtian, when the other holy demon kings said this, they were extremely indignant. You know, today’s battle, the demons have a great advantage. If the news is not leaked, it is estimated that a celebration banquet has already been opened in the Imperial Palace at this time. Up.

Demon Zun Gone did not express his position, but stood there with a gloomy face, thinking about something in secret.


At this moment, Mo Yan, who had been silent, walked out at this time and slowly said: “I think this thing is definitely not done within our demons. At that time, when the master deployed the battle plan, everyone was there. At that time, they didn’t leave halfway, basically there was no suspicion.”

With that said, Mo Yan glanced at Wei An and continued: “As far as I guess, King Xuanwu must have done this thing, because at that time, after the Supreme Master summoned him, he began to deploy. All our plans, King Xuanwu knows it.”

“Moreover, during the previous war, King Xuanwu fell into trouble with us and took the opportunity to escape. It can be seen that his previous allegiance was fake and pretended.”

“With all the signs, King Xuanwu is the most suspicious, maybe he revealed our plan to Nine Heavens God.”

The last sentence fell, Mo Yan looked around, his delicate face full of determination.


Hearing this, the surrounding Youtian and other Saint Demon Kings all nodded in agreement.

“Mo Yan is right, that King Xuanwu is very suspicious.”

“What’s the suspicion? It must be him.”

“Ma De, I said these monsters are not reliable at all, especially this king of Xuanwu, I am even more displeased.”

Everyone could not hide their anger under everyone’s discussion.


Seeing this, the rock hanging in Darryl’s heart fell to the ground in an instant, and his mood instantly became relieved.

That’s great, this Mo Yan is really interesting, he thought it was a secret leaked by King Xuanwu.

But that’s okay, everyone doubts King Xuanwu, and no one doubts himself.

Darryl didn’t worry that the demons would find trouble with King Xuanwu, after all, they had just suffered a fiasco, their vitality was severely injured, and they had no energy to chase King Xuanwu.


Seeing everyone starting to doubt King Xuanwu, Wei An panicked all of a sudden.

Fcuk, if the father did it, he would not escape the blame, after all, he was also a member of the Xuanwu clan.

Thinking about it, Wei An wanted to speak, but the situation in front of him didn’t have a chance to interrupt.

“All right!”

At this moment, Demon Zun Gone also slowed down and looked at Mo Yan and said, “Mo Yan is right. The suspicion of King Xuanwu is very high. This ba5tard dare to play with the deity. Catch it will kill him.”

When he said this, Mozun’s face was extremely gloomy, especially the murderous gaze flashing, which made people fearful.

Afterwards, Mozun Gone looked around and slowly said: “Everyone has a rest, before dark, set out to chase the Xuanwu clan, and then look for the whereabouts of the White Tiger King and other monster clan.”

The army of hundreds of thousands of demons was lost in half, and the troops were seriously insufficient. In this case, we could only find a way to regain the demons.

“It’s your honor…”

All of a sudden, Mo Yan and the other Demon Kings of Youtian replied in unison.

Chapter 2247


However, at this time, Wei An pushed out the wheelchair and said anxiously at Mozun Gone: “My lord, it must not be a secret revealed by my father, it must not be…”

At this moment, Wei An’s face was anxious.

Although Wei An had raided King Xuanwu to threaten the entire tribe to become weaker and take refuge in the demons, he always respected King Xuanwu in his heart.

After all, King Xuanwu is his father. How can you not panic when you see that the Demon Race believes King Xuanwu is a traitor?


At this moment, whether it was Demon Zun Gone, Mo Yan and the other sage demon kings, all their eyes focused on Wei An.

Soon Demon Zun Gone was the first to react, with a cold face, without the slightest mood swing, and said lightly: “The King Xuanwu is not a traitor. Looking at this, you should know some clues.”

“Then tell me, who is the rape?”

After the last word fell, Mo Yan couldn’t help but yelled, “Wei An, what are you going to do? Want to clear the charge for your father?”

When the words fell, the other holy demon kings also spoke, looking at Wei An’s eyes, they all shone with contempt and disdain.

“This kid is panic.”

“Hehe, he is afraid of King Xuanwu’s affairs, it will hurt himself.”

“Who knows, but then again, he is the son of King Xuanwu, would he also be involved in this matter?”

At this moment, Darryl also frowned secretly.

D*mn, Wei An wouldn’t say I did it, right? But he has no evidence, and he doesn’t need to be afraid.


The surrounding discussion kept coming, Wei An took a deep breath, then looked at Demon Zun Gone and said: “My lord, I know who the traitor is, it’s him, Darryl.”

The last word fell, Wei An suddenly raised his hand and pointed to Darryl.

At this moment, the eyes of the audience converged on Darryl again.


Darryl was also shocked, and then looked at Wei An in anger: “Wei An, you are so bloody, how could I reveal the secret?”

At the same time, Mo Yan also said coldly: “Wei An, do you know what it is to slander others at will among the demons? Get back quickly.”

Speaking of it, Mo Yan also thought about suspicion of Darryl just now, but after thinking about it carefully, Darryl had no chance at all, because he was not there at all when Mozun Gone deployed the battle plan.

In contrast, King Xuanwu was the most suspicious.

But Wei An did this for fear of being hit, after all, he was the son of King Xuanwu.

Facing Mo Yan’s scolding, Wei An’s body trembled, very jealous, but the anxiety on his face did not retreat in the slightest.

“Wei An.”

At this moment, Mozun Gorne looked at Wei An coldly and said, “You said that Darryl is a traitor, do you have any evidence?” After that, Mozun Gone looked at Darryl lightly.

Although Demon Zun Gone had no good feelings for Darryl, he also had his own principles and would not follow Wei An’s one-sided words to convict Darryl.


Seeing Demon Zun Gone’s face of justice and sternness, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, this demon is more enlightened.

He didn’t leave any evidence, Wei An wanted to slander himself this time, I’m afraid it would be a waste of energy.

“I have proof!”

Facing Demon Zun Gone’s question, Wei An suddenly yelled: “I have it. This is found in the Darryl Camp.” As he said, he took out the paper and pen from his body.

Yes, at the time Wei An was in the Darryl camp. After seeing the paper and pen, he hid under the camp, but when he left, he changed his mind and took the paper and pen directly away.

I saw that the paper and pen are unique to the Mozu, and each piece of paper has a number.

But looking at the above traces, it is obvious that a few were used.


At this moment, the gaze of the audience suddenly gathered on Darryl.

At this time, Darryl was also stunned, only feeling his brain humming.

Ma De, when did Wei An stole the paper and pen he used?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl acted as if nothing had happened, and said to Wei An, “It’s just some paper and pen, what can it explain?”

“Ha ha!”

Wei An sneered and looked at Darryl and said, “Darryl, I really don’t know if you are really smart, or if you just came to the Demon Race. I don’t know the situation. These papers and pens were found in your camp. You can explain what?”

Chapter 2248

As he said, a grinning smile appeared at the corner of Wei An’s mouth and continued: “I came to the Demon Race one day earlier than you, but I also know that in the camp, I rarely use paper and pen.”

When the voice fell, a magic commander next to him thought of something and walked out and said: “Yes, I remembered, no one has used paper and pens in the camp these days, only last night, Mr. Darryl took some .”

D*mn it!

Faced with this situation, Darryl wanted to cry without tears.

I thought that I didn’t know what I was doing, but I didn’t expect that in the end, he still showed his feet.

At this time, Darryl didn’t expect that the paper and pen in the Demon Clan’s camp would be managed so strictly.


At this moment, seeing Darryl’s face changed, Wei An couldn’t say anything. He said every word: “Last night, only you used paper and pen, and obviously you’ve already used a few sheets. I would like to ask, those sheets of paper. What did you write? Who did you give it to?”

Darryl’s face was gloomy and did not respond.


At this moment, there was a lot of discussion around.

“Really him?”

“It shouldn’t be wrong.”

“Ma De, this Darryl is so cunning, it made us suspect King Xuanwu.”

“Hehe, that King Xuanwu isn’t a good thing, just escaped…”

The surrounding discussion kept coming, and Mo Yan, who had been standing there silent all the time, was also extremely angry on his delicate face at this time.


Finally, Mo Yan couldn’t help it, and shouted at Darryl: “What the hell is going on? You still don’t explain?”

At this moment, Mo Yan was angry and disappointed.

Since the close contact with Darryl last night, and the cold poison in his body was dissipated by Darryl’s flame, Mo Yan’s view of him has been changed.

In Mo Yan’s heart, Darryl was a very capable man. With his assistance, he would definitely make military exploits in the future, and his status would be higher than that of other holy demon kings.

It can be said that Mo Yan had too many expectations for Darryl.

However, she didn’t expect that she believed in Darryl so much, but he betrayed herself.


In the face of Mo Yan’s tender drink, Darryl showed a wry smile without responding.

“Lord Devil!”

At this time, Wei An couldn’t hide the pride on his face, and said respectfully at Mo Yan: “No need to ask, this situation is obvious. It was Darryl who revealed the secret. He wrote down our battle plan, and then quietly It was sent to God of Nine Heavens.”

“Because of this, Nine Heavens God can change the formation in advance.”

After speaking the last sentence, Wei An looked at Darryl coldly, with a cold smile on his face.

Darryl, Darryl, are you still alive this time?


At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath, met Mo Yan’s gaze, and said lightly: “Yes, I did it.” The matter is now, the evidence is solid, and it doesn’t make much sense to refuse to admit it.

When the voice fell, the few holy demon kings in Youtian and the surrounding demon warriors couldn’t help but swear.

“Boy is too hateful.”

“Ma De, a white-eyed wolf.”

“Just kill it.”

Mo Yan was also very angry, and shouted at Darryl: “Why? Why are you betraying me?”


Hearing this, Darryl smiled and said, “What is my betrayal to you Demon Race? From the very beginning, when I fell in your hands, I was destined to become your Demon Race’s chess piece. My Darryl stands upright, how can you let you manipulate like this?”

“I just want to sabotage your plan, so that your vitality will be greatly injured, so that you will not be able to occupy the realm of God.”

“Because after you occupy God’s Domain, the next target is the Continent of Nine Provinces, which is my hometown. How can I make you do what you want?”

Some words, utterly loud, and heroic.


Mo Yan Jiao’s body trembled faintly when she heard this, and she couldn’t speak for a while.

There was also silence around.


At this moment, Demon Lord Gone, who had not spoken all the time, the power of the Demon Soul exploded, reaching before Darryl like lightning, his powerful aura made his heart palpitating.

In the next second, Demon Lord Gorne stared at Darryl and said coldly: “Unexpectedly, when the deity still looks away, it will be you who really reveal the secret!”

“Let’s say, what else do you have last words?”

Chapter 2249


Feeling the terrifying aura of Demon Lord Gone, Darryl subconsciously swallowed his saliva, his face was very calm: “I have no last words. If you want to kill me, do it as soon as possible.”

At this moment Darryl knew that he was bound to die.

But he didn’t panic at all, because the power of the bird ancestor in his body contained the characteristics of Bani. The rebirth of Bani was the unique power of the Suzaku clan. With this power, even if he was killed by the devil, he could regain his life. .

“good very good!”

At this moment, Demon Lord Gone frowned, and it seemed that he never expected that Darryl would be so straightforward, and he didn’t want to talk nonsense at the time: “Since you are asking for death, the deity will fulfill you.”


When the voice fell, Mozun Gone suddenly raised his right hand, and hit Darryl with a palm.

This palm contained the endless anger of Demon Zun Gone, and the surrounding temperature dropped suddenly.


Demon Zun Gone made his move too fast, and Darryl had no time to dodge. This palm slammed firmly on the primordial spirit. He heard Darryl let out a muffled groan and was directly shaken out, and the whole person was sprinkled in mid-air. A rain of blood.

After flying hundreds of meters away, Darryl fell heavily on the ground, his whole body was dyed red with blood, his face was pale and pale, and his eyes turned black for a while.


At this time, Darryl was extremely shocked.

Worthy of being the supreme of the demons, the power of this Goni is really terrifying.

While horrified, Darryl clearly felt that his own vitality was fading rapidly. The palm just now directly destroyed his soul, replaced it with someone else, and died.

However, Darryl still had the power of the bird ancestor to protect him, and he could barely support it.

Are you going to die?

As his life passed, Darryl became weaker and darker, and his consciousness became more and more blurred.

However, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and hurriedly exploded the strength of the bird ancestor in his body.


In a short time, a group of flames burst out from Darryl’s body. In just a few seconds, a sea of ​​fire was formed, which completely enveloped Darryl.

In the sea of ​​flames, Darryl’s body instantly turned into ashes, but a wisp of spirit formed an illusory figure, swaying up and down with the flame…

Yes, the power of Pannier has already been mobilized, as long as this wisp of spirit is not dead, Darryl can be reborn from the ashes.


Demon Zun Gone’s gaze was like a torch, and he found it all at once, and couldn’t help but mutter to himself: “The power of bird ancestors? Rebirth from the ashes? Interesting…”

As the supreme demon clan, Goni knew very well about the power of the bird ancestor. At this moment, he could see that Darryl urged the power of the bird ancestor in the power of the bird ancestor before he died.

Talking to himself, Demon Zun Gorne didn’t talk nonsense, walked step by step, slapped again, and volleyed the phantom that swayed up and down.


Hearing an explosion, the phantom shattered and was scattered in the sea of ​​fire.


Demon Zun Gone said lightly, and turned to the distance.

At this moment, Mo Yan and Wei An, the other Saint Demon Kings, and the surrounding Demon Warriors hurried to keep up. No one sympathized with Darryl. In their hearts, Darryl betrayed the Demon Clan, and he deserved no regrets.

In the blink of an eye, the entire top of the Sealed Demon Mountain was left with a sea of ​​flames that continued to burn.

I don’t know how long it took, the sea of ​​flames finally gradually extinguished, but where Darryl died, there was still a faint flame.

Yes, this flame was transformed by Darryl’s spirit.

Just now Demon Zun Goni realized that Darryl was about to rebirth, so he decisively struck a second palm. Although he prevented Darryl Pan Ni’s rebirth, he did not completely destroy Darryl’s spirit.

Time passed by every minute.

Soon, night fell, darkness enveloped the world, and I saw that group of flames on the top of Fengmo Mountain, strangely conspicuous.


At this moment, a graceful figure came from the sky not far away, a long lavender dress with exquisite features and an extraordinary temperament from all over his body.

It is worth noting that behind her, she is carrying an exquisite pipa.

It is the fairy Pipa.

Like the Yutong Fairy WengDarryl had encountered before, Fairy Pipa was also an immortal from the outside world. He just wandered around Fengmo Mountain and saw a strange flame at the top of the mountain. Fairy Pipa was very curious, so he came and took a look.

Chapter 2250


At this time, Fairy Pipa arrived, and after a close observation, he couldn’t help but wonder: “Strange, where the evil spirits are so heavy, there is a fire floating in the place, not only that, but there is also a ray of spirit inside… “

“No matter who you are, if you meet me, we are considered to be destined. Let me go first. Let me see if I can help you reshape your body.”

When the voice fell, Fairy Pipa took out a jade bottle, and collected the flame containing Darryl’s essence.

After putting it away, Fairy Pipa rose up and disappeared into the sky.


On the other side, the Imperial Palace.

A few hours have passed since the war, and the traces after the fierce battle have been completely cleaned up, and the entire Imperial Palace is almost completely new.

At this time, in the Imperial Palace, it was even more lively.

I saw that in the Imperial Palace, there were more than one hundred seats, and many priests took their seats one by one, all smiling.

On the throne, Nine Heavens God wears a golden dragon robe, and his mood is extremely comfortable.

In the previous battle, the hundreds of thousands of demon armies were almost completely destroyed and completely defeated. In a short period of time, they could no longer pose a threat to the Imperial Palace. How could they be unhappy?

Beside Jiutian God, Empress Hua Zhao sat there quietly.

At this time, Empress Hua Zhao, in a gorgeous long skirt, showed her tight figure to the fullest, her demeanor and she was so beautiful.

Since the war broke out between the Demon Race and the God Realm, Empress Hua Zhao has been hiding in the Yuyao Immortal Garden. Now that God Realm is overwhelmed and the Nine Heavens God is going to hold a celebration banquet, Empress Hua Zhao will naturally not be absent.

However, thinking of Princess Sally’s unclear life and death, even though Empress Hua Zhao had a smile on her face, she couldn’t be happy in her heart.

Below the throne, Haotian Divine Lord and Rodolf sit respectively….


At this moment Rodolf sat there, calm on the surface, but unspeakable excitement in his heart.

In this battle, he continued to make meritorious service, and his Majesty will definitely not treat himself badly.


At this moment, the God of Nine Heavens slowly got up, raised the wine glass, looked around and smiled: “Today’s battle, everyone has worked hard, this cup, I respect you.”

With that, God drank it all in one go.

“Thank your majesty Hong En.” All the priests responded in unison, and then raised their cups.

After a glass of wine, God of Nine Heavens became more and more happy. He first glanced at Rodolf, and laughed: “I want to specially commend the leader of Rodolf. It was he who discovered the situation of the demons last night. I changed it before the war. Innate magic circle.”

“Without the leader of Rodolf, we will lose in today’s battle.”

“Therefore, Rodolf should be the first meritorious service. Here, I declare that Rodolf will be named’Grand Marshal Yaotian’.”

At the end of the talk, God of Nine Heavens took out the letter from Rodolf last night and smiled and said: “This is the leader of Rodolf, the results of exploring the demon camp last night, you all must take him as an example.”


When the words fell, the entire Imperial Palace was in an uproar.

Many priests congratulated Rodolf one after another.

“Congratulations to the commander of the palace and promotion to general.”

“The palace commander…oh no, the palace marshal, it’s really gratifying…”

“Haha, Marshal Palace, I toast you a glass.”

Facing the praise of the priests, Rodolf stood up and responded one by one, almost laughing and feeling very happy.


However, at this moment, God Monarch Haotian suddenly stood up and said to God Jiutian: “Your Majesty, this letter seems to be wrong. Can you let me see.”

When he said this, God Monarch Haotian fixed his eyes on the letter, his expression was very complicated.

In order to deal with Demon Lord Gone, Haotian God Monarch deliberately conducted a rigorous investigation of the demon army, including letters in the demon clan.

At this time, God Monarch Haotian discovered that the paper in the hands of the Nine Heavens God seemed exactly the same as the paper used by the Demon Race.


At this moment, the entire Imperial Palace was silent.

what’s going on?

Rodolf was canonized as General Marshal, and his status was on the same level as God Monarch Vast Sky. Does this make Divine Monarch Vast Sky upset?

Rodolf also put away his smile and frowned secretly.

“What’s wrong with the letter?” At this moment, God Jiutian was stunned, but he trusted Divine Monarch Haotian very much, and when he asked, he handed the letter over.

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