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Chapter 2251


At this moment, the gazes of the audience also focused on the Haotian Divine Sovereign.

God Monarch Haotian carefully observed the letter paper, and slowly said, “Your Majesty, there is a problem with this paper. I want to ask Gong Commander, where did you get it at that time?”

When he said this, God Sovereign Haotian looked at Rodolf with a bit of deep meaning in his eyes.

Problem with paper?

Hearing this, the entire Imperial Palace was in an uproar, and many priests talked.

“What can be wrong with this paper?”

“Is it poisonous?”

“Shhh, don’t talk nonsense.”

The voice of discussion kept coming, and Rodolf was also a little inexplicably panicked. You must know that this letter was originally sent by Darryl, but was intercepted by himself.

But soon, Rodolf calmed down and looked at Haotian Divine Sovereign with a smile: “Your Excellency, the demon army has been defeated by us. What’s the point of discussing this now?”

Rodolf at this time still had some fluke in his heart.

This God Lord Haotian saw that I was on the same level as him, and he was upset, so he deliberately made a fuss about the letter. However, I read this letter several times at the time and there was no problem at all, so there was no need to be afraid.

“Ha ha!”

Facing Rodolf’s retorted question, Haotian Divine Lord chuckled: “Of course it makes sense. I want to ask you, when you wrote, where did this paper come from?”


Rodolf was stunned, and said randomly, “This is the paper I usually use for official business. What’s wrong?”

“is it?”

When the words fell, God Monarch Haotian shook his head and sneered: “If this is the case, you have committed the crime of deceiving the emperor, and you are not qualified to take credit, let alone be a general.”

Rodolf’s face flushed, and he couldn’t help it completely, and said displeasedly: “Your Excellency, what do you mean by that?”


Haotian Shenjun has a brain disease, is he deliberately making trouble for himself?

At the same time, the surrounding priests were all talking about it.


At this time, God of Nine Heavens couldn’t stand it anymore, and directed towards the Emperor Haotian: “Rodolf is right. The demon army has been completely defeated by us. At this time, everyone is happy at this celebration banquet, you Why bother with a letter?”

When saying this, God Jiutian was also a little dissatisfied, thinking that God Monarch Haotian was a bit too much.


Feeling the dissatisfaction of Nine Heavens God, Haotian Divine Lord took a deep breath and respectfully said: “Your Majesty, you don’t know. The biggest problem with this letter is not the content written on it, but this kind of paper. It is not in the Imperial Palace. Official paper, but paper used by the Mozu.”

With that, Haotian Shenjun unfolded the letter completely, pointed out a code on the lower right corner, and continued: “I have been investigating the situation of the Demon Clan Camp during this period, and I have learned a lot, such as the paper used for writing There is no mark on the official paper of our Imperial Palace, and every piece of paper used by the Mozu has a special code.”

At the end, Haotian Divine Lord looked back at Rodolf, his eyes full of questioning: “I want to know, how did Gong Commander obtain this kind of paper from the Demon Clan Camp?”


When the voice fell, the entire Imperial Palace suddenly exploded, and many priests were extremely surprised.

“Sure enough, there is a code.”

“Yeah, if I didn’t look carefully, I really didn’t find it.”

“Looking at this situation, is there something hidden behind this letter?”

The surrounding discussion kept coming, and Nine Heavens God also frowned secretly.

The paper that Rodolf used to write letters actually belonged to the Mozu Daying?


Seeing this scene, Rodolf froze there, only feeling his brain buzzing.

How could this be? There is a code on the letter paper sent by Darryl?

Why didn’t I notice it at the time?

Or…. Haotian God Lord deliberately made something out of nothing?

“Is there such a thing?”

At this time, Empress Hua Zhao, who had been sitting next to her silently, was also lightly frowning at this time. She leaned forward and looked at the paper carefully, and she saw that there was a special number on it.

And this kind of number is exactly the unique text of the Mozu.

Seeing this, Empress Hua Zhao breathed a sigh of relief, and nodded at the God of Nine Heavens: “The serial number on this is indeed a text unique to the Demon Race.”

Hua Zhao Niangniang is not only beautiful and intelligent, but also knowledgeable and talented, and she naturally recognizes the characters of the Mozu.

Chapter 2252

Affirmed by Empress Hua Zhao, God Monarch Haotian smiled and threw the letter paper directly at Rodolf’s feet.

Speaking of which, God Monarch Vast Sky and Rodolf have no grievances and no grudges, there is no need to deliberately seek trouble, but God Monarch Vast Sky is very paranoid and serious. As long as they find a problem, no matter what the identity of the other party, they will point it out on the spot.


Finally, God of Nine Heavens reacted, frowning at Rodolf, and coldly asked: “Rodolf, tell me, what is going on?”

“This paper is obviously something that the Demon Race has. Why did you just say that it is the official paper of the Imperial Palace?”


When the words fell, Rodolf’s face turned pale, dripping with cold sweat, and knelt there in fear, “Your Majesty, I was wrong just now. This letter was written by the spy I sent out. He sneaked into the Demon Clan Camp. At that time, the situation was critical, so I threw the paper in the Mozu camp and wrote down their plan.”

Rodolf at this time was panicked.

He didn’t expect that a piece of paper could be a clue, and it was also shown by Haotian Divine Lord.

Now that I was seen, I quickly found a way to fool it.

Written by the spy?

Hearing this answer, God of Nine Heavens frowned and thought secretly.

And Haotian God Sovereign chuckled, his cold face was full of unbelief, and he said indifferently: “Rodolf, don’t lie. As far as I know, the paper and pen used in the Demon Clan are all A special Mozu warrior watched. The spy you sent can’t go through their defenses and steal a few pieces of paper.”

As he said, God Monarch Haotian suddenly sharpened his eyes: “The only explanation is that this letter was not written by your spy at all, but leaked from within the Demon Race. It was only obtained by your chance, right?”

This this….

Seeing that God Monarch Haotian had guessed the truth at once, Rodolf was completely panicked, knelt there and trembled, unable to speak.

Seeing Rodolf’s reaction, God Jiutian understood instantly. He was very angry at the time, but because his identity did not burst out, he said indifferently: “Is that right? Rodolf.”


Rodolf lowered his head and dared not look at Jiutian God, and said tremblingly: “Yes, this letter was found outside the Demon Clan camp when his subordinates were patrolling at the time. Your Majesty, I was wrong.”

“After I read the letter, I was very excited. In order to do meritorious service, I lied that it was written by myself. Your Majesty, I committed this crime because of my desire for profit at the time. I begged your Majesty to open up and spare me this time.”

When saying this, Rodolf was full of sincerity, but secretly lucked out in his heart.

Anyway, Darryl is no longer, and Mccarthy is dead. As long as he is tight-lipped, Nine Heavens God cannot find out the truth at all.

As for the crime of’deceiving the emperor’, as long as you are sincere, your majesty will definitely take it lightly.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding priests all shook their heads, with disappointment and contempt on their faces.

“It turns out that he picked up this letter.”

“Yeah, I thought he was really capable, so I found out the secrets from the demon camp.”

“Hey, I really didn’t expect that the palace commander, who has always been arrogant, would be such a person. For the sake of credit, he dare to deceive your Majesty.”

Around the discussion, you and I came one by one, Rodolf knelt there, ashamed and depressed.

“it is good!”

At this time, the God of Nine Heavens slowly nodded and looked at Rodolf, unable to conceal his anger: “Rodolf, just admit it. I expected you so high and trusted you so much, but I didn’t expect that you would dare to deceive me. .”

Feeling the anger of Nine Heavens God, Rodolf trembled all over, did not dare to let out the atmosphere, cold sweat kept streaming down.

Seeing him like this, God of Nine Heavens was a little unbearable, and continued: “If you admit your mistakes in time, I won’t care about you, but the credit is taken back. You don’t need to sit in the seat of the generals.”

To be honest, if it was someone else’s words, God of Nine Heavens would have killed him directly, but he had always trusted Rodolf to reuse it, so he couldn’t bear to kill him directly.

“Thank you, Your Majesty Hong En.”

Rodolf quickly responded, grateful.

Although it’s a pity not to be a general, but it’s pretty good to be able to save his life.

Chapter 2253

Jiutian God was too lazy to talk nonsense, waved his hand and motioned for Gong to become proud.

Rodolf didn’t dare to neglect, he quickly got up and sat trembling in his seat.


This is, Nine Heavens God’s gaze fell on Haotian Divine Sovereign, and he smiled and said: “Fortunately, your gaze is like a torch, otherwise, I will still be kept in the dark.”

“Your Majesty is polite.” God Sovereign Haotian slowly took a seat and nodded politely: “This is what I should do.”

Having said that, God Sovereign Haotian glanced at Rodolf, and said lightly: “Rodolf, don’t blame me. I have always been fair and strict, and I am not right with people. I didn’t intend to target you on purpose.

Rodolf smirked. At this time, he lost all his pride and said modestly: “Your Excellency God is polite. I made a big mistake. How can I blame you?”

“His Majesty!”

Just as he was talking, at this moment, a divine soldier hurriedly walked in and said to the Nine Heavens God in a complicated way: “His Majesty Kai, Yao Ri…Mr. Yao Ri, shouting injustice outside the temple.”


At this moment, Rodolf stood there as if struck by lightning, his brain buzzing.

Is Mccarthy not dead?

Impossible. At that time, in front of His Majesty, he directly destroyed his soul, and then ordered his men to bury him on a mountain a few miles north of the Imperial Palace…


At the same time, there was an uproar in the entire Imperial Palace, with many priests whispering and talking.

“Mr. Yaori is calling for injustice?”

“I was wondering just now, why didn’t I see Lord Yaori…”

“Yeah, I wonder too.”

When talking about this, many priests looked puzzled. Last night, Rodolf had executed King Mccarthy in the secret room. Nine Heavens God had never announced it, so they didn’t know.

At this time, God of Nine Heavens also frowned, and then raised his hand: “Let him in.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The magic soldier responded and walked out quickly.

Soon, the magic soldier came back, behind him was an embarrassed figure, covered with mud, his hair was fluffy, and his face was pale and weak.

But those eyes flashed unwillingly.

It is Mccarthy.

Speaking of it, Mccarthy did die last night, but he was resurrected after taking the “Returning God Pill” before.

In the past, the demon army camped a few miles away and looked at the Imperial Palace. At that time, not only the Mccarthy, but also all the priests and hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers felt unprecedented pressure. At that time, the Mccarthy had a foreboding that once a war It broke out again, and the Imperial Palace was captured by the demons. Everyone could not escape, and he would become the soul of the demons under the sword.

Therefore, before encountering Darryl last night, Mccarthy took a “Returning God Pill”.

Returning the God Pill, as the name suggests, can save a life, but after the resurrection, the strength is less than one-tenth of the previous one.

As a result, after taking the God-Returning Pill, Mccarthy met Darryl who had come to deliver the letter, and was framed by Rodolf, and then he was killed by Rodolf in the secret room.

It’s over.

It’s completely over.

At this moment, seeing that Mccarthy was really not dead, Rodolf’s face was extremely pale, and he slumped directly on the ground in panic.


At this moment, God Jiutian reacted, staring at Lord Yaori, and said lightly: “You still have the face to see me?”

Until this time, the God of Nine Heavens still thought that Master Yao Xing had colluded with Darryl and wanted to betray the God Realm.

With that said, God of Nine Heavens looked up and down Xingjun Xingri, and continued: “I didn’t expect you to take the God-Returning Pill, do you know that your betrayal will be exposed, so you realize that you will take the God-Returning Pill and keep it for yourself. A way back?”

As the ruler of the gods, Nine Heavens God could tell from the state of Mccarthy at a glance that last night, before he was killed by Rodolf, he took the God-Returning Pill.

Return the god pill?

Hearing this, Rodolf, who was originally terrified, was even more shocked.

Ma De, this Mccarthy actually took the Huan Shen Pill last night. I was really careless, why didn’t he expect to completely destroy his body at the time?


At this moment, the eyes of God Monarch Haotian and the many priests around him would gather on Monarch Yaori.

Chapter 2254

Because they didn’t know the situation, no one dared to ask questions rashly.

In the entire Imperial Palace, there was silence, and a needle drop could be heard clearly.

“His Majesty.”

Facing this kind of scene, Mccarthy didn’t have the slightest panic, but was unwilling to tell. He knelt there, and said weakly, “Your Majesty, I’m wrong, I didn’t collude with Darryl, let alone want to Betray God’s Domain, betray Your Majesty.”

When talking about this, Mccarthy was full of grievances.

He is so loyal, his Majesty doesn’t believe in himself.

“is it?”

Nine Heavens God did not have the slightest fluctuation on his face, and said indifferently: “Why did that Rodolf say that I saw you meet Darryl with my own eyes?”


Hearing this, Mccarthy’s body trembled and immediately looked around, and finally locked Rodolf tightly.

For a moment, Mccarthy’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and his heart was extremely angry.

It turned out… it turned out that he was slandering himself.

“His Majesty!”

Thinking about it, Mccarthy instantly knelt and pointed at Rodolf and shouted: “Rodolf slandered me. I didn’t meet Darryl at all. Last night, I was patrolling outside the Imperial Palace and happened to meet Darryl. ….”

“You are talking nonsense.”

But just halfway through, Rodolf reacted and almost jumped up and shouted: “Mccarthy, whether you have met Darryl secretly, you know in your heart, don’t think about sophistry. Let alone slander you.”

At this time, Rodolf made a very angry look on the surface, but he was panicked in his heart.

The truth must not be let your Majesty know, otherwise, everything will be over.


Facing the angry rebuke, Mccarthy smiled back and looked at Rodolf tightly: “I have no grievances with you, why did you frame me like this?”


Rodolf was too anxious, wanted to refute, but didn’t know how to speak.

After all, he does slander others, and it’s because of his heart.


This is, the God of Nine Heavens gave Rodolf a cold glance: “Let the Lord Yaori finish speaking. Without my permission, you are not allowed to interrupt.” When he said this, God of Nine Heavens looked extremely gloomy, and his tone was even more indisputable. The majesty.

The God of Nine Heavens at this time had vaguely understood something.

Because in the secret room last night, Mccarthy was destroyed by Rodolf before he could explain it. At that time, Rodolf thought that Rodolf was just angry and was so reckless.

But think about it now, how suspicious the scene was.

And these doubts are all on Rodolf.

Seeing the God of Nine Heavens speak, Rodolf was like a discouraged ball, his face was extremely pale, and he bowed his head and replied: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Immediately, he stepped aside.

At this time, Mccarthy did not hesitate, and he explained the situation at the time in detail: “Your Majesty, after I met Darryl at that time, Darryl sent me a letter saying that it was the battle of Demon Zun Gone. plan…..”

“Later I was about to hand over the letter to Your Majesty, but I ran into Rodolf. He stopped me at the time and said he wanted to help pass it on…”

“But I never expected that Rodolf would be so insidious, slandering me and Darryl for colluding, and betraying your Majesty.”

At the end of the talk, Lord Yaori Kneeled there and cried out loudly: “Your Majesty, I have been wronged, I beg your Majesty to be clear.”


When the voice fell, the entire Imperial Palace suddenly exploded.

This Rodolf is really disgusting, not only to deceive your Majesty, but also to slander Lord Yaori. This kind of scum, staying in God’s Domain, is simply an insult to God’s Domain.


At this moment, the God of Nine Heavens was full of anger, took the throne again, stood up instantly, pointed at Rodolf and shouted: “You ba5tard, you really disappoint me.”

“Your Majesty, this kind of scum will be executed directly.”

“Yes, this Rodolf is so evil, it really loses our face in God’s Domain.”

For a time, the surrounding priests also criticized Rodolf, and they were filled with righteous indignation and indignation.

“Rodolf, die.” Haotian God Lord yelled, without hesitation at the time, his figure burst out, like a bolt of lightning, coming straight toward Rodolf.

It’s over, this time is completely over.

Seeing Haotian Divine Sovereign coming back, Rodolf’s face was pale, his legs were weak, and he could hardly stand still.

Chapter 2255

In a blink of an eye, Haotian Divine Monarch arrived in front of Rodolf, without the slightest emotional fluctuation on his face, coldly and ruthlessly: “Expiry Your Majesty, frame others, you will shame our entire God Realm, go to death!”


The voice fell, and a terrifying aura burst out from the body of the Haotian Divine Lord, and in a short time, the temperature of the entire Imperial Palace dropped sharply.

The terrible and powerful coercion, the suppression is frightening.

In the next second, Haotian Shenjun suddenly raised his right hand and slapped Rodolf with a palm.

Did you die like this?

Feeling the power of Haotian Divine Sovereign, Rodolf’s face was pale, and a wave of despair rose in his heart.

No, I can’t die.

Never die!

In the next second, a desire for survival rose from the bottom of Rodolf’s heart, and the light in his eyes flickered, directly exploding all the divine power in his body, and greeted him with a palm.


When the two palms touched, they heard Rodolf’s miserable howl, and the whole person was directly shaken out, sprinkled a rain of blood in the air, and finally fell heavily on the steps outside the Yutian Palace.

The strength of Haotian Divine Sovereign was second only to Nine Heavens God. At this time, Rodolf was no opponent at all when he burst out with all his strength.


At this moment, the Haotian Divine Sovereign, and all the priests present, burst out one after another, with indifference in their eyes. No one sympathized with Rodolf.


At this moment, God Monarch Haotian stared at Rodolf closely, his tone was cold: “Is there any last words? If not, get ready to go on the road.”

While talking, God Monarch Haotian slowly walked towards Rodolf.

The breath of horror filled the whole world.

At this time, Rodolf, half of his body was stained red with blood, facing the strength of God Monarch Haotian, he secretly gritted his teeth and did not respond, at the same time, he quietly touched his pocket with one hand.

In his pocket, there are five’Sky Thunder Orbs’.

Sky Thunder Orb is a hidden weapon unique in God’s Domain. It is only the size of an elixir, but it contains the power of Sky Thunder.

Whoosh whoosh…

Seeing that God Monarch Haotian was about to come forward, Rodolf didn’t have time to think about it. He raised his hand and saw five Sky Thunder Orbs whizzing out, like lightning, toward God Monarch Haotian.

God Monarch Haotian reacted quickly, his body flashed at the time, and he avoided him.

Boom boom boom…

Just after avoiding it, the five sky thunder beads burst apart and made a violent roar. Then, thunder and lightning were seen raging at the gate of Yutian Palace.

Sky Thunder Pearl?

Seeing this scene, Haotian God Sovereign frowned, and hurriedly shouted at the priests around him: “Quickly get away.” Sky Thunder Beads are powerful, and once they are hit, they are immortal and maimed.

Hearing the shouts, many priests dodged towards the distance one after another.


Seeing this scene, Rodolf couldn’t think too much, resisting the severe pain on his body, rising up into the sky, and fleeing into the distance.

Yes, Rodolf just used the Sky Thunder Orb, not thinking about hurting the Haotian Divine Lord, but creating a chance to escape.

In a blink of an eye, Rodolf’s figure disappeared into the sky.


Seeing this scene, God Monarch Haotian wanted to chase, but it was too late, so he had to slap a slap on the pillar at the door.

At this time, the God of Nine Heavens walked out quickly, seeing the scene in front of him, and he was also frightened.

“Presenting my will and pursuing Rodolf with all my strength, regardless of life or death!”

In the next second, Sen Leng’s voice came from Emperor Tianqi, his face was extremely cold, unspeakable irritation.

This Rodolf first committed the crime of deceiving the emperor, and then slandered the emperor Yaori.

And now, let him run away in full view.


In an instant, the Haotian Divine Sovereign and all the priests responded in unison.


On the other side, Xuwangshan.

Xuwang Mountain, located at the boundary of God’s Domain connecting the nine days away, is surrounded by clouds and mist all the year round, hence its name.

At this moment, at the top of Xuwang Mountain, there was a graceful figure sitting.

A white dress, floating like an immortal, with beautiful features, but there is a bit of sadness between the eyebrows.

It was Princess Sally.

Under a tree next to her, Anthony leaned there, holding a hip flask in one hand and a few precious fruits in the other, drinking happily.

Since more than ten days ago, Anthony rescued Princess Sally from Demon Zun Goni and helped her treat her injuries. Now more than ten days have passed and Princess Sally has basically recovered.

However, her primordial spirit was crushed by Demon Zun Gone, and there was no possibility of self-recovery.

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